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' [ Facts of the Telephone Situation
i in South Carolina
^ I By J. Epps Brown, President.
What the Company Asks
Tas Company ashs to ?an? only such prof
its as are neoessary to protect the rights of
the pabilo.
The public needs and demands ad?quats
and effiolent servies, now and in the future.
To furnish this serrloe, additional facili
ties, oostlng' many million dollars must bo
This money must bo gotten from the in
vesting public ?
Investors will not put their money into
?tn established business unions they are sure
of a fair and adequate return upon their in
They cannot receive a fair and adequate
return upon their investment unless the
business earns a fair and just proft.
The investor is guided by the profits earn
ed In the past, and the prospeots of profits
to be earned In the futures
When the Company's profits are such as
Will enable lt to obtain from the investing
publio the money needod to furnish adequate
fool ll tl OH to supply the demand for service.
Its earnings will be fair and reasonable.
A fair and reasonable profit ls as neces
sary for the protection of the rights of the
publio os lt ls tor the protection of the prop
erty rights of the Company.
What roturo ls a fair and just profit de
ponds upon general economic conditions.
What was a fair and just profit In 1914 is
not a fair and Just profit in 1920.
The investor ls entitled to, and demands,
the same return upon bis money Invested In
the telephone business as he receives on
tnonoy invested in other businesses.
The profits earned lp other businesses de
termine what profit the telephone business
must earn.
The available supply of money for invest*
mont ls limited. The opportunity and de*
?tuend for new capital is unprecedented/
The telephone business must compete with
all other businesses, publio and private, for
this money.
The investor will put his money in the en
terprise which assures him the best return.
To proteot the rights of the public to re
ceive adequate Bervice, the profits of the
Telephone Company must be sufficient to
attract the Investing public.
To do this the Company must earn as
much as ten per cent upon Its investment.
The Company's Investment-ls all physi
cal property; poles, wires and equipment
exclusively used in furnishing telephone
service. No franchise, going value of ally
intangibles are included, nor ls there Any
bonds, stocks or other forms of capitalisa
tion Involved.
Tho amount of the Company's Investment
ls what lt originally cost to construct it*
physical property; the "bare bones" of Its
telephone plant. Practically all of the plant
was constructed at low pre-war prices.
Its present value today is much greater
than its original cost. .
To reproduce the Company's plant at to
day's prices, after making full allowance
for its present condition, would cost 80 per
cent more than the Investment.
Ten per cent return upon the Investment
is less than 6 per cent upon the value of the
Company's property.
No one questions the right of the Company
to earn a fair and reasonable return upon
the value of Its property.
Measured by the profita earned today in
other businesses In South Carolina, the re
turn the Company ls asking to earn is a fair
and Just proft.
Spirit and Letter of Commandment
Both Thoroughly Obeyed In
Western New York.
My mother wn8 horn and reared In
a little country village In western New
York. On the farm where ray grand
mother lived lt was the custom to be
gin Sunday on Saturday night nt sun
down. The "hired man" came in from
the chores, grandmother put away all
her work In the kitchen, and then the
entire family gathered In the "best
room" and studied the Sunday-school
lesson, or had a rending from the
Bible, led by grandfather, and all the
family retired not later than ? o'clock.
In the morning, after doing none
but the absolutely necessary chores on
the farm, the team tlint had not been
used the day before was hitched up to
the hlg four-seated wagon and the en
tire family Including the "hired" help,
went to church. There was preaching
service In the forenoon, and then we
adjourned to a lunch for ourselves
and the team. Then we went In to a
Sunday-school sendee, and after an In
terval there was another preachh?g
service, after which we hitched up
and drove slowly huck to the farm.
That was the way Sunday was kept
In western New York a little more
than 50 years ago. I can remember
hearing my mother say that when she
was a girl In this snme New York
state village, she was not allowed to
walk except to the cemetery and back,
on Sunday, and was not allowed to
read any books except the Bible and
"Pox's Book of Martyrs."-Christian
Augustus of Poland Had Clothes Suf
ficient for Regiment--Also Had
Other Idiosyncrasies.
Gentlemen of fa sh km today are mere
paupers when lt comes to attire, as
compared to what King Augustus III
of Poland deemed necessary to his
comfort, rte filled twi great halls with
clothes and had a special watch, -snuff
box, sword and cane for every one of
his hundreds of suits. To go with
Name "Bayer" on Genuin?
