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Published livery Wednesday Morning
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Communications of n personal char
acter charged for as advertlse
inen ts.
Obituary notices and tributes of re
spect, of not over one hundred
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cont a word. Gash to accompany
TUESDAY, .IUIJV ?2, 11)12.
Clarence E, Gaillard, of Newry,
was in Walhalla .Monday, and during
the day was look in? alter the inter
ests of ti young lady of his commu
nity who is lu every sense of tho
word a heroine, and beyond question
worthy ol' recognition at Ibo bands
of the Carnegie Hero Commission.
li will be remembered thal about
two we? ks ago Miss Sophia Thomp
son, 17 years of tige, rescued Eva
Gregory, 18 years of age, from a
rabid dog tittil had attacked her,
choking the animal and holding it
down with her hands and knees until
tho Gregory child was freed. Miss
Thompson was severely bitten and
Injured in carrying out her heroic
efforts lo save the victim of the dog's
The Newry community is unani
mous in praise of the little lady who
threw herself into Hie very jaws of
the ferocious boast to save the
younger girl. She is deserving of the
highest praise for her noble act, and
nothing could bo more appropriate
than recognition al the hands of tho
Carnegie Commission,
We <-1 i i > front the Nows and Cou
rier's report of the campaign meeting
at Conway lasi Friday the following
signillcanl opening paragraph:
There were more mean, ugly little
words used lu the course of to-day's
meeting of Hie Stale campaign ?han
in any ol' tho year, possibly in many
years. "Dirty, cowardly liar." "in
fernal scoundrel." "dirty dogs." "In
famous rascal" and such like came In
..'. >'...<.iud for :i while tho
lng sentiment all over the Slate that
the county-to-county joint debate sys
tem for candidates l'or State otil?os
has served ils day so far as public
good is concerned If indeed tho sys
tem has ever been ol' public benefit
and that its end is drawing near.
lt has come lo tho stage whore South
Carolina is bi ennially Torced to bow
ber head in shame for the low plano
upon which those seeking o Ul co pitch
the hattie.
Who is benolUed'.' Certainly not
thc public, and il Is equally certain
thal each m the candidates emerges
from lite conflict tho worse for it.
Tho system is not al fault. Its
purpose was tb.it thoso aspiring for
public office might discuss public
measures before the people, loll thom
what I bey stand for and lei the pub
lic judge between them as to which
man's principles best suit tho public
needs. Hut bow much do we hear
of ihis to-day? Almost not bin:;. The
campaign is ono of mud-slinging, vii
liflcatlon and abuse, almost trout
start to finish, and ii lhere ts any
means del is ed therefrom hy which
tho public maj judge the candidates,
it scarcely indicates ti? them which
man ls best titted for the o Ul ce to
which he seeks election, bul merely
attracts the voter's attention to t lu
faults of humanity and Indicates who
is least filled for honor and trust.
There is nothing brought out lo ele
vate the public, nothing io indicate
lo tho \oter.-. thal ;!;.c.;' aspiring lo
office are worthy ol' elevation.
Probably uo college in South Caro
lina appeals tn the people of Wat
hala.and vicinity so strongly, through
sentiment and association, as does
Newberry Colloge, which for II num
ber of years, owing to the mis
fortunes of tho war. was located ill
Walhalla. Our people fool an in
terest in the Institution and are al
ways glad to note indications ol' her
progress and prosperity. lt will bc
of Interest, therefore, to note the iol
lowing facts which are set forth
in a lotter to Lutheran pastors and
others connected with educational
matters in South Carolina:
Our college has just ended a truly
brilliant year, lu tho class room anil
on the athletic field the college has
made a really phenomenal record.
We have won tho Stale tennis
Championship, tin; basket ball pen
nant, the base ball championship, the
Inter-Collegiate Slate Oratorical, the
essay prisse in the State College Press
Association, and added $75,000 to
the endowment all in ono session.
And at tho same time tho quality of
work in tho class-rooms by tho stu
dent? was better than ever. Our last
commencement was a record-broaker
in point of enthusiasm and attend
We haye set out to get at least
one hundred more students next sos
slon than we had last. We want you
to help us to get them by sending us
at once the names of young men we
might solicit for attendance. You
could also say a good word for "New
berry" yourself to tnose whose names
you send.
Wo hope you will join the "One
1 Indied Club." The students aro
helping, the faculty I s helping -
everybody ls helping to boost New
berry Tor the session of li) 12-13.
