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Largely in the Early Consideration of
IiOgiHlattvo Mutters.
Columbia. Jan. 12.-Representa
tivo Mowor, of Newberry, to-day in
troduced In tho House a resolution
to limit tho total appropriations to
the amount of appropriations in I y li,
and to limit tho tax levy to 9 mills
In the dellvory of his message thu
Governor called for a levy of not over
9 mills. It appears that reduction o.
taxes is the chief aim of the presen'.
Legislature. There will be a meeting
of the farmers In the Assembly to
night to consider tax reductions.
Representative J. B. Atkinson, of
SpartUuaburg, was olectod Speaker
pro tem of tho HOUBO to-day over
Claude N. Supp, of Columbia, by a
vote of 62 to 49. Mr. Atkinson was
nominated by Representative Tommy
McMillan, of Charleston. Mr. Sa pp
was nominated by W. D. Barnett, of
The most important action tak?n
by the lower bouse yostorday was the
overwhelming adoption by the mem
bers of an amendment to tho rules of
the bouso, Introduced by R. I. Mc
David, of Greenville, taking out of
the hands of tho Speaker tho' ap
pointment of committee chairman
ships and making them electivo by
the members. The commltteo mem
bers, however, will continue to be
named by the presiding officer.
An amendment eliminating tho
section of the rules prohibiting tho
Speaker from endeavoring to influ
ence any question" heforo the body
was decisively defeated. This amend
ment likewise was introduced by Mr.
Mc David.
Another resolution by Mr. McDa
vld providing that the county sup
ply (or revenue) bills bo introduce 1
as one measure instead of separately,
as now Is the rule, wont over for
consideration until to-day, as did un
amendment by J. K. Owens, of Mar!
boro, abolishing the olllce of Speake'.'
pro tempore.
First Bill to Extend Tax Rayment
Two bills of more than ordinary
importance were introduced Tues
day, but went over without being
read because they could not be re
ferred for lack of committees, which
will be announced by the Speaker to
day. One was by J. J. Fvans, of Marl
boro, extending the time for pay
men; of taxes until April 1, without
penalty, after which time the max'
mum penalty of ii per cent will ba
operative. The other was by Oeorge
S. Mower, of Newberry, who intro
duced a bill providing for the red no
tion of acreage planted In cotton this
Geo. S. Mower, of Nowborry, pro
sided as tompornry chairman before
the permanent organization of the
house, which was completed at 1.1F
o'clock Tuesday afternoon.
Walhalla Readers Can No Longer
Doubt the Evldenoe.
Ag*.in and again we have read of
strangers In distant towns who have
been cu .'ed by this or that modiclne.
But Walhalla'? pertinent question
has always boon "Has anyone bore In
Walhalla been cured?" The word of
a stranger living a hundred milos
away may bo true, but it cannot have
the same weight with us as tho word
of our own citizens, whom we know
and respect, and whose evidence we
oan so easily prove.
Mrs. O. H. White, Broad St., Wal
halla, says: "A few years ago I hod
backache and other symptoms of kid
ney trouble. I had sharp pata? shoot
through my kidneys and I was In
pretty bad shape. I waa feeling quite
miserable when I was told to try
Doan's Kidney fills and one box on
Uroly crtod mo. I advise anyon? suf
ferrlng from kidney complaint to give
Doan's a trial."
Price 60c, at all dealors. Don't
simply ask for a Kidney remedy--get
Doan's Kidney Pills-''ho snme that
Mrs. Whito b"d FosterMilburn Co.
Mfrs., Buffalo. N. Y.
Cement Ditches Carry Water From
House Far Enough to Prevent
Injury by Seepage.
A few homemade cement gutters will
drain away the water from the gutter
pipes and help keep a cellar dry. The
cement ditch can be H Inches wide, 2
Inches thick and widened at the receiv
ing end to resemble n shallow platter,
says the United States Department of
Agriculture. It should be sufficiently
long to carry the water from the gut
ter pipe far enough from tho house
foundation to prevent seepage. If the
work I? net flush with tho ground lt
offers no hindrance to passing teer or
to the lawn mower.
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 DAYS
Druggists refund money if PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you can get
restful sleep after the first SDDllcotlon. Price 60c.
The Rlngstrasso In Vionnn on tho
site of tho old fortifications ls re
garded ns one of tho handsomest
streets in the world.
