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Yoong Greenville- Man ia N'ukv Melun
Treated for tho Disease.
Greenville, Jan. 22.-Physicians at
..l?hns Hopkins Hospital, Hnltimore,
have diagnosed "he puzzling liniictlon
?of 1. Rex Hice, prominent resident of
Greenville, as sleeping sickness, hut
it is believed that he has an excel
lent chance for recovery. This is Hie
information brought to tho city to
day hy a brother of Mr. Rice.
Mr. Rico suffered from an undue
drowsiness a week or two ago. and
physicians here were unable to diag
nose the case. On their advice rela
tives carried him to the Haltimore
hospital, where he has been blooping,
except at very brief intervals when
awakened, for almost a week during
examinations by specialists at the
hospital. Mr. Rice has been unable
to remain awake longer than to an
swer one or two questions.
This ls tho ll rsl case of sleeping
sickness which has devoolped in
Greenville, it is said. It is believed
that the case ls a light one, but
thoro seems to bo no doubt but that
it ie the sleeping sickness. Physi
cians "have told Mr. Rice's relatives
that he will likely have to remain In
tho hospital for several weeks, lint
that "his complete recovery ls expect
ed. Mr. Rico ls president and man
ager of tho Judson Mill Store hoi?,
and is a ?on of Mr. and Mrs. Joel T.
Rico, prominent residents of Relton.
Ho ls about 30 years of agc, ls un
married, and is a talented vocalist,
singing in the church choirs and at
numerous musical concerts here.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Take Aspirin only as told in each j
package of genuine Hayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will bo following
tho directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safe by millions. Take no
chancos with substitutes. If you see
tho bayer Cross on tablets, you can
'ike thom without four for colds,
headache, neuralgin, rheumatism,
earache, toothache, lumbago md for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve tab
lets coat few cents, Druggists also
sell larger packages. Aspirin ls tho
trado mark of Hayer Manufacture of
Monoacetlcacidcster of Salicylicacid.
Vessel-Greatest Shipyard in World
to Cease Operations.
Philadelphia, Jan. 22.-Hog Is
land, once the world's greatest ship
yard, to-day sent Hs last vessel, the
army transport Aisne, on a trial run
off the Delaware capos, and with its
delivory to the Emergency Fleet Cor
poration next Thursday, shlp-bulld
ing at the big plant will cease. Early
next month tho American Interna
tional Shipbuilding Corporation will
turn tho yard over to tho United
States Shipping Hoard.
Created as a war emergency, Hog
Island at the peak of Its oporations,
employed moro than 36,000 mon and
women. The first keel WOB laid at the
yard on Feb. 12, 1018, and since then
122 vessels of a total of 056,750 dead
weight tons have boon turned out.
Tho production of record reached its
height in one year period from April,
1010, to April, 1020, when 70 steel
cargo carriers were launched-an
average of ono ship every 28 work
ing hours.
Colds Cause Orlp and Influenza
cause. There is only one "Bromo Quinine." E. W,
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Keeping Check on Meal and Sugar.
York, S. C., Jan. 25.- State Con
stable Horace L. Johnson, whose
headquarters arc here, keeps some
check on the operations of moon
shiners by keeping "tab" on those
persons who buy unusually large
quantities of sugar and meal. Ho vis
its supply stores throughout the
county every once in a while with a
view to getting a line on largo pur
chasers of tho two commodities.
"Not every person who buys 100
pounds of sugar and ton bushols of
moal at a Hmo is a moonshiner-not
by any means," says Constable John
son, "hut a good many of thom are,
and it Isn't hard to toll.
Plies Cured In 6 to 14 Days
DrujWlsts refund money If PAZO OINTMENT foils
to cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you cnn act
restful sleep niter tho first nnnllcntlon. Price OOo.
Now mines have boen uncovered
In Cardiff which contain, ll is esti
mated, from 15,000,000 to 50,000,
000 tons of iron ore.
Sin That Includes
All Other Sins
io xt onsion Department. Moody
iJIblo Institute. Chicago.
TEXT.-Ho shall convict tho world of
sin because they bollove not on Mo.-John
IC:?. 9.
