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(Established 1841).)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Vcnr .?1.00
Six Months.?fi
ThrOO .Months.30
Advertising Raton Reasonable.
fly Slock, Shelor, Hughs Ai Sholor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rato of ono cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo tnarkod "Adv." in
conformity with Koderai ruling on
such matters.
W EON ESRA Y, NOV. ?, 1990.
Many Valuable Opportunities Are
Open to Youth of Stale.
County Superintendent of Educa
tion L. C. Spoaros' has received tho
following lotter from tho Stute Su
perintendent of Education relative
lo tho free scholarships in tho vari
ous State educational institutions:
Columbia, Oct. 2 I, lt?20.
Dear Slr:
Within recen I years there has been
much discussion ol' tho Slate's sys
tem of free scholarships in institu
tions of higher learning. Tho Univer
sity of South Carolina is allowed ll?
normal scholarships, worth $100 a
year, plus tuition and college fees.
The Citadel is allowed (5S scholar
ships, worth $300 a year. Winthrop
is allowed 121 scholarships, worth
$100 u year and free tuition. Cloth
.son is allowed 170 four-year scholar
ships and 53 one-year agricultural
scholarships. Mach donison scholar
ship ls worth $100 a year, plus tui
tion and col leg fees.
The winner and holder of a schol
arship is a young person of merit and
distinction. The public generally con
siders a scholarship award to he a
fine index to school efficiency, To
day scholarships go hogging for lack
of quulilled applicants.
Enclosed herewith I anC send ?nf
you the record for tho year 1020-2 1
-the .scholarship places and holders
for your county. Pienso look ovoi
tho data and write me your opinion
-of the situation.
A copy of this letter goes to the
.superintendent of your court house
school and lo tho editor of your
?county paper, in tho hopo thal those
two agencies may also bo Induced to
comment on tho situation.
Yours respectfully,
J. E. Swcaringen,
State Supt. of Education.
State Scholarship*-Goonoo.
University of South Carolina ( 1 ) -
- E. M. Smith, holder; appointed
19 10; appointment regular.
The Citadel (1)-13. N. Singleton,
holder; appointed 19 17; appoint
ment regular.
Winthrop (2)-Mattie Ellen Pick
ett and Louise Singleton, holders;
appointed 1920; appointment regu
Clomson (3)-J.C. Shiver, holder;
Appointed 10 20 (agriculture); ap
pointment regular. (One-year agri
cultural scholarship vacant.)
?flOO.tMIO Worth of 1/iquor Stolon.
Chicago, Oct. 28.-Liquor thieves,
.'.quipped with motor trucks, invad
ed the Loop early yesterday, broke
>.nto a wholesale drug house within
i block and a half of the central po
lice station, hound the watchman and
carted thirty barrels and 3 0 0 cases
of whiskey, valued al $100,000.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Bowaro! Unless you see the name
".'layer" on package or on tablets you
:.vre not getting genuine Aspirin, pro
.scribed hy physicians for twonty-onc
years and proved safe by millions
fake Aspirin only as told in thc
/layer package for colds, headache
'neuralgia, rheumatism, earache
toothache, lumbago and for pain
Handy tin boxes of twalvo Hayer Tab
lot? of Aspirin cost fow cents. Drug
gists also sell larger packages. Aspi
rin is tho trade mark of Buyer Manu
/ac tu re of Mon once tlcaoldester ol
Reports Mn I i ca to One of. tho Host of
Its Kind in tho State.
The recent Community Fair, held
al Fair Play, was, according to ro
ports that wo have heard from disin
terested sources, ono of tho host of
Its kind ever seen In this section. In
fact, ono gentleman who has attend
ed a nnibour of community fairs In
different sections of this State and tn
adjoining states, made tho statement
that the Fair Play Community Fair
was unquestionably one of tho host
he had over attended.
Owing to the crowded condition
of our columns last week tho follow
in glist of prize-winners, kindly fur
nished us for last week's paper, was
of necessity laid aside to make room
for matters thal could not he put to
one side. There are many In our
county and elsewhere who will bo
interested in the following
lilst of Premiums.
Hotter D?bales Contest-1st, Har
ry Buist .Mays, score 97; 2d, Rob
ert Howard Marett, score D5.5.
Harvest Kool h.
Colton-1st, S. L. Leathers; 2d,
L. M. Glymph.
Corn-1st, Harvey liramlot; 2d,
.1. L. Sheldon.
