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1807-1 HUH-18??-1000.
Nomo Interesting Hits of tho Political
History of North Carolina.
(Almost overy day wo soo In print j
or hear statements to tho effect tl.nt j
North Carolina in November will "KO
Republican. Frankly, we are inclined
to thc belief that Ute Tar Heel Slate
may well be placed In the "doubtful
column," ir wo may Judge of condi
tions as they aro by many rumors
of tlio North Carolina situation. Bo
that as it may, the following article,1
taken from the Charlotte Observer j
of Oct. is, will provo very inter?s:
ing reading lo those who know of.
conditions in tho past na well as to
those who merely know of the pres
ent. The article was contributed to
tho Observer by Col. J.. .1. Laughing
house, lid. Courier.)
IH07- l HUH-180?- (?00.
In the various newspapers we oc
casionally come across an article
written by some ovor-scealous und
hopeful member of the Republican
party to the effect that they would
carry some district In the State, or
some State in the South.
Vivid recollections of conditions
existing In North Carolina during tho
years from 1Sf>7 to 1S70, and from
1896 to 190?, can never be forgotten
by those of us who were living and
taking part In the political questions
which confronted our people during
those Hie darkest days In the history
of our State.
This writer cast his first ballot for
Democracy In isr,8, and during all
the years since has been a close ob
server of political conditions in
North Carolina. The Republican can
didate for Governor spoke In Green
ville a short time ago. and out of
curiosity I went to hear what he t
might have to say. Naturally, he be
ing a candidate for the highest office
within the gift of the people of North
Carolina, ! expected to hear htm say
something of the past record of tho
Republican party in North Carolina
during the years they were in con
trol. But ho bad, as other Republi
can speakers have had, nothing to
say about this, ls lt because he knew
the record is so bad that it cannot
bear thc scrutiny of any self-respect
ing. State-loving citizen, and that a
recital of it would have a tendency
lo drive away, rather than attract, ;
voles? j
In 1M17 military rule was tnnugu- '
rated in North Carolina and South |
Carolina, and Gen, Cnnby established
headquarters in Columbia. S. C. W.
H. Holden was appointed to the office
of provisional governor of our State,
and all other offices were filled wita
carpet-baggers and traitors. In the
fall of 1S68 a Legislature was elect
ed, and history records what kind of
a Legislature it was. Our ballots
were not allowed to be counted in
our Stnte, but were sent to Columbia
by express, were counted there and'
certificates of election sent to those
who were declared elected. Seven
eighths of those who were declared
elected were carpet-baggers, scala
wags and illiterate negroes. When '
this Legislature met in January,
1 Stilt, there were H7 negro moni'?""--'
only >e,-iii ni . in in ooo Id ?<M ? ofj
write. The ?l.rh u ol h ls no-called
? .?.??.< f tu re wa; |<i .'oe thinnsolvei -
$ V ppr ?I:,; atm i^.lrihUsU .-. h:ii'-''??m I
tn tlie l?fuiida "i ?h? capitol; ru-..?1
Ut..o Ul?b hpHCe as a |
post office.) The stone steps leading)
up to the legislative halls at the west'
end of thc capitol were badly broken I
and defaced by rolling barrels of
whiskey up them. Look when you !
visit Raleigh. The broken places are
still to be seen. I
I was In Raleigh in January, 18(19,
a.nd out of curloity went to the ?
Senate and House of Representa
tives to view this motley crowd in
session. Tlie negroes were thgn roll
ing a barrel of whiskey up the steps,
and I was forced to wait at the bot
tom of the steps about five minnies
until this Job was completed.
The crowning ignominy of this ses
sion of the Legislature was the issu
ance by it of twenty-seven millions
of State bonds for the expressed pur
pose of building and repairing State
railroads. Not a dollar of these 27
millions was used in the construction
or repair of railroads, but found its
way into the pockets of carpet-bag
gers, scalawags and those of their ilk
and stripe. Governor Vance, (he idol
of North Carolina Democracy, made
the statement that he could take a
one-eyed negro and a blind mule
with a leading line tied, one end to
the mule, the other to the tail of i
dead dog. and level more dirt In n
day than was done with the whole of
the ?7 millions appropriated for the
A fair RI? m pin of conditions exist
ing throughout North Carr/lnn and
the South during the years from 1 SC,7
!o I S7 0 cn he given hy statine; con
ditions in my home county of Pitt.
in the lown of Greenville we ha?1 a
negro pesu?a- ter to whom our wives,
mothers anil sisters were forced to
Mr. Dodson, the "Liver Tone" .Man,
Responsible for ( hange for
the Better.
