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Everything Oonernlly Carried in
(Small advertisements undor
this heading inserted at rate of
ono cent a word per insertion.
Four insertions for price of
All grinding nt Karie's Mill for
tenth toll. 37-12 _
Shingle Mill ?nd Kugliio for Salo.
T. E. ALEXANDER, Walhalla, _38
WANTED-Few good Milk Cows.
Hoe GBO. T. MOUTON, Walhalla, for
a square deal. _44-17
AH kinds of seed grain cleaned and
graded by special machino at Earle's
Mill, 10c. per bushel._37-12_
FOR SALE-Pair Donkeys, work
anywhoro; 18 months old Colt; pigs.
See Mrs. CEO. A. HARRISON. Wal
halla, S. C._4;")-4 8
WANTED-Fivo hundred corda of
Pino Wood; also fresh country Eggs
at 4iic. per dozen. THE PEOPLE'S
STORE, Walhalla Cotton Mill. 44-47
WANTED-One or two girls to
train for trained nurses. Apply to
CIATION, Westminster, S. C. 10
FOR BALK-8-cylindor Olds Club
Car; practically new. Will sell at a
bargain. W. A. GRANT, Walhalla,
9, C. _39-tf
WANTED - Poultry. Eggs and
Hides. Will pay the highest prices.
Soe mo before von sell. C. ll. OEL
K Kits, Walhalla, S. C., (opposite
Rankin's OornMlll._ 46-4 M ?
~A l'?iW SMALL FARMS for sale
on easy terms. Call at onco if in
terested, and get particulars from
R. H. Alexander at tho Court House.
Registered Duroc Jersey Pigs for
Sale. Oconoo County Duroc Breed
ers' Association. Write O. M. BAR
NETT, Secretary, Westminster, S. C.,
R^FLD. No. 4L_49?
REVERAI/ FARMS for sale that
paid from 15 to 2i> per cent this
yoar . To bo sold quick. Tho land,
section and pric.o right. UEO. T.
MORTON, Walhalla, H. C. (Phone
Athens, Ga., are largest buyers of ex
press shipped Creen Cow Hides In
South. Reason is "They weigh the
woight." H. EUGENE FANT, Mana
ger. J?'1*8^.
services of a Registered Jersey Bull
and registered Du roc Jersey Boar.
Both animals in fine shape. Terms
OB application, w. PAT DICKSON,
Henoca, S. C., R. F. I). 33-3?
BROOD SOWS.-I have some good
Brood Sows that I will sell at a rea
sonable price. Some of thom due to
farrow in January. Also, some line
pigs. SAM J. ISDELL, Walhalla, Rt.
No^L_ 4 3-4 li
FOR SALE-Oohmlg Property,
situated In tho best business center
of the Town of Walhalla; half-acre
lot with buildings. For information
address C. F. HOEFER, Administra
tor, No. 1000 Main St., Columbia, S.
C._ 29-tf
Ceo. A. Harrison, Agent for the
Union Cunno Co.. for the year 1917,
Of previously, will please make pay
ment to the undersigned as soon an
?possible. HANNAH E. HARRISON,
Executrix of tho 'Estate of Geo. A.
Harrison, doceased. 46-49
A Regular 'Communication of Blue
Ridge Lodge, No. 92, A P.
M., will be hold next Fri
day night, November 16th,
1918, at 8 o'clock.
D. A. SMITH, W. M.
W. O. WHITE, Socretary. (adv)
>?..{? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J. ?J. ?J. ?J? ?? . ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?t? ?J.
!* v*!'v*!"v v*!'*!**!* *I* *?* *I* ?!* *J* ?I* . *J? ? J*
-Good ono-horso wagon for sale.
T. E. Alexander, Walhalla.- adv.
- For Sale-Ono Ford Roadster.
See .lohn |{. Kaufmann, Walhalla, s.
O.-adv. 46-47 +
- The war's over "fire's out" -
and tho Kaiser has made a swift trip
to ll-h-h-olland. Knock tho Kaiser!
-? WANTED, At Once-60 Tur key 8 or
more; nlso Chicks, Eggs and Hides
For Cash. Al the Rowland Stand, Up
town, West End, Walhalla. I{. 1).
Oelkers- Adv.
