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(Established 1840.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Your .$1.00
Six Months .
Three Months.30
Advertising Ilutes Hoasonnble.
Hy Stoek, Sliolor, Hughs & Sholor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituarv notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of roBpect, either by
individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will be marked "Adv." In
conformity with Federal ruling on
auch mattors.
WEDNESDAY, Jan. IO, 1021.
The Hig Association Says All Signs
Are Not to \HI Pursued.
Columbia, Jan. 13.-"Tho advance
in (he cotton market during the past
few days has been due largely to tho
growing impression on the New York
exchange that tho farmers of (he
South are actually going to reduce
their cotton acreage this spring,'
says a statement given out from the
headquarters of the South Carolina
Division of the American Cotton As
social ion in (his city.
"Attention of tho public was called
by the association to the opinions of
well known colton linns, which have
boen printed in the papers recently.
Several of these linns are quoted as
Raying that 'the reports that fanners
are freely signing the acreage; reduc
tion pledges had influenced the mar
Warning that the price of codon
might be forced up by the cotton in
terests around planting time in an
effort to "fool the fanners" into
planting another large crop was also
quoted in the statement. "We wish
to urge thc fanners to sign the
pledges and live up to them," tho as
sociation says. "If they will only do
this we will be able to at least sell
our cotton for what il costs. The
minute the market becomes convinc
ed that we have reduced our acreage
we believe (here will bo a sharp up
ward turn. We must not be stam
peded by any advance, however, into
planting another large crop. If we
are we will be in a worse lix next fall
(han we are now. The only thing
that can save us will be a drastic re
duction in cotton acreage and a very
greatly increased acreage in food and
feedstuffs. Wo believe the farmers
of the South have awakened to this
Colds Cause drip and Influenza
cause. There ls only one "Bromo Quiolne." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on tho box. 30c.
Citizens Vote to Join York County.
Kock Mill. Jan. 12.-According to
thc latest returns from the olection
held yesterday In eastern Chester
county, the votors of thal territory
voted. 147 lo 65, to annex to York
county. Sixteon of the votes were
contested. This gives a margin of 17
more than tho two-thirds majority
necessary lo carry, excluding the con
tested votes. As a result of the elec
tion York county has 75 square miles
additional territory, an increased
population of I.OOO. an increase In
taxable values of (1,250,000. The
territory embraces some of the rich
est section of Chester county, and
York residents were to-day exchang
ing felicitations with the former
('hester residents who were visitors
to the city.
Name ''Buyer" on Genuine
Warning: Unless you see the name
"Mayer" on package or on tablets you
aro not getting genuine Aspirin, pro
scribed by physicians for twenty-one
years and proved safe by millions.
Take Aspirin only as told in the
?ayer package for colds, headache,
neuralgia, rheumatism, earache,
toothache, lumbago and for pain.
Handy tin boxes of twelve Hayer Tab
lots of Aspirin cost fow cents. Drug
gists also sell larger packages. Aspi
rin Is tho trado mark of Hayer Manu
facture of Monoaceticacldostor of
Red-Uloodotl Men and Women Are
l'p and I>oing Bright and Early.
Take Popto-Mangan, the Palliou*
Mood Tonie Proscribed by Phy
sicians for Thirty Years.
Sluggish blood, clogged with poi
sons, makes you lazy. You never feel
Uko getting up in tho morning. And
when you do get up, you miss that
feeling of refreshing rest. You feel
moro tired than when you went to
bed. After a good night's sleep you
should get up with a spring, feeling
alivo, renewed, refreshed.
And you would, too, if your blood
were full of red corpuscles. Your
complexion would look fresh, your
eyes bright and clour; you would
feel the warm tirigie of good health.
Look to your blood if you have
that lazy, heavy feeling In tho morn
ing. Hegin taking Pepto-Mangan
the ideal tonic, lt has blood-build
ing properties that pick you up and
give you strength.
Pepto-Mangan is widely and heart
ily endorsed by physicians. It Is ef
fective and easy to take, lt is pre
pared in both liquid and tablet form.
Both have the same medicinal pro
Sold at any drug store. Bul bo
sure you get the genuine Pepto-Man
gan-"(ludo's." Ask for it by the
full name, and bo sine the full name.
. (Jude's Pepto-Mangan." is on the
Por the Disposition of Steden Conds.
Robbed on Wholosulo Seale.
