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(Established 1810.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$1.0O
six Months .r?r>
Three Months.30
Advertising Hates Reasonable.
By Stock, Sh olor, Hughs At Sholor.
Co m mu nica tiona ol ti personal
character cb ur god for us advorllso
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes ot respect, either by
individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv.' In
conformity with IVderal ruling on
euch malters.
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 90, 1081.
And aller all lhere are but few
mistakes made indeed if there be
any thal cannot bo turned to ad
vantage, and for good, if wo will hut
view them rightly.
Rlsowhcre in this issue we publish
tl very timely and greatly appreciated
article from Dr. ti. W. Chi rd tier, of
Greenwood. While it is in tonsure
of the editor of The Courier we can
say with all honesty thal il is highly
appreciated hy us and not only thal,
but that the rebuke is merited.
For lo these many years tho editor
of The Courier has guarded tho col
umns of Tho Courier uga I ns I tho ap
pearance In them of matter thal
might offend any right-thinking per
son or appear as bordering on sacre
lige or irreverence. The thought has
come to us that. In some measure at
least we have not altogether failed
in our efforts, as witness the quick
-and again we say merited-rebuke
that came lo us when hundreds of
similar things are appearing almost
daily and weekly in other papers and
pass unnoticed. Wo are glad to know
that we have friends and readers
equa" * 'nf .tty of our
man in non tn Carolina tutu Wa uoiici
than does our friend Dr. Gardner the
constant vigilance necessary to the
publication of a clean newspaper. It
Is almost a daily occurrence that the
editor linds himself under the neces
sity of consigning to tho waste-basket
some aritcle that it is best should
never bo seen in print. We lei one
pass us, un though tedly, In the rush
of other things that have demanded
our attention and absorhed our very
best thought and judgment--and we
became careless, or thoughtless, or
insensible, for tho moment, to the
very pointedly irreverent strain of
the article in question; though to
day, as at the time thc parody was
handed to us. we are prepared to say
that the gentleman who wrote il is,
and was, as guiltless of sacreligious
intent as were we in publishing lt. lt
is our estimate of the man from long
observation and acquaintance, that
he is one of the best and mosl con
scientious of our good cilizens, aud
we are cortalnly ready to acquit him
of any wrong Intent. His daily in
fluence ls for good, and we know
that he will take the criticisms as we
readily take them, in good part, and
that they will serve to strengthen
his watchfulness in the future.
We have so long slood on guard
thal wo had, possibly become less
vigilant than ordinarily is our habit,
and a "culprit" slipped by our guard.
Hence Ibo heading we have chosen
for this statement: "Let Him ? . *
Take Heed'' Let him that thinkcth
he standet!) take heed lest he fall.
Wc have received other contribu
tions for the European children's n
lief fund since last week. These con
tributions are as follows, willi ;!;..
Intal for las! week showing:
Previously acknowledged . . . . .<7.;.n>i
Mr. and Mrs W. l?\ llarhort,
Walhalla .?.00
Mrs. s. ii <. Richland. t ,00
Seneca Ki mich i >. oneo Ked
I 'ross ( ' !. pier .200.00
Mrs. A. i ?olkers, Walhalla ... 1.00
Paul Gillisoil, Seneca | ? I . | . . | .00
Total io dali* .$2SI .0(1
This lund ls so important so nec
essary that wo aro going to koop
tho list ODOM until tho headquarters
of the relief work notify us that tho
urgent necessity has passed. Contri
butions will ho accepted by us as
received, acknowledged weekly and
remitted at stated Intervals to tho
headquarters of tho Relief Commit
too. Wo aro neting as roceivers lo
cally ior two funds-tho European
Children s Relief and tho Near East
llellef. De sure to designate Hie fund
to which you wish your contribution
to ho applied. So far the Europoa .
children ha', o received all ot" the
funds contributed through The Cou
Rockefeller (ilves Million.
