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Club Members Win Prizes.
Some good records have been made
this year by tho club boys and girls
.^in the poultry, sewing and canning
clubs sn nor vised by Miss Counts,
Home Demonstration Agent, and by
* tho members of tho corn, pig- and
cowpea clubs, which are supervised
by the County Agent.
In the Corn Club thu prize winners
for tho county, Raymond White
y made 85 bushels and 52 pounds on
his acre, while the second boy pushed
him close with 78 bushels and 3.0
pounds. Tho former lives near tho
Retreat school and the latter, Lloyd
.Bell, lives at Plat Shoals.
In the Cowpea Club tho winner
made 16% bushels. This winner is,
Cecil Bowen, of Oak way.
In the Pig Club (feeding class),
Mildred McDonald, of Richland, won
first prize with an ?average daily
gain of 2.19 pounds! Out of 56
members 32 sent In complete record
Two 'boys failed to win prizes
one by not sending an exhibit of corn
and another by failing to complete
his record book, although one of the
two made 60 bushels.
Tho Prize Winners.
* The prize winners follow:
Corn Club.
1. Raymond (White (Retreat) -
Half ton fertilizer, offered by Ander
son Phosphate and Oil Co., and short
course scholarship at Clemson.
2. Lloyd Bell (Flat Shoals)-$5
and short course scholarship at Clem
3. George Taylor (Oconeo Creek)
- $5.00 cash.
4. Berry Galloway (Picket Post)
5. Francis Galloway (Picket Post)
C. Ray Brock (Flat Shoals) -
7. Lafayette McCarley (Bethel) -
?2.5 0.
8. Louie Brandt (Blue Ridge) -
0. James Peebles (Fairview) -
1 10. J. F. Kennedy, Jr., (Fairview)
ll. Geer Pritchard (Oak Grove) -
Pig Club.
Sow and Litter Class-David Stab
ling. Richland. $2.5 0.
Breeding Class-'Frank Cobb, Oak
Grove, $2.50.
Feeding Class-(1) Mildred Mc
Donald, Richland, $5 and registered
Duroc Jersey pig. offered by W. H.
1 McJunkin, of South Union; (2) Mary
C. Fowler, Fairfield, $3 and regis
tered Polnad China pig, offered by
J. B. Doutbit, of Pendleton; (3)
Claude Brewer, Flat Shoals, $5; (4)
Jun ice Powell. Ebenezer, $3.50; (5)
Clarence Crow, Flat Shoals, $2.50;
(6) Karl Brandt, Blue Ridge $2.50;
(1) Blanche Medlin, -Picket Post,
$2.50; (8) Ernest Kell, Kooweo,
S2; (iii PhideMe Burrell, Picket
Post, sack pig feed.
Cowpea ( lui).
(1) Cecil N. Bowen, Oakway, $10;
(2) Clarence Harbin, Oakway, $5;
(3) Kniest Arve, Oak Grove, $3; (4)
Clerey Freeman, Cross Roads, $2.50.
Best Record Book-(1) Mildred
McDonald, $3; (2) Geer Pritchard,
Best Ten Ears Corn-(1) George
Taylor, ono $8 hat, by C. W. Pitch
ford; (2) Lafayette McCarley, $2.
Best Exhibit Cowpeas-(l)Clar
ence Harbin, $2; (2) Ernest Arve,
Best Exhibit Pig- (1) Mildred
"McDonald $3; (2) tied by Mary C.
Fowler and Claude Brewer, $1.50
Judging Ten Rare Corn-(1) Fred
Brandt $2; (2) Lewis Brandt $1.
Tea Napkins-( 1 ) 'Noll Gunthar;:
$1; (2) Ruth Crenshaw, club pin.
Gown-( I ) Meta Mulkey $1; (2)
Mary Brown, club pin.
Towel-(I) Nell Guntharp$1; (2)
Ida Guntharp, club pin.
Combinations .( i ) Evelyn Brown
$1; 12) Nell Guntharp, dui) pin;
13) Clara Smith, club pin.
Sewing Bag-(1) Ruby Kelley $1;
(2) Lu tie Brown, club pin.
Stenciling-(1) Kutsy Cobb $1
(2) Francis Cobb, club pin.
Uniform Oap---(l) Ila Phillips $1;
(2) Francis Cobb, club pin; (3) Kilt
sy Cobb, club pin.
Uniform Apron- - ( 1 ) Francis Cohl
$ 1 : ( 2 ) Ila Phillips, club pin.
Emblem- (1) Ila Phillips $1.
Peantus-(1) Leona Day $1; (2'
Mildred Boaty, club pin; (3) Leon:
Day, club pin.