Was a .Nativo of Walhalla, but Ila?]
Resided at Newry for Veal's.
Newry, Jan. 12.-Special: On the
Uh day of Jtfnuary, 1921, the Death
Angel visited the home of James
Thomas Cronshaw and claimod bim
as a victim over the protest of those
who were near and dear to him. But
since the Doath Angel is impartial,
he goes into thc homes of all-tho
rich, tho poor, tho high and low
and claims his victims Just the same.
So on Jan. 4th, lt ploasod the Doath
Angel to call James T. Cronshaw
from it: . He was born at Walhalla
about tho year 1852, having lived to
be about sixty-nine years old. His
doath occurred at his home hero at
'Newry, where ho had resided for a
great many years.
In tho year 187C Mr. Cronshaw
was married to Miss Johanna Dodd,
who precoded him to tho grave about
sixtoen years, leaving him with six
sons and two daughters, all of whom
now survive tholr father, their names
and placeB of residence being as fol
lows: J. D. Cronshaw, of Atlanta,
Qa.; C. L. Cronshaw, of Philadel
phia, Pa.; D. H., R. C., O. L., Thodo
and Miss Jennie Cronshaw, and Mrs.
Claude Anderson, all of the latter re
siding noar Newry.
Mr. Crensbaw united with tho Ma
sonic fraternity at Walhalla about 48
years ago, and at his death was an
honorary member of Blue Ridge
Lodge No. 9 2. The funeral was con
ducted by mern hors of Walhalla and
Newry Masonic lodges. The Inierl
mont took place in the cemetery of
tho Fairview church. He was a be
loved brother, worthy of the honor,
love and respect of his fellow crafts
men. The religious riles at tho fune
ral were conducted by Rev. Bro. W.
M. Abbott.
The bereaved relatives have the
sympathy of many friends in their
sorrow. B.
There ti more Catarrh In this section
of tho country than all other diseases
put toi? trier, and for. y ears lt waa sup
posed to be Incurab'p. !>"Mori prescribed
local remedies, and oy uunntuiuly falling*
to cure with lora! tr>*i>'aient, pronounced
lt Incurable. Catarrh 1.1 a local disease,
greatly Influenced by constitutional con
ditions and thereforo requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine, manufactured by F. J. Cheney dc
Co.. Toledo, Ohio, ls a constitutional
remedy, is taken internally and acts
thru the Blood on thc Mu.ons Surfaces
of the System. One Hundred Dollars re
ward is offered for any case that Hall's'
Catarrh Medicine fails to cure. Send for
circulara and testimonials.
F. J. CHENET & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by Drug-fists, 76c.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Stop Your Cold, Says Uncle Sam.
One of the most Important things
to do after having contracted a cold
is to take a foot bath at a tempera
ture of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, a;
good, hot drink, either hot lemonade
or hot milk, and a dose of relaxing 1
medicino. j
If it is convenient, it is well to
take a full hot or warm bath from
100 to 115 dogreos, and then go at
once to bod.
You will bo surprised how much
time you can savo by recognizing tho
first danger signal of the so-called :
common cold.
As regards food, eat moderately. |
Whiskey and heavy doses of quinine
which you froquontly hear recom
mended are decidedly objectionable,
and do more harm than good.
Remember, the so-called cold may i
bo the beginning of an attack of In-j
fluenza or tuberculosis, or pneumo
nia, or, in children, not lnfrequetnly,
of whooping cough or measles.
A cold In a young Infant ls always
dangerous. It spreads rapidly If not
gotten promptly under control, and
soon Involves tho bronchial tubos
and tho lungs, resulting In broncho
pnoumonla, which ls a very fatal dis
ease In children under five yoars of
The mother who has a cold should
always wear a mask when nursing
her baby, so as to prevent the possi
bility of any droplets coming in con
tact with tho child.
Tho Baldwin Cotton Mills, one of
the largest textile plants In the Car
olinas, last wook announced that it
would run on half time until it could
sell more of its goods.
"They Work while you Sleep"
Have you no time for exorcise?
Thou do the noxt best thing: Take
Mascarets occasionally to keep your
livor and bowels active. When bli
ous, constipated, headachy, unstrung
>r for a cold, upsot stomach, or bad
..roath, nothing acts so nlcoly as Cas
?arots. Childron love thom, too. 10,
?5, 50 conts.-adv.
