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The Am?nes
Slate Teachers' Association Will Bc
in Session Nov. i25 to '27.
- .
Rock Hill, Oct. 29.-Special rail
road fares of one and one-third will
be granted by all railroads in South
Carolina on account of the meeting
of the Stato Teachers' Association,
to be held in Spartanburg Xov. 2.1
2 7, according to announcement made
by W. H. Howard, chairman of tho
Southeastern Passenger Association.
Those who attend will be furnished
with a card of identification, and up
on pr?sentation of this card to the
local ticket agent a round-trip '.icket
will bo sold. This ticket will bo vali
dated In Spartanburg by the ticket
agent there. Tickets will go on sole
Nov. 22, and are good until the 3d ,
of December.
Reports coining to tho secretary
indicate that the attendance will be |
very large. Most of tho schools will I
have holiday on Thursday and Fri-;
day anyway. The teachers in tho up
per part of tho State can eat Thanks
giving dinner at home and got to
Spartanburg In time for the evening
Dr. Robert P. Pell, president of
New Elixir, Called Aspiron
al, Medicated With Latest
Scientific Remedies, Used
> and Endorsed by Euro
j pean and American Army
Surgeons to Cut Short a
I Cold and Prevent Compli
Every Druggist in U. S. In
structed to Refund Price
While You Wait at Count
er if Relief Does Not Come
Within Two Minutes.
Delightful Taste, Immediate
Relief, Quick Warm-Up.
Tho sensation of tiu* year in i lu?
drug irado is Aspironnl, thc two
minute fold and cough rollover, au
thoritatively guaranteed by tire labora
torios; tested, approved and mos'
enthusiastically endorsed by tho high
cst authorities, and proclaimed by
tho common people as icu limes n .
quick and effect Ivo ns whiskey, rock
and rye, or any other cold and cough
remedy they linvo over tried.
All drug slores nro now supplied
with Ibo wonderful new elixir, so nil
you have tn do to pet rid of that cold
ia to stet? Info (lie nearest drug store,
hand tho clerk half a dollar for fl bottle
of Aspiroilfll and tell him to serve yon
two teaspoonfuls with fou.1 teaspoon
ftils of water in a glans. With your
watch in your hand, luke the drink
nt one swallow and call fur your money
back in two minutos if you cannot
feel your cold fading away like a dream
within tho timo limit. Don't be bash
ful, for all druggists invite you , and
expect you to try it. Everybody's do
ing it.
When your cold or cough is re
lieved, tako tho remainder of the bottle
homo to your wife and babies, for
Aspironal is by far tho safest and most
effective, tho easiest to tako and tho.
most agreeable cold and cough remedy
for infants and children.-(Adv.)
tn Red Cross
Converse College, has announced a
reception on Friday evening after
the program. This reception will he
given hy the college to all the teach
ers In attendance.
On Thursday evening a musical
program will he given hy the Choral
Socloty of Converse College, and on
Friday evening, tho Children's Cho
rus will sing.
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with worms have aa uo
healthy color, which Indicates poor blood, and as p
rule, there ls more or less stomach disturbance
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC given rcgulnrb
for two or thrco weeks will enrich the blood, im
prove tho digestion, and act as a General Strength
enlng Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel tho worms, and the Child will br
IQ perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle
< Tub Hoys Had a Great Timo nt thc
Southeastern Fair in Atlanta.
Clemson College, Oct. 28.-Nows
conies from tho Southeastern Fair in
Atlanta that the team of three South
Carolina club boys, consisting of
Calvin .Moore, of Slmpsonville; Carl
Smith, of Basley; Boyd Blakeney, of
Lancaster, with Province Brabham,
of Lugoff, as alternate, won first
place in judging Shorthorn cattle,
second place on Duroc bogs, fifth
place on Angus cattle, and tied with
the Georgia club team for eighth
placo in the general ranking of the
clubs, Texas having won the first
Cash prizes wero offerod by ton or
twelve cattle and hog breed associa
tions and, the Carolina team drew as
prize money a total of $65. $30 on
Shorthorns, $25 on Durocs and $10
on Angus. Tho club winning firBt
place wins, besides cash prizes, a
trip to tho Royal Livestock Show In
Tho training received by the team
consisted of short course work given
nt Clemson College for ten days In
July and of a five-day trip to various
herds in tho State under C. L. Mor
gan, extension animal husbandman.
