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New Serte. No. 711-Volume lxXJX.-No. 44.
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Young Marc Mule:
Mules come in nice
broke, thick blocky
and lots of quality,
pair of Mules come
day or the first of ne
Every Mule Guaran
C. W. ?? J. E.
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Classified by District Donni.
Following is a list of persons clas
sified by the District Board on Octo
ber 26, 1918:
(lass 1-K.
Robert J. Snelgrove, Westminster,
R. F. D. No. 4.
Glenn H. Reynolds, Madison.
D. Diedrlch Wald, Walhalla Rt. 3.
John Wlllbanks, Mountain Rest.
William Allon Williams, Westmin
ster, R. F. D. No. 5.
Pleas. Lewis Burrell, Tamassee.
Walter Clifton Adams, Madison.
James Milton Thomas, West Union.
David LeRoy Cunningham, Wal
halla, R. F. D. No. 1.
Travis Jaynes, Seneca Rt. 1.
Ezra Cromer, SenecaRt. 3.
Wm. Wiley Allen, Fair Play, R. F.
D. No. 1.
Coyt S. King, Westminster, R. F.
D. No. 3.
Leonard Poole, Westminster, R.'F.
D. No. 2.
Kenneth W. Deaton, Walhalla, R.
F. D. No. 2.
Bronel Jones, Madison.
Wm. D .Lee Carpenter, Walhalla.
. Mack Dewey Johnson, Walhalla', R.
F. D. No. 3.
Colie John Abbott, Walhalla, <R. F.
D. No. 1.
James Jesse Crompton, Walhalla.
James Little Albertson, Salem.
Geo. H. Addis, Walhalla Rt. 3.
John Sam Sheppard, Tamassee, R.
F. D. No.1.
Will Patterson, West Union Rt. 1.
Walter Lewis Miller, Walhalla, R.
F. D. No. 2.
Jos. Sloan Matteson, Westminster,
R. F. D. No. 2.
Andrew Miles Addis, Walhalla.
Willie Robert Dearden, Walhalla,
R. F. D. No. 2.
Joe Louis Nichols, Salem.
Jas. Fred. Walters, Madison, R. F.
D. No. 1.
Wadtlie Thomas Vaughn, West
Joseph Cyrus Sanders, walhalla,R.
F. D. No. 1.
James Burt Perry, Westminster,
R. F. D. No. 5.
James Floyd Ovorby, Westminster.
Alven West Galloway, Walhalla, R.
F. D. No. 2.
Jas. Franklin Alexander, Tamassee
R. F. D. No. 1.
William Hopkins, Westminster. R.
F. D. No. 4.
Chas. E. Moore, Madison,
Geo. Warren Addis, Walhalla.
Jeff Smith, Westminster Rt. 2.
Sidney Johnson Adams, Westmin
Wm. Leander Reid, Mountain
Crawford 'Baker. Fair Play.
William H. Childers, Westminster,
R. F. D. No. f>.
Albert Collin Whitten, Salem.
Walter Austin Rankin, Seneca, R.
F. D. No.'L
Wiley Birdine Fowler, Walhalla,
R. F. D. No. 3.
Glenn D. Moss, Westminster, R.
F. D. No. 2.
James Levi Cantrell, Salem Rt. 1.
William B. Wilson, Salem.
Dowey Borton, West Union Rt. 1.
James Newton Smith, West Union.
, B. C. Wood, Walhalla Rt. 3.
' Bennett Alonzo Satterfteld, West
minster, R. F. D. No. 4.
Herbert A. Wood, Seneca Rt. 1,
Led/ford S. Whitfield; Westmin
ster, lt. F. D. No. 3.
Torry Mabry Meares, Seneca Rt. 1.
Jay Tee Barker, Salem Rt. 2.
Lewis P. Swofford, Mountain Rest,
R. F. D. No. 1.
C. C. Crane, Tamassee.
William M. Collins, Westminster,
R. F. D. No. 4.
Lewiii Adams, Madison Rt. 1.
Bart C. Certain, Westminster, R.
F. D. No. 5.
er Car
i another car of Fine
s Saturday. These
ly mated pairs, good
kind, with good hair
If you want a real
to see us next Satur
:xt week?