Pumpkin--1st, J. L. Sheldon; 2d,
Kathryn Marett.
Gourd-1st, J. S. Glymph; 2d, C.
S. Wurley.
Citron-T. li. Wooten.
Corn on Stalk-T. L. Wooton, best
six stalks; Harvey Bramlot, best :i
Celery 1st. .Mrs. S. E. Mays; 2d
Mrs. W. C. Mays.
Potatoes (white!-ll. M. Lovin
Potatoes (sweet) - Best market
able, Mrs. M. 13. Harris; largest, 1st,
ll. M. Lovingood; 2d, C. P. Glonn.
Egg Plant-1st, Mrs. C. P. Glenn;
2d. Mrs. A. lt. Marett.
Beets-Largest single, 1st, Mrs. T.
B. Patrick; 2d, Mrs. S. L. Leathers;
best bunch, Mrs. Albert Marett.
Onion -1st (white pearl), H, M.
Lovingood; 2d, ( white multiplying),
Mrs. L. B. Marett; 2d, (largo red),
Mrs. S. L. Leathers.
Soy Beans-- .Mrs. L. B. Marett.
Tomatoes-Mrs. Fred Grtthbs.
Peanuts-1st (large), Miss Julia
Davis; 1st (Spanish), Klijab Marett.
Dried Apples-1st, Mrs. Goo. Har
ris; 2d, Mrs. S. L. Loathers.
: Figs-1st, Mrs. T. L. Wooten.
Walnuts--J. dj. Sheldon.
'' Turnips-1st, T. J. Bryson; 2d,
T. L. Wooton.
1 Pears--1st, Mrs. .lanie Stribling.
Apples- -1st, Hubert Davis; 2d,
Louie Marett.
Chestnuts-Bon Lovingood.
' Wheat- 1st. Geo. Harris.
Oats-1st. B. H. Glymph; 2d,
Geo. Harris.
Catto Seed - 1st, A. R. Marott.
Alfalfa-1st, T. L. Wooten.
Quilt-1st, Mrs. B. H. Glymph;
2d, Mrs. A. R. Marett.
Cherry Pic-1st. Mrs. M. E. Har
Chocolate Pic-1st, Mrs. Walter
Apple Pie-1st, Mrs. Chas. King;
2d. Mrs. R. P. Harris.
Kgg Pie-1st, Mrs. Edgar Mays.
Potato Pie-1st. Mrs. H. M. Lov
inggond; 2d, Mrs. B. F. Grubbs.
Snlad-1st. Mrs. Louis Glymph.
Biscuit-1st, Mrs. Laurens Shel
don; 2d, Mrs. R. P. Harris.
Butter-1st, Mrs. A.R. Marott;
2d. Mrs. B. H. Glymph.
Chocolate Cake-1st, Mrs. .1. L.
Sheldon; 2d, Mrs. W. R. Davis.
White Cake-1st, Mrs. W. R. Da
Cocoanut Cake -1st, Mrs. B. H.
Glymph; 2d, Mrs. Louis Glymph.
Pineapple Cake-1st, Mrs. Edgar
Marble Cake - ls?, Mrs. Bayford
Orango Cake -1st, Mrs. M. E. Har
Font (Sword, short Bos(, 1st, Mrs.
.1. W. Grubbs; 2d. Mrs. W. lt. Davis.
Whitman, 1st. Mrs. H. M. Loving
good; 2d, Mrs. W. lt. Davis.
Asparagus. 1st. Mrs. S. M Rich
ardson; 2d, Mrs. '1'. L. Wooten.
Sword, large Bos. 1st, Mrs. L. M.
Glymph; 2d. Mrs. ,1. S. Glymph.
Ostrich Plume, 1st, Mrs. M. E. Har
Roosevelt, 1st, Mrs. W. H. Davis
shrubs Burning Hash, 1st. Mrs.
A. K. Marett.
Colol (Trailing Queen), 1st, Mrs.
T. A. Durham. (Indian Chief), 1st,
? Mrs. M. E. Harris; 2d, Mrs. T. A.
? Cut Flowers,
Xinlas-1st, Mrs L. B. Marott.
> Princes Feathers-1st, .Mrs. Chas.
' King.
' Marigolds-1st, Dora May San
? dors.
Pori winkle-lat. Mrs. T. A, Dur
[ Geraniums-1st, Mrs. T. A. Dur
1st, Mrs. H. I'\
1st. Mrs. J. L.
