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Tho Sensational Greenville Case Bud
ed-O Great h's Statement.
(Greenville Nows, Oct. 31.)
.J? ty ?J? ty ?J? c4??J..J.?J..J. ?-J-. .? , .J. .J? ? J. .-J. .J..J..J.
ty "(>. K. Mauldln, Ksq., utter- ?I?
?J. ney for the prosecution, with- ?J?
.j? drew this warrant. Therefor?', ty
ty no charges exist against this ty
ty defendant, mid ho ls honorably ty
ty discharged by this court." ty
tytytyty tyty*g.tyty tytytytyty tytytyty'S
So wrote tho venerable Capt.
Stradley yesterday afternoon across
the back ot' the warrants issued for
Police Inspector Jeff 1). Gilreath, Pa
trolman A. A. Phillips and Constable
Reuben Gosnell, charging them with
liberating T. C. Vaughn from tho
county jail last June.
"The judgment of the court was
inscribed on Gie instruments upon
which these well-known and respect
ed citizens were con Unod In jail last
Sunday night under the most humil
iating conditions only after the pros
ecution had requested that tho war
rants be withdrawn, as they were
then linallie to produce the evidence
necessary to make out a prima facie
case against tho defendants.
Tho last scene In the rather dra
matic episode was enacted in the
rooms of the Hoard of Trade, where
Magistrate Stradley was forced to
repair III order to accommodate the
scores of people who crowded in to
hear the proceedings. It was the
hour set for the preliminary hearing
of the cases against Messrs. Gilreath.
Phillips and Gosnell, but instead ot
a preliminary being gone Into the
session resulted in an argument for
and against ii postponement of the
hearing, at which time tho prosecu
tion requested a withdrawal of the
warrants, for the reason that they
were unable to produce their wit
nesses and the evidence.
Defense Was Ready.
Upon calling the court to order,
Messrs. Haynsworth & Haynsworth
and Wilton H. Karie, counsel for the
three defendants, stated that they
were ready for a preliminary hear
ing of the charges. It was then up
to tho prosecution to make known
"their feelings about the matter.
O. K. Mauldln. having announced
that tho prosecution would withdraw
tho warrants, counsel for the d?fend
ants objected, saying that the affida
vit of the prosecutor, W. L. Maul
dln, hain?'d four men. to wit: iyot>1e,
tyootot, Hu,tud.hger and w.t. . >n, a.*
. . icjtnes.i?',; ..pon tvblch, thq prjr?te
ti tloii ei?ed
Tb . ;
me renell ot the court," said counsel.
"The charge is an exceedingly grave
one. Tho court ought to require
them to bo examined, and If they
know anything regarding this mat
ter they ought to toll it; If they do
not know anything, the public is en
til bid to know it. A charge of this
character when once made is no lon
ger rt private matter, to be withdrawn
at tho will of tho prosecutor, but tho
court is entitled Itself to assume
charge of the matter and to make
tho necessary investigation. \V<>
urge, therefore, that these witnesses
be sworn, and that tho Investigation
When it was seen that tho defense
would not consider a postponement
of the hearing Attorney Mauldln
stated that tho warrants would bo
withdrawn. Magistrate Stradley
thereupon announced that the war
rants were withdrawn, and the affair
was ended.
The withdrawing of tho warrants
means that they have boen cancelled
altogether, The same men cannot be
arrested on these warrants again.
Their bonds aro annulled and the
matter is ended. If tho prosecution
wished to renew tho caso at any fu
ture time new warrants will have to
be issued, the men re-arrested and
new bonds given.
J. I). Gi i rent b's Statement,
Tho following signed statement
was issued by Kx-Sheriff J. D. Gil
reath Immediately following thc clos
ing of the case against himself. Phil
lips and Gosnell :
"Tho fact of my arrest on the
charge of assisting in the escape of
Vaughn and my treatment al the
hands of tho o 111 cor who arrested me
base already been given in detail
before tho public.
"Knowing that the preliminary in
vestigation was to he had within a
short time, 1 have refrained up to
this lime from making any state
ment regarding tho accusation. I
now wish to say in the most unquali
fied terms that the accusation is ab
solutely and maliciously false. His
a deliberate frame-Up Oil tho part of
my personal enemies for the purpose
Of injuring my reputation and useful
ness in this community, and, if pos
sible, securing my conviction by false
" The preliminary hearing was set
for Wednesday afternoon. The
prosecution was fully advised of this
fact. vVhon tho ease was called, the
prosecution moved for a continuance
on the ground that, they were inv
ready for a hearing, could not get
their witnesses, etc.. whereas, the
Hirtdavlt of W. L. Mauldln, upon
which tho warrant was Issued, stated !
the witnesses to he Hendrix Hector,
Sheriff Pooh*. Deputy Sheriff Hun- ,
singer and J. P. Wasson, all of whom
were either in Oreen ville, or could I
easily have been secured.