.loin ns.
There aro not a few In tho upper
part of South Carolina--numbers of
them right boro In Walhalla--who
feel deeply interested m Newberry
College. Do you know a friend you
could hol|i to enter this institution?
If so. bo a "booster" for Newberry
College. Walhalla and vicinity are
too little known to-day within the
walls of this splendid Institution.
Wonder If Mr. Bryan "learned lt
by experience," or if he imbibed
something from Teddy at the Chicago
convention ?
"Bryan still playing with Democ
racy" is the Information contained
in headlines Monday. lt does seem
thal sixteen years ls lon? enough for
a youngster to play with one toy.
The old saying that the Democratic
jae kass can always be depended upon
to kick over the traces at a critical
moment is being demonstrated day
after day at Baltimore.
President Taft is going to name
William M. Itullitt. of Kentucky, as
U. S. solicitor general lo succeed P.
W. Lehmann. If Mr. I Ju 111 Lt ac
cepts it is to bc hoped that he will
stick close to the job and never "go
Anderson has one man who played
base hall with the next. President
when they were lads in Augusta, Ca.
-Anderson Mall.
Well, he can now rest easy for a
few montbs"and then enjoy watching
the public play foot ball with him.
l our Men, One a Witness, Sentenced
for (.nilling nt I Very, (in.
Per ry i Ca., .lune 2!).-In the city
court this morning B. I<\ Kinch. K. B.
.ionian and Robert Ak ridge, citizens
of Bibb county, entered pleas of guil
ty to gaming and were lined $60.50
each or three months in jail. These
men were In Kori Valley on May 2 2,
looking over the country, and were
invited by J. B. Bartley to take a
gani?' and proceoded to play. Bartley
participating in the game; Barllev
H ?
kin ' . .
? , r.tii."
i io. .i, ..ii. i loa trial, swore otu a
warrant against Bartley for gaming,
he having participated In the game
with the other three, having sworn
lo the affidavits in the elly court ac
cusing them of gaming, and, to
gether wPh O. I). Williams, deputy
sheriff, a \ pen red as witnesses on the
warrant ,. Bartley entered a plea of
guilty md was lined $!M) or twelve
mon' .is in the chain gang. All paid
their lines and went home.
j I''renell mn II Believes HM) Vea rs
Should Itu Average Age.
A dispatch from Paris says:
Can life ho prolonged? This prob
lem is at present engaging the atten
tion of Metchnlkoff, tho winner of
the Nobel prize in France. He be
lieves thal tho present normal len
nie ol' our lives is unduly restricted,
and (bat il ought to be possible to
extend them through substantially
longer periods, ile believes that the
cause of sleep is I he aren m II la I iou
(1 tl rt M g work hours of certain toxic
substances which cause the phenome
non of sleep, and which during sloop
are removed. Similarly, he believes
thal the phenomena of old age and
normal death are produced by cer
tain oilier toxic substances gradually
and continuously accumulated. Start
ing on this basis, ho is devoting his
life lo the attempt to extend t ho
lives of others, During t he fifteenth
century the average length of life
was about twenty-three; it was a
world of youth. In our day it ls
about forty-four. Whether Metchnl
koff will live long enough to extend
this period to a hundred years is an
interesting problem.
Son Swiped "Pop's" ('uah.
Columbus, Cn., .lune SO.-George
Henderson, aged 22, was arrested
here at midnight charged with hav
ing burglarized his father's home,
stealing $;i80.?0 from a trunk there
in. This amount of money was
found on his person, together with a
pistol that had been taken from the
home. Tho father left til?' house
early In Ibo evening, and upon re
turning found that it had been en
tered and the money and pistol sto
len. The police wore notified, and
soon Ceorge Henderson was arrested
and searched with the result stated.
.lillian Kt el ii meyer Killed by Train.
Charleston, .lune 28 Julian Steln
inoyor, a young white man. was run
over and killed by a train of the
Southern railway near the six mile
post this morning. Ills body was
found some time aller he had been
killed. lt is surmised that he prob
ably attempted to board a moving
train and met his death in this way.
Insert Bite Costs Leg.
A Boston man lost his leg from the
bite of an Insect two years before To
avert such calamines from stings and
bites of Insects use Bucklen's Arnica
Salve promptly tr. kill the poison and
prevent Inflammation, swelling and
pain. Heals burns, bolls, Ulcers,
piles, eczema, cuts, bruises. Only 25
cents at all druggists.
