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(Established I HU).)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Y wir .?..?0
Six Months .B?
Three Mont Irs..'IO
Advertising Kates Reasonable.
Ky Stock, Shclor, Hughs tM- Kholor.
Comuiiihiualions ol ? porsonal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thank.;
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
con form I ty willi Eetleral ruling on
such matters.
WEDNESDAY, EE11. ??, 1021.
Millions Aro Ont of Work in the
Northern Slut os.
Washington, Jan. 27. . - Persons
employed in industry in this country
the ll rsl of this month numbered
3,173,100 less than the number em
ployed a year ago, tho Department of
Labor's employment service has an
nounced, on tho basis of tho Drat
nation-wide survey, which has Just
been completed by a special staff of
Director John 1$. Densmoro said
that this figure did not necessarily
represent tho number of persons ac
tually unemployed, as it was "quite
possible" that some of the worker.*
had found employment in agricultu
ral or other pursuits not covered by
the survey.
On tho other hand, some officials
believed the army of unemployed
possibly was larger than the ligures
given, us no effort wa? made to as
certain the reduction in the num
ber of persons employed in pursuits
other than those classed under tho
head of "mechanical industry."
Deduction ?Ml.? Per (Vat.
The employment service's figures
represented a reduction of 2(5.;? per
cent in the number of workers em
ployed In industry, as compared with
January a year ago, and it was an
nounced that they woro based "on
the consensus of tlgures from neutral
bodies, State? labor departments and
State commissioners of manufac
tures, stat?; and municipal employ
ment cervices, workmen's compensa
tion bureaus, employers' and employ
ees' organizations, and all other sim
ilar sources of information compe
tent to furnish same.
Michigan led tho -States in propor
tional reduction, with 82 per cent,
and Ohio and Indiana followed, with
a reduction in employment of 50
per cent each. Next came Illinois,
with ii per cent; Connecticut with
43 per cent; Massachusetts with 3 8
per cent; Wisconsin with 22 por
cent; Now York, 28 per cont, and
New Jersey, 2 2 per cent. The per
centages for otker States were not
given, ii
Hig Cut in Auto Industry.
The largest ?eroentage of reduc
tion in specific industries-fiil per
cent-occurred In tho automobllo
and accessory Industry, and this was
taken to account largely for tho
great reduction la employmont In
Michigan. This Industry, the employ
mont service announcement said,
"California' Syrup of Figs
Child's Best laxative
Accept "California" Syrup of FJgj
only- look for tho nanto California
on tho packago, then you aro sure
your child is having tho host and
most harmlos8 physic for tho little
stomach, liver and bowols. Chlldron
love Its fruity tasto. Full dlroctlont
on each bottlo. You must say "Call
om ployed about 8 por cont of thc to
tal workers In all industry In tho
country a your ago.
Second lil rank In tho reduction of
employ?es was tho building trades,
with approximately 5 2 per cent. Last
January about ll por cent of tho
total industrial workers was employ
ed In this Industry.
A reduction of ?15.5 per cont was
noted in the textile and related in
dustries, 35 per cont In leather atol
its products', und .'12 per cont in lum
bar and house furniture, Tho reduc
tion in metals and products, machin
ery, electric goods and foundry pro
ducts was 30.5 per cent; in pack
ing and food products I!) per cent,
and ill 'day. glass, cement and stone
products 19 per con!.
Vow York I.coils.
Surveys made iti 182 cities, tho
employment service said, showed
timi numerically tin? greatest reduc
tion was in New York city, where
2H 1,2-lil were reported discharged.
Chicago had a reduction of S6,000,
Philadelphia TU,non. Detroit 160,
000, Cleveland 81,000, Boston
000, Newark 11,000, Cincinnati 24,
000, Milwaukee 24,330; St. Louis
19,350, Baltimore ;!'.?, t?:>t?. Kansas
City 20,11 10, Pittsburg 12,500, San
Francisco 13,000 and Portland, Ore.,
1 0,000.
Tho total reduction in the South
ern States, including Kentucky, was
only about 1 Ot), OOO. Chattanooga
was llrst among all the Southern
cities, with 7,500. Atlanta. Ga., had
7.100. Birmingham 6,000, Jackson
ville 6,528, Memphis ."?.100. Dallas
4,500, New Orleans 1.000, Louisville
1,500, Knoxvilo 5,000, and Mobile
1.100. Fort Worth. Texas, had five
thousand idle. Houston 4,000, and
Oklahoma City 2,r>00. Richmond I,
590, Columbia. 3. C.. 3,475j Nash
ville n.I?O, Jackson, Tenn., 485, and:
Montgomery, Ala, 1,500, Bessemer j
500; Meridian. Miss., 500, Jackson.
