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HEN Tom left tho farm to
go to the city to make hts
fortune he did It contrary
to tho ominous head
shaking and phophecles
of disaster of nil the
neighbors. . Even his fa
ther and mother, with past
years of toll rapidly be
ginning to tell upon them, were pes
simistic of his chances of success, nor
could they resist expressing their fore
The old folks loved their boy too
well to reproach him for his desertion
now in thc first flush of his young
manhood, but their hearts did ache at
thought of the separation,
"You'll soon get tired of all that
hurly-burly there In the city, Tom,"
his old father told him. "And when
you do, I want you always to remem
ber that we've still got n pince for you
bnck here nt the old homestend. It
mnyn't be os fine and showy us lots
you'll see there in the city, but it's
more the sort that the good Lord in
tended you for. Ma and I are hoping
the best for you, son, but-when you
do find out that your fortune's not
away off then?-just pocket your pride
nnd come back here to us who love
{?n young Tom left the farm with
shining eyes nnd n high henrt nnd nd
ventured into the great, far-away city
in quest of fnme nnd fortune.
How he fawn! there nnd nil the sor
ry disappointments thut repeatedly
overtook him during thnt year of nb
sence would be n long nnd harrowing
story to tell. He chnsed his rainbow '
to its end, yet found the fubled pot of j
gold not there ns he lind so confidently
nnd blatantly expected.
Tom made applications for nil sorts
of ofilco positions only to find himself
quickly rejected because of his lnck
of experience in those specific Um
"Well,' anyway, I'm young and hus
ky and used to hard manual labor," j
M consoled himself. "I cnn nt lenst
get !-. [ol Ith n contracting gang, as
ii .. or plumber's assistant, or
tennis c Thnt will suffice to k?ep me
i. f< while until the sort Of po
sit * ant turns up." i
i i ftvon In those Unes of work the
green country boy found himself sud
denly brought up short against a blank
wall. He had no references ns to past
city employment nnd nobody would
hire him after once finding out that he
had no union carri.
Huddled In lils shabby overcoat on |
a street corner In the squalid section
of the city-the Icy wind whistling
around him nnd biting through his
threadbare garments-poor Tom stood
on the evening before Christmas, won- I
dering wdiere he might find n shelter
In which to sleep that night without ;
Just how long he lind stood there, 1
shivering In the chill wdnd on the ?
street corner-bitterness ngnlnst the
grent. unfeeling city rnrtkllng In his j
henrt-Tom did not know. He wns ?
stnrtled from his moody reverie by |
henrlng n honrse, wheedling voice nt i
his very elbow, snying whnt was In- j
tended as n confidentiel tone:
"How'd y'llkc n nice hot feed and
some coln to jingle in yer pnnts. bo?
Ain't hungry, nre yn?"
Whirling about, Tom snw thnt his ?
accoster wns un under-sized, burly fel
low with n tough, truculent visage nnd
hnnds shoved deep into the side pock
ets of his cont. He wore n bnttered
enp with the visor pulled low down
over his eyes nnd spnt mhlevolently
upon the sldewnlk ench time before he
"How'd y'llkc the Iden, huh?" he re
iternted In his mucous, grntlng voice,
sidling closer ns he spoke nnd casting
a wary eye up nnd down the nearly
deserted, gloomy, wind-swept street.
Tom regarded him with distaste nnd
undisguised mistrust. He looked like
0 typicnl thug. Hut misery cannot bo
too fastidious about the company lt
keeps. Finally Tom scowled blackly
and answered :
"What's that to you, nnyway?"
"Well, you're outtn luck, nln't clin,
pal? Yer on yer uppers, stony broke
and maybe willi tm empty belly, ioo,
huh, bo? Well, I guessed that much.
1 nln't blind yet, I nln't I Well, I
need a pnl for n little Job tonight nnd
we both can mnke n lotta Jack out of
it, see?"
"You-you menu-burglar}'?" Toni
; muttered hesitantly, with an JnvpJun
,tary contrnctlon of his henrt.
