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(IO MT A I ?I il MI HOI? inti?.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Subscription SI Per Annum.
Advertising Rutes Reasonable.
Communications of a norvonal char
acter charged for ns advertise
Obituary notices and tributes of re
spect, of not over ono hundred
words, will bo printed free of
charge. All ovor that number
tn nat be paid for al tho rate of ono
cent a word. Cash to accompany
The state campaign meeting for
Oconce in 1912 has been held and is
a IliiiiK of tho past. One week from
the time al which Hie candidates
were speaking In the grove al tho
Court House before the people of
Oconce, the people of this good old
.ounty will be casting their ballots
ai the Court House and at other pre
cincts for tho mon who spoke.
What will be I ho result ?
Tho Courier has stood aloof from
tiny unfair means during the cam
paign, and now. nt thu last moment
that we may speak before the elec
tion shall take place, we do not In
tend lo stoop to the use of any un
fair method.
That the editor of The Courier
has stood squarely for Judge Ira B.
Jones from the start ls well known,
and that we are stronger to-day In
the assurance thal we are standing
for the right man and the right
principios ls a fact that we are glad
to tisser! We have grown stronger
in this conviction day by day, and
tbe campaign meeting fur Oconce
has given us additional strength.
And \t t our position is not taken as
the i? .-ult of the observations of a
year, two years, or ton.
lt so happens thal a few years of
our life were spent in tho city of
Newberry, the home of both candi
dates, and we have known of hoi h
men during tho past thirty years.
Upon that knowledge, and a reason
ably close and an unprejudiced ob
servation of public affairs and pub
lic nun during the mist t wen tv ve>>
or\i??r i'd South Ca roll li N? m?
nm mont claim for Judge Jones per
fection; but ho is a clean niau, high
toned, aldo, honorable--a gentle
man-in the highest sense of the
word A MAN.
Just as we say lo you. people of
Oconce, that Judge Jones is not
perfect for there is no representa
tive of tile human race in whom all
ls good and everything perfect-so
we sa.\ to yon that wo recognise that
there ls no man so bad that in him
cannot he found some good. On this
basis of reasoning we do not hohl
Judge Jones up to you as a perfect
man. without '.ault, infallible, nor
do wc say to you that Governor
B lea se is totally depraved. But, cit
izens of Oconce, we have a knowl
edge of both men, extending over
the past thirty years, a closer obser
vation extending ove; Hie period
during and since the Constitutional
Convention and session of the leg
islature following, both ol' which as
semblages it was our privilege to
look in upon frequently and to ob
serve men and incidents.
lt is upon t hose years of observa
tion that we base our appeal to von,
voter- of Oconce, to tum out next
Tuesday and vote intelligently, dis
passionately, laying aside nil of .111
Imosity and prejudice, casting your
ballots on tin side of right and for
the man who best represents that
which is highest and noblest, not only
in tile realm of humanity in it.-i wid
est sense, but in the more restricted
sphere of our affairs as represented
hy our State government
Think calmly. reason clearly.
Judge by the standard of right, citi
zen' of Oconee, and cast your bal
lots accordingly, and when the
votes have been counted next Wed
nesday Oconee will have placed her
self on record as giving to Judge
ir? B Jones a larger majority in
19 I 2 t han she ga\to M r. Peat her
stone in Illili.
The Courier ls in receipt of seve
ral communications this week with
no name signed lo them. Our cor
respondents will please remember
that we do not publish communica
tions without tho name being signed
-not that we wish tho signature for
publication, but simply for our own
information as to tho author.
Those who fail to see their commu
nications this week will know that
they have been omitted for the roa
son that we do not know from whom
they came.
Reoord-IIreukliig Campaign Meeting?
\V. O. W. Picnic.
Little Uiver, Aug. 20.-Special:
Thc Boone's Creek people have .re
cently been enjoying a revival, with a
baptizing on the third Sunday. There
were niue additions to the church.
The meeting was conducted by Kev.
Wade Nicholson, assisted by others,
it will be remembered that Boone's
Creek is a new church lu the Twelve
Mllo Association, situated In the
northeastern part of Oconee, th roo
tulles above Salem.
Mount Carmel also lias had a good
meeting, conducted by Rev. Hurt
Moore, of Picken?, assisted by others,
with ten additions. The baptizing
will take iilace Ibo second Sunday in
Clyde Knuckin, of West Union,
Accompanied by his sister, Annie,
mont the latter part of last week vis
iting relatives in tills section.
