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American Red Cross ls leaching
Hundreds of Thousands Life
saving Methods.
The purpose of Instruction in First
Aid to the Injured offered by the Amer
ican Red Cross ls to trnln men nnd
women to administer First Aid tiout
ment promptly and Intelligently when
emergencies demund lt. First Aid
treatment IB not Intended to take the
place of a physician's service. A sur
geon should always be summonecd as
a precautionary measure where there
ls an Injury of any consequence, but
when one cannot be secured a few min
utes' delny may mean a fatality. In
such a case a person trained in First
Aid Is Invaluable not only to the in
dividual, but through him to the com
munity In which he lives.
There ls perhaps no why of ascer
taining the number of deaths or seri
ous disablements which recuit from
lack of proper safeguards or prompt
emergency treatment. It is safe to as
sert they number thousands dally.
There can be no doubt that the appli
cation of First Aid methods to each
case would Immeasurably lighten the
country's toll of suffering and death.
The dissemination of First Aid train
ing and information has already pro
duced a farreachlng and beneficial in
fluence In the prevention of accidents
on railroads, In mines and in great in
dustrial concerns. ?
The benefit of a widespread knowl
edge of First Aid In the event of a
great disaster, such as a train wreck,
an explosion, an earthqulke, etc., is
obvious. Laymen who have had First
Aid training can render efficient as
sistance. Many lives may depend upon
euch emergency care.
Red Cross First Aid work includes
(1) the formation and conduct, through
Red Cross chapters, of classes for In
struction in accident prevention and
First Aid to the Injured among men
and women in all communities and In
every Industry ; (2) the Introduction of
courses of Instruction In high schools
and colleges.
The Red Cross Is prepared to supply
First Aid books and equipment at rea
sonable prices.
Every person in this country able to
do so should, in his own interest, re
ceive Red Cross First Aid Instruction.
Information about the course and In
struction classes may be had at the
nearest chapter headquarters.
More than $6,000,000 has been spent
by the American Red Cross In aiding
tho Btrlcken people of Poland. The
organization has nursed the sick, fed
the starving, clothed the naked, shelter
ed the homeless, schooled the children
and cnrcd for the orphans there. It lins
conducted a relentless fight against
typhus, cholera and other terrible dis
eases. So today millions of men find
women In that resurrected nation
spcnk In grateful Appreciation of "The
Greatest Mother In tfre World."
Nearly 200 American Red Cross
workers are now engaged In relief ac
tivities In Poland. Four large relief
bases are In operation and eleven mo
bile units are In the field. During the
last twelve months this organization
was largely Instrumental in the re-es
tablishment of a million tefugees at a
cost for general relief of more than
$1,000.000. Last winter one-half mil
lion war orphans were aided material
ly, and since then a series of large or
phanages have been established to give
them permanent enre.
But for Amerlcon Red Cross old, of
ficials of Poland declared recently, mil
lions of people In that country would
have perished of diseuse, exposure or
stn rv? t! an the last eighteen months.
And the work there must be kept up
for another year.
Folks Abandoning Old Drug for
"Dodson's Liver Tono" lloro
in South.
Ugh! Calomel makes you sick. It's
' horriblo! Take a dose of tho dan
gerous drug to-night, and to-morrow
you loso a day.
Calomel is mercury! When it
comes In contact with sour bile, it
crashes into it, breaking it up. Then
is when you feel that awful nausea
and cramping. If you nro sluggish,
if liver is torpid nnd bowels consti
pated, or you have headache, diz
ziness, coaled tongue, if breath is
bad or stomach sour, just try a
spoonful of harmless Dodson's Liver
Tono to-night.
Hero's my guarantee: Go to any
drug storo and got a bottle of Dod
son's Liver Tone for a few couts.
Toko a spoonful, and if lt doesn't
straighten you right up and maka
you feel fine and vigorous, go back
to tho storo and get your money.
Dodson's Liver Tone is destroying
the salo of calomel because it cannot
snlivato or mako you sick.-adv.
Baptists to Take Over Limestone.
