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?how Decrease of Half Million lhilo*
in South Carolina.
Tho following statement of com
parative llgurcs for ginnings In the
State of South Carolina, hy counties,
will prove Interesting. The figures
nro given out front tho census lat
rena, department of commerce, foi
the comparison date of Nov. Sth, and
aro as follows:
County- 1920. 1919.
Abbeville. 20,089 88,672
Aiken.?12,296 33,217
Allendale. I 1,59-1 10,917
Anderson. 17.2 58,.'102
Bamberg . 16,365 20,967
Barnwell.23,511 26,747
Beaufort. i<?2 1,553
Berkoley. 4,688 6,955
Calhoun. 23,970 2 (J, 83 2
Charleston. 191 3,843
Cherokee. 9.392 1 1.4 01
Chester . 18.7:'.?; 21.819
Chesterfield .... 16,630 23,386
Clorondon . 28,744 32,597
holleton . 5,172 10,302
Darlington . 24,597 31,591
Pillon . 18,984 31,725
Dorchester . 7.0S7 12.006
Edgefleld . 18,875 I8,69?
Fa ir Held . 14,417 15,3 23
Florence . 21,059 30,996
Georgetown . 1,994 2,844
Oroenville . 23,0.r,S ?12.707
C. reen wood . 2 3,790 26,017
Hampton . 6.064 9.227
Jlorry . :!.0S0 5,466
Jasper . 7 07 1,685
Kershaw . 20,786 23,801
Lancaster . 10,333 15,215
Laurens . :I6,0S2 35,546
Leo . 26,807 33,378
Lexington . 20,6 13 20,341
McCormick . 11,07.'! 12,S3f>
Marion. 0.960 13,776
Marlboro.37.6S2- 54,607
Newberry . 26.9T.0 23,44 1
Oomiv. 10,110 ir>,r>:*7
Orangeburg. ?S.?tOO 70.312
Pickens . 8.S21 14,953
Richland. 22,3:1? 20.140
Saluda. 19.921 18.400
Spartanburg _ 4 1,462 40,512
Sumter . 32,642 36.439
Vnlon . 13.712 12,4 00
Williamsburg ... 17,414 10.301
York . 20,160 30,301
Total for State ..867.840 1.002,528
.IVMM 'S Cold t'oihpound'' I aslant l\
lletic . f.s st 11 niece, tud IM'-ilross*
.1 i \ .>i aff ut) up' 4M i*. ?.lew
in $ um - quilling! A '?: te ?f ''Va po'J
. 'v. j.upounU ........ vy.vj.j t?vv.
hours until titree doses are taken
usually breaks up a severe cold and
ends all grippe misery.
The very Hist dose opens your
clogged-up nostrils and thc air pas
sages of the head; stops nose run
ning: relievos tho headache, dull
ness, feverishness, sneezing, soreness
and stiffness.
"I'apo's Cold Compound" is thc
quickest, surest relief known, und
costs only a few cents ?it drug stores
lt acts without assistance, tastes nice
and contains no quinine. Insist upon
Pape's! - adv.
Dentil Hate Last Year Dow.
"Washington, Nov. 20.-The 10 lil
death rate in the death registration
atea of continental United States,
embracing 81 per cont of the total
population, in statistics made public
to-day by tito census bureau is thc
lowest recorded for any one year. Thc
rate of I2.lt per 1000 population
showed a drop of ."?.1 per 1000 from
tho unusually high rate of 1018 re
sulting from the epidemic of intlu
The total number of deaths in
1010 was 1,096,436, of which 11,5711
er 10.2 per cent, were caused bj
heart disease, while tuberculosis re
suited In 106,085, or 0.8 per cent
tho statistics showed. Deaths attrill
ulallie to pneumonia totalled 105,'
213, influenza SI,113, nephritis ant
bright's disease 75,005, and canee:
Mid other malignant tumors r.s.:.:, i
Three State.-- I (oin ware. Florid;
and Mississippi- were added to HM
registration area in 1919, making ;
lotal of stale;, the District of Co
lumbla and 1 * legist ral (on cities ii
non-registration states in the urea.
Sad Stories.
The man speeded up . seo If h.
could heat Hie I ra in (.ver ?1,,' cross
He couldn't.
Tho man struck n match to sec i
the gasoline tank was empty.
lt wasn't.
The man patted a strange bulldut
On the head to see If the .(?ritter'
was affectionate.
It wasn't.
Tho man looked down tho harre
of his gun to see if it was loaded.
lt was.