"When the Magistrate announced
that I was entitled to a hearing Hie
counsel for the prosecution asked to
have thc warrants dismissed. To this'
my counsel objected most strongly,
taking the position that hy making
this charge the prosecutor had made
tho matter a public one and he had
no right to control it. and that I was
entitled to a full investigation of the ;
charges; that the witnesses named
in tho warrants ought to ho examlll- ;
ed and if they knew anything to my '
disadvantage the public, ought to
know it. but on tho other hand if
they knew nothing to my disadvant
age I was entitled to have this go
before the public. Prom the state
ment of the attorney representing
the prosecutor, it appears that thc
only basis for this outrageous charge
was the statement of Vaughn, made
after his conviction of a most hein
ous crime and while on his way to
the penitentiary.
"Mr. Mauldln, in his statement,
i declared that Vaughn was utterly un
worthy ol' belief., and yet he practi
cally announced that it was upon this
statement alone, that I was arrested.
How such a statement, absolutely
false, could have been secured from
the poor, unfortunate prisoner, un
der condemnation of death, those
men alone know, who have been
working up this matter. All that I
can say is what I have already said,
the charge ls absolutely false and I
stand ready at any and all times to
meet any accuser who dares come
"As a matter of fact. I was out of
tho city at the time of Vaughn's es
cape, and knew nothing of the mat
ter until 9 o'clock the next morning,
on my return.
"As an evidence that there was
personal animosity nt the bottom of
this outrageous matter I need only
refer to tho fact that Hendrix Rec
tor, the officer who arrested me and
put me In jail, as he was unlocking
the doors said, 'You criminal, you,
be sure that your sins will find you
out.' Ho further stated 'You are
guilty. Wo have got all the evidence
we want. We have been working on
tho case for two months.'
"Yflt tinvlnt? ?otri tbts wbon the
! Mm. for the Investigation contR: . al
j though h.'lilted in the warrant, nu a
j plater?a! witnens, he fail , to 'appear
j at the hearing;
diately upon my being locked In the
cell, and before Jailor Rector left
the building, the other prisoners
came to nie, and, speaking through
Cleve Harrison, announced that I had
to pay a quarter or take twenty-five
to fifty lashes. Just, al this time
Sheriff Poole came into the building
and I called out to him and told bini
how I had been I ron ted and that. !
wouldn't stand for such an indignity.
Thereupon ho immediately unlocked
the door to take me out.
"Tho q nest ion as to whether I
have been fairly and honorably
treated, I leave to a right thinking
public. The people of Creen vii le
know that I have always stood for
the enforcement of law in tho city
of Greenville, and that my treatment
ls due to the enemies that I have
made by this course. (Signed)
"J. I). Gilreath."
Inhuman Treatmient, Says Gosnell.
Heretofore a statement from Con
stable Reuben Gosnell as to how he
was treated on tho occas.on of his
arrest Sunday night bad not been
bad. Yesterday afternoon, however,
following the withdrawal Of the war
rant against Messrs. Gilreath, Phil
lips and himself, he came forward
with the following statement in re
gard to the matter:
'I heard Sunday night that a war
rant bad been, or was to be, issued
for my arrest, in connection ?j^with
Vaughn's escape. I telephoned to
Sheriff Poole (hat my wife was criti
cally ill and that at that tillie wo
had a trained nurse and the doctor
with IHM-, and explained to him how
Important it was for mo to ho nt
home during thc night. I bogged
him not to disturb us during tho
night, and he agreed that I should
romain nt home during Hu? night and
liol bo troubled, and I' promised lo
give bond Monday. If necessary. Not
withstanding this agreement. Hector
caine in an automobile for DM and
had as Ills escort Bl'OUdus Thack
ston. On our way to the jail Thack
stou informed me of Jeff Gilrenth's
arrest and said ho would not take
$."><> for seeing him baked up.
"We were met at the jail gate by
Toni ROSS, an ox-convict, (convicted
of manslaughter) who was in charge
of tho gate. On entering the Jail wc
found Tom Harrison in charge of
tho phone, and when the magistrate
stated our bond should bo $1.000 a
gambler hutted 111 and said 'I'd make
it $30,000.' Bul my bond was made
a-ul I was allowed to return to my
s K wife. (Signed)
"Reuben Gosnell."