Rhodo Island Reds-Mildred Bent:
Barred Plymouth Rocks-Omogj
Alexander $2.
White Leghorns-(1) FrankWIck
liffe $2; (2) May Moser $1.
Cornish Game-Jeff Moser $1.
Canned Goods.
Beans-(1) Ila Phillips $2; (2
Louise Wright $1; (3) Mary Garu
aren, club pin.
Tomatoes-(1> Louise Wright $2;
(2) Kutsy Cobb $1; (3) Francis
Cobb, club pin.
Soup Mixturo-(1) Leona Day $2:
(2) Louise Wright $1; (li) Ida-Ad
ams, club pin.
Chow-Chow-(1) Evelyn Drown
$tj (2) Francis Cobb 50 cents; (3i j
Sara Marett, club pin.
Best Collection-(1) Mary Gum-'
broil $2.50; (2) Ida Adams $2; (3)
Lucille Todd $1.50; (4) Rubye Kel
ley, club pin.
liest History of Club Garden-( 1 )
Rubye Kelley $1; (2) Bessie May
Strlbling, club pin.
'Best Story of Poultry Work-(1)
Annie Lipscomb $1; (2) Kitty Mc
Guire $1.
Great credit and praiso should be
given the five banks of the county
which responded so liberally, and to
the progressive merchants and busi
ness men, who so loyally contributed
to this work and made these prizos
possible. The lists of those who gave
prizes have been printed previously.
Geo. TC Briggs, Co. Agent.
Fedornl Reserve-Succeeds Sub-Treus.
New York, Dec. (1.-Conforming to I
the provision of an act of Congress j
abolishing the sub-treasuries scat-1
tered throughout tho country, the '
New York sub-treasury will cease to '
exist after the close of business to- ,
The local branch of the Federal ,
Reserve Board will take possession ,
of Hie building. Many of the sub- j
treasury employees, now numbering ;
less than one hundred, will be taken I
over by the Federal Reserve Bank, [
and tho change will be offected with-,
out disturbance to the country's,
financial center.
The New York sub-treasury, lu the!
very heart of the city's financial dis-j
trict, was established in 1845. Its j
vaults have been the repository of
countless billions of dollars in gold, ?
silver and paper money issued by our j
Robert Norris Dead.
(Tugaloo Tribune, Nov. 30.) (
Robert Norris, of Westminster,
died near Fair Play last Thursday
night after an illness of nine days of
pneumonia. Mr. Norris and his elder
brother, John Norris, had been en
gaged in cutting cross-ties In lao
lower part of the county when Rob- '
ert was taken sick. He died at the
home of Loo Maxey, 16 miles below
Westminster. I
Mr. Norris was born on Chauga
62 years ago, and had lived in this
section all of his life. He leaves a I
widow, who was Miss Elliott Dnvls, '
and three children; also three broth
ers, William, John and Jesse Norris, j
to whom sympathy is extended.
The body was Interred In the Holly !
Springs cemetery Saturday.
-. I
'Mrs. W. E. CheswoU Improving:. j
(Tugaloo Tribune, Nov. 30.)
The many friends of 'Mrs. W. E. ;
("'boswell will be glad to learn that
she ls Improving and ls able to sit up
for a short while at a time. She took
sick of pneumonia the first of No
vember and was very ill for three
weeks. A trained nurse has been
with her.
Export Corporation Expect? to Make
Shipment this Monti).
Columbia, Dec. 4-With the grant
ing, by the Secretary of State, of a
charter to the Aemrlcan Products
Export and Import Corporation, the
so-called export cotton corporation
becomes a going concern, having be
gun actual operation. Within the
present month, probably boforo
Christmas, tho first shipment of cot
ton will be made to Europe, thus es
tablishing direct connection between
tho Southern cotton grower and tho
European manufacturers, whoso mills
aro now closed. Tho stimulating ef
fect upon the domestic market will
bo reflected in a short time, as fol
lowing the first consignment other
shipments will be regularly made.
it. has boen less than two months
since, on Oct. 7, tho cotton exports
corporation movement was launched
nt a mooting held In Columbia. With
in that time nearly $2,000,000 of the
stock has been placod in South Caro
lina alono, all preliminary arrange
ments have been 'made for actual
business operations, connections have
boen established with European buy
ers, credit provisions have been per
fected, and what eight weeks ago
was only an idea lias become an nct
IIal fact. This is regardod as a rec
ord of accomplishment which will
challangu tho Interest of f.irmors and
other business mon of this and other
States and carry tho conviction that,
in ?bo determination to establish
the propor marketing facilities for
the South's staple, those boh Ind the
movomont-officers, directors and
stockholders alike-mean business.