Lteed as Represented*
LL(A., S. C
Noah Mitchell Cater, Seneca Ht. 1.
Jesse Franklin Crenshaw, Salem.
Gus. E. Deaton, Wost Union Rt. 1.
Wm. M. Cannon, Salem, Rt. 1.
Clarence Oliver Allen, Westmin
Homor C. Dickard, Walhalla Rt. 3.
William S. Cowan, Walhalla Rt. 2.
Julius C. Hoggs, Westminster, R.
F. D. No. 5.
Wad T. Collins, Salem Rt. 1.
Amos Aadms, Seneca.
Geo. Morton Singleton, Townvllle,
R. F. D. No. 1.
Sam Morris Johns, Westminster,
R. F. D| No. 2.
Nen Certain, Westminster Rt. 6.
Dillard John Cape, Westminster,
R. F. D. No. 1.
Joel L, Abercrombie, Salem Rt. 2.
Willie W. Bramlott, Walhalla, R.
F. D. No. 1.
Wm. H. Hurklein, Walhalla.
Wm. L. Ramey, Fair Play.
Class I-F.
William Wallace Oliver, Seneca.
Dowey D. Thrift, Long Creek.
Jas. h Hus Hoxit, Walhalla.
Turner Wilson Timms, Clemson
Elvin M. Moore, Seneca Rt. 3.
Hurt David Simpson, Westminster.
Henry Theodore Ritter, West
James Marion Dodd, West Union.
Eugene Robinson, Walhalla.
Class 2-C.
Roscoe Milton Morgan, West Union
R. F. D. No. 1.
John Leland Dalton, Seneca Rt. 3.
Jas. P. Armstrong, Seneca Rt. 4.
Class 2-D.
John M. Bruner, Westminster.
Henry Denton Cheek,Erwln.Tonn.,
(C. C. & O. Railway.)
Luther Hredford Brown, Seneca.
Class 4-C.
Wilton R. Earle, Town ville Rt. 1.
Class 1-D.
ThoB. Peden Anderson, Westmin
D. A. Smith,
Chief Clerk.
Walhalla, S. C., Oct. 28, 1918.
Death of Mrs. Giles F. Drown.
(Tugaloo Tribune, Oct. 22.)
Tlve sad death of Mrs. -Giles F.
Brown occurred at Columbia last Sat
urday afternoon at 5 o'clock. She
was first taken sick with influenza,
which soon developed into pneumo
n?a. Mrs. Brown was with her hus
band in Columbia, ho being in train
ing at the University of South Caro
lina. She wa s a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Tortipkins, of Oakway, her
maiden name being Miss Genora
Tompkins. Sho and Mr. Brown were
married on tho 18th day of last Au
gust. Mr. Drown is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Brown", who llvo a short
distance below Oakway
Tho deceased was a young woman
of lovely traits of character, and her
death came as a shock to hoi* many
friends and acquaintances. She was
about 2 2 years of ago and was a
member of Bethel Baptist church at
Besides tho heart-broken husband
and parents, Mrs. Brown leaves font
brothers--Robert,who is In tho navy;
Loo, J. B. and Hubert, nt homo, and
two sisters, Mrs. J. ,P Ables, of the
Earle's Orove section, and Mrs.
Claude Mooro, of Westminster.
Interment was made in the ceme
tery of the Center M. E. church, near
Oakway, yesterday afternoon at 4
We deeply sympathize with the be
reaved families in this sad dispensa
tion of Providence.
Probate Court to bo Closet!.
Tho Probate Court for Oconee
will ho closed on Tuesday, Novem
ber 5th, 1918-(election day.)
V. F. Martin,
Jutfgo of Probate.
Walhallu llrajich of OIHHIOO Chapter
Elected. No?v Officers Oct. 18.
At the anual meeting of the Wal
halla Branch of tho Oty>nee Chapter,
American Bed Cross, hold on Octo
ber 18, the following officers were
Chairman-Dr. W. R. Craig.
Vice Chairman-Mrs. C. W. Bauk
Secretary-Mrs. E. L. Herndon.
