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in. ?med of (<il( atol (johl-f ourni
\\ heel harrow and Spade.
i \ i lulita Conni lim lou. I
livery cloud has a silver lining;
nlsOi most silver linings have a
A clli/.en, fresh from Ibo hills of
North Ceorgla, stood upon tho cor
ner ol' Forsyth and Poplar streets
yesterday .ind gazed through the i
rosy-hned glasses of youth ;it a sign
board tiiiii proclaimed lu letters al
fool deep 'hal men were wanted to
enlist in tin? Hailed States army.
There was Ibo subtle odor of now
niown hay aboul him and his trous
ers swung half-mast.
The scene on Ibo bir green poster
was nf army olllcers, gloriously bc
deeked ?ii ?ill and brass Imitons,
lounging at their ca:,c undor the
palms of a strange and distant land,
where apparently work bad not yet
leen invented. As he gazed, ambl-j
Unu was born. He stood no longer
nu Ibo streets of Allanta, but himself
lounged under thc palms with Ibo
men In ihe picture.
"Well, what d'ye think of lt?"
saune one at his elbow asked.
Th*> dreamer looked up in sur
prise. At his side stood oro of Un
cle .Salli's boys from Ibo fort.
"Yon mus? bc one of these army'
chaps thal the sign lolls about, ain't
ye?" he asked.
"Sn re! "
"You Tellers IIIUsi have an awful
ly line lime with noihin' to do lint
travel all over Ihe world and see
things, don't ye?"
"Looks pretty soft, don't lt?" com
mented Ibo soldier boy.
"lt sure doo?."
"Sonny, I Loll you what you do."
advised the soldier. "Yon look be
hind thal sign boa rd and tell 1110
winn you seo."
The youth from Hie verdant bills
strode across Hie street and looked
behind the boards. When he return
ed i ho soldier asked:
"What did you see?"
" W hy, I didn't ee uothln' bu t a II
old wheelbarrow and a spade." he
rep lb tl.
"Think ii over!" said the trooper
as fie Iii ?i cigarette ami caught a ear
hack lo Hie post.
Poi t he ti rsl i Imo In li ?st orv por
traith of the Czars ot Kassia are lo
be placed un ibo postage stamps of
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Ordinary Carbonic Acid Gus.
Thai leprosy can be cured ls an
nounced from the Johns Hopkins
University Clinics by Pro?. W. Wil
liams Lord.) one of the most conserva
tive dermatologists in the United
States, who, with Dr. T. ('aspar Cli
ch list. ls in charge of the work of
Johns Hopkins University In the
prosecution of Investigations of dis
ease of tho skin, says Popular Me
chanics. Dr, Lord has given close
attention to the study of practically
every case of leprosy that has ap
peared in Baltimore since ison. Hike
many other scientists he has given
much of his time to the investigation
of this dread malady. A method
of euro ol' prevention has Peon
sought for thousands of years and
yoi the disease remained an uncon
quered plague.
About iS'.i? a woman aflllcted with
leprosy was admitted io the Johns
Hopkins Hospital, whore she remain
ed until her death several years later.
Tho careful examination of tho tis
sues of this patient and subsequent
experiments upon, the few lepers who
since (tune under his care finally led
to the rejection of a number of Inef
ficient modes of treatment and the
development of an entirely now
method >y which ?ill lalor cases have
been successfully treated.
Leprosy manifests Itself first, in pe
culiar discolorations of tb 'un.
Odd spots are found thal are . iri
descent. sensitive and painful. In
these areas and at other points,
quickly noticed by tho specialists,
the multitude of microscopic lepra
bacilli thrive and spread. Dr. Lord's
method of curing the disease, which
has been adopted in the Hawaiian
Islands, is said to bo extremely sim
ple. Ordinary carbonic acid gas.
compressed into a solid pencil, an
accepted method for removing warts
and recognized for many years In the
treatment of less serious skin trou
bles, is utilized to remove the more
malignant malady. Although this
"snow" pencil itself ls no novelty, it
remained for the Baltimore physi
cians lo extend its Hold of use. lt
is made by allowing a thin spray of
carbonic mid gas, previously com
pressed Into liquid form, to escape
into a fell bag where the carbonic
acid ls deposited as a lino hoar frost
or snow, while a thermometer held
lhere win register ahoul 100 dogroes
Pahrenheil below zero. The deposit
ol' frosl oi' snow is then made into a
solid pencil, which is placed within
a bard-rubber lube. Pressed a hit
at a lime from the tube and placed
upon the skin, it lias somewhat the
same effect as radium, but in this in
stance it is tile extreme cold" thal
destroys the disease tissues and
germs and thus cures the trouble;
for. as it mel s, the temperature
about the Infected zone falls to ti
very low degree.
