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Oconoo HUH Twenty-Three Hoya At
tending This Year,
Clemson College, Oct. 28-Special:
Clemson College opened this session
with a good attendance from Oconoo.
There aro 2!5 boys from our county
this year - six senior?, llvo juniors,
six sophomores and six freshmen.
* Tho Ocotiee County Club mot re
cently and the following ollicont
were elected: 13. C. Cobb, president;
J, ll. Schroder, vico president; .Jeir
McMahttn, secretary and treasurer.
Immediately after thc oillcors wore
elected a grand "feed" was given in
honor of tho newly elected ofllcers.
(Oconee is well represented, too,
this year in the military honors given
out by Col. J. M. Cummins, com
mandant of tho Cadet Corps. The fol
lowing boys aro cadet oillcors: W.
P. Dickson, captain Co. Dj H. U.
Mulkey, captain and supply officer;
3. H. Schroder, first lieutenant Co.
A; W. L. Dorn, sargeant Co. li; Jeff
McMahon, corporal Co. F.
The seniors that will finish this
year are: W. P. Dickson and W. C.
Wilbanks, who aro specializing in
dairying; B. C. Cobb, Q. A. Harri
son, H. Ll. Mulkey and J. H. Schro
der, who aro specializing in mechan
ical and electrical engineering. Re
cently Messrs. Cobb and Harrison
wore elected by tho student body as
"cheer leaders" for tho coming year.
J. II. Schroder, a popular member
of the senior class, was elected chap
lain of the class of '21 when tho offi
cers were chosen.
Tho Senior Dancing Club has boon
reorganized, and the following mon
were elected officers: G. A. Harrison,
president; B. C. Cobb, vice presi
dent, and L. H. Childs, secretary and
Clemson has ono of the best foot
ball teams in tho South this year,
and "Tho Mighty Auburn" toa m bad
to fight every minute of the game on
Friday, when Bhe won 21 to 0. Tho
freshmon have a good team this year
and they won their first gamo on
Saturday, when they wore pitted
against the North Georgia Agricultu
ral College. James Alexander, of
Walhalla, ls playing left tackle on
tho freshman team.
Big Alderman Mills Burned.
Harvln, S. C., Oct. 28.-The ontiro
planing mill portion of the saw mill
plant of tho D. W. Alderman & Sons
Company, at Alcolu, was destroyed
by lire Monday ot ter noon. lt 'is al?
leged to have bad its origin from a
hot box, and all hands being at tho
mid-day meal tho flames spread rap
idly. The bursting of one of the main
pipes on Hie water-works system,
when a fire fighter was scalded, put
the fire-fighting outlit out of commis
sion, and tho (lames were soon be
yond control.
A number of loaded box cars on
the sidings were burned, with their
contents, in addition to a large quan
tity of lumber near by.
A favorable change in tlie wind
when the lire was at its greatest in
tensity saved the saw mill, the gin
nery and tho Atlantic Coast Line
railroad depots, lt is said tho loss is
fully coveied by insurance.
Will Reduce Mill Wages.
Greenville, Oct. 28.-Reductions
in wages varying from 10 to 20 per
cent will become effective next week
al a number of cotton mills around
Greenville, affecting several thous
and operatives. Dull business was
the reason assigned. The manage
ment announced their intention of
retaining all the present force of
employees as long as work Justifies.
Cotton mills at Gaffney, which
were closed for a week, resumed
operation yesterday, it was reported
Subway Candes Hs Millions.
New Yoik. Oct. J'S. -Since New
York's first subway train was run 11>
years ago yesterday, the Interbo
rough Rapid Transit Company has
carried 1,301,000,000 passengers,
approximately throe times the total
population of the world. This state
ment was made to-day by Frank Mad
ley, the general manager. During all
that time, ito further stated, only 7
passengers have been killed hy ac
cident. Mr. Hadley's report contains
the significant statement that "this
is the highest safety record in the
Greenville Moves Against Crime.