Treasurer-George Seaborn. (Mas
not accepted.)
Membership Committee-M. R. Mc
Finance-J. E. Bauknlght.
Woman's Work-Mrs. Geo. Sea
Supervisor of Surgical Dressings
Mrs. J. W. Bell.
Supervisor of Hospital Supplies
Miss Sue Maxwel.
Chief Clerk and Supervisor of Sup
plies-Mrs. R. L. Rogers.
Supervisor of Shipping Committee
-Mrs. W. L. Vernor.
Junior Membership-Miss Sallie
Chairman Conservation - Miss
Lola Kaufmann.
Chairman Publicity-Mrs. J. A.
Chairman Education-Miss Addle
Chairman Nursing Committee
Miss Julia Maxwel.
Chairman Motor Corps-?Mrs. Ida
Chairman Canteen Service-Miss
Daisy Strong.
Civilian Relief-Rev. E. P. Taylor.
The following were elected direc
tors: Mrs. C. W. Bauknight, Dr. W.
R. Craig, Mrs. J. W. Shelor, Rev. E.
P. Taylor, Mrs. E. L. Herndon.
Oeoneo Community Labor Board.
Mrs. W. M. Brown, of Walhalla,
and Miss Eva Reeder, of Westmin
ster, have been appointed as the two
women members of tho Community
Labor Board for Oeoneo county. The
other members of tho board are R.
T. Jaynes, chairman, Walhalla; J.
M. Bruner, Westminster, and C. E.
Gaillard, of Seneca. This board is
constituted a part of the United
States Employment Service of tho
Federal Department, of Labor, and
works in co-operation with the Stato
and Federal ofllces at Columbia and
Washington, as well ns the district
office at Greenville.
As women are gradually lending
their assistance more and moro In
the discharge of the burdens of war
time by assisting in relief of the labor
situation, and filling vacancies loft
by men, it has been deemed advisable
to have women representatives on
the various Community Labor
B. E. Goer Appointed Fuel Adminis
trator for South Carolinn.
Washington, Oct. 26.-B. E. Geer,
of Greenville, deputy fuel adminis
trator for South Carolina, has been
appointed by United States Fuel Ad
ministrator J. A. Garfield as Fuel
Administrator for South Carolina, to
succeed B. B. Gossett, who resigned
to accept a commission as captain in
the chemical warfare branch of the
army. Concerning the now appoint
ment the Federal Administration
makes the following statement dn its
announcement of the change:
"Mr. Geer, who is about 45 years
of age, was for many years head of
the department of English at Fur
man University. For the last few
years he has been actively and suc
cessfully engaged in the manufacture
of cotton goods, and at the same time
has had the office of treasurer of
Furman. Mr. Gossett was very warm
in his endorsement of Mr. Geer as
his successor as Fuel Administrator."
Tho Fuel Administration's office
will be moved from Anderson to
Greenville after November 1st.
Tho 11 orso In tho Anny.
An officer in our army In France
writing homo says:
You may he interested to know
that hero rocen tly a soldier, for
abusing a horso, was confined on
half rations for twenty-four hours,
degraded, shunned and nicknamed
by his comrados ."Tho Hun," which
will stick to him as long ns ho lives.
Such is tho penalty for abusing a
dumb animal imposed by Undo Sam.
Card of Thanks.
Editor Kooweo Courier:
Allow us, please, through your col
umns, to oxpress to the many friends
In Seneca and community our deep
appreciation of and sincere thanks for
tho many kind acta and considera
tions -extended to us In our recent
Mrs. Mary E. Blggorstaff
and Children.
Seneca, R. F. D., Oct. 28.
Gentlemen Who WIR Herve at the
Conting Session of Criminal Court.
The following jurors wore drawn
last week to serve at the November
t?rm of Criminal Court for Oconee,
which will convene in Walhalla on
Monday morning, November 4th. The
session will be presided pver by
Judge Gcorgo E. Prince, of Ander
son :
Tho Jurors.