1,550, Laurel 500. Greenville 250;
Littlo Rock. Ark., 700, Fort Smith j
SOO. Pine Bluff r>00; Lake Charles.
La.. 700, Monroe 500; Tulsa. Okla.,!
2,r.no. Muskogeo ?00, Enid 2,OOO;
San Antonio, Texas, 1,800. Halves
ton 1,500.
Walhalla Women Can Now Dye Old,
Faded Oar men ts, Draperies,
j Anything.
Muy "Diamond Dyes." no other;
kind, then perfect results are guar
anteed. Each package of "Diamond
Dyes" contains simple directions to
diamond-dye worn, shabby skirts,
i waists, dresses, coats, gloves, stock
ings, sweators, draperies, covorings,
everything, whether wool, silk, linen,
cotton or mixed gooda, now, rich,
fadcloss colors. Druggist has color
. I havo not .strength to reach tho top-'
most round,
Whore all may see:
Fame's trumpet blast of cheer may
no'or resound
Afar for me;
But I may lend a helping hand each
To comrades bent
With burdens-cheer thom on their
1 am content.
I may not wield the artist's brush,
A plcturo fair;
My future pathway may, through ad
verso fate,
Bo bleak and hare.
But I may paint a strip of Joy and
In some sad breast
May bring a hit of Hoavon to them
And I am bloat.
I was not favored with the gift of
So grand and sweet,
With which to hold a great, impas
sioned throng
Charmod at my foet;
Hut I, at eve, may croon a lullaby
Tendorly o'er
Far sweeter voices would not sat
I ask no more.
My struggling soul may nevi
tho pr i/.e.
lt covets so:
lt may not reach the (bites of Parti
el iso
At sunset's glow:
Hut I have faith that in the shadows
At set of sun,
I shall be Judged by what I'vo tried
to do .
Not what I've done.
Cannot Wear Masonic Kiuhlnni.
Miami, Fla., Jan. 27.-In bindle,
over to a higher court tho Worship
ful Maator of a negro Masonic organ*
. izatlon. George M. O'Koll, county
i Justice of tho poaco, yostorday rulod
? that a negro hus not tho right to
' wear the Masonic Insignia. O'Kell l.l
I a 32d degree Mason.
1 Cardiff, Wales, ls tho largest coal
port In tho world.
Hill to ('reato Federal Educational
Department 1? Hocommended.
Washington, Jan. 28.-Tho Hailed
states was declared to rank ninth
muong the nations of tho world ia
tho general educational lovol of
people In n report of the House Cont
?iiUne on education, made public
yesterday, rocomending passage of
thc Smith-Towner hill to establish a
Keder.tl Department of Education,
with Federal aid in increasing educa
tional facilities. The country is trail
ing behind 'most of tho civilized
world." iii?' report said, from Hie
standpoint of i's educational adv.ti'
ages, 'rho proposed mcasuro offers
the only means, the report declares,
of correcting the present Inequality
of educational opportunit?s among
the various communities and pre
venting waste of public funds and
iaelltciency due to lack of co-ordhui
tioa among Federal agencies deming
with education.
Illiteracy is a national and uni a
sectional problem, the report says, in
citing statistics to show that it '.<.?<
almost equally prevalent in every
section of the country.
. There is nothing of moro Inipoi;
aaco tn our scheme of governme
ntal? thc education of thc people i:
continued. "Whatever else may be
left out, education cannot safely ne
excluded. If there ls ono thing that
justifies a tax on tho country it is
that which .strengthens and support*
oar public schools."
Four circuit Judges Ho*Fleeted.
Columbia. Jan. 27.-The General
Assembly re-elected four Circuit '
.Midges to-day - Judge Wm. II.
Townsend for tho Fifth Circuit, ?ind
Judge ThOH. S. Soase for thc Sev '
oath; Judge lt. W. Memmlnger for
the Ninth, and Judgo Geo. ID. Prince j
for tho Tenth.
