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Bittet4 Shoes
for Your
You know ?iat . ptlco doopu't.alway^ determino Ino quality J
fctss, . not^wbatetf ou. 0?t??Wf" ; ?^tc';!' ,, . I
of B? article}! lt mattera -
v. . Tho' b'c?t ovidefte-d io tM.nUi?nbr of satisfied customers and
tho continual .repVatrsaleW. Asl$ any wearer 'what' hd thinks .of .
. "Star Brand" ShoeU?tfYou'Jl " And thom all to .b0-well ^a^B^?Lf
And wliy Should they not? Every, "Star Brand", Sheo ..limado :
of the best tanned leather. . 'No "substituto!? nyn ovm- used: Each
pair ls made over comfort-giving'-lasts,wtth^ust ?hbugh stylo
to mirk their individuality. You can^ehthem in 'any of the PdBr*
ul?f leathers. :,
Soino o? Our Popular Soiled . ' ^Sf#
' - The 4,PatViot".-"A One shoe for men." 11%-.
* Tho "PilgrJm'W'The busliioss man's shoo." , . .,'
''Stronger-Than-Tho-Law" -"Tho strongest ?b.%ggp|(^
woarlhg wOrk shoes, "
&s J, E.
' Yot^work a' Vcc^ fo^ $?O,00.>
\>': That teri dolj^s'represents a week of yip
ivprk. ff You ?te a?'iw?ek olde*, '^ ?nds^s' the^
months and years gyour strength is gradua?ryi|
" e:?hausted;. yfyii have put your strength Into dollars. f$
' 'What naWyoir?bne writh these /dollars? Have
you sp?nt tftem,as fast as you earned them? If "? you .;
have, f bu aret?o?r inHeed; ..but if you haye spent only^i
in these dollars stored up energy andr strength to
provide for you iii your old age.
How much better still is your position if you have
put these saved dollars to work for you !
A good way to do this is to deposit them in some
good, strong bank*
The Westminster Bank,
Westminster, 6*5. <J."
is a good place to put these dollars.
President. Cashier.
J. M. NORRIS. Assistant Cashier.
Allon Juror Tries Suicide.
Rural Retreat. Va., Nov. IC.-Wil
liam O. Neff, one of the Jurors who
Bcntenced to long imprisonment a
member of tho Allen clan, charged
With "shooting up" the court at Hiiis
vllle and killing Judge Massie and
several of the court officers, is nea
death here, and lt is believed that ho
sought to take his own life because
of worry. Me was found with his
throat cut, a razor lying beside him.
Claude Swanson Allen, tho young
mountaineer, whom \T?ff joined In
convicting of conspiracy, has been
sentenced to death by a subsequent
IL J>. C. Pick Now Orleans.
Washington, Nov. 15.-The Uni
ted Daughters of tho Confederacy, In
convention here to-day, voted unani
mously to hold the 1913 convention
in New Orleans. Tho New Orleans
delegation had made a vigorous cam
paign for tho honor.
The New York delegation made an
effort to secure tho convention for
New York city, but when it became
apparent that sentiment among tho
delegates was Btrongly in favor of the
Louisiana city the New Yorkers with
The average man is always butting
in and adding to his collection of
* j
Cooking under modern methods and con
veniences is made so attractive the whole
family is becoming interested.
" These biscuits are delicious ; this cake is
excellent,** says the father. ** I made them,**
says the daughter, and both father and
daughter beam with pleasure.
Royal Baking Powder has made home
baking a s: ccess, a pleasure and a profit, and
the best cooking today the world over is
done with its aid.
I H?usloiu Stronghold.
ft'??y Sumuider. <??'y.;
^fW^-Tlx? . Ott?hian
;,w v \:i il nit ill to tiny '.madea frosh ap?
pj&?l-Mhls HrdOiHftr?ugh'tho Russian
ambassador,* at . Ccinstantiiioplc-fori|
tii^ c?sBatlon o? .jjpstUUies, acc?rdlhg
to''?.dispatch refteiv?d boro this even
ing front the Turkish hows ag?n?y.
