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Now Serio? No. ?42.-Volunto LXIV.-No. 28.
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Hay, Cotto
Hulls, Short
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C. W. & J. E.
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Introduced Spicy New Feature In
Speech at Charleston.
Charleston, July G.-"1 want lo
put a proposition to you, and you
answer it at the August primaries.
Whatever you do, 1 will he Governor
anyway for September, October, No
vember and December, and for 21
days in January. If you want gov
ernment by injunction and a metro
politan police force, you vote for Ira
B. Jones, and I'll give lt to you."
With this audacious threat Gover
nor Blease closed his long-awaited
address at the Stale campaign meet
ing held here last night-an address
in which ho Intimated that tho re
cent break between him and John P.
Grace, mayor of Charleston, began
when ho refused to commissiou as
notary public a negro, S. W. Ben
nett, whom tho mayor had recom
He said, further, with reference to
.The charges voiced by tho mayor
M hat graft collected in Charleston
had been traced to the office of tho
Governor: "No gentleman would in
sinuate that I had ever received any
graft, and any man who says I did ls
a malicious character thief and a
cowardly liar."
The Governor also declared his in
tention of standing by Benjamin H.
Stol hart, chief of the constabulary in
Charleston, against whom graft.
Charges were recently brought before
a legislative Investigating commit
More than 1,200 persons, no wo
men hoing included, were assembled
in Hibernian Mall when the candi
dates for Governor were Introduced.
Theso spoko last, as usual.
Tho meeting opened at 6 o'clock
in the afternoon and continued until
nil of the candidates in the party had
been heard. It was an attentivo au
dience, but one quick to express ap
proval or disapproval; quick also
to laugh, as some of the speakers
learned to their discomfiture, when
a point put forward in all seriousness
tickled, for some reason, the risibili
ties of tho crowd.
Tremendous demonstrations were
given in honor of both the loading
candidates for Governor, but it ap
peared thal applause for Judge
Jones carno moro generally from over
the house, and men long acquainted
with Charleston audiences said the
majority (?pinion among those pres
ent was in favor ol' Jones as against
Undeniably, however, tho volume
of sound was greater in the Blease
outbreaks. Hissing was more freolv
resorted tf> here (han elsewhere on
the campaign as an expression of
disapproval, and . Governor Blease
was the target of a good deal of it.
Excel len I order prevailed. An ex
traordinary number of policemen in
uniform were distributed about the
ball, and these were prompt in sup
pressing demonstrations which they
deemed improper. An admonishing
wave of tho band proved all thal was
necessary in every case.
Judge Jones devoted sonn? portion
of his lime to a reply in detail i<>
tho speech delivered at Bishopvlllc
by Governor Blease. Tho Governor
made his usual declarations regard
ing negroes, lynching and other mat
ters, but gave his attention princi
pally to points ol' local Interest, in
Char'es ton.
Ho mado some Interesting state
ments in responso to (pies!ions from
tho floor.
f "What about, beor?" asked a voice
in the audience.
"You bring mo a glass of il up
here and I will talk about it better,"
said tho Governor.
"What about raring?" was ano
ther question,
' "Do as you did thia year," retort
ed the Governor-"act like men and
do as you please."
This question and its answer re
lated to the passage by tho last Leg
islature of an act ott flawing metro
politan racing In South Carolina
from July I, 1012.
fr 4? 4? 4? 4? 4?
a Seed Meal,
;s and Bran,
ck Feed.
you good prices
IA, C. A
, A A A A A A A
Impressive Services Largely Attend
ed-Mattel's of Local Interest.
Richland, July 8.-Special: lt
has rained so much recently that king
grass is growing very rank in this
As usual, the Fourth passed off
very quietly here.
Henry Hughs and Marcus McDon
ald played hall for tho Seneca team
the Fourth at Central In tho morn
ing and Seneca in tho afternoon.
They furnished the battery and won
the morning game.
Rev. and Mrs. F. D. Vaughn and
children, Misses Ida Vaughn and
Beth Coe, Mrs. Stembrldge and chil
dren and Mrs. Vaughn, Sr., enjoyed
a trip to Tunnel Hill last Thursday.
J. H. Dendy conveyed them in a
Miss Mary Lewis has returned to
her home in Pickena after an ex
tended visit to her cousin, Miss
Fred da Hughs.
