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(Established 1810.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$1.00
Mix Montbs.55
Three Months.:m
Advertising Kates Reasonable.
Ry Stork, Slielor, llugiis ?V; Sbelor.
Communications or a personal
cbaraclcr charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by;
Individuiiis, lodges or churches, aro!
charged for tis for advertisements at i
rate of ono cent a word. Cash must j
accompany manuscript, and all such ,
notices will lie marked "Adv." In
conformity with Federal ruling on
such ma tiers.
WEDNESDAY, DEO. 8, 11)??).
KlSCWhcro in this issue will he!
lound a proclamation by Governor
Cooper eildorsilg tho .s?he of Christ
mas seals. Wc cannot loo strongly
urge upon our people Hie advisabil
ity th?' Imperative duty of patron
ising liberally this worthy effort on
tho pari Of Hie Ked Cross to raise
funds with which tu continue thc
light against th? spread ol' tubercu
losis and the alleviation of SUfforing
incident to the ravages ol' this dread )
lui disea.se.
True, we are not stricken with this!
plague as some sections ol' our greal
country. I'm- that fact let us .ilvo j
devout thanks and let us also give i
liberally ol' our means through the
medium ol' (lie Christmas Seals, thai1
the work ol' eradicating (his dread j
disease may be carried on without
Christmas Seals are tor sale in
Walhalla, the sale hoing in charge >f
the ladies ol' the local literary club
the Paul Mayne circle. Quite a num
ber have been sold, bul liol as many
as Walhalla and community ought lo
luiy. There are only a comapratively
few more days till Christmas-six
teen lo he exact --and our local rep
resentatives ol' tile Christmas Seal
salo ought lo be able to dispose of
all the seals they have in that time.
They will If each of us will only in
vest liberally and regularly in the
seals. We notico that fow of the let
ters received by Tho Courier are
sealed on the back with the Christ
mas Seals. And '..lils fact bas been
regretted hy us. Buy a few souls and j
use them. They eost only a penny |
each, and the investor in these seals]
can rest assured that every penny
spent for seals will do its bit toward
relieving suffering and help to stamp
out the disease that has cost our
country so dearly.
If you have any difficulty In secur
ing seals, call at Tho Courier olTico
and we will get for you all that you
The Courier's "family" now num
bers just practically twenty-live hun
dred. 'Ve do not want to lose ono
of this n um bot*. Many of them we
know personally and pleasantly, yet
there are some of the "big family"
(hat we hav?> never mel personally,
or even seen.
Yet we are interested in all of "our
family." and we want the circle lo
widen rather than to contract.
We have about three hundred sub
scribers whose subscriptions will ex
pire between the present time an I
the first of January, 1921. We wan;
every one of these three hundred to
renew their subscriptions before the
expiration dale. We are adhering
Strictly lo the casb-ln-advance policy
and this notice is published in the
hope ?hat all will take opportunity to
renew before their names are taken
from our list. This rash in-advance
policy i. one of the means applied by
cs in oui- light against Increased
prices, l'util we adopted this meas
ure .lunn.illy transferred to the
' profit .md loss' almost invariably
loss column, from $;tOO to $01)0.
Cutting oat lins loss das enabled li
to apply the savin? to the meeting of
additional costs in publishing The
Courier. We have followed ilie pol
icy of eliminating waste and inaugu
rating greater efllclency in place of
(be rule of greedily grabbing for
everything in sight, and wasting the
ill-gotten MIHI Our policy has been
working so far. Help us to continue
HH? policy hy keeping your subscrip
tions paid promptly in advance.
In this connection lt will not be
amiss to call attention to the splen
did clubbing offer we are now able
to make with the Progressive (''ar
mer- in our opinion tho best farm
paper published, and unquestionably
tho best for our section of tho coun
try. Wo can send you both Tho Cou
rler and tho Progressive Farmer for
twelve months for $1."?0. Announce
ment of this offer will bo found on
the second pago.
From a nation of workers-at
least noniinally so -America has de
teriorated into a nation of shirkers.
We li;ive let our muscles soften until
their ellieieney is badly impaired, lt
will take some training lo barden
our an?seles np to (Itu real working
poi li I again. For years before the
war. prices of commodities and the
price of labor had been tending to
ward too low ?i level. Then tho war
caine, the necessity for doing (binns
Of groal import in the shortest pos
sible time was imperativ,*?. IThoil
(.anio extravagant public expenditure
thal quickly bred individual extrava
gance Hie careless expenditure of
"cheap money" that caine easy that
was handed out readily for half
hearted and Ineftlcicnt service, ren
We. lol our muscles get soft.
