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(EN I al? UN hot! 1840.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Your .$1.00
Six Mondia .BR
Throe Months.30
Advertising Hates Reasonable.
By Stork, Shelor, Hughs ?i Sholor.
Communications or a porsoual
Charactor charged for US advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributos of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word, ('ash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." In
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters. wi
WEDNESDAY, EKB. 1?, 1991.
One of tho good local papers of
South Carolina ceased to appear re
cently, and III the last Issue of that
paper -The Fountain Inn Tribune
Robert Quillen, tho editor took oc
casion to remark:
"In times Uko thOSc, subscribers
are unable to pay. In times like
these, merchants are unable to ad
vertise, for advertising won't sell
goods unless people have money to
"Consequently tho Tribuno is now
without revenue, and must suspend
publication. The publisher has no
choice in the matter. Printers must
have wages, and paper houses dc
maud pay for their wares-not next
fall, but now.
"When conditions justify a re
sumption of publication, each sub
scriber will be given full credit for
ihf lime the paper was suspended.
In the meantime the Tribune's good
friends are asked to be patient."
There is something that may well
he considered carefully by the citi
zens of every small town where a
local newspaper is published. One
of those things is fur the Individual
citizen, who may well ask himself If
his name is constantly on the sub
scription Hst of his local paper as
n pn id-in-iwl vance subscriber Ann
? y th- i .,. i; . ss peaj..< 0? eaoli town,
url thal ?K, ? > we give a fair pro -
por"'or i'? a.>ss io our l<.. ai pi
per in the way of advertising? The
local support of tho local paper is
the real basis of its ability to operate
at a living profit.
There would have been fewer sus
pensions of newspapers In the coun
try during the past few years had
they been given but a reasonable pa
tronage. Too many people look upon
the local paper as a sort of charity
feeling that the price of subscription
paid for the paper is a sort of gift
and that advertising bills are merely
contributions toward tho living of
those whose daily and weekly and
yearly task it is to produce them and
send them out.
We have, since last Wednesday, re
ceived two contributions for the Save
a Child" fund (Kuropoan Relief.)
which fact shows that our people
have not forgotten tho "invisible
guest" and are still ready to add to
the fund that is destined to save the
lives of thousands of little ones to
be of service in future yours In the
betterment of civilization overseas
and in the great work of establishing
stronger peace relations between the
nations of the earth. Tho "Save a
Child" fund stands to-day -
Previously acknowledged. . .$281.00
Fourth Grade Westminster
High School (Miss Caro
lyn Smith. Teacher!. 3.00
The Keowoo Rural Graded
School i Miss Emma Ham
mond, Principal) . io.oo
Total to dato .$21) 1.00
Tho fund for tli<- Near Casi Relief
Mas had no cash ad,'.liions by contri
butions through The Courier tln^
kveek. and this fund stands at $ 1 .".
i'nu i ri lui I ors to the cash fund are
rcf|ii est ed to always des?gnalo lite
fund to which they wish their con
tributions applied. 'Viii ; is merely a
precautlonarv suggestion, as so far
each contribution has been plainly
designated The two funds are for
"Neai- Ea I Relief" and the Save a
child fund ' i European Rollof.
Poplar Springs Deacons to Morl.
rho deacons of Poplar Springs
llaptisl church are urgently request
e<l lo mee: it thal pl ice next Sunday
morning, Fob. 20ih, promptly at
10.30 O'clock Business of great im
portance to the church must be at
tonded to. Louis p. Rankin.
Per II. M. Alley. Church Clerk.
The Neville S. I. A. to Meet.
The Neville School Improvement
Association will meet at the school
house on Friday next, Fob. IS, at 3
p. m. Let every member be prcsont,
as there is business of importance to
attend to. Miss Counts ls invited to
present. Mrs. J. W. Morgan,
In Sonora Last Week-Several Very
< haini?UK Entertainments.
Seneca. Fob. 15.-Special: Miss
Kate Stripling, of Atlanta, and Mrs.
