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j Children at the
Tore* and a half million children In <
.nd pinched like these, at the America
that mean life to them In the winters
the one friend that had food to give tl
today to ncc a child five or six years ol
healthy well fed baby the skull should
see these children through tue Rigors ol
(rest relief organisations hare comble
They seek to raise 183,000,000 to save tl
starvation and the diseases that come
._ j
From a Wow on tho Hoad, Delivered j
Ia Mysterious Manner.
Laurens, S. C., Jan. 6.-Dr. Hugh!
K. Aiken, president of thc Laurens j
National Bank, and one of tho most ?
prominent citizens of this section of 1
the State, died here to-night at his j
home at 7 o'clock from a mysterious I
blow, which was indicted on his head '.
Just below the ear.
He wont to his home shortly after
.1 o'clock. When his elder son, Hugh '
Aiken, arrived shortly after ii
o'clock be was told hy the colored
cook that there was something wrong
In the bathroom; that she could
hear loud breathing in there. The
young man hastened to the room nnd
found his father prostrate on the
floor in a dying condition. Physi
cians were called, but within an hour
the stricken arin breathed his last,
He had bled profusely from the
wound, and a small portion of tin,
brain had exuded whon discovered.
Tho terrible tragedy ls shrouded
in mystery. The general belief 's
that he was killed by a burglar,whom
he found tn the house upon his re
turn homo, for there was no ono
there when the doctor wont to his
home for tho evening, after spendtn/s
the day at his bank. The officers
have made an investigation, and
there is nothing in tho room that he
could have fallon against that would
have Inflicted the fatal wound, and
lt is not believed that ho was thus
Injured boforo going to tho bath
room. He was fully dressed and was
lying near the fireplace, and there
w^re no evidences that there had
been a struggle.
Dr. Hugh K. Aiken was a 'jon of
the late A. M. Aiken, and was roared
on a farm noar Cokesbury. He took
a special course at the University of
South Carolina and later graduatod
with honor at the Medlcnl College
of Charleston. A fow years later he
located at Laurens, and for a long
time practiced his profession here,
retiring from activo practico nearly
twenty yoars ago in order to give
his time and talents to buisnoss. He
was president of the Laurens Na
tional Bank and of tho Fnrmors' and
Merchants' Bonded Warehouse, and
was interested io many other enter
prises here. He was an elder In the
First Presbyterian church, and withal
one of tho most useful citizens of
Laurens. Ho was 53 yoars of ago
and is survived by his widow, who
was before marriage Miss Minnie
Thames, of Charleston, and by two
sons, Hugh and Robert Aiken.
Suicido ls Indicated,
Laurons, Jun. 7.--City and county
officials inverti ga ted to-day tho mys
terious circumstances surrounding
tho death of Hugh K. Aiken, presi
dent of the Lau rons National Bank,
who was found tate yesterday at his
home with a bullet wound in his
Tho chief of police said at I 1
o'clock to-day that no arrests had
boen made. No clues had boon dis
covered to indicate that ho was shot
by a burglar, which was the suppo
sition advanced hy officers soon after
Mr. Aikon's body whs dlscovorel In
tho bath room. Tho wound In Mr.
Aiken's head was mado by a bullet
from a .3 2 calibro pistol.
. Dr. Aikon's Pistol Found.
Laurons, Jan. 7.-Tho thoory of
foul play in tho doath of Dr. H. K.
Aikon, which occurrod horo yester
day afternoon, was dispelled to-day
by tho statement of Sheriff Hold that
tho doctor's pistol with an ompty
Bread Kitchens
?astern and central Burope walt, gaunt
u kitchens for the (tot soup and bread
since tbe Armistice, America bas bean
?lom. It ls a common sight in Burope
ld whoso head has not healed. With a
close before two years. America must
: another winter, and to that end eight
ied into the Burop?rn Relief Council,
ils generation of Ku ropo from death by
with under-feeding.
Cash Textile Concern is Placed in tho
Hands of Receiver.
Gaffney, Jan. 5.- lt was learned
to-day that the Cash Mills, a $500,
OOO local corporation, had by an
order of Judge Mciver been put into
the hands of a receiver. This mill
was organized and erected by ES. lt.
Cash, who is a successful mill man
of large practical experience, and tho
nows of the receivership was receiv
ed by the Gaffney public with some
thing like consternation.
Dr. W. C. Hamrick. who is presi
dent of the Limestone, Hamrick and
Broad River Mills, was named as the
receiver, and it is hoped that be will
bo able to redoem the mill from '.lils
emhan^tsslug position, and that those
who have stock In the corporation
will not fnro so badly after all.
