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Meeting of Heuvcrdaill Baptist Asso
ciation, nt 1 {ea voit! a nt Church.
Following is the program of tho
fifth Sunday meeting of the Beaver
dam Baptist Association, to bo hold
at Boavordam Baptist church on Sat
urday and Sunday, Jan. 20 and .'10:
Saturday Morning.
10.00 o'clock - Devotional. Rev. J.
A. Bond. I
10.80-Enrollment of delegates.
11.00-"What Baptists Believe as
to Election." Rev. J. W. Willis.
11.30-"Regeneration." Rev. O.M.
12.00 - Miscellaneous business and
adjourn for dinner.
Saturday Afternoon.
1.16 o'clock-"The Office and Du-'
ty of Deacons." Dr. Ira E. D. An-.j
1.46 - "Some Sunday School
Needs and What We Can Do." Prof. :
"L. H. Raines, Rev. Ceo. .Smith, Rev.
J. G. Martin. . I
2.30-Miscellaneous business and
Sunday Morning. 1
10.00 o'clock-Assembly of classes
for benefit of Sunday school. i
10.15-Sunday School Address. K.
W. Marett.
11.00-Sermon. Rev. Geo. Smith.
12.00-Adjourn. i
T. D. Marett,
J. G. Marlin,
Tra E. D. Andrews,
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Beware! Unless you see the name
"Bayer" on package or on tablets you !
aro not getting genuine Aspirin, pre- j
scribed by physicians for twenty-one ;
years and proved safe by millions.
Take Aspirin only as told In tho j
Bayer package for colds, headache, ;
neuralgia, rheumatism, earache, ;
toothache, lumbago and for pain. ?
Handy tin boxes of twelve Bayer Tab- !
lets of Aspirin cost few cents. Drug- j
gists also sell larger packages, Amii
rin is the trade mark of Bayer Manu
facture of MonoacctJcucidesler of
. Reviving old niuo Luws.
Berwick, Pa?., Jan. 20.-Strict on
forcement of Sabbath observance
laws here is demanded of the po I? ? ?
in an order by the Berwick Council, !
published to-day. Ordinances passed I
so long ago that the provisions of '
many of them have been forgotten
will bo revivied.
Under the order soda fountains,
cream parlors and newspaper stands
will be directed by the police to re-j
main closed on Sunday hereafter. ;
Gasoline stations are included in the
ha .i, and motorists whose supply of I
gas runs out here will bo compelled
to remain until Monday unless some '
can bo borrowed.
No Sunday newspapei.s will be per
mitted to bc sold either on the street
or In stores, and drug stores can
only fill prescriptions and dispense
Girl government clerks employed
in Washington are now compelled to
pay $50.50 a month for b'oard and
lodging at the dormitories for wo
men employed. The building was
erected with great speed during the I
Colds Should
Be Cared For.
As soon as a cold is contracted
tho system becomes disordered.
This may develop into any ono
of several serious diseases.
You can't afford to take Ibo
chance of incurring a severe pen
alty for. neglect.
For years physicians have
prescribed medicine containing
horehound, mullein and tar.
Compounded with a few other
elements yon have a medicine
that will check a cold immedi
To satisfy the demand for this
prescription in quickly obtain
able form, Dr. .Murray has his
chemists prepare quantities and
supply druggists. Ask your drug
gist for
Murray's Horehound
Mullein and Tar
Children enjoy taking lt.
Your druggist will refund your
money If your satisfaction ls
not complete.
Colds and influenza are suc
cessfully treated by using Dr.
Hilton's 'Life In conjunction
with Murray's Horehound, Mul
lein and Tar.
Manufactured by
Murray Drug Company,
Through Its Health Service the Am
.ride concentrated effort In co-operatl
reduce greatly the amount of preveatat
among the country's 106,000,000 popula
tool. 8peclal attention ls devoted to chi
Red Cross welfare clinic where little ec
la the proper care of them.
One's Vision* While Asleep Are Said
to Be of Thing? He Would
Like to Do.
When you dream that you are
slaughtering a flock of potentates lt's
more than probable that you're un
consciously expressing a repressed
desire to kill your mother-in-law. In ?
dreams a man does the U.mgs be se- I
cretly desired to do lu waking life, but !
did not dure.
This was the Interpretation of the
Freudian theory of psychoanalysis
given by Dr. William J. Durant, for
mer Instructor of philosophy In Col
umbia university. In a lecture the oth
er night In Milwaukee.
"The mask of morality is taken off
In dreams, and man acts In the prim
itive animal, fashion," Doctor Durant
said. "In dreams there ls truth.