Tho following dispatch from New
York will prove interesting as indi
cating tho force wit ll which th? n< ."??>
of iii" lOuropean children appeal lo
(hose of large means. This n.1 not
deter anyone, however, from making i
Iiis ur her small contribution. Some:
gifts arc large, hut tho need is vastly ?
larger than tho great and small gifts
combined so far, and probably will
be for some tinto lo come:
" New York. .Ian. 21.- -John I>
Kockefeler, Jr., son of t li o Standard
Oil magnate, lias contributed one
million dollars to tho relief of tho
starving European children. This
announcement was made to-night by
Ilorbfcrt Hoover at tho conclusion of
a dinner given to Mr. Rockefeller's
Bible class.
"Mr. Rockefeller's gift is the larg
est personal contribution to the $33,
0 01). 0 0 il fund being raised by tho
European Relief Council, Mr. Hoover
stilted Ho added that about one-half
of the amount has already been sub
sc ribed."
The handsome donation of $200
by tho Seneca Red Cross Chapter will
doubtless inspire other organizations
to take kindly to this wonderful
work of love for tho little ones who
are the victims of the cruel fate of
war. Wo cannot commend too highly
tho thoughtfulness of those In charge
of this noble organization al Seneca.
Senator W. l\ Mason was In Wal
halla for a short while last Saturday,
having come "back home" to Oconee
for the week-end recess of the Senate.
Mr. Mason was quite disturbed by
certain reports which he found cur
rent tu parts of Oconee relativo to
roads and public schools. He said
that one report thal he had come
across frequently was that ho was
going to use his Influence to cut the
point whore ii iyouhl ender him
il . .
? ?
I . (! I ;
wnicu ne hau i>upoiUuui> to ?w? on
his short visit, and he assured U3
that improvements so far made have
his most hearty commendation, and
that he can say with all his heart,
"Let the good work go on." There
are two things, he said, that certain
ly will not be handicapped by him,
and those two things aro thc publ.c
schools and the public roads.
liifthwny Work Progressing-"Tacky
Party" thut Was AH Tucks.
Bounty Land, Jan. 24.-Special:
Work on the State Highway began
last Monday and is making good pro
gress and ls attracting quite a num
ber of non-commissioned overseers
from the vicinity.
The public road leading from tho
Janies Station to Richland is receiv
ing much needed attention, tho work
being in charge of Dean Davis.
Mrs. J. B. Pickett's friends were
delighted to seo her Sunday. Mrs.
Pickett attended Sunday school and
the missionary society meeting at
Richland Sunday, being a guost of
her daughter, Mrs. W. D. Wright. She
returned to Sandy Springs Sunday af
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bennet, of Green
ville, are visiting the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Stone. Mr. Ben
nett is engaged in the highway con
struction work.
C. K. Rankin moved last week into
the Poplar community. The house
he vacated is being occupied by Mr.
and Mrs. Noah Cater.
W. A. Rankin and family, of Town
vlllo, were guests Sunday of Mrs. R.
N\ Ka uk in.
.1. I). Stewart ls suffering from a
painful felon on his left hand.
Tho friends of Miss Susan Doyle
will regret to leam that she has boon
HUfforing (tuite recently from a se
ven' attack of ptomain poison. Miss
Doyle is In the Southern Pacific Hos
pital. San Francisco. Cal , where she
has been employed asa trained nurse
since thc latter pari of August. En
couraging news of her convalescence
has been received, ?ml it ?? h O pod
thal she will soon bc entirely recov
ered .
Mr. and Mrs. Walter McKlo are
moving to Seneca to-day.
'Che "tacky parly," a I?. Y. P. U.
social held Friday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Mc
Donald, was quito a laughable occa
sion, the guests being without doubt
the tacklost sot that over taxed tho
hospitality of any homo and greatly
Warrant Sworn Out by Fat bor of tho
Two Demi Children.
Floronco, Jun. 21-Coroner Smith,
who yesterday caused tho arrest of
Edmund Blgham, a brother of L. S.
Bighorn, to-day continued bis Investi
gation of tho tragedy at tho L.
Bigham homo, near here, last Satur
day. when live persons wore found
shot io death, lt had generally been
believed that Dignam had shot his
mother, sister. Mrs. Marjorie Blaok.
and adopted children, and had thea
slain himself.