Voling i'ooplo Organizing for Hotter
Church Society Work.
Bounty JLand, Dec. o.-Special:
Paul Marett, of Fair Play, was a
guest recently ut the home of M. E.
M. 'F. Day wi:s in Creenville on
business Wednesday.
Jack and Ruby l.umpkln, of West
minster, spent n few clays last week
with their grand-parents, Mr. and
Mrs. \V. J. McDonald.
Mr. and Mrs. Loo Mooro, of near
Westminster, were guests Thursday
of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Sanders.
Miss Sybil Chamblin visited her
parents at Liberty recently.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Alexander and
family aro leaving to-day for Cash
iers' Valley, whore they aro moving
on account of tho Impairod health of
Mr. Alexander. The Alexanders have
a wide range of friends who regret
the necessity of their leaving the
community, and hopo tho change will
provo beneficial to Mr. Alexander's
state of health, and that they may
bo pleasantly situated in their moun
tain home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Adams visited
thoir daughter, Mrs. Fletcher Wilson,
of Clearmont, Sunday.
Rov. I. E. Wallace preached Sun
day afternoon to the convicts, who
are on the public works at their
camp near Seneca.
The friends of Mrs. J. H. Allen
will be delighted to know that her
health ls greatly improved, she being
able to visit her son, J. H. Allen, of
Anderson, recently.
Jim Hughs, of Vineyard Haven, is
at home for a couple of weeks. At
the expiration of his visit among his
homo folks he will leave for Denver,
t'olo., where he has accepted a flat
tering offer as an expert manager I
an extensive poultry concern.
Wo are glad to report an improve
ment in the condition of Mrs. Wad
Stevens, who is confined to her bed
with typhoid fever.
C. ID. Gambrell has been quito in
disposed for several days, but is im
At the close of tho regular services
at Richland Sunday a Christian En
deavor Society was organized by the
young people of the congregation,
tho officers elected being Stiles
Hughs, 3r? president; David Stab
ling, vice president: Miss Ida Beth
Doyle, secretary; Mi- LoulsoW right
corresponding Booro ta. ry; Misa Mamie
Eniily Dendy, chafn-i?tn"of lifi ?-hcv
ship committee, A .lonior Fndoavor
?. as also organized, with Meodunie,'
S. N. Hughs, W. D. Wright and Jas
I er Doyle ns leaders.
Miss Luce, of Vineyard Haven, ls
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Hughs.
Mrs. Julia 'D. Shanklin's many
friends will regret that she has been
confined to her bod for several days
suffering from asthma and other com
plications. Wo hope for her early
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Alley visited
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Snead, near Wal
halla a fow days ago.
Mrs. Dean Davis returned Friday
from Franklin, N. C., whei|j she had
been with hor sister, Mrs. S. M.
Shanklln, whom we reported quito
ill last week, but whom, we are glad
to learn, is on the way to recovery.
Miss Cotine Stone was a late guest
at the home of hor uncle. E. L. Stone.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Davis and fam
ily are moving to "Tho Hermitage,"
which is being vacated by Mr. and
Mrs. M. F. Alexander.
A. G. Shanklin, of donison, spent
Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Julia
D. Shanklln.
W. D. Strlbllng, of Seneca, is in
tho community to-day.
"M. E. Marett leaves to-day for
Greenville, where he is receiving
treatment for his eyes. Mr. Marett
ls suffering quito a good deal of pain
and anxiety on account of his oyos,
and we hope the treatment he is un
dergoing will prove effectual.
.Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hughs, of Wal
halla, were recent guests of tho for
mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Female Cheek Flasher Caught.
Columbia, Doc. 6.-A handsome
young woman, who signs hoi name
Ethel Clark, but who says her real
name is Ethel Tifton, was arrested
by the Columbia police to-day after
she had given bogus checks to a num
ber of merchants, drawn on Colum
bia banks. In the young woman's
belongings wero found pads of blank
checks on all local hanks, and there
wero also papers Indicating that she
had recently been in Anderson and
Greonwood, Abbovillo and Spartan
burg. The young woman is believed
to havo been a partner of the check
flasher arrested for work In the Pied
mont section.
--?* t>
Ono-otghth of a grain of opium
is fatal to an Infant.