Columbia, Dec. 1.-Tho educa
tion commission of the Baptist gen
eral board, mooting hero to-day.
voted to take over Limestone Col
lego, of Gaffney, as a Baptist college.
Tho college will get two hundred
thousand dollars of the $7r>,000,000
campaign. Trust?es and a presi
dent will be elected by tho Baptist
Convention, which will moot here
next week. The commission also de
cided to locate tho Southeaster i
Acndemmy at Scranton.
To Your I''uniily-To Your Friends
To Yourself-(?oing Around
Ralf Siek.
If Your Hlood ls Wenk und Clogged
willi Poisons, Pepto-Mnngnn
Will Strengthen,mid
Purify lt.
W'Uen yon gel over-lired day after
day, your system has to get rid of so
much waste it can't create new en
ergy fast enough. The result is thal
your blood ls Ulled with w Jh'.e mat
ter. lt becomes clogged. You are
trying to get around with a lot of
poison in your system.
You look bad, you feel poorly. You
get out of patience easily. Ambition
is lost. You Just don't cure about
That is no way to live. Your bloc I
needs help for a time. It ls starve.:.
You will find help in that tine tonic,
Pepto-Mangan. Pepto-Mangan puri
fies the blood and fills it with red
corpuscles. In a little while you'll
have plenty of rich, red blood, and
you won't know yourself, lt isn't a
magic medicine. It contains iron nnd
other ingredients that feed starved
blood and make it,rich and red. Phy
sicians have prescribed Pepot-Man
gan for years.
.Pepto-Mangan is sold in liquid and
tablet form. Take either kind you
prefer. Ono acts the same as the
other. Both contain the same ingre
dients. But bo sure to get the gen
uine Pepto-Mangan-"Glide's." The
fulj name, "Glide's Pepto-Mangan,"'
! should be on tho package.-adv.
Gives Birth to Four Babies.
I _
? Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 1.
I Mrs. Vina T. Knight wife of a far
I mer at Plain City, this State, gave
I birth to four children-three boys
1 and a girl-last night. Dr. George
! Baker, of Ogden, reported that the
; mother and children are progressing
! favorably.
Two Children Die.
Ogden. Dec. 2.-Two of the quad
ruplets born to Mrs. Vina T. Knight,
of Plain City, died some time after
their birth. Dr. Baker states that he
thinks the other two will live. The
babies weighed about four and a half
pounds each. ,
Whether Or Not He Will Retain HI?
Profit Depend? Upon How Wisely
Ho Invests the Money.
The greatest corn crop in history ls
being harvested in America thisyear.
The present promise of 3,216,192,000
bushels of corn is over 90,000,000
I bushels In excess of any crop ever
'. grown and nearly 300,000,000 bushels
more than produced last year. The
condition of the crop as predicted by
the Crop Reporting Board of the De
partment of Agriculture is 24.3 points
higher than the average and the high
est since 1906. There will be about
200,000,000 bushels of oats more than
last year, the crop approximating
1,444,362,000 bushels.
Those figures, announced by the De
partment of Agriculture. Mean that
hundreds of millions of dollars will tro
Into the hands of the farmers of
America. How many of those mil
lions remain in thone bando and how
many are allowed te slip through
those hands depends upon the indi
vidual farmers themselves.
Not all, by any mean?, will be profit.
M is not now much the farmer gets foi*
btu orop but what ho is able to keep
that counts. If he ia led Into unsafe
investment, he will have no profits
even if he sold his crop for far more
than lt cost. If he waste? the money
on what he does not need or really
want he will have no profits. Even
if Hie farmer keeps the money he gets
for his crops, he may miss a good
part of his annual profits unless he in
vests it wisely.
But tho farmers of America cnn put
their crop dollars to work. They cnn
consolidate and hold their profits and
inoroaee them if thoy will. Liberty
Bonds at pr?sent prices 4*rTer an op
p/)rtimity to do both. These securi
ties not only pay a satisfactory inter
est, but they are sure to advance to
par at maturity. Tho monoy invested
in them is safe, because it ia backed
not only by the great crop itsolf but'by
tho prospect of all future crops and
the total wealth and taxing power of
the groatost government In the world.
