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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
Remarked 25 to 50 Per Gent
We have to-day remarked our stock of DRY
GOODS down at from 25 to 50 per cent. We
mean to keep our entire stock marked at market
value. We mean to keep our volume of trade up
to last year,
C. W. & J. E. Bauknight,
Give Wisely
For Christmas!
From now until Christmas we are going to have
something nice for making fine Christmas Presents,
Put up Three Pairs to Box, Special for Xmas, $5.00,
Put up in Half Dozen Pairs to Box,
This is our special for the Holidays. We have
other grades of Hosiery on which you can save from
33 1-3 to 50 per cent by buying direct from us.
Walhalla, S. C.
Car Coal This Week. <?t
Endorses Heartily tho Christmus Seal
Sale-Urges Liberality.
Columbia, Dec. 6.-Governor lt.
A. Cooper has issued a proclamation
endorsing the Christmas Seal sale
and calling on the people of South
Carolina to respond liberally to the
nppeal of tho South Carolina Tuber
culosis Association. The proclama
tion follows in full:
"Whorens, 1,800 citizens of tho
State of South Carolina were stricken
with tuberculosis in the year 1919,
and the economic loss amounted to
millions of dollars, to say nothing of
tho untold suffering; and, i
"Whereas, it is tho duty of all the
citizens of our State to do every
thing in their opwer to prevent tho
future spreading among our people of
this disease, which science has
proved to ho preventable and cura
ble; and,
"Whorens, the South Carolina Tu
berculosis' Association has designated
tho first week in December as 'Tu
berculosis Week,' and will call upon
the people of our State for financial
aid through the purchase of tuber
culosis Christmas Soals and Bonds
"Now, therefore, I, Hobt. A. Coop
er, Governor of South Carolina, do
hereby heartily endorse this effort on
the part of the South Carolina Tuber
culosis Association, and do call upon
tho people of South Carolina to re
spond liberally to their appeal,
"Robert A. Cooper,
Young Boy's Ann Amputated.
(?Farm and Factory, Dec. 2.)
Edward McLaln, eight years old,
whoso parents live on Ryland She
lor's place, had his arm caught in a
.shredder Friday and mangled to the
elbow. Ile was rushed to Seneca,
whore physicians amputated his arm.
He is getting nlong nicely nt present,
Figures show that In Illinois thor"
aro 111 men lo every 13 0 women.
Greenville Man Optimistic Over tlie
Future Business Outlook.
Greenville, Dec. 0-In a statement
obtained Saturday from W. J. Thack
ston, important factor in the textile
business here, he said that the cotton
mills of Greenville, and this section
generally, are beginning to receive
substantial orders again, after sev
tral months of dull business, and that
he believes they will all be ablo to
resume full operation about the first
of tho year.
Tho substantial orders for cloth
which have been received by the
manufacturers within the past few
days aro believed by local mill men
to bo responsible for the slight im
provement in tho cotton market, it
is stated. Mr. Thnckston, who base,;,
his statements on reports from lead
ing cotton manufacturers of this sec
tion and from commission merchants
said that he believes things will be
como stabilized after a while-cer
tainly after Christmas-and that he
thinks the worst of the depression
period is about over. Reductions In
wage scales should enable the mills
to return to practically full time af
ter Christmas, he said.
Manning's Home Burglarized.
Columbin, Dec. 2.-Thieves enter
ed tho home in Columbia f former
Governor H. I. Manning about 3
o'clock Wednesday morning and
stole sonio gold coins, totalling about
$80, and some very valuable papers.
A safe in the home, left unlocked,
vas rifled, and papers were scattered
about ibo house. Some medals that
had been awarded during school days
to tho late?Sinkler Manning, son of
tho former Governor, killed In
Franco, were also taken. The thieves
entered by "Jimmying" ono of tho
front windows of the house.
The hilly Eifel region of Germany
has many extinct volcanoes.
Two Later Found Guilty and Sen
tenced tb Die. t
Goldsboro, N. C., Dec. 3.-Every-,
thing was quiet hero this morning^
following tho attack on the Wa y tie"
county court house building last,
night by a mob, variously estimated,
to number from ono to two hundred
armed men, bent on lynching live
negroes, who woro placed on trial
yesterday afternoon, charged with'
tho murder of Herman Jones, a
country merchant, who was shot .to
death at his home two weeks ago.