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Hayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will be following
tho directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during LM years, and
proved safe by millions. Take no
?hnncos with substitutes. If you sec
the bayer Cross on tablets, you can
cake thom without fear for colds,
headache, neuralgin, rheumatism,
;arnche, toothache, lumbago and for
iain.* Handy tin boxes of twelvo tab
ots cost few cents. Druggists also
..ell larger' packages. Aspirin ls tho
rado mark of Mayer Manufacture of
donoacetlcacidester of Salicylicacid.
them he also hod 1,500 wigs. Five ar
tists were kept busy painting minia
tures of the clothing and keeping these
pointings In n cntnlog that the king
might select from each day ns he
He took the lovely countess of
Cozolle ns his wife, and the mere fact
that she had a husband already mat-'
tered little. He appeared at her door
one day with a horseshoe In one hnnd
and a bog of 100.000 crowns In tho
other. The gold he tossed ut her feet
to demonstrate his wealth and gener
ous Instincts, and the horseshoe he
broke with his hnre hands to demon
strate his strength and determination.
The lady, Impressed, got rid of her hus
band at once, obtaining a divorce of
the sort that allowed of remarriage.
I Suspicious historians hove hinted that
the horseshoe might have been tiled a
bit before the kingly hand tore It
The Advice of This Walhalla Woman
ls ot Certain Value.
Many a woman's back has many
aches and pains.
Ofttimes 'tis the kidneys' fault.
That's why Doan'B Kidney Pille aro
so effective. Ask your neighbor!
Many Walhalla women know thia
Read what one bas to any about lt:
Mrs. S E. Powell Walhalla, says:
"Severa? years ago kidney trouble
came on me and my back ached a
good deal. When I bent over, sharp
paine would shoot through mo and
specks appeared before my eyes.
Morning* I was as tirod as when I
went to bed and I waa nervous. My
kidneys didn't act properly. Finally I
began taking Dean's Kidney Pills and
they quickly cured me of the trouble.
I have great faith in this medicine."
Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy-get
Doan's Kidney Pills-'he same that
Mrs. Powell had. Foeler-Milburn Oo.,
Mfrs., Buffalo. N. Y.
Carne?le'* Hardest Bargain.
Andrew Cnrnegle, In his autobiog
raphy, which Houghton Mlflllu com
pany ls publishing, tells of his first
financial bargain. One of his chief en
joyments was the keeping of rabbits,
and the pets naturally attracted the
small boys of the neighborhood. "My
first business venture was securing
my companions' services for a season
as an employer, the compensation be
ing that the young rabbits, when Buch
came, should be named after them.
The Saturday holiday was generally
spent by my flock in gathering food
for the rabbits. My conscience re
proves me today, looking back, when
I think of the hard bargain I drove
with my young playmates, many of
whom were contint to gather dande
lions and clover for n whole season
with me, conditioned upon ?ile unique
reward-the poofreet return ever made
to labor."
Old American Glass.
The Pennsylvania museum announces
a find of old American glass. One
thousand specimens have been lug up
near Alloway, N. J. The field where
the specimens were found WAS once
the site of the old Wlstar Glass works,
founded nearly two hundred years ago
by Caspar Wlstnr. who was of Aus
trian extraction and titled.
The spool mens found were for the
most part fragments of bottle and
window glass, of which there have not
been many specimens until now. Thc
museum ls now making a study of the
types of class that were produced In
the early days of Pennsylvania and
New Jersey. The first glass to be man
ufactured In tilts country was that of
a Virginia company located at James
town, but the first produced success
fully was that of Alloway, theil known
ns Wlstarburg.
Valuab'o Counterfeit
A strenge counterfeit turned up at
a Washington bank recently-queer
because lt was a bogus $5 gold coln
and wortfi about eight times ns much
as tho genuine because lt ls made of
The spurious coln was made about
fifty years ago and bears the date of
1809. Musty archives of the secret
service contain a record of the species
and the case ls marked "closed." The
coins were made In Maine and came
to the notice of the Treasury depart
ment when the scion of a wealthy
family took a quantity of them from a
safety deposit box containing heir
looms and put them In circulation. AH
known specimens were confiscated by
the secret service and lt was not
known until now that others were still
In circulation.