; CaVtif^ l>y Serv?an Anny.
Beigr^dt?^ov, 18,-THo Turkish
ortre?s ot M^ndsHr..sur remlored this
? ???rn?oti . . SerVu}K?. troops^
HM, nj; ? .MH?HU HOiaiovs and
down' their arms.
? ?:.a'/; botl'fbeon B?r
ervlau frppp.'s-for several
???eek ?iobps,. c?mihg
iiV bad e?t oft ino T'ttfk
tveab to. Oohrida. On'
^Servian troops, after
nting t^r^ughout tho
apt'ur&d. two import*,
mandingo the city:;-,
noon/ through the?
indrass?f.h^?jV tho interior fortifies-,;
ti ou fj i whi?'h' ' s$&fpt??.ri*ii' tooday.
? MpiVasti?'-l.-j thc; heado.?hrters of>
?hu Sixth Turklflh Anny Corps,. com
,1'?and?d'' !>y ' i^otbl .tnany
other Turkish, tionr . -lug /froni.
surrouiidlni/ Iowna v/e. und been
'eaptui'?d^.hy^th^ 'S?ryi?n.?. bo.n^outrat
ed Ibero. 1 )hi vIdtflMBPWgE com
mander ' .'. of. ' tho Seventh- Turkish.
'A.rnvy Corpa,1'Went -the^p 'With, many,
u iii sold lorn after, tho U?l of Upku'p.
?Ktfii??J?|Vv?a?8-. A- .'. V,'~; fBSm ' . ''?''?>
- i < 11 Pasha, former, Turkish "min-''
i? t\? Belgrade, was ono pt .the first!
WiflW?1^ W?*3>IfJ'svvprd; At.-tho ber
uiuuiufi .of the wa" he made the re-'
?K?tf;','W? will noon ?uvilxi our'
frtsiuhi to dinner in Belgrade1."
: ' v^^t??nt4 i i tViil a. Attack. ?flailaS . ?>
Lbmioh, Nov. i^^rfjsh? ^rstp Bul-/
ga'r'i?hVat'?adfir' on .the-?Turklstt tine of
f. ? r 11 ilea t io n s d 0 f 0 nd 1 ? g Con?t An tin 0 -
plo ut Tchatalja has failed. The'
Avhoje of tho Bulgarian army wo? en
^?^B&,K.1^v.?ry available man was
,.;d U) tho front from the.Bulga
I|i/;.ffli,cc3 investing Adrlanoplev
BHHI^ney'- wore volleyed by. Servian .
jarlfcjW? with nil their ar
tiU?ryV-b?M^'?liefr' advance on the
'J^a't^tja^prtaftdations . on Saturday
and continued tho bombardment of;
PP^flPfUP^Kbh'nt<S:ii*lU^ Y.:.-;,
however,' found the Turkish' positions
so sfjrong that they could make no.
Impression on them, and for the mo*
ment at least the attempt has been
given up, the firing, according to a
dispatch from Constantinople, having
ceased this morning.
Observers who have been to the
Turkish front agree that the capture
of the Tchatalja lines must prove a
task of tremendous difficulty.
A Truce to Bo (/ailed.
Lonodn, Nov. 19.-Nations of the
Balkan confederacy, satiated with
victory, to-day signified their will
ingness to treat for peace terms, at
thc request of tho vanquished Turk
ish Empire.
The lustre of their success has
been only slightly dimmed by their
temporary failure to overcome the
allied Turkish army at Constantino
ple's gates and enter tho Ottoman
At Court House Next Saturday-Ex
hibit? by Men Welcomed.
The members of tho Boys' Corn
Club will have their ten-ear exhibit
at the Court House at Walhalla next
Saturday, November 23d, at 10
Any farmer In the county ls wel
come to bring In a ten-ear exhibit
and show lt along with the boys. So,
men and boys, don't forget, but
bring along your corn and show
what you can do and have done.