That ls inclusive-"Ute world." Tbat
ls specific-..sin."' That Is assertive
"convict." A i, d
tbat ls direct
The sin ques
tion ls not left to
the whim or fnncy
of those who are
more mystically
than rationally In
clined. There Is
u "because" to lt.
Men ure Baying
"give us a rea
son." Here the
reason is given.
The claim ls that
humanity bas sin.
The reason for the
claim ls because
men believe not on Jesus Christ. This
fact ls not only a truth, or an arous
ing truth, or an undeniable truth; it
le a convicting truth. Bold claims
these may seem to be, but there they
ore. And their right to be accepted
Is guaranteed by the authority of God
The Ten Commandments are not
mentioned here. Neither are the good
deeds men do given ?here. A thou
sand dead apple trees are not worth
as much for fruit raising ns one live
tree. So n thousand commandments
would not count for so much as the
living Jesus; and a thousand good
deeds (dead ot best) could not equal
ti\e living Jesus. Place nil command
ments and all good deeds In one side
of your scales and weigh them against
Jesus, they will kick the beam. He
was born under the law. He fulfilled
the law, He was put to death under
the btw; His deeds are not only many,
they are without one exception good
even to perfection. We must deal
with nim. Refusal to accept whet He
has done, that ls the sin. That sin
holds In Its grasp all others. It is
Ills Cross that stands ut the forks
In the road when? we must make the
eternal choice. Sinning against that
Includes all the rest.
With one, lt is Jesus or work, Have
not I done all these good things, or
am I not willing to do these right
acts? What I did and what I am
about to do, that ls the consideration.
But over against lt all ls Jesus. There
Is what He did and what He offers to
do. What could u dead violin do to
wards making music? Absolutely
nothing. But Is there a skilled violin
ist Into whose hands lt has been
given? He will produce the music.
What cnn a man "dead !n trespasses
and sins" do to make himself right?
Ah, he cannot practice the real right
until he has the righteousness to
practice with ; and that IB In Jesus.
With (mother lt ls Jesus or harm
lessness. "Why, what harm have I
done?" Well, If there hud been no
other barm done than that done by
neglect, then that le startling. Like
fields neglected, like bridges neglect
ed, like debts neglected so ls the soul's
neglect ; lt always carries with it dis
aster. But here ls something to which
you may have been blinded, you have
neglected Him, All other neglects
even If they extended Into ages upon
ages Instead of only for a few years
cannot weigh as much ns this. What
He represents to us ls duty so great
that If we neglect Him we are lost
by lt. _
*Wlth another lt is Jesus or Sow
much cnn I pay? But wo cannot pay
for the rejection of Him. He ls not
to he marketed. How could one pay
for such when the very substance or
money be might bring would be, not
the smallest fraction of lt, originally
produced hy mun? "Who hath made
all these things?" "What hast thou
that thou didst not receive?" If lt
were a matter of barter then we are
utterly defeated. Our price would be
BO dls-valued by the rate of exchange
that lt would equal simply nothing.
But "believe on ME," that Is the
condition. The paying, He lins done
that. "Ye ore bought with a price."
"Redeemed not with silver and gold
but with tho precious blood of
Believe on Him, thnt ls to put the
whole weight of nil the post, all the
future and oil of now upon Him. He
doves. He ls the elevator that takes
us tip. It Is dangerous even to put
forth the hand ns If to increase its
power to lift us.
Not believing on Him, sin follows.
Believing on Him, sin ls defeated.
Senrch the whole field from end to
end, and through every port, and lt Is
defiled unless we believe on Him.
Likewise, senrch lt most thoroughly,
and tho defilement ls gone If wo be
lieve on Him. It Is n wonderful word
of life this, thnt "the gift of God ls
eternal life." When the little girl was
asked to explain how sweet the honey
was In the Jar she carried, sho tried
several times to find on answer and
then reached the climax by lifting the
Jar up In her hands and saying, "Hero,
put your linger In, taste and see." Tho
proof was In the taking.
Xnd drunkards and moral men,
scholars and uneducated men, pros
perous and poor men, stund forth to
dec?ate ?hat to believe on Jesus
Christ ls to he saved. Why not be
one among them?
The Varied I
Activities of Faith
Teacher of Blblo Doctrine, Moody
lilblo Institute, Chicugo.