Miss Pearle Vernor spent the lat
ter part of the week with relatives lu
Miss Clyde Walton entertained a
large number of lier friends last
Monday evening. Several amusing
and Interesting contests were held.
Miss Myra Ballenger was the winner
in the (lower and vegetable contest.
A telegram contest was next engag
ed In, Rd ward Vernor being the suc
cessful one. Later the girls were in
vited Into a dark room and a sheet
was placed over the door. A lamp
was placed at Hie back of the room
and each girl passed between the
lamp and sheet, making a shadow.
Tho boys had to guess who each was.
Hyland Shelor was awarded the
prize in this contest. Later the boys
were taken Into tho room and the
girls given an opportunity to guess.
Miss Cornelia Foster won in this.
Several of the boys joined tho "(ilvis'
Club" and were Initiated by Mrs.
Walton. Lemon sherbet and cake
were served during the evening.
A very largo congregation was
present yesterday to witness tho or
dination and Installation of Kev. F.
D. Vaughn as pastor of Richland
Presbyterian church. Dr. John G.
Law presided, propounded the con
stitutional questions and charged the
pastor in a very appropriate way.
Ruling Bider Todd, of Seneca,
charged the people to uphold the
hands of their pastor. After these
services Rev. Vaughn was given the
right hand of welcome by almost the
entire congregation. Rev. R. L.
Grier preached the sermon before
tho other services. Rev. M. H. Kirk
patrick, of Seneca, was present to
complete the commission. This sol
emn and Impressive ceremony will
long be remembered by all present.
Kesley Carrier Had Narrow Fscape.
Baslcy, July 5.--John Maiildin
had a narrow escape from drowning
while returning from a trip over his
Iv. F. I), route. Ho was attempting
to cross a swollen stream when the
team got over Its head. Mr. Maul
din. holding Iiis mail sack with one
hand, cut Hie untie loose with the
other, and after n stubborn battle
with the rushing water managed to
reach shore. Throughout all his
thrilling experience the carrier never
lost his grip on tho mall sack, deliv
ering it safely itt. tito post ellice on
ids return, muleback. Tito heavy
tains of last night and to-day have
washed away many bridges, and tho
streams in many localities ?ire re
ported higher than for yeti rs.
If you are a housewife you cannot
reasonably hopo to bo healthy or
beautiful by washing dishes, sweep
ing and doing housework all day, and
crawling Into bed dead tired at night.
You must gel out into the open air
and sunlight, If you do this every
day and keel) your stomach and bow
els" in good afder by taking Chamber
lain's Tablets when needed, you
should become both healthy and
beautiful. For sale by ?ill dealers.
Only One Week Session Held-Ju
rors Drawn For Two.
Though jurors had been drawn for
two weeks of court, tne juries having
been divided into sections for the
first and second weeks, only one week
of the time allotted to Oconee was
used, and Saturday afternoon the
court WHS adjourned sine die and
Judge Prince left for his home In
During thu ftrst days of the session
the grand jury returned tho following
True Dills:
The State against
Jule Kennedy-Resisting officer,
assault and battery with intent to
Lester Hawkins-Assault and bat
tery with intent to kill.
Sloan Sutiles--Abandoning wife
and child.
Joe Childs and J. R. Mlxon-Dis
posing of property under lien. Ob
taining goods under false pretense.
R. N. Powell, Andy Tow. Lee Sei
gles. W. R. King. Jesse Pincher, Joe
Childs. Will Strickland, Sloan West
Held. Harrison Woods, John Moore
head--Violation of dispensary law.
Sam Hlassengame and Sam Parks
- Attempt to produce abortion.
Lawson Tucker and Dorse Tucker
-Assault and battery with intent lo
J. R. Mahoney--Malicious mis
Rea Whltner-Assault and battery
with Intent to kill.
H. W. Whitney-Edrgcry.
Cases Disposed Of.
The following eases were heard
and passed upon by jury and the
Court :
The State vs Riley Moore-Rape.
H. W. Whitney-Forgery. Guilty.
Sentenced to serve two years on pub
lic works of county or like period In
State penitentiary, and pay flue of
$1. Whitney has been carried to the
penitentiary to begin serving his sen
The State vs. James Greer, alias
Son Greer-Murder. Guilty of man
slaughter. Sentenced to three years
on county works or like period In
penitentiary. Notice given of Inten
tion to appeal.