The Job now is to put ourselves in
training and harden up the Hubby,
superfluous Mesh that has taken (be
place of real muscle.
The sooner we realize this I m po I'
ll live necessity the bettor it will be
for all concerned. The day for "loaf
ing on tho Job" is passing even more
.swiftly lhan the day of sternly neces
sary action and elllcloncy passed out
once the hellish fever of war was
forced upon our nation.
Those are the faets as we see them.
We may be wrong, but we don't be
lieve we aro, lt is human nature lo
think thal others are right who feel
and think and express themselves in
much the same manner that one does
himself. Menee wo quote below
giving ii for what it is worth (and
in our opinion it will be worth much
if we consider il carefully and fol
low Ibo advice logically and con
scientiously! a brief talk recently
made by C. W. Hoyt, of New York
city, to members of his own statY and
to mom hors of another business or
gan iza ti on. Here is the gist of what
Mr. Hoyt bad to say:
"Nearly all workers have been
getting 'soft.' Any kind of service
could be sold at almost any kind of
price; ami any kind of goods, bad or
good, could be sold al almost any
kind of price.
""Everybody had money and wanted
to spend it.
"Everybody lacked employees and
wanted more.
"Everybody was behind in lils or
ders. The chief task of the selling
agent was to apologize for not deliv
ering goods not having enough to
supply tho demand.
"Business men, salesmen, all kinds
of workers were living much after
the fashion of lions and bears that
you seo locked up in the zoological
gardons. They got what thoy want
without making any offort.
"You know what happens to the
lion when his meat is brought to him
and pushed inside the cage regularly.
Nature intended that Hons should go
out and hunt for the meat, track lt,
bring it down, and kill it. When you
hand the meat to him already killed
and cut up. your lion in the cago gets
soft and mangy.
"That hns been hnpponing to mil
lions of so-called 'workors* in tho
United States lately. Anybody could
soil anything. Anybody could got a
Job; anybody could keep a joh.
"Everybody was becoming as 'soft
as mush.'
"That has changed; different timos
are ahead of us, and wo have all got
to realize it and begin to exeroiso
barden up and prepare, for real
That is our way of thinking, lt ls
better expressed than we could have
expressed it. That is why wo have
quoted the terse sentences in whlcn
so much real, hard truth is put into
snell form as to prove readily degest
idle "food for thought."
Have you gotten "soft as mush"
during tho few years of inflated
prices and abnormal conditions?
Time to "harden up" a bit-the
quicker and the more strenuous the
training process the better.
Senator Hardin?, lYcsidcnt-EtccI,
Makes Hrief Address.
Washington, Dec. C.- A day of co
operation and friendly relations be
tween the White House and Congress
was forecast by President-elect War
ren (I. Harding to-day in n short ad
dress from tho floor of the Senate.
Though disclaiming any desire lo
criticise the present administration
Mr. Harding d?clar?e. I one of the
ambitions of his four years as Chief
Executive to insure bettor team work
between the two branches of the gov
The speech, which did not touch
on dotalled questions of policy, was
rtollvored by tho Prcsidont-olect in
responso to an ovation that greeted
bim when he went to tho Senate
chamber in his capacity as a Senator
and answered to tho oponlng roll-call
of tho new session.
People - Several Suggestion* Mude
by Stale's Welfare Board.
Columbia, Dec. 4.-Many recom
mendations and .suggestions for so
cial I in pro vernon t among tho unfortu
nate and delinquent citizens of Bou th
Carolina will be made by tho State
Welfare Hoard to the General Assem
bly, according to tho advance shoots
of Hie annual report given out by <!.
('rofl Williams, secretary of the
Tho board would eliminate tho an
tiquated system of paying sheriffs
foes for Hie diet in? of prisoners in
their charge, and have their suste
nance supplied directly by the coun
ties. lt would give part of tho earn
ings of the convict lo bis dependents,
many of whom are made destitute by
ills incarceration and inability lo
support them. Tho prosont system
of county chain gangs, with Its largo
overhead expense, is deprecated, and
a plea is made for the moro economi
cal State system, as by this method
highway construction and mainte
nance could be had under expert su
pervision. Segregation of tho races
and sexes on county chain gangs is
recommended, with tho provision
that no woman will bo allowed to do
road work. Closer medical super
vision of Jails, chain gangs and alms
houses is requested.
