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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
1-2 lb. Pink Salmon, per cz
\ lb. Pink Salmon, per ct
Large Size Beans and Por
No. 2 Tomatoes, - - -
No. 3 Tomatoes, - - -
Corned Beef, 40c. Cans, per
50c. Package Star Naptha F
Try our Special
20c. and 2
C W.& J.E
Ladies* Hose, IO C
Pents' Half Hose.
Hetrick Ho
Well-Known Minister and Former
Oeouee Lady Mlivo Passed Away.
Seneca, Feb. 1.-Special: The lit
erary society of the Seneca High
School is aranging a program of un
usual interest for Friday afternoon.
There will ho several musical num
bers, and altogether the program will
not only be entertaining, but instruc
tive. Visitors are always invited and
welcome to attend the sessions of
the 8ocoity.
Our former townsman, L. D. Wyly,
was a welconio visitor here for a few
days last week. Mr. Wyly was re
turning from a business trip ,to St.
Louis, Mo., and stopped over to visit
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Wyly.
at Richland, and Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Roid hore. He loft Friday afternoon
for his homo at Fayetteville, N. C.
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the Methodist church will meet on
next Monday afternoon with Mrs. C.
M. Bowen.
Tho Y. W. A. of the Baptist church
will meet nexl Tuesday at 4 o'clock
p. m. In tho church. A full nttend
anco of tho members is desired and
now members and visitors well bo
A lovoly compliment was shown
Mr. and Mrs. Hoheit Kay Tuesday
evening when Mr. and Mrs. Claud<
Hopkins entertained a few friends
nt (ho home of Mrs. Hopkins par
ents, Mr. and M"s. Wayman Holland.
Truly this was an evening of merri
ment, especially so when the guests
of honor wore literally showered
with many useful articles that will
help them to make their kitchen
comploto for housekeeping. Tho hoa
toss was assisted by her sister In
sorving dollclous refresments. Tho
i guests wore Mr. and Mrs. Kay, Misses
Sara Davis, .lossie Lawrence, Annie
Hunter and Mrs. W. J, Schroder, (of
Walhalla), doo L. Byrd,William Aus
tin nnd Charles strlhllng, of Green*
Rev. A. T. Spalding, D. D.. tho
oldest Baptist minister In the South,
and tho oldest graduate of Mercer
University, passed Into tho Great
Boyond Monday afternoon at his
homo In Atlanta. Dr. Spalding was
m. J Oe.
tn. J 5c.
k, - - - - - - 15c,
.- 10c.
can, ----- 25c.
'owders, - - - - 35c.
Blend Coffee at
5c. per lb.
. Bauknight,
y Sale
^ents per Pair.
siery Mills,
la. S. C.
born in Elbert county, Georgia, on
Oct. 20, 1831. Ho was widely known
and greatly loved throughout the
Southern Baptist church as well as
by all denominations. His strong per
sonality antr spiritual influence were
an inspiration to all who knew him.
Ho was given the degree of Doctoi
of Divinity by Georgetown College,
(Kentucky), and the degree of Doc
to of Law was also conferred on him
by Mercer University. In the death
of Dr. Spalding only one sister ls
left surviving of a family of twelve
brothers and sisters. The only sister
ls Mrs. Mary A. Wilkes, who makes
hor home In Seneca with her daugh
ter, Mrs. S. K. Dendy. Mrs. Wilkes
was bom in March, 1828, and will
In another month celebrate the 9 3d
anniversary of her birth. To her is
extended tho heartfelt sympathy of
a host of friends in this sore be
reavement, especially so since she
ls the only surviving member of her
family of that generation.
Mrs. It. H. Ron fro added a charm
ing social affair to the unusually full
week's calendar when she was hos
tess Monday evening to the Fidelis
class of the Rapt 1st church. In her
apartments at the Palmetto House.
Tho business of the class having been
disposed of, the remainder of the
evening was converted Into a de
lightful social occasion. During tho
evening Mrs. Ronfro served tempting
1 refreshments.