Besides ibis local treatment the
cnn' includes a cleansing of tile pa
tient's sydom by internal adminis
tration ol' chaulmoogrn oil.
A Huge (?ift to Charity.
(Prom the Springfield Kcpublicnn.)
(in almost, an American sia'o of
magnillcenece is the gift of $10,000,
eon i o charity made by an Aus
tralian woman, Mrs. Waller Russell
Hall. Ih r husband, no longer liv
ing, was a gold miner, and took par:
in I be ?anions Kuieka stockade riots
of IN.VI, winn ibo miners ol' Balla
ra I rebelled against a license tax
levied on lucky and unlucky alike.
0\o 200 "las; ditchers" intrenched
themselves In a stockade on tho
Ku roka an '? hoisted n rebel Hag.
When iroo?y, rushed their position
; wenty-slx Insurgents were killed
and many were wounded, while
twenty Of thc soldiers fell. Mr.
Hall survived lo be a good clll/.en
as well as a very rich niau, and this
gili hy his widow would have paid
Ibo fees of a whole army of miners.
lt is to be made a permanent lund,
half the income going lo New South
Wales, while Ibo other hall' is divid
ed between Victoria and Queensland.
No Belief in Death.
The Countess Thia book says
that in India it is the custom to bury
.the living wife with her dead hus
band. Isn't lt terrible?
The Bari Indeed ii is! The poor
husband! lOven death brings himno
No wonder a man gets upset when
he loses his balance In a bank failure.
Contentment ls a peart of great
+-* -4.
(Anderson Intelligencer.)
Tho following account of the Mas
sacre at Long Cane should prove in
teresting to our readers. We are en
ahled to publish lt through the kind
ness of Mrs. J. Howard Mooro:
In 17.')ll .lames Calhoun and his
wife, Catherine, loft Donegal, Ire
land, to lind a home in the now
They chose this home in the State
of Pennsylvania, and after living
there a while they decided to move
to Virginia, but they had lived In
Virginia only a short time when they
were driven from their homo by
hordes of ruthless savages lot loose
upon the frontier settlement in con
sequence ol* Braddock's defeat.
The family then moved to Wax
haw, Lancaster county, South Caro
lina. James Calhoun luid four sons,
John. William, Ezekiel and Patrick.
The father and sons wore all plant
ors. At Waxhaw his sons were Im
mediately associated with such men
as William Richardson Davie, (he
dlstlngushed partisan leader of the
Revolution; Andrew Jackson and
Cen. Andrew Picketts, and from this
people came four of the greatest men
of their times: Jackson, Calhoun,
Crawford and Picketts. They were
till Scotch-Irish and Presbyterians ot'
tho strictest sect, and around old
Waxhaw church was formed the set
tlement which gave tone and thought
to the whole tipper country of dis
Waxhaw Church.
Old Waxhaw church is thus de
scribed by McCrady: "Unpainted, un
coiled, uncushloned in tho straight
back pews and rough Sunday school
benches, il looked grimly wooden
and desolate." In this settlement
children were taught to road the
Dildo every day and were familiar
with the Word of Cod in the family
and in tho Behool, as well as In tho
chureh. The children and youth re
cited tho Assembly Shorter Catechism
once a week.
Children wore taught to speak the
truth and defend it; to keep a good
conscience and fear God-the founda
tion of good citizens and all truly
great mon.
The Calhouns decided to make an
other move, and pushed on to the
county which is now Abbeville. They
had been living there but a short
while when tho horrible massacre of
Cong Cane was enacted. William
Calhoun (born 17215) had married
Agnes Long (horn 1733) in 17 ID.
and tit tho time of the massacre they
had the following children: Joseph,
Catherine, Mary and Ann.
Tho settlers at Long Cane number
ed '-."?U souls, mostly women and
children. They had heard of ihe
uprising of thc Cherokee Indians, and
o i thc morning of February 1, iTi?o,
.he entire colony was busy packing
wagons and getting ready to lice to
Tobins Fort, near Augusta, when tho
blood-curdling and savage jvnr
whoop of the Cherokees was btu rd.