Greenville, Oct. 28.-The Green
ville county grand jury yostorday
recommended to the Court, aftor a
consultation with tho county dolo
gation, that four special deputies bo
given the sheriff, each equipped with
an automobile, to rido continually
through Hie four cornors of tho
county In an effort to suppress tho
wave of crime which, they say, is
sweeping that county.
If V'tu Aro Palo and Weak, Without
Ambition, Von Need
a Tonic.
Rich, Red Blood Fights oil Disease
and Keeps Von Well, and Ell?
ablcs Voil to Work With
Serious sickness often comes when
you least expect. You may feel a Ut
ile oyer-tired. You haven't beun ex
posed to contagion, yet all of a sud
den yon are flat on your back and in
for a siege of sickness.
Your blood did not have fighting
qualities, lt was weak and thin.
Your vitality and powers of resist
ance were low.
When you overdo, you use up en
ergy. Your blood ls driven to do
moro than it can. lt becomes clogged
with waste. The waste acts like poi
son. Disease germs get in your blood
and dominate.
Don't let yourself get run-down.
Tako that good tonic, Pepto-Matigan.
It makos rich, red blood that will re
sist and rout out disease germs.
Pepto-Mangan ls widely and heart
ily endorsed by physicians. It is ef
fective and easy to take. Comes In
either liquid or tablot form. Moth
havo tho same effect.
Sold nt any drug store. But ht
sure you get tho genuine Pepto-Man
gan-"(ludo's." Ask for it by tho
name and bc sure the full name,
"Gudo's Pepto-Mangan," ls on the
pi ckage.-Adv.
Act on Closing of (?ins-No Special
Session for Tax Consideration.
Columbia, Oct. 28.-Governor R.
A. Cooper Btated to-day that he will
not call a special session of the Leg
islature, as requested in a resolution
adopted by the Cotton Association
here, and he also indicated that be
would not issuo a proclamation call
ing on the ginners to close down for
a period of ?10 days.
The special session of the Legis
lature was requested for the enact
ment of tho legislation which wo.ul I
allow the tanners to pay part of'tb'"
19 20 taxes In Januaryand''the*
malnder next duly, the postpouem
being desired because of the Anani '
situation, due to the low price of f.u,
The Governor stated to-day that
as the Legislature will meet in regu
lar session in January, and as the
people will next Tuesday vote on tho
question of changing the fiscal year
for the State government, there
would be nothing gained by calling
a special session.
With regard lo the proclamation
for tho closing of gins, tho Governor
is informed that many of the farmers
are opposed lo this, and he takes tho
position that ho has no moro right
to use bis influence for a closing of
cotton gins than he would have for
a closing of the stores or other lines
of industry.
Thc farmers at their meeting yes
terday adopted resolutions calling on
President Wilson to put William G.
McAdoo in charge of the Treasury
Department. This resolution was in
troduced by J. J. McMahan, of Co
In tho resolution calling for tho
special session of the Legislature tho
farmers also requested that legisla
tion be enacted which would impose
a penalty on farmers who fail to re
duce their cotton acreage next year
by one-third.
The McAdoo Resolution.
At the meeting of the farmers held
under the auspices of I he South Car
olina Cotton Association at the State
Fair, and addressed hy United States
Senator E. I). Smith, Governor R.A.
(looper and .1. s. Wannamaker, pres
ident of the American Colton Asso
ciation, tho following resolution was
unanimously adopted :
"We call upon Presiden I Wilson
to put Mr. McAdoo in charge of tho
Treasury, with a free hand to stabil
ize (ho purchasing power of money in
accordance with scionce and Justice,
and to stabilize tho marketing of
agricultural and other staple pro
ducts of the country at prices remu
nerativo to tho capital and labor nec
essary to production."
Says Cocebi Confessed.
Bologna, Italy, Oct. 27.-Aldo Do
rossi. a follow prisoner of Alfredo
Cocchl, on trial boro charged with
tho murder of Ruth Cruger In Now
York City, in 10 17. testified at to
day's session of tho court that Cocchi
declared to him that he had killed
Miss Cruger after having mistreated
fy fy 'I* -I- *'* -I' .!* 4* *r? *I* *I* *I*
fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy{ fy fy fy
County Club Prize*.
