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Advises Co-Operation on
ers and the Public-1>
Hamper School Work.
County Superintendent of Educa
tion Spun res hus received the follow
ing letter iroin tho State Superinten
dent of Education, which he feels
will be of interest to tho general pub
Supt. L. C. Speares, Walhalla, S.
C.-Dear Slr: Thia letter, is written
in connection with school conditions
In Oconee county. Practically every
one of these mutters was discussed
in detail during your visit, to Colum
bia, Nov. 9th and 10th.
Tho terni oxtonslon applications
you brought with you wore care
fully considered while you woro in
the ofllco. Tho list of approved ap
plications ls not given in this com
mnnlcatlon because you are familiar
with every item. Thc remaining ap
plications need missing data, such as
tho names of teachers and tho sal
aries of teachers, lt will bo a pleas
ure for the Stato Superintendent's
ofTico to receive any additional ap
plications for term extension aid
which you may fill out nnd forward
as promptly as possible. Every such
paper should be In Columbia as soon
ns practicable after Nov. 15th. If
you find it inconvenient to file any
term extension application in No
vember, such delayed application
should be held until about April 1,
1921. Any district entitled to torin
extension aid ls urged to apply lu
November, but necessity often com
pel? later applications in tho spring.
1 hope,howe ver, I he number of spring
applications will be as few as possi
There are several buildings in Oco
nee that ought to bu able to qualify
for State hulloing aid. Some of these
buildings are Tokeena, Salem and a
few others that you mentioned. The
requirements in each building situa
tion should bo carefully noted, as
follows: Site, proper plan, proper
execution of plan, and completed
workmanship on house. If any school
building was undertaken before the
15th of March, 10 20, such an enter
prise will be considered^ upon its
. morita under tho rulings of the State
Hoard of Education. Any actlvily
started after March, 10'JO. must con
form in every detail to the Building
Act of 1920. I think you understood
fully the necessity for a clear writ
ten statement In connection with
each building application where the
law was not adhered to in every de
tail. I shall be glad to aid you in
any way in my power in connection
with school houses. Oconee county
needs better facilities and accommo
dations. The Legislature of 10121 will
be nsked to appropriate adequate
building funds to take care of the
new school house program.
7 note with regret the frequent
changea among teachers in some of
your schools. Tho custom seems to
prevail among trustees to employ ono.
set of teachers during the summer
months and a different set of teach
ers during the winter months. Such
a practice is contrary to the policy
of the State Hoard of Education.
Teachers should bo employed to hold
throughout tho scholastic year. In
other words, two sets of teachers In
ono term make it necessary for the
pupils to waste much valuable time
in becoming acquainted with their
instructors. I hope you will impress
upon the trustees of Oconee county
the necessity ns well as the advisa
bility of letaining teachers In thoir
class-rooms long enough to protect
and to instruct the boys and girls.
The delightful climate of Oconee
makes the county attractive for many
summer visitors. The Stato Superin
tendent would be glad to encourage
tourists, but tourists seldom help
your schools. One change a year in
a teacher in one school ought to be
enough, except under the rarest and
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Part of Trustees, Teach
?lust Not Let Difficulties
; mosi undesirable circuinstances and
I cendiUuns.
j Thc? li IK li ^schools of tlie cornily
itppear to have begun tho year satis
factorily. Their work ought to be
encouraged in every way in your
Tho bulk of your pupils attend ru
ru! graded schools. Too much atten-j
tion cannot be given to this import-!
ant group of districts. Applications J
from rural graded schools will not ?
bo due until the latter half of De- j
comber. Trustees and teachers would
do well to study the requirements of
the Rural Graded School Act and
conform closely to these require
ments .
A considerable number of your
schools ought to improve their facil
ities and their teaching corp? under
the Rural Graded School Act. Per
sonally, I should be glad to Mee every
district levy a local tax of eight
mills for current expenses. A cam
paign to secure such a levy by dis
trict election ought to be underta
ken. A large number of you.- dis
tricts now pay eight mills or more.
Tho standard should bo made uni
form throughout the county, ano this
Improvement would mean untold
benefits to your educational system.
The chief advantage of the eight
mill levy, however, lies in the opera
tion of tho equalization law. This
law is intended to supplement the
Torin Extension Act and the Rural
Graded School Act. lt is the only
hope ol' a seven months' term with
an adequate teaching corps, a .work
ing classification of pupils and a mod
erate standard of salaries for teach
ers, especially In our country schools.
During the session li? 10-2 0 the
Equalisation Law created many pro
blems in Oconee for the County Su
perintendent of Education. I spent
practically the whole day of Nfov. 10
in discussing this situation with you.
