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The Facts of the Telephone
Situation in South Carolina
By J. Eppa Brcwn, President.
The Solution of the Problem
To furnish the tolephone service which
?rill bo needed in the state of South Carolina
during 1921, additional facilities must bo
To build those facilities will cost $936,
Tho Company has no money with which to
construct these facilities.
All new oonstruotion must be paid for out
of the capital account of the Company; all of
the Company's present capital ls invested
in the Company's busineBB.
This monoy can be had in only one way;
it must be invested In the Company's busi
This money can be had from only one
source; from thc Investing public, people
who have surplus money to invest.
Part of the Investing public of this coun
try live in South Carolina.
These facilities are needed to serve the
people of South Carolina.
Will the investing public of South Caro
lina furnish this money?
Every dollar the public of South Carolina
will invent in the Company will be unod to
construct plant facilities in the state of
South Carolina for the UBO of the people of
South Carolina.
If the investing public living in South
Carolina will not invest their surplus money
in the Company's business, the Company
must get the money needed to serve you
from the Investing public In other states;
from strangers.
Can you oxpeot strangers to invest their
money In a bUBiness located in South Caro
lina in which the people of South Carolina
will not invest their mouey?
The facilities now used by you were paid
for by money furnished by strangers. They
know what they ure earning in South Caro
lina while Berving you Just as you know.
Can you ask or expect them to furnish
more money for your use In South Carolina
uuder present conditions?
If the people of South Carolina will not
supply the money needed to serve them
selves they must induce strangers to furnish
Thia can be done by allowing the stranger
to earn a fair and Just profit upon his money
now invested in South Carolina, serving ybu.
and upon all additional money required to
furnish you service.
This can be done in but one way; by pay*
lng fair and just rates.
When the Company is legally authorised
to charge a rate which will yield a fair and
just profit over i nd above the cost of fur
nishing you Bervlce in the state of South
Carolina, lt can secure from strangers liv
ing in other statos the money needed to fur
nish service to the state of South Carolina.
The Company must have thia right before
it ean get the money.
The people of South Carolina must act
To have telephone service you must either
Invest your own money In the Company's
business, or permit tb'< Company to earn
euch a profit upon Its present and future In
vestment SB will Induoe strangers to Invest
their money In the state of South Carolins,
to sorve you.
The n<ixt advertisement will tell what profit th? Company seka to earn.
Conference of Upper South Carolina.
Next Session nt Anderson.
(Greenville Piedmont, 12th.)
The Upper South Carolina Confer
ence of the Pentecostal Holiness
church, hold Us annual session in
Greenville from Saturday thvough
Tuesday, adjourning al r- o'clock
Tuesday afternoon. Wc*. ,1, n. King,
ii. 'Ml mporintondent,presided over.
Its lolous, which woro attended by
31 preachers and-nriseiou wokrora
and 20 church delegates'.
Anderson was chosen as the next
meeting place of the conference. Re
ports made, it was announced yester
day, showed progress spiritually and
financially, particularly in the lino
of foreign missions.
Officers were elected for the new
conference year as follows:
Kev. F L. Bramlett, of McCor
mick, was re-elect?d conference su
perintendent; Kev. P. F. Beacham,
of Greenville, was re-elected assist
ant superintendent; G. K. Thomas,
of Sandy Springs, was re-elected sec
retary and treasurer; Kev. Ralph
Taylor, of Anderson, and Rev. I). R.
Brown, of Spartanburg, were elected
to complete the official board.
Preachers were appointed ns fol
Anderson District-Ralph Taylor,
Sandy Springs, Abbeville and Orr
ville; R. F. Beacham, McNeely; O.
E. Taylor, Cum Springs and Reedy
Grove; L. W. Fowler, Mt. Pleasant
and Mountain View; E. E. Thomp
son, West Anderson; W. H. Clark,
Belton and Ensley; U. G. Humph
reys, Riverside and Beach Springs;
"Wm. Butler, Brewerton.
Saluda District-J. W. Berry, Sil
ver Street and "Dean's Chapel; W.
Ray Anderson, Clinton and Chap
pells; O. K. Taylor, Calhoun Falls;
R.C. Smith, Ninoty-Slx; >L. H. Smith.
Friendship; P. P. Horne, Greenwood
and Pine Grove; Hartwell Beacham,
Bethel No. 1 ; J. C. Smith, Bethel No
2 and Newberry; 1). K. Brown, Long
Branch; J, S. Pitts. Oak Grove. Cedar
Grove and .Johnson's Grove; F. L.