Club members ure all interested
In tho County Club Show,..which ls
to lake place In YV.unalla on Friday,
Nov. 10th. On lliai day will also
take place the Calf show Oi the Oco
ne? Jersey Hull Association. Moro
concern inn; tills phase of (he .show
will bo j-.i ? .'ii later.
Some 01 tho club members have
dono som. oxcellent work,-for this
their Hist year of club work, aad il'
record books, yields and weights aro
all kept accurately, it will bo hard
for tho judges to decido abbut some
of tho prizes. These prizes will bo
announced at tho club show, pro
vided the record books ure sent in
by Nov. 15, so that they may be
graded. A circular letter is being
sont to all club members regarding
completion of records, the exhibits,
etc. He certain that you get your
lettor, and follow directions.
Tho linns and individuals who
have done much for the young folks
of our county by offering prizes for
tho winners in club work are aa fol
Walhalla-Tho Enterprise Hank,
$10; C. W. & .1. E. Hauknlght, $10;
Bank of Walhalla, $10; CW. Pitch
ford, $8 hat; C. G. .laynes, $5, mer
chandise or cash; Moss .& Ansel,
sack pig feed. 4
West Union-Novillo Bros., $5.
Seneca-Citizens' Bank' $10; G.
W. Gignilliat & Son, $10; The Sen
eca Bank, $10; R. L. Nlmmons, $?
in merchandise or cash; J. W. Byrd
& Byrd & Reid, $Tj ; F. C. Ayer, $5
in merchandise or cash; Seneca Mo
tor Co., $5.
Westminster-Westminster Bank,
")0 cents per bushel for first Cowpea
Club prize; Westminster Oil and
Fertilizer Co., 25 cents per bushel
for second Cowpea Club prize; A.
M. Alexander, $f>; Sheldon Furni
ture Co., $5; T. C. Peden,'$5; the
Stonecypher Drug Co., $5; Whit
mire-Marett Hardware Co., $5; J.
Wado Dickson, $0; Westminster
Hardware Co., $5.
Special prizes-Anderson Phos
phate and Oil Co., five sacks S-3-3
fertilizer for largest yield of corn
in county; two scholarships, Clem
son Short Course for Boys,- ior two
best records in corn. ,
These prizes will be grouped and
arranged according to m?fhborshlp
"f end nf contest, tr d<f?tjf<Vprizes
around of v.-*. <t>. ;>art
ttl , in. ... ?ir hr 's for* . -
Mbit of banned goods, h si si.'"' <
club work. li ?i sewing, *.?'st poul
Prepare to come to this County
Club Show and boost the club work
of your county.
Ceo. R. Briggs. County Agent.
You Do More Work,
You are more ambitious nnd you get more
enjoyment out of everything when youl
blood is in good condition. Impurities in
the blood have a very depressing effect on
the system, causing weakness, laziness,
nervousness and sickness.
restores Energy and Vitality by Purifying
and Enriching the Blood. When you feel
its strengthening, invigorating effect, see
how it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will theo
appreciate its true tonic value.
is not a patent medicine, it is simply
IRON and QUININE suspended in Syrup.
So pleasant even children like it. The
blood needs Quinine to Purify it and IRON
to Enrich it. These reliable tonic prop
orties never fail to drive out impurities in
the blood.
Tho Strength-Creating Power of GROVE'S
TASTELESS Chill TONIC has made it
the favorite tonic in thousands of homes.
More than thirty-five years ago, folk?
would ride a long distance to get GROVE'S
member of their family had Malaria oi
needed a body-building, strength-giving
tonic*The formula is just the same to
day, and you can get it from any drus
store. 60c per bottle.
Blshopvillo lins White Cap Biders.
