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Winter Brings Many Ills to Palo and
Ovci worked People.
Fortify Your System-(?oed Blood
Will (Rvo You Xow Strength
to Koop Well.
If you feel tho least blt run down,
not necessarily sick, hut tired and
blue and sort of down and out, lt
shows plainly that your power of re
sistance is low.
It ls dangerous to go around that
way. You don't want to do lt.
Make no mistake about lt, when
you feel yourself slipping Into lazy
habits, getting Indifferent to tho
things you naturally like-no energy
and no vigor, always tired-it ls
time to look out. It may not moan
that you aro sick or that you will bc.
But thero ore diseases that would
liave an easy time of lt with your
system when your blood bas no fight
ing qualities.
You want to bo well and keep well
ami feel strong. If you build up tho
quality of your blood by taking Pep
to-Mangan you will be In trim to
light off winter ills, lt has just tho
right ingredients to build your blood
up with rich, red corpuscles.
Pepto-Mangan gives your blood
the qualities it needs to pick you up
and start you off on a healthy basia.
You will notice tho difference soon
after you start taking it. You will
have bettor color, better feeling and
more energy.
You can take il. in liquid or tab.ee
form, as you prefer. Both have the
same ingredients. But be sure you
get the genuine dude's Pepto-Mou
gan. Ask for lt by that name
"dude's Pepto-Mangan," and be sure
tho full name ls on the package.
Girls! Save Your Hair!
Make It Abundant!
Immediately after a "Dandorlne"
massage, your hair takes on new
life, lustre and wondrous beauty, ap
pearing twice as heavy and plentiful,
because each hair soems to fluff and
thicken. Don't lot your hair stay life
less, colorless, plain or scraggly. You,
too, want lots of long, strong, beau
tiful bair.
A 36-cent bottle of delightful
"Danderino" freshens your scalp,
chocks dandruff and falling hair. This
stimulating "beauty tonic" glvos to
thin, dull, fading hair that youthful
brightness and abundant thickness.
All druggists.-adv.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below ls a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of the Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during tho woek ending
Jan. 2 3d, 1021, at 7 p. Ul. (Tho
Instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed in tho manner recommended
by the chief of the Woathor Bureau):
19- Clear. . . . ?
20- Pt ly cldy
21- Clear. . .
22- Clear. ,||
23- -Cl.ear. ...1.... ''
Total rainfall
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
it brings color to tho cheoks and how
it ?inproves tho appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children Uko it. Thc blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Dostroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by Us Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Observed Throughout South Carolina
W eek of April '?ft to May 1.
"International Children's Week"
will be observed throughout South
Carolina during tho week ot Ap.il
24 to May 1, In accordance with Hie
annual custom of thc South Carolina
Sunday School Association for the
past three years, and it is expected
that tho obsorvnnce this year will ho
moro widespread than ever before.
This movement, it ls said, was or
iginated by Mrs. M. J. Baldwin, th?
children's divisen superintendent of
the International Sunday School As
sociation, in ti) 17. and each year
si nco then has been observed and
promoted through tho various state
and provincial Sunday school asso
ciations In the United States and
Canada. Last year over hf ty States
and provinces united in Its observ
Sunday school workers and par
ents In all denominations co-operate
in the community-wldo observance
of "Children's Week," and plans for
this observance aro hoing prepared
by the children's dlvlson committee
of tho South Carolina Sunday School
Association, according to General Su
perintendent Leon C. Palmer.
Announcement of the dnto for this
year's "Children's Week" was made
by thc association in November, and
final plans will bo perfected at the
committee meeting to be held In
Spartanburg In a day or two.
"Pape's Diapepsin" is the
quickest Indigestion and
Stomach Relief
When meals hit back and your sto
mach is sour, acid, gassy, or you feel
full and bloated. When you have
heavy hi m ps of pain or headache
from Indigestion. Here ls instant
Just as soon as you eat a tablet or
two of Pape's Diapcpsin all tho dys
pepsia, indigestion and stomach dis
tress caused by acidity ends. These
pleasant, harmless tablets of Pape's
Dlapepsin never fail lo neutralize
the harmful stomach acids and make
you feel fine at once, and they cost
so little at drug stores.-adv.
Tho Education- Most Needed.
(Newberry Observer.)
Make line speeches about educa
ron, praise education, appropriate
.oney for education-all that ls
right and proper; but the education
that all the people, from tho least
to tho greatest, need to learn Is obe
dience to law, and all tho o. leers,
from Governor to constable, should
loam that their highest duty ls to
enforce tho law.