Are there any prizes? Yes, thore
are some nice trips and farming im
plements for the winners among the
boys, to bo awarded on tho samo
basis as heretofore. There are no
money prizes this year; neither are
there any county prizes In the boys'
contest for the men. But If you
bring your corn next Saturday it will
bo sent, along with that belonging
to tho boys, to Columbia, where it
will he entered in the contests for
the State prizes.
The crop this year bas boon short,
but bring on your corn and let's
make a fine exhibit.
This coining Saturday is the day,
find 10 o'clock tho hour. Como right
Meeting of Public School Trustees'
Association Nexo Saturday.
The Oconoo County Public School
Trustees' Association will meet at
he Court House at Walhalla on Sat
irday, November 23. at 12 o'clock.
Ml trustees please bear this in mind
md have a' least ono member from
web board of trustees to attend tho
ncet lng.
Our meeting last year resulted in
eglslatlon that ls filling a long felt
Be on hand next Saturday, brimful
>f ideas -ind entluislasni, and lot us
:o-operate with eaeh other and keep
he schools of Oeonce "doing tilings"
n the way of progress.
Don't forgot tho mooting will bo
?oxt Saturday, at 12 o'clock. Como!
W. C. Hughs, Presldont.
In Now York city tho "best" eggs
ire selling for 72 couts the dozen.
x . -;-ns
SftSSiiting FollowOd Cheshire's Attack
a Mr. Muldrow in His Ofltcc..
(Anderson Mail, 10th.)
> jOfaa shooting affray at the office of
tkejj^ndei'son Mattress and Spring
Ber) factory to-day; Victor B. Chesh
ire .'publisher of the Anderson Intel
llgO)jtCer, was wounded.four times in
?HjfflNgdy nnd arm by W. J. MuldrtAv,
^^Bbii y of the company. i.A. Mul
linlftt, who was In the office on busi
ness, at the time, and etempted to
Stt?? 'the ;sjiootlug by stopping be
twfe)a. the men, received a {leah
vV??nd in the right, arm, just above
tho>; wrist, and Mr. Muldrow's coat
wa.3,jPierced by a codple of bullets,
^o have been tired by R. L.
hire, Jr., through a window
i "outsid the office. One or these;
bullets passed through the left lAbet
aiMk^ihe other through the Bleove
ve'ar the wrist.
After being wounded by Mr. Mul
'OM?k Mr.' Cheshire got Into his bug
gy with-his brother and a negro dri
ver'! and went directly to tho hospi
tjuStyhere his wounds were attended
by -Dr. J. C. Harris and Dr. J. ' O.
Sabers. He had been shot' in. the
shcttilder and wrist and twice in tho
afflpmen. It was at ilrst thought
th?| one of the latter wounds was
PHtis?rious,- but a more thorough
Miinatlon performed inter by Dr.
?Bria, .showed that the abdominal
Jffljft > had not been perforated, and
graafctated thiB afternoon that there
w-'Vl?- no cause whatever for anxiety
a^B^o' -Mr. Cheshire's condition. The
.'wound In the shoulder ia most seri
OXwj; ibo ball having gone in toward
the lungs.
i cording to tho story of the
Stfoble 'g secured1 by tho police, Mr.
.^mjemro walked into. Mr. Muldrow's
office about 9 o'clock, and, drawing
[raStVtoi, demanded that ho.throw up
fmjKnands. Mr. ?Muldrow arose from
bis?.chalr and Mn Cheshire fired, the
bim* going wide. A? he fired again
Mi . Mulllnax knocked . up his arm
JSKi'ttie shot went into the ceiling.
Thc /hird shot passed through tho
?iieah:/. part of Mr. Mullinax's right
j tafnSnnoar tho wrlBt.
By ; this time Mr. Muldrow had had
. 'unity to draw hiB own weapon,
. : ?teAVv.?.M.Xxf Q^PAT*
ns fast .aB ho' could pull the trigger.