Linos-1st, Mrs. T. A. Durnum;
2d, Mrs. M. G. Glymph.
Wandering Jew-1st, Mrs. A. R.
Begonia-1st, Mrs. M. E. Harris.
Turkeys - Houri.on Hod, gooier,
1st, Mrs. T. Ii. Wooten.
Bronze, best pair, Mrs. L. B. Mar
Chickens- Rhode island Red, 1st.
Mrs. A. li. .Marett; 2d, Mrs. T. !..
White Leghorn,
t'.rub bs.
Hulf Orpington,
Plymouth Rock. 1st, Mrs. L.
Marett; 2d, Mrs. L. M. Glymph.
White Rabbits- Milliard and
Gray Rabbits-Ligo Marett.
Fancy Work.
Centerpiece (crochet) - 1st,
Vera Marett; 2d, Mrs. H. M.
Table Cloth (drawn work)--Mrs
Janie Stribllng.
Window Shades (crochet) - Mrs
T. H. Patrick. \
Centerpiece (embroidery) ?- 1st,
Mrs. Rayford Harris.
.Centerpiece (punch wojrk.) - 1st,
Miss Mayna Bruce.
Pillow Cases (embroidered) - 1st,
Mrs. H. H. Glymph; 2d, Mrs. A H.
Centerpiece (crochet, solid) - 1st,
Miss Vera Marett; 2d, Miss Inez
Hewn Tatting-1st, Besslo Glenn.
Towels (embroidered)-1st, Mrs.
.lanie Stribllng.
Centerpiece Tatting, solid-1st.
Mrs. Rayford Harris.
Dressed Doll-1st, Montez Marett.
Table Runner Filot (crochet) -
1st, Mrs. Willis G tubbs.
Table Runner (crochet)-1st. Mrs.
Allen Marett; 2d, Mrs. Willis Crabbs
Pillow Cases (crochet)-1st, Miss
lue/. Richardson.
Towel (crochet)-Mrs. T. B. Pat
Plano Scarf
C. Mays.
Piano Scarf
T. L. Woolen.
Gown Yoke
B. H. Glymph.
Dresser Scarf-Mrs. T. Li Wooten.
Fringe-Miss Muna Rruco.
Centerpiece (painted)-:Mrs Ray
ford Harris. ;. v.
Canned Products, ft
Pears-Mrs. J. L. Sheldon.. ,
Quince Marmalade-Mrs. T. L.
Peach Pickle- 1st. Mrs. W. C.
Mays; 2d, Mrs. H. M. Lovingood.
Sweet Pear Pickle-1st, Mrs. Al
bert Marett; 2d, Mrs. Lou Leathers.
Pear Honey-Mrs. Albert Marett.
Beet Pickle-1st, Mrs. M. E. Har
ris; 2d. Mrs. W. R. Davis.
Stuffed Pickled Pepper-Mrs. S. E
Sweet Picklod Popper-Mrs. H. M.
Canned Tomato-1st, Mrs. L. B.
Marett; 2d, Mrs. Albert Marett.
Canned Beans-1st. Mrs. M. G.
Glymph; 2d, Mrs. L. B. Marett.
Dixie Relish-Mrs. Albert Marett.
Beet Relish-Mrs. J. S. Glymph.
Chow-Chow-Mrs. M. E. Harris.
Tomato Pickle-Mrs. J. L. Shol
Soup Mixture-Mrs. S. L. Leath
(crochet)-Mrs. W.
(embroidery) - Mrs.
( crochet) - Clarine
(tatting)-1st, Mrs.
WE know how much
time, money and
hard labor this
machine will save you.
Bigger crops-better
larras. That's why we
offer 10 days' trial and a
positive guarantee with
every sale of
Farm Ditcher
Run soma V-shnped ditches
or throw up toma terrncos
wlih lt. You'll say lt's ono ot
the most unoful implen.outs
on your tarin.
It Alls up srulltes.leveln bumps,
grados roads. Lasts a lifo
limo, because all-steel. Ad*
Justable (or narrow or wide
cut. Reversible-throw* dirt
lo either side.
Try H tO day?-yoo9
monty back if you
mani lt, buty&a uWl
Walhalla, H. < '.
Tomato Kotehup-1st, Mrs. M. E. j
Harris; 2d, Mrs. S. L. Leathers. t
Popper Relish-1st, Mrs. J. L.