However, it later developed, ac
cording to information in the bauds
ol' the coroner, that Edmund Blgham
recently had had sonic trouble with
Mrs. Black concerning a family es
tate, and that ho Was alleged to have
threatened her lifo, lt was further
said that Mrs. Black, just before nor
death, had drawn a will, leaving lier
tv to h. S. Blgham, and under
which Edmund would not have bene
fited. Blgham was hoing held In jail
awaiting further action by the au
Edmund dignam, bi other of I s.
Bigham, who was supposed to have
killed his mother and sister and th*'
latter's two adopted children, and
then committed suicido at Pampino,
last Saturday, was arrested on order
of Coroner Smith, the warrant being
sworn out by the father of 'he '.?
slain children.
Several negroes will be arrested
and hold as material witnesses, it
was learned through tho coroner.
Bigham was arrested on strength
of a warrant sworn out boforo Mag
istrate Welmoro hy John W. Mc
Cracken, father of the two little
children Leo and John McCracken,
who were killed, and who had been
adopted by Mrs. Black. An affidavit
by Philip H. Arrowsmith, an attor
ney of Florence, also declared that
Edmund Bigham had threatened the
life of Mrs. Black when she had al
lom pt ed to recover possession of
three signed blank deeds, which had
been taken from L. S. Bigham by his
bro t her.
lu his affidavit Mr. Arrowsmith as
serted that Mr. Black carno to him
on Jan. Sth and requested hint to
draw a will for her. charging that
Edmund Bigham had threatened her
life. The affidavit also stated that
Mrs. Black told him she had given to
L. S. Bigham three signed blank
deeds; that Edmund had taken these
papers from his brother, and when
she attempted to regain possession of
them Eo>nund had threatened her
life. Edmund Bigham had no inter
est in the. Bigham estate, having con
veyed his interest to his mother and
brother, it was stated.
Arrowsmith declared that he drew
I the will in accordance with instruc
tions, placing in it the reason vhy
Blaclt wai Ind b li ave he
??porty t?> ii., s. Ut'.-ham The wT ms
ie en found accojdlUg '. ..eli ab; u
j U'?? sued a? \Vlioi .-es.
.vern Mn.
PO new (ievelopinrii it? th? ::' .'. Hit !
tragedy io-uay besides mo arrest ano
incarceration of two negroes, who
will be hoid as material witnesses.
Coroner Smith remained at Pam
plico until to-night. He has not yet
called the Jury of inquest together,
and states that he is determined to
exhaust every source of Information
bofore permitting tho jury to consider
the case In tho light of a verdict. It
may bo several days before the Jury
will meet to arrive at a verdict as to
tho killing of Mrs. M. M. Bigham.
Mrs. Black, the two adotpod children
and L.Smiley Bigham, tho last named
at first having been supposed to have
committed tho crlmo and thon to
have committed suicide.
At the Florence Jail to-day Ed
mund Bigham, who was arrested yes
terday, charged with the murder, on
a warrant sworn out by John W.
McCracken, father of tho two dead
children, had a long conforonce with
J. Monroe Spears, a prominent attor
ney of Darlington, and it is tinder
stood that Mr. Spoars will take charge
of his defense. No application for
ball has yet boon made. In the moan
time Bigham Is confined in a cell in
tho Jail. _
Singing at Hopowell Church.
We are requested to announce
that there will bc a singing at tho
Hopewell Baptist church next Sun
day afternoon, beginning at two
o'clock. Everybody is invited to at
tond and to bring their hooks and
hoar the new songs In Mr. Vaughn's
hook. "Temple Bells," for 1021. J.
W. Powell, Will Lemons and othors
aro expected to be there next Sun
day afternoon, Jan. :?0.
overtaxes the skill of the writer in
tackling a descriptive report of the
affair. Those who won prizes as be
ing the tacklost were: Misses Olive,
Lynch and Mattie Sue Marett and Leo
Day and Bill Stone. Interesting and
lively games wore played, which stim
ulated the appetite for the enjoyment
of the refreshments, which were
equally as '.tacky" as the partici
pants, the menu hoing; CS inger bread,
peanuts, popcorn, backbones, sau
sage, turnip greens and cornbread
.sandwiches and molasses candy.
