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To Meet Before April Ul-To Carry
Out Pre-election Pledges.
New York, Nov. 16.-Governor
Woodrow Wilson announced last
night that immediately after his in
auguration as President of the Uni
ted States he would call an extraor
dinary session of Congress to con
vene not later than April 15 for the
purpose of revising the tariff.
The President-elect will Ball for
Bermuda at 2 o'clock this afternoon
for a vacation and will return De
cember 16. To set at rest In the
meantime speculation as to what he
would do with regard to tariff revis
ion, he Issued the following state
"I shall call Congress together In
extraordinary sesston not ln*?r than
Al ri! li, ? shall do (his neil only he.
lytuseJjthinljj tba? >..... nipd.rv... thy
, '.'ty ought to hi? redeemed nt
promptly as possible, but also be
cause i know lt to be in the interest
of business that all uncertainty as to
?what the particular Items of tariff re
vision are to be should he removed
as soon as possible."
Beyond this brief announcement
the Governor said he had nothing
further to say. .Most of the opinions
he had received from public men
seemed to he in favor of an extra ses
sion, he declared.
Two Other Attempts to Secure Bail
for Negro Pugilist Puttie.
Chicago, Nov. l l. -Another at
tempt to procure the release of Jack
Johnson failed to-day. Federal Judge
Carpenter denied a motion to reduce
the $:10.000 bond under which the
negro is held on a charge of violating
the Mann act. W. G. Anderson,
Johnson's counsel, then said he would
offer new securities later in the day.
Johnson's attorneys later in the
day offered as bondsman a property
holder who could qualify for $(">(?,
OOO. When it was shown that the
proffered bondsman was to be indem
nified and paid for acting he was re
" The government will fight any at
tempt to give an indemnity bond for
the defendant." said District Attor
ney Wilkerson.
No Henson for Bolease.
Washington. Nov. ll..Pointing
out thai violations of tho "white
slave'1 ai t aro not extraditable, Solic
itor Courrai Bullit! filed a brief to
day declaring no reason exists why
Jack Johnson, negro pugilist, confined
in Jail in Chicago, should be admitted
to bail by the United States Supreme
'I bo solicitor general said a guilty
offender might be quite willing to
Jump bail and -scape to a foreign
Jealous, Kills Child for He VC ll ge,
Chicago. Nov. I.".. Police are seek
ing Charles Hose, aged ;.7. who
smothered his I wo-year-old daughter,
Beatrice, and lefl a note saying he
murdered tho child to revenge him
self on her mother, who was, he said,
unfaithful to him. Tho murder of
the child was discovered by her mo
ther. The little girl was found lu
the bed. pillows covering her face.
The mother said she was afraid ol
her husband, who had threatened tc
kill her, and that she remained awaj
from home all night. She discovered
the body late yesterday afternoon
Hose had disappeared. He is said tjt.
have been insanely Jealous of b/h
?vlf?? I
Lee McCiung Notified Taft-Had
Had Fraction wit li McYcngh.
Washington., Nov. 14.-Announce
' ment of the resignation of Leo .Mc
Ciung, Treasurer of tho United
States, was made by President Taft
to-da3\ Mr. McCiung tendered his
resignation to the Piesldent at a con
ference at the Executive Mansion
early to-day, and Its acceptance was
j later announced by the President
from the executive offices, with the
explanation that Mr. McCiung re
signed voluntarily. It ls behoved
that Carmi Thompson, now private
secretary to the President, will suc
ceed him.
Mr. McClung's resignatioa be
comes effective as soon as his succes
sor 1.- a p nein ?ed.. The treasurer d*<
c'ltned . - discut?s h>d retirement iv.
[any 'K.'<'\ , but it was minor?- ?1
t j that his rcaigbfl. M ?h?i re
... ?fiction with ow
rotary McVeagh.