The ammunition and guns ot the
men were mostly packed In the
wagons and the horses hitched, or
partially hitched, to the wagons.
Quicker than it (?ikes to tell lt, Wil
liam Calhoun saw his mother, 76
years old, killed by the savages, and
bis little daughters, Catherine and
Mary, scalped and dying, and little
Ann, a baby of two and a half years,
seized and borne oft" hy tho savages.
Panic-stricken and almost paral
yzed with horror, he cut ti horst- loose
from a wagon and placed upon his
hack his wile and only remaining
child, Joseph, a boy live years old,
and hade, ?bein dee towards Augusta,
Tito he roa ved mother rode till day
and al nightfall, coming to a vacant
house which had boen left liv some
family running from the Indians,
took refuge in it. During thc night,
in her desolation ?ind bereavement!
with no oyo to see. no oar to lo ar, ne
hand to help, save Cod, she gave
birth to a son and called him Pat
ric!? .
A Terrible Sit uni iou.
With her husband and murdered
children behind lier, and danger all
around ber, fearing to stay when
sin? was, and not physically able tc
no forward, hers was a situation sel
dom equalled In life, but hers wat
also a stern pioneer character, ant
realizing she must move on, even ll
she lost her own lite, try to rend
Tobias Fort and save tho lives ol' bel
two sons, at dawn mounted her horst
with the little Joseph and Ibo nev
baby, she rode iori h .ind arrlvot
sa fol y nt I lu- fort, where sh.' wa:
carefully nursed back to health ?UK
strength. I will say just here tba
Patrick toi' ibo wonderful birth
grow lo be a lair youl li and fou gb
in tho War ol' ibo ((evolution ant
was killed in tho last year Of lin- wa
al the age ol' 'Ju. Noding bm danni
loss bravery saved the mon at Loni
Cane. Tho Calhoun brothers, will
thirteen other nen. maintained i
desperate ti-.-.lii wird ibo Cherokees
until overwhelmed by superior forces
Ihej had lo rein a!. In ibo massae!"
i hero u ore llft> persons 1- Hied
mostly women and children.
Doad and .Mangled.
Patrick Calhoun returned io Con
Can?' throe day-; later lo bury hi
mother and little nieces, Catherin
and Mary, who had hoon killed, ?in
besides his own kin found I wont
dead bodies inhumanly mangled.
McCrady says: "Another ma
lound nine li! i lo fugitive childre
wandering in ibo woods; some, ha
been eui and left lor dead, otho)
had boon lound in tho bloody doh!
There was no trace of little Ant
tho baby child who was carried off i
ibo arms ol' an Indian on the day <
tho battle. Aller Consulting t<
gcthor ?ind realizing their unprotec
od condition, the Scotch-Irish se
tiers decided to go back to Waxha\
whore I boy would bo protected.
Alter his return to Waxhaw. Pa
rick Calhoun met and married tl
daughter ol' Kev. Alexander Cral]
head, ?ind after her death and his >'
turn to Waxhaw, ho met and marrh
Miss Maude Caldwell, the molo .ir i
(.'molina's groat statesman, Join, i
She ls Discovered.
Five years after the massacre
Long Cane, a treaty having be<
made With the Indians, all the prl
Do Not Endanger Life When a Wal
halla Citizen Show? You the
Way to Avoid lt.
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If you have any, even one, of the
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Head this Walhalla testimony:
Mrs. .Martha Tilley, No. 5, Factory
Hill. Walhalla. S. C., says: "My kid
neys were weak and my back ached
intensely, lt was difllcult for me to
straighten alter stooping, and I felt
all run down. When 1 saw Donn's
Kidney Pills advertised, I got a box
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soon restored me to good health. I
can recommend this remedy highly,
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York, solo agents for the United
Remember tho name-Donn's
and tako no other.
Mrs. Tillman Granted Divorce.
Cincinnati, .lune US. - .Mrs. H. lt.
Tillman. Jr., of Fdgolleld, S. C., was
yesterday granted a divorce from her
husband, who is now practicing law
in Portland, Ore. This hrings to a
close a case that attracted wide at
tention because of thc prominence
of Ihe two families concerned, and
also because of the famous suit
which Mrs. Tillman instituted in the
South Carolina courts three years
since for the possession of her chil
dren who were at that time being
held by Senator and Mrs. B. R. Till
man, grandparents of tho two little
Aller the recovery of her children
Mrs. Tillman returned to her ridge
field home to live, remaining there
until something over a year ago,
when she came to this city. Acquir
ing legal residence here, sin? several
weeks since Hied divone proceedings,
?tlleging neglect and failure to pro
vide. The case was not contested.