Now Invention Inunden*, Disinfects,
Stan hrs, Irons So ?? d Hills,
Washington, July t.-A washing
machine which takes United States
hank notes of any denomination,
washes, starches and irons thom' as
clean and smooth as White House
linen, ls the latest money-saving ad
junct of the Treasury Department.
It ls thc? Invention of Burgess Smith,
an Inventor in the bureau of engrav
ing and printing? and was operated in
the Treasury last Thursday for the
first time. More than 1,000 one-dol
lar notes were put through within a
half hour, and each, at the comple
tion of the process, looked Uko new.
Tho machine is still in an experi
mental stage, and has not formally
been adopted hy the department, lt
has, however, been set up in the
basemen! of the Treasury Dulldlng.
near thc money vaults, and will be
given a severe testing. Starting to
day the machine will he run seven
hours each day, during which time
it is experted by the mechanics work
ing on it that 25,000 of Uncle Sam's
cast-off bills will be rejuvenated, and
will be turned back into circulation
again as clean, bright, stiff and free
from germs as when thew were new.
Will lifTect Great Saving,
As a money saver the Treasury
Department bas great hopes. Itcosts
$13.30 to make a thousand bank
notes. lt eosts but about 50 cents
to rejuvenate the samo number,
livery day there are more than 35.
000 bills withdrawn from circulation
and destroyed. The cost of replac
ing them is $465.50, but the cost of
washing them and making them as
good as new will be hut $15.
The machine is llfteen feel, long
?ind live feet wide, anti looks some
thing like a newspaper printing
press, lt has do/.ens of rolls, many
gears anti operates with the same
clash and clang. Tho money is
placed between two eau vas belts at
one end of the machine. It runs
through a solution of laundry soap
and boiling hot water, whero lt ls
thoroughly cleansed. It then enters
another vat, in which there ls a solu
tion of stiffening material and germ
killing solution. From this vat lt ls
drawn between a gas-heated mangle,
where it is Ironed as stiff as new
Cleans 4,000 Dills An Hour.
lt emerges from the machine two
minutes and llfteen second after it
has started on Its 01-foot trip, and
is to all Intents and purposes a per
fect hill. When running at full speed
the washing machine can (dean about
.I,OoO bills an hour. Tho motive
power is elect l icit ;y.
The Treasury Department is im
mensely pleased with the new ma
chine, and if the severe tests to
which it will be subjected fall to
show ?DIV Haws in its working several
more will probably he placed In the
:{,<)<><> Peel from Aeroplane.
! '<
. .. . carrying >.>?? para
chutes, leaped off into space one day
this week ia an exhibition.
The ll rs t parachute opened when
he had dropped 3 0 feet and the sec
ond when lie was half way to the
earl h.
The aeroplane had begun to vol
plane just as Law jumped. Its sta
bility was not disturbed.
Law some time ago leaped with a
parachute from the statue of liberty
in New York harbor.
Connan .Xerophielst Killed.
MuIhausen. Germany, June 20.
Herr Sehadt, a Gorman aviator, was j
killed here to-day while testing a mil
I ta ry aeroplane. The airman, Hying
at a height of 250 yards, made a ;
curve too sharply, and the machine
fell to the ground and crushed its
occu pant.
Million ami a Quarter Yards of Furth
Wilson, X. C., .Iun?< 20.- The
Brett iOiiginecring and Contracting
Company luis been awarded a con
tract for the construction of n large
drainage system in Roberson county,
by tho Back Swamp and Jacob
Swamp drainage district. The work
consists ol' 52 miles of canals and
ditches, requiring the excavation of
a million and a quarter cubic yards
of earth. The contract price is a lil
lie more than $ I I 3.ooo.
The work will bo started al once,
and will bc completed within two
years. Two dredges and ?in excava
tor will he used.
Used a Cent ney Ago to Becord Na
tional Finances.
A London cablegram says:
Sir Benjamin Stone lias deposited
in the museum attached to the stan
dards department of the board of
trade, In old Palace Yard, a box con
taining a number of the old ex
chequer tally sticks, upon which, un
til an early period in tho lasl cen
tury, it was die custom to keep th?
nat ional accounts.
The (allies were notched sticks of
seasoned willow or hazel, the no.ch
on thc edge representing the particu
lar amount the smallest for pence,
a larger notch for shillings, ?1110* Ibo
largest for pounds. Tho s.'stem.