-nieppo Riemann, of Rock Hill,
spent several days hore this and last
weok with his sisters and among hts
many friends.
-Miss Edith. Fostor, who has been
very Ul with diphtheria, is Improv
ing. Her many .friends hopo that
?ho will soon bo entirely woll.
-Read, tho advertisements in The
Courier this weok. They toll you
whero to buy and save money. Tho
"live ones", advortiae-don't waste
timo on dead ones. Watch tho col
umns of Tho Courier each week and
gol the benefit or what the mord?an ts
?ave to offer. Our limited force is
about "swamped" this week with
work of all kinds incident to getting
out tho paper and taking caro of tho
ads. ns bOBt wo could.
-Crown fenders for Ford cars. W.
M. Brown & Son, Walhalla.-?Adv.
LA, S. C.
a Drug 8toro, ft Varied Dine of
-Plenty of cement and roofing for
everybody. W. M. Drown & Son. ad.
-Mrs. .1. J. Tbode, who has been
a great sufferer for tho past throo
v. ^oks from Influenza, is improving,
to the delight of her many friends.
Mr?. Tbode had about recovered from
her Illness, when sho was overtaken.
l?y a relapse. This second attack has
proved very trying to her, and hus
left her almost deaf, though this mis
fortune ls thought to be only of a
temporary nature. We hope that she
may BOOH bo entirely -well.
-All kinds of stock food, oxtracts
and spices. H. E. Keeso, Westmin
ster, S. C.-adv. 46-49.
-Misses Ruth and Myrtle Drown
and Eloise Montjoy returned last
Thursday to Greenville to take up
their studies at G. W. C. During
Miss Montjoy's stay at homo she suf
fered from a very severe attack of
Influenza. Her friends were glad to
noto that she had almost completely
recovered before sho returned to the
college. Mr. and Mrs. Montjoy were
in Greenville Sunday and left Miss
Montjoy still gaining in strength.
-Strayed-Young pig; now in my
possession. Owner can get same by
paying for this notice, and for feed, and
by describing the pig. Fred Biemnnn,
West Union, S. 0.-adv.
-Tho employees of tho Victor
Monaghan Mills (Walhalla plant)
celebrated tho signing of the armis
tice by tho Germans and the cessa
tion of hostilities in Europe, by giv
ing a torch-light procession Monday
night, parading through Main street
from tho mill village. Tho mill,
along with other industrial plants in
and near town, as well as practically
i all business houses,"closed up shop"
from tho noon hour, giving employ
ees a half haliday.
-For Sale-7-room residence,
with 15 acres ol' land; best known
as the, Col. J. S. Newman place; In
town of Walhalla; nice orchard,
flue well; all necessary outbuild
ings in good condition. Apply to
.las. II. Darby, Walhalla, S. C. (or
at Seneca Oil Mill.)-adv.-4 2-tf
-Among the present victims of
Influenza aro Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
11 erndon and W. L. Verner, all of
tho Eastern section ot" town. Mr.
Vernor, wo understand, is not suf
fering from a very serious attack,
and it is hoped that he will soon he
finite himself again. Mr. Ilerndon
has been quito ill, but is improving,
though slowly. Mrs. Ilerndon was
not so seriously lil as Mr. Ilerndon.
and her condition is much better than
her husband's. There are hosts of
friends of these- good people, in town
and county, who will join with us In
the hope that they may soon be en
joying their full health and strength.
- If you want the best buy Mc Ness
goods, ll. E. Kecse, Westminster, S.
-.1. ll. Earle, Esq., has boen con
fined to his home for tho past few
days, suffering from a complication
of troubles. Mis friends will be glad
to leam, however, that he is well on
tho road to recovery and able now to
be up a part of the time in his room.
Mr. Eerie was taken suddenly with a
severe attack or acute indigestion on
Friday last, at the same time being
In tho clutches'of an attack of influ
enza. Tho indigestion attack ren
dered his heart action very weak,
and this trouble, in combination
with Influenza, inado his general con
dition (H'ite serious for a time. We
hope soon to soo him out and In his
accustomed robust health.
-Girls Wanted-To loop hosiery
at homo. Apply to Hetrlck Hosiery
Mills, Walhalla.-Adv.tf.