N. J. Borham, cashier Bank of
Woodville, Woodville, Ga., had ti
very severe .attack of kidney trouble
and the pains in his kidneys and back
were terrible. '*! got a bottle of Fo
ley Kidney Pills from our druggist
and they entirely relieved me. 1
have more benellt from them than
tiny other medicine." J. W. Bell.
[mers were given up. Upon the day
np pointed William Calhoun attended
the meeting with a faint hope thal he
might lind his little Ann, who was
now over seven years old. He was
told by her mother that the child had
i scar on tho back of her neck, caused
by a burn. Watching with eagerness
each prisoner that was brought for
ward, he tit last saw his dainty little
girl led out, and instantly recognized
lils lost child, and readily iden!Hied
her by the scar. She could not speak
a word of lOnglish and was just a lit
tle Indian. When little Ann was
taken captive she was the baby, hut
on her return home she found that
the stork had visited the Calhoun
nest and left her several little sisters
and brothers. The younger Calhoun
children wcro Patrick, Rachael
(who afterwards became my great,
grandmother t. Hst her, William, lOze
klel, N'ancy and Alexander, so this
worthy couple, William and Agnes
Calhoun, had live sons and six
daughters. Little Ann grew up and
married Isaac Mathews.
History says thal Patrick Calhoun
and tho other settlors returned to
Long 'ano, an<l thal the move to
Waxhaw was only a temporary one
until they could secure protection
from tho state and the settlement
was afterwards protected by thc
rangers, who were paid by tho Stale,
and thal Patrick Calhoun was made
their captain and served without pay.
The Inscription.
Patrick Calhoun erected a stone
lo thc memory of his mother on tho
spot where she was . brutal! v mur
dered. The inscription reads;
Patrick Calhoun. I0s(|.
In memory of
Aged T(! Yen rs.
Who, With il Others,
Was Here Murdered by
Tho Indians the Hrs! of Fob ru a ry,
I Tdn.
For the incidents related In this
paper I am indebted to my anni. Mrs.
IO U gen ia Norris Anderson, of Ibis
city. She kindly allowed me access
to nu old manuscript in hov posses
sion. This manuscript came to thc
family from Rachael Calhoun, my
great-grandmother, and she had it
orally from her mother. Agnes laing
Calhoun. I found t he Tact s corrobo
rated by McCrndy In bis history of
South Carolina,
Mrs. oze VanWyck.
Anderson. S. C.
Kid. ney
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They will cure your backache,
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vent Bright's Disease and Dia.
bates, and restore health and
Strength. Refuse substitutes.
Walhalla, S. O.
Overcomes Every"F
There used to be tw<
-they were not nearly a
pared in other ways. Nc
cooks know, this has bet
Snowdrift. There is no i
foods than in Snowdrift. It ?
without burning:; with thcSnov
the surface of the food is i mme
thc fat from getting in and thc
Thc other objection to fric
ing required so much lard or L
expensive method of cooking,
this. In frying you can usc ?
frying di fi?rent articles in the s
fish today, strain thcSnowdrif
morrow in the same Snowdrift
not taste of fish. Frying y
decided economy. Try it !
Snowdrift is sold only by thc caa-never
cal r<
Tie Southern Coti
24 Droad Street N?
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas, it has pleased the Lord
to call to her reward our beloved
sister, .Mrs. Florence Stevenson, who '
was a faithful and zealous member
ot* Earle's (?rove Baptist church; ?
therefore be it resolved:
1, That we bow in humble sub
mission to Him who doeth all things
2. But we thank Hod for the years
of her Christian inllucncc and for her
beautiful devotion lo home and fam
ily. Tho memory of her sweet and
gentle life will ever be an Inspira
tion to all who know her.
;i. That our deepest sympathy be
extended to her loved ones in their
hour of sorrow, and we commend
them to Him who alone can connon
and console.
4. Thal these resolutions be spread
upon the minutes ol' this church and
that they he published in tho Keoweo
Courier and.Parin and Factory, and
a copy furnished to her devoted hus
band and loving child with our sin
cere prayers thal the Cod of all sym
pathy and love may be a companion
to the grief-stricken family.
