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(Established 1840.)
Published Evory Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$1.0C
Hiv Mouths.nc
Th roo Months.3C
Advertising Hatos Reasonable.
Hy Stock, Shol(tr, Hugh? & Sholor.
Communications of a persona)
character charged for as advertise
Obituary noticos, cards of thanks
.?.nd tributes of respect, oithor by
individuals, lodges or churches, arc
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will ho marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
.uch malters.
AV ED NFS DAY, JAN, 5, 1021.
Tho fourier is ashed hy Hie Eu
ropean Relief Council, of which Her
bert Hoover is chairman, to open a
subscription column for the receipt
and acknowledgment of funds to he
sent lo tho Relief Council for theil
great work in the Near East, where
thousands of children are suffering
hundreds dying, for the barest essen
tials in food. Tlie estimate is that, il
proper relief is not forwarded to Hu
stricken people of the Near Fast
promptly and regularly for some lime
to come, 11,500,000 children have thc
prospect of death from .starvation he
fore tlie present winter shall have
We have had calls innumerable ir
the past few years, and we have oui
own troubles to face and needs tc
meet. But what is our condition ir
comparison to that of these starving
millions? Can we not each find a
leasi a small amount to contribute tc
this worthy cause? Many might con
tribute liberally from their abund
ance; there is not one scarcely whe
cannot contribute something from hi;
or her abundance. Tho quostion ls
Don't stop to ask what your neigh
bor can do, ought to do. or will do
Do your part ns you feel able ant
inclined. Are tho lives of three ant
a half millions of innocent childrei
worth your consideration? Are yoi
willing to contribute of your mean
?to alleviate suffering among thesi
unfortunate poople?
The citizens of Coonee have dom
nobly in their response to the variou;
calls for aid that have come so oftei
during the recent past. This call fo
help for the Near East has been ro
aponded to. But the call still ring!
into our ears. Can we not do stil
more? Wo bellevo that wo can-an<
To start the list under the presen
call, The Courier subscribes $5.00 t<
the fund to help save tho lives of tin
helpless children of tile Near East.
Who will be next?
We have always thought that on
?f the most attractive modes of sav
ing-especially for the children am
those of us of small moans-is tin
government Thrift and Saving
Stamps. The chief, attraction tha
these stamps carry, as we seo it, ?
the incentivo to save small amount
that would otherwise be spent fool
Ashly, or at host for things that ar*
by no means essentials. For the nev
year we aro, therefore, inclined t.
commend most strongly tho govern
mont's endeavor to make persisten
sa'vings possible.
The new 1921 government sav
?ngs securities may now he had a
post offices and through hanks, li
all, live opportunities are Offered
For instance, there are the $1 Treas
itry Savings Stamps and the %2
re asa ry Savings Certificates. Thoa
ire in addition lo the regular sav
Migs securities which have been ol
forod by the Knited States Treasur
Department for several years. Th
25-conl Thrift Stamp and tho $
War Savings Stamp and the $10
and $ I (uni Treasury Savings Cortil!
.ates will bo issued as before.
The $1 Treasury Savings Slam
and tho 25-cont Thrift Stamp are no
interest-bearing. They are issued t
Siolp people save money in snial
amounts, and when enough of tho?
stamps have been bought, they ma
Vie exchanged, in proper ratio, for $
?Var Savings Stamps, which hear ir
?Unrest at tho rate of 4 per cont, com
pounded quarterly, if held until mn
.uri ty.
During January of tho present yoa
ttne $5 stamp may he had for $4.15
lt will increase in value ono cor
?each month. Tho January prico c
tho $25 Treasury Savings Certificat
will bo $20.60, tho prico incroasln
?al tho fixed rate of flvo cents
month. Tho $100 Treasury Savings
Certificates may bo bought during
January for $82.40. Its'monthly in
crease in valuo will bo 20 cents.
It is the hope of the United StatcB
Treasury, according to announce
ment from Washington, that tho 10 2 1
savings securities will bo bought by
oven moro Investors than took ad
vantage of recent and current offer
ings. The $1 issue will be especially
for school children, and it is hoped
that it will be bought In large quan
tities by mombors of school savings
societlos, many thousands of which
havo boon organized in thc Kifth
Federal Rosorvo District ,in which
our county is included
Bride is a Daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Cobb, of Near Walhalla.
On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 2i>. tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. R, Cobb,
near Wi Illulia, was the scene of a
pretty, quiet marriage, when their
daughter. Mary, became the bride of
Martin Watkins, of West minster.