Every druggist in town has noticed
a great falling off in the sale of cal
omel. They all give the sumo reason;
Dodson's Liver Tone is taking its
"Calomel is dangerous and people
know it." Dodson's Liver Tone is
personally guaranteed by every drug
gist who sells it. A large bottle does
not cost very much, but if it fails to
give easy relief in every cast? of liver
sluggishness and constipation, Just
ask for your money back.
Dodson's Liver Tone is a pleasant
tasting, purely vegetable remedy,
harmless to both children and adults,
Take a spoonful at. night and wake
up feeling lino; no biliousness, sick
headache, acid stomach or consti
pated bowels, lt doesn't gripo or
cause inconvenience all the next day
like violent calomel. Take a dose of
calomel to-day, and to-morrow you
will feel weak, sick and nauseated.
Don't lose a day.-adv.
apply for mall; three negro aldor
mon, a negro town clerk, three negro
policemen, and a negro on every |
achoo! committee in tho county, ?onie
of our mothers and grandmothers
who were engaged In teaching were
forced to get tho signatures of these
' negro school committeemen to their
vouchers in order to got the small
salary paid to them for fondling, in
many instances these negro school
committeemen were unable to road
or write their names, and bad to
make their murks. In I'itt comity
wc bad three carpet-baggers and two
scalawags for county commissioners,
a scalawag Clerk of the Superior
Court, and tho register of deeds office
was held by a similar dignitary, (?en.
Myron Lnflln was our representative
In the Senate, and Capt. Rich our
member of the House. Moth of these
men wen* notorious as carpet-bag
gers and scalawags of tho worst type.
This same Cen. Lnllln, in listing his
taxes in '.SOS. swore that he was not
worth a dollar and listed no taxes.
After hlsareturn from the Legisla
tur", having served through the ses
sion as chairman of the committee
on internal improvements. and,
therefore, having to place his O. K.
on all appropriation bills for this pur
pose, amounting to $27,000.000, ho
went on the bond of a carpet-bagger
sheriff, and when the solvency of tho
bond was questioned, swore that he
was worth $7",,000, and when ques
tioned further, stated that this wealth
consisted of North Carolina State
bonds. This was. his share of the
plunder Th? other eastern counties
of Edgecombe, Craven, Bertie and
Halifax, and numerous others, were
similarly cursed. The office-holding
crowd of that period were all thieves,
and totally lacking in character.
At tho time when conditions were
rottenest. Governor Holden organ
ized Kirk's Militia, which was com
posed of 1000 Tennessee midwestern
North Carolina deserters, for the pur
pose of awing and intimidating tho
liest citizens of the West and Pied
mont sections of the State. One of
the lirst to be arrested by this band
of plunderers was Randolph Shot
well, a prominent editor. The charge
upon which he was arrested was lhal
he belonged to a secret organization
known as the Ku Klux Klan, and be
ing disloyal to the government of the
Knited States, ile was arraigned for
trial before a Federal Judge from
Baltimore. Md., by the name of Pond,
and a negro jury was selected to pass
upon his guilt or innocence. As was
expected, this negro jury, under the
guidance of Judge Pond, promptly
returned a verdict of guilty, and
Shotwell was sentenced to a term of j
ten years in the Albany. N. Y., peni-'
tentlnry. The next prominent citizens
of North Carolina to be arrested and
imprisoned were Josiah Turner an?!
Judge Kerr and Dr. Roan, and some
others whose names I do not now re
call. All were charged with disloy
alty The best legal talent available
in the State applied to the Superior
and Supreme Courts for a writ of
habeas corpus, and were met with
the declaration from the courts that
the power of the "judiciary was ex
hausted." Cen. Ransom finally did
co to RI lan hot h Oltv v p. n?,i ripply
to lu ;o r pokii who po,tossed about!
th? only jspurlv ot ehuraet?i io bel
found th the rankeJOJ (he Republican j
?art t?t$$ W.' ..'..I ?i.^vrP.;
of ha'o-, N i eorpus, an- hose ftvYpsloft
released un bail.