W. C. Wooten and li tilo son, of Chi
cago, returned to their respective
bornes the lader part of the past
week, after a pleasant visit to their
brother, C. S. Strlbllng, and family,
and other relatives in the community.
Field Secretary for Christian En
deavor, S. Wilkes Dendy, spent Sat1
unlay and Sunday with hts parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Dendy, going from
here lo Savannah.
Miss Ova lyn Kelley spout tho week
end in Greenville.
Tho membor.s of the Junior Mis
sionary Society of the Methodist
church wore ?nests of Mrs. H. li.
I lardy al a charming Valentine par
ty Monday afternoon at tho parson
age. Tho wann sunshine made the
day ideal and the spacious piazzas
enabled the children to'have out-door
games. A largo number of the Jun
iors enjoyed the guinea until a late
hour, when tempting refreshments
were served hy Mrs. Hardy.
Mrs. O. F. Bacon is having a de
lightful visit in Atlanta and Mari
etta. She will probably return home
in about one week.
Mrs. F. S. Mollentan, superintend
ent. Mrs. W. '/.. Whltmire, Miss Mar
gie Holland and Miss Annie Hunter,
teachers of tho priamry department
of the Presbyterian Sunday school,
gave tho children of that department
a happy afternoon Saturday, when
they entertained at a parly for them
at thu homeo/ Mrs. Hunter. The dec
orations and throughout the games,
there were conspicuous suggestions
of tho Valentine season. The hos
tesses wore untiring in their efforts
to make this a gala day for the chil
dren, and in this they were not dis
appointed. After various games the
little folks were refreshed willi Jello
and whipped cream and heart-shaped
cakes, upon which stood miniature
kewpie dolls, all carrying out the
color scheme of red and white. The
favors for the party were lovely val
Miss Sue Glglltlllat added a charm
ing party to an already full social
calendar of thc week when she com
plimented her nephew, G. W. Gigllil
liat. with a Valentine party al her
home Friday evening. On every side
ono was reminded that St. Valen
tine's ?lay was at hand. Valentine
?ames were used progressively, such
as writ ?UK valentines, heart-dice,
shooting at a heart target, pitching
hean hags, heart puzzles, making of
words from the word "Valentino,"
and matching hearts. All of these,
were stations. The attractive score]
cards wore arrow-pierced hearts.
Punch was served throughout tho
evening by Mrs. Claude Hopkins. The
games wore laid aside when delicious
charlotte russ, with heart-shaped
rod and white cakes, were served.
Miss Gignilliat was assisted in enter
taining by Mrs. .1. .1. Norton, Mrs.
Claude Hopkins and Miss Margie Hoi
"Pape's Cold Compound"
Breaks any Cold
in Few Hours
Instant relief! Don't stay stuffed
up! Quit blowing and snuffling! A
doso of "Pape's Cold Compound"
taken every two hours until throe
doses are taken usually breaks up
any cold.
Tho vory first dose opens clogged
nostrils and tho air passages of the
head; stops noao-running; relieves
tho hoadache, dullnoss, feverishness.
"Papo's Cold Compound" acts
quick, suro. and costs only a few
cents at drug stores. It acts without
assistance, tastes nice, contains no
quinino. Insist on Papo's!-adv.
Rural Carriers' District Meeting.
There will ho a district mooting of
the H. F. I), carriers at Easley, Pick
ens county, on Feb. 22d. All the
carriers of Ocoaue county are invited
and urgod to attend, as there is con
siderable business of importance to
transact. The cariers will moot at
Mountain View Hotel, and will have
tho pleasure of seeing and hearing
one of their national officers.
Curd of Thanks.
Editor Koowoe Courier:
Please allow us space in your pa
per lo thank nur friends and neigh
bors for their many acts of kindness
and consideration during the illness
and al tho death of our beloved hus
band and father.
Mrs. Amos A Sunders
and Children.