Tho man touched an elect t ic win
to see if it was alive.
Ho ls dead.
The orange ls of Asiatic origin nm]
was first introduced into Rnropo bj
the Portuguese.
State Hoard Issues Statement in Itc
gard to Skimmed Milk Ruling.
Columbia, Nov. 20.-"Uniiecessar
ily, there appears to be a lot of mis
understanding with reference to the
recent declaration of the State Hoard
of Health regarding the stile of skim -
med milk in small cans," said Com
missioner Harris yesterday. "The
matter is very simple, (.'?inned whole
milk, or condensed milk, may bo
sold as heretofore, lt is tho skimmed
i milk at which the State Hoard of
Health is aiming in its regulations.
"As this department is charged
with the enforcing of tho r?gulations,
and as our inspectors will have this
matter under their observation, 1
wb'i to get tho public straight on
th matter. Tho State Board of
Hon!th made this regulation not be
] cause tho canned skimmed milk is
poisonous, but because it lias not full
non rishment.
"The regulation of the State Board
as to the skimmed milk provides that
it must not be sold in packages or
tins containing less than one gallon
of Ihm id or ten pounds of powdered
skimmed milk; also, that at the
stores, shops or places where such
condensed, evaporated or powdered
milk is sold, a sign must be dis
played, upon which is printed in
black letters at least live Inches in
height and worded as follow: 'Con
densed, evaporated or powdered
skimmed milk should not bo fed to
babies or invalids-it has not the
food vaule of whole milk.'
Mothers who huve reared their lit
tle ones uopn the condensed milk of
certain well established brands need
feel no alarm, for that kind of milk
has not been put under the ban of
tho State Board of Health. And as
the skimmed milk i.s not actively in
jurious, but is merely lacking in fat,
the Stato Board of Health has sug
gested that the merchants who have
been innocent purchasers of stocks
be allowed ninety days from Oct. 7th
in which to rid themselves of what
they have on hand, and wholesalers
have been ordered to buy and s.?ll ro
more except under the form provided
by the State Hoard of Health.
"On account of so many people
flocking to the centers of population,
where it is impractical to keep a
family milk cow, lt i.i necessary for
some mothers io find a substitute
j Vor fresh tri Bit for (heir ci ?j.MI-?;
latid the regUh):.v..s >> .he . tal . Boavd
! o' I teal iii vviii iinpO'i? uo hardship
j uptWi teeni foi1 (hoy pia * continue ti
"Hut, hereafter, valen the label
and see that it does not read 'skim
med milk,' for after th-? ist of Jan
uary it will be unlawful to sell that
kind of milk In sm ai i cans.''
800,000 FARM I?HS ASK Kl) TO (JO
On Strike as Protest Against the Ab
normal I iodation of Prices.
Kansas City, Mo.. Nov. IS.-A na
tion-wide producers' strike to com
bat the falling prices of farm pro
ducts was urged in a call sent out to
day by tho National Farmers' Union
to its local unions throughout the
The call, in the form of a resolu
tion adopted at the national conven
tion of the organization here, went
forward to the secretaries of local
branches of the organization, which
represents producers of grain, cot
ton, wool and live stock, said to num
ber SOO.OOO.
The proposed strike was urged in
retaliation for what the convention
considered abnormal deflation in tho
prices of farm products, through
which, it was asserted. "American
farmers have been robbed of one bil
lion dollars in reduced value of pro
ducts now on hand." All fanners
were urged to hold this year's pro
duction from the markets until "pro
fit-making levels'" were restored.
The action of the National I'.inn
ers linton was in line sviih a ' whoa!
strike." called several weeks ago by
Hie Wheal Growers' Association of
tho Hulled stales. Delegates asserted
thal a considerable quantity of Ibis
year's wheal i .> was being held off
the marke; by farmers.
Reduction of production in Hie fu
ture was threatened "unless the
prices of our products are fairly re
adjusted to the end that we may ob
tain jus! returns for our labors and
investments," in another resolution
approved by tho convention.
Officials of the organization point
ed out thal members were not under
obligation to obey the terms of Hie
strike, imf expressed tho belief that
such a movement would bo effective.
A conference of representatives ot all
farmers' organizations of the coun
try was called to meet in ?-\f .Louis
on Dec. IO lo consider the creation
of a national farm marketing board.
Charles s, Barrett, of I nion City,
fla., who has nerved for t'n'teon years
ns president of the union, was re
elected last night.
Mr. Peto Wing of Hawk Point.