Tho reception hall and parlors were
beautifully decoratod with mistletoe
and holly. The improvised altar,
where the ceremony was performed,
was a mass of mistletoe, holly and
ferns, brightened by many Christmas
candles. The chief witness at the
oremony was Dan Cupid, who, with
his quiver full of arrows, had taken
his stand just back of the bridal pair.
Preceding the ceremony Miss An
nie Hell Watkins, sister of the groom,
sang "A Perfect Day.'' At the first
strnjins of Mendelssohn's Wedding
March the brido and groom entered
the parlor and took thoir stand un
derneath a beautiful Christmas wed
ding bell showered with mistletoe
Tho ceremony was performed by
Rev. Guy Martin, the groom's pastor.
The bride was very attractive in a
handsome suit of midnight blue tric
otine, with accessories to match.
Immediately after congratulations
the happy couple left for a short wed
ding trip, and on returning they will
make their homo in Westminster.
Mr. and Mrs. Watkins have the
best wishes of a host of friends for
a long life of happiness and pros
His Seventy-Ninth Birthday.
T. M. Littleton, formerly of tho
Salem section of Oconeo, but who ls
now living at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. D. A. Collins, In Greenville, cel
ebrated his 79th birthday at tho Col
lins home on Dec. 25th. Mrs. Collins
is the oldest daughter of Mr. Little
ton, and is pleasantly remembered
by many in Oconeo.
The dining room was beautifully
decorated, it being Christmas Day
also. The seventy-nine candies, rep
resenting each year, wore burning as
the guests sat down to tho table,
which was very elaborately filled for
tho occasion.
Mr. Littleton, now in his 80th
year, was a Confodorato soldier and
a member of Co. G, 12th South Car
olina Regiment, and was tho ordorly
sergeant when he was wounded at
the Battle of Gettysburg.
Friends from Spartanburg, Easley,
Dacusvlllo and Camden wero prosont
to enjoy thc day with Mr? Littleton,
and all wero generous in their ex
pressions of good will and bost wishes
for tho old gontlomcn. The Courier
joins with* other Oconeo friend? In
oxtendlng to him all good wishes
and tho hope that he may havo yet
many moro such pleasant anniver
sary occasions.
Norwegian Minister Arrives.
Now York, Doc. 30.-Dr. Samuel
Eyde, newly appointed Norwegian
minister to Washington, arrived here
to-day aboard the steamer Kroon
Alexander J. Lfrossinski, attached
to thc Polish legation at Washington,
also was a passenger.
Says Calomel is Mccury and Acts
Like Dynamite on Your Liver.
Dodson is makin? a hard light
against calomel in the South. Evory
druggist has noticed a great falling
off in the sale of calomel. They all
give the samo reason, Dodson's Liver
Tone ls taking Its place.
"Calomel is dangerous and peo
ple know it, while Dodson's Liver
Tone is perfectly safe and gives bet
tor results," said a prominent local
druggist. Dodson's Liver Tone ls
personally guaranteed by every drug
gist. A largo bottlo cost? but a few
cents, and if lt fails to give easy re
lief in evory caso of livor sluggish
ness and constipation, you have only
to ask for your inonoy back.
Dodson's Liver Tono is a pleasant?
tasting, purely vegetable remedy,
nannies to both children and adults,
Take a sponful at night and wake
tip fooling fino, no biliousness, sick
headache, acid stomach or consti
pated bowels. lt doosn't grlpo or
causo Inconvonienco all tho noxt day
Uko violont calomol. Take a dose
of calomol to-day and to-morrow you
will fool woak, sick and nauaoatod,
Don't loso a day's work! Take Dod
son's Livor Tono Instead and fool
Iflno, full of vigor and ambition.-adv
3,500,000 CHILDREN
Vast Relief Effort Launched by
Eight Leading American Organ
izations to Avert Tragedy.
The most spontaneous as well as the
largest consolidation of offort In the
history of American relief and charita
ble organizations has grown out of tho
disaster which threatens 3,000,000
European children this winter. To tb?
headquarters of every agency that, dis
penses American mercy overseas has
come one steady cry for months peet;
the children, most helpless and blame
lees sufferers In the truck of war, will
perish by the thousands before next
harvest unless America saves thom!
When Dr. Livingston Farrand, chair
man of the Central Commlttoe of the
American Red Cross, returned from a
recent trip abroad, his report throbbed
with the need of the children. From
the feeding-stations of the American
Relief Administration throughout east
ern and contra! Europo came letters,
cables, pleas of every sort. The Pro
testant churches sent investigators
Into after-war conditions and every
report breathed the Impending tragedy
of starving and diseased children.