TEXT.-And he wus angry and would
not go In: therefore carno MB father out
and entreated bim.-Luke 16:28.
D. L. Moody frequently preached on
.The Elder Brother." He said ho did
BO because there
arc so many of
In the first in
stance the elder
brother repre
sented the Phari
sees. The open
lng verses of
Luke 16 read
thuB: "Then drew
near unto Him all
the publicans and
sinners for to
bear Him. And
tho Pharisees and Scribes murmured,
saying, This man receiveth sinners
and eateth with them." It was to re
buke this murmuring, by setting forth,
In contrast, tho seeking love of God,
which goes forth to publicans and shi
ners, that Jes?s spake the parables of
the lost sheep, tho lost coln, nnd the
lost man, or the prodigal son. In fact,
he draws a portrait of the murmuring
Pharisees In the story of the elder
brother. As Mr. Moody said, there
are still many of him, for he finds suc
cessors In all formal religionists, who
! have no sympathy with God's Joy over
the recovery of the lost.
First of all, such men find no Joy In
the servlco they themselves offer God.
When the prodigal came home, the fa
ther called on those about him to
make merry. Tho parablo goes on to
say: "Now his elder Bon was In the
field; and as he came and drew nigh
to tho house, he heard music and I
dancing. And be called one of the I
servants, and asked whnt these things
meant" (vv. 20, 28). Such merriment
was foreign to his spirit. And so lt ls
always with formal religionists, for
j the Joy of Hie Lord IB not theirs. John
! Wesley was such an one even after
j being ordained to preach. When on
j his way to America ns a missionary to
1 the Indlnns, his ship ran Into a drend
! ful storm. He was disturbed nt the
I outlook, and was amazed to hear a j
! company of simple-hearted Moravian
I Christin.is singing calmly and Joyous- I
? ly lu the midst of the storm. Even
their children Joined tn the songs,
? Wesley was forced to contrast their
conduct with his own feelings. Tho
incident was an important factor in
leading him Out of a life of religions
bondage Into the liberty of the glory J
of the children of God.
I Notice, too, the restraint between I
I this son and his father. When he
would inquire as to the sounds of
merriment bi the bon BC, he did not
ask his father, but went to a servant.
A life of true prayer ls impossible to
the formal religionist He says pray- I
era, bnt this ls not the same as pray
ing. The prayers of the Pharisees
were foll of vain repetitions, for like
the heathen they thought they would
be heard for their much speaking. To
refer to John Wesley again, he never
prayed without n prayer book until j
after he bed come Into tho experience
of a true child of God. How different I
ls such restraint from "the boldness
and access with confidence" to which I
God invites us.
How beautiful to read: '^Therefore
came his father out and entreated
him" (v. 28). It has been well rf?
marked that this verso shows tht/.-o
ls a gospel for the Pharisees I God
lotos iha formal religionist quite aa
much aa the prodigal. And if he only
knew lt, rae" formel religionist needs
the compassion and grace Of God quite
as much ns does the prodigal.
For, see the spirit exhibited In rho
Ron's complaint, that thc father had
never given him n kid that he might
make merry with his "friends." Evi
dently his springs of Joy were not In
his father, but In his friends. And, '
verily, the successors of thc elder
brother would not he happy even In
heaven. They would not find their
Joy there with the Father and would
not respond when the Great Shepherd
said : "Rejoice with me : for I have
found the sheep which was lost."
But did not the father say, "Son,
thou art ever with me, and all that I
hnve ls thine?" Yes, but he refers only
to earthly things; the "living" he hail
divided. True, lt ls better not to
squander our "substance," of body and
mind and possessions, In riotous liv
ing, ns did the prodigal. But lt ls true,
also, that while a correct life ls better
than nn Irregular one, it will not of
Itself secure heaven.
The best robo was graciously laid
on tho repentant prodigal's shoulders.
The elder brother never wore lt, and
never will, until he recognises the
filthiness of his rags I
8um Total of a Life.
The sum total of n life lived In union
with God ls realized when the highest
aspiration of the soul takes form In
corporate and objective worship, and
prayer becomes but the voice of one
who has placed at the feet of the Lord
Jesus a soul consecrated to the service
of the dear Master, and tho greater
glory of His holy Nome.-Hov. Henry
Lowndes Drow.