Mrs. W. A. Pearson, of Wost Un
ion, spent a few days last week with
her pa rel ; ;. Mr. and Mrs. J, L. Tal
ley, of this section.
Waddy Grant and Christopher Tal
ley are on a pleasure trip to Town
Prank K. Harrison, of Walhalla,
mont last week with his friend. Wade
ll. Husk, and family. The time was
ment in tishing and hunting and out
door sports. Com*? back again, and
stay longer.
Mr. and Mrs. .1 tunes Cantrell lia ve
a new-comer at their home lt's a
We aro sorry to report thal 13.
A. Perry is unite indisposed.
Mrs. Corbin is very sick at the
home of ber son-in-law, M. A. Dun
can. lt is hoped, however, that our
.sick friends will soon be well again.
Tho county campaign meeting at
Salem on August 15th was the most
orderly meeting of the kind for Sa
lem for years. Very little evidences
of drinking, and good order prevail
ed generally. The speakers were in
troduced by County Chairman J. M.
Moss. The candidates for the House
of Representatives spoke first, fol
lowed by the Senators, then on
The W. O. W. picnic at Salem on
August loth was a success in every
respect. At I 1 a. m. the Woodmen
formed in line in front of the church,
the officers of Salem acmp in front,
with tile speakers of the day second,
then followed the members of the
.amp, with visiting sovereigns. They
nm relied to Howler Hro.'s store, then
hack to the speaking ground, in the
grove near the hall, where a largo
number bad gathered to hear Hie
?peaking and to take part in the ex
ercises. The first speaker was Rev.
C. lt. Abercrombie, of Salem camp,
lils speech was a very Impressive one
011 Woodcraft.
Mr. Abercrombie was followed by
Harry R. Hughs, of Walhalla, who
spoke at length of the great work the
Woodmen aro doing in protecting
their wives and children, not only
with insurance, bul with brotherly
? .
I". At h
dinner was tin non need .-\ tab.lt ?bug
and v. ir\> had booii pre bled ita M Us
?Iii?! officered by Bro. C. R. Aber
crombie, The dinner was bountiful
and was greatly enjoyed by all. Af
ter dinner the people gathered In
tho church. Rev. Mr. Parrott ad
dressed the assemblage on religious
topics, followed by Rev. C. It. Aber
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Grant, In com
pany with their niece and nephew,
i\mile and Lena Strutton, leave this
morning for an extended trip to
Highlands and other points in tho
Dies nt One ll undi eil Years.
Cumming, Ga., Aug. 17.--"Uncle"
terry Odlim, Forsyth county's oldest,
dtlzen, (Hod at Iiis home near dun
ning yesterday. IN? was 100 years
md six months of age. Ho was a
oleran of the Indian and Civil
.'milk M. Davis Palls Dead nt Hake
City Mooting.
I'll,renee. Aug. 16.-The catll
itilgti party of this county was shock
(I ami all ris all ies forgotten in the
lentil of Frank M. Davis, a cumu
late for coroner, just after the inoet
11 g at Hake City this afternoon. Mr.
>a\is ate heartily at dinner, though
omplaining of indigestion, ?ind af
or dinner he complained of su ff o r
ng, but made his speech as a cand?
ate for coroner at the afternoon ses
i?n of Hie meeting. After speaking
e sat down on a pile ol' lumber
.lille tho crowd was having Its sport
.iib Mr. Watson, a candidate for su
ervisor. Mr. Davis was seen to turn
nie and droop his head, but before
sslstancc could he given him ho
as dead.
Tile Masons of Hake City took
barge of the body. He w ill bo bur
id in Orangeburg, whore Iiis wife,
oad a number Of years, now rests,
lr. i lavis was a Confederate vete
an, having served as a boy in the
rmy, ami having been captured
hilo acting as courier in the
ronches around Petersburg, Ho w as
ne of thc heroes Ol Tho Crater and
ad a lino record as a soldier.
--??>?- .
Il With Pellagra, Woman Drowns.
Spartanburg, Aug. I G. Despond
nt because of continued suffering
'ith pellagra Mrs. Minnie Cooper,
god :<o. committed suicide last night
y drowning in a pond near Saxon
lilis, where her body was found
Her. She made an unsuccessful at
. in pt to hang herself last week and
as repeatedly declared her In ten
Ions of ending her life. She attend
d church services last night.
Brides Told to Avoid Little Men.
Chicago, Aug. 17.-Rig men make
ho best husbands, and llttlo men, es
eclally those with sharp noses, are
n bo avoided. Thia ia tue feature of
warning Issued to young women by
Irs. Anna Murphy, pollco matron.