Great Baby Shrinkage.
Doctor Johnson's dictum that "births
at all times bear the same proportion
to the same number of people" looks
rather like a wide shot In the pres
ence of a row of figures Just published
by the Cambridge University Press.
These figures occur lu the report of a
paper read by Mr. Q. Udny Yule, M.
A., at the university, and they show
that tn England and Wales the annual
birth rate per thousand has been
halved In the last 40 years. In the
light of this comparison the present
baby boom In London leaves us still
far behind our grandfather? In the
art of stretching the population. In
tho world-competition for posterity
Serbia stands first and Australia last,
with England last but one.-Montreal
I b abort a cold
and prevent com
plications take
The purifies! and refined
calomel tablets that are
rmuseale.ss, cafe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Trice 35c.
Following are the claims audited
against Oconoe county by the Super
visor and hts board at a meeting held
Oct. 1, 1920:
6 alarles.
E. N. Foster.$ 133.33
J. S. G lymph. 5.00
J. L. Kell. 5.00
M. R. McDonald. 25.00
John F. Craig. 25.00
1). A. Smith. 46.94
lt. H. Alexander ....... 46.94
Thos. A. Smith .i 233.32
NV. M. Alexander. 125.00
W. L Littleton. 100.00
J. O. Mitchell. 100.00
W. R Cobb. 58.33
C. W. Cannon. 30.00
Ethel L. Counts. 90.91
M. T. Hughs. 25.00
J. W. Todd. 25.00
W. M. Dillard. 25.00
VV. N. Woolbrlght. 12.50
Joe M. Abbott . > 37 . 50
Total for Salaries ....$ 1149.77
Chain Gang.
Matt Cobb .$ 769.65
Lee 'Vissage . 1.75
Miles Perry . 14.75
Hutchison Bros. 4.35
Town of West Union.... 40.00
C. G. Jaynes . 89 . 50
Seneca Grocery Co. 100.00
R. L. Nimmons. 309.27
J. J. Cromer . 338 . 03
Dr. J. J. Thode..'. . 9 . 00
W. J. Sloan . 12.10
Gulf Reilning Co....... 321.64
Gulf Relining Co. 4 25.53
Mitt Nicholson . 30.4 2
Kingan & Co . 154.46
J. L. Marett . 73.25
C. W. & J. E. Bauknignt. 11.75
W. E. Woolbrlght .._ 27.00
Total for Chain Gang. .$ 27 11 .45
Poor Farm.
W. R. Cobb .$ 144.50
C. W. & J. E. Baukhight. 270.00
C. G. Jaynes . 61 .35
A. L. Howland . 3.90
Total for Poor Farm . . $ 479.75
E. L. Stone.$ 45 . 00
J. C. Moore . 25.00
R. M. Davis. 13.00
C. E. Martin . 11.50
E. L; Stone . 93.50
Wayne King. 13.00
Jas. O. Smith . 14.00
Ezra Cromer . 6 .00
i Janies Alexander. '5.00
0 lt. Limning . 52.50
?? E. l<?|ls Ct.ho . 0 1.50
; L. W1,* jj rani . : .'.06
! jr?, K. Hi 'nobel i.' ?>. 00
; VVhl mir !>Mareil Hdw ( o i ? .25
E. M. Morgan . 4 5.95
J. H. Cowan . 386.00
A. M. Brown . 79 . 25
N. C. Oliver. 48.00
Whit Knox . 8.00
Piedmont Auto Co. 85.80
W. H. Alexander, assgn. . . 151.00
J. M. Kelley . 2.50
D. 1). Wald. 12.00
A. M. 'Brown . 38.94
W. U. Cobb . IC. 00
R. W. Abbott. 7.50
J. A. Morgan . 11.85
H. C. Miller. 3.00
J. M. V. Clark. 9 . 96
I. W. Henry. 15.30
Gaines-Dalton Lumber Co 125.67
Burns Gllllson . 30. 25
Total Rds and Brdgs..$ 1512.38
Thos. A. Smith.. . $ 10.38
W. L. Littleton . 3.53
D. A. Smith . 3.90
R. H. Alexander. 9.01
R. H. Alexander. 3. Of
M. It. 'McDonald . 4.2C
W. M. Alexander. 4 . 5(
J. G. Mitchell . 17 .0(
E. X. Foster . 11. 9 ?
John F. Craig . 23.9(
Underwood Typwr. Co... 12.9!