Protestant, Catholic and Jewish, the
child Ufo of Europo ls threatened with
heartrending misery.
The European Relief Council, with
Herbert Hoover as chairman and the
Whole power of American charitable
thought and effort behind lt, has been
formed. It consists of Edgar Rick
ard, representing the American Hellet
Administration; Dr. Livingston Far
rand, representing the American Red
Cross; Felix Warburg, representing
tho Jewish Joint Distribution Commit
tee; Wilbur K. Thoma?, representing
the American Friends' Servie? Com
mittee; James A. Flaherty, represent
ing the Knights of Ocdumbwj Dr. a
V. Hibbard, representing the Yoong
Men's Christian Association; Miss
Sarah S. Lyon, representing the Young
Women's Christian Association; Df.
Arthur Brown, representing the Fed
eral Council of Churches.
It is the purpose of the Council to
raise 933.000,000, in an appeal center
ing at the Christmas holidays, to tho
end that the situation regarding child
life may be met In every town and
community of th? nation, lt ls boped,
local committee?, representing all the
co-operating agencies Witt be formed
to secure the vitally necessary fonds.
Of the amount sought, 118,000,000 wilt
be used for basic food. For every one
of these American dollars the local
governments and communities sided
will furnish two dollars, in the form
of transportation, labor, guarda, cleri
cal help, cash contributions and such
food supplies a? are locally obtainable.
No children receive th? free food ex
cept after medical testa showing them
to be seriously ?nder-noAirlsbed. Tee
remaining 110,000,000 of the fund ls
jost ss urgently needed for medical
?arrice to th? children.
Th? Itaropeen R?li?a* Council will do
much more than effect economies In
Si raising of the chlldsavlng fund.
wiU, with th? Inspecting forces of
ht great agen de?, keep a constant
ey? ea the administration of America's
merciful gift, la order that there shall
bo no wastage and ne tendency toward
pe aneri satioa.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
oof children suffering from a Cold or .Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the throat combined with the healing effect ot
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed in one carton ead the
cost of the combined treatment ls 35c
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Textile Workers Accept Decrease,
Fall River, Mass., Dec. 30.-The
six textile unions of the American
Federation of Textile Operatives at
meetings last night voted to accept
tho wage reduction of 22 V? por cent
recently announced by the manufac
turers, effective Jan. .1, 1921. Tho
action of the unions affects approxi
mately ?i."),OOO employ?es In 110 cot
ton cloth and yarn mills in this city.
The u.lions of tho loom fixers and
tho slasher tenders voted unanimous
ly to accept tho reduction, and tho
carders' and weavers' unions accept
ed under protest. Tho spinners' union
indicated that Its members thought
tho reduction too great. The yarn
finishes' union accepted by a close
Got Free European Round Trip.
New York, Doc. 30.- -Fourteen
year-old Max Goldberg, of Newark,
N. J., accidentally enjoyed a round
trip to Europo aboard tho steamer
Kroonland, which arrived hore to
day. Just before tho steamer left
Xew York several weeks ago tho boy
rushed up tho gang plank to dollvor
some flowers to a passonRer. Tho
j ship drew away from its pior and
. Max started on a freo trip to tho
ports of throe Europonn countrlos,
; touching at Antworp, Southampton
and Chorhourg.
4? ** BUT THEY ROBE." ?J.
( Published by Request-Author ls
Lust spring when cotton
Was soiling so high,
You could soo sonio farmers
"Floating" in tho sky.
(But they rode!)
They rode in sun,
Thoy rode in rain
Some oven rode
lu an aeroplane.
(But they rode!)
They rode all night.
They rode all day
Thoy kept on "riding"
Till the dovil's to pay.
(But they rodo!)
If lt wasn't an auto
lt was a blamed old mule
Thoy kept on "riding"
Till they've cut tho fool.
(But thoy rodo!)
Somo rode hard,
Some rode well,
But thoy kept on "riding"
Till they sure played h-.
(But thoy rode!)
Some doctors spent tho whole year
Distributing pills. ?
And can't collect enough money
To pay gasoline bills.
(But they rodo: )
Somo rode fast
The dust rose like a mountain fog;
They tell us that his true name
Was Old Rent Hog.
(But they rode!)
The real estate business
Was the best of all
But blame my skin
If IT didn't fall.
(But they rode!)
Some bought Fords,
But carried them back,
And (promised) the difference
For a Cadillac.
( But they rode! )
The farmers and merchants
Are broke, that's true,
And it looks mighty Uko
Tho banks are, too.