Vice President, Succumbs <-> Blructs]
of Bright's Disease.
Utica, X. Y., Oct. 30-Alto i Jo lg
illness Vice l>resident Jame g. Si
man died at Iiis homo in ibis c\fc it!
9.42 o'clock of uremic poison, caviled) j
liv Bright's disease.
Ile had been sinking sine? Si
morning and it was reab that ?
death was only a (inestioi : w '
hours. There was a sllj
shortly after 7 o'clock, cai. ! by
parent Improvement in tin . mtjlj i
of tlie kidneys, but it did toi prove
real or lasting and at best gavo bi ly
temporary hope. At 0 i > k ie
pa tien l's temp?rature rog? to
from that time his condition rapl
became worse until tho ei tl.
Cause of Death.
Soon after M,r. Sherman's c> h
Dr. F. H. Peck, the attend . ph.- i
clan, issued the following i ito tuc
"Tho Vice President dieu al '?
without regaining consciousness rot'
a moment. Ho was perfectly q. I
He died In the presence of bia
her brother and sister, his two
thors and his three sons and
wives. Ile had been entire';, uni
scions since 7 o'clock when 1 e hi
period of partial conscious
ing for about 15 minutes. ;:
of uremic coma as a 'csull >i ?
Bright's disease, heart disease
Known as "Sunny Jim."
The 27th Vice President of
United States, and the only ? tu
nominated, was christened Ja
Schoolcraft Sherman. But, in non ly
a quarter of a century of pi bl bj :
"Jim" Sherman he was to its 1
mates, and probably half th n ,
referred to him as "Sunny lin, i !
sobriquet he earned, as or 5 )
might Imagine, hy a neve:- fair
all-year-round sunny disposition.
Mr. Sherman belonged to
school of Republicanism no- po i
larly called "regular," and hr foi
his political battles shoul ei .. ;
shoulder with men of his fal;
out compromise or flinching. I
every public man, ho had oil
some bitter; but he also had rici
who were a match for his e ion ??>? }
The events he helped to shap< an al
comparatively recent that lill . ;
cannot assign him to his prop ' p ace
until lt also records tho wor) l
eon tempera Hen.
Tn t'n<- House of Rouresontatl cs
of : Pii'tieth Dopgi*e&a ko carolin
Tie .via,ev of ?? .'., '.! i 'V ?nM m&
.;.>.' hi rt h day. with ;h* energy ami.
?p'.iiniani of youth, <:,!;<,>?<. hr*-:
from the halls of Hamilton ivich
has given to public life many
statesmen and public figure .
without some mark of dis in lon,
Ho had been elected mayor ol ilea
two years before. Like man ii
who came to lead in tho ii al
I Legislature, he brought wit! n
education in law. He was v
and well bred. His father, "
IT. Sherman, was an editor j .. ul
Mc figure In Xew York State
Two sessions of Congre.':
Sherman defeated and out of h , j
hut not. for long. Henry W.
ol' Booneville, Oneida count- 'et
him by less than 1,000 vote the
race for the Fifty-second C I?:
In the interim Sherman we
to Utica, built up his law
and returned to the Pifty-thi
gross with a signal victory,
mained in the House withou <
till the Sixtieth Congress, w
was nominated and electer
President on the ticket wit
Met Many Leaders.
His first years in tho
brought him into closo nss
with leaders. Cannon,
Payne, Sherman and Tawne
the great quintet during the .
atlvely recent years in whit !
gress was Republican, Bach
invariably wore a red cania
a boutonni?re, and when g
went to preside over the Sen
occupy the coveted marble i
the other wing of tho Capi
took the custom willi bim
flower always appeared at
session of tho Upper House.
Vice President Sherman w
in Utica October 2 1, 1855.
married in 1881 to Carrie
til Kast Orange, X. J. Tin
t' ree sons. Sherrin, Richard I
Thomas M., all living and In
ness in Utica. The Vice P
was an (ilk, a trustee of Han
College, a member of the D?te
formed church, a member of
(dubs, and a business man .
interests. '
Homicide in Alabama St ite I ti
Montgomery, Xov. 1.--T. /' ?Von
was shot and killed hero to ; bi
his 'stop-son, W. 0. Oakley,
phew of .las. (?. Oakley, pres i u
tho State Convict Hoard. Th
lng occurred In the state
building, across the eorridt
the office pf Governor Emmet
in rooms occupied hy tho St; t<
viet department.
J. J. McNamara, in 'Vison, Seeks
Life of tile Detective.