Mr. McCiung was one of the treas
ury officials named hy Assistant Sec
retary A. Platt Andrew as having
been In continued controversy with
the Secretary of the Treasury when
Mr. Andrew, in a letter accompanying
his resignation, declared that the Sec
retary and his associates were not In
Ilonic for Fallen Women.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 19.-A home foi
' fallen women will he established in
Atlanta, a former fallen woman will
have charge of it, and the hugest
single contribution will be, or rather
has already been made, by the same
Hello Somine?rs, for years iiueen oi
one of Atlanta's most notorious gild
ed palaces of sin, and well known
throughout the South as a sporting
character, will take charge of a |>liie;c
of refuge for fallen women within
the next few weeks, according to an?
announcement made by the Men and
Religion Forward Movement.
Helle Sommers has reformed, she
declares, and $2,."?no of the money
donated for the establishment and
maintenance of the home has been
given by her.
Marion Jackson, head of the relig
ion movement, has stated that $10,
000 is needed for the home. Thc $2,
500 given hy Helle Sommers ls to bc
Invested as a noucleus of an endow
ment for future maintenance of thc
Martha's Home, as the institution
will bo called.
MuVquurd Sued for $25,000,
New York, Nov. I ."?. - Joseph Kane
an actor and theatrical booking
agent, brought suit lo-day In tho Su
preme Court for $2.>,ooo uga!ml
"Rube" Marquard, the star pltchei
Of tho Now York Giants, alleging al
ienation of affections of Mrs. Kane
who is known on tho stage as Blos
som Seeley.
Kane signed up Marquard altor the
base hall seasem to Appear in a base
ball sketch in vaudeville with Mrs,
Kane. It was ned. long. Kano al
leges, until his friends t him thal
''Rube's" Interest in ', fair stage
partner was more than platonic
Kane had the pair waddled and
last week traced them to Atlanta
City, whore he and a pr?vale detect
Ive ml.led a hotel where, he allcge-s
Marquard and tho woman wore stop
? ?dng together,
Mrs. Kane and Marquard Meddowi
I the lire escape and came to New Yorl
, In an automobile, leaving an out
> raged husband behind In Atlantic
; City busily engaged In swearing: on
Warran) : rtgalns! the noted ?out I'pa v.
i ?
Miss Minnie Marchman Die? >n A sh?
bum, Ga., in Convulsion-.
Ashburn, Ga., Nov. 15.-While {
Imita experts are examining t-,<
tents ot the stomach of MIKS ?
Marchman to finally determino wu?
thcr the denth ol' this beautiful young
girl was caused by poison, officers . ?
searching for Toni Cleghoi ber
At tho coroner's Inquest d?: mo
ther of the dead girl test lil . i I al
she had died after eight conyuhdi is,
during which she foamed ai !
mouth and gave every Indicat oil I . i1
she had been poisoned. The
had never seen her daughter tiki
medicine and there was no t
any in the house.
Preparations had been made for
burial of Miss Marohmau wi
family physician became su ?dcJ
ns to the cause of the girl's di
ordeerd tho 'funeral stopped. C
horn, who has been missing
days, and tho dead girl wen
hearts, it ls reported, and it w LS
monly supposed that they would ?<
be married. The two visit
burn together some few dayl
is reported, and while here C
j is alleged to have purchase
I and candy, which he gav
Marchman. After eating tl xe
was attacked with convulsi is mid
died in agony.
The dead girl's friends cl?
: Cleghorn had promised to m
j and that the visit to Ashb
! ostensibly for the purpose of get! ? "
'a marriage license. It is sta:->.:
Cleghorn made some excuse foi |
' poning the marriage and the s ri
turned to her home, six mik. .u
country. Cleghorn disappeared i .
? the girl died four days after.
I Local physicians removed t' o gli
' stomach and forwarded lt tc an
lanta chemist. It ls expeci id
j he will discover just what Ind
poison, if any, killed tho gir
I Minnie Marchman was one <
belles of the lumber country iud
little town of Ashburn, the cou
seat of Turner county, ls ve. rh'
' wrought up over the'matter.
Wrecked Life, Said Gi
Ashburn, Ga., Nov. 15. id
smouldering excitement In
county over the alleged pois a.r* >f
one o! the nod populat young wo
men, anti the str?ng?? disappear.*; <:?,
v?f. he?- ?bin- ..?.. was i".'1 i.ni;d,..\<.'.^?.
h.- ., mafvminni front th?* i.i??i>.!