The difficulty which at present is
tho cause of the emharrasmont was
brought about by thc fact that Mr.
Cash bought cotton heavily a year
ago at high prices, expecting to bo
able to get machinery promptly with
which to spin the same, but the con
gestion on railroads caused delays
and thc slump came and caught him.
There is no allegation of wrong-do
ing on tho part of any one connected
with tho mills.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-rOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
Young Couplo Marry at Westminster.
An event that will prove of inter
est to many In Oconoo was tho mar
riage which was solemnized at tho
home of Rev. Geo. Smith, of West
minster, on Wednesday afternoon,
Doc. 29th, 1920, tho bride bolng Miss
Dana Clovoland, of Seneca, and tho
groom Clifton Fowler, of Charlotte,
N. C., formerly of Walhalla. Tho
bride ls a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Cleveland, of Westminster, and
tho groom ls a son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Fowler, of near Walhalla. Tho
young couple loft tho following day
for Charlotte, N. C., whore they will
make their homo. Mr. Fowler is an
employee of "The Ford Service" of
that city. The Courier, along with a
host of other friends, extends sincero
good wishos and hearty congratula
For Expectant Mothers
Farmers Should Hove Preference.
Washington, Jan. 6.-Senator E.
D. Smith, who has been a pionoor in
pushing legislation for government
manufacturo of air nitrates for uso
as fortllizor, said to-day that ho will
urgo that tho pending nitrate bill be
amended so as to prlvldo specifically
that farmers should have tho prefer
onco as purchasers of this nitrnv*).
Othorwise it is foared that tho fertil
izer manufacturers might themselves
buy all tho output, and thus defeat,
to a largo oxtont, tho purpose of th.'
cartridge was found In tho bath room
whoro his body lay. A note was loft
In hts room clearly indicating suicide.
York Citizens Favor tho Cutting of
tho Salaries of All Oil iee ivs.
York, S. C., Jan. C.-Resolutions
that salaries of all olllclnls from Gov
ernor to coroner be reduced 15 per
cent were passed at a tax-payers' con
vention attended by 201) persons here
to-day. Several speakers declared
that reductions of tho Stute and coun
ty levy was necessary. and that if
tho present delegation did not try to
trim tho county levy the peoplo would
elect officers two years hence whdjr
would. Senator John Mart declared
that If the people wishod it he would
vote to abolish Winthrop, tho State
University and tho asylum or any
other Stato enterprise, but that he
would never vote to cripple rural
A committee was appointed to ox
amine appropriations and make rec
ommendations for tax reduction at
a meeting with tho legislative dele
gation, to bo hold In Columbia. For
mer Senator J. St. Steele Brice pre
sided over tho convention.
Not a Bad Fellow at Heart, and Really
Is at Least Entitled te
The average man ls not a bad fellow
when you come to know him. You have
to make his acquaintance If you are
not to hold yourself aloof from this-'hu
man, Interdependent world, remarks n
writer In the Philadelphia Ledger. He
constitutes a majority. It ls by his
vote that candidates are set up and
Issues determined and business gov
erned and charities supported and
plays pa ronlzed. There ls a great
deal of money In pleasing the aver
age man. Moreover, the level of his
tastes is rising, though pessimists re
fuse to see lt or to say so. He ls ca
pable of education and he bas traveled
far since his training began.
He needn't always be given all that
he asks for; sometimes he makes mis
takes, and sometimes he wants what
isn't good for him. Sometimes he
loses his head, and In an incendiary
or inebriate temper, lo.se? that which a
cooler judgment In a calmer hour leads
him to worry for. But on the whole
he is strangely reasonable and patient
and self-controlled. It ls touching to
find how often he is doing the best
he con, according to the light lie has.
He serves the world far better than
some eccentric and unconventional
mortals who sneer at him for following
a dull, unemotional routine
Leaders of men have learned to deal
with the average man, to talk his lan
guage and to understand bis ways.
They have taught the rank and file
to discover a latent capacity and to
reveal a strength hidden and unsus
pected. They have had faith in "the
general good sense and honest Inten
tions of mnnktnd." They have gen
uinely loved their fellows and their
sympathy has beeu real and manifest.
Neither in war nor in peace is a vic
tory to be won unless the captains put
their confidence in a host
Youno School Teacher Got Gloriously
?ven fer Leno 8erlee of 8arcas
tio Observations.