The money so lnvestod is available
for uso almost as if it wore cash, for.
Liberty Bonds ar? a rocogntr.ed prime
security for any loan the farmer ie
likely to need.
What ls tho farmer going to do
wWh his crop monoy? Is he going to
waste lt or Invest it In speculative or
insocuro stocks, or ls he going to put
it into Wie securities of tho govern
ment In the management of which he
has an active part? Is ho going to
wind up the year without a profit In
spite of the great crops or is he go
ing to hold on to his profits and make
them work for him? It 1? up to tho
Tho Koran ls fiercely mono-theL
t if*. V
" Tammany Hall was incorporated
in ISO.*? by a benevolent society.
*V ' ' . * Tl
Garden seeds for Polish orphans,
milk for anaemic Greek babies, car
penters' tools foi Czeeho-Slovaklan
. cripples-these are only a few of the i
, gifts that young Americana are send
ing to the war-crushed children of the
Old World,
i Through the Junior Hod Cross the
I boys and girls of tho United States
j are giving a fresh stn ruin life to little
I war orphans sou tiered ntl over Europe,
j They have set lip or pim US' homes In
! Prance, school colonna In Belgium and
; Montenegro, and day schools In Al
. bania.
? They are sending downs of yVuing
j Syrians, Montenegrins, and Albanians
I to American colleges In Constantinople
' and Beirut, and maintaining more than
? a hundred orphans of French soldiers
! nt colleges and trade schools. In or
i plumages and farm schools up and
j down the peninsula of Italy there are
nearly 500 wards of American Juniors.
Lnst winter a thousand French chil
dren from the Inadequate shelters of
the devnsted regions were sent by the
Junior Bed Cross to spend the cold
months in warmer parts of France.
At the same time five thousand little
Belgians were having a hot lunch every
day at Junior Red Cross school can
American school children have al
ready raised something like a million
dollars for these enterprises, and they
are still hard at work.
In Chino, through campaigns of ed
ucation, the Junior Red Cross ls help
ing to combat widely prevalent blind
ness and cholera.
But for timely assistance of the
I American Red Cross during fho last
I year, a large proper I ion of the 20,000.?
: out) population of the Balkan States
might have starved or perished from
disease or exposure. Six million dol
lars worth of food, clothing and medi
cal supplies have beet. Kent to the B?l
kaus- Koumanta. Bulgarin, Albania,
Montenegro, Serblu. Bosnia and Greece
-since the beginning of Red Cross re
lief operations in Cen'rnl Europe,
While millions of dollars worth of food
alone hits been sent to the needy tn
'bese states. ,
The money expended by the Red
.Cross In tMs stricken portion of Eu
rope has been used to set up hospitals,
orphanages, dispensaries, mobile medi
cal units and to bein In the general re
construction of devastated areas. Amer
llcan tractors and other farming Imple
ments have been sent to the agricul
tural regions where aid has been giv
en In plowing the land.
B) the Inst of this year probably
all American Red Cross ??rene'e?! nd
minis teri nu relic/ In Central Europe
will have withdrawn. By that time, lt
ls believed, thu people Will have np*
profl'i.cti n normal atate of living (inti
will ide brough theil own agencies
wh'eh tire lied Cres? bas helped se?
up to pr< \ ide for themselves.
But Columbus Dragged Idea All Over
Europe By Tail Before He Could
Rvite Money.
It cost only about seven thousand
bucks for Columbus to discover Amer?
lea but he had an awful time raising
the coba. His ships cost some 18,000,1
and the crew got about $2.50 a month ?
and cakes.
Columbus had an Idea that added
billions to the world's wealth, but hs j
dragged that idea around Europa by j
the tail for years begging somebody j
to put up the money to' back H.