? i ibu ?iil, Mi's. ?danie March in ml
j her daughter had accused IV
. horn, i ? few hours before si' I in
. convulsions, of having "wr< hoi
: life."
i I "I ne\^r want to lay mj on
Tan Cleghorn again. He tu ek
ed my iife and I want bin ip
his just reward," she said,
i as the conversation is recall* '
But when her mother as:
: cause of her strange illness, i
she meant by her statement, r] s
only rejily was the sorrowf op
lng which marked her denn : np
to the hour of death.
The only time that she mi
her sweetheart, to whom s >
passionately devoted, was In lu dy
ing statement to Mrs. March ni
The Marchman family c i
certain t! at Minnie was poiso
they do not acenso any one. cr.
' ? member of the family is wo
( I unravel the mystery, and-to
who is to blame. W. J. Coch
! brother-in-law, is waiting to lei
j report of the Atlanta chen
j whom the girl's stomach was
examination, before he start*
find the druggist who sold tin
and then to track down the
j who bought lt.
Moslems Poison Christian \
Constantinople, Nov. 14.
danger confronts Christians
kv y. Moslems are poisonii
' wells from which Christia: get
their water supply, and a mu
deaths have already occur rei
cause of the absence of sanitat
medical supplies cholera and
are spreading and the new eas
' day now average over fifty.
' pox ls raging within tho Turki II
I between the inner and outer d<
\ although Nazi ni Pasha, the w
Ister, and other government nfl
are trying to keep the true sil
' a secret from the city.
The worst sufferers from tl
j hie here aro little children. Hi min
have fallen victims of starvation,
1 Court marl ?als continue dali 1
latest hatch of victims incl?n .
j fleer and seventeen Turkish ) ites
i who were executed after bein;
! guilty of cowardice nt the b
Kirk Klllesseh, According
1 Unding ol' the court, they
j panic among their companlt
" flight.
After being shot to der
bodies of an olllcer and a pri\
dior were suspended from a
1 on tho military parade groan
1 tho following placard append
"All cowards may OX peet th
t A silent mnn never ha? to
Mrs. I). If. Alexander Still Seriously
Ul-Accident to Youth.
Little Uiver, Nov. 15.-Special:
1 ie farmers of this section are .very
sy at this time gathering up their
ubhln's." picking cotton and so on.
Mrs. Fannie Corbin made a busl
; i 'ss trip to town the latter part of
last week.
.The many friends of Mrs. D. H. Al
exander will be sorry to learn of her
: irions sickness at the homo of J. B.
texander, her father-in-law. She
is been sick some time, and was 1m
Loving, but was taken seriously 111
i gain suddenly. Her husband had
ift here, returning to their home in
)CCoa, Qa. Ho was wired at once
. nd returned. Dr. Moroney and
i her doctors were called to her bed
ide, and all Unit could be done was
one to relieve her suffering. Her
itsband ls still hore with her. She
slightly Improved at this time and
or many friends hope for her speedy
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Dusk's two chll
ren have been quite sick during tho
ast week. They are better at this
Little Lauwrence, the 3-yenr-old
an of your scribe, sustained a very
alnful wound last Monday evening.
v*hllo making a merry-go-round
'1th a syrup mill lever he foll, stick
ig a 10-penny nail i:. tho back part
t his left thigh. His, family have
eon very anxious about him since,
.'hough he Is still unable to walk, lils
ondltlon is favorable at this time.
School reopened at Salem on No
ember 11th with Misses Duncan, of
Yest Union, and Hannah M. Hard
in, of Walhalla, In charge. The
i roBpect ls promising for a successful
Cards are out announcing a social
. t the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
i rant thlB (Friday) evening. The
. vent will be in tho natu ve of a fare
well to their friends here. They will
. oon make their home in Walhalla.