There will be many people In Oco
noe county who will be grieved over
the death of Mrs. David P. Vernor,
which canto Sunday morning after
a month's Illness at her homo In
Groonvlllo. Mrs. Vernor spent tho
early years of her life In the Town
vlllo section, and is remembered by
many of tho older people as Misa
Mary Eliza Johnson, until her mnr
rlugo to Mr. Vernor. Since then she
had roHldod in Greenville. She was
a lovable Christian woman, and will
bo soroly missed, not only in tho
homo, but as a friend and neighbor
and In tho church. Mr. Vernor pre
coded her to tho grave about 17
yoars ago. She ls survived by two
daughters. Sho ls a sister-in-law of
our townsman, R. S. Vernor, and of
E. E. Vernor, of Richland.
Writes of What tho Oconco Delega- :
tion IK Doing-Some Bill*.
Columbia. Jan. 31.-Editor Keo
woe Courlor: l Intended to write
you last weok, but as 1 spent tho
week-end at home I did not roach
the Capitol in time to write you and
1 decided to wait until this weok in
the hope that I might be able to
tell you something about tho Gene
ral Assembly and their work. But,
so far, nothing of Importance has
been done. Everybody seems to be
at a loss to know what to do.
A bill has passed both Houses ex
tending the time of paying taxes un
til the first of April, although the
Governor has not signed the bill as
A bill has also been introduced to
place moving pictures under a cen
sor, the object being to cut out im
moral or objectionable portions of j
the pictures. This is a bill I will
support unless otherwise requested
by my constituents, as I think we
ought to protect the youth of our
The Oconee delegation has intro
duced a bill providing tho necessary
funds to pay all past indebtedness of
the public schools of tho State If
this bill passes und becomes law as
introdticed it will put all of the pub
lic schools on a cash basis.
1 have a bill prepared which I will
Introduce In a few days. This is the
bill I promised the people of Oconee
during the campaign that I would
Introduce. If this bill passes and be
comes law it will reimburse all par
ties who are damaged by reason of
1 have been spending this week
end In Columbia visiting tho various
State Institutions. The first place I
visited was the State HoapUai for the
Insane. -''Tl?V'?c^ftee* Tf??effitfim was
gladly received by the officials and
we were shown through the entire
institution. This institution has
made wonderful improvements dur
ing the last five years. Every depart
ment is commendable.
Tho next place wo visited was the
Old Soldiers' Home-a place very
dear to me, though, in my opinion,
this place is not what lt ought to be.
lt is a shame to the sons of the Con
federacy to send their fathers to this
Isolated place to spend their declin
ing years all alone.
The Oconee delegation has passed
bills validating all the school bonds
of Oconee county. So far, no ap
pointments for magistrate or rural
police have boen made. I am at a
loss to decido between my friends,
the contestants being my friends on
both sides. I am not a Solomon, and
therefore, I am liable to make a
mistake, and sincerely hope that my
friends will sympathize with mo in
my efforts to serve all of tho people.
Hoping to bo back in old Oconee
again soon, I nm,
As ever your servant,
W. P. Mason.
Another Seriously Injured In Acci
dent Over at Central.
Greenville, Jan. 31.-Three mon
wore Instantly killed and another
seriously Injured when the automo
bile In which they .vere riding was
struck by Southern Hallway passen
gor train No. 37 at a grade crossing
at Central yesterday afternoon. The
dead are W. M. Strickland, 4f? years
of age, drivor of the car; N. E.
Strickland, 40, and A. J. Sontoll, 37.
W. I. Miller is the injured man, ho
hoing in a hospital hore with chanco
for recovery. All aro well known
citizens of Central.
Whole S. C. Town Belongs to Church
(Furman Hornot.)
The little town of McColl, In Marl
boro county, South Carolina, enjoys
tho distinction of having probably
tho largest proportionate church
membership of any town in tho
country. Excluding tho mill vlllago
adjoining, every man In tho town ex
cept two ls a church member; ovory
woman and every girl boyond twelve
years of ago ls n church member, and
thoro ls only ono boy In tho town
above twelev years of ago who In not
a momber of tho church.
Subscribo for Tho Courlor. (Boat.!
i I have yet three
sell any o all of
$ change. To tho
1 of a mill soon th
fjis now a good p]
Have some spl
furnish the righ
Necessitate New II curing of tho Gos
8otKCu.s?">-Must Review Appeal.