Sheldon; 2d, Mrs. C. P. Glenn.
Canned Grapes-Mrs. Albeit Mar
ett. I
Canned Blackberries-1st, Mrs. C.
P. Glenn 2d, Mrs.; J. L. Sheldon. !
Canned Raspborrlos-Mrs. J. L.
Canned Cherries-Mrs. ll. H.
Quince delly-1st. Mrs. M. E. Har
ris; 2d, Mrs. L. M. Glymph.
Blackberry Jelly-1st. Mrs. S. Ii.
Leathers; 2d. Mrs. J. S. Glymph.
Apple Jolly-Mrs. S. L. Leathers. I
Jellied Apples-Mrs. L. B. Marett.
Grape Jelly-Mrs. L. M. Glymph. j
Sorghum-1st, W. O. Richardson; j
2d. A. R. Marett.
Cucumber Pickle-1st, Mrs. M. G. I
Glymph; 2d, Mrs. T. A. Durham.
Canned Peaches-1st, Mrs. M. G.
Glymph; 2d, Mrs. T. A. Durham.
Quince Preserves-1st, Mrs. M. E. I
Harris; 2d, Mrs. S. L. Leatbors.
Applo Proserves-1st, Mrs. L. B. J
Marett; 2d, Mrs. George Harris.
Scuppornong Preserves-Mrs. W, j
C. Mays.
Fig Preserves-1st, Mrs. M. G. j
Glymph: 2d, Mrs. George Harris.
Pear Preserves-1 st, Mrs. L. B.
Marett; 2d. Mrs. W. C. Mays.
Canned Apples-1st, Mrs. S. L.
Leathers; 2d, Mrs. L. M. Glymph.
Canned Pumpkin - Mrs. S. E.
Canned Plums-1st, Mrs. M. CL
Glymph; 2d, Mrs. L. B. Marett.
Plum Pickle-Mrs. S. L. Leathers.
Canned Pimentos-1st. Mrs. M. G.
Glymph; 2d, Mrs. L. B. Marett.
Damson Plum Marmalade-Mrs. J.
L. Sheldon.
Citron Preserves - Mrs. J. S.
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications take
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nauseates*, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
No Moro Old Maids to bo Found In
Whole Milt Towns in S. C.
j A recent dispatch sent out from
I Greenville says:
A village without an old maid
j sounds somewhat Uko a fairy tale,
? but several such places exir* below
tho Mason and Dixon Line.
"All the wornon gel married in the
mill villages of "South Carolina, and
at un early age," says a Y. M. C. A.
industrial secretary stationed at
Greenville, where she works among
tito girls In thirtoen mills.
Perhaps economic independence
has something to do with lt, as mar
riage is not looked upon hy the girls
as a meal ticket, but as a fifty-fifty
proposition. Tho wives do not give
up their johs, but keep right on at
their work.
That the textile industry in Sont lt
Carolina absorbs ti large number of
women as well as mon workers is
not surprising, considering tho fact
that there aro as many as 152 mills j
in 29 counties. With the population ?
of tho Stato given as 1,590,01? poo-j
pie. 62,904 are mill workers, and
11)0,208 are dependent on mill pay.!
Tho valuation of tho mills is $7."?,-j
000.000. and Hie weekly pay roll is
Gormans Cry Out foi- a Kaiser.
llanover. Germany, Oct. 27 Amid I
deafening applause Hie German N'a-1
tionnl party, in convention here, de-!
mundud thc restoration of tito mon-'
archy. The party has adopted the
slogan :
"Wo want a strong kaiser."
Minister Horgt, in a speech which
outlined the party platform, said:
"lt is our duty lo combat parlia
mentary domination. Not until there
ls a restoration of tho monarchy can
Gormany recover. Only a monarchy
is ahlo to restore our financial situ
ation and load us out of our present
Hotol rates at Pekin aro from $8
to $18 a day for rooms and moala.
J ' It is recorded of
.?J that child-birth v
Modern dress w<
Exacting social <
today were a mit
small wonder thi
misgivings when J
But this should
-the prospective
FRIEND. An extc
over the skin; p<
muscles, and prc
and practical deli
Many doctors anc
Get a bottle frot
For valuable booklet
free, fill tn coupot
they act only on thc <
Used by Expectant Mothers
for Three Generations.