Weal Union, s. c. adv.-*
- Ft nt SALI: -
I have nico, stocky Plants, just
the righi slv.e to set oui. ll will
pa\ you lo have plenty of Karly
Cabbage in your gurdon.
Charleston and Ell Hy Jersey
Mal Dutch,
Succession and Early Summer,
Loss (ban fi thousand al $1.50
per thousand.
5 to 14) thousand at $l.i!5 per
IO thousand and over at $1.23
per thousand.
Cnn make Prompt Shipment.
Send money with order.
Plants by mail, :iOc. per hun
dred, prepaid.
C. F. Hethington,
(7-12*) MEGGETT, S. C.
\t Her Homo in Monroe, Cia.,
?lay Night, Fob. I til.
Tho following notice is ? ippod
from n Monroe, Qa., paper l?8t
week. Tho notice is of tbo cl ? of
a splendid woman, a formt )oc
neean. well known to many i tho
people of our county, and wi mlly
to those of tho Fair Play .soc . in
wbic'a she was born, ami rai? She
was a sister-in-law of our tov mn,
B. Floyd Watson:
Noble Woman l>ied Friday ht.
Friday night at 11.110 o'e' . at
the homo of Mr. and Mr?. V . L.
Wood, where she and her li and
bad apartments, death ca nib Mrs.
William I, .Dobbs, after an llb ? of
some weeks.
Mrs. Dobbs was stricken ll first
time while at an entertanimon ven
by the music pupils of Miss ! ison
at the grammar school bu lidia rior]
to the holidays, and while bei adi-!
lion considerably improved I lt
was believed thal she would r, 'ell.
all hope? vanished when. Jus few
days before ibo end, she wa- [sod
with another stroke of p.\ 'sis.
Everything that could po^s* he
dono for her was done, bit! no
Mrs. Dobbs was a native of nee
county. South Carolina, nm 'cut
the most of her life at Fair Pl She
was the daughter of nev. up ,,s
H. M. Baron, and waS t y of
age. She was a memh>-r of ,ost ?
estimahle family, and ame tho
people where she was born ir, 'ar
eli she was decidedly popular.
Thirty-live years ago she \\ m i -
ted to Wm. L. Dobbs, and fo 'nc
years she and her husband li re
sided in Monroe, whore th. uer
was identified In the i/o roan til isi
ness and real estate business D.
S. Aycock.
Mrs. Dobbs was prominent! en
titled among the organizad for
women of the city, part?cula ho
W. C. T. I', and the societies un
church. She was a promu nd
beloved teacher of the Firs Isl
Sunday school and was ll mo of
the choir in her church Coi ed
in childhood, she had i good in
ning as a "laborer In tiio Lon nd
her life was filled with good -ds
and many happy Insptratlot nd
blessings for all who bad to vi
lege and pleasure of her asso m.
She was a cheerful, happy Ch in,
and met death with a smile a
complacence that alwi yu i us
those who are faithful and Ul dd
when launching out across ll n
[ known Sea. Indeed, with ?' he
I least apprehension thal thi 'esl
I would be otherwise th u I? il,
this gentle spirit met the end icr
pilgrimage bravely and well,
The funeral services, . >m.'.>. hy
a former pastor. Dr. D W, ! of
Atlanta, aidnd hy Rov. W. fi hi
son, of tho First Methodist sh,
who read the lo:ld Psalv.. rt
tnent of the Scriptures-, M>> )bs
I was memorizing while tn'Jun <-om
lof amieMn? ned by Rev ' 'di,
I present punter of tito . 1st
?church Mooroo, tho pu^K/dt '-i
i -.; m bc tb ci II IHI belonfrpfi; . '
I Dr, Key paid a beautiful tributo to
the lifo and character of ;.
ed, and road a lottor t i; she had
written to him Just a few t before
her last attack-so full c :hoeir(ill
ness and hope.
Tho spacious church wa. Tlc I wiih
people, friends and rola' of the
deceased and her husbi all the
churches giving way the. o'clock
hour that their congregi- i might
bo prosont at tho funora tl, of es
teem for the deceased.