Col. A. K. Saunders was ro-olected ,
superintendent of the State peniten
tiary by the General Assembly to- .
day over three opponents, on the ist 1
ballot. He got 115 votes out of USS
cast, 82 being necessary to elect. 1
'There were four nominations for the
superintendency- Col. A. K. Saun
ders, of Columbia, thc present super
intendent; 1?. II. Mescsno, of Colum
bia; Robert K. Craig, of Columbia,
and J. Lawrence McGee, of Ander
i son.
Miss Hm Hold Defeated.
Mangling, Jan. 2(5.-Miss Corinne
Garfield, the first woman to offer for
the Legislature in South Carolina,
was defeated in a special election in
Clarendon county yesterday . Five
mon were in the race also, and on
the face of Incomplete returns, J. li.
Scarborough ls apparently olectod.
The outstanding voto will not change
tho relative positions of the candi
dates. Miss Barfield is pressing one
of the mon for socond place
Tho special election was hold to
fill the vacancy caused by tho death
during tho holidays of Representa
tive W. T. P. Sprott.
A Boro Still, Though Handicapped.
A dispatch from Miami, Fla., of
recent dato says:
"Rushing to tho aid of a baby
girl diroctly In tho pith of a big
motor car at tho beach Sunday, Bob
Steele, who lost his logs In tho war.
and who makes his way around on
a little platform propollod by roller
skato wheels, savod tho child. Tho
car ran ovor Stoelc, but ho was not
seriously injured.
Negro <\>n!es.s?H Murdering Girl.
New York, Jan. 27.-Jas. Brown,
21-year-old negro, confessed to-day,
police said, to tho murder of Ream
Constance Hoxle. 17-yoar-old girl, In
her home on Weat (50th street, on
Feb. 2, 1?I20. Brown is alleged to
havn made the confession af tor ho
had boon arrestod on a charge of
A Little Love Story.
A dreamer and a man of action
loved a woman. The dreamer said :
"I shall write versos in her praise;
ttiey will touch her vanity and she
will love me for them."
But the man of action ?nid: "How
old fashioned I I shall corner the
atoek market, and that will bring
So tho dreamer wrote verses, and
ho Induced a friend of his, who ran a
ten-cent mugazlne to print them. And
tho man of action cornerod something
or Other and became a billionaire.
In thc meantime tho girl married a
man who Inherited his monoy, and
lived happy ever after.
But the dreamer was so proud of
his verses that he didn't care; and the
man of action was so busy that he
didn't care.
Tho only one to suffer was th* man
she married.-Exchange.
Amber injures no other good pig
mont with Willoh it may ho mixed.
Ancient Crooks considered sandal
wood ono of tho greatost luxuri?s.
Was J
"After the birth of my
baby 1 had a back-set,"
writes Mrs. Mattie Cross
white, of Glade Spring,
Va. " I was . very ill;
thought I was going to
die. I was so weak I
^ couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of water. I
took . . . medicine, yet I
didn't get any better. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. ? sentforCa;dui."
The Woman's Tonic
"I found after one bot
tle of Cardui I was im
proving," adds Mrs.
Crosswhite. "Six bot
tles of Cardui and ... 1
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a Qod-send to
me. 1 believe 1 would
have died, had it not been
for Cardui." Cardui has
been found beneficial in
many thousands of other
cases of womanly trou
bles. If you feel the need
of a good, strengthen
ing tonic, why not try
Cardui ? It may be Just
what you need.
To Participating In Big Mail Robbery
lu Illinois.
Mount Vernon, III., Jan. 22.-With
Guy Kyle, former pastor of the Free
Mothodist church of Mount Vernon,
under arrest and virtually all of the
money rocovorod, postoffice Inspectors
to-day wore continuing their Investi
gation into the matter hore. Tho rob
bery took placo on Jan. 14, the theil
Including SI packages of registered
mail containing $185,000 cash and
$27,000 -? negotiable securities. De
velopment oarly to-day had convincod
the Inspectors that Kyio carried out
the robbory single-handed, lt was
said, hut further examination of thc
formor pastor was planned to learn
how he became acquainted with the
movement of the large shipment of
The theft took place oarly in tho
morning while thc money was hoing
transferred from tho post ofTico hore
to tho C. & E. 1. depot for shipment
to noarby towns to meot mino pay
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops the Cough and Headache and works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE S signature on each box. 50c.
- - .
York Mills on lcull Time.