Firm Persuasion.
A pelton under the firm persuasion ?
that he can command resources vir* I
tunlly has them .-Livy. ?
.glig* *|* 4? ^ ?J? ?I? ?I* ?I? -J* ?I? 'J? ?I?
4I MAKE IN 1020? 4.
* F Income Tax In a Nutshell.
$Vho? Singlo persons who had not
intime of $1,000 or more for tho
yeV 1920; married couples who had
not income of $2,0"O
]vhen? March lo, 1921, lu tho final
data for filing returns and making
firs', payments.
Vhere? Collector of internal rev
enue for district In which the person
How? Full directions on Form
1040A and Form 1040; also the law
and regulations.
What? Four per cent normal lax
on taxable Income up to $4,000 in
excess of exemption. Eight por cent
normal tax on balance of taxable in
come. Surtax from 1 per cent to 68
per cent on net Incomes over $5,000.
Again, What IHd You Make in 1020?
Work has boon begun on the col
lection of thc Income lax for the year
1920. Uncle Sam. through the bu
reau of internal revenue, is address
ing to every person in the United
States the quest ion, "What was your
net income for !920?" The answer
permits of no guesswork. Every sin
gle person whose net income for 1920
wa8 $1,000 or moro, and every mar
ried person whose net Income was
$2,000 or more, is required to file
a return, under oath, with the col
lector of internal rovenue for tho dis
trict in which be lives on or beforo
March 16, 1921.
The penalty for failure ls a fine of
not more than $1,000 and an addi
tional assessment of 25 per cent of
the amount of tax due. For wilful
refusal to make a return the penalty
ls a fine of not more than $10,000 or
not exceeding one year's Imprison
ment, or both together, with costs of
prosecution. A similar penalty ls
provided for making a false or fraud
ulent return, together with an addi
tional assessment of 50 per cent of
the amount of tax evaded.
Women Must Pay Tax.
The Income tax applies to women
as well as men. Husband and wife
must consider the Income of both
plus that of minor dependent chil
dren, and if thc total equals or ex
ceeds $2,000 a return must bc filed.
A minor who has a net income in his
owl right of $1,000 or more must
file separate return. To he allowed
thais,000 exemption a married por
sqnP'UBt be living with husband or
w?'f? 'on the last day of the taxable
year-Dec, 31, 1920. Divorcees, per
sons separated by mutual agreement,
widows and widowers, unless they
are the sol? support of others living
In tho same household, in which case
they are allowed the $2,000 exemp
tion granted the head of a family,
aro entitled only to $1,000 exemp
Tho Tax Rates for 1020.
The normal tax rato for 19 20 ls
tho same as for 1919-4 per cont on
the first $4,000 of not Income above
the exemption, and eight per cent on
tho remaining net Income. This ap
plies to every eitzen and resident of
the United States. In addition to the
normal tax a surtax Is Imposed upon
not income in excess of $5,000.
Instructions on Form.
Pull Instructions for making out
returns aro contained on the forms,
copies of which may bo obtained
from collectors of Internal revenue.
Persons whoso net income for 1920
was $C,000 or loss should uso Form
1 040A. Those with Incomes In ex
cess of $5,000 should . use Form
Revenue officers will visit every j
county in tho United States to assist
taxpayers In making out their re
turns. Tho dato of their arrival and
the location of thoir offices will be
announced by the press or may he
ascertained upon inquiry at the of
fices of the collectors. This advisory
service is without cost to taxpayers.
Special Form for Farmers.
Thousands of farmers whoso not
income for 1920 equaled or exceeded
i iii?ii>ii>iiii^>.^-ti-?'i>ii?..?i.?.i>">..?"t"?"? >II>II> i)
Take "Pape's Diapepsin" and
eat favorite foods
without fear
H?.|i4'i>.i|,^^mii|,Hi??i?^.,.i?H..M'??<"t">.t 1
Your meals hit back! Your stom
ach Is sour, acid, gassy and you fool
bloated after eating, or you have
heavy lumps of indigestion pain or
boadacho, but never mind. Here ls
Instant relief.