Unless theso lessons are learned
and put Into practice, this good old
commonwealth of South Carolina is
destined to exporlonce-and that at
no distant day-a reign of lawless
ness such as lt has never known.
What are tho people going to do
about lt?
Think They Have Von tb ful Bandit.
Chicago, Jan. 27.-With the cap
ture of Roy Fitzhonry, 12 years old,
polico to-day beliovo tho activities of
a child bandit who has successfully
held up several women within tho
past few weoks, are ended. Roy crept
up behind Miss Elvira McDonald last
night and snatched her purse. She
gave chase and caught the boy with
little difficulty, she said. A number
of women have reported being ron
bed by a boy about 12 years of age,
who carried a good sized revolvei.
Police say Roy bad no such weapon
when he was caught.
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Hastings Seeds
1921 Catalog Free
It's ready now. 116 handsomely il
lUBtiated pagos of worth wh i lo seed
and garden news. Thia new catalog,
we believe, ls the most valuable seed
book ever published. It contain?,
twenty full pages of the most populat
vegotaMoB and flowers hi their natu,
ral colors, the finost work of its kind
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With our photographic illustrations,
and color pictures also from photo
graphs, wo show you Just what you
grow with Hastings' Seeds even be?
fore you order tho seeds. This ceta
. log makos gardon and flower bod
' planning easy and lt should be in ov
ery singlo Soutborn homo. Write us
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glad you've got lt.
Hastings' Seeds aro tho Standard
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est mall ordor seed house In the world
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best Write now for tho 1921 cata*
log. It ls absolutely free.
To thu thousands of vont lis of thc
country who visit Holden Hate Park,
San Francisco, Cal., yearly, few stop
for as much as a glance at Rodin's
statue, "The Thinker." To the gold
en age of twenty "The Thinker" is
a mere hulk of molded bronze, and
oven the art of the molder is over- I
looked In tho passing show of youth.
Few there are who gaze long and
hard in the face of "The Thinker"
With Slaying; Five-Coroner's Jury
Holds Him Responsible.
Florence. Jan. 27.-That E. L).
Uighain was the perpetrator of the
crime which cost the lives of three
members of the Uighain family and
the two adopted children of the date
Mrs. Black is the opinion of the Jury
of inquest which rendered its ver
dict to-night.
After hearing at Pamplico the tes
timony of thirty witnesses, includ
ing the re-examination of Mrs. Rig
ham, the wife of Edmund Bighain,
and bis oldest daughter, the Jury
found that Mrs. M. M. Bighain, Mrs.
Margie Black, tho two McCracken
children, aged three and six, and L.
S. Bighain had como to their deaths
at the hands of E. I). Bigham.
Coroner Smith will issue a warrant
charging E.D. Bigham with the mur
ders. Bigham is now being held at
tho county jail on a warrant sworn
out by John McCracken, the father
of the two murdered children. This
warrant was served and Bigham ar
rested on Jan. 20, flvo days after tho
tragedy at the Bigham home, two
miles from Pamplico.
It was at first believed that L. S. (
Bigham, in a flt of despondency over ,
alleged financial troubles, had com
mitted the murders and then killed
himself, but following the strong
sentiment in the community that
such could not have boen the case,
Coroner Smith continued his inves
tigation and has built up a case, the
circumstances of which, based on the
evidence adduced, are believed by
the jury of inquest to be sufficiently
strong to warrant the accusing of
Edmund Bigham.
Phillp H Arrowsmith conducted
tho Investigation for tho coroner at
tho hearing. He dug deep into the
Tho two Slngletary negroes who
have been In jail hero for several
days as material wltnessos, and the
wife of Andrew Slnglotnry, were Im
portant witnesses. Andrew Slngle
tary testified that after the wood
cutters had been paid off Saturday,
Jan. 10. E. D, Bigham and L. S. Big
ham remained in tho woods. Later
he passed the houso with his wife
and son, going to Pamplico, and saw
E. D. Bigham emerge from tho woods
alono, and, aftor looking up and
down tho road, proceeded to tho
houso. This was aftor Mrs. Bigham
had sent a vest out to him by ono of
the McCracken children. Bighain
went toward the house ^with the
child. The Hmo was about 3 o'clock.
Ills testimony was corroborated by
his wife and son.
Hus Hurried Conference.
Robert Foxworth tostlflod that Ed
mund Bigham, with his family In his
car, had swept up to the houso,which
was only a short dlstanco from the
Bigham home, and had n hurriod
conversation with him-so hurried,
In fact, that tho witness did not ro
momhor much about lt. Bigham then
turned his car In tho direction of tho
Bigham homo.