Tl? Newr York Supreme I our- to
Probe Police Gt?fi
New York, Aug. 17.
underworld received a ino k to i>
whoo It heard that tr-e ' ?pi
Court Intended to corni ?
Jury Inquiry Into police graf!
Investigation coming as core ivj
from the Rosenthal cons: ic) i
Many gamblers and ! y.<?i\
the half-world aro scurr> : Crpii
city this morning. El u
In the subte ranean sys or
linking officialdom and
ors ls to be searched, ace
reported Intention of t ?
Court's John Doo lltqulr
lt was thought thal MI:
Court Inquiry would tocon
much more In searching on
than the aldcrmanlc inv<
the question has been ra, I sei 1
the committee of alder . ,
have power to force
I'nder John Doe proc redil !
lice doff can call gambli I
ers of disorderly house ti I
them to tell how much
paid for police proteo lon
whom the money was pu
dermailic inquiry, it is <.>. . e.<
co-operate with the wot
prente Court.
.$l,noo,ooo from Diann
Evidence is In the h >
trict Attorney Whltmai
derly houses in the cit ,
$1,000.000 for police pr Hoi
ing tho last year, and th:
went to certain police ir cob
others "higher up."
The punishment i ii ll ic
spector Hayes by reduc
the rank of captain and t
ing him on the charge t
to keep his district clea
to bc the forerunner of i <?.
lice shake-up by Police nm)
er Waldo, who is now er
the police have deceiver;
gambling and vice emull li
Stories of fabulous . oriutK
Stories of a fabulous
by Merman Rosenthal, t ?
aro being circulated
Prussia, the district fron
sent hal came, according i .
advices from Herlin. (
published story, it ls s ld,
thal the murdered gam
fortune of $4,500,000. O
place the amount at $
Four German heirs, it b mid
preparing to put In claim '<> t
tate. One of them ls Luawic
thal, a bookbinder, who H
of the municipal hospita it
So far as known in Nev Vovk
sen thal was practically
when lie was murdered,
has said that he paid the . a
bier's funeral expenses.
One of the most comino i ail
that hard working people are ;
ed with is lame hack. Ap i.' (
! phi . ?Mee * day ano*
iri'fl jo. the par ? ly ?? e. rb
c'.ppli . . (ind u v. ii! got nick
i'1, io:, tf tir suie by all J-v. low,
Lightuing ^?Uiiku? '"w . llutiy,
Dublin, Ga., Aug. "TO.-Two men
were killed and several injured by
lightning, which struck the house 111
which they were visiting, at Lovett,
near here, yesterday, according to
news received here to-day. Tho vic
tims were John Purvis and James
Myers. H. A. Purvis and his wife
and little daughter also were badly
shocked and the house, was badly
Two People Killed by Lightning.
Macon, Ga.. Aug. 19.-Violent
lightning, which centered about M?r
ser University at Tatt nail Square,
Sunday afternoon, caused tho death
af two persons, injury of two others,
lainage to many buildings and
wound up In the fashionable Vine
ville district hy causing a panic in a
Presbyterian church, directly across
the street from where a bolt had torn
i corner from a residence and set
lire to the bu I ld i nc,.
The dead are Mrs. M. A. ('ranford.
.">;"? years old. and granddaughter.
Flora Sullivan. T> years old, of Cor
iole. The injured: M. A. Cranford.
89 years old, retired planter of C?r
lele, and his granddaughter. Vir
ginia Sullivan, 10 years old.
Cranford has little chance to live.
The Sullivan girls are orphans. The
^ranfords came here Friday to visit
heir children. While crossing from
>ne yard to another during tlic.elcc
rlcal display they were felled as if
>y a bullet. Mrs. E. R. Campbell,
?rho witnessed the four persons fall
is If dead, became Insane. She has
lot been restored to ber normal
Kills Katin e Than .loin I nion.
Clarksburg, VV. Va., Aug. 17.-Bo
.ause they wanted him to join tho
inion. Joseph Devonna, a bartender,
Ittackcd Janies Devine and Michael
Haney to-day. killing both with a
Hitcher's knife.
Dovonna escaped, but a posse com
posed of every police offlcor amt dep
uty sheriff in town left In pursuit.
Feeling runs high and friends of the
lead men threatened to lynd) Do
lom?a when he was found.
Devine and (?laney tried to defend
beinselves against tho attack of De
vonna, but were without weapons.
Holli were bar!enders.
Hold Daylight Bobbery.