Don't stay upset! Eat a tablot of
Papo'8 Dlapepsln and immediately
the indigestion, gases, acidity and all
Stomach distress caused by acidity
Papo's Dlapepsln tablets aro tho
uu-oBt, quiekest stomach rollovers In
the world. They cost very little at
Irug stores.-adv.
tho exemptions of $1,000 for single
persons and $2,000 for married per
sons will be required to file, on or
before March 15, 1921, income tux
returns for the year 1920.
AH an aid to farmers the bureau
of internal revenue has prepared a
special form (1040F) for recording
salos of livestock, produce, and a
summary of ?nco mo and expenses.
This form should be attached to tho
taxpayer's individual return on Form
1040 or 104OA. Full instructions for
making out the forms are contained
in each.
Under gross income a farmer ls
required to include all proceeds de
rived from the sale of farm products,
whether produced on tho farm or
purchased for resale. When he ex
changes his products for grocories,
clothing or other merchandise ho
must include in his income tho value
of tho articles received and exchang
ed. Profit received from tho salo of
farm land or rent reel ved for the use
thereof must also bo Included.
Determining Net Income.
In determining his not Income,
upon which the tax ls assessed, tho
farmer may deduct all necessary ex
penses incurred in tho operation of
his farm during tho year. These In
clude tho cost of cultivation, harvest
ing and marketing'of crops, the cost
of seed and fertilizar used, amount
spent in repairs to farm buildings
other than the dwelling, and to tho
fences and machinery. Tho cost of
farm tooth' used up in tho course of
tho year, Wages paid to employees
other than domestic servants, and
rent paid for farm land and build
ings (other than dwelling) aro de
ductible items.
Farmers who keep no records or
only records of cash receipts and dis
bursements, should make their re
turns on the basis of actual receipts,
but farmers who keep complete ac
counts and who take Inventories nt
tho beginning and end of tho year to
determine thoir profits, should report
on the accrual basis. Both methods
are fully explained on Form 1 040F,
copies of which may he obtained
from the oifices of the collectors of
internal revenue.
(hove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy und Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Trying All Sorts of "Wedges."
Washington, Jan. 13.-An amend
ment to the prohibition enforcement
act so as to permit American passen
ger ships plying In foreign trade to
carry and sell liquor outside the 3
mile limit of the United States was
urged 'before tho House Judiciary
who complained that because of the
present restrictions foreign ships are
handling the bulk of travol.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared SyrupTonlc-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. !t relieves promptly but
should bo taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
The word alcohol was originally
used as tho name of a kind of black
paint used by Eastern women for the
darkening of their eyes.
Tho County Board ls unable to
send out any more monthly checks
until the Legislature makes a now
appropriation for this purpose.
J. C. SHOCKLEY, Suporvlsor.
J. B. S. DENDY, Clerk.
Jan. 12. 1921. 2-3
Tho County Board ls unable to
send out any more monthly checks
until a now appropriation for this
purpose ls made by tho Legislature.
J. C. SHOCKLEY, Supervisor.
J. B. S. DEN'DY, Clork.
Jan. 12, 1921. 2-3
The Regular Monthly Meetings of
tho Suporvlsor and his Hoard will be
hold, as heretofore, at the County
Commissioners' Ofllco, at Walhalla
Court IIouso. on the FIRST FRIDAY
of each month, promptly nt 10 o'clock
A. M.
All claims against the County must
be filed with tho Clerk of the Board
on or boforo the FIRST THURSDAY
of each month, or they will not be
considered until tho noxt monthly
meeting This ls a positive regula
tion and will bo adhered to strictly.
All Lunacy Claims must bo "O.
K.'d" by tho Judge of Probate, and
all Post Mortem Claims must be "O.
K.'d" by tho Coroner boforo bolng
filed. J. C. SHOCKLEY,
J. B. S. DENDY, Clerk.
Jan. 12, 1921. 2-3
Walhalla, 3. C., Jan. 10, 1921.
To the Road Overseers of Oconee
You will please hire from four to
six mon, und teams to haul rock and
lumber, and proceod at once to re
pair tho roads throughout the coun
ty, each ono in his own District. I
especially ask you to soe after all
Mall Routes FIRST. Ditch out tho
mud-holes, haul rock and beat them
up and make a solid foundation, then
add four inches of top soil on the
rock. Buy good, sound white oak
lumber, or nil-heart pine, if possible,
for all culverts, and make tho cul
verts sufficiently large to carry the
water easily. Put thom well under
tho surface of tho road-bod. Uso only
good white oak sills undor all small
bridges. You may buy some good rod
onk to. floor theso bridges and to re
pair boles in larger ones.