The Selig Co. 9.01
W. M. Alexander. 151.91
Southern Chemical Co... 9? 0?
Jasmine Ink Co. 24. 7i
Total for? Contingent. .% 299.6<
V. V. Martin.$ 10.0(
Jas. M. Moss. 18.2"
Dr. E. C. Doylo. .0C
Dr. C. M. Walker ....... 5. Ot
Dr. J. W. Bell. 5.0C
Dr. .1. S. Stribling. ">.0C
J. K. White. '48.82
Total for Lunacy.$ 97.0?
Public Building*.
Chas. Muller .$ 26. 51
Dr. J. W. Hell. 1.0C
C. NV. & J. E. Bauknight. 2.5C
Standard Oil Co. 22. IC
John F. Craig . 4.BC
Hughs Oarago. 4.26
Heck & Gregg Hdw Co. . . 42.OS
Total for Pub. Bldgs. . .$ 102.9 1
Books, Stationery, Printing.
Kooweo Courier .57.SC
Farm and Factory. 47.8?
Total H., S. and P. . . . $ 105.GE
John F. Craig.% G.0C
Take ^Dodson's L
Here's my guAmntee! Ask yow
druggist for a bottlo of Dodson'i
Liver Tone and take a spoonful to
night. If itv doesn't start your live;
and straighten you right up bettoi
than calomel and without griping 01
making you sick I want you to g<
W. M. Alexander . 3. no
D. A. Smith.". . . 3 . 00
R. H. Alexander . G. 00
- ;
Total for Telephones. $ 18.00
Outside Poor. ,
Rescue Orphanage .$ 5.00
Lights und Fuel.
Walhalla Electric Plant..$ 13.1)2
Dieting Prisoners.
W. M. Alexander .$ 28.50 ?
Grund total for Sept. . . .$ 0,55:1.1)0 j
The following claims were audited j
by the Supervisor and his board at a '
meeting held Nov. 5, 1920:
.E. N. Foster .$ 133.33
J. s. Glymph . 5.00 j
J. L. Kell . 5 . 00 j
M. R. .McDonald . 25.001
John F. Craig. 25.00
D. A. Smith. 46.94
Ri ll. Alexander. 46.04
L. C. Speares. 11 6 . GO
W. M. Alexander . 125.00
W. L. Littleton . 10ft. 00
J. G. Mitchell . 100.00
W. R. Cobb. 58.33
Charlie Cannon . 30.00
Ethel L. Counts. 90.01
M. T. Hughs. 25.00
J. W. Todd. 25.00
W. M. Dillard . 25.00
Total for Salaries 1210.03
W. M. Alexander.$ 24.91
W. M. Alexander. 57.03
M. R. McDonald . 2.30
V. F. Martin . . '. 7 . 30
Ben Duncan . 3.00
J. M. Barron . .4 . 50
D. A. Smith .. 7.35
D. A. Smith . . . .. 100 . 5 0
D. A. Smith. 100.10
L. C. Speares. 5.89
W. B. Bartlett. 5-55
Fielder & Allen Co. 14.70
Fielder & Allon Co. 83.06
Iletrick Hosiery Mills... 18. '0
Total for Contingent ..$ 496.08
V. F. Martin .$ 2 0.00
W. M. Alexander. 49.98
Dr. H. P. Thodo. 42.85
Dr. J. J. Thdoe. 5.00
Dr. J. W. Wickliffe. 10.00
Dr. J. W. Babcock. 5.00
Total for Lunacy _$ 132.83
Dieting Prisoners.
W. M. Alexander.$ 42.85
Chain Gang.