Mo., made a lot of money out of his
hogs. Ho .say?: "1 fed them Dr, Le
Gear's Hog Prescription, lt hat) given
wonderful results in putting gains
on them with less feed. They were
on heavy feed for only a month,
averaged u BU tn of 2 Vfe pounds dally,
and were only 7 mouths, 10 days old
when sold."
Mr. Wing profiled hy the advice of
Dr. LoGoar, Graduate Veterinarian
and Export Poultry Breeder,-of 28
years' standing.
Dr. LeGoar's Hog Proscription
will put weight on your hogs also,
heeau.se it expels worms, purifies the
blood and conditions them so that
they gain flesh on less feed.
lt makes no difference what ail
ment is prevalent among your stock
or poultry, it is money in your pocket
to get the proper Dr. LoGear Remedy
from your dealer, on a satisfaction
or money back offer.-adv.
.Policemen's Union Surrenders.
Boston, Mass, Nov. 1 S-More than
S.000 members of the Boston Po
licemen's Union voted unanimously
last night to instruct officers of the
union to surrender its charter to the
American Federation of Labor. A
statement issued after tho meeting
said that the "conditions leading up
to the police strike of 1019 have in
many ways been remedied, and ef
forts are being made to improve them
at all times." No members of the
present police forco are members of
the union.
Plenty More Like This In Walhalla.
Scores of Walhalla people can toll
you about Donn's Kidney Pill?. Many
a happy citizen makes a publlo state
ment of his experience. Here ls a
ouse of it. What bettor proof of inorK
can be had than such endoraomontT
B. Colkers, \V. Main St, Walhalla,
gave tho following statement Maroh
16, 1911: "My kidneys were out of
order and my baok pained awfully. I
had other symptoms of kidney com
plaint, too. I was advised to take
Doan's Kidney Pills and I did. They
toon oomplotoly cured mo."
On April 10, 1918, Mir.Oelkers Wild:
"I think Just as highly of Doau's Kid
noy Pills now as. when I endorsed
them before. I am glad to recom
mend them at any time for they eure
ly did mo a groat deal of vgood. 1
confirm thy forweir ?udoriornVnt
Pride 60i d ail ilor.lefa !?on'i
: An ply H.-V. for ii hld ney roil ?/ . i'l
, Dpau'rt Kiiin?>Y rilli toe .sea*
? Mr, Oelhors liad. Fester-M/tb^rh Oo.
, Aili?., Buffalo, N. V.
.Missionary Itctut'UH to S. O.
(Newberry Observer.)
Mrs. Wm. Johnson received a tel
egram Wednesday night from bei
niece. Mrs. Gertrude Simpson Leon
ard. thal she had landed in this
country and would reach her formel
home at Prosperity on Friday. Hei
husband comes, too - and, of course
the baby, who is a pretty good-size(
little girl by this time.
lt has been about six years since
Mrs. Leonard, as Miss Simpson, sall
ed away to far-off South Africa as ?
missionary from the Lutherar
church. She was before that a well
known and very successful teachei
in Prosperity and Newberry.
She and her husband have theil
work at Mongolia, and are home nov
for a vacation, after an absence o:
years from tho home land.
The Same Thing.
Barr-I hear that you are leadinf
a double life.
Carr Not exactly. It's costing m<
double to lead the same life I lee
years ago.-Judge.
The manufacture of pistols by ma
cbinery was first introduced in Eng
land from the United States In 18."?;
by Col. Coll, inventor of the well
known Colt's revolver.
Avoid inlliion/.n by keeping
tho liver and kidneys in perfect
These organs carry ofi' the Im?
j purities of the system. If they
do not function properly Influ
enza or oilier diseases are liable
(o arise.
for tho liver and kidneys will
correct Hu? disorders ot' these or
gans, rid yon nf constipation,
, indigestion and biliousness,
For treating intluen/a we rec
ommend Murray's Horehound,
.Mullein and Tar in conjunction
with Dr. Hilton's Life.
Your druggist ni ii supply you
willi these remedies. If you are
not fully satisfied with results
ho ls instructed lo refund your
Manufactured by
Murray Drug Co.,
Tho State of South Carolina,
County of Oconeo.
In Court of Probate.
Jame? Taylor, as Administrator of j
j thu Personal Estate of John.
j Crooks, Deceased, Plaintiff, I
Mrs. Sarah Taylor, Thoma? D. Crooks
j et al, Defendants.