Tho Greek sllvor talont was worth
about $1,000.
have cut their prices to ro
thing has reached the bott
can be bought after the nc
with the new schedule,
until we have to go into tl
1 lot Muu's I lot wy Shoes, per
pair .$ 2.25
1 lot MIMI'S ll envy Shoes, per
pul*.$ 3.25
Cygolf Shoos for Men.$ 8.00
Fl?rsheim Shoos for Men. .$1*2.00
1 lot Ladies' Heavy Shoes,
per pair.$ 1.05
1 lot Hoys' Heavy Shoes, per
pair.$ 2.50
1 lot lioys* Heavy Shoos, per
pair.$ a.75
J lot Misses' Heavy shoes,
per pair.$ 1.05
1 lot Misses' Heavy Shoos,
per pair.$ 2.50
1 lot Men's (Jun Metal Shoes,
per pair.$ 2.50
1 lot Men's Cotton Sweater
Coats.$ 1.15
1 lot Men's Slip-on Sweater
('oats.$ 1.50
1 4ot Hoys' Sweaters.85
1 lot Hoys' Sweaters.$ 2.25
1 lot Ladies' Sweaters-Only
a few to close out nt.. .Half Price.
1 lot Ladles' Hain Coats
only a few to go like tho
Men1 Leather-ett Coats, only
three left .'.$17.50
Men's Slicker Coats.$ 0.00
Men's Hain Coats ut $0.50
and.$ 8.50
Hoys' Rubber Hain Coats. .$ 4.50
Half Dozen Men's Overcoats left
to close out.
Ladies' Coats.
1 lot Ladles1 Short. Coats,
while they last.$ 2.50
Ladies' Long Coats going now for
front ?4.50 up.
Hrift-se?* ano Ch?l^
Vv o have owls few ol those left,
and wo aro closing thom out
nt half price.
Prices Cut
from Now until
?n order to reduce Sto
with market conditi
until Jan. J st, 1921, '
eery Stock at cost,
money on your groce
Makes Your Dol
So Jo Bari
Rainfall and Temperature.
Dolow ls a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt, |
co-operative observer of the Weather |
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
agrloulttlre, during the week ending |
Dec. 5th, 1920, at 7 p. ni. (The j
Instrumental readings aro from gov- j
crament standard instruments ex- i
posod in the manner recommended
bv the chief of the Weathor Bureau) :
Character ot
Tempera- !
turo. j
29- Cloudy. .
30- Cloudy. .
1- dHly cldy.
2- Clear. . . .
3- 'Ptly cldy.
4- Cloudy. . .
5- Clear. ...
Total rainfall
. 3 8
. 02!
34 I
4 1
No wood is so largely used
Hindus In India as sandal wood.
ck-bottom. *?* The concensu
om and that goods can be boug
?W year. So wc have re-arranj
These prices will hold good so 1
be market and buy new goods?
Coat Suits.
Ludion' Serge Coat Suits are
going ut.$10.50
1 lot Coat Suits.$1*2.50
A few of tho better suits uro now
marked at half pri?e.
Men's Clothing.
1 lot Men's Suit?.$ 7.50
1 lot Men's Suits.$ 0.50
1 lot Men's Suits.$11.50
1 lot Corduroys .$11.50
l lot Mon's suits.$ia.50
1 lot Men's Suits.$10.50
Boys' Clothing.
1 lot Hoys' Suits.$ 5.00
1 lot Hoys' Suits.$ 7.50
1 lot Hoys' Suits.$10.00
1 lot Hoys' Suits.$12.50
I lot Hoys' Suits.$i:).50
1 lot Hoys' Suits.$15.00
Men's Pants.
I lot Wool .leans Hants. . . .$ 2.25
1 lot. Wool Kersey Pants . .$ 2.50
1 lot Wool Heavy Hants . . .$ 2.75
1 lot Corduroy Hants.$ 51.25
Boys' Pants.
Hoys' Hants from 50 Cents and up.
Hoys Overalls from 85e. and
M)r. up to.$ 1.25
Men's Heavy Hark Hine
I'liion-mudo Overalls .$ 1.75
Men's Headlight and earhart
Overalls.$ 2.25
Men's Underwear.
Mien's nibbed Underwear . .$ .85
Men's Ribbed Underwear . .$ i.oo
Men's Union Suit? .$ !.75
Boys' Underwear.
Boys' Union Suits.$ 1.15
Roys* Union Suits.$ 1.25
Wo aro closing out what we have
nt hulf price.
: Close on
Jan. 1st, 1921.
ck, and in conformity
ons, from this date
vve will sell our Gro
Comc in and save
ry bill.
liars Go Further.
ter & Co.,
.LA, S. C.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconce.-By V. F. Martin,
Esq., Judge of Probate.-Whereas,
Mrs. Charity Malone has made suit
to me to grant her Letters of Admin
istration, with tho will annoxed, of
tho Estate of and Effects of J. S.