(But they rode!)
The above was written
.lust for a Joke,
But durn my hide
If the country ain't "broke."
rho Quinina That Does Not Affect the Head
Because of Ita toole and laxative effect, LAXA
TIVS BROMO OU IN INK la better than ordinary
Quinine and doea not cause nervousncs- nor
ringing in head. Remember the full name and
look tor the signature oi K. W. CROVB. 30c.
Pig is a Oood Bird I>og.
Natchez, Miss., Jan. 3.-Tucker
Gibson, champion big game hunter of
Tensas Parish, La., claims to have a
pig which he uses in the capacity oi
a bird dog, and assorts that the pig
makes perfect stands and never has
Hushed a covey of birds.
Mr. Gibson states that soon after
the birth of tho pig, on tho d?*ath of
its mother, lt was adopted by a point
er dog with a litter of young pups, I
and that tho pig still associated with
Its foster brothers abd sisters even
after lt became well grown. He says
that the hunting proclivities of tho
pig were accidentally discovered tho
first time the young dogs wore taken
to tho held, the pig accompanying
the party and taking an animated
part in the hunt.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE Tablets remove th? !
cause. There- ts only one "Bromo Quinine." E. W. |
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c j
An American silver dollar was re-1
contly found In a can of pickled hoof
tongue that was opened In Wales.
People who have been sick, ne<
strength. After severe Illness, yoi
feelingthat hangs on, after you get u
you get your strength back the bett
assistance, in enriching your blood
you to digest your food, and to built
The Sctcntifi
Mr. Ervin Horton, a prominent
have been taking Zlron, and lt is a
more than anything else, after I bad
builder. I appreciate what Zlron ht
has been proved by the good resulti
women who have taken it. You sh<
refunded if the first bottle of Zlron fi
Ask your druggist for Zlron. J
DOD a 0 KI sa a BI a aaa
Simply and tersely stated, MOTHER'S
implies-a friend and help to motin
It has been made and sold for mo
p^sess the value claimed for it, Mc
remained on the market. For only
beneficial can survive.
The mothers who appreciate MO?H?R
in their praise of it, are those who
first baby, and who, through its use
realize the relief it gave them.
"Dear Sirs: I um willing and anxious t<
about MOTHES*! KWI.NB, It did mo so n
wouldn't bo without it If it coat 99.00 a
first two children I had a doctor and a
they bad to use instruments, but with my
1 only had a nurse*; wo bud no time to
cnuio I wasn't very sick and only sick aJtx
"Any mother caa write me mut I will
to glvo ber advice. Yours truly."
Mas. c.
610 Palm St., Scranton, Pa.
"Dcforo using MOTHER'S FIUEND I Buffon
day 'till Sunday. With my next child
FBIRNO and wns sick only about tinco he
10 Grapo St, Gallipoli!, 0.
FOT valuable booklet-"MOTHERHOOD
-free, fill in coupon btlov and mall di
WARNING: JlooiJ using plain oil*, gtea
-they ad only on th* ?kin and way cauuu h
fJsed by Expectant Mothers
for Three Generations
- Health and Hapj
Svery woman seeks happiness
Fortunately, tho right to happiness is
sphere in Hie. The first and foremost
good health, strive after happiness as s
will accept the advice of thousands of %
talfo Dr. J, Bradfield's Female R?gul?t
peculiar to their sex, which has been so
))v. J. Bradfield's Female Reculator is ]
Argentine Interested in Cotton.
Washington, Dec. 3 0-Trade Com
missioner Goo. S. Brady, at Buenos
Aires, has cabled the bureau of for
algn and domestic commerce that
Northern Argentine farmors aro tak
ing a big interest in cotton growing.
Mr.Brady reported that samples have
been sont to Europe and pronounced
as first-class by merchants thoro,
and that a federation has been form
ed to raise a moro uniform crop of
cotton this year. Hundrods of acres
in Northern Argentine, ho said, have
hoon cultivated in cotton.
?Ut? of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Luc?? County. se.
Frank J. Chaney makes oath that he
!. ?.nlor partner of the Arm of F. J.
Cheney et Co., doing business In the City
of Toledo. County ?nd State aforesaid,
and that said arm will pay the sum of
and evtry case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured br the use of HALL'S CATARRH
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my pretence, thte ?th day of December,
?eal) Notary Publie,
all's Catarrh Medicine ie taken In
ternally and acte throurh the Blood on
the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Scud
for testimonials, tree.
r. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Bold by all drus?'.sis. Wa, r*
Hours F?miiy pule for constipation.