-We aro indebted to our good
friend, Mrs. H. L. Brandt, for a bas
ket of the finest sweet potatoes we
have seen In a long while-and each
ono as superior In quality as lt was
in appearance. Mrs. Brandt, who
oversees hor own gardening and the
work of tho farm within a small
radius of the Brandt home, doing
herself not a small portion of the
actual garden work, ls ono of the
best "farmerettes" we know of. We
have been trying quietly for several
years to excel her in some small par
ticular, but wo frankly admit that
each year she manages to beat us at
our own game. The beauty of the
thing, however, is that wo always
gol a sample Of something from our
"model garden" over tho way-a
very consoling feature of tho unequal
game. Thanks!
- I have moved to Westminster.
Soo me in town every Saturday. lt.
E. Koose, "The McNoss Man," West
minster.- adv. 46-4 !?.
-Sam Orr brought to The Courier
office last week three sweet potatoes
that weighed In the aggregate twelve
and a half pounds-two of them four
pounds each, tho other a half pound
better. Wo congratulated Sam on
his "big taters"-and they wero in
deed good, too. And then up jumps
little old Dres. Smith, and ho sos,
ses he, "Sam, I've got you beat a
mlle. I've got several potatoes
down home, from my patch, that
weigh eight and nine pounds each."
Tho truth of the matter is that Dres.
ls fixing to get hlmsolf fired out of
tho Ananias Club, tho local branch of
which several years ago elected him
president for life. Charlie Bauk
night and John Ansel aro gottlng
mighty tired of being boat continu
ously at their own game year after
-Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crosby, of Spar
tanburg, aro spending several days
with tho latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Beard, of Ta mass?e.
-Buy the sanitary line, McNess
goods. R. E. Koese, Westral, nor, S.
C.-adv. 46-49.
-Wo are requested to announce
that Zion school will open next Mon
day, November 18th, with Miss Eva
Manning as teacher.
-Tho Local Hoard is in receipt, this
morning, of a lengthy telegram, which
in substance states thut the Hoard must
continue to complote classification of
registrants between the ages of nine
teen and thirty-seven, inclusive. Also,
that questionnaires will bc sent im
mediately to those who were eighteen
on Sept. 12th, but not to those between
thirty-seven and forty-live*.
-After a suspension of meetings
for several weeks the Paul Hayuo
Circle had the privilege of mooting
at the homo of Mrs. L. M. brown last
Friday. Only a few of the members
were present, however, owing to sick
ness In so many homes. There were
several Interesting readings by. Miss
Taylor, Miss Smith and Mrs. J. B. S.
Dendy. A selection on thc Victrola
was enjoyed by all, af tor^ which the
meeting was adjourned. * A tempt
ing salad course was then served by
the hostess, assisted bp her daugh
ter, little Miss Dorothy.
-Mrs. Robt. A. Miles, of San An
tonio, Texas, spent a short while last
wook In West Union with the family
of MV. and Mrs. J. C. Shockley and
among other family connections. She
was on hor way to her Texas homo
from Washington, D. C., and stopped
over for a brief visit. Wo wore
pleasod indeed to have opportunity
to meet "Bob's" wife-Bob, of the
old Courier force, of whom we often
think and whom we will always re
member pleasantly. Mrs. Miles was
accompanied on her visit hore by
Mrs. Poore, of Abbeville, this State.
The later ls pleasantly remembered
hore by many as Miss Bettie Milos.
-It will ge learned with deep re
gret, by many in Oconee that Charles
Bryd, of the American Expedition
ary Forces, is among those who have
made the supreme sacrifice.for free
dom of tho nations of the earth. Mr.
Byrd was about 21 or 22 years of
age, and was a son of J. W. Byrd, of
Seneca. The young man volunteered
tor service early, going into service
about the time of the declaration ol
war by the United States. He was 8
member of a machine gun' pompan)
and had seen much service on thc
other side. No particular*.have sc
far been received, so far ai wo arc
informed, other than the^ahnounce
mont that came to the young mau'i
father last week through a lettei
from Charlie's nurse in.' a Britisl
hospital, which stated that the younj
man was brought In with, the wound
ed one evening and died the next day
Mr. Byrd was a splendid young man
and tho announcement ot his deatl
will bring genuine sorrow t> many
To the bereaved ones The Courte
joins with other friends in efctondini
I sincere sympathy.
* * ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty.<?\\ty ty H
ty NOTES FROM TljiF .]
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ?ft ty ?j
Classified by Local Bonni.
Following ls a Hst of persons das
silled by the Local Board on NOvom
ber 7th :
Class I-A. E.
Madgcr Henry Addis, V.'cstminstc
Rt. 4.
M. Frank Alexander, Salent Pr. I.
?ste tmnlsmhmh mh m h era mhini
W. W. Allen. Fair Play Rt. 1
.lohn Benson, Fair Pluj lit. 1.
.las. B. Berry, Seneca lit. L
Victor D. Blackwell, Westinste
Star Konto. ,
Sam J. C. J. Blasse'.igaino, Senee;
Dock U. Boggs, Seneca I Jj. 8.
Wm. C. Bottoms, Mountain Rost
Curtis A .Brewer, Seneca Rt. 2.
K. M. Bryson, Tamassee
E. P. Burdett, Westminster Rt 1
Sam R. Cannon, Westminster Rt.
R. B. Black, Westminster Rt. 1.
T. W. Clark, Westminster Rt. 5.
Wm. A. Clark. Westminster Rt.
Ben Cleveland. Seneca Rt. 3.
Frank Cobb, Westminster.
Towns H. Cobb, Madison Rt. 1.
.las. Jesse Crumpton, YYalhalla
Henry C. Duke, Westminster, St;
Julius W. Dyar, Seneca Rt. 2.
Dudley C. Freeman, Westminsl
Rt. 6.
Sam A. Fretwell, Walhalla Rt. 1
Thos. P. Ferguson, Westminst
Rt. 1.
Daniel Elisha Good, Walhalla Rt
John W. Gantt, Clemson College
Paul Eugene Gumbrell, Westral
ster Rt. 4.
Patrick Henry Gnmbrell, Westmi
ster Rt. 5.
Allen Vance Galloway. Salem Rt
Wilton Dewey Grant, Townvlllo
Xo. 1.
James Manley Heaton. Salem.
Martin Luther Haley, Westminsl
Kt. 3.
Milton Lewis Harbin, westminsl
Kt. 2.
Eugene Harris, Westminster.
John Mark Harris, WoBtminsl
Kt. 2.
George Carnegie Harvey, Walha
Rt. 1.
David J. Hombree. Westminst
Kt. ?..
Julius D. Hesso, Westminster K
Lee Alexander Holbrooks, W
halla Kt 1.
Carey'Cn/io Honea, West Union,
Walter Weston Iloxit, Richland
Drover Cleveland Hubbard, Ri
lan d.
Furber Lexington Hubbard, W
halla Kt 3.
Jas. McRoy Hughes. Westmlns
Rt. 2.
Shirley Hunter, Madison Rt. 1.
C. D. Jackson, Seneca Rt. 3.
Ed. Jackson, Seneca Rt. 4
Noah James, Wost Union Kt. 1.
Samuel James, Westminster Rt.
Virgil Franklin Jenkins, Westm
ster Rt. 5.
Sam Jamos Isbell, Walhalla Rt.
Class 4-C. '
Bright A. Lowry, Seneca.
ti, A. Martin, Westminster Rt.
D. A. Smith, Chief Clork
Walhalla, S. C., Nov. 7, 1918.
Wo Have the fpllowii
One Eigh
One Six C
One Six C
These Cars are all 5-pa
one now. We have one F<
We are now plowing e
Tractor. We invite everyt
surely does the work.
Opening of Ebenezer School.
To tho Patrons of Ebenezer Graded
Notice is hereby given that at a re
cent meeting of the board of trus
tees it waB decided that the winter i
term of school should start on Mon- '
day, November 18th, at 9 o'clock a.
m. All pupils of school age are urged
to be present promptly on time for
the first day of the session. The co
operation of all patrons ls desired.
.1. II. Cason, Clerk.
