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PuMlHiird Kvory Wednesday Morning
flnhfcription ?I ?V- Annum.
AdvCltl lng lt .tos Untsoimblc.
- ?y
Communlcations ol a personal char
acter charged for ?IB advertise
f&bltuary notices and tributes of re
spect, of not ovor ono hundred
words, will be printed freo of
charge. All over that number
must be paid for at the rate of one
cent a word. Cash to accompany
maniisc rlpt.
iu> you know thal Hie ordinary
laure) thal grows along branches and
creekB and in ( lumps about the woods
ni] over Oeonee will kill cows in short
?nilei ii ibo lea vos and lender
branches are eaten bj your rattle?
Nm everybody knows it by any
means, and there are some who know
it rrom sad experience.
About two years ago M. T. Hughs,
who lives near Walhalla, had a good
cow to die. and her dea!li was trace
able to the fact thal she had eaten
from the laurel bushes along a
branch In his pasture. The laurel
Wa* dui; up bj tho roots and the
renee looked after, and simo that i
time he has had no trouble with his;
cattle. Hui the other day one of his
IMUS nol through the renee and nih
hieii at the laurel that grows on the
outside of tho pasture. The animal
gol very Utile ol' the laurel, but it
was sn llb lent to Kill her within a few
bou rs.
(i, course, we know nothing of the
canses thal led t<> the deaths of num
bers Ol' the cows thal are reported
uvcrj year lo have died suddenly
from unknown -noses, hill it is just
poss!hie that the cans'- that lias led
to I wo of Mr. Hughs's cows dying is
the unknown cause ol' the deaths of
numerous other cow. in the country
where they have access of lau tad
At any rate, it might he well for
those who have callie in pastures in
which laurel grows lo lake note or
these facts as discovered hv Mr
- .A. ti. Andrews, of thc
Blue Ridge Railway, spent a few
moments in Walhalla last week,
though lu- did not leave his private
ear after reaching town. His pres
ence, however, served to put a nu in
lier ot' people guessing as to what
brou g li I him hero and whether or
not his very casual visit had any
thin] lo do with tho possilde comple
tion DI the Hine Ridge.
The Courier is in no posilion to
snj .is to that, bill it is a well-known
lari that Col. A nd rev. s, who is not
president of the Hine Ridge, but
also vice president, of the Southern,
is n warm friend of the proposition
to complete the Hine Ridge on
through the mountains, and his visit
ran .ii least be taken as an ernest of
his interns! in "Capt. Anderson's Or
pl m 'at- tho Hine Ridge ls frcquent
1} .. mied. He had nothing to say
wit ii reference to his visit, however,
nod whatever our people may think
concerning this Hying trip is more
speculation. The nearest he came
to telling anybody anything was the
general statement thal he wanted to
see personals what is being done in
the was o' improvement work, and
io "take i look ovor thc line be
tween Walhalla and Helton."
lhere was :">t much from this \isil
to lake hop,- from, bul still then- is
hope in even tho display of interest
ii? Ihe line. Whenever anything
take? shape on the Blue Ridge ex
tension project, howover, we may
rcs! assured of one thing, and that is
that Col. A. H Andrews will be at
the bottom Of lt. Had Mr. Andrews
bad his way. the Hine Kldi;e would
have long ago hoon finished through
to Knoxville, and penetrating into th,?
groa I Western grain territory and
the coal fields nearer home.
Prof. W. ll. Hand, who was re- |
centl> elected as president ol Ander- j
ison College, has been released from
bia new position at his own request,
which was joined in bj many of tho
mos! pro; lincnl educators aol only :
of ihM Stale, bul in other States. |
Prof. Hand's work In connection with
the educational Interests of the State
har. been of such a nature as to re
r/uire still further service from him,
and jt ls In order to carr} on the
work begun ny hi.n that he has eon
- .? lied to return to the leadership of
the State's high school work. The
State is to be congratulated upon his
return to this branch of the public
service, and Anderson has lost a
.splendid man from Hie head of their
U*BW college. Prof. Hand, however,
ran doubtless do more good in his old
position than he could have accom
plished In the new, and Anderson,
along with the balance of the State,
?norld rejoice In the turn taken in
the matter.
Will you be at the Court House
to-morrow (Thursday) evening ot 8
o'clock? You should be, If you ate
interested In what is to be done in
tho future in the way of securing
both electric lights and waterworks.