Wreathes, crosconts a. rorgootts
flowers wovon Into other [tes cov
ered the elegant gray casi .'were
typical of tho boautlfu) ended
here to reopen in tho ?j . s of
Christ in "Tho Land of tl ni i tting
The pall-bearers were fiord M.
Walker, Charles M .Wall IO. Moll
Wayne, Ernest D. Nowto Ibort Fl.
Mobley and Prof. Charl Bold.
Tho lntermont took plac the city
The news of the pas
good woman will be lear
gret by many, and tho
all goes out to tho borea
and other relativos. Mn
widely known over Ocon<
her zeal In church work
ago, and for hor consist?
life, which was as "an
known and road of all
Of t'nis
with ie
v thy of
bbs was
.its ofr
\ years
ii hook,
"Rape's Diapopsln" hi
self the surest relief for
gases, flatulence, hean
ness, fermentation or !
tress caused by acidity,
lets give almost humed
relief and shortly the sti
reeled so you can eat f;
without fear. Large ca.
few cents at drug sic
helped annually, adv.
The State of South Car
Conn ly of Deon ec
Mrs. Johanna Cox. in I
and as Administr?t
will annexed of Hour
len. Deceased,
Mary Von Hollen. M
Julia I). Dyar. A. C.
nie St in liol t Catie,
nett, Dora Wilson.
Hollen, ll. F, Von
Osborn, Henry Von
Von Hollen. Luthei
Paul Von Hollen. CH
len. Julia Moody.
Nora Loggias and A
, I
plaint Sorv
To the Above-named
You aro hereby sun
quired to answor tin
this action, of which
w ' I'i Borvo'd upon y< .
oven it
.ch dis
? .-. t ah
; ? e.ir
o foods
< i ! hons
' . the
. uol
itti ?tl)
ri w k?ns,
lt, Min
a 8|lr.
no Von
?n. Kiln
. (Jus
. . rlol
? litirly,
. n ts.I
I and ro
ilainjt in
upi is lioro
The Fertilizer That Makes
You the Most Profit
COMPLETE Fertilizers containing phosphoric acid, ammonia
and potash make you the most profit. They must be evenly
mixed and properly proportioned from carefully selected organic
and chemical materials. This insures an even supply of plant
food throughout the growing season.
Swift & Company h?s everything necessary to make fertilizer
right: trained chemists-agricultural experts-modern machinery.
Buy Swift's Red Steer Complete Fertilizers and make the most
Swift & Company
Atlanta, Ga. Charlotte, N G. New Orleans, La.
a copy of your Answer to the said
Complaint on tho subscriber, at
Iiis ottice, on tho Public Square, at
Walhalla Court House, South Caro
lina, within twenty days after the
service hereof, exclusive of the day
of such service; and if you fail to
answer tho Complaint Wiithin tho
time aforesaid, tho Plaintiffs In this
action will apply to the Court for the
rellof demanded In the Complaint.
You aro hereby notlllcd that the or
iginal complain! In Ibo above ontUlod
action i.- nov on iii?; lu tho office of
tho Clerk of Cour of Oconeo Coi i ty,
South Carolins.
M. I;. loDONA'Ll?,
i Mu?.? ii ffs Attorney.
Fob. 16, 1921. 7-9
Notice ls hereby glvon that the un
dersigned' will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate, tor
Oconee County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his o m oe at Walhalla
Court House, on Tuesday, the 22d
day of February, 1921, at ll o'clock
in tho forenoon, or as soon there
after aa said application can be
hoard, for leave to make final settle
ment of the Estate of Mrs. Mary F.
Maxwell, Deceased, and obtain Final
Dischargo as Executor of said Estate.
Executor of the Estate of Mr?. Mary
F. Maxwell, Deceasod.
Jan. 26, 1921. 4-7
The New York Olee Club is com
posed of four young men who have
been in concert work for many years,
and have appeared before widely vary
ing audiences.