Seeing the civilization of our State
so set upon and imperilled: learning:
of the murder of Cen. Nethercut, of
Jones county, in the presence of his I
wife and children, and other deeds'
equally as dastardly, the K. K. K..
sometimes known as the "Invisible
Kmplre," sprang into being and pre- ;
pared for action at all costs. Tho :
first act of the "lan" was to lynch ,
Wyat Outlaw, 'lite next carpet-bag
ger to suffer a similar fate was
Stephens, of Caswell county.who was
lynched In the grand jury room of
the court house about noon of the
day, nt a time when 1.000 or more,
negroes and 2". or :<o carpet-baggers
and scalawags were holding a con- j
vention upstairs, stephens was the
leader in that county, and the charge
proven against him was that he in
cited and urged the negroes of his
county to burn a number of barns,
residences and stables, and other
wise destory the property of the real
white men-the patriotic men of the
South. His reason for urging the ne-|
groes to this dastardly conduct was
that he knew little enough about
about North Carolina and North Car
olinians to believe that a thing of this
kind would serve to awe and Intimi- :
[late them. As history will forever
record, it had the reverse effect. The
next lynching to take place resulted
by reason of a plot to take the life of
Cen. Toons. Those so dealt with were
two carpet-baggers, a scalawag and
two negroes one of the latter being
a preacher. The negro preacher was
hanged to a limb between a carpet
bagger on one side and a scalawag ]
on (lie other. From this date it re
quired only positive and unmistaka
ble orders from any band of K. K. K.
to a carpet-bagger to the effect that,
unless he desired to keep company
willi Outlaw. Stephens and the blot
ters against the life of Toons, a re
moval to some other section of the ?
country would bo advisable, to make
these characters disappear, atid tho
time given them lo move was usually I
2 1 hours. Orders were issued to all j
the (Inion Leagues lo dissolve, and
they ceased to exist. Not a single or-;
der was ever given by the K. K. K.
that was disobeyed.
In 1870 we bad but slight trouble
in getting control of the Legislature, j
Governor Holden was impeached andi
white supremacy, which is synony
mous with Democratic rule, contin
ued to improve until I87fi, when we
swept the Slate clean, and good gov
ernment was restored, with Zeb
Vance nt its head. There were, for a
long time, no more "Jay Bird"
Joneses. 0 rea Ry Sam Wal I ses for
judges. For twenty years there was
not a scandal. 'I ben, in I Kin;, the
Populist parly was organized and
was immediately swallowed up by
the Republicans, and, as a result of
this fusion, the Republican party
again came into complete control In
the State. A rolgn of negro and seal
awag rule, ?lin(lar ! ; ?' 1 ? n 1
1870, again piuccd 'i .. sr rae-itt'
puto. In the year iS?>7 a Legjjj^tuic
was in session In Raleigh w?ijflj? . re
fused to adjourn in honor of Lee'and
Jackson, hut did adjourn in honor .qi
Fred Douglas, a neg..;. As a further
result of the fusion f 1 SiM> we h?d
I.OOH negro oillce- o'. \e: .> in*''North
Carolina. After a she- t i ni entile pop
ulists, realizing thc in ?aha they liad
made, came back to tho Democratic
party, with a few notable exceptions.
This fear > ar period, from 189C >o
limo, almost cqualo<? Mt" .. .TS from
18(17 to IS70, and so d TU alad did
the good p.ople of the 5 e become
that they again pu* nv t. irmor rf
hattie and ousted tho Repe leap p:u'
ty from control, and placea the reins
of government in the bands of tho
Democratic party. As soon as a Leg
islature was elected, having a Dem
ocratic majority, (bo constitutional
amendment disfranchising the nepro
was passed, and an act was passed hy
the General Assembly, known as the
"Jim Crow" law, which required Ibo
railroads to provide In North Caro
lina separate coaches for negroes and
white people. Not a single Republican
member of either Mouse voted tor
either of these.
With this record staring him in
the face, do you wonder that Parker
failed to allude to tho past In his
speeches? 1 have never been able to
see how. In the face of such a record,
any self-respecting man can afford
to affiliate with the Republican party
in North Carolina. Tom Dixon stated
a most wonderfully true thing m one
of bis lectures, namelv. that, "the K.
K. Iv. bad driven the carpot-?aggers
out of the Slate, but the scalawag,
the native product, still remained to
feed on corruption and bree&?jeath
to society."
