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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
Remarked 25 to 50 Per Gent
We have to-day remarked our stock of DRY
GOODS down at from 25 to 50 per cent. We
mean to keep our entire stock marked at market
value* We mean to keep cur volume of trade up
to last year,
C. W. & J. E. Bauknight,
Car Cement
Just arrived, ??ge Also Genuine
Beaver Board on hand.
Sale of Hosiery
Ladies'" Full Fashion Silk Hose.
from Now Until Further Notice, from
9 to 4 O'clocK.- (Sat vi rd aya 9 to 12.)
One-Half of What You Are Now Paying.
Sale at Our Mill.
Walhalla, S. C.
Highest Market Price Paid for Cotton.
Also have ample warehouse facilities for
storing cotton. See me if you want to
either sell or store.
Office in Moss & Ansel's Store.
Walhalla, S. C.
Sept. 27, 1920-39-tf.
Shake-up Among Chicago Police.
Chicago, Nov. 13.-Chicago's po
lice forco to-day was given tho big
gest shake-up in its history by Chief
Charles C. FitzMorrls, rocently ap
pointed to succeed John J. Clarrlty,
whose resignation was requested by
Mayor Wm. Hale Thompson.
Every special squad was abolished,
a majority of the precinct captains
arid lloutennnts were transferred to
new stations, and evory patrol 'ser
gant and police operator was given
a new position.
"Tho changes were made to rid
Chicago of crooks," said Chief Fltz
Morrls. "Tho mon will be given a
short time to moko good in their
new Jobs. If they fail, there will bo
more changes."
? -----
Will Ho Electrocuted Friday.
Columbia, Nov. lil.- Will Lomax,
the Greenville negro charged with
the murder of his wife, ls to ho elec
trocuted at the State penitentiary on
Nov. 19th. Ile is now in tho death
house at Ibo Stato prison. Tho ne
gro was convicted n few days ago In
Greenville. No appeal of his caso has
been announced.
"Girls of tho Sixties" J hive Enjoya
ble Time nt Greenville.
Sonecu, Nov. 16.-Special: Mrs.
D. P. Thomson and Mrs. L. W. Ver
nor were in Greenville for a day tho
past week.
Miss Clara Vernor returned homo
Saturday afternoon after visiting for
a couple of months in the home of
her uncle, Hon. Chas. Verner, of Tus
caloosa, Ala.
Mrs. E. ?. Hines, regent, and Mrs.
W. P. Reid are in Anderson attend
ing the State Conference of the
of the Dnughtors of the American
Revolution, which is In session? in
that city. They went as representa
tives of the Wizard of Tamassee
chapter of this place.
F. C. Ayer, one of Seneca's leading
merchants, has returned after a
brief visit to his former home at
In order that the pupils of our
school would respond to the patriotic
proclamation issued by Governor R.
A. Cooper, Supt. Coats gave a taDx
in the auditorium last Thursday
morning explaining the meaning and
significance of Armistice Day, and
why we observe lt. The school was
dismissed at 12.15 o'clock for n half
holiday In observance of this day.
W. O. Hamilton, a former towns
man, spent several days here last
week with Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Neill.
Mr. Hamilton returned to his home
in Galla tin, Tenn., the early part ol
the week.
Misses Paulino S'teck and Nancy
Evans visited their homo folks hi
Walhalla and Pendleton, respective
ly, for the week-end.
The D. A. R. chapter will meei
Friday afternoon of this wnek in
stead of to-day, as was formerly an
Miss Ruby Harper, secretary ol
the Once-a-Week Club, motored tc
Clemson Saturday afternoon to heai
the lecture of Dr. Winfield Scott
Hall before the woman's club of thal
placo on "The Mother and Child.'
Dr. Hall is one of the most noted
lecturers on tho American plat torn
of social reform work. MHs Harpei
was accompanied by several othei
members of tho club.
Dr. E. A. Hines left for Chicago ?
week ago to attend thp annual meet
lng ot tb? Secretaries' Conference
I of the Medical Association. Fron
Chicago Dr. Hines will go to Louis
ville, Ky., to attend a meeting of th?
Southern Medical Association, ho be
lng president of this section on pub
lie health work. Ile expects to re tu rr
to Seneca on the 20th.
The Y. W. A. Society of the Rap
tist church met Friday afternoon foi
thc purpose of reorganizing and ti
elect officers, after having been dis
banded since June. The following
officers were elected: President, Miss
Winnifred Adams; vice president
Mrs. R. H. Renfro; secretary, Mrs
Walter Kelley; treasurer, Miss Rubj
Harper. The society ls called to moo
Wednesday evening in the Baptis
church at 6.4") o'clock. Every youn*
woman of this denomination is cor
dlnlly invited to be present.
