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(Established 184U.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$t.00
Six Months . ..55
Hirco Months.SO
Advertising Hatos Reasonable.
Ky Stock, Shcior, Hughs & Sholor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for as advertlso
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of rospect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churchos, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rato of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
WEDNESDAY, Fin?, a, toai.
On the Hist page this week is pub
lished a call, signed hy IO. W. Dubbs
and others, for meetings to be held
at the various court houses in South
Carolina on next Monday, Keb. 7th.
for the purpose of electing delegates
to a convention to bo held in Colum
bia on Wednesday, Feb. '.Ith, for the
purpose of considering some action
tu induce the General Assembly lo
be reasonable In tito matter of state
governmental expenditures, lo tho
end that, if taxes ea uno I be reduced,
they shall at least not bo Increased
this year over last. The burdon is
becoming intolerable to many ot Ibo
tax-payers, and wo feel Hutt Mr
Dubbs and his committee associates j
are right in sending oui this addi-'
(ional cull, since the llrst meeting of
the tax-payers received so small con
sideration at tho hands of the pow
ers that bo.
:t is to bo hoped that representa
tive meetings will be held in every
county in the State, ?ind that repre
sentativo delegates will go up to the
Capitol on the '.Uh in such ntl m hors
that the determination of the citi
zens of Hie State to be heard and
heeded cannot be mistaken.
This is a time when wc need to
get back to normal conditions, or ns
..r,..,. uormnl nv pns?dhl - nd . . of
hi* t).- ' pin lo be,;lt: I? In gov
(jrnntnntal circles,
rite ??..*...;.?!.. ..?. Columbia mas til
I- '. e . brought lu ffcaliZ.?llut? ol
the fact that they are chosen serv
ants of the people and not arrogant
task masters.
Wo were criticised right sharply
son., time ago, for what we had to
say in regard to our past histo.y in
regard to the pledging of ?educed
cotton acreage. We said that nothing
would convince tho general public
that our cotton acreage will be ma
terially decreased this year ?until
the actual planting has taken placo
and lt is shown that the acreage has
been decreased; that we have pledg
ed reductions so often, and as often
broken those pledges, that we are up
against the problem now of "show
ing thom" that Ibero is lo lie a re
duction. We cannot tell them that
such is going lo be thc case, and ex
pect to bo believed, for our course
in the past does not justify confi
dence In our word lu this matter.
Pespito, the criticism, we repeat
the statements, and we might as well
make up our minds that we have
got to "show them." And show them
is Just what we ought to do. for the
sake of restoring confidence in our
word, and, for a better reason ?till,
for tho sake of the prosperity of the
Here are some patent facts that
have come Into our possession that
ought lo set every cotton grower to
thinking seriously about tho import
ance of cutting down very materially
his acreage of colton:
About f.ii per cent of the world's
rttpp'v of cotton is grown in Amer
Cotton ls indigenous to all tropi
cal and semi-tropical countries.
Tho So? Islands, grown off the
Atlantic const of the United Stales,
arc thc finest cottons in tho world.
Thc boll weevil has just a hon I de
stroyed tho Sea Island cotton indus
The boll weevil li rs t appeared in
the Culled States at Rrownsillo,
Texas. In I 892.
A single pound of cotton has been
spun Into a single thread more than
1,000 miles in length.
Tlie prospect is that there will bo
an unspttn supply of American cot
ton, at Aug. I, of 9,607.000 halos.
D of Oro the war the average amount
of cotton on hand at that dato was
about 1.200,000 bales.
Tho "visible .supply" of cotton,
and the total supply on any glvon
dato aro two ontlroly difforont pro
Tho manufacturo of cotton goods
is tho very foundation of British
Thors is now onough unspun cot
ton in tito world to last about two
The average prico of middling
cotton ul ten leading colton markets
in tho South last Saturday was I 1.03
The statistical year for cotton runs
from Aug. 1 to July 3 I.
Tho United States census bureau
reports 12.0 Ki.OOO hales ginned to
Jan. Itlth. Tho next ginning report
will bo published March 20th. Be
sure-to watch for tho March ginning
report, and tako pains to keop your
self Informed as to tho supply of
cotton now on hand, and seo If you
can ligure out whoro you aro going
to make expenses out of another big
cotton crop, lt isn't reasonable to
expect lt.
Therefore, cut your acreage In cot
ton-and cut lt deep. This would be
the sonslblo thing to do even If you
had nothing to substitute as a grow
ing crop on the cotton acreage that
you throw down. But when you can,
at one and tho santo time, make a
great deal more money out of some
other crops on this thrown-out cot
ton acreage, and also build up your
land for better future cultivation,
any other policy than reduction of
cotton acreage, seems to us to be
the veriest folly.