Bramlett, McCormick.
(Jenora! Evangelists--!. H. Press
ley. It. H. Hayes. \V. L. Johnson and
E. Li. Gibson.
Local Evangelists- -B. N. Black
slock, T. F. Cbastain. M. T. King.
H. D. McNeely. C. C. Merritt. W. D.
Smnrth, T. H. Wade. .]. L. Wilson, J,
H. Barton. Mrs. Avie Dunn. Mrs. J,
R. .Iones, T. L. Robertson, Hollis
Cause and R. O. Rdons.
Mission Worksrs Mrs. L.F. .loltn
son, .Mrs. .1. C. Adams. Mrs. F. L.
BramlOtt, Miss Belle Sorrows. Mrs.
R. C. McCue, Mrs. J. R. Sullivan.
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terial. Fuel? package of "Dia
mond Dyes" contains direc
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mixed goods.
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other kind-then perfect re
sults arc guaranteed even if
you have never dyed before.
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Color Card" - 10 rich colors.
Tito artist Raphael dropped his
brush from Iiis grasp while painting
tho Transfiguration and was removed
to Iiis deathbed.
Rainfall mid Temperature.
Below is a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of tho Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during the week ending
Nov. 14th, 1920, at 7 p. m. (The
instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
? poBed m '.h<> manner recommended
. by the . 1 iel ol ihe Weather. Burean i
Character of
j' Tempt M >?.
,i tm o
3 I
9- Ptly cldy. .
10- Btly cldy. I
11- Ptly cldy. I
12- Clear.
13- Clear. . . .!
M-Ptly cldy
Total rainfall. . ._j_!
.l 3
.) o
Mr. Dodson Warns Against Uso of
Treacherous, Dangerous Calomel.
Calomel salivates! H's mercury.
Calomel acts like dynamite on a slug
gish liver. When calomel comics into
contact with sour bile it crashes into
it .causing cramping and nausea.
If you feel bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, just go
to your druggist and get a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tono for a few cents,
which is a harmless vegetable sub
stituto for dangerous calomel. Take
a spoonful, and if it doesn't start
your liver and straighten you up bet
tor and quicker than nasty calomel,
and without making you sick, you
just go back and got your money.
If you take calomel to-day you'll
bo sick and nnuseated to-morrow;
besides, it may salivato you, while if
you ta ko Dodson's Livor Tono you
will wake up feeling groat, full of
ambition and ready for work or play.
lt's harmless, plonsant and safe to
givo to children; they like it.-adv.
Cost S2.1HO to KIcct Woman.
Washington, Nov. 15.--Expendi
tures of $2,!M0 were made In the
campaign In India il of .Miss Alice
Robertson, of the Second Oklahoma
district, tho second woman to be
elected to Congress, according lo a
report Hied to-day with the clerk of
the House of Representan ves by her
campaign manager. Receipts were
given as $2,615, and the deliclt, it
was stilted, will be made up from sub
sequent collections "lo ratify tho re
sult of tho election."
Miss Robertson declared In her
statement that "no pledges or prom
ises were made" to obtain lier elec
U. D. C. Meet Next at St. Louis.
Asheville, N. C.. Nov. 13.-St.
Louis won over Birmingham, 1,254
to 125, for the 1921 mooting of the
United Daughters of tho Confeder
acy, Grand Division, at the afternoon
session of the 27th annual conven
tion session here.
Mobile also ex ton (led an Invitation
for tho next meeting, but withdrew
when Birmingham asked for the con
von Hon, DologatOS in attendance to
day numbered moro than ooo and
Ibero were several hundred visitors.
Next Session of Synod Will be Held
nt I/cesvillo-('burch Prospers.
(Charleston News and Courier,1 3th)
The final session of the 96th an
nual convention of the South Caro
lina Lutheran Synod was held las'
night in .Si Andrew's Lutheran
church A: Hie service Itev. John J'.
Derrick waa ordained pastor of the
I Lutheran ch m ob Suinlev.'.Follow
ing the ordination sorvlce tho con
von lieu wa.-- tQjnmjly closed t<- meei
next fall at Leesville.
The business session of the con
vention held yesterday morning in
St. Matthew's church was well at
tended and much business of import
ance was brought up for discussion.