Chicago. Jan. 13; - Business be
came so good here for a gang of gro
cery thieves, who stole on a whole
scale from delivery trucks, that they
had to open several retail stores to
dispose of their plunder more read
ily, police declared to-day in an
nouncing that they have accounted
for thefts of meats, butter, tea and
other groceries valued at $150.000
with the arrest of sever, members 01
the gang. They said three markets
wero recently opened by the thieves.
Two of the men were seized yes
terday when they were trying to striai
a truck loaded with meats.
Card of Thanks.
Editor Keowee Courier:
We wish to express our sincere ap
preciation to our many friends for
extending their love and sympathy lo
us during the sickness and death of
our beloved father, J T. Crenshaw.
May the Lord bless you all.
His Children.
Newry, Jan. 12. 1921.- (adv.)
Horrible Story of Madman's Assault
on Louisiana Family.
DeRidder, La., Jan. 12.-Surgeons
to-night despaired of saving tho life
of John Orlander, the latest victim,
with his wife and two children, of a
fiend who, thc authorities beliove, is
the same that seven years ago claim
ed 45 persons as his victims in a trail
of terror that reached from LaFay
otto to Houston, Texas.
Besides Orlander. his wife, their
daughter Josephine, aged 0, and
Paul, the 8-year-old son. are victims
of the supposedly madman's bloody
assault 'vlth an axe.
The tragedy was discovered early
to-day by a child who sought en
trance to tho little grocery store of
which Orlander was the proprietor,
to make a small purchase. Finding
tho door eloped the little girl went to
the side entrance leading to the sleep
ing quarters of the family. Shriek
ing for help, she aroused the neigh
Lying across their beds, clad in
their night clothes, .he man, tho wo
man and the children were found.
Walls, bed clothing and floor were
spattered with blood, while a broken
latch on the window showed how an
ontranco had been gained.
Moans were issuing from thc lips
of Ibo woman. She was conscious do
spile her terrible injuries .but, with
her Jaw split, unable lo talk. Her
husband lay beside her. the top of
his skull broken. The children were
unconscious, suffering from great
gashes in arms, legs ?ind shoudors.
Although an Italian merchant ls
held on suspicion, Sheriff Frazier and
his deputies are lo-nlght soarching
for a negro with whom Orlander ls
said to have had I rouble.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
?opa the Cough Sod Headache and works off the
i Cold. E. W, GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c
Inelegibles und Arrunge for The*
Speedy Deportation.
New York, Jan. 14.-A nattoi
wide round-up of all Oriental inel
igibles will bo lnunehod Jan. 22.
This announcement was made lao
yesterday at Ellis island by Loo Rw
sell, chief deporting agont of tho in
migration service.
E. M. Kline, of tho buroau of in
migration of tho Department of la
bor, will have command of tho work
and will start out from Washington
Jan. 22 with a staff of deportin?
agonts, for a tour of the South and
West, seeking 'many Chinese niul
Japanese in tho United States who
have no lawful right to bo hore," Mr.
Russell added.
Tho majority of tho Oriontals came
as soamon and took advantage of
their seaman's cards to como ashore
upon arrival of their vessels at Uni
ted States ports, dosorting the ships
and smuggling themselves into sec
tions of the country remote from
their landing places, tho deporting
agent added.
Sweeping orders for such a round
up have been issued at Washington,
and a special force is to bo assigned
to the work, Mr. Russell said.
Mexicans illegally in the country
will be rounded up for deportation ny
the Kline force, which will be under
orders to hunt for thom along tho
border, he said, adding that Orien
tals will be deported from San Fran
cisco and Mexicans at pordor point.-.
Mr. Russell was at Kills Island
completing arrangements for the de
portation of Ludwig n. A. K. Mar
tens, the Russian Soviet envoy in the
United States.
I*Vofess Ignorance
Washington. Jan. 14.-Officials of
the Department of Labor, State and
Justice who could be reached last
night professed to know nothing of
a round-up of Orientals and Mexi
cans illegally within the United
States, announced as sot for Jan. 22.
by Leo Russell, chief deporting agent
of the Bureau of Immigration.
One high ofllcial of tho Department
of Labor said that, although he knew
of no plans for a concerted drive
against Chinese, Japanese and Mexi
cans who had smuggled themselves
into thc country, a number of raids
had been mado recently, and moro
undoubtedly were In prospect.
nm ?tefe
'mv> '/To "znii?iii\s 'mv
"Pape's Cold Compound" is
Quickest Relief Known
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blow
ing and snutiling! A dose of "Pape'?