Tho team had no training outside of
tho State, but a number of the other
loams bad this training. Among tho
other teams were teams from the big
livestock Statos, such as Iowa, Kan
sas, Nebrnskn and Michigan, besldos
a good many Southern States.
Ihe Quinine That Does Not Affect the Head
Deeanne of Its tonic and laxative effect, I.AXA
Tl vu BROMO QUININK is better than ordinary
Quinine and docs not cause nervousnes ? nor
ringing: In head. Keinemhcr the full twine nu ;
look for the siKnature of H. W. ono vu. 30..
Cotton Thieves Are Caught.
Orangeburg, Oct. 27.-Four ne
groes aro now in the county jail, all
charged with stealing five bales of.
cotton from Sarah Shular, a woman
who lives nea Bowman. As soon as
tho theft was known Sheriff Dukes
and Deputy Gillam, In company of
throe of the county rural pollcemon,
started a search. Ono of tho mon,
Adam Stroman, was found, and bo
acknowledged tho theft, lt ls said,
and told who tho others wore. The
theft was made last Tuesday night
and the cotton hauled to Bamberg
and sold to J. D. Copoland, a cotton
buyer of that place, for olghteon
conts a pound. Tho mon wore glvon
a preliminary hearing yesterday and
their bonds fixed at $1,000 ouch.
Suicide by Jumping Into WeR at Her
Homo Noni' TownviUe.
Anderson. Oct. 26.-In un effort!
to commit suicido last Sunday night,
Mrs. Walter Taylor, of near Town-]
ville, leaped into a well 45 feet deep
and remained in water four feet deep
for almost an hour. Mrs. Taylor ls
said lo have been in ill health for
several month;?, and in an effort to
end it all sho planned to drown her
self. -Waiting until she and her fam
ily were seated on the front veranda
of their home, and until they were
busily engaged in /conversation, she
excused herself, saying that she in
tended to retire. There was uo cause
for suspicion on the part or the mem
bers of tho family that she was think
ing of taking her lifo, and for tho
next 45 minutes tho family remained
on the veranda. Thon one of the chil
dren missed Mrs. Taylor and a search
was Instituted. The house was gone
over form the front room to the kit
chen, and as this search proved to bo
fruitless, an investigation of the out
buildings was started. Just at that I
timo it was noticed that the lid ol'
tho woll box was thrown back and a
noise could bo heard at tho bottom
of tho well 46 feet below.
A ropo and windlass were secured,
and after a short time the woman in
the well could have boen withdrawn.
This was not her wish, however, and
instead of aiding those who were
working that she might bo saved,
?ho pleaded with them to allow her
to drown. After working for some
time she was pulled from the well
water-soaked and exhausted.
Mrs. Taylor was not seriously In
jured by her leap into tho well, as
she seems to have' jumped in feet
foremost. Excepting a badly bruised
arm she was none the worse for tho
fall. The water in the well caine well
up around nor neck, and the fact that
she was not drowned can be accred
ited to the low water in the well, due
to the recent extended spell of dry
Doesn't Know Son Killed Self.
Doom, Holland, Oct. 29-The tol
mer German empress, Augusta Vic
otria, has not been Informed that her
son, Prince Joachim, killed himself,
although he did so moro than two
months ago. She merely knows that
ho is dead.
"Black-Draught is, in
my opinion, thc DOSI liver
medicine on the market,"
slates Mrs. R. H. White
side, of Keota, Okla. She
continues: "l had a pain
in my chest after eating
light, uncomfortable feel
ing-and this was very
disagreeable and brought
on headache. I wat con
stipated and knew it was
indigestion and inactive
liver. ! began the use o!