1. J. M. Garland, Seneca.
2. A. H. Hunntcutt, Koowoe town
3. R. C. Smith, Pulaski township.
4. J. Q. Adams, Seneca.
5. Jodie Roach, Tugaloo township.
6. J. A. Adams, Tugaloo township.
7. P. C. Suddeth, Seneca town
8. R. P, Kaufmann, Walhalla.
9. G. L. Barker, Wagener town
10. li. C. Carver, Tugaloo township.
11. G. E. Rankin, Keowee township.
12. Homer Sullivan, Wagoner town
13. P. H. Isbell, Seneca.
14. W. W. Bearden, Center town
15'. ?E. R. SanderB, Newry.
16. J. W. Wllbanks, Clemson Col
17. Elisha Stewart, Wagener town
18. J.M. Patterson .Whitewater town
19. Fleet McLees, Seneca township.
20. A. T. Smith, Wagoner township.
21. Claudo Williams, Wagoner town
22. H. D. Carter, Tugaloo township.
23. L. M, Glyniph, Center township.
24. W. H. Sloan, Wagoner township.
25. J. R. Snipes, Center township.
26. J. W. Grubbs, Center township.
27. E. P. Callaham, Center township.
28. J. P. Armstrong, Center town
29. L. C. Timms, Seneca township.
30. A. Lay, Jr., 'Whitewater town
31. Y. C. Langston, Seneca township.
32. V. ii. Lemmons, Westminster.
33. Jor Ketley, Keowee townsihp.
34. J. E. Orr, Jr., Chattooga town
35. M. L. Phillips, Walhalla.
36. E. B. Morris, Seneca township.
"Elli" Victims Improving.
Oak Grove, Oct. 2 6.-Special:
Wo aro glad to report last week's
"flu" victims much hotter; but we
aro sorry to say that there are some
new cases, among them the family
of Frank Bolt.
Mrs. W. W. Hanvey has boen real
sick, but ls better at this writing.
Tho two-year-old child of Mr. and
Mrs. Ira Redmond died at their home
near Westminster last Sunday and
was burled at Pleasant Hill Monday.
Tho bereaved ones have the sympa
thy of many friends In their afflic
R. J. Snelgrove went to 'Green
ville last Friday to see his brother,
who is very sick.
F. O. Skelton, of near Return, was
In this community Wednesday.
Rev. J. P. Dendy has resigned his
position as principal of the Oak Grove
school. Wo have been informed that
he intends to take up Y. M. C. A.
work in Prance.
;The big rains of Thursday night
moved several of the bridges between
here and Walhalla. Mr. Burley, the
mall carrier on Walhalla Route No.
1, was unable to get around on Fri
Wifo of Prominent Methodist Minis
ter Passed Away Near Greenwood,
Greenwood, Oct 26.-'Mrs. J. I,
Spinks died Sunday morning last at
4 o'clock at her homo in Phoenix,
near Greenwood, after an illness of
about two weeks. lier death was
caused by pneumonia, following an
attack of influenza. She was about
56 years of age, and was the wife of
Rev. John I. Spinks, ol' the Methodist
church. She ls survived by her hus
band and eleven children-Mrs. W.
E. Hall, of Fort .Mill; Mrs. S. H.
Gibson and Mrs. J. M. Mason and B.
C. Spinks, of Charleston; W. B.
Spinks, of New York, and J. F.
Spinks, who is now In activo service
in France; Tova,Belle, Carrie. Cllf
ton and Deborah Spinks, at homo.
All oxcept throe of Mrs. Spinks' chil
dren were at hor bcdsldo whon she
died. Mrs. Spinks was a noble Chris
tian woman, whoso death will be
mourned by many friends In various
sections of tho State.
Mrs. Spinks'is pleasantly remem
bered by not a few friends In Wal
hala and Oconee county, sho having
resided hore with her husband and
family at the time whon Rev. Mr.
Spinks was serving- as pastor In
charge of the Walhala Methodist cir
cuit. Wo Join with many others of
the Oconee friends of the family in
extending sympathy to the bereaved
ones in their sorrow.
Card of Tlihnks.
Editor Keowee Courier:
.We want to thank, through the
columns of your papor, tho good peo
ple of Oakway and^ surrounding com
munity for the many kindnesses that
wore shown to us in the doath of our
beloved (lenora. May God bloss
them all. J. R. Tompkins
Names of Quito li Few AppOU? Dur
ing tho Tust Wock.