This week wo are enabled to rc- j
pori the first contribution, through |
The Courier, of funds for the Arme
nian Relief. This came to us yeslor-I
day in the following letter:
Ta musson, Jun. 31, 1021.
Kditor Koo woe Courier:
Kudosed lind money order for the
sn in of $ I M.00 for the relief of the
Armenian children.
The Tamassee i). A. R. School.
(Mrs. M. X. Hankinson. Principal,
Miss Rthel Hofor, Teacher; Alfred
Kniest, S. S. Supt ) .
So far this week wo have received
no contribution for the other fund,
the starving children of Central Eu
rope. Wo fool sure, however, that
both of these funds will receive ad
ditional consideration at the hands
of Oconec people who,may desire to
make their contributions through the
*1 .. I a a 't?yr contributions are ho?
lng tin ; direct by Individuals, end
li is i ni tm I erial how ibo contribu
tions are mane, i he groat uonsid .
allon is that they shall be made. The
publicity feature, however, is valua
ble in that it keeps thc public in
formed both as to thc needs and the
responses made.
Our recepits so far are as fol
Acknowledged for Hie Eu
ropean starving children. .$281.00
Recoived this week for the
Armenian children. 12.00
Rainfall and Temp?rature.
Below is a rocord of meteorological
observations taken by II. W. Brandt,
co-oporative observer of tho Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during tho week ending
Jan. 20th. 1921, at 7 p. m. (Thc
Instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard Instruments ex
posod In the manner recommended
by tho chief of tho Weather Bureau) :
Character of
Jan. 2 1 -Clear.. 6 4 35
lan. 2fi Cloudy... .08, 541 35
.Inn. 26 Cloudy... .20 27 26
Jan. 27 -Ptlycldy. .69 56 25
Jan. 28-Clonr. . . . .! 56 28
Jan. 29 -Ptly cldy. 49 20
Jan. 30-Cloudy. . . .12 57 .'ii
Total rainfall ..1.19 ........
Note. During the period em
bracing the dates Jan. 2fi and 27
there was a snowfall of 1.2 inches.
Naval (?lirer Shot to Death.
.Norfolk. Va., Jan. 30.- Lieut. C.
S. Taylor, a naval medical officer,was
?hot and instantly killed to-night by
a sentry at tho Naval Operating Rase,
when, il is alleged, he disregarded
an order lo halt.
The officer was driving a closed
ear. The bullet passed through the
back glass and struck Lieut. Taylor
in Um head.
While naval authorities refuse to
give out any information or details
it is learned that Lieut. Taylor was
entering what is known as the East
Camp, when? valuable war materials
are closely guarded. He ls supposed
to have had a special pass which
would give him access to all paris of
tho reservation.
Lieut. Taylor was 28 years old.
Ho ls said to have been a native of
C roon ville, N. C.. and a specialist on
nose and throat diseases.
Mrs. A. II. Ellison Passed Away bast
Wwk-Burial on Wednosdn
Homily Land, Jan. 31.- - >! <.
Tho ?ail nowa of tho sudden dca'
5.30 p. m., Jan. 24th, of Mrs.
thu Agnes Ellison comes as a si'
ol' ROU Ul ne sorrow to her 1
friends wherever she was know.
Mrs. Billson had boen In i
health for se vu val months, bu?
tho past several weeks her com:
was improved, and she was ii
usual good spirits until Monday,
24th, when, about ?) o'clock ii
morning, she was taken serious: .
of acute indigestion. A physician
immediately (tilled, and her ohll '
woro all apprized of her coed:
hor two daughters. Mrs. J. M.
ron. of Seneca, and Mrs. W. 1. 11
Ison, of West Union, soon rear
her bedside, and woro with her >
the end carno at 5.30 p. m., Ol
few short hours from the tim,.'
became 111. She was consclou 1
tho last moment.
Mrs. KUison was probably thc
I est member of tho Richland Pr
\ terian church, being in the 76th
1 of her age. She was born Sept
1845, and was a daughtor of Hie 1
William H. and Margare? Mci
Steele. She had only one bro
Robert Steele, who diod w hen
a young man, and one sister.