As there is no provision for tl?-1
reformation of delinquent negro
girls, who are placed in jails for pun
ishment, the board recommends (hal
Hie Fatrwold school, wholly support
ed by private subscription from
among Hie negro race, be taken over
by Hie Stale under adequate super
Likewise Hie board recommends
that a State prison for women lie
erected, taking the fem?is convicts
out of the State penitentiary. At tim
present lime there are 33 negro and
three white women there, and the re
port says that they are housed in aa
old, untidy, unsanitary wooden build
ing which is a fire-trap, and, what is
worse. Hie women are under tho cus
tody of men. and there is no woman
matron for them.
In its recommendations for the
pauper population of the State, the
board recommends that tho present
system of county almshouses bo
abolished sud In I h el ' ad ?nat ills
trie nil in pr 1 dod Vor thia class
of ci - ot counties coring
for tm nu. iii this connoq.tjp? lt
ls su >, ?.<l thal i ? ho I lon o for
tho 1 ?! . ruin : cannot hare fut
all tho..c ??electives, they should be
grouped on farms in various parts
of the Stale under humane super
vision. More care should be taken
to see that this class does not marry.
Likewise, somo provision should be
made for the adolescent epileptic.
In its discussion of the care of
dependent and orphan children,which
are now being handled by the South
Carolina Placement Association and
other agencies, lt is recommended
that the State retain supervision
over them after they are adopted, to
see that they receive the right train
ing and aro In wholesame environ
From an Old Friend in Texas.
Fort Worth, Texas, Dec. 4, 1920.
ICdilor Keowee Courier:
This ls to ask you to please chango
my paper from Mena, Ark., to Fort
Worth, Toxas, 240.") Loring Avenue.
On account of increasing ago and
increasing infirmities attending mul
tiplied years, wo have broken up
houso-kcoplng; and, wishing to koop
in touch with friends of younger
days, wo wish to still take your most
esteemed paper. Of course, in those
stirring times the changes of names
and families in thc old home section
seems strango to us, but this is to bo
You may say to old friends that
tliey are not forgotten by us. Wo
are living with our children herc,
and hope to have a pleasant time for
the remaining years allotted to us.
li seems that it is Impossible for us
to keep step with the moving events
of Hie day. Sometimes we think that
the world is rushing on lo the break
ers, hut thou we think more deeply
and realize that the All-Wise still ls
holding the reins over Ibo univorso
In His hands, and that lie will yet
Illing good out of this unrest of mon.
Unclosed you will lind ,t i for the
paper. As ever yours,
M. P. Whitaker.
Shrlners IJOSI Six Automobiles.
Croon Ville, Dec. 3. Shimers from
different parts of South ?Carolina
and oilier States in attendance upon
Hie State Convention hore lo-day re
ported to Officials I lia I their auto
mobiles we e stolen last night by
what is believed to lie a hand of
thieves who. the officers are inform
ed, are devoting their time to con
ventions and assemblies where the
crowdod conditions give them bottor
chances to escape. Six cars parkod
around tho Shrlners' Convontlon
headquarters wero roported stolen
during the night, and no recoveries
bad been mado to-day. Somo of tho
cars belonged to families of Shrlners
who mado tho trip hore from North
Carolina and Oeorgla.
Tlie Santa Clans' Store toe To; and Gift Store is
Coates' Ten'Cent Store,
Just hundreds and hundreds of Dolls-all kinds of Dolls, Jointed Sleeping
Dolls, Dressed Dolls, Rubber Dolls, Celluloid Dolls, China Dolls, Little Dolls
and Big Dolls. Doll Furniture, Doll Carriages, Wheeled Toys, Mechanical Toys,
Books, Games and all manner of things for che convenience of Santa Claus
then the Gifty Things,
This year you will want to give useful, practical, economical gifts?