The State vs. J\\\o Kennedy--Ror
slstlng officer, assatilt and battery
with Intent to kill. Guilty on first
count. Sentenced to servo six
months on county works or Uko pe
riod in penitentiary. Notice of ap
peal, ami defendant admitted to hail
in sum of $200 pending hearing.
The State vs. Lester Hawkins
Assault ami battery with intent to
kill. Mistrial in this case, and later
case was nol prossed by Solicitor.
Tho State vs. Sloan West Hold
Violation of dispensary law. Pleaded
guilty. Sentenced to three months
on public works or like period in
penitentiary, or pay flue of $100.
The State vs. Will Strickland
Violation of dispensary law. Pleaded
guilty. Sentenced to three months
on public works or like pei (od in
penitentiary, or to pay fine of $100.
The State vs. Jim Shaw-Disor
derly conduct. Remanded to Magis
trate for hearing.
The State vs. Lawson Tucker and
Dorse Tucker-Assault and battery
with intent to kill. Pleaded guilty
to assault and battery of high and
aggravated nature. Sentenced each
to one year on public works or like
period in penitentiary, or to pay Uno
of $150 each. Each defendant paid
$7;"?. and balance of sentence sus
pended during good behavior, the de
fendants being released.
The State vs. Joshua Crooks- Dis
orderly conduct. Case remanded to
Magistrate A. P. Crisp for trial.
Town of Walhalla vs. Jesso Fin
cher (appeal case). Remanded to
Mayor's Court for new trial, tho tes
timony taken not having been signed
by witnesses.
Town of Westminster vs. .loo
Lewis (appeal case). Appeal dis
missed. Cause remanded to Mayor
for enforcement of sentence!
Sessions Court adjourned Wednes
day afternoon, the grand jury being
dismissed, and tho Court at once
took up matters on the civil ?locket.
Numerous orders of no general inter
est were passed referring matters to
Master W. O. White for Investigation
and report, and (he following
Cases Were Heard:
H. B. Rosser, plaintiff, vs. The
Oconee Hank, defendant. Verdict:
We lind for plaintiff tlui sum of
$1 17.77.
ll. E. Rosser, plaintiff, vs. A. R.
Houston. 1). I. Mulkoy, W. Paul
Dickson. Non-suited as to Mulkoy
and Houston. Judgment by default
filtered against W. P. Dickson in the
sum of $203.48, and costs.
The Oconee Rank, plaintiff, vs. H.
E. Rosser, defendant. Compromised,
L. K. Townes, plaintiff, vs. W. J.
Townes, defendant (appeal by de
fendant.) Judgment of Magistrate
reversed and case remanded to Mag
istrate for new trial.
T. M. Lowery, plaintiff, vs. C. J.
Mulkoy, defendant (appeal by de
fendant). Appeal dismissed and
judgment Of Magistrate confirmed.
The Common Pleas Court Closed
at 12.45 p. m. Saturday, and the
jurors drawn for the second week
were notified of the fact that their
attendance woultj not bo required at
the July term.
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Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Is al
most certain to he needed before tho
summer is ov< r. Ruy it now and be
prepared for such an emergency. For
sale by all dealers.
Court Adjourned Wednos
day Afternoon.
jesday afternoon last tho
|f General Sessions adjourned
>, shortly after having receiv
the grand jury the following
Final Presentment,
.te of South Carolina,
tcqnee County.
To HjUBjrHonor George 10. Prince,
JIMMOO of Tenth Circuit:
\Ve,;'the grand jury, respectfully
beg lfl|e to report
ThajL.we have investigated and re
porteuBh all the bills of indictment
turneqwver to us by the Solicitor.
We4j?gain beg leave to call the
Court's''attention to the fact that a
very la^ge number (some two-thirds
of tho,?whole) of these bills are lor
violations of the dispensary law, and
In eaoWcase quite a large number
of witnesses were bound over, at
groat eftpense to our county; and the
grenteWpart of our and the Court's
time Isfconsuined Itt the Investigation
and dljRwsitlon of these eases.
At tae last term of the Court we
called attention to this matter, and
we norn wish to report the recoin-1
inondations then made as to changes
In the,raw. and we now wish to reit
erate th?ni, and urge them with all
the foi^e In our power, and to that j
end republish tho recommendations I
then made, as follows:
"We,have been Impressed nt this
term Ofjthe Court ol' the time that'
has been consumed in the considera-1
tion of ^dispensary cases, and tho I
great ajftiiy or witnesses brought '
hore at'ithe expense of the county.