Finally Queen Isabella had to toke th?
tiara and the pearl necklace and tho j
royal wrist watch and tba stiver*!
backed bair brushes around the corno?
to the store with the three balls over
the door and soak them to raise the
When Columbus got back you may
be nure there were plenty of folki
who said: "Sure, I knew Columbus
had the right idea, but I didn't have
the money to go in with him." Modern
Columbuses are dragging ideas post
you every day. You may have the
judgment to see the possibilities ot
tremendous profits in those ideas but
you cannot become a partner in them
unless you save the money.
If you are In earnest about better
ing yoMr position in lifo, make this
your motto, "Save First-Spend Aft
Thrift and Savings Stamps give you
an opportunity to put your small ?ar
ing8 to work.
Intelligent thrift ls not tho mania
of the miser. It does not mean sav
ing money for money's sake. It means
the expenditure of money with a clear
vision of your needs both present and
The wolf never comes to the home
ot the man who bars his doors wHfe
Savings Stamps.
Before teak woi , is flt for use
thorough seasoning and drying are
i essential.
Vegetation almost coasos In tho sea
ni a depth of from ton to fifteen fath
Since the eleventh century ink has
been made from an Iron salt and
Wonder what upset your stomach
-which portion of tho food did tho
damage- do you? Wei!, don't holli
er, if your stomach is in a revolt;
if sick, gassy and' upset, and what
you just ate has fermented and turn
ed Bour; head dizzy and aches; belch
gases and acids and eructate undi
gested food-just eat a tablet or two
of Pape's Diapopsln to help neutral
izo acidity, and in llvo minutes you
wonder wj?at became of the indiges
tion and distress.
If your stomach doesn't take caro
of your liberal limit without rebel
lion; if your food ia a damage in
stead of a help, remember the quick
est, surest, most harmless antacid
is Pape's Dlapepsln, which costs so
little at drug stores. -adv.
?Interesting Rural Activities Being
Planned to Promote Study of
Wise Ute of Money?
Rural activities of the Young Wom
en's Christian Association this winter
will bo featured by education in sav
ings, investment, co-operative move
ments, budgots, training in purchas
ing, household budgets and keeping of
accounts, according to a formal an
nouncement Just made. The work
will bo undertaken by tho General
Education Bureau of the Y. W. C. A.
co-operating with the United States
Treasury Department. An extensive
program is now being developed by
the two organizations In every one of
the eleven fields Into which the Y. W.
C. A. is divided, covering the entire
Field thrift chairmen of the Y. W.
C. A. will act In conjunction with the
government savings organizations in
each federal reserve district, it ls an
nounced, in promoting the study and
practice of thrift. Directors of tthe
women's divisions of these organisa
tions will work in connection with the
field thrift committees appointed by
the association.
Ch already arranged in cook
ing, ?re?aiusJking, millinery und other
dotufstie urtu will be utilised >IB far as
p?sijlbi? ftv.' th?! giving ot thrift in
f.tiH.t:.;>j through the Y. W. C. A
Op i M H tty for (ti vestment In Thrift
Stn p'jji a,id other government savings
securities at regular times will also be
Offered their membership by local as
Prints Lilliputian Weekly
What le perhaps one of the smallest
newspapers in the world, printed es
pecially for children in the primary
grades, is issued weekly to boys and
girls who are investing their pennies
in Thrift and Savings Stamps. The
paper ta called "Tho School Thrifto
gram." R originated last winter, with
the tale of a dark blue camel whoso
thrifty ways induced him to save up
water in his hump.
This habit of his made him worthy
of an introduction to youngaters whose
saving ways were leading them to
.tore up money, not In humps, but in
stamps, and opened the way for a se
ries of tales, pink, and yellow, and
green, and brown, and gray, and
orange, all on colored Thrlftogram
paper printed for the purpose.