We are going to have the former at
an early date, and the sooner we get
i he latter the better lt will be. At
tend the mooting and let all know
where you stand. Take a hand in
helping your town. lt may be that
yon cannot be of great force, but the
presence of each citizen adds just
that much to any cause that looks to
the betterment of conditions. He
among those who are at thts meet
ing, and lend a hand.
Col. C. ft. I). Hums, of Walhalla,
spout esveral days in Cit Ivens re
cently. While wo do not intend to
take much stock in political matters
during UK; approaching campaign,
we would modestly suggest that Col.
Hums would make the State of South
Carolina one of tim best Comptroller
(?ener?is she has ever had. If Wal
halla will excuse us, Dickens would
like to nominate Col. Hums for that
positlbl .- Pic kens Sentinel.
We ul'l excuso the Sentinel, to be
suie. A c ?I more than that, we thank
our friend for the nomination, which
we most heartily second. Mr. Hums
would doubtless make a most effi
cient servant of tho public, and it
would be Oconee's great pleasure to
have opportunity to cast a unani
mous ballot for him in the coming
election, lt is up to Mr. Burns to
"i brow his hat into tho ring." The
people of Oconce will do the rest.
Enjoyable Occasion Last Week-Sen
ator Verner Present-Lennis.
Pair Play. March 23.-Special:
A very Interesting debate was held in i
the sc hool auditorium Friday even
ing hy the high school pupils. Be
fore the debate there were recita
tions. Loo Richardson was chair
man, and the e xercises were Opened I
willi prayer by Allen R. Marett. The j
first recitation was'Mamie Douglas," i
by Miss Marion Compton: the sec
ond was a reictation, "Cree Colum
bia," by (Maude Dooley. These read-;
inga we're enjoyed very much.
The- chairman then asked the fol-,
lowing gentlemen to act as judges
for the debate: W. ll. Harrison,
chairman ; Dr. W. C. Maj s, Will T. !
McClure. The sUbjecl Of the debate
was. "Resolved, that compulsory ed
ucation be enforced in the state if
South Carolina." Those on the af
firmative side were Miss Pauline
Marett, Gilman Thompson and Davis
Glenn, ot the loth grade: negative,
Miss Marion Compton. Henry Wat
son and Claude Dooley, of the ninth
grade. Although both sides did
1 splendid work anti debated well, the
I fudges rendered their decision In
I favor of the affirmative.
erary society. Music was given by
the' school.
Mrs. S. A. Leathers and Miss Dora
Dooley left Monday to visit relatives
in Toccoa, Ga.
Miss Winnie' G ru bbs and brother
Paskel, Misses Pearl. Blanche and
Carrie Marett, of Townvllle, were
visitors here last week.
Misses Bess Foster, Vera Crawford
and Dutson, of So u t!i Cn ion. were
visitors here the' past week.
Mrs. Milton Seigier and two chil
dren, of Starr, visited T. L. Wooten
and family the past week.
W. IL Harrison and Ryan Mason,
of Cross Roads, were guests at the
Fair Play Hotel recently.
A light snow fell in this commu
nity Saturday night the latest seen
in years. The wea: lier man says
spring will be later ibis year than
.since Ihn;,.
Thousand Parade in Xew York City
New York. March 21. Under a
silken blac k banner hearing in blood
re>d letters the inscription "Demoli
tion" 1.000 men and women anar
chists, the unemployed and members
of the Industrial Workers of the
World, marched up Fifth avenue for
miles to-day without waiting to ask
the city authorities for the permit
ret)ll i real by ordinance.
Clouds obscured the sun and made
the noted thoroughfare a canyon of
gloom as th?' "army," led by Alexan
der Berk man. swept northward nu
re rained lt was not a symmetri
cal l:tie. but a boisterous, noisy crowd
that jostled fashionably clad women
and men from the' sidewalks.
There was no enforcing trafile
rules. Automobiles and trolley cars
that tried to pass through the ranks
we're- held up, chauffeurs and motor
men being intimidated. One woman
in an automobile who ge>t in the way
was spat upon by a woman lu the
parade. The marchers chanted hys
terically and shouted epithets at the
const it u te'el govern men t.
This demonstration, regarded as
one of tim most extraordinary in the'
city's history, was subsequent to a
mass meeting in the" streets near
I nion Square, where 'he throng had
been denied the right to gather. The
wealth of the nation was the product
of their toll, those gathered were
told by the- speakers, and they should
march forth Into Fifth avenue and
upon church and restaurant and
hotel and shop and take what was
theirs. ICmma Goldman, Carlo
Tu sc a ami Alexander Berknian were
some of t luise- who exhorted the rest
less crowd.