' Jane Hendy Wehl?, who product
her seven years. Hence she wui
last of this prominent family, v
grand old Southern blood wu
strongly blended in her relined
amiable personality, for Iruly
was a life of quiet and umusu
Icy. Itv and devotion to her Chrl
principles. She was helpful
strong in her affection to her fri
and tender and loving inj he i*
lion to the dear ones of her t.
ci t ele. i
On Sept. 22, 1800, she was Ul
in marriage to Capt. A. Il 1311 i . I
and to them were horn eleven
dren, three of whom died tu inf
Two sons, Robert M. and WP ?lat
and one daughter. Miss Maude
iii tho prime of young manhood
womanhood. The survivors ol
eleven are: Mrs. J. M. Barina ai J
H. Billson, of Seneca: Samuel :
son. Winston-Salem. N. C.: Ml\
I. Hutchison, West Union, and !
Billson, of Townley, Ala. AM Of
were present when the rea ai- < :
this good woman were laid to r h
I Richland cemetery ni U o'
Inn .lan 26. funeral se<vicojp?were
j conducted oy her pastor, ll*-v 1. Eh
j Wuilnce, of Keile?1
.Many and exquisito!;
were the floral offerings,
ty being greatly enhanc
pure white, fleecy blank'
which soon covered the i
To tho bereaved childre
husband is extended thc s
pathy of a host of friei
dark hour of sorrow, ant
take comfort from tho ai t
a happy reunion in hca
"God shall wipe away all to
their eyos; and there a
moro death, neither sorro
ing, neither shall thero bi
Relative? from o. distar,
tended tho funoral were
Ellison, of Atlanta; Dr.
W. R. Dondy, of Pclzer,
Lula King, of Contral .
Tjocnl News Item
Mrs. Mattlo Brown, wh
u companion to Mrs. A.
for tho past several mot
pected this wook as a gi
sister-in-law, Mrs. R. NT.
Charlie Cator had tho
a fow days ago of cutth
gash in his foot with an
cutting wood. Thc wout
lng, however, and wo h
cause no sorious anxiety.
Lum Kirby, who bas bi
for some time with pella
lined to his bed, and his 1
despaired of.
Jesse and Victor Rill
lauta, spout the week-em
grandparents, Capt. and .
We have just heard of
death of Mrs. James
which occurred at her !
day (Sunday.) Mrs. Art
seated ni her dinner tah
fell dead of heart failure
she had been a suffer'
time. She was an aged
good woman, and the :
death will bring sorro
who knew and loved her
Swift Marett spent tl
i with homofolks here.
, Misses Mabel II it nely -,
ter. of Atlanta, were wee
of Miss Cornelia Foster.
Ha' : 1 uni Constipate
in 14 to 21 Da
prepared SyrupTonic-Laxat
Constipation, It relieves
should bo taken regularly f
lo induce regular action. It
Regulates. Very Plcasan
j per bottle.
Subscribo for Tho Co
. il
.sy; i
, Ibis
? th i y
ice if
.vhf ie
:.)(; no
; ( r j ?
tn Ol e
fl. M.
M las
? been
ls <.>.
i ugly
w h il o
t. will
!. ?. lill '
f boen
f At
. their
A. Hf,
m dd on]
. i rung,
ig vvas
en ?hq
era a
ot her
ob ad
>to Koa
gue -is
I a blinni
itly !"it
?1 days
Ucl nd
ko. 60c
Million, Ohio, Treasurer Was Short
In Hi'" Accounts.
Marion, Ohio, Jan. 31.- H. 0. Kor
ry, Marion county treasurer, to-day
confessed, so pollco say, that Ito em
bezzled approximately $ 15,000 wittie
serving as treasurer and deputy
treasurer, and that ho staged a falco
hold-up last Wednesday to cover a
theft of more than $14,000 which he
expected to use in making good the
Kills Hilde and Self.
Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 20.- IX. 2.
Kirkpatrick, 21 yours old, traveling
salesman, this morning shot and
killed his young bride of three
months, aged 18 years, and then
tu mod tho pistol upon hlmsolf, shoot
ing himself through tho right tomplo.
dying instantly. The tragedy occur
red at the room of the couple and ls
believed to bo tho result of financial
No Worms in a Healthy Child
AH children troubled with Worms havo aa un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and os a
rule, thcro ls moro or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks will enrich Ih.i blood.
Improve tho digestion, and act ns a (jenora IS; ronftth
cnlnfj Tonic to tho whole system. Nature *??l thon
throw off or dispel the worms, nnd the Child wlllbo
in perfect health. Pleasant to take. Cte per bottle
lt is considered Immodest for a
Chinese woman to expose her foot.
Friends and Fellow-Citizens:
I am sorry to say that, owing to
the financial condition of the County,
and it having been brought lo my
attention hy the County Treasurer
and Clerk of tho County Hoard, that,
in addition to being in debt at the
present between Fifty and Seventy
Five Thousand Dollars, with no funds
on hand to pay for labor, we aro
forced to suspend operations for the
month of February and until our
Representatives make provision
whereby the Supervisor will lie em
powered to borrow the money to
proceed with this very necessary
work in which 1 have had your most
hearty co-operation. And I assure
you that l appreciate it.