Miss Bovie Stewart is visiting rel
j tit ves a t Salem.
I Miss (?ladys Stone's many friends
i will bo glad to know that she ?H able
ito return lo .-.(hool this morning, af
ter .in absence of several weoks on
I account of a largo abscess on her
Mrs. Jesse Williams is visiting her
mitt her, Mrs. Morris, al Newry, who
ls very ill. Wo hope for Mrs. Morris'
early recovery. . 1
We regret to learn that Mrs. J. C.
Sanders has been quite indlsposod
for sovoral days, and hope for her
early convalescence
Pooplo of tlio Near Must Can he As
sisted from Our Wardrobes.
Tho Courier is In receipt of tho
following appeal fur tho people of
tho Near Hast, who aro In desperate
straits, not alone for food and sus
tenance, hut for clothing to keop
them from tree-zing and tims perish
An Client Appeal.
Richland. Jun. 23, 1 !)j 1.
I'lditor Keowoe Courter:
Will you please publish this ap
peal for clothes cloth anything
to help gel tho poor people through
tills winter.' Why will any one let
tim moths and mice ruin things that
could save tho life of some of the
freezing children? I cleaned up my
piece bare - used overything. What
would not make a garment made a
quilt square, Ulled the piece bag
with the things and parcel posted
to tho Near East Relief.
I thank you for previous kind
nesses. Yours truly,
Julia D. Shanklin.
An Appeal for Help.
Tho executive committee of the
Woman's Missionary Council asked
tho presidents of the woman's mis
sionary societies to solicit contribu
tions from the merchants and manu
facturers and get the pastors to ap
peal to tho churches for the Poliah
Relief, to ask for clothes for men,
womon and children and hallies
any Hi lng from needles, thread, pins,
huilons, to quilts, sheets, pillow
slips, comforts-so that everybody
could give something "to this pitiful
The Literary Digest says, "lu these
terror-stricken lands babies are born
to parents who have not a single rag
of a garment with which to clothe
them. They aro wrapped in pieces of
paper and perish from cold."
Christian women, especially mo
thers, look over your pieces and old
clothes. Flour sacks make soft litt e
shirts and bands. Make a big bundle
of baby clothes and send to Frank
lin K. Lane. Treasurer, 12 Broadway,
New York City. Then will you know
you have "done it unto one of the
least of these."
Our pastor read the appeal in our
church. Tbi' Ttock Spring* w Mi .'?.
gave ?Hi j* ur mon is, a pair bl . titeos, < j
sui', of mon's clothes anti i gocd
wirri! overcoat,
Houv- sick iii b/ud 1 (ibuld u?l i
. .m to - ?< any of ih? l??K'-hshts, bili
selected, as I thought, two big-heart
ed merchants In each town and
wrote them, asking for any shop
worn goods that was not re?yly sal*,
j I also wrote the managers of the
manufactories in the county. Tho
response was so generous. I nm in
deod grateful to the two men who
can feel for tho poor, sufforing chil
dren. J. M. Druner generously gave
a hundred yards of dress goods--all
first quality cloth-when I had only
asked for odds and ends of damaged
goods. (Westminster.)
J. M. Alexander gave fivo hun
dred, sixteen and three-fourths yds.
( Newry.)
Oconee ought to be proud that wc
have a few such mon in our midst.
Other frionds outsldo tho society
gavo 22 garments and six cakos of
A colored woman who saw what ?
was doing gave 25 cents, and when
her husband paid it ho gave 2". conts
for hlmsolf. I sent tho money to
Mlsd Davies and told her they lost
a son In the war and knew what lt
meant. They sent a note of thanks
to tho old couple.
To all who helped In any way I
am truly grateful. The society is
now preparing to send another box
to tho Polish Relief.
Wo sont a box worth twenty-five
dollars to the Armenian Relief.