To avoify this consumption of time1
and oxp?t?so we recoin mend that the '
Legislature he asked to change the
law so ?as to give the Magistrates
jurisdiction of these cases. In our
humble opinion it is the certainty
and promptness of punishment,rather
than its [severity, that deters crimi
nals from .the commission of crime,
and we believe the Magistrate, whose
court is'iopen for business nt all
times for^the trial ol' cases in a cheap
way, canabore certainly and speedily
mete out':p.unishment in UI?B class of
offenses.;,) :?t might have been said
when the law was new and little un
derstood that only tho Circuit Court, j
could invjw.pret. and ; enforce it, i,ufJ
now thatvWe'liawiui become so fa-''
millar with it, and it has been so
frequently Interpreted and made
plain hy the Court, It cannot be said
that Magistrates are Incompetent to
enforce lt, but, on tho contrary, they
can bettor enforce lt than the Cir
cuit Court, because violators, fined
In one case," cannot renew the busi
ness and make enough between
Courts to pay the lines put on them '?
and leave a profit besides.
If the Magistrat?? tries'1,..convicts i
and fines the violators to-day, and I
he enters on the business again to- j
morrow, he can have him Indicted j
again to-morrow, and so on till the'
blind tiger ls put out of business.
And we, therefore, urge this change
in the law because it will not only
be much cheaper, bul also more ef- ,
We take pleasure, In this connec
tion, In noting the fact that the vari
ous Magistrates of the county have
heeded our admonitions as to send
ing np on these liquor cases many
witnesses who would testify not bing.
Nearly all tho witnesses who have ap
peared before us this time have given
important testimony.
We are not yet ready with our re
port as to the conditions of the vari
ous county offices, but will have these
reports ready at the fall terni.
Wo report Virgil Cape, a negro
man, and Fanny Cape, a white wo
man, for marrying and living to
gether ns man and wife; also, Char
lie Smith, a white man, and Della
Smith, a negro woman, for the same
offense, and give the names of Andy
Cobb, Turnor Miller, J. lt. Suttles
and Newton Long as witnesses to
prove the same In both cases.
We thank your Donor and the
Solicitor for courtesies shown us.
Respectfully submitted,
M. L. Cox, Foreman.
Mr. Hnhiwin Replies to Charge,
West Union, duly 8.- Editor Koo
wee Courier: Will you please allow
nie space In your valuable columns
to reply to an article of the Hon. M.
C. Long In a recent Issue? He ac
cuses my son (James Raid win) and
myself of circulating malicious cam
paign lies in regard to the "Town
vlllf murder ease." Now, In our
own behalf, and with all due respect
to Mr. Long, I say emphatically that
he (Mr. Long) did beg. and tried to
hire, my son to swear that Dock
Welbon) was dead when pul in the
guard house at Town ville. Further
more, Mr. Long tried to scare James
Baldwin to swear lo suit him.
Now, Mr. Long, I can provo what
I've said by witnesses and letters of
your own handwriting. Please do
not. think I am replying to your ar
ticle to raise a controversy, for I do
not care to do so. And as for these
facts being circulated to injure yon
in your campaign, I want to tell you
that I said all l lia ve said long before
I knew you announced your candi
Mr. Long may not be aware of the
fact, but ho certainly has the honor
of being the first man, to my know
ing, to accuse me of malicious lying.
Rut I can nssure Mr. Long that I
will try not to lie nor deceive myself
nt tho polls August 27th. Hoping
this will satisfy Mr. Long and the
many readers of The Courier, I nm,
Yours truly, R. F. Raldwln.
Car Han Inlo Hope Stretched Across
Koa?]-Six In Party.
Anderson, July 8.-Miss Beuluh
Armstrong, Miss Virginia Lat liner
and James Latimer were seriously
Injured this afternoon when Dr. T.