Mrs. Leland Marett dcliglitfullj
entertained a dozen teachers at at
afternoon party "Friday. Autumr
(Towers, which were used in profu
sion, added much to tho attractive
n?s."! of the lovely home. The out-of
town guests were Miss Anna Marett
Miss Tabitha Strlbling, .Miss Ellet
Lawrence and Mrs. John Anthony,o:
Westminster High Scliol, and Mrs
Clinton Marett, of the Newry school
Added to this numobr were severn
toachers of tho Seneca schools. A de
licious salad course, with coffee, wai
served late in the afternoon.
Owing to the Insufficient hentinf
capacity of the school auditorium
the opening exercisos are held in sec
Hons. Tho first four grades alternate
by days with the reven hlghei
glades. With an enrollment of 43?
pupils it goes without saying that r
larger auditorium is needed.
An event which is of more thar
passing interest was the annual get
together last week .of tho girls of Hu
sixties who attended George's Creel
School in Picketts county, in theil
early girlhood. For ten years ot
longor the "girls" have boen haviitf
these reunions for n day and a night
The girls take it tn rotation being
hostess. Miss Mary McMnJhan, ol
Greenville, was hostess on this oe
easton. Those who attended were
Mrs. L. M. Berry, Statesvtlle, N. C.;
Mrs. w. T. Hubbard, Mrs. J. L
Smith. Mrs. \V. E. Nimmons, Mrs. L
E. Knox, together with a few frionds
Truly it was a hn,ppy occasion. Thc
"girls" rehearsed the early school
days at Oeorge's Creek, each ono tell
lng of some prank she had played
and for which she was probably pun
ished by standing in tho corner
where she could be seen by all thc
school. Then they all Joined many
times In singing tho songs of lonp
ago. which wore dear to their hearts
and helped to keep green the mom
ory of their girlhood. Even In theil
merriment thoir voices were softened
when thoy thought of tho round
dozen "girls" who^wore with thom al
tho first meetings.' Ono by ono they
have passed away, until now only
half that number are left. May those
good women live to celebrate many
moro reunions.
At the annual State conference ol
the Baptist Woman's Missionary
Union, which met in Charleston losl
I week, Mrs. J. D. Chapman, of Town
Wc arc in position ag;
?ractor purchases?
This means that you
tount at thc time of deliv
Wc are glad to make
The plan is simple,
details in a few minut<
Stop in and pick out >
mt a small amount of m
nd ?nd Richland Schools,
stico Ray Observed.
BoufiStV Land, Nov. 15.-Special:
Our .school opens to-day with Miss
Lalla Bfillenger as principal and Miss
Sybil Qnmblee, of Liberty, as assis
tant. Oaring to the inclemency of the
weatheftHlt is quite doubtful thal
there .WDI be a full attendance, or
that th$f.0 will be any of the parents
at tho opeiiing, which will be discour
aging imleed to the teachers.
We are in hopes that some one
will b?i fissent, should there be any
parents-?itere, who will give a talk
on th? ?^???essity of the regular at
tendancf^Cf the pupils, giving a clear
lnterpffl&ton of tho compulsory at
tendant^-, nw. Our school did not
show a&^cpd an enrollment last year
as it mis?) : 'haye done had this law
been en'f^Y ed as it should have been,
ljideed t.y^&mttitibMn 'mf?&&$\
tioh as truant officer, we heard many
remarks lo the effect that the law
had "done quit, and it really seemed
that lt had "done quit" when the ex
cuses sont In by the few parents who
tried to comply with the require
ments of the law, were not even
opened by the officer in charge of the
work. This may not have been the
case all over the county, however
we hope not-but it was certainly
the case here, and we hope the law
will bc more rigidly adhered to dur
ing this term.
Warren Alexander, of Grimshaw,
and Carl Robertson, of Cashier's Val
ley, spent a few days last week with
the former's brother, M. P. Alexan
S. A. -Davis accompanied J. 13.
Shanklin, of Anderson, last week to
Horse Cove, N. C., where they in
dulged in an old-time deer hunt.
Pat Thompson, of Liberty Hill,
spent the week-end at the home of S.
N. Hughs, of Richland.
Mrs. G. B. Jordan, of Greenville,
spent several days last week with
her brother, J. P. Strlbling.
Jefferson McMillan, of Clemson,
was at home for the week-end.