"Humph I Not anything like snfe
crncklng or breaking Into n house, 1
don't. Too ninny people sfnylng up
with Ibo kids over Christmas trees to
night. I ain't keen on lukin' fool
chancea like that. Pm tellln' ya I Nnw,
this I wnntchn for ls something soft;
safe and easy ns falling off n log. You
know the big prices people nre willing
to pny for renl booze since the coun
try went dry, don't cha? Well, right
nenr here I know n certain wnrehouse
flint's got 20 cases of whisky stored In
the bflPOmont. Peni bonded stuff I
The watchman ls nu old pal o' mino
and la willing to let us swipe lt if
we'll spilt on the coln we get after-*
words. I've get another guy with a
flivver that's ready to nieet us about 2
o'clock this morning to haul away the |
stuff as fast as we pass lt up to Mo
through the alley windows. We've
gol; V. tril framed for u fake capture
and tying up of our other pal. the
night watchman, so that the bulls can't
get wiso to him. We're willing to split
four ways on thc swag if y' wanta go
in on lt with us. Whatchn say now,
bo, huh? Safe and easy as fulling off
ulog!" !
The sinister appearance of the ruf- :
flan repelled Tom, and the very
thought of the eranie they contempl?t- '
ed struck him with fright. It meant ,
Jun*, disgrace, If they were caught. '
"But I-I never have done any- j
thing like timi in my life." lie stam
mered weakly, teeth chattering in the j
biting wind. "It would he criminal.
The whisky doesn't oolong to us. It ?
would be Illegalvfor us even to try to I
sell lt afterwards."
"Pnh !" spat the ugly-vlsaged mnn, :
sneeringly. "You look pretty, a hird
like youse, talking thut way about
what's lawful and all that ! Lots that
these rich guys hove cared how you
got nlong since you come to town,
from tho looks of you I They've got
fine, warm homes and coln and every
thing. Wotto they enre whether poor
burns Uko us have to go hungry or
freeze in the gutter on Christinas eve?
Why should you care about them when
they don't give a rap about you?
You've got to go on living, ain't cha,
Tom hunched his shuddering shoul
ders against the wind, trembling ns i
much because of his own moral irreso
lution ns from the terrible cold.
"Well, bo, how about It? Are y'
on or nre y* still so nlmlghty particular
How'd Y'Like the Idea, Huh?"
about how y' handle the stuff belong
ing to all them rich guys?"
"God 1" groaned poor Tom In tho
nbyss of his wretchedness. "Yes, I'll
do It I I will I I Will I"
The other clapped him roughly ow
the shoulder with a saturnine leer and
attempt at Jocular fellowship.
"Well, I thought cha would," he
rasped, hoarsely. "We'll meet chn nt
tho corner by the lumber yard nt 1:30.
Duirt you tail to be there now !"
"I won't I I'll be there all right P
Tom muttered brokenly. Already in
his cringing soul he felt like the thief
he hud pledged himself to become. Oh
heaven, If only
To kill time until the appointed
hour, lie dug his numb hands deeper
down Into lils pockets nod wnndered
aimlessly on. Ile had no particular
objective In mind save only the need
to keep, moving lest' he freeze or go
mad with the etrnln of wniting. He
shrank from letting himself think of
the deed to which-he was nbout to be
Involuntarily his drngglng footsteps
took him back into the more brilliant
ly lighted retail shopping district,
where the crowds nlrondy lind thinned,
hurrying home to their families nnd
happy, expectnnt kiddies with the holi
day celebrntlon in mind. |
The hours dragged slowly by. It
enme nenr the hour for the stores to |
close. But still there wns time, If
poor Tom lind only lind money, to
have rushed In, bought the presents
he wanted for the old folks and chil
dren, nnd caught thc midnight trnin
bnck to the country. He enslly could
reach there by morning and appear ns
n Joyous surprise to them
But nh I Why drive himself to dis
tinction by thinking of that when
there was no chance thnt
And right, then, suddenly, he espied ?
i _____
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Hayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will be following
tho directions and dosngo worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safo by millions. Take no
chances with substitutes. Jf you soo
tho bayer Cross on tablets, you cnn
take them without fear for colds,
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism,
earache, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twelvo tab
lets cost few cents. Druggists1 also
sell larger packages. Aspirin is tho
trade mark of Hayer Manufacturo of
Mononcetlcacldoster of Salicyllcocid.
lt lying tlTere.^lrriost at WS "very feef-=?
a big, fat wallet, with not a person
nearer than a hundred yards ol' him.
Plainly someone hod lost lt in their
mad haste to get home.
Tom stopped and drooped it jp like
a flash. Around the eorner he surrep
titiously examined lt. Hills-both
green and yellow, of Inrge denomina*
Mons-they fairly sit fled Itl There
were seven hundred dollars or morel
-a small fortune to the miserable boy
who had not even eaten for fourteen
aours. Money I - Money I Money I
Far more than he possibly could need
even In his most extravagant Uren ms.