Sister, thou wasl mild and lovely,
Gentle as the summer breeze;
Pleasant as the air Of evening
When it Moats among thc trees.
Peaceful be thy silent slumber.
Peaceful in the gravi? so low,
Thou no more wilt .join our number;/
Thou no more our songs shalt know.
Yet again we hope lo meet I bee.
When the day of life ls lied;
Then iii heaven with joy to greet
Where no funeral lear is shed.
1-'. A. Carroll.
Mrs. F. A. Carroll,
Mrs. .1. A. Patterson,
Miss Blanche Richardson,
( 'om milt ce.
A. M. Nason, fanning near Canaan,
Me., was badly crippled willi sciatic
rheumatism, due. lu- says, io urie
acid in his blood. "Foley Kidney
Pills entirely cured me ;ind also re
moved numerous black specks that
were continually bet?re my eyes."
Foley Kidney Pills are a urie acid I
solvent ?MK! are effective for thc vari-!
ons forms of rheumatism. .1. \V. Boll.
Near Promotion.
"Well, Tom in.\ ." said I ho lal ber of
a six-year-old youngster, according to
the Chicago News, "how are you pel
ting along at school?"
"Bully," replied Tommy, "(?ness
the lem her is going lo promote mc."
"What makes you think so'.'"
"She said to-day thal If I kepi on
at the rate I was going I'd he in the
criminal class." explained Tonino.
Has since 1894 given "Thorough In
influences at ihe lowest possible <
RESULT: it ls to-day with Ita fa
Its student body of 412, and ita plant
$150 pays all charges for thc year, 1
heat, laundry medical attention, phj
except muslo and elocution. For cf
ried Food^Objectipri
a objections to fried foods
is digestible a $ foods pre
)W, however, as most good
;n overcome by frying in
nore health ful way to fry
stands a very high temperature
?/drift very hot in the beginning,
?diately cooked. This prevents
food juices from getting out.
:d foods wa s their expense-fry
.uttcr, it was by far the most
Snowdrift has also overcome
Snowdrift over and over again,
ame Snov/drift. Fry
t and fry chicken to
:. The chicken will
nth Snowdrift
sold from barrels <:nJ tubs.
Snowdrift Secrets"
Isonic book of practi
?cipessont on request;
lion your grocer's
ton Oil Co.
m York, N. Y.
fr\\ Orleans
ia francisco
l p on Little Uiver.
Little Uiver, .lune 24.-Sp?cial:
I). X. Alexander's family bave boen
wrestling with measles for some time.
They aro all improving now. to tbe
delight of their many friends.
Mrs. A. lt. Ca ?lo way, who bas
been sick all spring, is slightly im
proved at this time.
Kev. IC A. Hudson, of Cashier's,
X. C., preached at this place on tho
third Sunday. Tho attendance was
Mrs. li. A. Perry has boon quite
sick. She is able to be out again,
to the delight of lier friends.
Crops are small tor tho time of
year. Most of tho corn has a yellow
appearance, and is not healthy look
Tlio rust did considerable damage
to the small grain crop this time.
w. A. c,rant. just finished planting
corn in his line bottom hind on Juno
201li. There tire others who did not
get a full crop planted owing to tho
continued rain.
W. L. Littleton, who lives on Geo.
A. Harrison's farm (tho Grant old
home), has a prize patch of corn
which is very line.
Raylus Whitten, in company with
his charming daughter, Miss Edith,
ol' Pendleton, were among the visit
ors in tho Salem section last Satur
day and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Littleton have
a new hoarder at I heir home. It's a
Owing to Hie continued illness of
the pastor there has been hut one
sermon preached tit Whltmlro's this
Bummer. This ls too bad. lt ls
hoped by all lhat Brother Patrick
will soon be able to take up his
W ORD that, word ls
lt refers to Dr. lull's Liver PHI* and
Are you constipated?
Troubled with indigestion?
Sick headache?
ANY of these symptoms ?nd many others
ludiente ?nm-Hon of the UVI-R.
"XToxx TXToocaL
Take No Substitute.
structlon under positively Christian
culty of 32, a hoarding patronado of 358
worth $140,000
ncludlng table board, room, lights, Btcam
fllcal cult ure, and tuition in al subjects
italoguc and application blank address,
REEVES, H. A., Principal,

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