Malone, Deceased
These aro, thereforo, to cito and
admonish all and singulnr the kin
dred and creditors of the said
J. S. MALONE, Deceased, that they
ho and appoar beforo me, in the
Court of Probato, to bo held at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Wednosdny, tho 22d day of De
cember, 1920, after publication
hereof, at ll o'clock in the forenoon,
to show causo, if any they have, why
the said administration should not
bo granted.
Givon under my hand and seal this
7th day of Docombor, A. D. 1920.
(Seal.) V. P. MARTIN,
Judge of Probate for Oconee County,
South Carolina.
Publlshod on tho 8th and 15th
days of Docombor, 1020, In The Koo
weo Courier, and on tho Court House
door for the time prescribed by law.
Doc. 8. 1920. 49-50
of opinion is that evcry
ht now cheaper than they
>;ed our prices to conform
long as our stock lasts, or
Misses' Union Suits.
1 lot Misses' Union Suits,
ages 0 td H.$ 1.15
1 lot Misses' Union Suits,
ngos o to M.$ i .25
Ladies' Underwear.
Ladies' Ribbed Shirts.$ .no
Ludios' Itihhcd Drawers .. .50
Ladles' Hihbcd shirts.(tn
Lndles' Bibbed Drawers . . .05
Ladies' Union Suit?.$ 1.75
Spool Thread.
500 dozen Black and White Spool
Thread, while it Insta, 5r.
Dry Goods.
1 lot Heavy Outing, dark
Dight Colors, yard.25 Cte.
1 lot Dress Flannels, heavy
and Dark Ddt terns.22 cte.
1 lot Tupelo Shirt und Dress
Cheviots.10 cts.
All other Dress Goods mai ked
Men's Hats.
Knox Hats-all colors.$ 8.50
.lohn B. Stetson Hats.$ 7.50
Velour Hats-all colors. 5.50
1 lot Men's und Hoys' Caps. S .50
1 lot Men's and Hoys' Caps. .75
1 lot Men's Cups.$ 1.00
1 lot Men's Caps.$ 1.25
? lot '.Bankets, 00x70.$ 1.00
1 lot Blankets, 04x70.$ 2.25
1 lot Blankets, ?0x80. . . .$ 2.75
I lot Blankets, 72x80.$ ?.25
1 lot Comforts, full size and
Men's Wool Half Hose .... $ .50
Dadlos' Wool Hose.50
Dadlos Wool Hose .$ 1.00
Mrs. W. C. McGowan und Miss Jennie
Doa Brown Chosen.
Columbia, Dec. 6.-JGovernor R..A
Cooper last Saturday appointod a new
State Board of Education, which
will assume office as soon as tho
members are commissioned and take
the oath of office. Only two members
of the prosont hoard-Dr. H. N. Sny
der, president of Wofford College,
Spartanburg, and Dr. S. H. Edmunds,
superintendent of tho city schoolu of
Sumter, were reappointed.
For tho first time in the history of
the State women have beon given
recognition on tho State's education
al governing board. Prior to this
time tho Consvltution prohibited too
female sex holding public office, but
this has been changed by the reaffir
mation of Hie nineteenth amendment
to the F?deral Constitution. Tho wo
men members are Mrs. W. C. McGow
an, ot Chnrleht?n, and Miss Jennie
Lou Brown, of Aiken.
The personnel of the new board
Is: f<"lis?c Congressional District, Mrs
W. C. McGowan, of Charleston; 2d
District, Miss Jennlo Lou Brown,, of
Aiken; 3d District, John T. Wost, or
Belton; 4th District, Dr. H. N. Sny
der, of Spartanburg; 6th District,
Dr. J. W. Thomson, of Rock Hil';
Gth District. !>.. H. Rogors, of Dillon,
and 7th District, Dr. S. H. Edmunds,
of Sumter.
In addition the Governor Is ox
officio chairman of tho board, and tho
State Superintendent of Education
is ex-offkio its secretary. Tho ap
pointed members aro allowod per
diem and actual exponses for tho
time they attend hoard meetings.
York Mule Balks at ''Feed Mixture.**
York, S. C., Dec. 3.-Sam Williams
sworo that an allogod mixturo of
bran and molasses and water which
Constables Peters and Johnson found
in his house was made for his mule
to eat. Tho officers told Sam that if
tho mulo would oat it, they wouldn't
arrest him. The stuff was offered to
tho mule and tho animal turned up
lils noso. Sam was convicted In Gen
oral Sessions Court and fined $100.
The sheepshead fish, caught on the
shores of Connecticut, receives Ps
i ame from tho resemblance ot ita
head to that of a sheep.

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