Cold Compound" taken every twe
hours until three doses are taker
usually breaks any cold right up.
The very first d?BC opens clogged
nostrils and tho air passages of the
head; stops nose-running; relieve.*
the headache, dullness, feverishness
"Rape's Cold Compound" costo
only a few cents at drug stores. Il
acts without assistance, tastes nice,
contains no quinine. Insist on Pape's
Jasper, Ala., Jan. 13.-William
Beard, a miner held in connection
with the killing of James Morris, a
guardsman, on Dec. 23, last year,
was taken from the Walker county
jail hero at 2.3 0 this morning by a
mob and later shot to death, three
miles from Jasper, on the Manches
ter road.
The jailer and military authorities
believed Beard had boen rescued
from prison by friends until tho body
was discovered by the roadside, rid
dled with bullets.
A rural mall carrier found thc
body and Coroner A. B. Logg im orn
ately took charge of tho case. An
inquest will be held over the body.
According to a statement by the
warden of the prison, the mob wa*
composed of about thirty men, heav
ily armed. The party approached tlir
jail quietly, and a spokesman made
known the mob's demands in a few
words. Outnumbered and with no
means of summoning aid, the warder
turned the keys of tbe jail ovor tc
the attacking party. After tho re
lease of Heard he was placed In (l
motor car and driven westward. Th<
mob disappeared as silently as it had
approached the prison.
The killing of tho guardsman oc
curred al Nauvoo, a mining commu
nity in Walker county, after ho had
shot and killed James Xorthcutt, a
striking miner. Northeim wa? thc
father-in-law of Beard. Thc arrest ol
Heard followod a few days after thc
doublo killing.
Roth Northcutt and Heard aro Raid
to have been among the minors whe
walked out on Sept. 7 last, whon t
gonoral strlko was called in tho Ala
bama coal flolds.
Military roinforcomonts and State
law onforcomont officers am boin?
rushed hero.
Anderson Woman Says .She Suffered
Twonty-Fivo Years.
"Tanlac is Duo a Strong Rocommon?
dation," Sho Gratefully
More Iban a your after she had ta
kon Tanbie .Nhs. Martha Beasley, of
J9 Marshall stroot, Andorson, S. C.,
told of the "lasting benefits" Tanbie
gave her tn thu following statement:
"I had suffered from a very bad
from of indigestion for twenty-live
years or more," said Mrs. Beasley. "I
hurt so badly frequently that lt
seemed something like a knife was
sticking between my shoulders. Then,
too, I had awful choking spells and
terrible headaches, 1 had had these
spells I did not feel right for a timo
aftor ibo Tanlac broke them up. Gas
formed in groat quantities on my
stomach, my liver was sluggish, and
I was very nervous.
"It was moro than a year ago
when I started taking Tanlac, and
the benefit lt gavo mo was lasting.
The remedy stopped the choking
spells and ended those awful head
aches. I am not. troubled with indi
gestion now, and 1 really feel fine. My
appreciation of thc value of Tanlac
increases aa time passes, for time is
showing me that tho good results
Tanlac gave me are lasting.
"Tanlac is due a strong recom
mendation, and I am glad to give it,
for the remedy improved my condi
tion so much In every way. I think
[ it has no equal as a stomach medi
; cine and a tonic."
j '?mine, the master medicine, ls
j sold exclusively by Boll's Drug Store,
I Walhalla ; J. C. Cain, Oa'kway; Sa
lem Drug Co.. Salem; Seneca Phar
. macy, Seneca; Stonocypher Drug
j Co., Westminster; Hughs & Dendy,
! Richland.-adv.-I-2.
Remains of St! Soldiers Arrive.
Columbia. Jan. 12.-Tho remains
! of 23 heroes who died overseas for
! their country during the world war
j arriving over tho Seaboard Railway
j at 2 o'clock. Bach of the dead sol
I diets was escorted to his home by a
j non-commissioned officer or private
j from Camp Jackson. Twelve South
Carolinians are among theso 2? who
made the supremo sacrifice. They
Sorgt. Julius W. Jones, ICasley.
Private Clyde Mize, Newberry.
I Private Jos. H. Robinson, Easley.
Private Patrick N. Grady, Orangc
i burg.
.j Private John Henry Thompklns,
II Plum Branch.
[ j Prlvato Geo. Epton, Spartanburg.
I Private Orville L. Williams. Sted
I [ man-.
! i Prlvato Henry Perkins, Wagoner.
j Prlvato Esau Snipes, Bonneau.