Toledo. Ohio. Aug. 10. Nearly i
11,000, mostly in currency, and the
est in checks, was filched from the
lillee of the Detroit, and Cleveland
Navigation Company's office here to
lay. An hour later the robber re?
IIrend |100 to tho company through
i third person. The robber escaped.
Lover Will llavo New Job.
Washln ?on, Aug. 17.-Tho de
feat of Capt. John Lamb for renomi
nation by former Governor Monta
5UO In tho Third Virginia District
ncans that Representative A. F. Lo
fer, of South Carolina, will bo chalr
nan of the House commltteo on ag
leulturo in tho next Congress.
The Verdict in Sequel t<? Famous Mc
Namara Case.
Los Angeles, Aug. 17.-Clarence
S. Darrow was to-day acquitted of a
charge of Jury bribing.
After a trial that ba? lasted since
early in May, the famous advocato of
the causo of union labor was freed
bv the jury from charges growing
oiit of sensational ending of the trial
of James B. McNamara, confessed
slaver of 21 persons.
When the jurors Hied out Darrow
was not given to the custody of the
sheriff. Instead, the court directed
Earl Hogers, chief counsel for the de
fendant, to "have and take charge of
the defendant."
Mrs. Darrow, who bad been sitting
beside her husband, dropped her
head on his shoulder and wept. There
was a murmur in the court room.
Then for a time it was still.
Darrow, his mobile face showing
the wear and tear of the long months
ol' anxiety, gazed steadily ahead ol'
him, except when, tor a moment, he
turned to comfort his wile. For 31
minutes the suspenso continued.
Then a bell rang. A deputy sherill
elbowed his way through the crowd
at the door. The jury was ready to
come lu. Slowly they made their
way to the jury box. The foreman
got to his feet:
"We, the jury," he read from a bit
of paper in his hand, "lind the de
fendant NOT guilty as charged in
this indictment."
The suspense was broken, lt gave
way to hysteria. Seldom in a court
room in this country has lhere been
such a scene.
The crowd in the back ol' the room
tried to rush past the inclosure to
the place where the defendant was
sitting. The bailiffs fought to hold
them back. Order was a thing un
heard ol', impossible. The spectators
had seen a little drama of real life.
They wanted to tell the hero what
they thought of him.
Darrow was profoundly moved.
Tears streamed down his cheeks, but
his rigid self-control did not give
way. Hardly had tho foreman read
his one brief sentence before the de
fendant stepped toward the jury box
and thanked the men who had just
declared him innocent.
Mut before he went even to the
jurors he turned to his wife. Mrs.
.Darrow threw her arms about her
husband's neck. Her husband gently
disengagv.l her arms, and friends
led her into the judge's chambers at
the rear ol' the court room.
Must Stand Second Trial.
Clarence S. Darrow, the Chicago
lawyer, who was found not guilty to
la v on the charge ol' having bribed
prospective juror in the dynamit
ng trial of .lames B. McNamara,
inst stand trial on a second indlct
lent, according to an announcement
y District Attorney Fredericks Im
ledintely after the acquittal.
Darrow apparently was unconcern
ed over tba statement of the prose
I . .: ,'T.' Hjfcfrs^ol ?givd iv M h t'h
gratan ..lin. a'l parts bf . he -nun M.v.
Which bogan pou;lng lu Within rib
hour i (iel '.be verdict had been
Saw Self Wounded; Dropped Dean.
Milton. Pa., Aug. 19.- While wit
nessing a moving picture presenta
tion of the battle of Gettysburg last
night. Harvey Geiger, a civil war vet
eran, dropped dead of heart failure.
The Ulm showed the part Geiger's
regiment, took in the battle, and the
old man. who was wounded In this
engagement, became so overcome
with emotion that lie could not with
stand tho shock.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.- (In Court of
Probate.)-By D. A. Smith. Judge of
Probate.-Whereas, C. H. McCall
has made suit to me to grant him
Letters of Administration of the Es
tate of and Effects ol' Leo Seigle, de
These are, therefore, to cito and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors ot' the said
LEE SEIOLE, deceased. that
they be and appear before me, In the
Court of Probate, to be held at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Saturday, thc :5 1st day of August,
IO I ii, alter publication hereof, at
1 1 o'clock In the forenoon, to show
cause.. If any they have, why the
said administration should not be
Given under my hand and seal this
17th day of August. A. I). 10 12.
(Seal.) D. A. SMITH,
ludge of Probate for Oconee County,
South Carolina.
Published on' the 21st and 28th
days ol' August, 1012. in The Koo
wee Courier, and on tho Court Houso
door for the time prescribed by btw.