With a gurgling cry. Tom stuffed the
wad of bills Into lils trousers pocket,
threw away the flint- leather purse and
made a mad dash for the nearest de
partment store.
No need nov/ to keep his 'sinister,
criminal appointment-no more neces
sity for
Hut the most gladsome fenture of
young Tom's homecoming that next
day was his blushing announcement to
the old folks thnt he had had enough
of the big city; that he had come
home to stay, as they had prayed he
(?. 1920. Weiter? Newspaper inion.)
Do You Step Out with Snap and
Vigor?-Aro You Ablo to
(?et Things Done?
I -? i
, People with Thin, Weak Blood Have
a Hurd Time of It-They ?
j Should Take Popto
Mangan. j
I j
Look at the facts of your health.
So mu :h depends ou having red
blood. If you stand up in front of ?
your work with half-starved blood,
in your system you are standing in ?
your own way. You are blocking
your own progress.
i Thin blood makes you dull, lt
makes you pale. You lake no enjoy- :
ment out of your work, lt is only
half as good as it should be.
You can remedy that condition so
easily. Begin taking that line tonic,
Pepto-Mangnn, to-day, and keep it up
for a while. Your blood will become
nourished. Pepto-Mangan makes red
blood corpuscles. Yoi will get en
ergy and strong pow* r of resist ince.
Instead of standing in yout own way,
you will push yourself nhoad
cause of greater vitality;
1 But be s su re you gel un corm hu
Pepto-Mangnn. li ia pu; np In . ?til
liquid and tabiui form. Ask for
"(Judo's"-and he sure that the name
is on the package. The tablets or the
liquid have the same medicinal value.
Not. Rounding Up tho Slackers.
Washington, Deo. 16.-Charges
that tho War Department is taking
no action looking to lau prosecution
of draft evaders and deserters were
Hied with the House'Judiciary Com
mittee to-day by representatives of
service men's organizations.
The committee is considering a bill
to. extend tho statute of limitation
from three to six years for prosecu
tion of violators of Hie selective ser
vico act.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, an (hoy cannot reach
th? diseased portion of the oar. There ls
only one way to euro catarrhal deafness,
and that ts by a constitutional remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness ls cuused by an In
flamed condition of tho mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube U
Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Im
perfect hearing, and when lt ls entirely
closed. Deafness ls the result. Unless the
Inflammation can bc reduced and this tube
restored to Its normal condition, hearing
will be destroyed forever. Many cases of
deafness are caused by catarrh, which la
an Inflamed condition of thc mucous sur
faces. Hall's Catarrh Medicino acts thru
the blood on tho mucous surfaces of the
We will give One Hundred Dollars tor
any case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Cir
cular? free. All Druggluts. 76c.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Totedo, O.
Man Kills Follow Who Had Entered
Homo and Hulaed lt. /
(Anderson Mall, Dec. 10.)
Details of the killing at Ware
Shoals yesterday, in which Jim Shan
non, a young white man, was shot
and killed, are told to-day by a cor
respondent of the Daily Mall at Don
alds, and tells of a tragedy,the result
of which is that a young man is dead,
a young woman's character stained,
and a father's hand dyed in the
blood of his fellow-man, and a once
happy home turned into a house of
Writing of the killing, D. M. Hum
phreys) tho Mail's correspondent,
"Being informed by his physician
on Wednesday morning that his
young daughter was a mother, Judge
Bon F. Mattison, of Ware Shoals,
learned that James Shannon was tho
despoiler of his home, and he wont
In search of Shannon.
"Judgo Mattison found .Shannon
near the post office at Ware Shoals
and demanded of him that ho marry
his daughter. Shannon refused, and
the Infuriated father shot him twice,
the ballots going through Shannon's
head and killing him Instantly.
"Judgo Mattison thou telephoned
the Greenwood sheriff to come for
him, and an offlcor, togethor with the
coroner of Greenwood county, came
lo Ware Shoals and hold an Inquest
over tho body, and tho Jury, we now
learn, found n verdict of justifiable
homicide, and Judge Mattison was
"Judge Mattison moved to Ware
Shoals when tho mill was being built
and has been a magistrate slnco that
Easley Pro;
Leading Weekly
Only News]
Thc Progress and S
every week, circulating ii
\ (Brushy Creek and Garv
These newspapers a
fidencc of their readers.