JudJb Hydrick's death makes nec
essaryffa rehearing 4n the Gosselt
case, Recording to a story in the
Greenville News. This hearing, says
that ywpor, may be in tho form of
wrlttofl briefs submitted to the mem
bers ot\the Supreme Court. The arti
cle says: "
TflOMijath of Associate Justice D.
E. Uydrlck, of the South Carolina
Supremo.' Court, makes it necessaiy
for . tifrt tribunal to have a second
hearltjL'Ibn tho appeal of Kenneth
Gossff.li'the young Abbeville white
imprisonment for criminal assault
upon a young white woman of Abbe
ville a number of months ago, and If
Solicitor Blackwell, representing tho
State, gives his consent, the case
will be submitted this time to the
court bf last resort without verbal
argument, to enable Chief Justice
Gary and Associate Justice Gage,
who wero not present at the first
hearing last fall, and who are still
indisposed at their homes, to pass
upon the appeal. Attorneys for Gos
sett yesterday agreed to submit their
contentions in tho form of written
brief, without a verbal hearing, but
consent to such a procedure must be
given by the Solicitor be/ore lt can
bo carried through.
At last fall's sitting of the Su
premo Court only Asoc?ate Justices
Hydrlck, Watts and Erazer wore
presont. Chief Justice Gary and As
sociate Justice Gage were ill at their
homes In Abbeville and Chester, re
spectively. The Qosett appeal, along
with a largo number of others, was
argued before the three first named,
who constituted a quorum of the
court. No decision had been rendered
at the time Associate Justice Hy
drlck died suddenly In Washington,
so that now at least throe of the Su
preme Court Judges must review the
case again. Tho two who were 111
when Ute first hearing was held are
still confined to their homes, and the
only way to got the appeal before a
majority of the members of tho court
any Hmo soon ls to submit the print
ed brief? to them. The clerk of the
supreme tribunal ls sending oui from
Columbia Inquiries to Interested law
yers asking them If they are willing
to. have rehearings by this method In
cases argued before tho threo Asso
ciate Justices last fall, explaining
that such rovlows can be hold only
upon consent ,t both sides.
With Chlof Justice Gary and Asso
ciate Justice Gage still absent, and
with Thos. P. Cothran, of Greenville,
the newly olected Associate Justice,
remnining a member of the House
of Representativos for somo drt^s be
foro leaving lt to take lils placo on
tho Supremo Court bench, Mr. Price
oxplnined thnt lt will be a good while
boforo tho second hearing can bo
bold unless both sides agree to have
lt conducted without verbal argu
Tho Gossett caso, which originated
many months ago, was ono of tho
most sensational ever tried in this
section. A motion for a new trial in
Sessions Court, which motion con
sumed much Hmo boforo hoing fully
doniod, delayed tho oppoal to tho tri
complete Saw Mill
these mills and tak
se who contempl?t
is a chance of a life
rice. Better act qu
MIR TO lil
endid Farms yet 1
t parties if they ha^
R. BRX>Wi>
?2? ?j? ?|. ?j. ? j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j? ?j?
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Ort hard Meetings.
"Orchard Week" Held meetings
which were held last week proved to
be such a success that further Held
meetings will bo held to meet the
demands that the County Agent is
called upon for advice und assist
ance at this time. Some of the meet
ings were "snowed under" and will
bo held this week, weather permit
Wednesday, Fob. 2, at 10 a. m.
H. D. McDonald's, Richland; at 3-p.
m., at W. T, Hubbard's Seneca, Rt.1.
ty Farm; at
Dickson's, Tabor.
Friday, Feb. 4th, at 10.30 a. m.
S. L. Brown's, Return; at 3 p. m.,
J. Steve Smith's, Earle's Grove.
Tuesday, Feb. 8, at 2 p. m.-Orch
ard field meeting nt H. A. Wood's,
Ebenezer; at 7.30 p. m., at Keowoo
school, (talk on fertilizers.)
Wednesday, Feb. 9th. at 2 p. m.
E. L. Stone's, Bounty Land, (orchard
field meeting.
Thursday, Feb. 10th, at lt).:iU a.
m.-J. M. Davis's, Harbin's Siding,
(orchard field meeting.)
A meeting held on Friday, Ian.