Bl8hopvllle, s. C., Oct. 28.-White
Cap Riders made their first appear
ance in Bishopvillc yesterday, and,
attired in costumes resembling those
worn by members of the Ku Klux
Klan just after the Civil War, made
several calls In and about the' city.
lt was hinted by the riders that $2
a hundred pounds was entirely toe
much to pay for picking colton, and
that the visit has had some effect ls
shown by increased number of labor
Dye right! Don't risk ma
t erial. Fueh packnge of "Dia
mond Dyes" contains direc
tions so simple that any
woman can diamond-dyo a
new, rich, fadeless color into
old garmcntfl, draperie*, cov
erinn, everything, whether
wo silk, linen, cotton or
mix J goods.
Buy "Diamond Dyes" - no
other kind-then pc "cot re
sults are guaranteed evon if
you liavo never dyed before.
Druggist has "Diamond Dye?
Color Card" -10 rich colors?
Says She Thinks (ho World ol' (his
Remedy as Tonio.
Miss shelton was Troubled Severely
With Nervousness ami
Neill' Break-Down.
"1 just (hink tho world of Tunlac
as a general tonic and stomach rem
edy, and 1 am glad to recommend it,"
said Miss Lila Shelton, of No. (i Saco
street, Greenville, "i took Tanina
tor a generally run-down condition
and chronic appendicitis. 1 had been
In bad health about two years, and
I suffered a great deal from indiges
tion. Also was ns nervous as I could
be. I hardly ate anything ?it all, and
in fact, I ate just like a bird-a lit
tle at a time. I suffered awfully with
headaches, too.
The Tanlac put me In a greatly
Improved condition in a short lime.
I sleep much better than 1 have slept
for years, because Tanlac quieted my
nerves. The Tanlac gave me a good
appetite, too. When I bogan to rest
well at night my whole system began
to build ip and my strength increas
ed. The medicine certainly did make
a great Improvement in my condi
Tanlac, the master medicine, ls
sold exclusively by Bell's Drug Store,
Walhalla; J. C. Cain, Oakway; Sa
lem Drug Co., Salem; Seneca Phar
macy, Seneca; Stonecypher Drug
Co., Westminster; Hughs & Dendy,
Richland.-adv.-4 4-45.
Alexander Succumbs to 1'oison from
Bite of a Monkey.
Athens, Greece, Oct. 26.-The
throne of Greece, made vacant by
the death of King Alexander, will be
offered to Prince Paul, third son of
former King Constantine, lt is offi
cially announced to-day.
Succession Presents DifllcnltJes.
Many difficulties regarding succes
sion to the Greek throne will result
from the death of King Alexander,
which occurred last night. There is
every indication that the third son
of former King Constantine, Prince
Pau ^ Jil h. i ?.tron? offered to
. a i ...<- i ^'mdilJ?l^^Ki^ag Con
stantin foi nu'1 y abdicate, and
rim ni < der brother of
renounce his
lt is probable that King Constan
tine will at first refuse to meet these
conditions, but it is understood that
Premier Venizelos will produce ar
guments of some importance.
Constantine's financial status is
well known, and it is understood the
1 premier will agree to restore tho
former king's suppressed pension if
tho above terms aro accepted,
i Only in the event of Constantine's
persistent refusal would there bc a
I question of the establishment of a
i republic, but lt ls known that Pre
1 mler Venlzolos is of the opinion that
i Greece is not yet ripe for that form
of government.
I There is also tho possibility of of
' foring the throne to a foreign prince.
. but the i rentier is reluctant lc take
r such a step. To begin with, lt would
. bo hard to find a suitable candidate.
1 When Prince Otto cf Bavaria was
; called to the throne of Greece In 1832
; the protecting powers of Great Brit
ain, France and Russia gave solemn
? undertaking that none of their
i princes would seek the throne-an
1 undertaking wh'oh was renewed by
j King George, of Great Britain, In
\ 1017.
As a result the choise is narrowed
considerably. Prince Charles, the
second son of King Albert of bel
gium, has been mentioned as a prob
: able candidate, but King Albert rc
. contiy mad. it known that If the
throne should ho offered the prince.
i the offer would be refused.
Members of the Greek cabinet con
! ferret! on Sunday, but decisions that
may have hoon reached, if any, have
not been made public,
i There is a rumor current that tho
I coining elections will be deferred.