We expect to he able to borrow
from our local banks sufficient funds
with which to pay off our January
indebtedness on the. First Friday in
. February, 10 2 1. And 1 sincerely hope
; that our Representatives will take
j the necessary steps during February
i *ri pyoouvo n?""|iwi finnie, so that Oftch
ovoruoor bi iblo jo proceed re
. pairing bur roads along tho same
, lines i s heretofore,
? Commencing March 1st wp hope
I !...? M ' i. . ? '<> ;r.y o fi" our in li:hicil
ness on labor, material and so forth
on the following First Frldayln April,
1921. I again assure you that I
deeply regret having to suspend op
! orations at this time. However, lt ls
I unavoidable. All outstanding orders
for lumber arc hereby cancelled un
til further authorized by mo. A fi
nancial report of tho County will be
published later, so that wo may all
know and understand the conditions,
and also know tho amount of money
that may be applied to each district.
I have malled out blank claims to
oach Road Overseer, so that you may
have them proporly filled out and
malled to Mr. J. R. S. Dendy, Clerk
of County Board.
I will keep you posted through thc
newspapers concerning our finances,
instructions, and so forth.
Again thanking you for your hear
ty co-operation In what we have
done, I am yours truly,
County Supervisor.
Feb. 2, 1921. 5
All persons lndebtod to the Estate
of Jeromlah Wrlnn, Deceased, arc
hereby notified to ma'to pnymont
to tho undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said Estate
will prosont the same, duly attested,
within tho timo prescribed by law.
or be barred.
Administrator of the Estate of Jere
miah Wrlnn, Deceased.
Fob. 2, 1921. ;1-8
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
Hank of Walhalla, a Corporation cre
ated hy and existing under thc
laws of South Carolina.
Thomas A. Smith, A. Wallers, Home
Insurance Company of New York,
a Corporation; ('.lobe and Rutgers
Insurance Company, a Corporation,
and J. A. Moody, Defendants.
plaint Sorvod.)
To tho Defendants above named!
You are hereby summoned and ro
ri ni red to answer the Complaint in
this action, of which a copy is here
with served upon you, and lo serve
a copy of your Answer to the said
Complain) on the subscribers, al
their office, on the Public Square, at
Walhalla Court House, South Caro
lina, within twenty days after the
service hereof, exclusive of the day
of such service; and If you fall lo
answer the Complaint within the
time aforesaid, tho Plaintiff in this
action will apply lo tho Court for tho
relief demanded In the Complaint.
Dated this 20th day of December,
1 920. SHEI/OR & HUGHS,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Fob. 2, 1921. w-7
Ford Automobile
We have been fortunate in securing a limited ship
ment of
guaranteed 6,000-Mile Factory First Quality*
30x3 in-$10.00. J* 30x3 1-2 in-$13.50.
You cannot go wrong in buying at these prices.
Take care of the Fruit Trees. We have a few
Spray Pumps that we are offering at exceptionally low
prices. If you have an orchard and no spray outfit you
might just as well cut thc orchard down.
We have a stock of Lime-Sulphur Spray Solution,
(in Dry Form.) Add the water and it is ready for use.
5-lb Package, $1.25.
10-lb Package, $2.25.
Balle? Harflware and Furniture Co.,
Seneca, ?>. C.
Tho Stute of South Carolina. Conn
cy of Oconeo.- t in Court of Probate?
-I3y V. P. Martin, Esq., Probate
Judge. - Whereas. Mrs. hoirie L.
Moss Jins made suit to me to grant
her Letters of Administration of tho
Estate of and Effects of Mrs. Roxie
J. Moss, Deceased
These aro, therefore, to cito and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said Mrs.
Roxie J, Moss, Deceased, that they
be and appear before mo, In tho
Court of Fnbato, to be held at Wal
halla Corni House, South Carolina,
on Monday, the 7th day of Febru
! try 1021, after publication hereof,
j at i ) o'clock In the forenoon, to
M?OV. cause, If any they bavo, why
the Riild Administration should no*
: bo granted,
(.?V.:;; u nd et' ;i\ \ hand and seal tit i -?
21st day of January, A . D. 1921.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN.
Judge of Probate for Oconee Co., S.C.
Published on the 20th day of Jan
uary and 2d day of February, 1921,
In The Keowee Courier, and on tho
Court IIouso door for the time pre
scribed by law.