During April, May and .lune, 1920,
it was impossible for the State Siu
porintendent to secure satisfactory
equalizing applications from Oconee
county. Several times the matter
1 was taken up by correspondence
with your predecessor. One of Ihe
rural school supervisors was sent to
Oconeo in an effort to secure some
data in connection with the matter.
Finally Ihe applications were receiv
ed In Columbia June 101li. A careful
checking of each paper showed many
District- Applier
Tokeena Xo. 2.$1,40'!
Providence Xo. :!. 2.61S
Oakway Xo. fi. 1,523
Fair 'Play Xo. 6. 1.07C
Tabor Xo. 10 . 7 87
Hopewell Xo. ll . 3 4."
Oak Grove Xo. 2 2 . 2,5 4 2
Fairview Xo. 3 3 . 807
Keowee Xo. 35. 1 ,?>9C
Norton Xo. 37 . 423
Warsaw Xo. 3 8 . 80S
Salem No. 12 . 1.567
Flat Shoals No. 4 6 . 1.204
Picket Post No. 4 7 . 9 25
Village Creek No. 40 (Dal).. 156
Oconeo Creek No. 50. 302
Chattooga No. 54. 1,058
Long Creek No. 59. 15C
Oconee Station No. 65 (Dal). 2 5f
Ebenezer No. 69 . 1,46c
Earle's Grove No. 71. &4S
Fairfield No. 7 3. 3 M
Crawford No. 7 4. 29?
You yourself were principal ot* the
Providence school during the session
19 19-20. You have, therefore, both
an official and a personal knowledge
of tho accounts of Providence school
(District No. 2.) In our conference
you stated that unapproved claims
for additional compensation are still
held by yourself and the other teach
ers of this school for work done dur
ing tho session 1919-20. Yon fur
ther stated that a large number of
such unapproved claims issued by
trustees to teacheis are now on file
in the County Superintendent's of
fice nt Walhalla. This further com
plicates an already tangled situa
May I venture to call your atten
tion to Section 1 777 of Hie Code,
Which reads, in part, as follows:
"All contracts which boards of
trustees may make in excess of the
funds apportioned to their district
shall be void."
1 feel satisfied, however, that every
board of district trustees in the Slate
as well as in Oconee county Stands
ready to protect its lawful obliga
tions to the teachers for services ren
difficulties. Thean difficulties wero
promptly reported to the County' Su- "
per i men dent with the request that ?
he come 10 Columbia . and/furnish j
additional information. /?Hearing
nothing from Superintendent TUo<*- '
A .Smith, the ?frico s'.aff again ch ck
ed the applications June '. 7th. The
group of three work rs engaged lill
this examination decided that it
would be : ?sky for the State Sn"er-j
Intendent Lo approve and pay tl) ?oj
papers in their present form.
Since tho scholastic year,, ends un
der the statute on June 30th, and
since all school accounts must bo
closed in tho State Superintendent s
olllce by ?lune 20th, 1 was compelled
to dispose of tlie equalizing appro
priation without further postpone
ment. The applications from the l!>
counties called for a total of approx
imately $::i0.000. while the appro
priation supplied only $140,000. In
order that all might share alike, tho
ontiro appropriation was disbursed
on the basis of 4 7 cents on the dol
lar. The payment from the equalis
ing fund to Oconee was $182 to the
Mountain Grove school, District No.
For the State as a whole, the defi
cit under the Equalizing Law was
approximately $170,000. This deficit
shall be reported to the law-makers
In 10 21 with the request that thc
necessary money be provided. If this
recommendation is accepted the un
paid balance of 53 cents on tho dol
lar to approved claims will bo dis
bursed in March, 1021. If the batch
of unapproved claims from Oconee
county can bo adjusted, I shall be
delighted to include every such claim
in whatever payment may be author
ized by the General Assembly.
In order that you may understand
some of the problems before the
State Superintendent's office in this
matter, 1 call your attention to three
sets of ligures:
1. The deficit requested on tho
applications tiled with the State Su
perintendent of Education, June 10.
2. The dellcit reported by Super
intendent Thos. A. Smith in his an
nual report for the scholastic year
1910-2 0 to the State Superintendent
of Education, received in Columbia
Aug. 20.
3. The deficit shown by the grand
Jury in the special report qrj school
financ? ifter the checking! of the
accoui .ucl OY 3 \ i ind .
Clerk ? '.rt . elif? ?
Thc '. luja .?. iii r ti-...- .