I ' Prlvato Mack L. Parker, Conway.
Private Qulnco Harrell, Latta.
1 . Pnvato Leonard Pitts, Cross Hill.
j No Worms In a Healthy Child
; I All children troubled with Worms havo an un
I healthy color, which indicates poor blood, nod as a
' rule, there ls moro or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
I larly for two or three weeks will enrich tho blood.
1 , improve tho digestion, and act as a general Strcntfth
tj ruing Tonic to thu wholo system. Nature will then
1 throw og or dispel tho worms, and the Child will be
' in perfect health. Pleasant to take. 00c per bot?o.
j A u'trian Collapse Thought Near.
' I _
i i 1
J Paris, Jan. l l.-The complete po
I litical collapse of Austria within a
.' mouth ls expected in official Austrian
I ! circles hero.
"It is no longer a question of
. months," said Baron Elchoff. the
Austrian minister to France, to-day.
, "lt Is only a question of weeks, per
haps days."
' The people of India speak about
1 r,0 different languages and are dl
! vided into 43 distinct nationalities.
Hastings Seeds
! 1921 Catalog Free
? It's roady now. 116 handsomely ll
i lustratcd pages af worth while soed
( I and gardon nowa. This now catalog,
we believe, ls the most valuablo Hood
book evor published. It contains
i twonty full pages of the moBt popular
vegetables and flowors In their natu
ral colors, the finest work of Its kind
evor attompted.
With our photographic Illustrations,
and color pictures also from photo*
graphs, we show you Just what you
grow with Hastings' Seeds ovon bo
foro you order tho seeds. This cata
1 log inakoo gardon and flowor bod
' planning ouny and it should bo in ov
' ery single Southern homo. Wrlto tia
j a post-card for lt, giving your name
and address, lt will como to you
by return mall and you will bo mighty
I glad you've got lt.
> Hastings' Seeds are tho Standard
, of tho South and they havo tho larg
est mall order Hood house In the world
back of thom. Thoy've got to bo the
besL Wrlto novr for the 1921 cato
) log. It ls absolutoly free.
Dr lionK Fours, Possible Advance In
Price May Lend Many Wrong.
Clemson College Jan. 13.-"1 con
; foss that 1 am 'moro-or loss skepti
cs! of the willingness of the farmer
j to meot a situation by reducing his
; acreage In cotton," says W. W. l ong,
! director bf the extension service, in
discussing tho prosont situation and
tho future outlook for cotton prices.
"I appreciate that he is entirely
honest when ho expresses tho will
ingness at this sanson of the year to
reduce h's acreage, but I very much
fear that when planting time arrives
and the cotton market becomes some
what stronger, and tho tendoncy is
Tor higher prices, that ho will forgot
his good intentions, oxprossed a few
months before, and satisfy himself
with tho thought that the other fel
low ls going to make tho reduction.
I want to emphasize this fact, that
unless the cotton acreage of tho
South ls greatly reduced, those farm
ers who are now holding cotton will
bo forced to sell not only what ls on
hand, but this next year's crop, at a
prlco that will not only be disap
pointing, but that this period of
demoralization will, of necessity,
havo to continue. Thero never was a
time when tho situation as to tho
price of cotton is so absolutely In tho
hands of the farmer. If he will act
with that Intelligence and good, com
mon sense and conservatism that he
has always been credited with, this
situation can bo solved, lt will re
fluir? the development of the spirit
of self-denial, a willingness to make
sacrifices, unceasing labor, with tho
determination to make every farm
In South Carolina absolutely solf
supporllng, for man and beast, and
an intelligent reduction of the cotton
lt Does Not Pay Farmer to Tan
His Own Leather.
.Packing Houses Have Considerable
Advantage Because of Ability to
Carefully Qrade Skins-Holes
Are Avoided.
Apparently it doesn't pay the farm
er to tan his own leather. The bureau
of chemistry, United States Depart
ment of Agriculture, ts conducting
leather-making experiments upon the
j scnie to which the average farmer
i would have to adjust his work, and
, specialists say that tho results ob
, tallied thus far do not warrant gen
eral practice. Good leather can be
j made In Individual tanneries, but the
results are too uncertain to give re
liable profits,
i The work wns taken up hy the de
portment when lt became evident that
, the farmers were feeling the Injustice
j of a transaction wherein they sold a
i whole cowhide for less than they paid
ont for a pair of work shoes-an oc
? currence not nt all unusual. Investl
I gatton shows that the leather dealer
! ls not entirely to blame for the low
? prices that the farmer receives for
j his hides. Too often thc hide from
I the fnrm cow Is tnkon off fh a care
less manner that leaves the skin full
of cuts and holes-farm hldos aro nev
: er ns uniform as those bought from
the packing houses, where the animals
. ore Curcfully graded and the skins
removed by expert skinners. For that
reason the hide buyer ls always will
ing to pay more for the packer's prod
uct than he cnn offer the farmer.
