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Another Car
Young Mules.
Wc expect to unload another car of Fine
Young Marc Mules Saturday? These
Mules come in nicely mated pairs, good
broke, thick blocky kind, with good hair
and lots of quality. If you want a real
pair of Mules come to sec us next Satur
day pr thc first of next week.
Every Mule ua ranteed as Represented*
Just What You Want
v Buggies, Surries, Harness of AU Kinds;
Whips, Lap Robes, Wagons, Mowing
Machines; Wialki Cutters and Turn
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rs find what you want herc in thc way of
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Short Notice.
Buy War Saving' Stamps
and Help Win the War.
Here You Will Find
Monuments. Headstones and Makers.
unique in design and findly made by thc
most expert workman, attractively display
ed in an environment conductive to a care
ful and satisfactory selection.^ ? bt?&?
Seneca Marble and Granite Worts,
Wiso, Monetta; Private llarrjra
ks, Parksville; Private AqulllSy
Showing Suntu Carolinians Killed
und Wounded During Week.
-?-; H
The crowded condition of our col
umns this week prevents our giving
the detailed statement of casualties
ns heretofore. We give holow tho
names of South Carolina boys who
have been reported killed, wounded
or missing during the past week;:
Killed In action-Private James
D. Evans, Biahopvlllo; Private Ciar*
'euee A. Dunning, Summerville; Sn rut.
! Gordon L. Rhodes, Kingstree; frl
jvatc Allen B. Mitchell, HoneaPath;
j Lieut. Claude S. Garrett, Lamons;
Corpl. Walter Johnson, Kershaw;
Private Coke T. Chesney, Converse;
j Private Frank Godfrey, Simpson
son ville; Private Broadus B. Hanes,,]
Gaffney; Private George HI. Gantt,
Liberty; Private James lt. Ridings?
Died of diseaser-?Private Henry L. i
Griflln, Swansea; Private Joe Lloyd,'|
Georgetown; Private John Montgom
ery, Greeley ville; Private j William
McNeal, Kershaw; Private? Orville.
L. WtllianiB, Stedman; Private Al4
bert Thomas, Trenton; Private Dan^
Calhoun, Aiken; Private'Otis LV.
Crooks, Poniarla; Privato Jos. Hol
liday, Manning; Private < Ed fur Lu;
Eakin, Abbeville; private John W.
Droher, Lexington; Private Jame's
Harris, Gaffney; Private 'JoW 15,:
Horton, Angelus; Private- YVjlltareg
Sanders, Barnwell; Private? \V)lllai?
McCTary, Kingstree; Private'Bud!
Miller, Chesterfield; Private Bteifl
lng Mooro, Greenville; PrivateJoh{
Mobl?y, Johnston; Private ?elii
Moore, Salters; Private (B?lslif
Williamson, Wagener; Priy?te
A. Woodward, Montmorency S
Claudius R, Petty, Gaffney; Tri vi
Clayton Lyles. Hartsville;.
Marion BOxr, Springfield;
Ernest Scurry, Plum ? Brauel
Private Mack L.; Parker, Vina; Pri
vate Leland Sweat, Holly Hill; Pri
vate Ward R. Knight, Lancaster;
Private Abraham Felder, Newberry;
Private Archie L. Joiner, Pelham;
Privato Sam Reese, Cornwell; Pri
vates Walter D. Hall, Anderson;
George Miller, Cross HUI; Robt. D,
Roarce, Columbia; Cuet Popo, Ai
Wounded severely-Privates Ar
th r Yeargln, Laurens; Ben Oliver,
Eutawvllle; Frank O. Mims, Eutaw
vllle; Capt. Frank J. Jorvey, Char
Died of wounds-'Farrier Isaiah
Hodge, Eastover; Private Alex. But
ler, Sumter; Privates Rufus S. Neo
ley, Congaree; Luther N. Rainoy,
Killed in action-Lieut. John E.
McIntosh, Columbia; Private Duey
A. Hutto, Norway.
Wounded slightly-Corpl. Walter
M. Smith, Liberty; Corpl. Lewis T.
Lanier, Liberty; Privates Martin 0.
Ellison, Belton; Robt. C. Adair,
Clinton; Private Wilbur M. Smith,
Missing In action-Private Wil
liam S. Connelley, Branchville; Pri
vates Louis Bollo, Charleston; Jay
Mahaffoy, Pelzer; Jonas Boy ter,
Woodruff; Cleveland W. McKenzie,
Lake City; Benj. T. Meetze, Lexing
Died of wounds received In action
-Corpl. Sanford Cain, Westminster;
Sorgt. John W. McClain, Inman; Pri
vates Wm. Aiken, Holly HUI; Abra
ham " Heyward, Frogmore; Barney
Williamson, Bannockburn.