I Pursuant to a decree of tho afore
said Court, In the above entitled I
i action, 1 will offer for utile, to tho ?
highest bidder, (In aid of assets), i:i
front of* the Court House door, ut
Walhalla, South Carolina, on M ON
DA Y, DECEMEBR lilli, IU20, (Sales-1
day), between the legal hours of sale, '
tho tract of land described below, :
All that piece, parcel or tract of
land, situate, lying and being in the
County of Oconee, and State afore-!
said, on east .side of Conneross Creek, ;
waters of Seneca Uiver, adjoining j
lands of (?. X. Cothrnn, James Tay
lor and the Livingston lands, contain-,
lng twenty-four acres, more or less, i
(being the tract of land conveyed toi
said John ("rooks by Elias Crooks by
deed dated January 10th, 1898, and
recorded in the Oillco of the Clerk of
Court for Oconee County, in Book S,
pago 110 of Doods.
Turms of Sale. - Cash: That In
event of failure of purchaser to com
ply with tho terms of salo promptly
on day of sale, that said Judgo of
Probate do re-sell said premises on
the same or some convenient Sales
day thereafter, at the samo place and
on the same terms as heretofore set
out, at the risk of the former pur
chaser, or purchasers, and that he do
continue so to do until he has found
a purchaser, or purchasers, who shall
comply with the terms of the sale.
Judge of Probate for Oconee
County, South Carolina.
Nov. 17, 1020. 46-48
Tn Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of the afore
said Court In the cases named below,
1 will offer for sale, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, the G th day of DECEM
BER, 10 20, between the legal hours
of sale, the tracts of land below de
scribed :
Lissie D. Nicholson and Minnie A.
Burke, Plaintiffs,
Joseph I). Davis, alias Winchester; J.
Frank Davis, alias Winchester;
Frank Davis, alias Winchester;
Jesse Davis, alias Winchester;
William H. Winn, Henry Lebo
wich, Ed. Vail, G. E. Boyington,
and H. A. nrooks, and J. Wil
loughby Winchester, and Thomas
1 ri Winchester, p^fo^d0" *'*
Tra?? \.?. :_'.-- All thu coi (alli
? pince, parcel or M u t of land, con
? tali iii ; one- hundred thirty-one ac \
tdtuat.e, lying ?nd being lu White
i water Townshli County bl Oconeo,
State o? boum Carotina, oounueu on
the west by Tract No. 1 of the divi
sion of lands of P. A. Winchester,
decoased, and on all other sides by
O'Connor, and known as Tract No. L'
of said division, represented by plat
by J. H. Wiglngton, Surveyor, dated
- Aug. 4, 10 20, and being a part of the
r tract of land conveyed to P. A. Win
chester by J. F. Earle, by deed bear
ing date the 17th day of July, 1886,
1 and recorded in Clerk's Office for
p Oconee County, S. C., on the 20th
P day of July, 1880. in Book' L, page
Terms of Stile.-Cash. That in
1 event of the failure of the purchaser,
or purchasers, to comply with the
? ' 'erins of sale within live days from
day of sale, tho Master do re-adver
tise and re-sell said premises on the
1 following Saleday, or some conven
l ient Saleday thereafter, at the same
. place and on the same terms as here
tofore set out, at the risk of the for
mer purchaser, or purchasers; and
Huit he do continue so to do until he
p has found a purchaser, or parchas
j ers, who comply with the terms of
. sale.
Sold at risk of former purchaser.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamps. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
r State of South Carolina.
County of Oconee.
In Court of Common Pleas.
3 G. Arthur Kelley et al, Plaintiffs,
* against
J. Allen Kelley et al, Defendants.
Tract No. I,-Containing ."?7 acres,
- more or less, situate in Koo wee
- Township, Oconee County. South
5 Carolina, and being the tract de
scribed in deed by J. Allen Kelley to
" Mattie Kelley, of date the Ith day of
April, 1016, recorded in Clerk's Of
! lice, Oconeo County, S. C., in Deed
Book X X. page 7.
Tract So. ii. - Containing 34.7?
I acres, moro or loss, situate in Koo
I woo Township, Oconeo County. South
'Carolina, and being Ibo tract de
scribed in deed by J. Allen Kelley to
?William Kelley, of date the 2Mb day
of March. 1010, recordod in Clerk's
I office, Oconee County. S. C., in Deed
Book VV. page 3?8.