TEXT.-Without faith lt i? Impossible to !
pieuse Him.-Hub. U:t$. i
Thc greatest event tn New Testa
ment history, ufter the ascension of
Christ and the
pentecostal gift;
of the Holy i
Spirit, was the
conversion of Suul
of Tnr?us.
Th I s event
might also be re
garded as most
important in
world history, for
the world, as well
as thc church,
owes much to the
conversion of this
man who ls . known to us as Paul, the
The first preaching tour Paul under
took led bim from Antioch, the chief
gospel center of that day, to the Is
land of Cyprus, and on to the prov
inces of Asia Minor. The Journey
occupied about throe years and the
varied experiences of that time In
volved much suffering and persecu
tion. Converts were gathered out In
the places visited and churches
Amid these varied experiences Paul
received one deep, lasting Impression
which confirmed his point of view and
gave him settled convictions ia re
gard to tho method by wnlch meu
and women were saved nud blessed.
That Impression is to be seen in Ivs
report to the home church In Antioch
to which he returned nt the end of his
Journey. According to Acts 14:27 ti e
church ot Antioch was gathered to
gether and Paul rehearsed all that
God had done during the missionary
Journey, and how He had opened "the
door of faith" unto the natious.
This door of faith ls the only way
by which any one may enter Into the
spiritual blessings of the gospel and
the Kingdom of God.
To tills great truth #he church of
God needs to be rolled back today.
Salvation lu a work of God into which
we enter by the door of faith. Not
only so, but the walk of the saved is
dependent upon faith. The principle
on which the Christian Ufe is com
menced ls the principle of its continu
8nce. Salvation is au act and a
process in which, from the human !
point of view, faith ls tho key to ul) !
blessing and progress ..* j
Thlu truth ls present In all of tho
Writings of tho Apostle to the Gen- j
tiles. In his effort fo call some con- '
verts back to faith he declares In the j
words of Galatians 2:20, "I live by
the faith of the Son of God." When
this same apostle drew near to the
end of hts earthly career he looked ;
back over the course he had covered
and enid, "I have fought a good fight;
I have kept the faith."
One of the best definitions of faith
ls found in I Timothy 0:12, whero
Paul writes to Timothy and urges him
to "fight the good fight of faith." The
next two words define the activities
of faith. It consists In "laying hold."
But there must be something to lay
hold of, and that something ls the
truth of God. "Faith comoth by hear
ing and hearing by tho word of God."
Faith ls tlie door through which one
enters Into God's treasure house, but
such faith ls dependent upon the
proclamation of God's revealed truth.
It comes not through the discussion of
current events or tho expression of
personal opinions.
This puta a tremendous responsibil
ity upon the preacher and teacher, for
If tho word of God ls supplanted hy
discussion of popular subjects faith
will not be formed or fostered. On
the other hand, the people who hear
|*the truth cannot "lay hold" of lt un
lesB their hands are empty. If the
bands are filled with Belflsh plans,
with pleasure-loving devices, and cov
etous desires, there will bo no ability
to lay hold of God's truth. Tho hu
man will must bo subjected to tho di
vine will. When this ls done no en
trance Into the saving grace and pow
er of God is effected. Through the
door of faith ono passes from dark
ness to light and from the power of
Satan unto God, and In the power of
fnlth ono walks in the way of holi
ness nnd eternal lifo. Belying upon
the Holy Spirit of God, victory ls as
sured, for "this ls the victory that
overcomoth the world, oven your
Be 8wlft to Love.
Oh l let us not walt to bo Just or
pitiful or demonstrative toward those
we love until they or we are struck
down by Illness, or threatened with
death. Lifo ls short, and we have
never too much time for gladdening
the heurts of those who are traveling
! the dark Journey with us. Oh I bo
] swift to love, mako haste to bo kind.
II. F. Araiel.
God Gives All Good Gifts.
You never cnn have too strong a
will, but the trouble ls we do not give
that strong will up to God, to make
lt a vessel in which God cnn and will
pour Ills Spirit, so ns to flt lt to do
splendid service for Himself. Does
not God give us all good gifts to en
Joy? lint the reality of tho enjoyment
ls In tho giving back.-Kev. Andrew
The Ford Coupe.