Which was first introduced lifo this
country by tin- Normans in Hie year
l OOO. was not finally abolish'd until
the reign of William IV, mid thon
only with disastrous result*).
An order was promulgated thal the
accumulated tallies, amonntlng to
many thousands, were to be destroy
ed, and they were accordingly bum
ed in one of the stoves 'n the House
Of Lords. By sonni nunns or other
tho stove became choked; tho panel
ing Caught lire, and 'ii the end the
whole of the palace ff Westminster,
with the exception of Westminster
Hall, was destroyoi. Somo years
ago a 1111 tuber of these old tally
sticks were dlsco-ered '? Martin's
Rank, in Lumbar* street, whilst be
fore the Pyx Chapel, in Westminster
Abbey, was fornally opened to the
public the Ooo- was strewn with
many of the sime curious relics of
the national fhance keeping of days
go no by.
Companion}) Several TJrooa Moved
?ody of Sleeping Roy.
Macon, Ga., June 29.-The . mys
tery that surrounded Gie death of
Tom Doolittle, the 14-year-old grand
son of Mrs. Bertha Jones, was.clear
ed up to-day at the coroner's Inquest.
It developed that the lad, In com
pany with four other hoys, William
Richardson, Oscar Dunn, Willie Bi
low and Hecla Freeman, nono of
whom Is over 15 years old, had been
on a llshlng trip at tho creek near
Iteldsvllle. They had started back to
Macon when night overtook them
and they decided to lay down beside
tho railroad track and sleep until
The Richardson and Dunn boys lay
down on the bank, but tho Doolittle
hoy placed his hoad on tho rall and
reste?! his body between two cross
ties. ^
ills two companions, realizing that
he would he in danger if a train came
along, polled him away several times,
but each Gino thc boy went hack.
Finally they left him alone and
dropped asleep.
They were later awakened hy the
noise of a train and saw their com
panion several yards from the track
with his hoad crushed. They then
informed a train crew and hurried
homo and went to bed without toll
ing their relativos what had hap
. They declared they had run away
from home and were afraid they
would get a whipping if they told.
At tho Inquest it developed that
the youngsters had been accustomed
to drinking whiskey whenever they
could get it. The Richardson hoy
denied that any of them had been
drinking on the night of the acci
If you are a housewife you cannot
reasonably hope to he heall hy or
beautiful by washing dishes, sweep
ing and doing housework ?ill day. and
crawling into bed dead tired at night.
You must get out into the open air
and sunlight. If you do this every
day and keep your stomach and bow
els in good order by taking Chamber
lain's Tablets when needed, you
should become both healthy and
beautiful. For sale by all dealers.
Oh, to Bo a Farmer!
Vol, ve plows 'em in de Vinter,
Hopes to plant 'cm in dc sphring,
But doro COO mes so mooch had ved
Dal ve plants not anyt'ing;
All' ve knows it's for our keeping.
An" ve l?ales so to complain
Bul it's - to be a farmer
Ven doro's sooch a lot o' rain!
.Maybe 'bout von sphring oes over,
Conines ?le soonshine in do sky.
An' ve steps Into de furrow
Mit our hopes a runnin' high;
But before ve glts 'em finished,
Vo are forced to stop again -
But it's-to be a farmer
Veii doro's s?och n loi o' rou!
. . iii its 'ont
P*l -i d<- ?'?i . a' coit* ?i seeds
But be/ore gits 'eui growing
i 'ey ' .' . i "ii. i\i :,.?(. a ti' . cads,
ror ?ie clouds, again descending,
Vet de earth from hill to plain
But lt's -to be a farmer
Ven doro's sooch a lot o' rain!
Bul ve live to seo de autumn.
An' ve makes a lair goot crop.
But before ve gits "om goddored
Ve again aro forced to stop,
For dem clouds hat' connie upon us,
An' dey vets us up again -
But it's - to be a farmer
Von ?lore's sooch a lot o' rain!
- Harry R. Hughs.
Tho Choice of a Husband
is too important a matter for a wo
man to bo handicapped by weakness,
bad blood or foul breath. Avoid
these kill-hopes by taking Dr. King's
Life Bills. New strength, fine com
plexion, pure breal h. cheerful spirits
-things that win men follow their
use. Easy, safe, sure 25c, at all
"Brave" and "Squaw" Rescued.