Rev. Charles L. Fry, D. D., field seo
rotary of the Eastern Brotherhood
of the United Lutheran church in
America, presented the cause of his
organization and urged that the vari- I
ons brotherhoods form classes for the
study of Christian Stewardship. John
D. Cappelmann, Fsq., who presided
during the presentation of the cause,
and who delivered the opening ud
dress. said that the goal for which
the brotherhood was striving wns
for an enrollment of 100,000 mem
bers for the first year, and that the
roll bo doubled during the second
year. He stressed the necessity of
brotherhoods In every church organ
Thc State Synod accepted a share
in the $1,655,000 to be raised during
the year 1921 for mission and educa
tional work by the Synods of the Uni
ted Lutheran church in America.
S. C. Jersey ts Champion.
The following notice, sent out by
the American Jersey Cattle Club,
whose headquarters are at 324 West
2:id street, New York City, will be of
Interest to cattle fanciers in this sec
"Hy producing 6,975.4 pounds of
milk, giving 352.32 pounds butter
fnt, University Lad's Violet 37?1739,
qualified as the new champion senior
.1-yoar-old Jersey of South Carolina.
Her sire is King's University Lad
??60075, while her dam is Jeanie's
Jule's Maid 2 13390. The new cham
pion was bred, owned and lestod by
the South Carolina Agricultural Sta
tion, Clemson College, Nov. S, 1920."
Anderson Cuts Wages.
Anderson, Nov. 13.-City council
bort? last night voted to reduce wages
of laborers employed by the city
from the present rate of $3.T?0 to
$2.7? a day. and adopted a resolu
tion requesting Hie south Carolina
Railroad Commission to reduce tele
phone ratos to the pre-war level in
stead of granting the raise which the
Southern Hell Telephone and Tele
graph Company is. preparing to ask.
Colds Cause drip and Influenza
cause. There Is only ono "Dromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on tho box. 30c.
Now Superintendent for Home.
Columbia. Nov. 13.-Capt. Hon
Williams, of Brunsen, In Hampton
county, has been elected superinten
dent of tito Con fedora to Soldiers*
Home In Columbia, to succeed Capt.
Louis Wnrdlaw, who recently resign
ad. Capt. Williams ls expected to as
sume his d:.ties next WOOK. During
the war Capt. Williams served in the
17th Goorgin Infantry.
Amendment Providing for Chungo ot
Fiscal Year Lixl the List;
Columbia, Nov. 10-Every amend
ment to the Constitution as put be
fore tho people in the general elec
tion of Nov. 2 passod with a safe
margin, judging by tho returns from
38 counties received by the Stat'
Board of Canvassers. Five amend
ments applied to the Stole as a whole
and 2S to local communities or dis
Probably the most Important of
the 33 provisions to change tho con
stitution were the change of the fis
cal yenr and the change allowing tho
Legislature to pass local or special i
laws regulating the compensation of <
county ollicials. Another important <
amendment that has apparently pass- ?
ed was tho one empowering county 1
authorities to assess abutting pro;)- '.
erty for permanent improvements ot <
highways. I
Returns from 38 of the 4G conn- i
ties have been received by tho State !
Board of Canvassers, but these have
not been tabulated yet. The board i
will meet at a futuro date and de
clare the results. The vote on tho
constitutional amendments was ex
tremely light, being considerably off i
from the State and county officers. I
Tho change of the fiscal yoar' led <
all the amendments in the 38 coun
ties reporting, receiving 8.501 votes
for and 3,305 against. Outstanding
ballots will not chango tho results, as
all the larger counties are In. This
change is causing some speculation
among those who follow the State
government closely. The llscal year
will now run from July 1 to June 3 0
instead of from January 1 to Decem
ber 31. Whether or not the General
Assembly will appropriate for 1S
months rather than 12 at its next
meetiiiK is being generally talked,
and this will cause somewhat of a
stir, due to the possibilities of a
much higher tax levy for the year
and a half. The budget commission ,
is gradually preparing its recommen
dations to the General Assembly, and
it is not taking into consideration
this change, it was said yesterday.
That thc chango has been made it
seems assured, although the official
tabulation has not yet been cast up.