1 will attend to the building and
overhauling of all larger bridges my
ABk all the citizens of your Dis
trict to please cut their fire-wood for
tho winter nlong the sides of the pub
lic highways, in order to let in the
sun and dry up tho roads as quickly
as possible. Also ask tho farmers,
whore it is possiblo to do so In ter
racing land, to please turn tho wator
away from tho public roads.
All overseers are authorized to buy
lumber and other material, also to
employ labor to repair roads. Thoy
aro to buy tho material at nearest
available point iii order to savo the
expense of transportation. Tho price
for labor during tho month of Janu
ary will be, for overseers, thirty cts.
per hour;- hands, twenty-five cents.
Good teams of mules, wagon and
drlvor, will bo paid fifty cents per
hour. Tho price of lumber will bo
based on delivery, at Walhalla, West
minster and Seneca, as follows: Four
dollars per hundred feet for white
oak and all-heart pine; throe dollars
por hundred feet for red oak. Should
it bo bought from mill mon. tho cost
of hauling to either of. theso mar
kets will be deducted therefrom.
All claims for labor and material
will bo paid for on Friday, Fob. 4th,
1921, if the claim ls properly filed
with tho Clerk of the County Board,:
J. B. S. Dendy, Walhalla, S. C., by
overseers of each District not later
than Thursday, Fob. 3d. This is im
perative If the January account ls
expected to be collected at tho Feb
ruary meeting of tho Board.
All prices for material and labor
are subject to cliangc each month.
Use what tools you can got for tho
present, as the county has nono.
I am coming around soon and of
ten, so get bu.sy and let us go for
ward, and keep going.
Yours for good roads,
Supervisor of Oconee County.
Jan. 12, 1921. 2-3
Pursuant to a Resolution of the
Board of Directors of Tho Brown
Lumber Company, at a mooting hold
In the offices of said Company, at
West Union, S. C., on December 30th,
1920, for the purpose of Increasing
the Capital Stock of said Company,
notice is heroby given that there will
be a meeting of the Stockholders of
The Brown Lumber Company, at the
offices of said Company, at West
Union. S. C., on THURSDAY, Febru
ary the 3d, 1921, at four o'clock P.
M., for the purpose of considering tho
resolution of the Board of Directors
asking for an increase of the Capital
Stock of said Company io Seventy
five Thousand Dollars.
January 11th, 1921.
President and Treasurer.
Jon. 12, 1921. 2-5
Auditor's Office,
Oconee County, S. C., Doc. ll, 1920.
The Auditor's office will bo open to
receive returns for personal property,
for taxation, from the 1st day of
January, 1921, to the 20th of Feb
ruary, 1921, inclusive.
Real estate not returnable this
yoor, except property that has been
bought or sold, In which case samo
shall be noted ns such.
Bo sure and make your returns
and savo trouble in the futuro, and
also tho 50 per cent penalty, which
is roquired by law.
Bo sure and glvo lyour correct
township and school' district.
All parties between 21 and 50, In
clusive, must make road tax returns.
None exempted by law.
Please don't neglect returning
your dogs. Failure to return dogs is
a misdemeanor.
For tho convenience of tho tax
payers tho Auditor, or lils doputles.
will receive returns at the following
places and dates:
Fair Play, January 20.
Earle's Grovo, January 21.
Oak way, January 2 2.
Tokeena, January 24.
Providence, January 25.
Friendship, Janaury 2G.
Jordania, January 27.
Richland, January 28.
Newry, January 31.
Adams' Crossing and Clemson Col
lego, February 1.
High Falls, February 2.
Salem, February 3.
Little River, February 4.
Taniaspoo, February 5.
Mountain Rest, February 7.
Whotstono, February 8.
Long Crook, February 9.
Tugaloo Academy, February 10.
Seneca, February 14 and 15.
Westminster, February 16 and 17.
Westminster Mill, Fobruary 17.
Tho following hours will bo ob
sorvod: From 10 a. m. to 2 p. m.
At Seneca and Westminster wo will
hold from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Auditor Oconee County.
Jan. 12, 1921. 2-asox

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