Any one wishing to
ty and upper Anderson C
pense through these news
other two weekly newsps
Combination rate on
Moral Suasion." and "Winking" ut
Liquor Evil Won't Do.
( Newberry Observer. )
What tho unnamed Judge said in
regard to Oconee could be truly said
of almost any county In the State
that, "but for the liquor traffic, this
would be the best county in the
Tile poorest county in the Stato ls
better than the best if one is free
from the miserable traille and the
other is not. And all tho counties
can be made free, or practically free,
of thc traille if tho executive and Ju
dicial olllcers, State and local, will do
their best to make it so.
The "moral suasion" policy-the
small line and "winking" nt the evil
-will never do it . They have been
tried long enough to prove that they
aro ineffective, and that sterner
measures must be resorted to. Local
olllcers and Judges on the bench
should take a lesson from the farmer
in the old Blue Back Spoiler, who
found a youth- up his apple tree.
"Come down.!" commanded tho far
mor ind the youtlv liughor al him.
Then tho farmer pulled np sonic tufts
of grass and throw Ibehi ti the
yoiUh who laughed tho louder.
P\:di.!K sof! wr ids and son infts of
gr ?'fi of no avail, tito far mm gath
ered u hatful ul stones and began to
pott the youngster In good fashion.
lt wasn't long before tho youngster
cried for mercy and shinned down
the tree in great haste. .
A boot-legger or blind tiger-or
by whatever name ono may call the
man who sells liquor-laughs, in his
sleeve .at least, when a judge Im
poses a fine of fifty or one hundred
dollars; he cnn run u still and make
that back many times over in a short
while, and will take the risk. But ;r
he gets a year on tho chain gang, or
a lino of five hundred dollars, he will
hesitate long before he will. try it
again-and others, seeing bis fate,
wdll hesitate also.
Some officers and judges ore tri
fling with the law.
It's Easy to
Prevent Colds.
Keep tho livor and kidneys in
perfect condition. They throw off
tho germs and make coids Im
possible- if in perfect condi
A correct regulator will be
found in
'for tho Liver and Kidneys.
Immediate relief is given in
cases of constipation, indigestion
and biliousness.
It !*? pleasant to take, excites
a pleasant senso of warmth in
the stomach, diffusing itself
through the system.
Your druggist sells Dr. Mil
ton's Life with a "satisfaction
or nionoy refunded' guarantee.
Colds and Influenza aro suc
cessfully treated by using Mur
ray's Horehound Mullein and
Tar in conjunction with Dr. Hil
ton's Life.
Manufactured by
Murray Drug Co.,
Spartnnburg Man Shot by Son.
Spar tan burg, Dec. 17.-J. Munro
Inman, a well known traveling sales
man of this city, was shot and killed
this morning nt his home by his son,
.Manning Inman, aged 21, following
ii family difficulty, lu which several
members of the family wero en
gaged. Attornoys for the young man
?tate that the father had attacked
tho son with a knife, and that the
latter shot In self-defense. The
young man went to n nearby resi
lience and phoned to tho sheriff's of
dco and surrendered.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops ni? Cough and Headache an<l work? off th?
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
lime. Ile has reared a large family,
ul) of whom aro prominent and pop
itiar. Judge Mallison and falmly
havo tho deepest sympathy of tho
entire community in this deplprablo
iiffalr." . '
Newspapers of Upper
papers Printed in Pick?
entinel go into 4,000 of thc bc:
i every section of Pickens Couni
in townships) of Anderson Cou
re well printed, well edited and <
place a message before the best
bunty can do it thoroughly and
spapers, which have a larger sw
ipers in thc State.
D. W.
N M. HIOTT, Manager TO Se
Anderson Mau Finds Numbera Who
Aro Tired of (he North.
(Anderson Mail.)
In returning from Charlotte, M.C.,
where he had gone to get a colored
prisoner. Deputy sheriff Haz Hilliard
returned home in the colored com
partment of the railroad trains with
Iiis prisoner, and says that he mot
several negroes ho knew, returning
to the South from Philadelphia and
other Northern points.
"I saw some negroes I knew," said
j Mr. Hilliard, "and on speaking to
? them i found that numbera of tho
j darkies are coming back South, just
. as fast as thoy can raise the faro to
i come on. I saw seven fumjlies, four
j of which were gying back to their
j old homes at Spartanburg, and throe
! more hack to Florence. There woro
i many others that 1 did not know, but
who were coming back South, and
from the way they talked, they were
a whole lot happier to be coming
South than they were whon they
Blurted to tho North.