. 'heir many friends hero .are loth to
> ' Ive them up, but wish them much
access in their new home,
j Mr, and Mrs. W, W. White, of Old
? i'lekens,. were welcome visitors in
; t his section a short time back,
j Elisha Alexander, a promising
j oung man, and one of Uncle Sam's
j eui il clone's, wa >n ;* *'.h.->rt yiri lt In.
j t'ni>; sdi Lion tho past week.
L Your scribe, has a lottoc from Kev.
: Ri A. Hudson, oi Cashier's, >.. c. ilia
laany friends ..?it' he ..irv to bear
of his recent sickness. However, he
ls able to be out again, to the delight
of his many friends
West Galloway, after spending a
while at home, has returned to North
J. H. Wlgington is improving his
premises by building a new corn
iaid Store Was Robbed, Rut lintel
Admits Ho Moved Goods.
(Greenville Piedmont.)
J. E. Drown, the merchant whose
tore near Gantt, Is alleged to hav<
? een robbed on the night of Sunday
, Moyember 3, has filed a petition lr
bankruptcy. This action ls said ti
ave been taken Monday and to hav<
preceded a petition which tho credit
] OTB of the merchant were preparing
IO file.
Judge Smith, in the United State!
Court at Columbia, has issued an or
;er restraining Brown from dispositif
? f any of lils property pending settle
lent of the case In bankruptcy.
Detectives have been vt work oi
ie caso since the alleged robbery
hose detectives are said to have lo
ited considerable merchandise
I lleged to have been removed fron
ie store, at a point about ten mlle:
listant. It was said by an officia
ils morning that Brown was carriel
. this point to-day by officials ant
-as asked if tho merchandise wai
I ken from his store. Ho Is alleget
to have admitted that it was and t<
ave admitted that it, was taken then
It will be remembered that th?
tim was made thal Brown's ?ton
is robbed on the night of Xovoinbo
il, and that $2,500 In cash was takei
jin the safe. This money, Browi
said to have claimed, did not be
ag altogether to him, a larg*
noun I being money that he had col
.led for fertilizer companies.
Death of William Klaren.
There are mady friends of the fain
. in Walhalla who will learn witl
grol of tho death of Wllllan
laren, which occurred In Beaufort
C., October 25th last. Mr. Klarer
is a brother of the late .fohn II
laren, of Walhalla, and ls survivee
his nieces and nephews, who liv?
.re, and one sister. He had neve
arrled. He came to America fron
? ermany about 2:> years ago, am
id made lils home In Beaufort al
ls time In the employ of ono linn
I' ) tho bereaved relatives ls exton de
?the sympathy of o number of friendr
ie Interment took place I" Bea0fort
Daring Pnruchuto Jumper Explodes
Big Oas Dug With l>ynainite.
Now York, Nov. 16.-A big dun
colored balloon floated slowly over
the Hudson from the Jersey shore to
ward New York Tuesday. Ten? of
thousands of persons watched it. On
a trapeze swung below it a man was
seated. The balloon was about 500
feet in the air and opposite 127th
street, when
Boom! Boom!
Two loud explosions sounded. In
stantly after the explosion a cloud of
dense black smoke enveloped the bal
loon and hld tho man on the cross
bar IItide? ?I
Thro iii the thick smoko dashes of
'\r<> darted-, for tho I) al loon w.?-? in
Ililli,*.!. Ag til. .1I.. /1V. Il ll ,1 Up .HUI
formed n hing? luushroom, th?.; man
dropped from the cross-bar. For 200
feet he fell like a stone while the peo
ple nearest the shore gasped.
Then tho big parachute which the
man carried unfolded, and, clinging
to lt, he dropped gently in the Hud
Really it all was very thrilling and
if you were not there to see it, you
will be able to see it soon. For it
was a moving picture stunt. He of
( the trapeze and thc parachute was
Podinna Law, who for a sufficient
sum of money will take his life in
his hands at any time.
His balloon had been inflated with
heated nnptha gas. Seated on the
trapeze the daring Law held a string
attached to a trigger above him
v, hen he pulled tho string the trigger
set off a small charge of dynamite,
which ignited the highly inflammable
As Law fell into the river the tug
Libbie sped to him. On the tug were
thc moving picture machines. Their
operators had been very busy, Indeed,
and continued to bo for a while. For
Law floated near the tug as If he was
senseless, inanimate, dead-all very
realistic, very.