The Durham Machine Gun Company,
arrived in Goldsboro at 7 o'clock'
this morning and relieved about 10,? ?
armed citizens, who had guarded tito
court house building during the
night. Tho authorities believe the
situation is well In hand and do ned
expect any further trouble.
Following tho storming of tho
court house about 9 o'clock last.
I night, In which Herbert Fut relief
said to have been one of the leaders
of Die mob, was shot and slightly',
wounded, the attackers dispersed:
Although desultory firing wus heard.
In the vicinity of the court until
after 3 o'clock this morning, no fur-:,
thor attempt was made by the crowd
to secure possession of (lie prisoners
in the court house.
Tho negroes were placed on trial
immediately after their arrival here,
from Raleigh yesterday afternoon.
The jury was completed about six
o'clock and court adjourned until
9.30 this morning.
Herman Jones, for whoso murder
tho negroes are being tried, wa8;oaU
ed from his home on the night, of
Nov. 14 and shot to death when,h?
refused to obey a command by: (mo
of the negroes to hold up his hands.
The negro charged with the, actual
shooting ot > Jonea-t? :;?tit^?fpi.
boll, with a number of aliases, who
represents himself as a detective In
conncction with a Philadelphia de
tective agency. ,
Two to Die; 20 Years for Three.
Goldsboro, Dec. 4.-With a hun
dred State militiamen on duty, tho
trial of five negroes for the murder
of Herman Jones, country merchant,
was continued yesterday morning and
last night at 9 o'clock, after having
been out for two hours, the Jury re
turned a verdict of first degree mur
der in the case of Harry Caldwell
and Jesse Foster, and of second de
gree murder in the cases of George
Pearsall, James Hill and Henry Wil
Judge Devin sentenced the two ne
groes convicted of first degree mur
der to die In the electric chair on
I Jan. 7th, and tho three others to
twenty years each In the State peni
Still under guard of tho militia
men, the five negroes were taken to
Raleigh to-night on a special train
and placed In tho State prison.
To Prosecute Mob Leaders.
With the trial of tho negroes out
I of the way and tho community set
tled back into Its normal way of liv
ing, Judge Devin indicated to-night
that his next step would bo to bring
to account tho mon who led the at
tack on the court house. Officers are
said to have recognized sovoral of
those In the crowd and warrants will
likely bo Issued for their arrest.
- Shop early at Norman's Drug
Store, Walhalla, for Xmas goods. Tho
prettiest, assortment yet.-adv.
-??. -
Cut. Working Time in Half.
Manchester, Eng., Dec. 3.- -Tho
American section of tho cotton trade,
which constitutes three-fourths of
the whole industry, has decided by ft
ballot, the result of which was an
nounced this aftornoon. to reduce
the weekly working hours from 4 8 to
24, This decision nffects 100,000 op
Tho action of tho Industry is at
tributed to tho recent decline in cot
ton and the poor demand for yarn
and cotton goods from all quarters.
-Others havo boon tried and
found wanting. Tho Willard battory
never falls. Hughs Garage, Walhal
Pipe smoking Is Increasing In pop
ularity among women, who favor
specially blended mixtures and ex
pensively decorated pipes.
-Dig lino Christmas goods on dis
play at Norman's Drug Store-adv.
?You can buy GC
Automobile. Tire
fONLY. Better
bthese TIRES:
30x31-$ J 6.50
You get the u
fpihey are new st'
tj^fflcHc'o Destroyed Quickly Lust
vf?i Friday Night.
\ E^iy JaBt Friday night the alarm
of*fln|$was given, and it was soon
yered that the residence of Taos
'?^Snlihi wap on tire, the first generali
lndjjfiijon being the leaping of sheets
of dM^. from the roof. Fortunately
tho!&?^iiing ' was almost perfectly
calliK;artd by reason of this fact ad
Jol|(filg:';property was not seriously
eudabgerud and was easily protected.