Augur.! 2\, 1012. 34-35
The State of South Carolina, Conn,
ty of Oconee.- (In Court of Probate)
- Hy D. A. Smith, Judge of Probate.
Whereas, John F. Craig, as Clerk of
Court of Com mon Pleas tor Oconee
County. South Carolina, bas made
suit to me to giant him Lettors
of Administration of tho Estato of
and Effects of Ella H. Thompson, dc
These are, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular tho kin
dred and creditors of tho said
1011a H. Thompson, deceased, that
they be and appear before mo, In tho
Court of Prohato, to bo held at Wal
halla Court Houso, South Carolina,
on Friday, the 20th day of Septem
ber, 1012, after pilbil? ation hereof,
nt ll o'clock In the forenoon, to
show causo. If any they have, why
tho said administration should not
bo grantod.
Given under my hand and soal this
12th day of August, A. D. 1012.
(Seal.) D. A. SMITH,
Judgo of Probato for Oconoo County,
South Carolina.
Published on the 14th, 21st and
28th days of August, and 4th, 11th
and 18th days of Soptomhor, 1912,
in Tho Keoweo Courier and on the
Court Hotiho door for tho time pre
scribed by law. 33-38
Matheson Hardware Co.,
Westminster, 5. C.
I Screen Doors
Oil Stoves
and Ranges.
Christian Children Put tu Death iu
Albanian city.
Cettinje, .Montenegro. Aug. 17.-A
band ot' Mohammedan amants, sup
ported by Turkish troops, to-day at
tacked a section of the Christian pop
ulation in the Doran a district of Al
bania, which lies close to the Monte
negrin frontier.
A fierce tight ensued, and women
and children are reported to have
been murdered by wholesale. Many
girls were made captive and carried
off by the Mohammedans.
A large number of ('bristians and
tholr families have fled the territory
and taken refuge in Montenegro.
The government has ordered tho
minister of war, (len. Vukotlcs. to
proceed to the frontier and person
ally take charge of the situation in
an effort to maintain order.
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant lo decrees of the afore
said Court, lu the cases named be
low, ! will offer for sale, to the high
est bidder, In front of tho Court
House door, at Walhalla, S. C., on
Monday, thc 2d day of September,
lill 2, between the legal hours of sale,
tho tracts of land below described:
C. H. Miller, Plaintiff,
J. W. F. Stelling et al., Dofondants.
All those certain piceos, parcels or
lots of land, situate, lying and be
ing in tho Town of Westminster,
Oconeo County, Stato aforesaid, be
ing Lots Nos. Two, One, Thirteen
and Fourteen, In Dlock Five, as
shown on plat of Eastmlnstor, made
by W. B, Trogdon. Jr., May 20th.
1910; also Lots Seven and Eight in
Block One (1), and Lots Nine and
Ten tit and 10), in Block Two, aa
shown on plat hy VV. B. Trogdon, Jr.,
dated May 20, 10 10, tor Piedmont
Baud and Invest nient Company.
Terms of Sale: CASH. That. In
event of the failure of the purchaser,
or purchasers, to comply with the
terms of salo within flvo days from
day of sale, the Master do re-ad Ver
th- . and resell said premises on the
following saleday, or some conven
ient saleday thereafter, at the same
place and on the same terms as here
tofore set out, at the risk of the for
mer purchaser, or purchasers, and
that he do continue so to do until
he has found a purchaser, or pur
chasers, who comply with the terms
of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers.
Master for Coonee County, S. C.
August 14, 10 12. 33-35
J. B. Vandiver. Plaintiff,
Elbert Cobb et al., Defendants.
All that piece, parcel or tract of
land, situate, lying and being in the
County of Oconee, State of South
Carolina, containing eighty-seven
acres, more or less, and adjoining
lands of myself on the west, J, M.
Davis on Ibo south ajdo, purchased
hy me from Stephen Pool, on waters
of Changa Creek.
Terms of Sale: ('ash. That In
event of failure of the purchaser, or
purchasers, to comply with tho terms
of sale within flvo days from day of
sale, the Master do re-advertiso and
resell said promises on the following
saleday, or some convenient saleday
thereafter, at. the same placo and on
the same terms as heretofore sot out,
at tho risk of former purchaser, or
purchasers, and that ho do continue
so to do until he has found a pur
chaser, or purchasers, who comply
with the terms of sale,
who comply with the terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers.
Masto for Oconee County, 8. C.
August H, 1012. 33-35

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