Tho testimony of Mrs. Bigham and
of tho oldost daughter is said lo
have varlod consldoarbly from that
given at tho hearing Sundny, Jan.
16, and although tho two wore to
gothor In tho car on the trip to and
or wonder what thoughts inspired
tho wonderful Kodin und tho long
years of toil that made this master
piece of tile age possible.
Gray-haired men and women tarry
long at the statue of "The Thinker."
To them it means much. Each in
terprets its relation to his life, and
if each were gifted with the chisel
of the sculptor the expressl?n on
"Tho Thinker's" face would reflect
tho thoughts of the youth of twenty
from Foxworth's, their stories as to
what had occurred conllicted at sev
eral points.
It was stated to-day that the deed
which Mrs. Bigham presented to the
Clerk of Court Mr. Slngletary.. for
recording, and which later was with
drawn by her for the reason that she
did not have sulllciont money to pay
for the revenue stamps, amounting
to $42, has not yet been recovered.
Mrs. Bigham ls said to have stated
that she delivered the deed to her
husband at the Jail.
The deed, according to Mr. Slngle
tary, who read lt closely while it was
in his possession, was signed by
Mrs. M. M. Dignam, Mrs. Margie
Black and L. S. Bigham, and con
veyed the entire Bigham proproty to
$42,000. Mr.Singletary declares that
the deed bears every appearanco of
1 having been tampered with, and
that it ls evident that the names of
tho original grantees had been erased
and the name of Edmund Bigham
written therein. It was executed at
Charleston originally and was pro
bated by Sam Rittenberg, notary
According to Mr. Slngletary, the
consideration also appeared to have
beon changed, eliminating reference
to the mortgage coverfng the bond
for Cleveland Bigham. Mrs. E. D.
\ Bigham took this deed to tho Clerk
I of Court last weok. hut. did not leave
lt with him for purposes of record.
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, tafe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Yelping Pup Stops Kerry Boat.
New York, Jan. 2 8.-A yelping
puppy on a cake of Ice, floating down
the Hudson river to-day, halted the
Fort Loo ferry boat Edgewater In
mid-stream while a rescue was ef
Aftor Capt. James Brannigan man
euvered his craft alongside the euko.
First Mate Gerard Barry descended
a ladder flung ovor tho rall. Tho lad
dor broke. Barry plunged Into the
stream and roappeared with tho pup
py lu his arms.
Hauled aboard, Barry doscondod
Into the engino room with his now
pot, which ho promptly named Icycle.
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consideration of
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications take
as well as those of the mail of fifty.
"The Thinker" appears to he deep
in thought. Possibly he is'endeuvor
ing to solve the problems of tho tu
multuous world of to-day. He looks
determined and big enough to help
considerably if he were given an op
portunity. The two blue-Jackets who
are examining him so carefully seem
to realize that at any time they,
too, may be called upon to help set
tle the world's affairs.
"Rebecca" Stepped in Demurely as
Pastor "Reads About Her."
Washington, N C., .lan. 31.-A
certain young and devout church wo
man of this city, whose given name
ls Rebecca, who never misses divine]
service, but who nevertheless is sel
dom on time, yesterday arrived in
church just as tho pastor was read
ing from the Scriptures the story of
Rebecca at tho well, as told in Gen
esis, 24th chapter.
As the late comer tripped up tho
aisle, the minister read:
"And behold, Rebecca came forth.'
Broad smiles played over the faces
of the worshippers, and blushes wore
seen to mount to tho face of Re
becca. But courageously she wont
on, quickening her step.
"And she made haste." continued
the clergyman, reading quito obliv
ious to the situation.
Snickers from the youngsters and
broad smiles from the grown-ups and
half^suppressod giggles from the
half-growns wore tho responso.
By that timo Miss Rebecca had
reached hor pow. She stumbled In
and sank down as if she hoped tho
cushions would swallow her.
"Lot the damsel abide with us,"
concluded the minister, closing his
book and ending tho reading, much
to the relief of Rebecca.
. .
Strictly Second Class Matter.
A clerk In the employ of a Chicago
business man, while a fair worker, ls
yot an Individual of pronounced ec
One day a wire basket foll off the
top of tho clerk's doak and scratched
his cheek. Not. having any court1
plaster at hand, ho slapped on throe
two-cent postage stamps and conttn
uod his work.
A few minutes later ho had occa
sion to take somo papers to his em
ployer's private omeo. When ho en
tered the "old man," observing the
postage stamps on the clerk's chook,
fixed him with an astonished stare.
"Look hero, Tom!" ho exclaimed.