Mat Cobb, Foreman.$ 649.39
Livingston & Co. 227.40
Ira 3. Holden . . . .'. G. VD
Ballenger Hdw. & P. Co. 196.95
Kelley Bros . 4.50
Miles Perry_.. 7.85
J. L. Marett . 14.20
B. R. Lawrence. 10.00
M. D. & H. L. Smith .... 114.00
M. A. Wood. 63.40
Kingai & Co. 147.54
R. L. Mmmons. 401.10
Austin Bros. Brdg. Co... 42.00
J. E. Harper. 55.80
J. J. Cromer. 1 29 . 20
W. E. Woolbright. 14.00
Total for Chain Gang.? 2090. . ;
Poor Farm.
W. R. Cobb .$ 175.73
C. W. & J. E. Bauknight. 230.29
C. G. Jaynes . 89.75
Total for Poor Parm..$ 493.97
W. J. Nix .$ 16.00
E. M. Morgan . 1 .00
L. W. Grant. 7 . 20
Otto Russell . 27.00
J. R. Burgess. 10.00
J. N. Rnmey . 21 .30
T>. J. Marett . 31 .70
M. Abbott . 28.73
W. ,T. Heard . 6.25
Westminster Hdw. Co... 21.25
Seneca Motor Co. 53.45
W. F. Smith _. 20.00
W. T. Crow . 23.25
J. I. Vinson . 59.20
E. L. Stone . 37.00
P. A. Brown . 6.50
Shunk Plow Co. 4 8.00
IL P. Sitton . 4.50
Adams Hdw. Co . 41.25
C. Q. Deaton . 20.00
A. M. Brown .$ 59.12
iel is a dangerous drug, lt is
-quicksilver; and attacks your
Take a dose of nasty calomel to
you will feel weak, sick and nau
omorrow. Don't lose a .day's
iver Tone" Instead 1
back to tho atoro and get your money.
Tako a spoonful of harmless, vege
table Dodson's Liver Tono tonight end
wako up feeling great. It's porfoctly
harmloBB, BO give it to your child:on
any time. It can't salivate, HO lot
them eat anything afterwards.
S. Mi Martin . f>.00
Thud Woods . 18.00
W. P. & W. H. Smith_ GS . 57
W. H. Smith. 4 1.45
R. L. Madden. 17 . 00
W. H. & J. H. Barron .... ?17 . 80
Total for Hrs. & Brdgs.$ 733.52
Public Buildings.
Walhalla Electric Plant..? 23.70
Whltmlro-Marott Hdw.Co. C t .78
.Ins. C. Seaborn . 21.65
C. W. & J. E. Bauknight. 12.25
Total for Pub. Bldgs..$ 122.38
Farm and Factory 25.00
Co. Bd. Education.
L. II. Haines .$ 8.80
S. M. Martin . 15.00
Total Co. Bd. Ed.S 23.80
Outside Poor.
Rescue Orphanage .$ 5.00
R. H. Aloxunder .$ il.00
W. M. Alexander. 3 . 00"
D. A. Smith . 3 . 00
Total for T?l?phones .'. $ 15.00
Grand total allowed for
October .$ 5,107 ll
E. N. FOSTER, Supervisor.
M. R. McDonald, Clerk. adv
White Farmers
to settle in Burke Coun
ty, Georgia. Spacial in
ducements offered. For
further information,
Burke County
Chamber of Commerce,
Waynesboro, Ga.
Walhalla, S. C.
Old Post Office Building,
on quick order. J* First-Class
Service. Drop in and get a
Meal or Lunch.
Burt's Cafe,
J. BU!?T C'.LLESPSE, F rup.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.-By V. F. Martin,
Esq., Judge of Probate-Whereas,
Mrs. Johanna Cox has mado suit to
me to grant hor Letters of Adminis
tration, with the will annexed, of tho
Estate of and Effects of Henry W.
Von Hollen, Docoased
These aro, therefore, to cito and
admonish all and singular tho kin
dred and croditors of tho said
Henry W. Von Hollen, Deceased, that
they bo and appoar before me, In
tho Court of Probate, to bo held at
Walhalla Court Houso, South Caro
lina, on Thursday, the Otb day of
December, 19 20, after publication
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
to show cause, if any they have, why
the said administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
23d day of November, A. D. 19 20.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN,
Judge of Probate for Oconee County,
South Carolina.
Published on the 24 th day of No
vombor and 1st day of December,
1920, in Tho Koowee Courier and on
tho Court Houso doo for tho timo
prescribed by law.
Nov. 24, 1920. 47-18 . ,

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