He flredviive times, four pf the shots
taking euect as above stated. '
At the hospital R. L. Cheshire,
Jr., was arrested by City Detective
V. B. Martin and brought to the
city hall. Later ho secured bond be
fore Magistrate B. P. Wilson, after
a warrant had been sworn out by
Mr. Muldvow, charging both V. B.
Cheshire and R. L. Cheshire, Jr.,
with assault and battery with intent
to kill. Tlie amount of the bond
was fixed at $i>00, which was fur
nished by D. A. Taylor, of Sandy
Springs. No warrant has been issued
for tho arrest of Mr. Muldrow.
The attack made by Mr. Cheshire
on Mr. Muldrow to-day was the re
sult of had feeling which had Its
beginning some time ago, and grew
out of certain articles published In
tho Anderson Intelligencer, consider
ed by Mr. Muldrow as personal re
Considerable excitement was cre
ated by the difficulty and little else
has been talked on the streets here
Mr. Cheshire's Condition.
(Daily Mail, Monday.)
Information from the Anderson
County Hospital at 3 o'clock this af
ternoon was to the effect that the
condition of V. B. Cheshire was not
as encouraging ns lt had been. He
was not ns well this morning ns he
was Sunday, and there had been still
more unfavorable symptoms Monday
nfternoon, although his condition
may* not be said to bo critical.
The wounds In thc abdomen appear
to bo giving him but little trouble,
but tho one In the shoulder ls caus
ing some v.. -ry. This bullet has not
been found, and the physicians have
been awaiting symptoms to locate it.
They fear that lt found its way to
tho lungs. Mr. Cheshire has consid
erable temperature and there ls some
fear that pneumonia will set In,
The rumors of a hemorrhage Sun
day night are stated to have been
without foundation, and lt has not
yet boen determined that pneumonia
has set In. Mr. Cheshire ls receiving
every caro and attention from the
hospital staff.
Mexican President Waging War of
Extermination Against Rebels.
Mexico City, Nov. 18.-Tho Mexi
can government ls determined to
carry out the threat recently made
to resumo the tactics employed so
successfully by Gen. Rhodes, in the
State of Morolos, some months ago,
is Indicated by the report of the war
department announcing the total de
struction of several small towns and
villages in the northern mountains
of Oaxaca, where tho revolution has
been rampant.
Two of the places destroyed were
thc strongholds of tho Zcrrano
diana. Convinced that the Inhabi
tants of these towns were completely
In accord with tho robols, orders
wore Issued for their desirtictJbn.
Without even calling' upon the Inhab
itants to withdraw, tho artillery be
gan Its work, ceasing only when the
town had been reduced to a mass of
Georgia Mourns Death of Honored 1
Citizen and Statesman.
(Atlanta Constitution.)
Formor United States Senator Jo- ^
sep h Meriwether Terroll died Sunday 1
morning at 7.10 o'clock at his late
residence, 121 Juniper street, this,
city. Sena/tor Terroll had been in
ill health for more than a year and a
half and had.ibeen seriously iii for a
week. His death was, therefore, not
The death of Senator Terrell has
caused widespread grief throughout
the city, and lt ls with the deepest
regret that bis thouBand? of friends
all over the State will receive tho
Long ontl| Useful Career.
From farmer hoy to United StateB
Senator was the span that Joseph M.
I Terrell accomplished in his career of
fifty-two years.
He had that quality of loveable
noBS, the admiration of which made
him a friend to thousands who knew
Ulm well, and drew tens of thousands
who only knew him slightly. Always
serene, calm and unruffled, even in
the heat of political strife, he made
personal friends of his political ene
mies, and of him lt may bo ?aid with
truth that he never deserted a friend
in need.
His sympathy for the boys and
girls on tho farm was proverbial, for
he knew how narrow, were the lives
and how meager the opportunities of
many of them. He became known as
the "educational Governor" because
of lils encouragement of everything
that would give them .a,, better equip
ment for life, and whd'fl'^e'ft^nmo a
Senator his first thought was to ex
tend the opportunities which as Gov
ernor ho bad helped to provide for
them in the establishment of eleven
district agriculturel schools.