.Ww Orleans. Jane 2??. Consider
ably tile worse for their experience,
Mike Walsh, a half-breed Cherokee,
ami his squaw, were yesterday res
cued from a raft on the Mississippi
river near Algiers upon which they
had floated from Soul horn Oklahoma.
Walsh could speak little English, but
Indicated to his rescuers thal when
tho Hood? visited his Slate many
weeks a\?> ho and his squaw were
forced lo take to a raft which they
were '.uer unable to leave. Both
wore ti a pitiable condition, having
boen without food for two days and
possessed of few clothes, Walsh's
log had boen fractured and he was
unible to walk without assistance.
They are being cared for al the Cin
tel States naval station.
Hetxd Deader Killed.
Santiago, Cuba, June 28.--Gen.
Evaristo Esteno/, the tobel leader,
was killed yesterday at Vega Bellaco,
six miles from M lea ra, in tho vicinity
of Songo, by government ti tops un
der command Of Clout, de la Torre,
tiller a battle in which 100 insur
gents were killed.
Tho body of Gen. Esteno/ arrived
in this <diy at :: o'clock this morn
ing. Creal crowds of people lined
the streets as the corpse was taken
IO tho military barracks, where it
will Ile exposed to public view until
th i burial.
Buy it now. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy ls al
most certain to bo needed before the
sumnier is over. Buy il now and be
prepared for sm h at emergency. For
sal?' by ?ill dealers.
). J. & G. t BALLENGER,
Successors to
Mr. F. R. Adams in ?Charge.
Day Phono Oil. Night Phono 18.
Office at Seneca Hardware Co.,
Matheson Hardware Co.,
Westminster? S. C.
Cooking Cooking
Steel Ranges, Cast Iron Ranges,
Cook Stoves.
Florence Automatic Oil Stove, wick
less and v?lvel?ss.
One and Two Burners.
Blue Flame Oil Stoves,
Glass Front Oven. Steamers.
Walhalla, S. C.
Dr. O leon's Sarsaparilla Com
pound, %\ bottles tor'60c.
Dr. Falrey's Sarsaparilla
Compound, $1 bottles for 50c.
Waverly Chemical Co.'s $1
size Sarsaparilla tor '/r.e.
Waverly Chemical Co.'a lOx
trnct or Cod Livor Oil, with hy
pophosphitos, $1 bottle for 7f?e.
Waverly Chemical Co.'s llypo
nhosphllos of Limo and Soda,
$1 bottle tor 75c
Hunt's Lightning OH, 25c
bottle for lac.; 2 Tor 2?'>e.
Hunt's Cure, for skin atid
Itching eruptions, 25c. slzo for
15c., or 2 for 2f>c.
St. Joseph's Liver Rogulntor,
2f>e. cans, 2 for 25c.
Raymond's Cough Syrup, 25c.
hot (lo for inc.; 2 for 25c.
Hay mon d's Nervo and Dono
Oil, 2 5e. size 15e., or 2 for 25c.
Raymond's Rollof, 25c. size,
16c., or 2 for 25c.
Andrew's Pain Rollof, 25c.
bottles 1 5c,( or 2 for 25c.
Andrew's Chill Killor, 50c.
bottle for 25c.
Andrew's Sure-Shot Verm?
fugo, 2f>c. bottle 16c.; 2 for 25c.
Andrew's Expectorant, 25 c.
bottle 16c.; 2 for 25c.
Andrew's Llttlo Hlack Devil
Pills, 25c. bottles 15c, or 2 for
Andrew's Cold and Liver Tea,
25c. can 15c, or 2 for 25c.
Lightning Cough Syrup, 25c.
bottle J 5c, or 2 for 25c.
Lightning Hot Drop, 25c. bot
tle 1 '?e., or 2 for 25c.
Andrew's Cold Tablets, 25 to
a box, 2fio. boxes 1 0c
Lax-Phos, 50c. bottles for 25c.
Pitcher's Castorla, 20c.
Soothing Syrup, 25c. bottles
Colgate's Talcum Powder,
25c. cans 15c
Colgate's Ribbon Dental
Cream. 20c
Prophylactic Tooth Brushes,
35c. kind for 25c.
Blue Seal Vasalino, 6c. bot
tles for 4c.
Celery Compound, $1 bottles
for 7 5c
Carter's Pharmacy, mas c

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