Law received $1,000 to risk his
life this time, but he paid his own
expenses. He Insisted that, his dem
onstration had scientific value. He
proved, he said, that Melvin Vanlman
and his four voyagers, who were
killed when Vanlman's great dirigi
ble balloon exploded off Atlantic
City, might bave been saved had they
taken proper precautions against such
an accident. Law wore knit woolen
garments saturated In a liquid which,
he says, resists Are. Under Ms wool
en hood ho woro a foot ball player's
helmet. A life-preserver was strap
ped around his waist.
"When the gas exploded," said he,
"lt was as If somebody had hit me
over tho shoulders with a base ball
Tho backs of Law's hands were
"How stupid!" said he. "1 should
havo worn gloves."
Wine of Card ul recommended mid
sold by Norman's Drug Store. adv.
Sherman's Kstnte Valued at $8()0,ooo.
Utica, N. Y., Nov. 15.-Tho will of
the lato Vice President Jas. S. Sher
man, submitted to probate here, be
queaths his bntlro ostato, valuod flt
about $800,000, to his wife. The
document was drawn In 1887 on a
sheet of foolscap paper In Mr. Sher
man's own handwriting.
f>r. Wier's Wow iit?&?UB
Tho bi t li tho wo/ltf.
Ono o? His Victims Asked for #10,
- OOO Damages.
Greenville, Nov. 16.--The $10,000
damage suit brought against T. U.
Vaughn by a girl who was a victim
of the self-confessed criminal while
nhe was an inmate of the Odd Fel
lows' Orphan Home, near this city,
and under the care and guardianship
of him, bas resulted In a settlement
between the parties concerned.
The action was brought July 11th
last, and since then until tho time of
settlement T. U. Vaughn's property
bad been under attachment.
At the time of the action it was
e'olmAd bv tho nlaintlff that tho de
tendant, P, CT Vaughn, owned ':.?n
BldersbbB ,roper?y jn Groenvllio
eon.nv. ?'he. warrah' of attachmehi
which was (terveil Juli ' " alleged thal
the defendant lias property in South
Carolina consisting of $4,000 in the
bank of Taylors, real estate situated
on Carrier street in the city of Green
ville, valued nt $8,000, one automo
bile, valued at $1,000, at Greenville,
and a $1,7 00 note executed to him
by the Gilreath Manufacturing Com
pany, now held by the People's Dank
of Greenville.
Simmons' Liver Regulator and
Squaw Vine Wino Hoconnm ?;. ed and
sold by Norman's Drug Store, adv.
Carnegie (Jets Swedish Contract.
Through P. T. Berg, the American
vico consul general to Sweden, the
Bethlehem Steel Company, in which
Andrew Carnegie is a dominant fac
tor, has been awarded tho contract
to furnish 1,000 tons of armor plate
for now Swedish battleships. Mr.
Berg was formerly chief engineer at
the Homestead Works of the Carne
gie Steel Company. All tho Euro
pean concerns bid against the Carne
gie company.
For Women
Dr. Simmons Squaw Vine Wine
ls prepared expressly for the ail
ments of women, lt contains
Ingredients which act directly on
the delicate female constitution,
mildly and pleasantly-yet lt ex
ercises a most b?n?ficiai effect
all through the system.
Squaw Vine
Overcomes weakness, nervous
ness and Irritability. Gives prompt
relief from the depressing bear
ing-down pains, backaches, nau
sea and irregularities which cause
so much suffering and despond
ency. It has a most happy effect.
Restores strength, renewed hope,
cheerfulness and the energy and
will to perform the duties of the
household which formerly were
so trying and distasteful.
Sold by Drugghte arid Dealer?.
Price $1 Per Bottle
(???I,'.???? nwvMiW'W..in???mwi m,n?w^ }
SOhl at Bc H l ing Stine, Walhalla.

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