He was engage" In the preparation
of a speech which he expected to de-,
liver In tho Senate In support of his
bill for further government aid to
education In agriculture and mechanic
arts at the time he was stricken with
paralysis. ' .
Mr.Terrell reached the Senate after
serving tho State in bbth branches
of the.' Legislature and after occupy
ing the office of Attorney General for
five terms 'dr ton years. He resigned1
the' latVer oince io von fo'|- Governor,'
although he could liavo held lt indef
initely. He waB elected Governor
and discharged the duties of that
oiflco for nearly five years.
Mother and Child Hm 1<>M Under the
Wheels of Heavy Our.
. (Atlanta Constitution.)
Catapulted into the air from the
tonneau of an automobile and hurled
underneath the trucks of a trolley
car when lt collided with her hus
band's machino directly In front of
their Luckie street home, Mrs, Bes
sie Lyle, and her two-year-old daugh
ter, .Margaret, wore killed Sunday
afternoon as they started on a pleas
uro trip to Athens.
Her hsband, W. R. Lylo, who was
at the steeling wheel of the fatal
auto, and their oilier daughter,
Olivia, who sat beside her father
upon the front seat, escaped unhurt.
The machine ls almost a complete
Two wheels of the forward trucks
of tho trolley car passed over tho
legs of the little girl, severing them
near the abdomen. The body of her
mother was wedged underneath the
front platform and dangerously near
the trucks. Endowed with superhu
man strength, Mr. Lyle, seizing tho
small tire jack from the tool-box of
his wrecked automobile "jacked" up
tho forward end of the car to extri
cate his injured wife.
Twenty minutes wei o required to
hoist the trolley ear and remove tho
dying woman. Meantime an ambu
lance had been dispatched to the At
lanta Hospital with the mangled
body of ber child. and another was
standing beside the scene of the ac
cident ready to rush tho mother to
the same hospital.
Tho accident happened about 1
o'clock. Both mother and child died
at 4 o'clock, death coming simulta
neously. Mrs. Lyle was injured in
ternally, and received severo lacera
tions Upon tho left thigh. Her head
and face were badly cut and bruised.
The collision was witnessed by
scores of pedestrians returning homo
from church service and passengers
upon the fatal trolley car. Many wo
men, fainted.
Twenty minutes after the woman
had been catapulted beneath tho car
sho was rushed to the. hospital. No
hopo wns entertained for survival,
although she reniai nod conscious all
the while.
No blame has boen placed for tho
Allens Will Dio in Chair.
Richmond, Nov. IS.-A new trial
to-day was refused for Floyd Allon
and his son Claude by the Supreme
Court. The men are condemned to
die In the eloctric chair next Friday
for the murder of officials in tho
Hillsville court house massacre last
Allen? Respited.
Richmond, Va., Nov. 19,-Gover
nor Mann this morning respited
Floyd and Claude Allen until Decem
ber 13. They were sentenced to bc
electrocuted Friday, November 22,
for participating In the iinisviiic
court, house murders.
.Gyp." "Lefty," . Whitey" and "Dago
Frank*' aro Found Guilty.
New York, Nov. 19.-"Gyp the
31ood," "Lefty Louie," "Dago Frank"
\nd "Whitey Lewis" killed Herman
Rosenthal, tho gambler, at the insti
gation of Charles Reeker and must,
nay the penalty of death In the elec
tric chair. Tho Jury which has been
hearing the evidence against the four
gunmen so decided to-day, whoa lt
returned a verdict of murder in the
Hist degree after but 20 minutes of
The gunmen heard the verdict pro
nounced against them without show
of emotion. They Btood at tho bar
looking straight ahead as tho fore
man ot the Jury made known tho re
sult of the deliberations, and they
continued to stare stolidly in front
of them until tho formalities of the
proceedings were "concluded. Re
manded to their cells In the Tombs
until to-morrow morning, when Jus
tice Goff will fix tho day for Impos
ing sentence, they turned and Hied
ont of the court room with as Arm
a stop as when they had entered.