MOHR AND MOHR this Rino Unclosed Car for two-but it will corry three-is grow
ing in popular demand. Strongly built, Hie body rests upon timi marvelous Fund Chassis.
It brings to tb? owner every modern-day convenience; easy riding-willie sliding plato
glass windows moko it breezy and eool in bot. weather; dust-proof and water-proof when
the windows aro closed-lt is cosy and comfortable in inclement and wintry weather. Then
there is thc durability of the car, coupled with the low economy of llrst cost and the
saving of money in operating expense. Belli ml it, und every other PORI) ('AH, is that
unsurpassed "FORD AFTER SERVICE," will ch is given by the army of Ford Deniers scat
tered all over tho country, together with some 15,000 authorized garages, until the l ord
owner ls always within immediate touch of dependable, reliable service, where tho genu
ine foid Parts, and the genuino Ford Methods aro applied in the caro of this car.
THE FORD COUPE administers to a great variety of owners, from the physician to
the traveling man, from tho engineer to the architect, and then for u Pleasure Car for
two it is unbeatable. Wo ask your early order if you want a PORI) COPPIO, because we
wont to make delivery as quickly as we can. but wo must have a llttlo time.
i * ; i t; ; Electors Will Visit Various
'..ci ..u.t to Homler Assistance.
Acting Collector W. R. Bradley
nun omi os that the chief Held dep
1.112 o the district of South Caro
ls issign all deputies under
h In ; . to the work of assisting
I onto UM payers who desire assist
si'i " i' .taking their returns, on
Fob. 1 1, and continuously there-J
after 111 the 15th of March.
b expected that theso deputies
v, ii' yl ivery county seat in the
Stato, ai! as many of the largor
?"\V;:j . i )ssible.
Tho - !.. f flold deputy will make
announcements through these dep
uties nix.'' week as to just where the
ifil ll ho found.
i?>-'?r<iev to facilitate ibis work
tba'chief field deputy requests that
f-.y .M. VP va watch thc announcements
In t they may t?;ko advan
tage of the deputies' assistance In
their community.
Ca*;, you doubt the evidence of this
Walha Ile. woman?
o ' can verify Wulhalla endorse
ii ti
Red I this:
A. T.-. Tilley, 8 James St, Wai
hi .'. cays: "I had backache and
kldnej trouble ?orne time ago and I
Chink lt wau caused by overwork. My
toa-'?ot terribly sore and ached all
tho limo. Sweeping or bending over
waa '.most impossible. I got dizzy
and . a.;k specks came before my
ey?.i Mornings I was so lame and
* i -. mid hardly get around. I had
le has and nervous opella, too.
Uv ., n ;ys didn't act as they should
?.nd i was tri . pretty bad condition.
I 'IF- C.vin's Kidney Pills and they
hu ne feel better right away. In
f ? . limo I was entirely cured."
Pr > OOo, at all dealers. Don't
Sim I?': i*k for a kidney remedy-got
Donn ! Kidney Pills-the saino that
*f- Ules hod. Foster-Milburn Co.,
JMfra Buffalo, N. Y.
vd Work, No Eat.
( igO, Jan. 2C.-No work, no
e Uni ultimatum presented to
A, ; Lndzikoski, aged ir?, and
yj'hh ci mother was called to ex
plain ? Judge Arnold to-day. Agnes'
Wm iM.ifloato had been revoked by
s< io? authorities to compel her to
rot uri to school.
luoalod two girls and they ran
nw?) said the mother. "Agnes
she'll 'Otk. If she doesn't work, she
cae t here."
v\'t-- i ? city wolfnre worker found
Aj tu Yesterday, tho mother's edict
lu led Agnes to go without food
fo , lours,
1 > Stop a Cough Quick
cor. hu taUein? which stops the cough by
heal tuj the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SA ! V ; for Cliest Colds, Head Colds and
Creni> ls enclosed with every bottle of
should I' Sf rubbed on the chest and throat
of childi .rn ?'iflfcrlng from a Cold or Croup.