John Alley, of Anderson, was a
recent guest of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jim Alley. His brother, Her
man Alloy, accompanied him to An
derson, where he has accepted em
ployment until Christmas.
Mrs. Julia D. Shanklin and son,
Edgar, spent Sunday in Anderson
with tho family of J. B. Shanklin.
Frank Marett made a business
trip to Ware ShoalB last week.
The many friends of Miss Mary
Taylor wore grieved to learn of her
death, which occurred Thursday last|
in her home nt Tucker, Ga. Her
cleath was very sudden, being due to
blood poison. She was well known in
this section, and her death is deeply
deplored. She was a niece of J. D.
McMahnn, of this vicinity. The sym
pathy of many friends goes out to
tho bereaved ones in their sorrow.
Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Hughs,of Wal
halla, wore recent guests of the for
mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
M. B, Marett visited in Iva, An
derson county, last. week.
The Richland school held appro
priate exorcises in celebration of
Armistice Day. The program con
sisted of about fourteen interesting!
numbers, besides quite an appropri
ate and interesting talk by J. P.
Stribling and another on "What the
Armistice Really Meant to America,"
by the principal, Mrs. Hayden Coo.
Quito a number of the community
people enjoyed those exercises, and
the teachers aro to be congratulated
on tho proper observance of this moBt
memorable of ail days in the his
tory of America.
Rom, unto Mr. and Mrs. Walter
McKlo, on Friday, tho 12th, a daugh
ter. _ ._
ville, was re-elected president. Mrs.
D. A. Perritt represented tho mis
sionary society of Seneca at this con
ference. Mrs. Perritt will possibly
attend tho Georgia Stato Missionary
Conforonco, which is in session this
.! wook in Auguata.
ain to offer accommodations on
can buy a new or used OL]
N TRACTORS by paying
ery and the remainder by conv
this announcement. It means
There is nothing involved abou
rour Car, Truck or Tractor,
oney will secure it,
R. BR.OWf>
T. D. McLaurin Said to be in Sanita
rium at Asheville, N. Ot
Columbia, Nov. 14.-The Mutual
Savings Dank of Bonnettsville, of
which Thoa. D. McLaurin is presi
dent, will liquidate and go out of
business, according to a statement
issued Saturday by .lames H. Craig.
State Dank Examiner.
Immediately ufter Mr. McLaurin's
disappearance a few days ago the
bank was closed and an examination
of the records ordered. Mr. Craig
emphasizes that the bank is solvent,
and that if the family of Mr. McLau
rin will make good "alleged securi
ties and hidden liabilities" the de
positors could bu paid in full. Mr.
McLaurin is said to bo in a sanita
rium in Asheville, N. C., where he
wns taken after being located in At
lanta., Mr. Craig conferred with <Av<
I torr.ey-Oonoval'. Wolfe- Saturday rela
tive to the appointment of-a receiver
I for the bank, which is capitalized at
$25,000. ,Mr. .McLaurin was also the
president of a cotton warehouse. A
Circuit Judge wPJ be asked to name
the receiver. M17 Craig's statement
concerning the bank follows:
"1 have applied through the At
torney Ueneral for a receivor for the
Mutual Saving Rank of Henncttsvillc.
Examination .of the affairs of the
bank discloses thal the bank was
carrying as securities to loans cotton
certificates of tho Dennettsvtlle Ware
house that were either bogus or
worthless. In addition, tho president
had made largo personal obligations
for his own account with banks and
parties, which ho endorsed ns presi
dent of the bank, but concenled from
the bank's liabilities. Aside from
worthless securities pledged in the
form of warehouse certificates and
concealed personal liabilities of the
president, the bank was found solv
ent. These, however, were of such
proportions that the examiner, with
the approval of the director, decided
to close and liquidate the institution.
If the president and his family should
make good the alleged securities and
hidden liabilities, the depositors
could be paid in full."
Negro Assailant ls Quickly Disposed
of by Infuriated Mob.
Bristol, Va., Nov. 14.-Dave Hunt,
negro, aged 2"> years, captured after
an exciting chase on a passenger
train and held for the assault of an
aged white woman, was taken from
the Jail at Wise, Va,, between 3 and
-I o'clock this morning by a mob of
about 7*5 men, and hanged to a
bridge near Kent Junction, where
the crime is said to have been com
After the lynching the mob quietly
dispersed, and up to a late hour to
night no arrests had been reported.
Entrance was. gained to tho Jail by
breaking down tho doors. Tho negro
was taken to the scone of tho lynch
ing in an automobile.