"Don't you like the North?" Mr.
Hilliard asked ono of the nogroes.
"No, sub, deed I don't, lt gits cold
lip thar, an' for tho last few wooka
a white man'd most knock a nigger
in de bald if he ast for a Job. Jobs
is too scarce up thar, an' de weather
gits too cold for me. 'I'm going back
whar I knows I kin make oiit some
Mr. Hilliard stated that from talk
ing to the negroes he found that they
wore returning South in large num
bers, and that more of tho unemploy
ed would come, and will come as
soon as they can raise the money
to got South, or to work their wny
hack home.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
-LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared SyrupTonic-Lnxativc for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken reguiuny for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Toke. 60o
per bottle.
lialnfall and Temp?rature.
Delow Is a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of the Weather
Bureau of tho U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during the week ending
Doc. 12th, 192 0, at 7 p. m. (The
Instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed in the manner recommended
by the chief of the Weather Bureau) :
Character of
Dec. ?5-Ptly cldyI 58! 30
Dec. 7-Cloudy.:.. .23 63 43
Dec. 8-Cloudy.... .74 45 38
Dec. fl--Cloudy.; 51 j 3 8
Dec. 10-(Hoar. .......|| 57! 37
Dec. I 1- Ptly cldy. '. . . ,| 57 2?
Dec. I 2-Cloudy... .40 17 35
Total rainfall . . 1. 3 7 j j.... j... .
J. W. Patterson, reputed to have
been the tallest man in thc United
States, died recently at his home at
Texarkana, Texas, of Bright's dis
ease. Ho was seven feet five indies
tall. *
"They Work while you Sleep"
Stop growling around like a cross
bull pup. You aro constipated, bil
ious, and what you need is Casacrots
to-night snro for your livor and bow
els. Then you will wako up wonder
ing what became of your nervous
ness, dizziness, sick headache, bad
cold, or upset, gassy stomach. No
griping- -no Inconvenience. Childron
love Casca rots, too. IO, 25, 50 cents.
ns Sentinel,
South Carolina,
ens County.
st homes in this section
ty and thc upper section
;lcan, and have the con
people of Pickens Coun
with a minimum of ex
urn circulation than any
, HIOTT, Jr., Publisher,
mt* i n el.
Paint Now
C H Alkanct Varnish
Stains make your old
furniture look like
new. Use it on floors
and wood work too.
Ask your Painter, he knows
Gooledge Hygrade
faints and tarnishes
Wc will gladly send you free color
charts and booklets on paints.
C . ii . J A Y X IO S ,
Mud of tho l ;u ni Mooni.
(Anderson Mall.)
Tho land boom in Kansas, Iowa?
and other agricultural States is now
bearing bitter fruit. Farmers who
bought land at two and three times,
its pre-war prices, on a basis of lu
nated commodity prices, are now fac
ing payment for it on 'a basis of
prices not much abovo normal. They
cannot do it. Most of the land that
has been bid up to $4 00 or $f>00 an
aero never paid moro than a fair
return on $200 an acre before tho
war, and cannot be expoctor to do
much better than that horoaftor, at
least for tho next few years.
The city speculators who hold a
large proportion of the farms bought
at fancy prlcos need not bo given any
g^eat amount of sympathy. They
might have known bettor. They were
primarily responsible for tho absurd
inflation to which so much farm land
was subjected, and which playod
havoc with farm values gonorally.
They took a chance, just as they
might have done in the grain mar
ket, and got stung. The farmer, pro
fessional or amateur, lured into buy
ing at top prlcos, ts a more pitiable
figure. In hundreds of cases he must,
lose his farm, forfeiting what be lins
already paid, which represents tho
savings of years.
lt is Hie old story of excitable peo
ple hoing carried off their foot in tho
time of booms, and fancying that tho
high prices and profits will last for
ovor. They never last. Tho lesson,
however, may do agriculture good.
Farmers swept off their feet by Ibo
speculative fever may now seltlo
down to serious fanning again.
Orove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
lt improves tho appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ation Effect. 75c
Tho Greek silver talent was worth
about $1,000.
In Japan tho women raise silk
worms and food them, after which
thoy reel their silk to help moot thu
high cost of living.

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