York, S. C., Jan. 20. - -For the first
Gmo in months all of the local cot
ton mills are running on full time.
A wage reduction of approximately
: 1-2 por cent, as compared willi
tho spring of 1920. is in effect. Tex
tile operatives to whom Ibis corre
spondent has talked say that they
do nol object so much to tho wage
reduction because of the general
price declino In other things. "WitaI
wo are after ls work- full time
work," they say.
fsotleo lg heroby given that tho un
dorslgnod will mako application tc
V. F. Martin, Judgo of Probato for
Oconeo County, lu tho Stat? of South
Carolina, at his offlco at Walhall?
('our! House, on Friday, tho 11th
day of FEBRUARY, 1021, at ll
o'clock In tho foronoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application can be
hoard, for loavo to mako final sottlo
mont of tho Estato of Mary I,.
Rrucko, Doceasod, and obtain Final
Discharge as Executor of said Es
Executor of tho Estnto of Mary L.
Rrucko, Doceasod.
Jan. 19, 1921. 2-6
iiP*) Aiding Poland f<gg3p !
Hm for the work of American Uer! Cross agents tn all re?lous ol i mund .
during the last twelve months, hundreds of thousands of people in that iragie
country today would he under the sod, victims of hunger, disease and expo?
jure. The Joh In Toland ls one of tremendous proportions ami cannot ba
llhandoned for tunny months to come?. Here ls e. typical scene: A Ked Cross
winker "ot the throttle'' of a soup kltehea where b-mdreds of uuderuouvlslied
women and children ure fed daily.
Pursuant (o a Resolution of tho
Hoard of Directors of Tho Brown
(AI in ber Company, at a mooting heidi
in tho offices of said Company, at
West l'nion, S. C.. on December 30th,
ii>20. for the purpose of Increasing
the Capital Stock of said Company,
notice is hereby Riven thal there will
be a meeting of the Stockholders of
The Brown Humber Company, at the
offices of said Company, at West
I nion, S. C., on THUUSDAY. Febru
ary tho 3d, 1021, at four o'clock I?.
M., for the purpose of considering the
resolution of the Board of Directors
asking for an increase of the Capital
Stock of said Company to Seventy
five Thousand Dollars,
.la n na ry 1 I th, 1921.
L. M. DHOW? .
President and Treasurer.
Jan. 12, 1921. 2-a
All persons Indebted to the Estate
of Andrew Bcarden, Deceased, are
hereby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned, and all porsone
having claims against said Estate
will present tho samo, duly attested,
within tho Hmo proscribed by law.
or bo barred.
and W. M. LEM.MONS,
Fxecutors of the Estate of Andrew
Bcarden, Deceased.
Jan. 26, 1921. 1-7
All persons Indebted to the Estate
of Mrs. Mary L. Br?cke, Deceased,
are hereby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned, and all per
sons having claim- against said es
tate will present the same, duly at
tested, within the time prescribed by
law, or bo barred.
Executor of tho Estate of Mary L.
Brucko, Docoased.
Jan. 19, 1921. 3-C
By virtue of thc power contained
In an Agricultural Iden Warrant,
issued by John F. Craig, Esq., Clerk
of Court for Oconeo County, S. C.,
datod tho 28th day of Docembor,
1920, to mo dlroctod, and command
ing me to solzo tho crops grown on
tho farm of S. E. VAN DI VER,
Landlord, rontod and loased to J.
W. Dooloy, covored by tho Agricultu
ral Lien for Rent of tho said S. E.
Vandivor, for said farm for yoar
1920, I will sell, at public auction,
In front of the Court House door, at
Walhalla, 9. C., to tho highest bid
dor, FOR CASH, during tho legal
hours of sale, on Salesday in FEBRU
ARY next, hoing MONDAY, tho 7th
day of February, 1921, the following
doscrlbed property, solzod as said
crops at tho suit of Samuol E. Vandi
vor, to wit:
Four Bales of Colton.
Throe Two-Horse Loads of Corn.
January 17, 1921.
Sheriff of Oconeo County, S. C.
Jan. 19, 1921. , 3-.">
Hy virtue of the power contained
in an Agricultural Lion Warrant,
issued by John F. Craig, Esq., Clerk
of Court for Oconeo County, S. C.,
datod the Isl day of December,
1920. to me directed, and command
ing me to seize the crops grown on
the farm of HOMER R. BOOHS.