28, at Tugaloo Academy school
house resulted in the formation of
a "Community Orchard Improvement
Association." Thoy will bxiy proper
pruning and spraying tools for the
I use of the members of the associa
tion. This is a good way to get the
full benefit from your home orchard,
at the least expense.
Two young men have been trained
to properly prune and spray trees
and vines for Walhalla orchard own
ers. Geo. R. Briggs,
County Agent.
Local Notes from Little River.
Littlo River, Jun. 31.-Special:
Talvon Alexander's baby bas had a
severo case of croup, but is much
better at present.
We are glad to see the good work
that our overseers are having dono
on the roads In this district. We aro
now looking forward to good roads
as soon as the mud can dry up.
Miss Annie Nicholson and brother
Willie, of Whitewater, visited their
grandparents, Mr and Mrs. M. P. Al
exander, of Littlo River, last week.
Miss Annie is such fl jolly girl that
she brings sunshine and gladness to
every homo that she visits.
Mr. and Mrs. Nix visited at Boon's
Creek last week and roport having
had a fine timo.
Miss Addie Aloxander has return
ed homo from North Carolina, whero
she had boon visiting hor sister.
Baylus Burgess, of Seneca, was
seen In inls section Inst week. His
many friends wore glad to welcome
him back.
Mllas Aloxandor klllod a mad cat
In his homo last Thursday morning
Dospito tho bad woather, tho far
mers of tho Littlo River soction aro
going to work. Hard limos and low
prices cannot ovorcomo tho farmors
of Oconec, but by sticking to tho Job
wo will ovorcomo them.
bunal of last resort until tho fall of
Outfits. I will
e lumber in ex
e the purchase
time. Lumber
to rent. Will
/e good force.
J, Walhalla.
To bo Held at livery Court House lu
State Next Monday, Fob. 7tli.
To tho Tax-Payers of South Caro
At a convention of tax-payers,
in tho Capitol on Jan. ll, 1921, a
memorial was adopted and presented
to "the Governor and both branches
of the General Assembly, protesting
against increased appropriations and
urging the strictest economy In the
State and county governments.
lt is apparent, from.the published
reports of the Acts of the G?nerai
Assembly that they are not disposed
the recommendation of tho Speaker
of the House to hold appropriations
down to a maximum of five million
Therefore, we, the committee ap
pointed to represent the tax-payers'
convention, do hereby call conven
tions of tho tax-payers to meot at
their respective county seats al ll
o'clock on Monday morning, Keb. 7,
to elect delegates-not loss than flvo
from each county-to meot in tho
Capitol at 3.30^ o'clock on Wednes
day, Fob. 9th, to consider what fur
ther action may bo wiso upon this
important issue. Wo especially in
vito Senators and members of tho
House to meet with their constitu
ents in their ropsective court houses
on the first Monday.
If you do not respond to this cali,
blame no one but yourselves when
tho tax burden grows heavier.
E. W. Dubbs,
J. A. Banks,
T. H. Dreher.
A. K. Smoak,
And others of tho Committee.
/ i menino Minister, Educated in Our
Country, Writes from Near East.
Columbia, Jan. 31.- Rev. Isaac
Vornan, of Armenia who was edu
cated in America, and in turn wns
a teachor in the only American col
lege in Syria, says in a message to
tho Near East Relief:
"I have fought Itt this war. I
havo soon those horrors, seen tho
starvation, soen men torn asundot,
soon women carried away captive,
soon husbands killing their wives
when tho Turks came lo snatch them
away. 1 have boen in these fights
when mothors took their children In
bags and flod to save thom. I havo
boon one of them myself."
And ns an Armenian ho says: "Wo
aro killed; we are starving, first ot
all bocauso wo aro Christians. Wo
aro Christiana of ages; wo aro tho
original Christians; we have boon
fighting Islam alone for 1300 years."
Why should wo aavo Armon?a?
Wo must save Armenia to save Chris
tianity, and whon wo do that wo
savo America, for without Christian
ity thoro would bo no America.
Bombs Fxplodo at Sharon, Pa.
Sharon, Pa., Jan. 31.-Many por
8ons had narow oscapos from doath
or injury oarly to-day whon two
bombs explodod in tho doorway of a
produco doalor hore. Windows in
two of tho 'loading hotols woro de
molished, but guests escapod injury.

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