I but this is considered improbable. In
? Hie voting which will take placo on
November Mb Premier Venizelos ls
expected to carry his party to victory
by a substantial majority.
May Appoint Regent.
Admiral P. Coundouriotis, former
minister of marine, is believed to lie
the government official most favored
for Hie appointment ns regent of
Greece, to hold office until tho suc
cessor of King Alexander ascends tho
throne. He was formerly a member
of the Salonika government, and ls
known to be friendly toward the Fa
ten te.
Tho lower chamber of tho Greek
parliament will ho convoked Imme
diately to elect thc regent.
The standard
the maker kee?
best made? lon;
efficient storag
Ita use ensures you uninter
no buckled plates, no sulpha
with none of the troubles ai
Thc longest guarantee perio
battery Let us tell you w
Georgia Won't Ask Gins (Tose.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 28.-Governor
Dorsey to-day declined to accede to
the request of Governor Parker, of
Louisiana, to issue a proclamation
asking cotton gins in Georgia to shut,
down for thirty days or longer as a
means of increasing the price of cot
The Governor's letter said he had
taken the matter up with J.J.Drown,
Georgia Commissioner of Agricul
ture, and that they agreed such ac
tion would not be wise.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. There ls only one "Promo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the twx. 30c.
Idle Gilts Would Aid (?amblers.
Austin. Texas, Oct. 29.-Governor
Hobby Thursday refused to grant the
request of Gov. Darker, of Louisi
ana, that cotton gins of the State be
closed for :10 days. He based his re
fusal on the ground that if cotton is
picked it would suffer great damage,
and it. would not be wise to throw
away or allow it to deteriorate by
not ginning it.
"The gamblers and manipulators
would exaggerate the amount of cot
ton held back and use lt as a club
to beat down prices," said the Texas
calomel con
crashes into
Take "Dodson's L
If you fee! bilious, headachy, con
st ipa ted nnd all knocked out, just gi
to your druggist and get a bottle o
Dodson's Liver Tone for n few cents
which is a harmless vegetable sub
sftituto for dangerous calomel. Taki
a spoonful and if it dooen't star
your liver and straighten you nj
better and quicker than nasty cal?me
is fixed-and
ps it there-the
gest-lived, most
e battery is the
rupted ourrent^as'n??ded
ting A steady flow'of power
id uncertaintie?_of._ordinary
d placed upon any' storage
bat we know about it.
?IiA? S. C.
All persons indebted . tat nie
ot Pi W. Cru mp ton, Dec? are
hereby notified to m ce ] ne ni
to tho undersigned, an : , poi o u
having claims against said estate will
present the same, duly attested, with
1 in the timo prescribed by law, or be
?barred. W. R. DAVIS,
I Administrator of Hie Estate of E. W.
Crumpton, Deceased.
I Oct. 13, 1?* 2 0. 41-44
All i)orsons indebted to tho Estate
of Joseph Hamilton, Deceased, are
! hereby notified lo make payment
! to the undersigned, and all persons
j having claims against said Estate
I will presont the same, duly attested,
; within the time prescribed by law,
j or be barred.
?Executor of the Estate of Joseph
Hamilton, Deceased. '
Oct. 27, 1 920. 43-36
All persons indebted to the Estate
of JOHN W. GIBSON, Deceased, are
hereby notified to make payment
to the undersigned, and all persons
j having claims against said Estate
will present the same, duly attested,
within the time prescribed by law,
I or be barred.
Administratrix of tho Estate of John
W. (?ibson, Deceased.
Oct. 27, 1 920. 43-46
;alivates! It's mercury. Calomel
?amite on a sluggish liver. When
les into contact with sour bile it
it, causing cramping and nausea.
'iver Tone" Instead I
and without making you sick, you
juBt go back and get your money.
If you take calomel today you'll
be sick and nauscatod tomorrow; he
Bides, it may salivate you, while if
you take DodsonVt Liver Tone you
will wake up feeling great, full of
ambition and ready for work or play.
It is harmless, pleasant and safe to
give to children; they liko it.

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