Few Fact? About Fans.
Fans arc mentioned in the Bible as
being used principally for separating
tho chaff from tho whoat after tho
grain had been ground. Egyptians
and lalor the Romans-used fans for
decoration and cooling purposes. Tho
oldost fan known is In tho Boulak
museum. It is merely tho wooden
handle with bolos where tho feathers
were inserted. It dated from 1700
B. C.
.d a tonic to help them regain their
j know the tired, weak, no-account
p and begin to go about. The sooner
er, and you should derive valuable
I, renewing your appetite, helping
I up your system, by taking
c Iron Tonic tn
[ citizen of Horton, Ala., writes: "I ?
wonderful medicine. It helped ms T|
the influenza. It is a great system- D
is done for mc. " The merit of Zlron fl
i obtained by thousands of men and gg
ould try Zlron. Your money will be mm
ills to help you.
Vccept no substitutes. ZJ. 2
i FRD?ND is just cuctly what the name
re than half a century. If it did not
?TH?R'S FRIEND could not possibly have
' that which is really worth while and
's FRIEND the most, and who are loudest
unfortunately did not use it with their
with the second one, were able to fully
> tell any mother
luch good that I
bottle. With my
, nurse and then
last two children
get a doctor bo
mt ten or fifteen
only ba too glad
sd from Wed ne?
and Tho Baby"
reef to malera of
.M and aubttttulea
arm without doing
Dept. 28, Atlanta, Ca.
Pleas? send me your FREE book
td on MOTHERHOOD and Th? DABY.
St., R. F. D_._
Town -State.
Diness for
as the thing to be most desired.
denied to no woman, regardless of her
essential is good health. For, without
?he may, it is beyond her reach. If sha
vomen, who have been benefited, she will
or-a tonic for women and for troubles
ld by drug stores for moro than 60 yeara
mt up in $1.00 bottles.
* * * 4- * * + 4 + + +'?*
*?* *?* *h *** *?* *?* 4* *?* *h
.gs DR. W. R. CRAIG, 4a
.|? Dental Surgeon, .J.
4- Office Over C. W. Pltchford's .{.
.f? Store. ?J.
.2* .j. .*..*..*..*. .?. .j. .?. ,?. 4
.J? J. R. EARLE, *
.J? Attorney-at-Law, 4"
4? WALHALLA, S. C. .J.
-J- State & Federal Court Practice. 4*
,?. .?. .j. ,?. .J. .?. .?. .T. tj. .j. .j.
.?. 'E. L. HERN DON, .{.
4? Attorney-nt-Law. 4*
4? WALHALLA, S. C. 4*
.J. PHONE ?O. 61. 4*
??? ' s|s s|s' ?I* ?I? ?I* s|a ?I* '?ts ?|s ?|* ?I*
.?- R. T. JAYNE S , *|<
.J? Attorncy-at-Law, 4'
-J. WALHALLA, S. O. ?f.
4< Bell Phone No. 20. 4.
.?. State Sk Federal Court Practice, ?J.
?J. ?J. .J. ?J. .J. ?J. ?J? ?J. ?I? ?J. oj. ?J.
.J. J. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor, 4*
4* Pickens, S. C. W. C. Hughs,
4? CAREY, SHE IX) It Sk HUGHS, ?g.
?l" Attorneys and ConnseUors,
4? WALHALLA, H O. 4?
.J. State & Federal Court Fra? tire. ?$.
.j. ?.j. .j. .?. .j. .?. .?. .? .j. .j. .j. ?2 .
All persons Indebted to the Estate
aro horeby notified to make payment
to the undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said estate will
present the samo, duly attested, with
in tho time proscribed by law, or be
Administrator of the Estate of John
Crooks, Deceased.
Dec. lf>, 1920. 50-1
Notice is horeby given that tho un
dersigned will moko application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate for
Oconoo County, in tho State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Thursday, tho 6th
day of January, 19 20, at ll o'clock
in tho forenoon, or as soon there
of ter as said application cun be
hoard, for loavo to make final sottle
mont of the Estate of .lohn Crooks,
Deceased, and obtain Final Dls
chargo as Administrator of said Es
Administrator of the Estate of John
Crooks, Deceased.
Dec. 16, 1920. 50-1
Roofing, - Bepauig,
Kurfees Paints and Oil.
Gutter and Repair Work.
I). E. GOOD,
Eighty of tho 250 FIJI Islands are
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure Itchlnfl, Blind, Blcedln* or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, end you can det
restful sleep after the first application. Price 60c.

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