KV^m about one hour the two-story
fr^b|?(|>velllng was reduced to a pile
pi ring ashes.
the fire originated is not
J$i^/iV??t\.it ls supposed to have
'itf?j-, .siVrted-bi-?'ah * oil heater :in i one
of 'the rooms up-stairs. At the time
of the starting of the fire no one was
at home, Mrs. Smith and the smaller
children having gone to South Union
early In the day to visit relatives, Mr.
Smith being engaged in work at his
store and Miss Lila Smith among
some friends down-town.
Thoso'.'"first orriviug at the fire
found the house locked, and, receiv
ing no response to their calls to the
family, some of whom they thought
were there, the doors were broken
down and the work of removing arti
cles of household furniture begun.
The salvage was comparatively small,
very little having been gotten out of
the second story rooms, though the
down-stairs rooms were pretty well
cleared of furniture.
Mr. Smith's loss is somewhere In
tho neighborhood of $3,500 or $4,
OOO, and we are Informed that he
had insurance to the amount of $2,
500-'$2,000 on the building and
$000 on the household effects.
Mr. Smith had owned this property
about a year, having purchased it
from the Mrs. Meta Harrison est..te.
It was one of the older houses on
the Faculty Hill side of town, and
was best known as the David Craig
Mr. Smith and family aro making
their home for the present in the
cottage belonging to Geo. M. Ansel,
this having been but recently vacated
by Supt. T. E. Dukes and family.
Despite the fact that Mr. Smith
fortunately had a fair amount of In
surance in force, tho loss will ho
considerable, and friends of the fam
ily regret deeply their misfortune.
Mr. Smith sustained a direct loss
of $500 through the burning of that
amount of currency. It was put away
In a bureau drawer, we understand,
merely as a temporary place of safe
keeping. It had boen turned over to
Mrs. Smith by n party for Mr. Smith,
who had not had time to deposit tho
sum in bank.
Several rumors were current as to
this currency, some to the effect that!
it had boen saved in a trunk or bu
reau that had been taken from the
burning building, but this is incor
rect. The pieco of furniture that con
tained this money'was not among the
very few things that were snatched
from the flames.
-I am expecting a lot of fino
fresh osytors for Fridays and Satur
days. Remember Burt's Cafe, J. B.
Gillespie, Prop., Walhalla.-adv38tf
A bar of gold about six inches in
length and 2 V6 inches In width is
worth from $6,500 to $12,500, ac
cording to the quality of tho precious
)ODYEAR and Ul
s at the following
come at once if yo
** 32z3i-$2J.OO *+*
-$29.00 ** 35x5-$
sual guarantee on t
H. T. Juynos Tolls Secretary Ho Owen
lt to "-.inion to Resign.
The following telegram was sen*,
to Secretary D. 1?\ Houston by H. T.
J nynes, Esq., of Walhalla, last Sut
il rd a y :
..Walhalla, S. C., Dec. 4, 1!)2 0.
""Hon. David P. Houston,
"Secretary of the Treasury,
"Washington, D. C.:
"You owe lt to the American na
tion as a patriotic duty forthwith tc
resign your olllce. None are so blind
ns those who will not see, and noth
ing short of pride of opinion could
induce you to continue advocacy ol
policy and express the doctrine thal
. you*, did r-yeaterdayvttejr^f^^?^
gres8lonal committees. Nothing more
fateful nor harmful has evor' hap
pened in tho history of our nntion
than your administration of ofllce
since last May, when you arbitrarily
suspended the operation of the ex
port corporation and nullified a re
construction act of Congress.
"H. T. Jaynes."
Would Include- Harding.
On Monday last Mr. Jaynes receiv
ed the following brief telegram in
approval of the Houston telegram of
Doc. 4 th j
"Fountain Inn, S. C.,
"Dec. ti, 1 9 20.
"Col. R. T. Jaynes,
"Walhalla, S. C.:
"Heartily approve your telegram
to Houston. Sorry you did not in
clude Harding, of the Federal Re
serve Bank, In same shame on our
administration. T. D. Wood."
fMr. Wood is tho former chairman
of the South Carolina Labor Board.)