O. Kirkpatrick's large automobile,
driven by Janies Lathner, ran luton
rope stretched across the public
road to warn against a washout and
lo detour driver? on a road around
the washout. The accident occurred
Ave miles south of Anderson as the
party was going from Anderson to
their home at Lowndesvllle. At 10
o'clock to-night the three injured
ones are In tho hospital and are still
in an unconscious condition. Doc
tors say they are unable to tell tho
extent of the injuries until they re
gain consciousness. They fear inter
nal injuries in addition to the fear
ful bruises and cuts which all three
Six persons, including Mrs. Kirk
patrick and two small children, oc
cupied thc automobile, which was
making about (Ifteen milos an hour.
They had just come over (his partic
ular piece of road and were not
aware of Hie rope having been placed
young Latimer under the chin, cut
since they passed. The rope shat
tered tho windshield and then caught
young Latimer nuder the chin, cut
ting ids neck to the bone and jerk
ing liim out of his seat, hurling him
against the ladles and children on
the rear seat. The living glass caus
ed many gashes. When Latimer was
snatched from his seat the car went
wild, crashing Into a piece of woods.
The rope caught Miss Latimer under
the chin, and besides fearfully gash
ing her, also knocked out her teeth.
All of the occupants were thrown in
a heap In the bottom of the car and
were gashed and bruised before the
car could be stopped. Young Wen
dell Latimer, who sat on tho front
seat, had presence of mind enough to
cut off the gasoline and the machine
came to a standstill.
James Latimer, who is 21 years of
age, and Miss Virginia Latimer, aged
14, are children of Mrs. Kirkpatrick,
i Miss Armstrong, about 20 years old,
I is of Honen Path, and was on her
?"way to visit relatives at LowndeB
ville. Mrs. Kirkpatrick and tho twb
M ;) ft>^bU4tt?d,.BUrtt^
i injury beyond being bruised slightly.
Children Will Enjoy Hay at Hughs'
Pasture Next Tuesday.
Thc annual picnic of the Walhalla
Sunday schools will bo held next
Tuesday, July 1Cth, at Hughs' pas
ture. Tlioso who expect to attend
are ??ked to congregate nt thc Bap
tist church by i* o'clock, not forget
ting to bring woll-fllled baskets. Au
tomobiles will bo in walting to con
voy tho crowds to the grounds.
There Will be lemonade for all,
games for the children, shady walks
for lovers, a wide, reclining hillside
for the older people; swings will be
provided, as well as see-saws, Quoits,
Besides the above the following
athletic events have bet :i arranged
1. Sack race.
2. Pb k-a-pack rat o.
;<. Sand race.
4. Three-legged race.
5. Ball throwing for large and
small girls.
?'.. Fat men's race.
7. Lean men's race.
8. 100-yard dash for large boys.
??. 100-yard dash for small boys.
10. 100-yard dash for largo girls.
11. 100-yard dash for small girls.
12. Graceful promenade.
I 'A. Cracker race.
i 4. Pedestal t li row.
15, The serpentine race.
16. Base ball,
All are Invited; all are urged to
attend; all are expected; all are re
quired to have a good time.
Will Hold Another Session July i(>
at Columbia.
Spartanburg, July G.-Senator H.
B. Carlisle, chairman of tho dispen
sary Investigating committee, luis
fixed Friday, July 12, as the time
for taking the testimony of Thoa.
B. Felder, the Atlanta attorney, In
Augusta. The hearing will be held
at Kt o'clock in the morning In the
county court house. lt is expected
that fl lance number of South Caro
linians Will be present. There will
also be a meeting of the committee
at I I o'clock Wednesday morning,
July IO, In Columbia. Mr. Carlisle
said that a good many of those
named as the men "higher up" In
tho alleged grafting at Charleston
had been summoned as witnesses.
Trolley ( rash-ii Killed; 20 Hurt.
Marlon, Ind., July 7. Three per
sons were killed and more than a
dosten seriously, some perhaps fatally,
Injured in a head-on collision be
tween two interurban cars on the
Marion, Bluffton anti Eastern Trac
tion line In this city this afternoon,
The collision was between a regular
car and ono loaded with merry-mak
ers. No cause has been assigned for
the accident, as tho cars were run
ning on a straight stretch of track.
The two cars were telescoped, tho
heavy interurban passing half way
through the lighter park ear. Dur
ing tho excitement that followed tho
wreck several persons woro robbed.
Mercury Hit? too Mark-Suffering
Intonso Throughout Middle- WON t..
Chicago, July G. - Indications
early to-day were that tho period or
excessive heat would ho broken or
moderated hy showers boforo night
fall in tho city. While the heat, waa
oppressive, heavy clouds hung about,
the horizon and seemed to forecast
a respite from the sun's torrid rays?