Woman .Sixty Years Old.
Tho negro's victim, a woman 00
years old, was assaulted near her
home Friday afternoon. Shortly after
the crime she flagged the Interstate
passenger train as it came by and
told members of the crow that she
had been attacked by tho negro,whom
they could see walking on tho rail
way right-of-way some distance
ahead. Tho train started after tho
negro, who headed for tho mountain
side when ho saw that he was being
pursued. Tho trainmon left their
train and took to tho woods after tho
fugitive, who was captured soon af
The body of tho negro was found
swinging from tho girders of tho
bridge about 8 o'clock this morning.
Tho condition of tho woman is said
to be serious.
Hunt had been working in the
coal mines nt Blackwood and had
been in that section only a short
Motor Cars, Trucks and
a small portion of tue
cnicnt monthly payments,
that we arc getting back
t it. We can give you
Then let us show you
J, Walhalla.
Friday of Till? Week County Club
and Jersey Dull ASH'II. Show.
Rain or shine, next Friday, Nov.
19th, should bo a red-letter day In
the history of the Club Members and
Dull Association mon of Oconce. Lib
eral prises are lo bo awarded on ox
hlbllr, of tho three large bulls of tho
Oconoo Association, and there will
be moro prizes than last year, both
in live 'stock judging contests and in
having moro classes of prizes for tho
daughters of those throe bulls.
Tho agricultural teacher ' and stu
dents of the three county high
schools will have teams in the Judgr
ing competition.
Then there will bo exhibits of boat
ten ears of corn, cowpeaa, pigs, and
thoro will bo exhibits by numbers
Of the members Of Miss Counts's .
CahlJing, Sowing and'KftUUVy Clubs.
. Toachore,.av^urged siflfritofr ?a4l:?elu4>??
members' attend, but ltTls""bptl6nal
whether or not schools shall attend
in a body, lt being left ontiroly with.*
the local school boards, according ta
Mr. Spenres, Superintendent of Edu
In addition to those oducationnl
exhibits (ind judging contests there
will bo two or more moving pict urea
shown at The Hex Theatre, these to
be shown free through tho courtesy
of Mr. Wilson, the owner of The Rex
Theatre. Exceptionally good pictures
have been obtained from the United
states Department of Agriculture
and from tho American Jersey Bull
Everything free. All the people
should Iprn out, bring a picnic din
ner and have a day of enjoyment and
forgot your troubles.
Show starts at 10 o'clock at the
Court House, Come, ono; como, all.
Geo. It. Briggs, County Agent.
Shooting Over (?Irl nt Rowosvlllo.
Columbia, Nov. 15.-A shooting
affair over a girl took place at tho
town of Howesvlllo, Ornngeburg Co.,
Sunday night, when E. N. Mittel,
formorly cashier of a bank at Bow
man, s'hot a man named Patterson.
Mr. MIttoll now makes Greenville
his homo, and lt waa stated that the
man loft Rowosvlllo In tho direction
of Columbia, but city and county au
thorities have not as yet soon him.
Advices from Orangeburg aro to
tho effect that MIttoll and tho man
named Pattorson were visiting tho
same girl, MIttoll is said to hove
been engaged to her. lie went to lier
home on Sunday night and found'
Patterson there and shot him six
times. '
Invited to Poisser Nov. 18th.
Peteer has generously invited tho
missionary societies of Anderson Dis
trict to bo their guests for Hally Day,
Nov. 18th, beginning at 10.30 a. m.
Dr. John Landor, of Brazil, and'
several of our conference workers
will be on tho program. Tho early
Blue Ridge train connects with a
P, & N. car, which leaves Anderson'
at 9.15 and arrives at Pelzer at 10.14
o'clock. The Pelzer ladles will servo
lunch and evorybody is invited. Do
not disappoint them. It will do you
good to go. You get more than you
glvo^ Our district secretary says tho
Anderson District is very much nlive.
Let us go forward.
Julia D. Shankltn.
Attorney (J on ora I to Washington.
Columbia, Nov. 13. - Attorney
Ooneral Wolfe has gono to Washing
ton to be present and rcpresont tho
State of South Cnrollna in tho dis
puto as to tho dividing lino between
South Carolina and Georgia, and in
anothor case concorning the rocovory
from tho Fodoral government of our
State's sharo of a F?deral tax on cot
ton, collected during tho Civil War,
and which has in recent years boon
declared to bo illegal. All of tho
cotton Stales aro co-operating In tho
attompt to rocovor tho cotton tax,
tho ontlre amount of which is sixty
eight millionB.

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