From tho reports of casualties in
the American Expeditionary Forces
in Eurone, as published in the daily
papers of the past week, wo make
tho following brief summary:
October ~:t.
Kiled in action. 14 0
Missing in action . 115
Wounded In action . 101
Wounded severoly . 17
Wounded slightly . 150
Died of accident and from othor
causes . 9
Died of wounds . 60
Died of disease . 137
Wounded, degroe undetermined 467
Died of aeroplane accident ... 1
Prisoners . 22
Total .1,219
Carolinians on-- List.
Killed in action-Lieut. Thoa. ?D.
Lako, Jr., Laurens.
Slightly wounded-Llouts. Ed
mund C. Bellinger, St. George's; G.
C. Prult, Calhoun Falls; Privates
Ernest Leo Reid, Pelzer; John B.
Murray, Cheraw.
Died of disease-Private Walter
Kirby, Gaffney.
Died or accident and othor causes
-Private Felman Rpmbert, Meares
Wounded, degree undetermined
Corpl. Edward Crlfllth, Jefferson;
Private John D. Curry, Anderson;
Private Henry Hall, Steadman.
Died of disease-Cook Willie F.
Sharp, Blythewood.
October 24.
Killed in action. 61
Died of wounds. 17
Died of accident and other
causes . 10
Died of disease. 4 2
Wounded loverely . 136
Wounded, degree undetermined 411
Wounded slightly . 124
Missing in action . 41
I Prisoner . 2
Total . 874
(No South Carolinians aro listed
for tho day.)
October 25th.
Killed in action. 68
Died of wounds . 84
Died of accident and othor
causes. 5
Died of disease. 25
Wounded severely . 217
Woundod, degree undetermined 108
Wounded slightly. 128
Missing in action. 4 6
Died of aeroplane accident. ... 2
Total . 632
Carolinians oh List,
Died of accident-Private William
Lewis, Epworth.
Died of wounds-Private JameB
Brennon, Blac.ksvllle.
Sovoroly wounded-Corpl. Sanford
Cain, Westminster.
Correction-Fred. E. Turnlpseod,
Bookman, wounded slightly, previ
ously reported missing in action.
% OctolK?r 20.
Killed in action.,. 9"
Died of disoase . 6
Wounded severely . . . .. 4 5
Wounded, degree undetermined 179
Wounded slightly . 104
Died of wounds . ' 1
Died of accident and other
causes.>. -2
Missing in action . 8
Prisoners .'. 4
Total . 385
, Carolinians on List.
Wounded, degreo undetermined
Private Asa iL. Bradley, Spartanburg.
Slightly wounded-Capt. Arthur
Lee, Greenwood.
Octolwr 27.
Killed In action . 88
Died of wounds. 51
Died of accident and other
causes . 6
Died of disease . 92
Wounded severely . 121
Wounded, dogreo undetermined 271
Wounded slightly. 228
Missing in action . 85
Prisoners .2
Died of aeroplane accident ... 6
Total . 950
Carolinians on last.
Killed in action-Lieut. Robt. A.
Gilmor, Anderson.
Died of wounds-Private Rufus H.
Genoble, Pacolet.
Slightly wounded-Private "William
II. I*. Scott, Walhalla.
Missing In action-Private Joseph
Harvoy Fowler, Trough.
October 28.
Killed in action .i. 192
Died of wounds . 63
Died of accident and othor
causes . 6
Died of disease. 82
Died of aeroplane accident ... 1
Wounded soverely . 30
Woundod, dogreo undetermined 248
Missing in action . . . ..... 6
Prisoners . 8
Total . 631
Carolinians on ?List.
Killed in action-Corpl. Oscar
Marett, Anderson; (Privates Angus
Love, Elko; Wilford M. Davis, Or
angeburg. \v .
Died of wounds-Corpl. , Vernon
.. , .v .) < ? ?..,
Bach of tho Tliroo Oeoneo Dist riot?
Wont Wo? ..Over tho Top."