A Message of Utmost It
The woman, who is suffering fr
owes it not only to herself, but to nor f
health and strength and charm. Dr. J
upon the prescription of an eminent ph;
disorders of women his lifo study; and
lt a successful medicine for their trott1
you with thia proven remedy. Try it n
Facts About Zachary Kennion.
Seneca. It. F. D., Oct. L\S.-Edi
tor Keoweo Courier: Through the
columns of The Courier I wish to
make a statoniont in regard to the
Zachary reunion, tor the benefit >f
the relatives and friends, as I nive
been asked several times If tile re
union was held this year, and I wish
to inform all who may Un interested
that iL came o?r r..s usual, on the last
Saturday in August, and will meet
next, year at the same place and time
?-the lust Saturday In August.
On account of the rains and had
condition of the roads last August,
the attendance was not as large as
usual. However, the reunion was a
success. The usuajl program WUK
carried out and a nice sum was raised
toward enclosing tho cemetery. I
wish to say to all tho connection In
Oconee-and they are many-that
the contribution list is wide open all
tho year round, and those who have
not as yet had a chance to contrib
ute to this worthy cause can send in
their dollar to T. ft. Zachary, treas
urer, at Cashiers, N. C. Contribu
tions made through me have already
been forwarded. J. R. Zachary.
?Moi! Good
Children Like IL
(molts originated with the ancient
Creeks and are said to have first been
played at the Olympic games In 1 153
B. C.
Every human being desires an
hotlies of (ho dead and has au in
that tho romains arc not in a p
resting place.
Cemetery Buri*
M. A. WOOD & CO.
9. J. ANSEL.
the primitive American Indian women
vitrx them was entirely painless.
is unknown!
lutics that wreck so many women of
ni? quantity in their lives; and so it is
it the weaker sex becomes a prey to
approaching maternity nears the crisis.
not be-because
mother can find comfort in MOTHER'S
mal lubricant that spreads its influence
snetrates to the broad, flat abdominal
?pares the way for an easter, quicker
1 nurses recommend MOTHER'S FRIEND.
n your druggist today.
i below and mall direct to the makers of
ld using plain oils, greases and aubsillulea
s^ui and may cause harm rallhout doing good.
Dept. 25, Atlanta, Ca.
Pleaso send me your FREE book
let on MOTHERHOOD and Tho BABY.
St., R. F. D.._.
Town _State.
nportance to Every Woman
om disorders peculiar to her sex,
amily and those around her to regain her
. Bradfield's Female Regulator is based,
psician. Dr. J. Bradfield, who made the
for half a century women have regarded
blee. Your druggist will promptly supply
ow, TODAY.
Oldest Woman Voter.
Durham. X. C.. Oct. L".<.-This city,
it is believed by local election olll
cials. boasts the oldest woman voter
in America. She is Mrs. Mary Pat
terson, who upon registering for the
November election gave her age ai
101 years.
How's This?
We ofter One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine.
Hali'8 Catarrh Medicine has been taken
by catarrh sufferers for the past thirty
Ave years, and has become known as the
most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall'L
Catarrh Medicine acts thru tho Blood on
tho Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poi
son from the Blood and healing the dis
eased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
Medicine for a short time you will see a
great Improvement In your general
health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine at once and get rid of catarrh. Send
tor testimonials, free.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
The Supei'visor and his Board of
! Advisors will elect a Steward of t|io
! Poor Farm for the fiscal year of 192 1
I in their office at Walhalla. S. C., on
; FRIDAY, November 5, 1920. Board
will elect the lowest responsible bid
der, reserving tho right to reject any
and all bids. Applicants for the po
sition must state tho names and ages
of the members of his family, and tho
salary for which he will take the job.
The County wi* allow the Steward n
reasonable salary for himself, and
will pay f()\ or allow off of the farm,
sufficient amount of food for his fam
ily, self and thc paupers. All bids
should bo soaled.
E. N. FOSTER, Supervisor.
M. it. MCDONALD, clerk.
Oct. 27. 1920._ 4.1 -14
Administrators and Guardians is
called to Sections 3618, 3619 and
j 3765, Code of Laws of South Caro
lina. Vol. 1, In regard to making an
, nual returns. V. F. MARTIN,
Judge of Probate, Oconeo Co.
Oct. 20, 1920. 42
d aims to properly caro for tho
born dread of tho very thought
crmauent, dry and vermin-proof
al Vault Works,
3, S. O.
UTE!) BY -
.Soneca, S. S.
.Westminster, 8. C.
.Walhalla, S. C.

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