Wounded, degree undetermined-i
Private Carl Anderson, Anderson.
Died from accident and other cau
tses-Privates Mason L. Copeland,
Clinton; Wheeler Ferguson, Cot
tagovllle; Larkin F. Cox, Marietta.
Present for duty, previously re
ported missing-Private Ciaudo S.
Bagwell, Holton.
Total <'usual< irs to Nov. 10.
Killed In action, including 397
lost nt sea ..-.12,128
Died of wounds . 4,719
Died of disease . 4,730
Died of accident and other
causes ... . . 1,42 il
Wounded In action.38,708
Missing In action, Including.
prisoners . 6,07 4
Total .68,451
. FOR the convenience of tax-pay
era, I will bo at the following places
on tho dates nainod, for the purpose
of collecting taxes. Tax-payora will
please bear these dates in mind and
avail themselves of this opportunity
to pay taxes without the necessary
trip to Walhalla, If thoy so desire, as
there will bo no other dates Axed on
which I will be at these places:
Westminster-Thursday and Fri
day, November 2lat and 22d.
Seneca-Tuesday and Wednesday,
November 26th and 27th.
Tao office at tho Court House will
be closed on tho above dates.
Treasurer Oconee Co.
Tell that neighbor who borrows
your Courier to subscribe for lt.
armistice Signed ]
Nov. ll-At..
$London, Nov. 10.-The fo
tty, which is believed to inclu
lyed at Eysden, on the Dutc
I nlbrninj?. Practically' the
kpanied the fleeing Emperor.
*iy. The automobiles bristlec
fes were heavily armed.
?T- . . -
plo to Choose Successor to- Lato
. Thomas E. Sanders.
)n account of the death of T. E.
?dora, the Democratic nominee for
lervhior of Oconee county, the
tty Executive Committee has ov
ni a special primary election to bo
,on the last Tuesday in Novem
the 26th-to fill the vacancy
ire mentioned.
LU persons desiring to enter tho
must tile the usual pledge and
an entrance fee bf $10, said
Ige to bo died and entrance fee to
mid not later than 12 o'clock noon
tuesday, November 19th, 191&
in said primary the candidate re
tying the highest number of votes,
pether it be a majority of all tho
COB polled or not, will be declared
le nominee, unless two candidates
?ceivo the same number of votes, in
Heh event a second primary will be
ld two weeks later. In all other
SpectB the said primary election
II be held. In accordance with the
Rles governing the regular Demo
cratic primary elections.
Wffihq same managers who served In
gmo primary elections during the paBt
Km pier are hereby requested to
?M^J?BO ul1.,; lin Court House o)
?rve1 in this election, and they will
filiase califat the Court House on No
W./? ?b.ori.261^and getAhe?, ballots. and
^?TC?ST;^^ - J. E. Hopkins,
County Chairman.
W. C. Hughs, Clerk.
Walhalla, Sf C., Nov. 4th, 1918.
Primary foi Coroner.
Since the above notice was written,
Hal. D. Grant has resigned as Coro
ner, so an election for Coroner will
be held at tho same time as the elec
tion for County Supervisor. Tho
same rules and regulations will ap
ply in both elections.
The entrance fee for candidates in
the Coroner's race will be $2.50, and
the dato for closing of entrance and
filing of pledges will bo Hie same as
in tito announcement above.
J. E. Hopkins,
. County Chairman.
W. C. Hughs, Clork.
Walhalla, S. C., Nov. 5th, 1918.
ojo e|? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? cj? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J.
For Supervisor.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for Supervisor of Oconee county
and pledge myself to abide the re
sult of the approaching primary elec
tion. If elected I shall devote my
entire time to the office.
Richland, S. C.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of Supervisor of
Oconee, subject to the will of the
voters of the county as lt may be
expressed by them In the special elec
tion to be held on November 26th.
If elected I promise my best ser
vices to the people of the county, and
will devote my entire time to tho
duties of tho office.
Tho many friends of W. M. BROWN
hereby announce him as a candidate for
County Supervisor subject to the notion
of tho Democratic party in primary
I horoby announce myself a can
didato for Coroner of Oconee county,
subject to tfeo will of tho majority
In the sepeclal election to be held
on Tuesday, November 2(Uh, 11)18.