We clothe an orphan at Kpworth.
Wo made and sent a quilt to the
orphanage, and pay our duos and
We kept thc week of prayer and
mado an offering of $6.25.
We have so much to lie thankful
for: Wo have plenty to eat and to
wear, wood to burn to keep us warm.
Still we whine because we have no
This is the report of Rock Springs
W. M. S. for the year 1020.
Julia D. Shanklin, President.
Heartless Parents 1/oavo Hallies.
j Dallas. Texas. Jan. 22.~-.Mrs. M. I..
i Leonard placed a small haskel, lined
j with downy blankots, on her door
steps a week ago and announced in
' Dallas newspapers that the haskel
would be kept there lo receive home
less and unwanted babies. This morn
ing she took from the basket n ten
pound boy--tho fourth baby to find
i a haven there this woek.
Tho adhosion of mortars becomes
loss as tho proportions of sand is in
Monumental brasses of England
date from thc boglnnlng of tho 13th
I century.
V?V . .' you
:> se ? ?nat 'u>\v perfectly
Com-3 and sii e them up
in an> wty you like
nve proportioned, fitted and finished fer fastest work and longest wear-to help
you do your work in tho quickest, best, casie t and happiest way. Made from
finest tool steel, forged rig At, ground right and tempered right-tho bits are
made of extra high quality crucible tool steel inserted into tho body and every
ono sh? .s up with a roady-for-work edgo that's "just us keon as a brier"
sign of t? mighty good one, you know.
Come and lat's show you these tools, or any other hardware that's best and
most economical for you to buy. Glad to see you any time.
We offer o vir entire stocK of
at greatly reduced prices, including
It will pay you to order from us by parcel
post if needing an Axe.
Balleiipr Hardware and Furniture Co.,
Seneca, *S. C.
10.00 h.
10)5 a
tb 3nm1a>
r son ?l W
i ti ? fi a.
Pi'ogram for Gathering of Group of
Methodist Churches, Jun. ?0,
Following is thc program for a
meeting of the ehurcbos of Croup 2
(Anderson district!, embracing the
churches of the following charges:
St. John's. (Anderson). Pendleton,
Clemson College and Central, to be
held on Jan. 30. 1921, at Central, In
Plckcns county. Tho session will be
gin promptly at 10 o'clock:
Tin Program,
m. Opening devotions
tu.- "Out Objectlyes In
School." Prof w. a. Moir
. WM! o-e
a. in. 1 i ti Enlist Ad
tho i I ii dj >f I ho Sunday
School Lesson." Prof. E. C. Mc
Cants, Mrs. J. ?. Morgan.
11.15 a. m.-"How I Study My
Lesson." Fred Patterson.
11.30 a. m.-Sermon: "A Revival
In Every Church." Rev. J. T. Miller.
1.30 p. m.-"The Sunday School as
an Evangelistic Force." Prof. T. S.
Slsk, Rev. E. A. Drlggers.
2.05 p. m.-"How to Cot tho Peo
ple to Attend Sunday School." Rov.
A. X. Brunson, Frank A. Dixon.
7.30 p. m.-Sermon: Rev. A. N.
Scotch whlskoy manufacturers re
port inability to supply thc domand
from abroad.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin. Judge of Probate for
Oconee County, In the State of South
Carolina, at his office nt Walhalla
Court House, on Tuesday, the 22d
day of February, 1921, at ll o'clock
In the forenoon, or ns soon there
after as said application can bo
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of the Estate of R. E. Keese,
I tee . md lain "in a I i >e.< barge
as Administrator ot tait! Estate. (
J:. iL K EKSE.
Cd mitt ist ru for of tho KA tn lo of R. K
K cene, i )o< eased.
,lan. ?j?, 1921, i 7
v>hn u iiiii.-? i'ta .\i>.
All persons lndobted to the Estate
of Andrew Boardon, Deceased, aro
hereby notified to make payment
to the undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said Estate
will present the same, duly attested,
within the time prescribed by law,
or bo barred.
and W. M. LEM MONS.