Qles a II ' - ? lbj r\ t?o?&ti r'-'"
ures er tri fl ie
thc districts is a matter i or he <>
nee county authorities .'o l?, Ti <?
State Superintendent's ott. desire
and requires nothing moi than
clear written record, wh can 1
examined by any citizen < .:. li .
to investigate the facts.
ition Report Deficit. id Jury
'.70 $ 819.01 29.04
?.67 ' 1,894.01 il ll
1.81 1,506.LS 1)6.09
1.80 552.0t; ' 12 06
.25 430.41 10.11
..00 06.48 >;.\y.
I.0? 1,298.50 -lg .it
.G3 4,340.58 ?7.78
1.64 955.86 ..??.86
.66 423.66 423.66
1.69 756.43 756.43
.70 8,603.87 12,671.36
.88 723.1 1 723.11
.Ol 567.58 r,67.58
1.65 20.89 20.89
1.64 82.77 82.77
1.48 649.93 649.93
1.70 64.1 4 64.14
?.70 20.02 29.02
?.63 1,215.00 1,215.03
?.23 550.26 550.26
1.83 581.07 581.07
L3*9 75.03 75.93
?.71 $26.187.96 $30,276.84
In my opinion, it would be advis
able for you to handle every such un
approved claim in accordance with
the requiremens of Section 1805 of
the Code, reading as follows:
"All persons holding school claims
against any county of this State
which are unpaid are hereby per
mitted and allowed to prove and es
tablish tho same before the County
Superintendent of Education, the
County Treasurer and County Audi
tor of said county.
"If said claims are declared valid
(Corrtlnued on Third Page.)
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The State of South Carolina, ?J
County of Oconee. ! <
In Court of Probate. !<
James Taylor, as Administrator of. J
the Personal Estate of John 2
Crooks, Defensed, Plaintiff, !<
against <
Mrs. Sarah Taylor, Thomas I). Crooks 4
et al, ? Defendants. <
Pursuant to a decree of tho afore- j !
said Court, in the above entitled'}
action, 1 will oller for .sale, to tho | J
highest .lidder, tin alu ui assets;, in <
front of the Court House door, at M
Walhalla, South Carolina, on MON- <
DAY, DEC ISM BB R 6th, 1930, (Sales-H
day), between the logal hours of dale, <
the tract of land described below, i
to-wit: M
All that piece, parcel or tract of. <
land, situate, lying and being in tho M
County of Oconee, and State afore- 2
said, on east side of Conneross Creek, <
waters of Seneca River, adjoining j 1
lands of O. N. Cothran, James.Tay-H
lor and the Livingston lands, contain- <
ing twenty-four acres, more or less, j <
(being the tract of land conveyed to ? <
said John Crooks by Elias Crooks by
deed dated January 10th. 1808, and
recorded in tho OfRoe of the Clerk of
Court for Oconee County, In Rook S,
page 110 of Deeds.
TorniK of Snle. - Cash: That in
event of failure of purchaser to com
ply with tho terms Of sale promptly
on day of sale, that said Judge of
Probate do re-sell said premises on
the same or some convenient Sales
day thereafter, at tho same place and
on the same terms as heretofore set
out, at the risk of the former pur
chaser, or purchasers, and that he do
continue so to do until he has found
a purchaser, or purchasers, who shall
comply with tho terms of the sale.
Judge of Probate for Oconee
County, South Carolina.
Nov. 1 7, 1020. 46-18
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of the afore
said Court in the cases named below,
I will offer for sale, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, the 6th day of DECEM
BER, 19 20, between the legal hours
of sale, the tracts of land below de
scribed :
Lizzie D. Nicholson and Minnie A.
Burke, Plaintiffs,
Joseph D. Davis, alias Winchester; J.
Frank Davis, alias Winchester;
Frank Davis, alias Winchester;
Jesse Davis, alias Winchester;
William H. Winn, Henry Lebo
wich, Ed. Vail, G. E. Boyington,
and H. A. Brooks, and J. Wil
loughby Winchester, and Thomas
er, Defendants.
I'IUCI ^-'i. 2. - All that certain
reel or tract of land, con
ndred thirty-one acres,
luuJe vi ,i and being in White
. i dp, County of Oconee,
jv.ae o; ^(,"v.i Carolina, bounded on
the west by Tract No. 1 of the dlvi
don of lands of P. A. Winchester,
deceased, and on all oilier sides by
O'Connor, and known as Tract No. 2
>f said division, represented by plat
>y J. H. Wiglngton, Surveyor, dated
\ug. -I, 1920, and being ti part of the
ract of land conveyed to p. A. WIn
fester by J. F. (Carle, by deed bear
ng date the 17th day of July, 1SS6,
' ind recorded in Clerk's Office for
i Oconee County, S. C., on the 26th
I lay of July, 1886, in Rook' L, page
i 138.