Jan. 26, 1921. 4-5
Tho State of South Carolina,
County of Oconoo.
(Magistrate's Summons for Debt.)
By M. T. Hughs, Esq., Magistrate
in and for Oconeo County, the Stato
To Thomas A. Smith, A. Walters
and Clo bo and Rutgors Fire Insur
ance Company:
Complaint having boon mado to
me by Tho Brown Lumber Company,
a corporation under the law of South
Carolina, that you are Indobted to
lt in the sum of Sixty-three and
60-100 Dollars
This is, thorofore, to roqulro you
to appear bofore me, In my omeo, at
Walhalla, South Carolina, on tho
21st day from tho sorvlce of this
Summons, at 10 o'clock A. M., to
answer to tho said Complain!, or
Judgment will bo glvon against you
by default.
(Soal.) M. T. HIJO HS,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
Feb. 2, 1021. 5-7
The Stato of South Carolina,
County of Oconeo.
Wm. J. Stribllng and Ft. H. Alexan
der, Plaintiffs,
Thomas A. Smith, A.* Walters, Home
Insurance Company of New York,
a Corporation, and Globe and Rut
gers Flro 1 usu rance Company, a
Corporation, Defendants.
plaint. Served.)
To the Defendants above named:
You aro hereby summoned and re
quired to answer tho Complaint In
this action, of which a copy ls here
with served upon you, and to sorvo
ti copy of your Answer to tho said
Complaint on tho subscribers, at
tholr ofllco, on the Public Squnro, at
Walhalla Court House, South Caro
lina, within twenty days after tho
service hereof, exclusivo of tho day
of such sorvlce; and if you fail to
answor tho Complaint within tho
time aforesaid, the Plaintiffs in this
notion will apply to tho Court for tho
relief demanded In tho Complaint.
Dttted this 22d day of January,
1021. W. J. SCHRODER,
C. C. P.
s HELOR & nunns,
Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
Fob. 2, 1921. 5-7
Notice is hereby given Uno the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, .Midge of Probate for
Oconeo County, in thc State of South
Carolina, at his office lit Walhalla
Court House, on Tuesday, the 22d
day of Fobruary, 1921, ut ll o'clock
In the forenoon, or as soon there
after as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of the Esta to of R. 13. Keese.
Dcceasod, and obtain Final Discharge
as Administrator of said Estate.
Administrator of tho Estate of R. E.
Keese Deceased
.Tan, .'?s 1921. 4-7
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate, tor
Oconce County, In the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Tuesday, the 22d
day of Fobruary, 1921, at ll o'clock
in tho forenoon, or as soon thero
aftor as said application can be
hoard, for leave to mako final settle
ment of the Estate of Mrs. Mary F.
Maxwell, Docoasod, and obtain Final
Dlschargo as Executor of said Estate.
Executor of the Estate of Mrs. Mary
F. Maxwell, Deceased.
Jan. 2IJ, 1921. 4-7
Notice ls hereby glvon that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. P. Martin, Judgo of Probato for
Oconoo County, in tho Stato of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Wednesday, the 23d
day of Fobruary, 1921. at ll o'clock
In the foronoon, or as soon there
after as said application can be
hoard, for leavo to moko final settle
ment of the Estato of C. M. Byrd,
Deceased, and obtain Final Dis
charge as Administrator of said Es
tato. J. W. H Y RD,
Administrator of tho Estato of C. M.
Byrd, Deceased.
Jan. 20. 1921. 4-7
All persons Indebted to the Es
tate of .lames T. Crenshaw, Dec'd.,
are hereby notified lo make pay
ment to tho undersigned, and all
persons having claims against said
estate will prosent the same, duly at
tested, within the Hmo prescribed by
law, or bo barred.
Executor of thc Estate of .lames T.
Crenshaw, Deceased.
Jan. 20. 1921. 1-7
To Whom It May Concern:
Again I call attention to the fol
lowing wills, which wore found
among some old papers in tho office
of Ibo Judge of Probate and Master:
Memory Alexander. - Witnesses:
Wm. J. Strlbling, M. C. King.-%
Reid. Claybroil Potboil.
Fannie B. Campbell.-Witnesses:
! G. N. C. Boleman, I). A. I,edbettor,
j F. G. Brown.
M. F. Freeman.-Witnesses: Burt
Mitchell, C. E. 0. Mitchell, J. II.
John E. Evatt.-Witnesses: E. A.
Mulkay, T. D. Whit mire, Haitis S.
Any person Interested will ploaso
communicate with me.
Judge of Probate, Oconoo Co.
Jan. 20, 1921. 4-5
There was but ono cromatory In
tho world In 1871.

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