Exocutors of the Estate of Andrew
Boarden, Deceased.
Jan. 26, 1921. 4-7
All persons indebted to tho Es
tate of James T. Crenshaw, Dec'd..
are hereby notified to make pay
ment to tho undersigned, and all
porsons having claims against said
ostato will present the same, duly at
tested, within tho time proscribed by
law, or bo barred.
Executor of tho Estate of James T.
Crenshaw, Deceased.
Jan. 2?>. 1921. 1-7
To Whom lt May Concern:
Again I call attention to the fol
lowing wills, which were found
among some old papers In the office
of the Judge of Probate and Master:
Memory Alexander.- Witnesses:
Wm. J. Strlbllng, M. C. King,-=%
Reid, Claybron Rothell.
tannie lt. Cumpboll.-Witnesses:
G. N. C. Boleman. D. A. Ledbetter.
F. O. Brown.
M. F. Freeman.-Witnesses: Burt
Mitchell. C. E. O. Mitchell. J. H.
John K. Evatt.-Witnesses: E. A.
Mulkey, T. D. Whltmlro. Balus S.
Any person interested will please
communicate with me.
Judgo of Probate, Oconee Co.
Jan. 26, 1921. 4-5
Notice ls hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate, tor
Oconee County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Tuesday, the 22d
day of February, 1921, at ll o'clock
in tho forenoon, or as soon there
after as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle?
mont of the Estuto of Mrs. Mary F.
Maxwell, Deceased, and obtain Final
Dischargo as Executor of said Estate.
Executor of the Estate of Mrs. Mary
F. Maxwell, Deceased.
Jan. 2K, 1921. 4-7
The State of South Carolina. Coui
cy of Oconee.--( In Court of Probate
-By V. F. Marlin, Esq., Probat
Judge.-Whoroas, Mrs. Lottie I.
Moss ha-' 'nude suit lo me to gran
her Letters of Administration of Ho
Estalo of and Effects of Mrs. Roxie
.1. Moss, Deceased
These are. therefore, to cito nnd
dmonish nil and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said Mrs.
Roxie J. Moss, Deceased, thal they
he and appear before me, in the
Court of Probate, to ho held ni Wal
halla Court. House. South Carolina,
on Monday, thc 7th day of Febru
ary, 1021, aftor publication hereof,
at I) o'clock in tho forenoon, to
show cause. If any they have, why
the said Administration should not
be granted.
Glvon under my hand and seal this
2 Isl day of January. A . I). 1921.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN.
Judge of Probate for Oconeo Co.. S C.
Published on the 26th day of Jan
uary and 2d day of February, 1921,
In The K?OWOe Courier, and on tho
Court House door for tho Hine pro
scribed by law.
Jan. 26, 1921. 1-5
Notice is boroby given (hat tho un
dorsignod will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judgo of Probate for
Oconee County, In tho State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court Hoe.- ., on Wednesday, tho 23d
nf 1 cbrutiry. 1921, al ll o'clock
n . f< . -noon, or ns soon there
aid application can be
bc ..'t. tur leave to make fluni settle
men I if tho Estate of C. M. Byrd.
; ' ? H ! ind obtain Final Dls
? ' :i ? \dnilnistrntor of said Es
lalo J. W. BYRD,
Wlmlni '. itor of tho Kst:ito of C. M.
rd, Deceased.
51. 1-7
.nh, ?fi,
Nol it
\ M? DI SCH A ll GI!.
ireby given that tho un?
/ ri will mako application to
nrtlni Judgo of Probato for
o.miy, in tho Stale of South
i his office at Walhalla
Courl isp, on Monday, thc 21st
ii o ' hillary, 1921, at cloven
. . >'i (lui forenoon, or ns soon
as said application can bo
leave to mako final settlo
IhO Estato of Jeremiah
Wrinn, Deceased, and obtain Final
Discharge an Administrator of said
B?tate J. W. WRINN.
Adminiitrat.oi of tho Estato of Joro
? .'? \h ,,rrlnn. Dermod.
M. 4-7
t heron tier
he . rd, f< r
mont o?

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