After Seven Years Mus. Raymond ls
to Ile Tried for Murder.
Augusta, Maine, Nov. 17.--After
a lapse of seven years the mysterious
murder of 18-year-old Mattie Hack
ett will be brought to the attention
or the Supreme Court Tuesday wh'ori
Mrs. Elsie Hobbs Raymond, a neigh
bor of the Hackett family, is to b?
placed on trial hero charged with the
crime. The girl was strangled on the
evening of October' 17, 1905, by a
cord tied'about her nock.
Soon after the murder a tramp
was arrested on suspicion, but soon
released. Later two gtfand Juries
considered the ease without return
ing an indictment. LaBt April tho
State, claiming to have discovered
now evidence, an. Indictment was
found, naming Mrs. Raymond. , .
The murdered girl was the daur/ii
ter of Mr. ?nd Mrs. Levi Hackett,
and lived on .her .father's farm' at
Readfteld. .On the evening of Octo*
ber ?7f "100&, she was lef.b*alone lu,
tho house. Her father, .was busy
Abpi't -tho .ha?'v vtWm ho '-boord ?. wo . '
man's-screams,'and found his daugh
ter lying by the roadside and carried
her into the house. In the excite-'
mont a small cbrd, drawn tightly
a bp u-t her neck and burled In the
flesh, escaped notice. When tho
cord was found she had died of
Policeman Admita Manufacturing Ev*
Ulciic'e to Save Ainu from Gallows.
Cartorsvllle, Oav Nov. 16.-A con
fession by Policeman Cox that ho
aided In manufacturing,evidence in
the (?ise and testified falsely brought
a sudden halt yesterday afternoon'to
the murder trial of W. J. Wooten,
just as tho jury rapped on tho door
to signify that'they wore ready with
their verdict. Wooten ls charged
with the murder of W. H. Griflln, of
Kingston, several months ago. Cox
had testified to Anding a pair of
knucks at tho scene of tho shooting.
He told the court to-day that the
knuckB bad boon "planted" by Jame's
Burrows! a former jailer, who told
him to find thom and offer thom to
prove Wooten's justification in shoot
ing Griflln.
Judge A. W. Fjte immediately or
dered the jury to withhold Its ver
dict. Cox's testimony was impeached
by the State and be was arrested for
lier ju ry. Burrows also was arrested,
charged with subordination of por
ju ry.
At a night session of the court the ,
jury was permitted to return its ver
dict, manslaughter with recommehf
dation of morey. The sonteneo is ten
years in the penitentiary. Lawyers
gave notice of an appeal and bond
was fixed at ?1 0,000. ^
Girl of Ten Years a Biide. ? j
Tbibodeaux. La., Nov. 18.--Agnes
Gallahan. 10 years old, was married
to-day, and quit thc third reader
class in the public school boro, flor
husband is Paul'Diet/., 23 yours old.
Tho girl wore short dresses during
the ceremony, but announced that
abo would have her gowns length
ened al once.
The priest who performed the cere
mony was opposed to it at first, but
at the solicitation of tho parents of
both bride and bridegroom, Anally
consented. As a wedding present tho
bridegroom gave his youthful brido
a hugo doll that opens and closes Its
oyes. Nearly>all tho wedding pres
ents were toys, but the bride declar
ed that ?ho would not play with dolls
any more.
Tlie young bride says that she can
bake biscuits, cook potatoos and
meat, and says if lier husband can't
live on such things ho is in a bad
way. She also says sho will bo able
to take care of him.
Several Killed lu Lori Angeles Fire.
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 19.-Threo
persons wore killed and twenty In
jured in a Are In tho St. George Hotel
oarly this morning. Tho Are startod
on the second floor and was drawn
through tho elevator shaft, and soon
spread to tho Aft h and sixth floors.
Those not getting warning wore
forced to Jump from tho windows.

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