Tl?e ofllclal returns for tho Fourth
Liberty Loan Bond Bales tn Ocoueo
county are as follows:
Tho total allotment bf $540,000.OM)
for. tito county was apportioned aa fol
Walhalla Divinion.$166,550 00
Seneca Division. 209,300 00
Westminster Division . . 164,150 00
The total subscriptions aggregated
$681,000.00, divided by districts as
Walhalla Division, $200,600.00;
excess sales over allotment, $34,
Soneca Division, $254,050.00; ex
cess of sales over allotment, $44,
Westminster Division,? 176,350.00;
excess . sales over allotment, $12,
Total excess of sales over allot
ment for Ocono county, $91,000.00.
Chairman Oconee County.
Walhalla, S. C., Oct. 28, 1018.
Two Additional llond Buyers.
Aftor tho lists of names of pur
chasers of Liberty Bonds of the 4th
issue had boon furnished to us and
wore in typo and "mado up" in tue
forms, wo have received notice from
The Enterprise 'Bank that two late
purchases wero made through that
institution. They are as follows:
Ernest Ollvor, Westminster,
R. P, D. No. 3.$60.00
A. E. Price,-Weat Union. 50.00
Wo regret that we wero unable
to add these na.m os directly to the
list, but lt was impossible under tho
circumstances. Handicapped as we
now are by a shortage In mechanical
force, the loss of an hour moans too
much to us to undertake corrections
of that kind.
A Good Citizen I fas (?ono.
Sebastian Cabot Biggerstnff died at
his home near Soneca on Monday
morning, October 21st, after an ill
noss of seven months. He was born
in Rutherford county, North Caro
lina, on July loth, 1860, his age ho
ing 68 years, 3 months and ll days..*
Mr. Blggorstaff came to Oconoo
county about tho year 1875 and set
tled In the community In which ho
resided at tho timo of his death. Ho
was united In marriage to Mrs. Mary
E. Johnson in 1877. To this union
throe chlldron wore born--Mrs, Wil
liam Mills, deceased; Mrs. E. M.
Barron and Mrs. H. K. Blggorstaff.
He is survived by his widow. Pune-'
ral sor vicos wero conducted at the
residence Tuesday morning at ll
o'clock, and his body was laid to rest
In Mountain View cemetery at Sen
eca. The Courier, with other friends
of tho deceased, extends sympathy
to tho borcavod ones. It was our
pleasure to have numbered Mr. Big
gerstaff among'pur valued acquaint
ances. Ho was a 'naii of fine type,
and in his passtnp- Uconoe has lost
an honest, honored and valuable citi
N. C. University President ?ead.
Chapel Hill, N. C., Oct. 27.-Ed
ward Kidder Graham, president of
the University of NorthCarbllna, died
at his home here last night from an
attack of pneumonia, which followed
influenza. He -wasv42 years of ago
and had been president of the univer
sity since 1914.
du d of Thanks.
Editor Keowee Courier:
We wish to thank our neighbors
and friends for the kindness shown
ns during the sickness and at the
I death of our dear son and brother.
May God's richest, blessings be upon
eash and every ono io our prayor.
Jas. Brewer, Wife and Family. '
..West Union, October 28._
N. Jones, Orangeburg; Private Da
vid W. Hanna, Kingstreo.
Dlod of disease-Private John T.
Stansoll, Pickens.
October 20.
Killed In action. 98
Died of wounds. 94
Dlod of accident and other
causes ..,. . . 5
Died of aeroplano accident. .... 6
Died of disease . 144
Wounded severely . 92
Wounded, degreo undetermined
Woundod slightly . . 156
Missing In action . 97
Prisoners. 8
Total. 963
Carolinians on List.
Died of disease-Private William
L. Dickey, Columbia.
Mi?Bing in action-Private Jesse
M Williams, Conway.
Died of wounds received In action
-Privates Mack Matthews, Coward;
William Hice, Saluda. i
Total Casualties to Dato.
The following ls a summary of tho
total casualties reported to this date;
Killed In action (including 293
at sea .10^7*
Died of wound?. 3,787
Died Of disease . 3,220
Died of accident and other
causes .... 1.160
Wounded In action.82,106
Missing in action, Including
prisoners . .,.. 0,040

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