Indianapolis, Oct. 31 .- -That John
J. McNamara, tho dynamiter, since
his imprisonment in the state peni
tentiary at San Quentin, Cal., has
plotted to Kef Wm. J. Burns, de
tective, and also lo "get" Walter
Drew, who worked up evidence
against him, was the substance of
testimony at tho "dynamite conspir
acy" trial to-day.
The .dory, as related on the wit
ness staid, was that Herbert S.
Huckin went to San Quentin last
spring, and that McNamara, while
In conversation with him through the
bars of a cell, said "Pd like to see
them get Burns and Drew." lt was
further related that llockln confess
ed to the incident, and charged he
heard labor 'enders In San Francisco
repeat McNamara's wishes.
As tending to sustain the story, a
package was produced in court and
Identified as having been taken from
tho check room of the union station
at Indianapolis on May 8 last. When
opened before the jury the package
was found to contain 4 0 feet of fuse,
a parcel of dynamite caps and an
alarm clock. The packago was
wrapped In a San Francisco news
paper of April 13, PJ12.
What Huckin Confessed.
E. J. Brennan, an agent of the
department of justice, testified the
alleged plotting was related to him
by Hockin. Drennan said that on
May 22 last ho was called Into the
district attorney's ofllce in Indianap
olis, and there Hockin had confessed
to him in substance as follows:
"Hockin had gone- to San Quentin
and had talked to McNamara. Mc
Namara said, 'I'd like to see them
?5et Burns and Drew.' Hockin then
vent to San Francisco and met Olaf
A. Tveltmoe, a prominent labor
.eader. Tveltmoe urged Hockin to
emain in San Francisco until Anton
ohannsen, another labor leader,
ould be called from Los Angeles,
'.'his Hockin consented to do. When
.ie was going to the Btation to re
Lum to Indianapolis, Tveltmoe, Jo
bannsen, a man named Lewis and
theodore lYoell accompanied him,
iohannsen saying on tho way, 'Mac
; meaning McNamara) ls anxious for
' hem to get Drew and Burns.' Jo
? musen then added to Hockin, 'Af
t'ir you return to Indianapolis a
strang*? mar? will appear on the
scene, Von vyill know bini wh<?n bi' !
..sayy,-''j--avN Arro .v. nor i r ro v.
.When lie says those words to yon,
you wili H now ho is the righi tuan."
"riocMii wiii return ...v...pt
.is, and a short time later ho was
ailed on the telephone hy a man
.ho said, 'I am Ar rom, not Darrow.'
ater he mot the stranger and pro
nred a good description of him. The
ian brought ;i package which he
I Mt at the Iron Workers' hcadquart
? rs.
"A few days later Walter Davis, a
lember of the local Iron Workers'
i nion in New York city, came in
ad Hockin gave bim the package,
lying, 'Take that out of here and
?t rid of it.' Davis- returned with
check from the iin'M station.
Hockin then took tho check to Dis
ict Attorney Miller. Later Fred
Sherman, an iron worker who Is on
lal, came In and asked for the
v tock. Hockin pretended he had
? .st lt. Another time Sherman re
. irned and said, 'Say, that man says
u're a Uar and a crook,' meaning
.at Hockin had not lost the check."
Brennan testified that, was all
ickin said he knew about, it.
Hockin is secretary of the union
d occupies the desk formerly used
Deafness Cannot be Cured
local applications, as they cannot
ach the diseased portion ol' the ear.
tero is only one way to cure deaf
ss. and that is by constitutional
medies. Deafness is caused hy au
Hamed condition ol' the IDu Stach ian
lie. When this tube is inflamed
>U have a rumbling sound or Im
rfeci hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, deafness is the result,
nd unless the inflammation can be
ikon out and this tube restored to
s normal condition, bearing will be
OStroyed forever; nine cases out of
lon are caused by catarrh, which is
Othing but an inflamed condition of
IO mucous surfaces.
We will give one hundred dollars
>r any case of deafness (caused by
itarrh) that cannot be cured by
.all's Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
culars, fere.
F. J. Cheney & Co . Toledo, o.
Sold by druggists, 7.".c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
ciliation. adv.
South ('andina Baptist. Auxiliary,
The annual iceting of the Wo
ian's Missionary Union, auxiliary ti
tho South Carolina Baptist. Conven
lon, will be held with the First Bap
tist Church of Columbia November
?0 to 22. Delegates should send
uamos at once to Mrs. H. I. Horton,
.16 Maple street, Columbia. S. C.,
> halrman of the committee on hospi
tality. One delegate from each Wo
man's Missionary Society, ono from
.'. W. A.'s and one leader for young
eople's societies, are expected to at
end. All will jilease remain in Go
imbla until Friday at noon, ns 1m
ortnnt business demands it.