Black-Draught, night and
morning, and lt sure ls
splendid and certainly
gives relief/?
ftjsflg For over seventy years
this purely vegetable
preparation has been
found beneficial by thou
sands of persons suffer
ing from effects of a tor
pid, or slow-acting liver.
Indigestion, biliousness,
colic, coated tongue, diz
ziness, constipation, bil
ler taste, sleeplessness,
lack of energy, pain in
back, puffiness under the
eyes-any or all of these
symptoms often indicate
that there Is something
the matter with your
liver. You can't be too
careful about the medi
cine you take. Be sure
that the name,-"Thed
ford's Black-Draught," is
on the package. At all
Accept Only
the Genuine.
Walhalla Readers Can Np Longer
Doubt the Evidence.
Again and again wo have read ot
strangers In distant towns who have
been cured by thia or that medicine.
But Wslhalla'a pertinent question
has always boen "Has anyone here lu
Walhalla been cured ?" The word ot
a stranger living a hundred milea
away may bo true, but it cannot have
ths same weight with us a? tho word
of our own citizens, whom we know
and respect? and whose ovidemoe we
can ao easily prove.
Mrs. 0. H. White, Broad St., Wal
halla, says: "A few year? ago I had
backache and other symptom? of kid
ney trouble I had sharp pains shoot
through my kidneys and I waa In
pretty bad Bhape. I woe feeling quite
miserablo when I was told to try
Donn's Kidney Pills and ono box en
tirely crued mo. I advise anyone sui
terring from kidney complaint to give
Dean's a trial."
Price 60c, at all dealors. Don't
simply Mk for R kidney remedy-get
Doan's Kidney Pills-the same that
Mro. White had. Foster-Mllbura Co..
Mfrs.. Buffalo, N. Y.
Young Mother Hangs Self.
Dalton, Ga., Oct. 27.-Mrs. Min
nie Connally, 22 years of age, com
mitted suicide by hanging borsolf
late Tuesday at her homo near Mt.
Vernon, six miles north of boro, ac
cording to the verdict of tho coro
ner's jury.
The young woman left no message
giving any cause for her act. Her
lifeless body was found hanging in I
the kitchen, when her husband Bert
Connally, a tenant farmer, returned
to tho hpme from his work In thc
Besides her husband she is sur
vived by three small children, the
eldest four years old and the young
est three months .
Ocpnee Lands
040-Acro Farm, nine milos north
of Walhalla, S. C., nour Oconee
Station, on public road und rural
route, in oho mile of good school.
This' - placo has four good farm
houses, wells, barns and other out
buildings /or each house; three
horse crop under plow. Two hun
dred uer is of tlds land Ls rough,
but Vwpff{timbered-mostly hard- i. i
wood/ with some pine. Two big
pastures for cattle; ono good hog
pasture, all wired and in good re
pair. Fish pond on placo. Good
orchards at nil four of tho houses.
?Thirty-five to forty acres of good
bottom land. All good, strong red
soil, splendidly adapted for cotton.
Fine combination stock and cotton
farm. Terms to suit purchaser.
Price, $20.00 per Acre.
210-Acre Farm, on head-waters
of Little River, five milos from
Salent, S. C.; forty acres of good
bottom, ten acres of good cotton
land. Has good crops of cotton
and corn growing this year. Tlds
place hos two pastures for cattle,
wired in and in good repair; one
cheap 4-room house and out
buildings; two 'good fishing
streams on place; 400,000 feet of
good saw timber, mostly pine.
Tlds place ia on public road and
rural route. Good water-power on
place, suitable fo?* grist mill. Good
school in lui If a mile. Terms to
suit purchaser.
Price, $25.00 per Acre.
to the above I havo a number of
Farm and Timber Tracts listed for
sale; also some Town Lots.
If interested in Land in any
shape, call on or write
People who have been sick, ne<
strength. After severe Illness, yo
feeling that hangs on, after you get ti
you get your strength back the bett
assistance, in enriching your blood
you to digest your food, and to bulk
The Scientifi
Mr. Ervin Horton, a prominent
have been taking Ziron, and it is a
more than anything else, after I had
builder. I appreciate what Ziron hi
has been proved by the good results
women who have taken lt. You sh<
refunded if the first bottle of Ziron fi
Ask your druggist for Ziron. J
i _
Joseph J. Fretwell,
The Man Wno Has Settled More Ten?
ants and Enabled Them to
Own Their Own Homes
Probably than any dozen men in .