There's hardly a limit of useful presents at this big store-Chinaware, Glass
ware, Porcelain, Tableware, Individual Cups and Saucers, Comb and Brush
Sets, Toilets, Vases, Toilet Articles, Enamelware, etc. Pay this store an
early visit and get acquainted and make part of your purchases. We know
about the size of Santa's purse this year year and have prepared to*accom
modate him, ,
Newest Kail Stylos in
Plain and Tailored Dross
Hats. Clot.your Now Pall
Hat hore and Hilve from
one-third to one-half on
your nurcluiMe, '
Ten-Gent Store,
Seneca, S. C.
DON'T I Alli
Hoinoml.or tho jam and
rush at this store last
Christmas. Early selec
tions uro liest, and wo
eau wait on you in a moro
satisfactory manner.
Explode-Fire on Alltmunitioil Hoot.
Naval Craft IMays lloro.
New York, Dec. ."?.-? Hundreds of
homes in the Fort Hamilton section
j of Brooklyn virtually were under
I heavy artillery bombardment this af
ternoon resulting from Intermittent
I explosions of six-inch and ten-inch
i sholls on a steam lighter, which
' cati Kilt lire while moored to the army
reservation wharf.
(lathering together their belong
ings in the belief that the naval ar
! sena! at Fort Lafayette, a small
i island near Fort Hamilton, was
j ablaze, terrified scores fled from their
hom? e for zen - driven to fren
? 7.led hasi.:! ?y t te series of detona
Hons whici were 'u';>'''i for milos
. around.
An official .Maternent fr?m Fort
Hamilton to-night said no lives had
j been lost, and that only four per
! sons had boen Injured, and those but
The lighter, which was laden with
DOO shells for shipment to Boston,
was torn from its moorings by the
violence of the first explosion, which
occurred about 5.40 p. m. Two men
on board escaped.
Tug Pushes Lighter Out.
About this time a naval tug
reached the scene, and In a desper
ate effort to prevent the flames from
spreading to the wharf tho command
ing officer ^deliberately headed his
craft for the blazing lighter and its
exploding cargo. Ile stuck her nose
against the side of the lighter and
pushed hor away to a sand bar, In
imminent peril of his own craft ho
ing blown from tho water.
The naval tug scarcely had with
drawn when a heavy explosion oc
curred which tore the lighter apart.
Two 6f those slightly Injured wore
a man and a woman, who had a mi
raculous escape from death. They
were motoring past the wharf oppo
site the lighter when the first explo
sion occurred. Fragments of shell
peppered their automobile, but tho
occupants suffered only slight injur
ies, and after rccolving medical aid
at the Day Bridge Naval Hospital,
they wore able to go home.
The glare of the exploding ammu
nition and tho flames from the burn
ing wharf illuminated Hie lower har
bor and attracted thousands to the
Brooklyn and Staten Island water
As explosion followed explosion, and
tho danger lo craft passing (IK; Nar
rows between Kori Hamilton and
Fort Wadsworth grew menacing,
"blinker light" signals were flashed
from the fortifications, warning mar
iners to give the threatened area a
wido berth.
The proximity of the naval arsenal
at Fort l.aKayotlo, willi its stores ol'
high explosives and inflammable ma
terial, wa? a source of Intense worry
to tho combined military, naval and
municipal fire-fighters.
Tho army wharf, about 200 yards
long, was destroyed. The loss was
estimated by army officers at ap
proximately $ 1 no.ooo.
Tho meteorological station on the
wharf also was destroyed.
A Mohammedan who has made tho
pilgrimage to Mecca hoars tho title
Hadji for the rost of lila lifo.
Tho averago velocity of wind in
Now York city Is 12 miles an hour,
as compared with 16 In Chicago.
Needing a Range
or Stove?
You have perhaps been waiting until the prices are re
duced. If so, come and buy now. We have the most complete
stock of
Buck's Stoves and Ranges,
Majestic Ranges and
Cole's Blast Hot Heaters
that you will find tn Oconee" C-ninty, J* The prices are
way down. Come and sec.
Ballenger Hardware and Furniture Co.,
Seneca, S. C.
Highest Market Price Paid for Cotton.
Also have ample warehouse facilities for
storing cotton. See me if you want to
either sell or store.
Office in Moss & Ansel's Store.
Walhalla, S. C.
Sept. 27, 1920 -39-tf.
Saw ftshos aro confined to tropictl
Thc tlmbor of thc pwoot chestnut
?roo 1? extensively use?! in America
for Insldo finishing.
Seville ls tho only Spanish city
In which bogging is forbidden in tho
Glass coffins havo boen found In

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