Mrs. D. A. Perritt,
Supt. Beaverdam Association.
Pile five big men ii
iiavc a fair load,
car unloaded liai
carry-and no pov
low priced Vanad
minimumly light
More (lian 75,000 new
season-proof that the
passenger Roadster
Touring Car $000-Dr
Detroit, w it I? all equip
Ford Motor Company
teenMi Streets- or froi
L.[0. White 01
Rules Governing Wheat, Oats ami
Corn Contests in Oconee.
Following are the rules governing
the conie&l and awarding of prizes
for wheat, oats and corn for tho year
Any farmer, resident of Oconee
county, may enter the contest, in
cluding all boys from 12 to 21 years
of age, in or out of the Roys' Corn
Club contest, for any one or more of
tho prizes as herein provided for, hy
paying an entrance fee of one dol
lar per acre. The acre may be laid
off in any form desired in a single
lot, either In bottom or upland.
Contestants for wheat and oats
must enter and have their acreage
lald'off before tho first of February,
The contestants for the corn prizes
must enter and have their acre laid
off before the first day of May, 1913.
The acre must in every case be
laid off by some competent person
and accepted by the committee.
AD contestants will bp rpr;>'<?vd to
make n iii .la vit. in form ;n?.'.:.< nb J by j
tho car,':i.!t'e?\ as lo tho number of j
>unds of wheat or on -.. threshed I
i'i dry condition, fro if) va id aero, to i
slgued by himmelt th j part)
who threshed it, and file the same
with the chairman of the committee
on or before the 15th day of July,
The sub-commit tee that is ap
pointed for each contestant, to super
vise the harvesting and weighing of
the corn, and the contestant and the
committee, will be required to make
a (lida vi I as to how much is gathered
in the shuck, and how much shelled
corn, by weight, obtained from ono
hundred pounds in thc shuck of av
erage corn, taken from heap after all
ls gathered, and file tho same with
the chairman of tho committee on or
before the 10th of .November, 1913.
The committee will award the prizes
on the 15th day of November, or as
soon thereafter as practicable.
The sub-committee must be com
posed of persons of integrity, and
2 1 years of age.
The corn must be gathered in dry
A "warm" breakfas
you out ready braced foi
should be eaten in a w
You lose half the good o
ering in discomfort while ye
A Perfection Smokeless <
a cosy meal for the wi 1o
No smoke or smell with a Per
moved from room to room. An i
the bedroom ; a necessity In the ?
DtaUrt euary whore ; or tori
(Incorporated la
Newark, N. J.
ito a Ford a np you
But many a heavy
> more weight lo
fer to carry it. The
lum built Ford is
and maximumly
Fords Into service this
y must be right. Three?
livery Cur $700-f.o.h.
ment. Catalogue from
, Michigan ami Four
ni Detroit.
condition and weighed from the Heh;.
The prize fund in each contest will
he divided as follows:
First prize .30 per cent.
Second prize .26 percent.
Third prize .20 per cent.
Fourth prize.15 percent.
Fifth prize .10 percent.
The county committee shall have
full power to settle all disputes or
controversies, If any shall arise, and
to award the prizes.
Contributions aro solicited for the
, All contestants aro required to
send their names to the chairman of
tho committee, T. Y. Chalmers, Wal
halla, R. F. D. No. 2. Also Bend en
trance fees by May 1st, 1913.
Any person not complying with
the above rules will ho ruled out.
T. Y. Chalmers, Chairman,
A. H. Bilisan,
*H. L. Vernor, Committee.
So Tired
It nany be from overworKi but
the chances are Its from an i ?.
aclJv?; Ll Vi: -..??S'i?.
With n .eli conducted UV I R
ono can do mountains of lab ut
without fatigue.
lt adds a hundred per cent to
ones earning capacity.
lt can bekeptin healthful action
by, and only by
Frank Childress, city detective,
was fatally shot at Ressemer, Ala.,
last Thursday by a negro whom he
attempted to arrest. A crowd of the
citizens of that town got together
and captured the negro and riddled
his body with bullets.
Tuft's Pills recommended and sold
hy Norman's Drug Store. adv.
S?i Breakfast
In a
t-the kind -that sends
r a good day's work
arm room.
f the meal if you are shiv
)U eat it.
Dil Heater makes breakfast
fectlon. Easily cleaned. Bandy
ornament anywhere; a luxury in
icwlng-room or the bathroom.
I? for dtscriptivm circular.
New Jet fy)
Baltimore, Md.

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