West Union, S. C., Rt. No. 1.
I hereby announce mysolf a candi
date for Coroner of Oconee county,
subject to the will of tho voters in
the primary election to be held on
November 26th. I will .appreciate
all nupport given, and pledge myself
to abide by tho result of tho olec?on.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for Coroner of Oconoo county,
subject to the will of tho voters of
the county as expressed In the elec
tion to be hold on Tuseday, Novem
ber 26th. I pledge mysolf to abide
the result, of said election, and to
give careful atentlon to tno duties of
tho office if elected. B. M. LEE.
Westminster, S. C., Star Route.
I hereby announce mysolf a can
didate for Coroner of Oconoo county,
sr Uncon
Monday Morning,
Allies* Mercy. !
>rmer German Emperor and his
ide Field Marshal Hindenburg,
h frontier, at 7.30 o'clock Sun
whole German general staff ac
Ten automobiles carried the
i with rifles, and all of the fugt-'
subject to tho action of tho voters of
the Democratic party In the special
election to bo hold on November 26,
1918. I will greatly appreciate the
support of the voters of the county.
Seneca, S. C., R. P. D.
A Gard to the Public.
To tho Citizens of Oconee:
Tho recent doath of Mr. Sanders,
Oconee's Supervisor-oloct, necessi- ,
tates tho election of a successor on ,
tho 20th instant, as announced by the
County Democratic Chairman. At
tho solicitation of friends residing ,
in every section of the county, I havo, j
after careful consideration of the du
ties and requirements essential to an
intelligent, efficient nnd progruBsivc
administration of the office, reached
tho conclusion that my experlonco In '
life iltH and qualities me, by giving
the Job all my time, to discharge the
duties of the office of Supervisor In ?
maimer fully as acceptable to the
public as any, Supervisor tho county
has ever had; and upon this founda
tion I 'hereby announce my candidacy
for tho office of County Supervisor
of Oconee county, subject to tho rules
of the Democratic party. If olocted,
I pledge you my word of honor that
I will devoto al)?itt myittn^.^fijAi^
to the duties of the office hud suPSrV
vise every piece of work coming un
der my control and supervision, and
see that every dollar of county funds
is honestly and economically ex
pended, consistent with permanent
improvement on our location and up
keep of public roads and bridges.
I reside near tho county seat, eas
ily in touch by mail or in person,with
every section of tho county. My ex
perience in handling labor and in op
erating machinery, and tho heavy
uses of roads in hauling lumber over
tho same for a life-time, peculiarly
flt me, I believe, to handle tho chain
gang and bridge building, which are
BO essential in the building nnd keep
ing up of good roads, which In this
day are so strongly demanded by tho
public. And doing this, I will again
pledge you mv word of honor that in
tho performance ot Ibis duty, I shall
not make "favorites" or "pets" of
sections of the county to C'o neglect
of others; but will, by equal and ex
?act rights to all and special lavors to
none, give to the people of Oconee
county the best roads that tho money
appropriated can build and maintain.
Thanking you for your influence
and support, I am,
Yours for better Roads,
(adv.) J. C. Shockley.
West Union, S. C., Nov. ll, 1918.
Glenn Alexander LOSCH Life ns Result
of Accident Near Cutcochee.
.Glenn Alexander, Joe and Duffy
Tow, Frank Taylor and Hugh 'Elcain,
all of Oconee, were In an automobile
wreck near tho Catcechce Mills, in
Pickons county, last Sunday. As a
result of the accident Glenn Alexan
der died Monday evening about 3
o'clock at tho homo of a citizen of
tho neighborhood in which tho acci
dent occurred. No minute particu
lars were obtainable by us as to tho
causo of the wreck, but our Inform
ant stated that lt was ascertained
that at least some of tho members
of tho party of five young men were
drinking. Tho five young men were
all residents of Oconeo.
Glenn Alexander, who lost his
lifo, resided in tho Lay's Mill sec
tion. Ho ls survived by a wife and
two children.
Tho two Tow youths are residents
of tho Bethel section.
Hugh Elcain resides, wo-aro in
formed, in the Flat Shoal community.
Frank Taylor's placo of residence
was not known to our Informant,
who had been in Pickons county, and
saw the body of Alexander after he
had dlod. Hp stated also that Frank
Taylor's condition was regarded as
very sorious indeed, but that he had
boen taken to his homo. Taylor, it
is said, was driving the car at the
time of the accident. Tho car waa
making fast time, ran into a ditch or
gully and turned over twice before
tho mechanism was entirely put out
of commission and tho body of the
car brought to a standstill. All of
tho members of the party were more
or less Injured, but lt is understood
that the two Tow young men and
Elcain are not considered to be very
seriously Injured.