Man was not meant for cold delibera
tion, but for the Immediate reactions
of tbs animal. By nature we would
knock other persons down without
thinking about it.
"Civilization, according to Freud, is
built cn the two great repressions of
pugnacity and sexuality. Monogamy
as a marriage form, in Freud's view,
Is after all u terribly artificial thing
and a great strain on all of us.
"Wc love children because they
have no repressions, whereas, we
know we're lied to nine times out of
ten with adults." The conclusion, ho
sahl, ls that "hypoeriny and polite
mendacity constitute the essence of
Scheme to Be Tested In Determining
the Boundary Between South and
West Australia.
It ls proposed to utilize wireless
telegraphy In determining the exact
position of the boundury between
South and West Australia. The bound
ary ls fixed by act of parliament as
the 120th degree of lougtltude east
of Greenwich. The exact position of
the longtitude will be ascertained by
the use of time signals from a high
power wireless station situated at
some point betwen Greenwich observa
tory, In England, and Sydney, lu Aus
tralia, the signals being received si
multaneously at both stations.
Most of the great observatories of
the world are now collaborating In a
redetermination of the longitudinal
division of the e*nrtli's surface by
means of wireless time signals, and
this ls one of the earliest uses of the
system to settle a disputed position.
Given favorable static conditions, lt
bas been found that signals from tho
Lyons wireless station, In France, can
be received In Australia os well as at
Greenwich, and signals from other sta
tions, more favorably situated, are also
being tested. The co-operation of the
United States as well as the British
government has been Invited. The
scheme ls the first step toward a com
prehensive determination of the whole
longitudinal survey of Australia.
Cost of Caste.
A Hungarian Immigrant tells of life
In his native town, n reminiscence of
what Is gone, In the World's Work.
"I held a good position lu a bank
in Budapest. Every morning I was
driven to my work In a iiakker, and
every afternoon I was driven to my
home. I mention that fiakker because
lt can be taken as a symbol of the old
life In Budapest, Just as the five-cent
subway ride to business can be taken
ns a symbol of life In New York. In
Budapest lt was easy, gay, frivolous;
almost every one who made a pre
tense of what we called living Spent
more than he earned. I do not want
to forget the good things In the off)
life-Magyar hospitality was open
handed, warm, fine; but financially,
Magyar social life was bulli on straw
-almost all were living beyond their
Incomes. If a family tried lo reduce
its expenses, to live truthfully, lt lost
caste.-Hertainn Barna.
The hoots worn hy the lifo guards
of tho British army cost $t!0 a pair.
The largest known erith Is a ma
rine form of Japan which ls twenty
two inches between the biting claws,
E TIME jfa
revention ^
erlcan Red Cross bas begun a nation?
on with established organizations to
>le disease and physical defects found
tion. Education is Its roost powerful
ldren, and this picture shows a typical
?es are treated and mothers Instructed
That They Are Not Drawn to Uniform
Seato ls Felt to Be an Educa
I tlonal Handicap.
It hus long been the dream of geof*
raphers to make a series of maps of
the world on a uniform scale. Indeed,
it is considered unfortunate for school
children that the geographies do not i
show all countries by maps on a
single, un'form seule, for unless a
student observes very carefully the
figures showing the scale of each map
or the figures showing the area of the
country mapped he ls likely to get the
Impression tbut certain distant lands,
which ure generally mapped on a
small scale, are smaller than those
with which he ls must; familiar. Take
Australia, for example: The maps In
the geographies now used in most of
our schools show lt on a small scale
about one-third as large as that used
for the map of the Culled States; yet
Australia ls, In fact, nearly as large
UK the United States-only about one
fortieth per cent) smaller. China
ls generally shown smaller in urea
than the United States, yet it is about
one-third larger.
The work of preparing maps of the
entire world on a uniform scale of one
to one million-that ls, maps on which
one unit, (any unlt--lneh. centimeter,
millimeter, etc.) represents one million
like nuits on the ground-hus been
under way for several years, und the
United States geological sui'vcy, De
partment of the Interior, lins me.de
considerable progress In Its work on
the parts of this map that were as
signed to the United States. The
principle used In preparing these
umps, If adopted by the publishers of
school books, will give the children ac
curate impressions of the relative
sly.es of the countries of the world.
Adventurous Bosaie Attempted to
Make Her Way Into Vaudeville
In City of Dallas.
Gentle Rossie, tired of the humdrum
life of giving milk und Initier for the
hungry mouths of some family, and
bored with the pastora! quiet of the
farm, determined the other night to
have a taste of the gay life of the big
city at least once before she crossed
the River Styx. Accordingly she
sought out the brightest lights of the
city, a vaudeville house.