Found Dead on Doorstep.
Calhoun. Ca.. March 2 1.--Dead
1 from gunshot wounds, Sid Chapman, j
' a young farmer, was found nt day
? light to-day on the doorstep of his !
sister's residence here, where he had ;
temporarily made his home. Chap- |
; man's sb ter, a widow, and her two ?
I daughters, who slept In the house
last, night, told authorities they knew I
no thine of the ki'lln ?. A oroner
and . .iff uro tn - est ?IIn
Wns Accused of AH JO-I
White Woman.
Clnnton, Ala., March 21
Young, ii negro, was lynch- .
two miles from here by
en ra'..eil eiti/.ons. Seven
were fl red into the swing!)
the crowd dispersad, You
cu. ed of attacking Mrs.
Wilson, n 60-year-old whl
this morning. Tho nogn
Thc bloodhounds failed to
tracks, as he used turpont
the scent.
The negro was captured,
noon near Maplesville, /i
posse of officers. The ?
was immediately aroused r 1
of lynching were openly nu
was sent to Governor O'
troops and a company wi(
from Montgomery by sp<
Before the posse of officer!
negro could reach Clanton
fore troops arrived, th?
possessio? ./f thc negro ai
Mrs. Wilson is l i a crlt
Pringle r. Youmans Hun
nilled by Automob
Colunihia. March :>. \. 1
Youmans, lawyer, of Coln
member of the Richland co
gaiion in the lower house o
oral Assembly, was knoc
and killed in the street ti
an automobile driven by
Davis, garage owner, forint
chauffeur. Davis is held
headquarters to await the
an inquest to-morrow.
Mr. You mans, .">"> years o
married in Augusta three '
to Mrs. May Bronson, of
Ile was the oldest son Ol
LcRoy F. Youmans. forme.
General of South Carolina.
He was a fellow stud
Wood row Wilson In the '
School of Columbia,'and '
school of the University of
Says He Took Mail P
Macon, (5a.. March 21.
ray. a neuro, was held to tl
grand jury hy l uited Sta
missioner Erwin to-day, a
the'theft of a mail pouct
three that have been mi
during the past few days,
say that Murray admits pa
theft, hut post office Insp
still at work and other a
expected. _
The State of South Carol
ly of Oconee.- ( In Court o'
-By V. F. Martin. Esq.
.ludge.- -Whereas, .lohn
Clerk of the Court of Com
and General Sessions fo< <.
County, South Carolina,
suit to nie to grant him
. . ...1. o' . ., ?e ?V Died
i?i ..-i th ill Cid i ?gular .he tun
inedrieli Hiemann, deceased, that
they be and appear before nie, in the
Court of Probate, to be held at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Saturday, the 9th day of May,
HUI. after publication hereof,
at 1 1 o'clock In the forenoon, to
show cause, If any they have, why
the sahi Administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
24th dav of March. A. D. 191 4.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN.
Judge of Probnte for Oconee County,
South Carolina.
Published on the 25th day of
Mareil. 1st. 8th, 15th, 22d and 29th
days of April, and the ?th dav of
May. 1914, in The Koo woe Courier,
and on the Court House door for toe
time prescribed by law. 12-18
(In Court of Probate.)
Tho State of South Carolina.
County of Oconee.-By V. P. Martin,
Ksq., Judge of Probate.-Whereas.
John V. Craig. Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas and General Sessions
for Oconee County, South Carolina,
has made suit to me to gran! him
Letters of Administration, de bonis
non, with will annexed, of the Es
tate Of Catharine Hiemann. deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said Catha
rine Bieniann, deceased, that they be
and appear before me. In the Court of
Probate, to be held at Walhalla Court
House, South Carolina, on Satur
day the Pt h day of May. I!? 14, in
the forenoon, to show cause,yt any
they have, why the said administra
tion should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
2 ith dav of March, A. D. 1914,
I Seal. ) V. P. MARTIN.
Judge of Probate for Oconee County,
South Carolina.
Published on the 2.">th day of
March. 1st. 8th. l?th. 22d and 29th
days of April, and the Ctn doy of
May. 1914, in The Keowee Courier,
and on the Court House do n for the
HUH- prescribed by law. 12-1S
State ol' South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
Right of Way.