Then, too, the farmer sells hts cow
I hide to the Junk dealer, who deducts
his profit from tho price he pays.
Whenever lt Is possible to collect a
number of hldos and skins lt will pay
the owner to deal directly with a
largo dealer, tho specialists say.
Boards Held Perpendicularly by Bolts
May Be Close Together or
Far Apart.
Here ls an adjustable hog creep that
may 'oe used to admit to a pen or feed
lot pigs up to a certain size, and ex
clude all above that size. Usually tho
boards of a hog creep are horizontal
hut In this case they an? perpendicu
lar, says a writer in Successful Fnrm
Adju8table Hog Creep.
lng. The hogs cnn always pass through
without stooping, and since thero ls no
board to rub along their bocks \thero ls
less danger of Injuring them. The two
outside boards ore nailed to tho cross
pieces while the two middlo hoards are
held in place hy bolts which pass
through elongated holes. These two
middle boards may be closo together or
far apart depending upon the size of
the hogs to be excluded.
.I- .?. 4. 4. 4. -I* 4. 4? ?I- ?I* 4* 4"
i 4* 4? 4? * 4? 4* 4* 4? 4* 4* 4*
4? 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*
DR, W. H. CUM?, 4?
Dontul Surgeon, .{.
Office Over C. \V. Pitohford's 4?
Store. 4*
.?. ?j* .?? -I? -I- ?J- 4? ?fr?
Attoruoy-at-Law, ?J*
State ft l< ederal Court Practice. 4*
? J? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?I? ?|? ?|? ?J? ?|? <,)?? ?J? ?JA
.J. E. L. IIERNDON, 4?
Attorney-ii t-L nw *?*
WALU A LI iA, S. C. 4*
PRONE NO. Ol. 4?
?* 4* 4t 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4" 4*
J. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor,
Plckens, S. C. W. 0. Hughs, 4?
Attorneys and Counsellors, 4?
Stute & Fcdoral Court Practice. 4*
4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*
Kurfees Paints and Oil.
Gutter and Repair Work.
S Pains
Read how Mrs. Albert
Gregory, of R. F. D. No.
1, Blidord, 111., got rid ol
her ills. ''During . . . 1
waa awfully weak . . .
My pains were terrific. 1
thought I would die. The
bearing-down pains were
actually so severe 1 could
not stand the pressure of
my hands on the lower
Fart of my stomach . . .
simply felt as if life was
for but a short time. My
husband was worried. ..
One evening, while read
ing the Birthday Alma
nac, he came across a
case similar to mine, and
went straight for some
Cardul for me to try.
The Woman's Tonic
"I took it faithfully and
the results were Imm?di
ate," adds Mrs. Gregory.
"I continued to get bet
ter, all my ills left me,
and I went through . . .
with no further trouble.
My baby was fat and
strong, and myself-thank
God-am once more hale
and hearty, can walk
miles, do my work,
though 44 years old, feel
like a new person. All 1
owe to Cardul." For
many years Cardui has
been found helpful In
building up the system
when run down by dis
orders peculiarto wemen.
J. 82
All porsons indebted to the estate
of .1. S. MALONE. DECEASED, aro
hereby notified to mi'ko payment
lt) tho undersigned, and all per
sons having claims against said es
tate will prosont tho samo, duly st
at tested, within tho timo proscribed
by law, or bo barred.
Administratrix (with Will annexed)
Estate of J, S. Malone, Deceased.
Jan. ?, 1921. 1-4*
All persons Indebted to tho Estato
of WM. N. TODD, Deceased, are
h or ob y notified to make payment,
to tho undorBlgnod, and nil persons
having claims against said Estate
will presont tho same, duly attested,
within tho Hmo proscribod by law,
or bo barred. MRS. EVA TODD,
Executrix of tho Estato of Wm N.
Todd, Deceased.
Dec. 29, 1920. 52-3
Japanoso constitute 4 2.7 por cent
of Hawaii's population.

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