The worst blow lo the Republican
party that 1 recall was when William
l-l, Taft was President of the United
States. A vacancy for Federal Judge
ship occurred in the Eastern District
ot' North Carolina. He had all those
supposed to have brains and charac
ter enough to UH this positlon^sum
moned to Washington, and, after va
rious conferences, said, in effect, that
be was unable to find one Republican
in (he district (lt for the position.
Women!--you who will cast your
first ballot In NovAiber; young men
just arrived at the age of maturity,
before casting your ballots, think se
riously of the days from 1867 to
IStiS. and from ISAC to 190p, and if
you want to see good government
cont ibu o in North Carolina, align
yourself with Hie Democratic party
that his always stood for white su
premacy and clean government and
justice to the negro. If. on the other
band, you care to see North Carolina
revert to former conditions--very
likely to worse-vote the radical or
Republican ticket.
tu. u I. KT cn
ll??1 i ('. '*?BV*'iii'.''
' % \ CHlLDflt '
.v<? ?.
Oj I trI .ry, CW ho? j.
Chofer? Mor]
Cliping P*i
Nui?. 3&tf?dlN<n
IV?rU?<M Etc
nu mt]KU ?itt
In Pri?es in Proportion t< luction
by Wholesalers
Washington, Oct. 21.-The decline
in the retail price of food-stuffs dur
ing September was placed at two per
cent by the department of labor bu
reau's statistics in its monthly report
to-day on food costs. Some food
stuffs, notably potatoes and sugar,
sustained a marked decrease in ] Ice,
while others, including such commo
dities as eggs, pork chops and or
anges, underwent price increases
ranging from 8 per cent for oranges
to 12 per cent for eggs. The drop in
tho price of potatoes was placed at
22 per cent, sugar 20 per cent, cab
bage l-l per cent, and coffee 6 per
The decline In retail food prices,
however, according to the bureau's
ligures, did not keep pace with the
drop In wholesale quotations. The
latter were placed at .". per cent as
compared with tho two per cent de
crease in the retailers' prices to tho
Not all Of the .". I leading cities of
Ibo country shared alike in the retail
price decline, the drop being estimat
ed at ti per cent in Hutte. .Mont..while
it was less than live-tenths of ono per
cent In Posion, Los Angeles, Minne
apolis, Omaha, Pittsburg and Wash
ington. D. C.
Decreases oi three per cent were
reported from Charleston, S. C., ard
Jacksonville. LlttloRock, Milwaukee,
Now Orleans and Scranton.
The decline was estimated at two
per cent in Atlanta, Baltimore, Buf
falo, Columbus, ().. Dallas, Denver,
Indianapolis, Lou/ville. Manchester,
N. IL. Memphis, Mobile. Peoria, Port
land, Me., Richmond, Rochester, St.
Louis, Salt Lake City and Spring
field. Ul.
One per cent was the increase re
ported as being foit in Birmingham,
Bridgeport, Chicago. Cincinnati and
Cleveland. Detroit. Fall Uiver, Hous
ton, Kansas City. Newark, New Ha
ven. New York. Norfolk, Philadel
phia, Portland, Ore.. Providence, St.
Paul, Savannah and Seattle.
'1 ? ?NMIM ' .
It's dollars
to doughnuts
no man ever smoked a better
cigarette at any price!
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tobaccos hand you a cigarette that will sat
isfy every smoke desire you ever expressed,
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kind smoked straight I
Camels mellow-mildness will certainly
appeal to you. The "body" is all there, and
that smoothness! It's a delightl
Go the limit with Camels 1 They will not
tire your taste. And, they leave no unpleas
ant cigaretty aftertaste nor unpleasant ciga
retty odorl
All persons indebted to tbe Estate
of E. NV. Crompton, Deceased, are
hereby notified to make payment
to the undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said estate will
present tho same, duly attested, with
in the time prescribed by law, or be
barred. W. R. DAVIS,
Administrator of the Estate of E. W.
Crumpton, Deceased.
Oct. 13, 1920. 41-44
AU persons Indebted to thc Estate
ot ED. HUNTER, Dee? ii, arc
Wr<V.;5- -nous* a to m alco payment
.o tim undersigned, and ?all persons
: ?vittg ciaims against said Estate
/ill present the same, duly attested,
Within the time prescribed by law,
r be barred. ADA REDMOND,
Ixecutrix of the Estate of Ed. Hun
ter, Dec?ased.