Anderson County.
- Write for Particulars. -
AU original ideas about handling
these propositions.
Anderson, S. C.
The Willard was first,
The Willard is better built.
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most.
THEREFORE, You want and must have
The Willard Battery
in Your Car.
Wc have a complete line on hand. The name Willard
is a guarantee of perfection in the battery world. Our personal
guarantee goes with every battery.
Hughs Garage,
Main Street, Walhalla, S. C
i "Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
need special attention and care
ful treatment when being shod,
I am now using
The Barcus Horse Stocks,
which holds your .horse hum
anely and securely while being
shoo. No nasty, painful twist
ers or other instruments of tor
ture to subdue the animal.
Have your
Horse Shod Homely and fell.
See me, and you will have
fractious animals shod at my
Th? Practical Blacksmith,
Midway, S. C.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic
.escores vitality and energy by purifying and en
riching the blood. You can soon feel its Strength?
enlng. Invigorating Effect. Price 60c.
Buy a few Thrift Stampg to-day.
ed a tonic to help them regain their
ii know the tired, weak, no-account
p and begin to go about. The sooner
er, and you should derive valuable
I, renewing your appetite, helping
1 up your system, by taking
$1,000 and up. 7%
on Improved Farm
37-39 Pickens, S. C.
c Iron Tonic
citixen of Horton, Ala., writes: "I
wonderlul medicine, lt helped me
the influenza. It is a great system
is done for me." The merit ci Ziron
i obtained by thousands of men and
Mild try Ziron. Your money will be
lils to help you.
Accept no substitutes. ZJ. 2
4? 4* ??. .j? ?j? ?j. 4* 4* 4? ?j. ?j. ?g?
?J. ?J? ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J. ?J? ?t? ?J. .J. ?J? ?J?
.J? ?|. ?J. .J. ?Jo vj? ?J. .J? ?J. ?J. t,J. *|?
4* I>R. W. It. CRAIG, 4.
4> Dental Surgeon, .?.
.I omeo Over O. W. Pltcuford's 4.
4* Store. ?I*
?J. ?J. ?J? ?J. ?J. oj. r J. ?J? ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J*
.jj? MARCUS G. LONG, 4.
4* Attorney-at-Law,
4? Phone No. 00, Walhalla, S. G. 4.
* - *
?J. Office Over Oconee Nows. 4*
4? ?J. >J? .J. ?J. ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?J?
4* J. H. KARMA, 4*
4? Attorney-at-Law, ?J.
4* WAMI AM/A, S. G. 4.
.j* State & Federal Court Practice. 4*
?J? ?J. .J. .J. ?J. ?J? ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J. ?J. ?Ja
4. E. L. I1EBNDON, 4?
.J? Attorney-at-Law. 4?
.J. WALHALLA, 8. G. 4?
?J- PHONE NO. Ol. 4.
.j. ?j? ?1? .j. ?j. ?j. 4? 4* 4* *$* *i* *I*
j? R . T . J A Y N B 8 , 4*
?j? Attornoy-at-Law, 4a
V. AMI AM/A, 8. G. 4.
?J. Boll Phone No. 20. 4?
4. Rtnto ?i Federal Court Practice. 4*
?j. 4? 4* 4* *!"* *I* *I* *$* *2* *I* *?*
4? J. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor, 4.
4? Plckens, S. C. W. C. Hughs, 4.
4. Attorneys and Counsellors, 4"
4. WALHALLA, 8. G. 4*
4. State & Federal Court Practice. 4?
4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4* *I* .Ia *?*
Kurfees Paints and Oil.
Gutter and Repair Work.
Plies Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund inonev If PAZO OINTMENT fatti
to eura Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Pile?.
Instantly relieves Itching Plies, and you canjtet
restful sleep after the first apollcattoo. rrloe 00c

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