Rut first her bovine majesty saun
tered gnyly up Elm street from La
mar, gazing In the show windows as
she roved. While In this vicinity she
even attempted to enter a street car.
Then, pursuing her primrose course, she
plodded on toward the center of the
city until she was confronted with the
gray, yellow lights brightening the
front of a vaudeville show. Not con
sidering whether she would be a wel
come guest, Rossie walked Into the
lobby of the show, thereby nearly
causing the bead usher to he smitten
with hysterics. He flnully recovered,
and, taking courage und a stick, he
rushed at Rossie. Feeling thut she
was not wanted there, Rossie walked
out again.
At the door she was met hy a re
ception committee consisting of two
policemen who had been summoned
and without ceremony she was roped
and led away to the city pound, where
she brooded over the sights of the big
city as she bad seen them.-Dallas
Expect New Boom In Yukon.
That, with the discovery of the large
sliver areas In the vicinity of Keno
Hill, the Yukon ls entering on a new
Industrial ern, ls the statement made
by Colonel Thompson, M. l\ for the
territory, who recently arrived In Ot
tawa after a three months' absence In
the Northland. He expresses the
opinion that the new silver find will
take the pince of the gold that first
put the Yukon country on the ump.
Keno HUI ls on the Mayo river, a trib
utary of the Stewart, 250 miles south
east of Dawson. The camp has a popu
lation of about 500. The ores are ga
lena, carrying very high values of
lead and sliver, the latter running
from 80 to 250 ounces to thc ton. Dis
coveries have been made over an uren
50 miles in extent.
In tain or cold wealla
ideal Touring Car. The pit
KOKI) SUDAN is always ii
electric starting and light!
mont hoard on dash; the *?
vorlto Family Car. Vet; th
IO Kl) SEDAN, and that n
KOKI) SEDAN is just as p<
If you want one, pl ac?
?re received. Moko ns yoi
Moonshiners-(?ave Her Life t? Pro
tect Two Other Women.
Lexington. Ky., Jan. 20.-Bessie
Allen, a 17-year-old orphan of the
mountains of Owsely county, gave
her life to protect two other women.
And now one man is sentenced to
life In prison for murdering her, four
others face trial, and another hus
The six men went to the mountain
cabin where Bessie Allen lived with
two other women. They accused her
of giving information concerning the
moonshiners to revenue officers, and
commanded her lo leave the cabin
with them. When she refused they
said that they would kill all within
tIxe* raliin and burn lt,
"I'll noi lot you kill them. I'll go, '
thc girl declared.
Kiddied With Bullets.
Grover Scabbard, whu was sen
tenced for lifo, promised to protect
the girl as she went with the sextet.
A few hours later the men carried
the girl back to the cabin. She was
riddled with bullets, and dying.
"Why did they kill mc?" she kept
moaning over and over before she
died. "I have never harmed any one "
The men, arrested with Crover
Orabbard were Charles Grabbard, his
brother Harlan, Leonard Baker and
Hobart Clark.
They wore hurried from Boonville
in Owsley county to the Perry county
jail when threats of a lynching were
made. Robert Snndlln disappeared.
The other five accused him of the
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there ls more or I ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks will enrich thc blood,
improve tho digestion, and actas a general Strength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispol the worms.andtheChild wlllbe
in perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c uer bottle.
Trains-Nos. :?0 und 40, Between At
lanta and Greenville, Annulled
Washington, Jan. 20.-Dlscon'in
nance temporarily of eight interstage
trains wns announced yesterday hy
the Southern Railway. Tra'ili Nos.
23 and 24, between Washington and
Memphis, and Nos. 43 and 186, be
tween Washington and Danville, wlL
be discontinued next Sunday. Trains
39 and 40, Oroenvillo and Atlanta,
and Nos. 13 and l i, Coombia an 1
Charleston, will be discontinued on
Jan. 30. Other trains largely dupli
cate the service of those discontin
ued, the announcement said, and the
schedules will be readjusted to take
in all stops.
"lt ia hoped," it ls said In the an
nouncement of tho changes, "that
the necessity for these annulments
will prove only temporary, and that
there will be an early return to nor
mal passenger travel, which will jus
tify a restoration of the former full
service. "
Charleston Negro Population tt'2,'202.
Charleston, S. C., has a negro pop
ulation of 32,292, according to the
latest census figures-an Increase of
1,230, or 4 per cent. Tho whlto pop
ulation was 35,617, tin increaso of
7,853, or 28.3 per cent, nnd all oth
ers 18.