Besides these stories, the little paper
contains news of the doings ot school
savings clubs, and of tho interesting
.and novel ways lu which their mern
j hers are earning money. The Thlrfto
? gram ls published by the educational
j division of the War Loan Organisa
tion for this district, and is malled
free of charge to any child who wants
it, although it is dosignod primarily
for the membors of school savings
clubs. Requests for the paper should
be sent to the War Loan Organization,
?809 Bast Main Street, Richmond, Va,
'.They Work while you Sleep"
Do you feel all "unstrung"-bil
ious, constipated, headachy, full of
cold? Cascarots to-night for your
liver and bowels will have you tuned
up for to-morrow. You will wake up
with your hoad clear, stomach right,
breath aweot, and skin rosy. iNo grip
ing-no inconvenience. Children love
Cascarots, too. 10, 25, 50 cents.-ad
Chlr.eso used wall papers in prehis
toric times.
"Pape's Diapepsin" puts
Sour, Gassy, Acid Stomachs
in order at once i
Program for Public Health and j
Community Welfare ls Now
Well Under Way.
Rurnl communities and towns of less j
Ihnn 8.0'JO population benefit In n very >
large pnrt by the public health and
community welfare work of the Ameri
can Ked Cross. Almost all of the
3,000 Red Cross chapters have some
rural sections In their territory. There
fore the Red Cross Rural Service.
Briefly, the purpose of Rural Serv
ice ls to assist people to get out of life
moro health, wealth und happiness. In
this purpose public health instruction
and general educational progrese of
both children and adults piny a big
Recreation ls found to be one of the
biggest needs lu rurnl life. There ls
lack of sufllclent plny-llfe for the chil
dren and social life for the adults.
Picnics, pageants, debating clubs,
baseball leagues, community singing
and other social eventB which bring
thc people of surrounding communities
together have been organized and car
ried on under the guidance of Red
Cross rural workers to great advan
tage. In many instances solving rec
reational problems and getting people
together proves to be the awakening
of the community to other conditions
which may be Improved by united
As a result of community organiza
tion, townships In which there had
been neither pions nor Interest In
community progress have been organ
ized to work together with the unified
purpose ot bringing their community
np to the most enlightened standards.
Lecture and musical entertainment
courses have been started ns a result
of community meetings, as well as cir
culating libraries, Red Cross schools of
instruction in Home Nursing, Caro of
the Sick and First Aid. In the Inrger
towns tho need for restrooms and pub
lic comfort stations ls being met. Play
grounds for the children have been
established and recreational activities
worked out for the year.
In order that there may be concerted
effort In carrying on the programs of
the various welfare agencies In the
rural districts, Red Cross Rural Serv
ice helps the organisations already on
the ground. The main object of the
service ls to lend a hand everywhere
and take tho lead only where neces
By William Mather Lewis, Di
rector Savings Division,
Treasury Department.
The strength of the United States
.depends upon tho practical patriotism
and sound economic thought of her
future cltlsens. These <Jharu(ct?nt8
tloe must be developed in tho daily
life of the sohool. Economists agree
jtbat the universal adoption of habits
ot intelligent saving will strengthen
our nation tremendously. When ev
I ery wage earner has u reserve fund of
money the country will be sound eco
; nomlcally, socially and politically.
I The teacher who encourages pupils
I to earn money and. to invest in
! Thrift Stamps and Savings Stamps ls
I doing much for their economic
j strength and practical patriotism.
; Each child who buys stamps fewls a
! partnership in the government; he
I booome? fomdRar in a practical way
with compound interest; and as he
sticks stamp after stamp upon the
I card, he ima a visual demonstration
' of how savings grow,
j Faith without works ls dead. Thrift
without safe investment, such as nor
eminent savings securities, is robbed
of its benefits. It? virtue lies not only
in Its principios but in the actual prao
I tice of investment. Each year thou
sands of boys and girls in the United
j States are deprived of a college sdu
I cation because they lc!: money. You
j can .remedy this situation among your
: pupils by starting them on tho road
! to saving early In lifo and encourage
; them to safeguard these saving? in
; government securities.
J There is no habit that so surely
. loads to success as tho habit of sav
I lng; no powor so great as the power
! of thrift.
Think first nnd spend afterwards.
Then you will save more. Put aside
regularly a certain . sum to bs saved
Spend the rest wisely as needed.
The amount you save is of loss im
portance than the fact that you really
do save. Those who regularly put
asido a part of their earnings are
those who succeed. Savings Stamps
point the way to success.