"You aro carrying too much postage
for second-class matter."
9:100,000 for Free Seeds.
Washington, Jan. 20.-Tho House
last Monday voted to appropriate
$860,000 for the free distribution of
seeds by members of Congress. TMiis
is $120,000 more than was appropri
ated for the current fiscal year.
Subscribe for Tho Courier. (Best.)
A^4">??^ ?????????'O'
I Look Out for F
! As W
So many cases of Rheumati
coifm from a tiny disease germ tl
irffests the blood, that physich
u(c beginning to realize that t
3<5urco of tho disease is becoml
(/trite provalont. Of course a <
ttose that has its source in 1
1 \ood cannot bo reached by lo
remedies applied to tho surface.
Ono remedy that baa given spli
Ma results in the treatment
Rheumatism is S.S.S., tho fine
Assaulted and Robbed of $1-1,000
Two Bandits Staged Hold-up.
Marlon, Ohio, Jan. 26.-TAO ban
dits early this morning; ontorod tho
office of the county treasurer m tho
court house hero, knocked Treasurer
Harry E. Korry unconscious with tho
butt-end of a revolver and escaped
in an automobile with $11,000 in
Treasurer Korry arrived at his of
flco unusually early to arrange for
the handling of? last minute tax-puy
ors. Ile had opened thc big oiflco
vault, obtained several thousand dol
lars in change, and bad again closed
and locked tho vault when Ibo ban
dits entered.
The two robbers crept up on him
and knocked him over tho head with
tho end of a rovolvor, dropping him
unconscious on tho floor. Thoy hur
riedly grabbed tho $1 1,000 and loft,
making their escapo In a walting au
The vault contained between $50,
000 and $75,000 In tax money,which
tho robbers did not got because of
Treasurer Korry's foresight In lock
ing tho safo after taking out tho
money to be used as chango in tho
day's business.
"Pape's Cold Compound" is
Quickest Relief Known
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blow
ing and snuflling! A doso of "Rape's
Cold Compound" taken every two
hours until three doses are taken
usually breaks any cold right up.
Tho very first dose opens clogged
nostrils and the air passages of tho
head; stops nose-running; relieves
the headache, dullness, feverishness.
"Pape's Cold Compound" costs
only a few cents at drug stores. It
acts without assistance, tastes nice,
contains no quinine. Insist, on Pape's
Tho Wilsons Will Movo Soon.
Washington. Jan. 26.-President
and Mrs. Wilson will begin movi.it;
from the White House to their now
home at No. 23 4 0 S. streot, N. W.,
shortly after Keb. 15. The house,
which was occupied by H. P. Fair
banks, Will be available Oil the 15th
of Kebruary.
A local architect was yesterday
granted a permit to effect certain al
terations In tho interior of the house
and to construct a garage to accom
modate two largo cars. Tho interior
alterations will cost approximately
$8,000 and will consist of tho con
struction of a new elevator, tho
building of wall bookcases, the turn
ing of one largo room into a hie
room, and other features.
One of the largest rooms In His
house will be made into a private
study for Mr. Wilson, and tho Ale
room, in which will bo filed all of the
papers needed for references in his
coming literary work, will bo located
next to the study.
First Woman Tennessee Legislator.
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 27.-Mrs.
Anna Leo Worloy, Damoorat, of Bluff
City, will succeed her husband, the
lalo Parks Worley, In the State Sen
ato from the district composed of
Sullivan and Hawkins counties. Tne
oarly returns from yesterday's special
election Indicate that her election is
assured by 250 majority over a Re
publican opponent.
Mrs. Worley will bo tho first wo
man over holding a seat In the Ten
nessee Legislature. Her husband,
who was an anti-suffrago leader in
the last Legislature, died at the be
ginning of the present session, fol
lowing an operation for appendicitis.
-<_ . - -
Karly Georgia Peach Blossoms.
Albany, Ga., Jan. 26.- Poach blos
soms in January give evidence hdiu
: of tho mildest winter thatSouthwo.it
I Georgia has experienced In many
j yours. Plum trees and shade tree.*
?aro budding out also, lt Is feared
by some that a severe cold snap A
llttlo later will do groat damage in
this section because of tho premature
theumatism |
inter Approaches |
blood remedy that bas been sold by
druggists for more than fifty years.
S.S.S. acts by driving out of tho
blood the disease germ that cauaen
Rheumatism, thus affording real
Begin taking SJ3.S. today and if
you will write a complete history
of your case, our medical director
will give you expert advice, with
out charge. Address Chief Medical
Adviser, 151 Swift Laboratory, AU
lanta, Qa.

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