-Reduced prices at Norman's
dry goods, clothing, shoes, hats, caps
and hosiery, underwear, clonks,
coats, suits, skirts, millinery; tin,
enamel, crockery, and all kinds no
tions. See Mr. Harrison.-adv.-46tf.
Work Day at Issaqueenu.
Friday, Dec. IO, lias been set aside
ns Work Day and Arbor Day for the
Issaqueenu school, the purpose being
to complete tho building, clear up
tho school play-grounds and plant
trees and shrubbery.
All persons Interested in the up
building of our school are urged to
he present on that day and bring tools
for working. A picnic dinner will be
served in thc school house.
Everybody come and let's work
and have a good time.
Sue Annie Todd, Principal.
County Delegation to Meet.
The Oconee county delegation to
the Legislature will meet at tho
Court House in Walhalla on Satur
day, Dec. 18th, for the purpose of
holding conferences. Tho delegation
will be glad to moot with tho County
Highway Commission at ll a. m.,
and nt 2 p. m. will receive applica
tions for tho appointments of Magis
trates and rural police. If any per
sons desiro to be either a magistrate
or rural policeman, lot him como for
ward and mr.ke it known at that
time. W. P. Mason,
E. P. Bruco,
House of Representatives.
W. L. Dalton.
House of Representatives.
prices, for CASH
u want any of
* 33x4-$28.50
hese Tires, and
% Walhalla.
Annual Mooting Hold Last Friday.
Membership 527; Duos $1,281.50.
Tho Oconee Cotton Association
bold its annual meeting las! Friday,
Doc. 3d, in Ibo Court 1 louse, only a
small number being present. Tho
minutes of the inst meeting woro
ead and upprovod.
The secretary and treasurer of tho
association submitted his annual re
port, which was read and received
as information.
A committee, consisting of T. Pe
den Anderson, D. Ryland, Sholor and
Henry L. Vorner, were appointed to
examine the books of tito .secretur^
corre?tly,.#?pt. ! T7!*
On motion, ail bf tho old' odlcors '
of tho Oconee Cotton Association, in
cluding tho county executive com
mittee and Hie State board of direc
tors, wero re-olected.
Thia having completed the work
of thc session, the meeting was thou
Secretary's Repo rt.
Following is the report of Ibo sec
retary and treasurer above referred
To the Oificers and Members of Ibo
Oconeo Cotton Association:
As secretary and treasurer of this
association I beg to submit tho fol
lowing brief report of my actings and
doings as such officer for tho year
Just closing:
Tho Oconee Cotton Association be
gan to function as an organization
on the 14th day of October, 19 lit,
when the following officers were
elected: J. P. Strlbling, president;
W. M. Drown, vice president; J. B.
S. Dendy, secretary and treasurer.
County executive committee: T. Po
den Anderson, D. W. Watkins, Q, M.
Barnett, W. S. Dearden, W. T. Hub
bard. State board of directors, Wm.
J. Strlbling, J. P. Strlbling and J.?.
Broazenle. At this meeting the coun
ty v/as divided into the districts of
Walhalla, Westminster and Seneca
along the sumo lines as wore used in
tho Liberty Loan campaigns.
Wo have had only three regular
meetings of the Oconee Cotton Asso
ciation during this year, tho minutes
of which were duly recorded.
We havo a roll book wheroln tho
names of ?ill the members, with their
dues and their addresses, tire kept In
alphabetical order, the book being
divided into the three . districts of
Walhalla, Westminster and Seneca.
During the year wo havo received
from Walhalla district 284 members
and $666.50 dues, from Westminster
district 177 members and 445.00
dues, and from Seneca district 66
members and $174.00 dues, making
the total membership In tho associa-'
Don at prosent 527 and the total
duos collected to dato $1,284.50.
Kvery cent of this amount has boon
paid by check to John T. Mackoy,
treasurer of American Cotton Asso
ciation, at Columbia, and my books
show an evon balance to dato.
All of which is respectfully sub
mitted this 3d day of 'Decembor,
1920. ' J. B. S. Dondy,
Socrotary and Troaauror.
Fight out of every ten women havo
acquired ugly foot, say tho exports,
by wonrlng badly shaped shoes.

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