Can Regulate Pay. j
The next State-wide amendment i
that has boen passed is also causing
some! Interest. It provides thal the '
Oeno'al Assembly can onad local or
speclru legislation ai to the compon
Mattet ti cou ?i* > officers', Tho t?noti'd
'uem st;s to, strike out oub-SeHlpn ]
10 oi ?u, 1 of Article '? ot Ibo con
stitution. Article 3 says: "The Gen
eral Assembly of this State shall not
enact local or special laws concern
ing any of the following subjects or
for any of the following purposes--"
Sub-section 10 says: "To lix the
amount or manner of compensation
to be paid to any county officer, ex
cept that the laws may be so made
as to grade the compensation in pro
portion to population and necessary
service required." The amendment
was lo strike out this sub-section so
that the General Assembly could en
act such legislation, and the amend
ment bas carried. The vote in tho 38
counties was 7,875 for and 5,200
The vote on the amendment to al
low county authorities to assess abut
ting property for permanent Improve
ments to highways was 7,1*7 8 for and
3,212 against.
Two other State-wide amendments
changing the constituaion so a? to
add a provision to the section re
lating to waterworks and plants for
furnishing lights so as to include
Ice manufacturing plants, and also
to empower cities and towns to ac
quire nnd operate leo plants, were
also voted on favorably by the peo
ple of the State.
QFlvo Counties Against.
Five counties out of the 38 voted
against the amendments, and nota
bly among tho live was Charleston
on tho change relating to tho com
pensation of county officers. Charles
ton voted 318 for this amendment
and 2,323' against. On tho amend
ment as to tho assessing of abulting
property this county changed and
voted 2,549 for and only I 10 against.
Charleston also voted favorably on
the liscnl year change, the total be
ing 2,510 for and 110 against.
The returns from Leo county indi
cate that only two amendments were
voted on, ono being as to Iho com
pensation of county officers, which
received 18 for and 281 against.
Hampton and Florente counties
voted against tho amendments from
start to finish. Sumter also seemed
to he against amending the consti
tution, voting "No" on all provis
ions of State-wide interest.
Charleston and Spartanbnrg coun
ties polled tho heaviest voto In tho
State In tho 38 counties thus far re
In the Sixth and Seventh Congres
sional Districts, where the Demo
crats had opposition, the total voto
I Begin Right
Conquer Y<
Ii you are going; to again r
upon tho liniment bottle to try
rub your Rheumatism away, :
will bo doomed again to noth
but disappointment. A dise
that can cause so much pain i
Buffering is not on the surface
the skin, and cannot be rub)
Many forms of Rheumatism i
caused by a tiny disease gorm
the blood, and in such cases 1
only logical treatment is to seal
out and remove these germs fr
diows that the two Republicans re
ceived only a handful of ballots as
;om pa red with their opponents. L.
\. Hawkins, negro, who opposed ll.
P. \Fulmer In this district, and T. St.
Mark Tasportas, of St. Ccorgo. who
apposed W. Turner Logan In the
First District, have both tiled pro
testa against the declaring of tho re
mits. Hawkins claims that many of
the polls wore not opened on time
[ind that some of the precincts did
not open nt all. He also alleges that
many citizens were not allowed to
register. Taspr >tas does not give any
reason for his protest, merely saying
that he contests tho election, appar
ently on general principles.
... .? . . .. ? -
6Ute of Ohto, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, an.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that be
la senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney * Co., doing business In the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum ot
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of HAIAYS CATARRH
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my pretence, this C. h day of December,
A. D. 1886. A. W, GLEASON,
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh M*dh-ine ls taken In
ternally and acts through the Dlood on
the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists. 76c.
Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
Two .Men and One Woman Lynched
After Killing of White Man.
Douglas, Qa., Nov. 18.-Two negro
men and a negro woman, all tinpil
la ted in the killing yesterday after
noon of Pearly Harper, a prominent
k'oung planter of this county, wero
lined up and shot at an curly hour
'.his morning by a mol) of more than
I GO men, who overpowered Sheriff
Tanner and two deputies, who were
itt empting lo got i ho negroes over'
o Fitzgerald for naforkeoulng.
Tlw negroes killed wove WU' f'or
y. Willie Ivory and Minnie Ivory,
,he tailer's wife. .