Oct. Otb, 1920. 40-43
Eor the purpose of liquidating the
ssets of the Oconee Hospital Asso
iation, and acting upon a vote of the
tockbolders of same, we will offer
'or sale, on SATURDAY, the 30th
ay of October, 1920, at 10 o'clock
v. M., all property belonging to the
''coneo Hospital Association. The
, roperty consists of seven acres of
ind In the town of Westminster and
tao household goods'and kitchen fur
.4ture of the Hospital; also, one
totor, one large tank and one Kaus
I ine outfit complete.
Oct. G, 1920. 40-43
Grows Cotton in Kansas.
Relolt, Kansas, Oca. 22.-That cot
ton can he grown successfully on the
soil of Northern Kanses has been
proven, to her own satisfaction, by
Mrs. E. E. Powers, who lives north
of Republic, olio ls showing stalks
grown on the Powers farm, these
stalks containing as many of 22 big
bolls each.
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications take
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
This will ho a Rood year to sow wheat, tho price of farm
produc?s grown in tiiis section is coming down, and when this is
the ease it will pay every fellow to como as near making Ids liv
ing at home as he can. And then Mr. Byar*, our County Agent,
says tho boll weevil will probably spread all over Anderson Coun
ty. It has been spreading over since it started up in Mexico, some
thirty odd years ago, and so far shows no sign whatever of stop
ping" The Greenville v i ?f September irtth report? the boll
' weevil h?j> entered cert?i townships in Greenville County, When I.
f iv<j have wet Julys and Augusts d will ho very damaging o tho I
j ' onM cr, p, and .?o ii will pa,i i very foliou' io make his living .it ' |
I i>> m \ ??esit?et:, lt wiXi phy every farmer to sou wheat to ?ot '
the stubble. This stubble puts his land in such fine fix to make j
an extra crop the following year. Three acres to the plow will j
do tho business. Thoroughly prepare as early as you can three j
acres to the plow, get a good seed bed, and then ns soon after the
first killing frost as you cnn, sow in the drill four or live pecks of
wheat to thc acre, fertilize with 400 pounds of our 10-2-2. Sow
in the drill, as yon will get thc seed more evenly distributed and
at a moro uniform depth, and it will stand the winter better, and
you will get far bettor results.
Besides better results you will get better bread than you cnn
get from any Hour you can buy, and your bread will cost you very
little. Tho wheat straw will pay for the fertilizer. There is a
good demand for wheat straw. Follow the stubble with peas, and
pick tho peas. You can't, supply tho demand for peas at top
prices. Follow the peas with rye, cut tho rye in tho spring Just
when your stock and cattle need some green feed; follow the
rye with cotton fertilized with OOO pounds of our S-??-?J to the
acre, and you cnn make five bales of cotton on thc three acres.
Tho cotton seed will ordinarily pay for the fertilizer. That three
acres to the plow will pay you better than any other three acres
you will cultivate. Tho wheat, peas, rye nnd cotton will cost you
' so little, and your crops will he abundant and your bread will be
There is very little appendicitis with people who make their
own foodstuffs, and then you will be keeping your money in your
own bank account. Sow four or live pecks to tho nore. The Good
Hook says if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly. We all
like to reap nmundant measure. Tho way to do that is to prepare
thoroughly, fertilize lihcrully, sow lihcrnlly in the drill after thc.
first killing frost. Fut down fertilizer; the straw will pay for
it. It is a good time to begin planning to sow your wheat. You
cnn make things flt in better when you pinn ahead.
Any year ls a good year to sow outs, und this is no exception
hy any means. Prepare thoroughly and sow, ns early us you cnn,
three acres to the plow. Sow in the drill and fertilize with 100
pounds of our 10-12-2 to the nero. Your crop will come on next
season just nt the height of the work season, und your stock will
do bettor if you feed them freely on outs when they aro doing
theil' hardest work, lt does look like the mules' needs nnd com
forts und appetites should be consulted a little, seeing that their
work is Indispensable in making a crop. Oats are profitable
when you make good crops, and you cnn make good crops when
you prepare well nnd early, nnd fertilize liberally, Sow eight or
ten pecks to the nero in the drill, follow with pens nnd rye nnd
cotton, mid the crops will be cheap and your lands will improve
No trouble about a bumper crop of cotton after that,
The farmers seem to be Interested in sowing cover crops (his
fall, and these cover crops nerti fertilizer, Wo have the fertilizer,
and it is for sale.
Anderson Phosphate & Oil Co*,
W. F. FARMER, Secretary,
Anderson,.S. C.

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