Reports of suffering came from many
points throughout thc Middle Wost.
In Chicago yesterday the mercury
neared the iou mark and tho doatli
toll roached a total of twelve, with
scores prostrated in the city and
Police ambulances were kept busy
all day carrying the prostrated to
the hospitals. Hundreds of poor
persons stormed the county agent's
ellice in quest of ice. Open air nur
series made nil preparations to koop)
tho death rate of the "slum" babies
as low ns possible.
Traille in the loop district waa
frequently blocked by falling horses.
Pitch oozing from thc cedar blocks
caused the animals to slip and once
down they refused to get up. Tho
parks were erowdod with every ono
who could possibly gel away from
home or work to get a blt of cool
breeze if there was any to bo found.
The lake was the mecca for thou
sands and all of the beaches accom
modated reoonl-bronklng numbers.
A large number of vicious dogs,
maddened hy the excessive heat, -at
tacked children playing In the
streets. Several adults were bitten
$121)0 Added to Reward; Total He
ward Now $1,500.
(Greenvlllo News.)
At a meeting of Mountain Hodge..
No. 15, I, 0. O. P., held Friday night.
T. U. Vaughn, a member of tho
lodge, now a fugitive from Justico
wIth serious charges pending against
him, was expelled, and $250 was
added to tho rcrward for his arrest.
. Tho occasion was tho regular
monthly, meeting of tho lodge,
though several prominent Odd Fol
. [After tho; regular business had
boen attended to a "committee -np- .
pointed to Investigate charges
against Vnught reported. They ro
ported that T. H. Vaughn had hoon
summoned by writing to appear be
fore the committee and make a de
fense of the charges preferred
against him. At the time appointed.
Vaughn, being a-fugitive from jus
tice, did not .appear either In person*
or by attorney. The committee then
considered tho case, and finding tho
charges against. Vaughn to bo true,
recommended his expulsion from
.Mountain Lodge and from thu Order
of Odd bellows.
Tho recommendation was sanc
tioned by the lodge and the secretary, x
was Instructed to erase the mime of
T. H. Vaughn from the roll of tho
lodge and to notify tho tl rand Hodge.
The committee which considered
thc charges preferred against
Vaughn and recommended his expul
sion was composed of seven Past
Orand Masters.
Engineer 'I bli ty Vein s in Service.
Fifty Passengers Injured.
Greensboro, N. C., July 6.-Engi
neer Tho?. C. Beach, of Alexandria.
Va., was fatally injured and more
than fifty passengers more or less
seriously hurt when tho Southern
Raliway limited tran No. 3G, Atlan
ta to Washington, collided head-on
with a freight engine in the local
yards at 3.4 0 o'clock thlfi afternoon.
Engineer Beach died at tho hospital
late to-night.
The wrecked train carried between
lino and 400 passengers, and is said
to have been going nt a great speed
when Engineer Roach applied tho
emergency brakes, ir>o yards boforo
the crash.
Reach and his fireman both jump
ed from tho engine, but the latter
was not seriously Injured. Among
the injured wore J. R. Hong, Atlanta?
and F. I). Brooks, Greenvlllo.
Tho wreck was caused bV tho eu
gine of train 36 taking an ope?
switch, throwing lt from the north
bound track onto tin; southbound.
The freight engine was less than 200
yards from the open switch and th?
Impact was terrific.
Operator Blames Engineer.
Tho operator declares that Engi
neer Reach disregarded a danger
signal. Officials state that tho acci
dent was duo to an open Switch, tho
responsibility for which has not been
Engineer Beach had been in tho
service thirty-two years and to-day's
was his first wreck. He was the old
est engineer of this division in point
of service and among the Veterans
of the system.
-..?- -
Die from Drinking Wood Alcohol.
Ninety-Six, July 9.- -Tho body of
Curry Taylor was taken to Augusta
on Saturday and that of Hugh Aiton
was burled hero Sunday afternoon.
Roth died from drinking como kind
of beverage said to contain wood al
cohol, lt ls ?i most lamentable affair.
All sympathize with Mrs. Alton and
children and tho parents of youw;
Mr. Taylor. Thoy were omploycos
of tho cotton mill add woro woll
thought of. ._i

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