The prosperity of tho country rests
en the prosperity of Individuals. Save
systematically and buy wisely and be
come a prosperous citizen.
Wood Alcohol Takes Its Victims.
Columbus, Ga., Dec. 2. Prlvato G.
C. Hall, Co. C, 29th Infantry, ls doad
at Camp Donning, and two other sol
diers aro seriously ill as tho result
of drinking wood alcohol, lt is re
ported. A quantity of whiskey waa
found at tho camp, thought to havo
been smuggled in by taxicab drivers,
military officers say.
Paint Now
Distinctive interiors are easily
attained through the artistic
effect of thc painted wall. C H
Wall Paint for walls and ceilings
produce a velvet like finish
which gives a room an atmos
phere of quiet refinement.
Ask your Painter, he knows
Cooledge Hygrade
faints and 'Varnishes
We will gladly send you free color
charts and booklets on paints.
C. G. Jaynes,
Walhalla, S. C.
.Pursuant to an order of tho Court
of Probato, 1 will offer for sale, for
Cash, to tho highest bidder, nt tho
late residence of tho doceased, In
Center Township, Oconoo County, S.
C., op WEDNESDAY, the 15th day
of DECEMBER, 1920, ot 10 o'clock
in tho foronoon, tho 'Porsonal Prop
erty belonging to the Estato of John
W. Gibson, Docoased, consisting of
Mules, Automobiles, Buggy and Har
ness, Podder, Wheat, Mower and
Rake, Oats, Corn, Blt ?ksmith Tools,
Panning Tools and Implements,
Household and Kitchen Furniture
and numerous other articles.
Administratrix of tho Estate of John
W. Gibson, Deceased.
Dec. j, 1920. 48-49
Dog Earns $10,000 a Year.
"Czar," a beautiful Russian wolf
hound, owned by Mrs. George D.
Hale, of Pasadena, Cal., earns $10,
000 a year by appoaring in tho mov
ies. He has aire?*. 'y appeared In 31
pictures, suppoi ig such stars aa
Mary Pickford,, Anita Stewart and
tho strenuous Douglas Fairbanks.
Hts last New York appearance was
in Basil King's "Earth-Bound."
Edison's Forces Reduced,
New York, Doc. 2.-Approximately
1,20 0 men employed in the Now Jer
sey plants of the Thos. A. Edison
affiliated industries at Wost Orange
and Silver Lake, N. Jersey., have
been laid off, the company announced
to-day. Reductions were necessary,
it was stated, "in keeping with tho
general business trend throughout
tho country."
.Soldiers Bad Narrow Escape.
Greenville, Dec. 1.-Sixty-eight
soldier patients from all paits of tho
country, in the United States Public
Health Service Hospital at Camp
Sevier, had a narrow escape about
midnight last night when fire prac
tically destroyod Wards Nos. 16 and
17. The patients, nided by nursos
and Red Cross workers, were remov
ed without confusion in record timo,
and no one was reported injured.
Germany bogan seriously to bull 1
n great navy in 1900.
A collection of carved jade in Hie
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New
York eily, is the finest in tho world.
"My horse was in such run-down
condition, I thought he would dio.
After feeding him Dr. LcOear's Stock
Powdors, ho is as woll as jvor, and
is now as good looking a horse as
there is in this section"-J. C. Huste,
Rockbridge Baths. Va.
Dr. LoGoar's Stock Powders build
up the body, vitality and muscular
energy of your horses and mules, In
sure more moat with loss food, from
your hogs, sheop and cattlo, and help
your cows produce moro and richor
Mr. Husto's small expenditure
saved him the price of a horse. Dr.
LoGoar can also help you. For 28
years as a Veterinary Surgeon and
Export Poultry Breeder ho has de
voted himself to tho compounding of
remedies for ailments of stock and
poultry. Whonover you have an all-*
mont among your stock or poultry,
got tho proper Dr. LoGoar Remedy,
from your doaler. It must satisfy you;
or your money will be rofundod.-ad,

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