Now, the principal of this school ls
sarcastic as well as intelligent, and
whenerer she happens to mention a
subject and finds that her teachers
are ignorant on the subject she
"bawis them out" for their Ignorance.
Especially ls this resented by the new
.st recruit at the building.
Recently the principal acquired "a
man," who was a widower. She ls
proud of the acquisition, mentioning
htm often in her conversations.
The other morning ehe began to ask
the teachers about an article she had
just read In the paper. Now, none of
them had read IL Sarcastically she
asked: "Well, don't any of you read
the papers t"
The newest recruit smiled sweetly
and wisely. "Of course," she returned,
"but not every tiling In them. We
Just have time to read the society page
and then the death and funeral list
so that we shall know who the new
widowers are."-Indianapolis News.
Despite its long neck, the giraffe
has only seven neck verlohnte.
A pneumatic planer has boen
developed which displaces six or
eight mon on ship and car building.
"They Work while you Sleep"
Do you fool at "sixes and sevens"
to-day? You aro bilious, constipated!
You fool headachy, full of cold, un
strung. Your meals don't flt-broath
ls bad, skin sallow. Take Cascarots
to-night for your livor and bowels
and wnko up clear, rosy and cheerful.
No griping-no Inconvenience. Chil
dren love CaBcarots, too. 10, 2 5, 50
Are Closed-Have Been Putting Too
Hard a "Kick" in Product.
Chicago, Jun. 8.-Announcement
that threo government exports on
brewery Investigations are expected
hero Monday from the East to facili
tate the closing of Chicago brewer
lesysuspected of making real instead
Of near boor, followed closely tho re
fusal of Prohibition Director Ralph
W. stone to renow tho Federal per
mits of >313 wholesale liquor dealers
ttf ^linois. Th^jjj are said to be the
W?f? mon whoso activities resulted
InVthe closing of plants where beer
\vas made in tho Fast.
"Physicians and druggists have
simply boen substituted for saloon
keepers in supplying tho thirsty with
whiskoy," Mr. stone said.
"It is ridiculous to believe that
more than a third of the whiskoy pre
scriptions are used for medicinal pur
Mr. Stone said numerous physi
cians In Indiana, where whiskey can
not be prescribed for medicinal use,
had opened branch officer In Illinois
In order to obtain prescription books
and use them. Ho added that he had
revoked many of these permits.
The Advice of This Walhalla Woman
la. of Certain Value.
Many a woman's back has many
aches and pains. .
Ofttimes 'tis tho kldneyo' fault,
i That's why Donn's Kidney Pills are
BO effective. Ask your neighbor!
Mie-ny Walhalla women know this.
Read what one has to say about lt: j
Mrs. S E. Powell Walhalla, says: y
"Sthrorail years ago kidney trouble e
caine on me and my back ached a c
gfcijift deal. When I bent over, sharp c
pattie would shoot through me ?-nd S
specks appeared before my eyes. *
Mornings I was as tired as when I Jj
went to bed and I waa nervous. My .
kidneys didn't act properly. Finally 1 ?
began taking Dmn's Kidney Pills and
they quickly cured me of the trouble t
I havo groat faith in this medicine." I
Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't t
simply ask for a kidney remedy-g?t I
Dean's Kidney Pills-ih?> same that i
Mrs. Powell had. Foster-Mllburn Co., 1
Mfrs, Buffalo. N. Y.
T) Fight Open Shop te Finish. 1
St^Louis, Mb., Jan. 7.-Instead of 1
giVf.rug headway, the "open shop" I
movement over the nation has begun
to lecede, said Samuel Gompers, vet
eran head of the American Federa- <
Hon of Labor, who conferred here '
Wednesday with local labor leaders. J
"We aro going to fight tho open ,
shop and fight it to a finish," he de
clared. "They cannot push us off 1
our own front porch."
Autoing for Wolves.
The motorcycle threatens to out
rival the broncho as an Instrument of
locomotion on Western ranches and
cattle ranges. According to the Illus
trated World, eowhoys nra using lt
for rounding up cattle, driving in stray
animals, Inspecting long Unes of
fences and other such work. By all
odds the most remarkable purpose for
which the motorcycle is employed,
however, is that of chasing coyotes.
Such a machine, if the terrain be not
too difficult can easily overtake one of
those little gray wolves, tiring the
beast down to a point where lt can no
longer turn and dodge successfully.
Then it ls simply a matter of a whirl
of the lariat, and the vicious brute,
with a few quick spurts of the motor
cycle Is choked to death.-Philadel
phia Public Ledger.
She Knew.