Landlord, rented and leased to W.
ll.Phillips, covered hy the Agricultu
ral Lien for Kent of tho said Homer
R. Boggs, for said farm for yoar
1920, I will soil, at public auction,
in front of the Court House door, at
Walhalla, S. C.. to tho highest bid
der. FOR CASI I. during the inga!
hours of sale, on Salesday In FEBRU
ARY next, hoing MONDAY, tho 7th
day of February, 1921, tho following
descrlbod proporty. solzod ns said
crops at tho suit of Homer R. Boggs,
Two Bales of Cotton, one weigh
ing 417 pounds, moro or less, and
ono weighing 150 pounds, moro or
January 17. 1921.
Sheriff of Oconeo County, S. C.
Jan. 19, 1921. 3-5
.fr ?J? ?J? ?fr ?J? ?J* ?I? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?I? -fr
.fr ?J? ?J? .J. ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J* ?J? ?J?
??fr ?j? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?]. ?J. ?J? ?J?
4* DU. W. lt. CRAIG, 4*
.|? Denial Surgeon, ?J*
4* WA I - HA DD A, 8. CAROLINA. 4*
?fr Ofllco Over C. W. l*Rchford*8 4.
.J. Storo. 4?
.fr ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
?fr J. R. EARLE, ?fr
.Jr Attorney-nt-Lnw, ?fr
?fr WALHALLA, S. C. -fr
?fr State & Federal Court Practice, ?fr
?fr EA RM I/OA NS. -fr
?J? ?J? ?J. ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
?fr E. L. HERN DON, ?fr
?fr Attorney-at-Lnw ?fr
?fr WALHALLA, 8. C. 4*
4? PHONE NO. Ol. -fr
?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
?fri. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor, 4*
4? Plckens, S. C. W. C. Hughs, ?fr
?fr Attorneys and Counsellors, ?fr
?fr WALHALLA, S O. -fr
4? State & Federal Court Practice, ?fr
?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr -fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
Roofing, - Reprint
Kurfees Paints and Oil.
Gutter and Repair Work.
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned will mnko application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate for
Oconoo County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his offlco at Walhalla
Court II0U80, on Monday, the 21st
d;.y of February, 1921, at eleven
o'clock In the forenoon, or as soon
thoroaftor as said application can be
hoard, for loavo to make final settle
ment of the Estato of Jeremiah
Wrlnn, Deceasod, and obtain Final
Discharge as Administrator of said
Estate J. W. WRINN,
Administrator of the Estato of Jere
miah Wrlnn, Deceasod.
Jan. 26, 1921. 4-7
Auditor's Office,
Oconcc County, S. C., Dec. ll, 1920.
Tho Auditor's omeo will be opon to
rocolvo returns for personal proporty,
for taxation, from the 1st day of
January, 19 21, to tho 2 0th of Feb
ruary, 1921, Inclusive.
Real estato not roturnablo this
year, oxcept properly that has boen
bought or sold, In which caso samo
shall he noted ns sm-h
Re sure and make your roturns
and savo trouble in the future, and
also tho f>0 per cont penalty, which
is requirod by law.
He suro and glvo ?yonr correct
township and school district.
All partios between 21 and f>0, in
clusive, must make road tax roturns.
Nono oxonipted by law,
Please don't neglect returning
your dogs. Failure to return dogs ls
a misdemeanor.
For tho convenience of tho tax
payers the Auditor, or his deputies,
will receive returns at tho following
places and dates:
Snlom, Fob rita ry 3.
Little River, February 4.
Tatnassoo, February 5.
Mountain Rest. February 7.
Whotstone, February 8.
Long Creek, February 0.
Tugaloo Academy, February 10.
Seneca, Fobrur 14 and 15.
Westminster, F ?ruary 16 and 17.
Westminster Mill, February 17.
The following hours will ho ob
served: From 10 a. m. to 2 p. m.
At Seneca and Westminster wo will
hold from 9 a. ni. to 3 p. m.
Atiditor Oconoo County.
Jan. 12, 1921. 2-asox
th? Quin!?? That DOM Hot affect tbs HM*
Became of it? tonic and laxative effect, I,AXA
TIVU DROMO QUININA ls better than ord I nm y
Quinine and doea not ctuae nervousnca- nor
ringln? In head. Remember the full name and
took tor the signature ol Kt. W. OROV?. 30c.

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