Terms of Sale.-Cash. That in
vent of the failure of the purchaser,
?r purchasers, to comply with the
? erins of sale within five days from
j <?ay of sale, tho Master do re-adver
' 'ise and re-sell said premises on tho
ollowlng Saleday, or some conven
ant Saleday thereafter, at the same
place and on the same terms as here
tofore set out, at the risk of the for
mer purchaser, or purchasers; and
that he do continue so to do until he
has found a purchaser, or purchas
ers, who comply with the terms of
Sold at risk of former purchaser.
Purchaser to pay extra for napers
and stamps. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
In Court of Common Pleas.
G. Arthur Kolley et al, Plaintiffs,
J. Allen Kelley et al, Defendants.
Tract No. I.-Containing f>7 acres,
more or less, situate in Keowee
Township, Oconee County, South
Carolina, and being the tract de
scribed in deed by J. Allen Kelley to
Mattie Kelley, of date the 4ttl day of
April, 19 16, recorded in Clerk's Of
fice, Oconee County, S. C., in Deed
Rook XX. page 7.
Tract No. 2.- Containing 3 1.7?
acres, more or less, situate in Keo
wee Township, Oconee County, South
Carolina, and being tho tract de
scribed in deed by J. Allen Kelley to
William Kelley, of date the 28th day
of March. 19 16. recorded in Clerk's
office, Oconee County, S. C., in Deed
Rook VV, page ?15 8.
Tract No. ii. - Containing 32.50
acre.s, more or less, situate In Keowee
Township, Oconee County, South Car
olina, and being Hie tract described
In deed by J. Allon Kelley to Joseph
Franklin Kelley, of date tho 2d day
of June, 1918, and recorded in
Clerk's Office, Oconee County. S. C.,
in Deed Rook SS, page 7 2, and also
described in deed by J. Allen Kelley
to Henry Kelley, of date the 2 8th
day of March, 1916. recorded In said
office in Deed Rook VV, pago 356,
and described In said deed ns con
taining 3 1 acres, more or less, but
uporr- subsequent survey thereof it
was found to contain 32.50 acres,
more or less.
Tract No .4. - Containing 26.50
acres, moro or less, situate In Keo
weo Township, Oconee County, South
Carolina, and being tho tract de
scribed in deed by J. Allen Kelley to
Mrs. Ola Gantt, of date the 2Sth day
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of March, 101G, and recorded In
Clerk's Office, Oconeo County, S. C.,
tn Deed Hook VV, page 860.
Terms:-One-third cash and bal
ance on credit of one and two years,
and credit portion to bear interest at
the rate of eight per cent per annum
from day of sale and bo secured by
bond of purchaser and mortgage of
tho premises, with leave to tho pur
chaser to anticipate payment. That
in event of failure of purchaser to
comply with the terms of salo within
five days from day of sale, tho Alas
tor re-advertise and re-sell said prem
ises on the following Saleday, or
some convenient Saleday thereafter,
at the same place and on the same
terms, at tho risk of the formor pur
Purchaser to pay extra for deeds
and stamps. - W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
Nov. 17, 10 20. 46-48
All persons Indebted to the Estate
of Win. Jesse Watkins, Deceased,
are hereby notified to mako payment
to tho undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said ostate will
prosont tho samo, duly attostod, with
in tho time proscribed by law, or be
barred. MRS. N. A. WATKINS,
Administratrix of tho Estato of Wm.
Jesse Watkins, Deceased.
Nov. 10, 1920. 46-48
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of H. C. CHILDERS, Deceased, are
hereby notified to make payment
to tho undorslgnod, nnd all persons
having claims against said Estate
will present tho same, duly attested,
within tho time prescribed by law,
or be barred. C. H. MILLER,
Administrator of the Estate of H. C.
chiidors, Deceased,
Nov. 21. 1020. 47-50
iNotice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. P. Martin, Judge of Probate for
Oconee County, in tho State of South
Carolina, at his offlco nt Walhalla
Court House, on Saturday, tho 4th
day of DECEMBER, 1020, at ll
o'clock in tho forenoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application can be
hoard, for loave to,mako final settle
ment of tho Estate of E. O. Single
ton, Deceased, and obtain Final Dis
chargo as Administrator of said Es
tato. W. P. TEAL,
Administrator of the Estato of E. O.
Singloton, Deceased.
Nov. 10, 1920. 45-48
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