Tho h iliot? oiTfect of Hayes* Healing Honey In
side tho - <wtt combined with the healing effect of
Grovi PeOirTru? Salve through the pores of
the t ?in - <>i) MOM a cough.
p ii. n neille? aro packed In one carton and the
oosi of tin conblnbd treatment ls 35c
Just i-ik yiur druggist for HAYES'
??? ??? ?? [email protected]?? ??? ??? ??? 00 ???? ?(?Hfr
The Willard was first,
The Willard is better built,
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most.
THEREFORE, You want and must have
The Willard Battery
in Your Car.
We have a complete line on hand. The name Willard
is a guarantee of perfection in the battery world. Our personal
guarantee goes with every battery.
Main Street, :-: Walhalla, S. C
"Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
Ocone?un Writes Concerning Opern
tlons of Concern Ho Works For.
Newport News, Va., Jan. 25.-Ed
itor Keowee Courier: Tho Newport
News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co.
made an excellent record in building
ships for private concerns and for
the United States government dur
ing the past year. Eleven craft were
launched during that period, keols
were laid for eight, and the yard now
has under contract one hundred and
forty million dollars' worth of work.
The following schedule will show
the vessels dellverod during 19 20,
the record sbo- lng tho number of
each vessel, the date delivered, tho
name and the type of vessel:
229- Jan. 6th-Dalhgren, U. S.
230- Jan. 26th - Goldsborough,
U. S. destroyer.
252- Jan. 30-Sapolo, oil tanker.
231 - Feb. 21- Semines, destroyer
233-Feb. 28-Mason, destroyer.
231 - March 13th-Graham, de
239--April 3-Branch, destroyer.
24 0 - April 17 - Herndon, de
241-April 30-Dallas, destroyer.
251-May 13-Salinas, oil tanker.
235- May 21-Abel P. Upsher,
253- May 27-SopuIga, oil tank
236- June 8-Hunt, destroyer.
237- June 25- Welbourn C.Wood
238- July \21-Geo. E. Badger,
254- Aug. 4th - 'lippecanoo, oil
255- Sept. 4-Trinity, oil tanker.
Vessels on the ways Dec. 31, 19 20,
were :
No. 211-West Virginia, battle
215-Constollntlon, battlo cruiser.
258-Iowa, battleship.
2 59-Agwistono, oil tanker.
260-Agwismlth, oil tnnkor.
?61-John D. Archbold, oil tank
262-Wm. Rockefeller, oil lanker.
Keels were laid for the following
vessels during 1920:
No. 267-Jan. if)-Kilver State,
mnil and passenger.
211-April 12-West Virginia, a
258-May 17-Iowa, battleship.
25 9-May 19-Agwistone, an oil
260- Juno 17-Agwismlth, an oil
215-Aug. 18-Constellation, bat
tlo cruiser.
261- Dec. 15-John Archbold, oil
2 62-Dec. 15-Wm. Rockefeller,,
oil tanker.
The ship yard here lias roducod
its force to about 9,000 workmen,
but still continue tho 4 8 hour basis
per week. Double time is allowed for
work on holidays and Sundays; time
and a half for repair work af tor 12
o'clock midnight.
I felt that some facts regarding
the groat ship-building industry
might bo of interest to your readors.
I wish to extend to the editor and to
the readers of The Courior my very
best wishes for a prosperous year.
Augustus L, Harrison.
You Don't. Need to Sicken, Gripe,
or Salivate Yourself to
Start Uver.
You're bilious, sluggish, constipat
ed. You feol headachy, your stomach
may bo sour, your broa th bad, your
skin sallow, and you boliovo you
noed vile, dangerous calomol to start
liver and bowels.
Here's my guaran too! Ask your
druggist for a bottlo of Dodson's
Liver Tone and take a spoonful to
night. If it doesn't start your llvoi
and strolghton you right up hotter
than calomel, and without griping
and making you sick, I want you to
go back to tho storo and got your
Take calomel to-day and to-mor
row you will feel weak and sick and
nauseated. Don't lose a day. Take
a spoonful of harmless, vegetable
Dodson's Liver Tono to-night and
wako up fooling splendid. It is per
fectly harmless, oo givo it to your
childron any timo, lt can't salivate.
On Mindanao Island, of tho Philip
pine group, whoro much hemp is
grown, tho Japanoso population has
Increased from 100 to 10,000 in tho
past flvo years.

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