HY VIRTUE of the power vested in
mo under the last will and testament
of Joe Hamilton, deceased, I will
sell, to tho highest bidder, for cash,
in front of the Court Ilonae a? Wal
halla, S. C.. on Salesday, MONDAY,
December 2(1, 1918, at ten o'clock
In the forenoon, the following de
scribed real estate belonging to the
said Joe Hamilton, deceased, to-wit:
"All that certain tract o- land, with
the buildings thereon, situate in
OcQuee County, S. C., and about
three miles west of the town of
Pendleton, S. C.. containing fifteen
acres, moro or less, bounded on
the south by public road leading
from Pendleton to Maxwell's
Bridge over Seneca River, and on
the north, west and e.ist by lands
now or formerly of .Mrs. Sarah C.
Strlbllng and Miss Mary G Cherry,
it being the same tract of land
conveyed to tho said Joe Hamil
ton, deceased, by M. M. Hunter.
Trustee, by deed dated January
15th, 1890, and recorded in the
Clerk's oillco In the Court House
at Walhalla, S. C., in Book O. page
255; this tract being better known
as tho 'Byrd Abbott Place.' "
NOTICE is given that tho terms of
sale must be complied with in ten
days from date of sale. Purchaser
to pay extra tor papers.
Executor of Joe Hamilton's l?state.
Dated Nov. 6th, 1918. 46-48.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Board of County Commissioners of
Oconee County, South Carolina, at
their next meeting, to be hold on
FRIDAY, December 6th, 1918, will
elect a Steward of the Poor Farm for
to the lowest responsiblo bidder,
tho year 1919, the position to be let
Applicants must Mo sealed bids with
the Board by 12 o'clock noon, on
Friday, tho 6th day of December,
1918, stating in their bid the salary
per month asked, the names, ages and
number of persons in applicant's
The Board reserves tho right to
reject any an? all bids.
Supervisor of Oconeo County.
M. R. MCDONALD, Clerk of Board.
Nov. ll, 1918. 49
(In Court of Probato.)
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.-By V. P. Martin,
Esq., Judge of Probate.-WherecB,
J. T. Johnson has made suit to no
Mrs. Alice Mulkey has made suit to
mo to grant her Letters of Adminis
tration of tho Estate of and Effects
of J. M. Mulkey, deceased
These are, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular tho kin
dred and creditors of the said
J. M. MULKEY, deceasod, that
they be and appear before me, in
tho Court of Probate, to be held
at Walhalla Court House, South
Carolina, on Saturday, the 30lh day
of November, 1918, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock In tho forenoon,
to show cause, If any they have, why
the said administration should not
bo granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
11th day of November, A. I). 1918.
I Seal.) V. p. MARTIN,
Judge of Probate for Oconeo County,
South Carolina.
Published on the 13th and 20th
days ol' November, 1918, in The Keo
woo Courier, and on the Court House
door for tho time prescribed by law.
Nov. 13, 1918. 46-47
Notice ls hereby given that the
undersigned will make application
to V. P. Martin, Judge of Probate for
Oconeo County, In the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House on Thursday, Doc.5th,
1018, at ll o'clock In the forenoon,
or ns soon thereafter as said appli
cation can be hoard, for leave to
make final settlement of the estate of
H. Ii. Brandt, decoased, and obtain
final discharge as Executrix of f>filrt
estate. Mrs. MENA C. BRANDT.
Executrix of tho Ebtato of II L.
451 IS Brandt, Deceased
\{f Automobiles in stocK ready for delivery's
t Olyinder Oldsmobile.
Cylinder Oldsmobile,
?ylinder Nash.
isscnger. If you are going to need a Car soon, better get
3rd for Sale.
very day on our farm near Walhalla with our Fordson
)ody to come and see this Plow and Tractor working. It
M. Brown & Son,
Our line of Underwear and Sweaters
is Now Complete.
Walhalla, S. C.
Style Plus Suits,
2 Prices Only-$25.00 and $30.00 per Suit.
Roys' ?nd Children's Suits.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Coats bought early be
fore the big advance. Can save you money on your wants.
Educator Shoes for Women and Children. Cygolf and
Beacon Shoes for Men and Boys.
Cook Stoves, Oliver Chilled Plows, Mitchell, Stude
baker, Old Hickory Wagons, Buggies and Harness.
Red Cedar Shingles, Doors, Sash, Cement and Lime,
Paints and Oils.
We pay the highest market price for Cotton afr
all times.
Seneca, S. C.

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