The girls In the seventh grade all
wore largo bair bows made of beau
tiful, bright tissue paper. They were
not only Inexpensive but so pretty
that they were declared a great suc
cess until one day lt rained and the
bows faded all over the little owners'
hair. Then great was the lamenting.
One of the boys looked from th?
girls with their spotted red and blue
and purple hair to two spinster teach
ers in the iifty-year-old class. "I don't
kaow as they're so badly off," he re
marked to the tencher who was young
and pretty and with a strong sense
of humor, "I'd rather be faded on ac
count of having beaus than to he on
account of not having them."
Then teacher smiled. She toe had
preferences.-Indianapolis News.
Belt Full of Sea Lion Scalps.
As the sea Hon ls regarded as the
worst enemy of the salmon, the state
of Washington pays n bounty of $2.50
on every sen Hon scalp and recently
William Hunter, who devotes his en
tire time to hunting sen Hons, collect
ed $880 for 352 scalps which he gath
ered during the season. This man Is
also paid by tho salmon fisheries for
his efforts to rid tho waters of the
sea Hons. Ile ls known ns tho "king
of the sea Hon hunters."
Black Opal Prized.
Almost every known gem is mined
In Australia. The black opal ls the
most beautiful of all. It has Increased
800 per cent In value in the last two
years and the best quality now brings
nearly $40 a carat It ranges In sise)
frew 1 to 40 carats.
As Dead \
Every druggist in town-ye
gist has noticed a great falling
all give the same reason. C
"Calomel is dangerous and
Liver Tone is perfectly safe
prominent local druggist.
Take "Dodson's 1
Dodson's Livor Tone is poraonall
guaranteed by every druggist wb
sells it. A large bottle costs but
few cents, and if it fails to give caa
reliof in every case of liver sluggisl
n?Bs and constipation, you have onl
to aak for your money back.
Dodson's Liver Tone ia a piensan
tasting, purely vegetable remod;
harmless to both children and adult
tatton Production Costs Can Be Cut
In Half By Food And Grain
Making And Saving
Atlanta, Georgia.- (Special.)-"High
?rices for cotton, such as we had a
ear ago cannot reasonably be expect
d for a long time to come. European
ountxies that normally uso half our
rop aro so thoroughly disorganized
nd paralyzed In a business way that
hey will not bo able to take the
inual quantities and pay high prices
or many years to como," said H. 0.
lastings, President of the great
louthoastern Fair.
"This situation whioh we cannot
lontrol, COIIB for tower costs of raak
ng cotton as well as reduction in cot
on acreage. The quickest, safost
md moBt effective way to reduce cot*
un making cost IB to produce on one's
>wn acres every pound of food, grain
ind forage needed for family, tenants
md laborers and live stock.
"Tho situation requires chickens,
logs, milk cows and acres of cora,
>ats, wheat, forage and miscellano
>us oropB from which to feed. them.
L.aat, but not least, in Importance ia.
?he home vegetable gardon which 1?
the quickest and cheapest source of
Tood In the world.
"Most folks here in the South dont
take the home garden seriously and
thereby make a great mistake. There
?re too many of the ilck and a prom
Ito' sort of gardens and mighty few
)f the real sure enough kind.
"We have boen told repeatedly hy
those who plan and prepare for a real
garden, plant lt, tend lt end keep lt
.eplantod through the season, that lt
tarnishes half the family living at no
noner cost except the sm sil amount
rpent for the seeds needed.
"The garden hi, or rathor should be,
he earliest planted. It brings food
he quickest. It starts cutting store
illls fer food the first week anything
s ready to use. A little later, half
>r more needed tor the table cornea
?ut of the garden.
"If rightly tended and replanted it
mppllos food all summer and fall, the
turpins above dally needs goes into
cans or ls dried for winter use. Yes,
he right kind ot garden ls a life
saver, and wo all need a life-saver ot
this klad in 1921."
rh? Quinina Tfcft Daos Not ?fftet fha Head
)ecauae ot its tonie and laxative effect, LAXA
riVR BROMO Q U IN IN li la better than ordinary
ulnine and doea not cauae nenrouiees- aor
n-ring la head. Remember the lull name and
ook fox thc aicoaturc ot H. W. GROV8. 90c.
Mun Killed in Court I loo m.
Orlando, -Fla., Jan. 5.-John
Brown, married, of this city, was
mot and instantly killed in police
court hero this morning by L. no
tating, also of this city. The trouble
came about through an alleged In
fatuation of Drown for Mrs. notat
ing. Drown was nrested upon tho
mplaint of tho husband and was
fined $100.