To George Robert Dodd, William
Alfred Dodd. Joseph Parket Dodd,
John Franklin Dodd, James M. Dodd,
Mrs. Esther Elizabeth Sehnt/, Mrs.
Mary Caroline Orr, Mrs. Alice Wlnk
ler, Mrs. Sophia Burton, lan?os L.
Orr, Burt Mitchell Orr, Edward Orr,
Sloan Orr and Walter Orr:
halla Dight and Powor Company, a
corporation duly chartered under the
laws of the State of South Carolina,
and having the right of eminent do
main, requires a right of way over
lands belonging to the est ate of Wil
liam Franklin Dodd. d'-ceased,
hereinafter described, in order to
construct and maintain In. upon,
over and through the premises here
inafter described. In a proper man
ner, a line for the purpose of trans
mitting no wer bv electricity, together
... ?. '>'? : A tj cm 1er
The Triumphs of
The Carolinas
arc thc achievements in educational, agricultural and
commercial progress that will astonish even native
Carolinians, will make every State in the South bestir
itself and
Will Open the Eyes
of the Entire Nation
You know what your own locality is doing, but bow much do
you know about the combined efforts of all the Carolina counties
and bow these united efforts will, in turn, boom business in your
town and county?
Employer, employee or parent-w hichever you are-you need
to know these important facts, for the agricultural and business
opportunities and the educational advantages of North and South
Carolina today are greater than ever in the history of the two
States. What's more, they are rapidly growing bigger and better.
There is much to be proud of in the Carolinas. The whole
significant story is told in the article
In This Week's Issue of
Five Cents the Copy, of All News Agents-On Sale Thursday. Or S 1.50
a Year by Mail Direct, or Through Any Authorized Subscription Agent
Our Distributing Agent is
. s. c.
Itttlcptrndeuce Square, Phii?< ciphia
?rv, Mn/?-fnn*Hnc'iit. ? tv,*..*? Vv* *\?A*Vt?.'->'.7 ^*>?KVnk?iww>-^f<u-iVr?ti ?.. *.. t.a?:? .. >.\r> >.v/iy.*rnv?--Aw vic*.-v uj.n? *1 ?i*
I upon said prom ?sos for tho purpose j
of inspecting said line and making'
necessary repairs and alterations
thereon, together with the right to
1 cut .away and keep clear of said line
lall trees and other obstructions that
may In any way endanger the proper
maintenance and operation of said
transmission line; the said tract of
land being situate and lyipg in the
County of Oconoe, of the State of
South Carolina, near tin? corporal'
limits of the Town of West Union,
i ad joining lands of C. VV. Wickliffe,
i right of way of the Hine Ridge Rail
way Company, and others, belonging
; to the estate of the late William
Franklin Dodd, deceased, containing
sixteen (16) acres, more or less, de
scribed in grant of right of way by
Sarah J. Dodd, widow of the said
William Franklin Dodd, deceased, to
Walhalla Light and Rower Company,
bearing date the 3Isl dav of January,
THER that you, and each of you, are
hereby required, within the period of
thirty (:'.??? days after the service of
this notice to signify, in writing, your
refusal or consent; that in event of
your failure within said period of
thirty days thus to signify, In writ
ing, either refusal or consent, it shall
be presumed that consent is given
'ratifying and confirming the said
deed executed by your mother, Sa
rah J. Dodd, on the said li 1 st day of
January. 1914. granting such right
of way for said transmission line.
It. T. J A YNES i
Attorney for Walhalla Light and
Power Company.
Walhalla. S. C.. March Bth, 1914.
To .lohn Franklin Dodd and Wal- I
ter Orr. Absent Defendants:
Please take notice that the origi
nal notice herein has been hied in
the ofllce of the Clerk of Court of
Common Pleas for Oconee County,
South Carolina, and the purpose of
this action is to condemn a right of
way by Walhalla Light and Power
Company for Its transmission line on,
over and through the tract of land
containing sixteen acres, more or
less, described in said notice, be
longing to the estate of William
Franklin Dodd, deceased, in which
you. and each of you, have an inter
est as an heir-at-law of the said de
ceased; that acquisition of said right
of way for said transmission line,
and proceedings thereunder, are in
all respects in accordance with the
provisions of the Statute relating to
condemnation proceedings, as set
forth in Volume I. Code of Laws of
South Carolina, Section 3292 and fol
lowing sections, providing for right
of way for electric lighting company.
lt. T. JA YNES,
Attorney for Walhalla Light and
Power Company, Petitioner.
March 23d, 191 I. 1 2
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