The Ford Sedan.
?i" it is a n>zy, com fort allie, enclosed e
tte glass windows aro raised or loweri1
i accord willi your wishes. bluely up
ng system; dbmotintahlc rims and tit
?ED.W ls a ear of convenience and di
e KT I IA HI ,1, FOR 1) CHASSIS A Xl) >
lonna low upkeep cost-, ease of op?rai
:>piilar on tiie farm as in the city, lt
3 your order now. Orders aro filled ii
it . ~
nont Motor
5. C. WEST>
The Willard was fi
the Willard is
The Willa;
The Vi
The Willai
in You
We have a complete line
is a guarantee of perfection in tl
guarantee goes with every batt?
Hughs <
Main Street, X
"Satisfied Customs
Of Misery-Thousands Out ot Work
and (>'o Hungr,\.
Toledo, Ohio, Jan. 21.-Prepara
tions for the Installation of a soup
kitchen, where thousands of Toledo's
unemployed may be fed, were made
to-day, and may have to be put into
uso almost immediately, it was nth
nounced-by John R. Cowell, who has
been appointed emergency labor com
The soup kitchen and bread lino
will be used only ns a last resort,
however, Mr. Cowell said. Toledo is
facing the most serious unemploy
ment situation In Its history, lt was
said. To-day there were present at
the social service federation noarly
2,000 men without breakfast and
pleading for Immediate work. Sov
enty-flve of them were put to work
hy the city, but the others wero com
pelled to return empty handed.
Some of the applicants had as
many as eleven children who are
unable to contribute to their own
support, according to statements th a
were made by Hie men. Some of them
came with worn-out shoes and cloth
ing so ragged as to expose them lo
tho cold.
A general appeal has been sent out
hy city officials to assist In rollovlng
the situation. Council recently ap
propriated $25,000 to furnish work
for Idle men.
Would Prohibit Smoking.
Washington, Jan. 19.-The Presi
dent and even Senators and Repre
sentatives may have to take to tho
streets to enjoy a cigar, a cigarette
or a pipe as an aid to statesmanlike
reflection if a bill offered last week
by Senator Smoot becomes a law. It
forbids smoking in government de
partments or any independent estab
lishment of the government, as a
fire protection measure, and its lan
guage was bold to Include tho White
llouso and Capitol.
A recent firo which destroyed cou
sus bureau rocords, attributed to a
cigarette, prompted tho Utah Sena
tor's proposal.
Subscribe for Tho Courier. (Boat.;
ur; in warm weather, un
?I in a minuted timo. Tho
holstered; equipped with
c carrier in rear; instru
its, und lins proven a fa
lOTOI! uro a part of tho
lion, nod durn M li ty. Thc
lits family needs ovevy
11 the same .soqueare they
i experts wltji tho fimious
better built,
rd lives longer,
billard is used most.
want and must have
rd Battery
ir Car.
on hand. The name Willard
ie battery world. Our personal
* g tra
Walhalla, S. C
srs" is Our Motto.
Its Own Express Line-Will Regiii
Operation on March 4th.
Washington, Jan. 20.-Heginning
March 1 all express business over tho
Southern and the Moblio and Ohio
railroads will be handled by tho
newly organized southeastern Ex
press Company, lt was announced at
the Southern Hallway headquarters
herc to-day. Although organized un
der the laws of Alabama, the now
company will have headquarters in
Atlanta, with John H. Hockaday, for
merly of the old Southron Expross
Company, as president. Tho Southern
Railway ls the first of tho big roads
to decline to renew its contracts with
the company now composing the re
cently morged American Railway Ex
pross Company.
Servlco of the new company will
cover 10,000 miles of railway and
will have offices in the Middle Wost
and all the principal cities in the
South below Baltimore.
California has a woman prohibi
tion agent, Mrs. Gladys K. Warbur
ton, of San 'Francisco, having beon
appointed pending tho appointment
of a successor to Loren A. Hadley,
s\\Uy, 0*1//, ??l> sML, s*?/?
"Pape's Cold Compound"
Breaks any Cold
in Few Hours
Instant relief! Don't stay stuffod
upl Quit blowing and snudling! A
doso of "Rape's Cold Compound"
taken evory two hours until throo
dosos aro taken usually broaks up
any cold.
Tho very first dose opons clogged
nostrils and tho air passages of tho
head; stops nosc-runnlng; rollovoa
tho headache dullness, feverishness.
"Papo'8 Cold Compound" acts
quick, euro, and costs only a fow
conts at drug stores. It acta without
assistance, tastos nice, contains no
[quinine. Insist on rape's!-adv.

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