He was In tho act of counting oat .
tiis money to pay his fino when Ha
laling whipped out his gun, firing |
four shots, one of which hit Drown
n Hie temple, causing Instant death.
3ne of the shots narrowly missed j
tfnyor Duckworth. A o.oner's !n
luest found Hotaling quilty,of mur-:
1er. I
I You Must Rep]
I and Tear on t
Did you ever atop to consid
what a tremendous task is plac
upon your human system eve
Your heart is constantly pum
lng life end vitality to every pa
of your Body. Thia is being ra
idly consumed after being turn
into snergy and strength th
keep** your system performing i
various functions.
Every day there is a certs
amount of wear and tsar that mu
be replaced, if you are to enj
>uT druggist and everybody's drug
: off in the sale of calomel. They
)odson's Liver Tone is taking its
I people know it, while Dodson's
and gives better results," said a
.iver Tone" Instead!
Take a spoonful at night and wako
up feeling lino; no biliousness, sick
headache, acid stomach or constipated
bowels. It dooen'fc gripe or cause in
convenience, all the next day like vio
lent calomel. Takp a doso of calomol
today and tomorrow you will foe!
weak, sick and nauseated. Don't lose
a day's work I Take Dodson's Liver
Tone instead and fool fine, full of
vigor and ambition.
(|* ?fy fy ?fy ?J. .J. ?J. fy ?J. fy? fy ?fy
?I? ?j? ?fy ?fy ?fy fy fy fy ?fy ?fy ?fy ?fy
?fy ?fy ?j? fy ?fy fy ?|? fy ?fy ?fy ?fy ?fy
?fy DR. W. R. CRAIG, * fy.
fy Dental Surgeon, ?fy
fy Oflice Over O. W. Pltchford's fy
fy Store. ?fy
fy fy fy ?fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy ?fy
fy J. R. EARLE, fy
fy Attorney-iil-Law, ?fy
fy WALHALLA, S. C. ?fy
fy Stute & F?deral Court Practice. 4*
fy FARM LOANS. ?fy
fy ?fy fy ?fy ?fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy
fy E. L. HERNDON, ?fy
?fy Attorney-at-Law ?fy
?fy WALHALLA, S. G. 4"
4? PHONE NO. 61. fy?
?J. ?fy ?fy ?fy ?fy fy fy fy ?fy ?fy ?fy ?fy
fy J. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor, <fy
fy Bickens, S. C. W. C. Hughs, ?fy
fy Attorneys and Counsellors, ?fy
fy WALHALLA, 8. C. ?fy
Stat? A Federal Court Practice, ?fy
J. j?, ?j. J?. j. j. J. JL.
Hr. *r *T Vr Vr Vf *r V Vr. 'V.
Kurfees Paints and Oil.
Gutter and Repair Work.
r>. E. oooi>,
The State of South Carolina. Coun
ty of Oconee.- (In Court of Probate)
-By V. F. Martin, Esq., Probate
Judge.-Whereas, IDA EARLE has
made suit to me to grant her
Letter? of Administration of tho Es
tate of and Effects of Claud E. Earle,
These are, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin?
drcd and creditors of the said
Claud E. Earle, Deceased, that they
he and appear beforo mo, in the
Court of Probate, to be held at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Friday, tho> 14th day of Janu
ary, 1921, after publication hereof,
at ll o'clock in tho forenoon, to
show cause, If any they have, why
the said Administration should not
be granted.
Given under my hand and seal thia
31st day of December, A. D. 1920.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN.
Judge of Probate for Oconee Co., 8.C.
Published on the 5th and 12th
days of January, 1921, in Tho Keo
wee Courier, and on the Court House
door for tho tim? prescribed by law.
Jan. 5, 1921. 1-2
All persons Indebted to the Estate
of Stephon Baldwin, Deceased, are
hereby notified to make payment
to the undersigned, and all per*
sons having claims against said es
tate will present the same, duly at
tested, within the time proscribed by
law, or be barred
Executors of the Estato of Stephen
Baldwin, Deceased.
Dec. 29, 1920. 52-3
lace the Wear
he Human System
good health.
Many people have found S. S. S.
a great aid in keeping their system
in good condition. Being such a
fine blood tonic and syatem-buildor
S. S. S. strengthens and enriches
the blood supply, and gives new
vigor and vitality to the whole
S. S. S. ia sold hy all druggists.
Write for free literature and full
information to Chief Medical Ad
viser, 162 Swift Laboratory, At*
lanta, Ga.

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