Buy a few Thrift Stamps to-day.
Defeated nuns How to tho Incvltabto
by Binning Arjp?stt?o.
Washington, D. C., Nov. ll.-Tho
world war ondtd this morning at ti
o'clock, Washington timo-ll o'clock
Parla Hmo. Tho armistice was signed
by tho Gorman roprosontatlves at.
Tho above a uno a nc em ont has boon
nra do officially by tho State Depart
ment, and ts authentic and reliable.
Tho Terina aro Stern.
Tho terms of tho nrmistico, whllo
not ns yet made public, aro sure to
be stern lu their domando for repara
tion and indemnities.
Military men hero rogard lt as cer
tain that thoy will Include:
Immodinto retirement of all Gor
man military forcos from France,
Belgium and Alsace-Lorraine, and
disarmament and demobilization of
th German armies.
Occupation by Allied and Amerl
cnn forces of euch strategic pointa In
Germany as will make Impossible ai
renewal of hostilities.
Delivery of parts of tho Germein
high seas (loot and a certain number
of submarines to the Allied and
American naval forces.
Disarmament of all other Gormen
warships under supervision of tko
Allied and American navies, which
will guard thom.
Tho occupation of tho principal
German naval bases by tho sea forces
of the victorious nations.
Tho release of Allied and American
soldiers, sailors and civilians hold as
prisoners tn Germany, without such
reciprocal action by tho associated
Postponed on Account Of DifiiionzAf
Successful Fair impossible.
Editor Keoweo Courier j
ti't h a ts? ? ^ h e
there can"
bo no fair held this fall. Health con- v
dlttons throughout the Stalte causod
tho State Board of Health, several
weoks ago, to postpone indefinitely
the fair from tho original dates,
October 28 to Novombor 1st, and lt is
now deemed inadvisable to attempt
to hold the fair at this lato dato.
Also, tho present congested condition
of transportation companies ls such
as to make tho immediate dollvory.
of exhibits very uncertain. Further,
tho general unrest of tho people on
account of war conditions and press
ing labor shortage, would make at
tendance upon the fair decidedly
Because of those reasons tho mom
horn of tho executive committee have
decided to hold no fair for tho year
1918, and trvt that this decision
will moot with the approval of the
exhibitors and tho public generally.
From present Indications, the war
will soon come to a successful con
clusion, and no effort will be spared
to make the 1010 fair the greatest
In tho history of tho society.
D. R. Eflrd, Secretary.
Columbia, S. C., Nov. 9, 1918.
"Nothing Tliey Have Not Done."
(Embarkation) Camp Stewart,
Newport Nows, Va.,
Nov. 1, 1918
Editor Koo wee Courier:
I am having a comrade type this
letter for me to express my thanks
for the care* and kindness shown us,
not only here, but in all tho Y. M. C.
A. camps whore our regiment ha?
boon quartered. There is nothing
thoy have not done to help make us
cheerful and comfortable.
The sports and fine entertainments
and tho educational classes, freo
library books, magazines, writing
materials, writing and taking care of
telegraph messages, buying supplies
for us when wo cannot got out of the
camp-tho comforting talks, ontlroly
without propaganda-tho free giving
of all these things has won the re
spect and gratitude of ovory man in
tho regiment.
But perhaps ono of tho finest sor
vico expressions ls that of caring for
tho rolatlves of men who como, may
bo, n thousand miles to seo thom and
bid thom good-byo. Many nrrivo 111
and without money, and thoso are
carod for in ways too Humorous to
detail here. And when wo got aboard
tho transport for "ovor there" I un
derstand that the Y. M. C. A. go with
us to minister to us, and romain with
us evon In the trench fighting.
It is the bright spot in our dally
lives as soldiers, and I feel that we
cannot say too much for this, splen
did, helpful organization. If you have
room I wish you would print this.
From a gratoful soldier
private Hobt. L. Bryson,
6th Battery, O. A. R. D.
--Another error In the recently
published list of Fourth Liberty Bond
buyers has been called to our atten
tion. Tho list showed that R. H.
Alexander, County Treasurer, had
purchased a fifty-dollar ' ond, where
as the fact of the matter ls that he
purchased a Ave - hundred - dollar
"Kaiser-killer." The error was not
The Couriers.

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