Shortly after the arrest of the ne
groes for tho shooting, which, it is
illoKod, was done by the woman, a
argo crowd collected about tho coun
y jail with the intention of storming
he place to get the negroes. An ap
ical made by Sheriff Tanner to allow
he law to take Its course was par
lally .successful, tho crowd dispers- j
ng for a time. Later, however, tho I
sheriff decided that bis prisoners
would bo safer In Fitzgerald, and bo
ween 2 and 3 o'clock this morning
ie placed all three negroes In an au
omobile and started for Fitzgerald
vith them. Immediately afterwards
nenibers of the mob sot out In au
omobiles in hot pursuit. They over
ook tho sheriff some seven miles
mtsido of Douglas, where, according
0 tho sheriff's report, that official
vas faced by a score of pistols, tho
legr?os demanded and taken from
lim. and without more ado they were
Ined up and shot. A coroner's Jury;
impanelled this morning, returned
1 verdict that the negroes carno to
their death at the hands of partios
Tho actual killing of Harper was
ilone by the woman, according to
the most reliable account:; of the
troulile. The young man was in the
net of entering the store where tho
Shooting took place, it is stated,when
lie was accosted hy Will ivory. A
lispute occurred, and the negro ran
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ire not getting genuine Aspirin, pre
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layer package for colds, headache,
leuralgla, rheumatism, earache,
oothache, lumbago and for pain,
landy tin boxes of twelve Hayer Tail
eis of Aspirin cost few cents. Drug
gists also sell larger packages. Aspl
in is the trade mark of Hayer Manu
acturo of Mononcdtlcncldes'lor of
Salleylicacid.- adv.
Now to
3ur Rheumatism
the blood.
For this pnrposo there is no more
satisfactory remedy than S.S.S.,.
the fino old blood remedy that haa
been in use for moro than fifty
years, and has given such general
satisfaction for .Rheumatism.
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if you will write a complote history
of your case, our medical director
will give you expert advice, with
out charge. Address Chief Medical
Director, IQQ Swift>Laboratory, At
lanta, Ga.
Walhalla, S. C.
Old Post Office Building.
on quick order. ??* First-Class
Service. Drop in and get, Ja
Meal or Lunch.
Burt's Cafe,
All persons indebted to the Estate
>f J. W. liollemnn, Docoased, are
hereby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned, and all per
sons having claims against said es
tate will present the same, duly at
tested, within tho time proscribed by
law, or be barrod.
1<\ S. and L. G. HOLLEM AN,'
Executors of the Estate of J. W.
Ilollemun, Deceased.
Nov. :i, mo. 44-17
into the store, where ho is alleged to
'hilve'secured an empty "soft drink"
bottle, which ho hurled at Harper,
who was ?tili on tho aldowalk. Har
per immediately rushed into tho
store, whereupon wm Perry; g'ritituer
I ot ibo lynched hogrous. lt) tjalt? lo
; h uve called to Ivory's wHo. Minnie
I fvory, instruct!ai (?or tn bring ' yf.ll?
lie lils pistol." Tho woman ftumo with
ii*' pistol, it is nih ged, luu instead'
of handing lt to hor husband, fired
herself, killing Harper instantly.
Harper was wldoly known, being a
brother of (Superior Court Clerk John
Harper, of Irwin county. Ile leaves
a wife and several small children.
M inn io Ivory, tho negro woman
lynched, wu? arrested at Pearson, in
Atkinson county, where she had
bought a ticket for Waycross. She
had been hurried from Douglas Im
mediately after tho shooting, by tho
Perry nogro.
You Do More Work,
You are more ambitious nnd you get more,
enjoyment out of everything when your
blood is in good condition. Impurities in
the blood have a very depressing effect on
the system, causing weakness, laziness,
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is not a patent medicine, it is simply
IRON and QUININE suspended in Syrup.
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erties never fail to drive out impurities in
the blood.
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member of their family had Malaria or
needed a body-building, strength-giving
toni':, r- The formula is just the same to
day, and you can get it from any drug
store. tJOc per bottle.
Virginia Homestead Changes.
Winchester, Va., Nov. 1 8.-"Mir
ador," the celebrated estate near
Creon wood, Albemarle county, Vir
ginia, where Lady Astor, of Eng
land, and Mrs. Charles Danu G i 1)801!,
of New York, were born and reared,
has been sold io Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Tree, of London, who ure occupying
tho mansion.
Mrs. Tree, formerly Miss Nancy
Perkins, daughter of tho lalo Mr. and
Mrs. Moncur? perkins, of Richmond,
is a granddaughter of tho Into Col.
Langhorne, lt has been recontly re
ported that Lady Astor may noxt
spring visit her old homo for tho
first Hmo sluco her oloction to tho
British parliament.
Ireland ceased to bo a great man
ufacturing country in tho sixteenth

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