Tract Xii. :{. - Containing 32.?0
nero?, more or less, situate in Knower
Township, Oconee County. South Car
olina, and being the tract described
in deed by J. Allen Kelley to Joseph
Franklin Kelley, of date the 2d day
of June, 1013, and recorded in
Clerk's Office, Oconee County, S. C..
in Deed Book SS. page 72. and also
described in deed by J. Allen Kelley
to Henry Kelley, of date Hie 28th
day of March. 1010, recorded in said
Oillco in Deed Book VV, page 356,
nnd described in said deed as con
taining 34 acres, more or less, but
upon subsequent survey thereof it
was found lo contain 32.50 acres,
more or less.
Tract So .1. - Containing 2(1. ">0
acres, more or less, situate in Keo
woe Township. Oconee County. Soul h
Carolina, and being the tract de
scribed in doed by .1. Allen Kelley to
Mrs. Ola Gantt, of date the L'Mh day
Stop doing what thc other fellow says.
Nothing on earth safer or more in
dependent, in hard times or easy times.
It will always stay with you.
I have a few Real Good Farms for
Sale yet. Good prices, good terms.
Also a few Nice Homes in town.
Call on me.
Information free.
I R- HL Alexander,
At Court House, jfi&j* Walhalla. S. C.* |
?????? ? ???? ?????????????
Every human being desires and nims to properly care for the
bodies of tho dead and has an inborn dread of tho very thought
that tlio remains aro not in a permanent, dry and vermin-proof
resting place.
Cemetery Burial Vault Works,
Seneca, S. C.
M. A. WOOD & CO.S en ern, S. S.
SHELDON FURNITURE CO .. .Westminster S. C.
? .. ,T. ANSE? . .Walhalla, H. C. [
T\ie Willard was first,
The Willard is better built,
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most
THEREFORE. You want and must have
The Willard Battery
In Your Car.
We have a complete line on hand. The name Willard
is a guarantee of perfection in thc battery world. Our personal
guarantee goes with every battery.
Hughs Garage,
Main Street, l-l Walhalla, S. C
"Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w m W W '3*
of March. If) D'?, and recorded in
Clerk's OHice, Oconee County, S. C.,
in Deed Dook VV, page 360.
Terms:-One-third cash and bal
ance on credit of one and two years,
and credit portion to hear interest at
tho rate of eight per cent per annum
from day of sale and be secured by
bond of purchaser and mortgage ol'
(he premises, with leave to the pur
chaser lo anticipate payment. Thal
i in event of failure of purchaser to
'comply with Ibo terms of sal" within
i five days from day of sale, the Mas
j |or re-advertise and re-sell said piem
{ises on the following Saleday, or
. some convenient Saleday thereafter,
lat lile same place and on the same
(erins, at the risk of the former pur
and stumps.
M ?.st er for
pay extra for deeds
Oconee County. S. 0.
Nov. I
I il 20.
.Itl- is
All persons indebted to the Fstato
of Wm. .lesse Watkins, Deceased,
are hereby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said estato will
present tho same, duly attested, with
in tho timo prese ri bod by law, or bo
barred. MUS. N. A. WA TKINS.
Administratrix of tho l?state of Wm.
.lesse Watkins, Deceased.
Nov. IO, 1920. 15-18
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic
.ostores vitality and enemy hy purifying and cn?
ricking* tho blood. You run soon feel it s Strength*
oning, Invigorating Klint. Price 60c.
Notice is hereby given that tho un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Marlin, Judge of Probate for
Oconee County, In Hie State of South
Carolina, at his ollico at Walhalla
Court House, on Wednesday, tho 1st.
ol I ...ee.aber, 1020, at ll o'clock
in the forenoon, or as soon there
after as said application can bo
beard, for leave to make final sot tie
in en I of the Kslate of J. W. Holle
man, Deceased, and obtain Final Dis
charge as Executors Of said Kslate.
F. S. and L. (!. HOLLE M AN,
Kxeculors of ibo Kslate of 1. W.
Iiolleman, Deceased.
Nov. il, 1020, i ; -1 7
.Notice ls hereby given that tho un
dersigned will make application to
V. K. Martin, Judge of Probate for
Oconee County, in the State of F ?TIrh
Carolina, at his olflco at Wallum?
Court House, on Saturday, the Ith
day of I) KC 10 M BK H, 1020, at ll
o'clock in tlio forenoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application can be
heard, for leavo to mako final settle
ment of the l?stalo of fi}, O. Single
ton, Deceased, and obtain Final Dis
charge as Administrator of said Ks
late. w. P. TEAL,
Administrator of the l?stalo of K. O.
Singleton, Deceased.
Nov. ld, I ii 20. '15-18

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