Their program contains numbers of
vastly different types, yet each num
ber, whatever its* nature, ls rendered
in appropriate fashion, ond with
thc animation and enthusiasm these
young men possess. In clearness and
enunciation, In harmonious blending
of voices, and In effective rendition of
every number, the New York Glee
Club ranks among the best.
Each member of the New York Oleo
Club ls a musical artist. One ls a
brilliant story-teller anti accompanist,
thus adding decided strength to the
company. His stories, combined with
the latest novelties arranged for solos,
duets, trios, and the ensemble work
of tho company, produce a program
of most pleasing variety.
Tho New York Glee Club does not
give instrumental work, but ls an ex
clusively vocal quartet, thus enabling
tho management to offer four really
first class vocalists and entertainers.
Fence and Poultry
at Prices that Should Appeal to You,
JO Rod Roll 26-it\ H^avy Hog Fence, -
20 Rod Roll 26-in Heavy Hog Fence, - -
JO Rod Roll 32-in Heavy Hog Fence, - -
20 Rod Roll 32-in Heavy Hog Fence, - - -
80 Rod Reel 4-in-4-Pt. Heavy Barbed Wire,
2-in Mesh 3-ft. Poultsy Netting, per roll, -
2-in Mesh 4-ft. Poultry Netting, per roll, -
2-in Mesh 5-ft. Poultry Netting, per roll, -
2-in Mesh 6-ft. Poultry Netting, per roll, -
Wire Nails Base, per keg,.
Cut Nails Base, per keg, ------
- $5.50.
. $4.25.
. $5.00.
. $6.50.
and wc
Our Stock is complete on these items
solicit your business at prices named.
Baiter Hariware and Furuiture Co.,
Seneca? S. C.
In Court of Common Ploaa.
Pursuant to decree of the afore
said Court, In the case named below,
I will offer for sale, to the highest
bidder, In front o? tho Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, tho 7th day of MARCH,
1921, between tho legal hours
of sale, the tracts of land below de
scribed :
Mrs. Narcissa A. Watkins, in her own
righi, and as Administratrix tl
Ibo Personal Estate of William
Jesse Watkins, Deceased, Plain
.Josse Irby Watkins, George Watkins,
Amanda Watkins, Johnny Wat
kins. May Watkkts, Mary Watkins.
Cecil Elmer Watkins. Westmin
ster Loan and Trust Company, a
Corporation created and existing
under the laws of tho Stair of
South Carolina, and W. P. Dick
son, Defendants.
All thal piece, parcel or tract of
land, situate, lying and hoing in tho
Stale and County aforesaid, In Pulas
1 Township, containing 118 nero.*,
...ore or less, adjoining lands of .1. N.
Watkins. Erances Lee. 'Louisa Kilo
liter and OoorgO Watkins-, being the
same conveyed lo Wm. Jesse Wat
kins by Clara C. Thomas.
, Also,
All that piece, parcel or tract of
land, situate in the County and State
aforesaid, In Pulaski Township, con
taining 16 acros, more or less, on tlu>
north side of the Pulaski road, near
Long Crook Acadomy, being the same
tract of land convoyed to Wm. Jesse
Watkins by R. S. Nichols and by W.
P. Dickson to R. S. Nichols, same
known as tho Hroodlovo Tract.
, Also.
All that ploco, parcel or tract of
land, sltunto in the County and Stnto
aforesaid, in Pulaski Township, con
taining 15 acres, moro or loss, on
waters of Brasstown Crook, adjoin
ing lands of P. B. Lee, George Math
ewson and others, same conveyed to
Wm. Jesso Watkins by Charlie Mc
Terms of Sale.-Cash on day of
salo. That in the ovont of tho fail
tiro of tho purchaser.or purchasers
to comply with tho terms of
tho sale promptly on day of sale,
that tho Master do ro-soll the said
tract of land on tho snme or on some
j convenient Salesday thereafter, at
tho same place and on Ibo same
terms as heretofore set out. at tho
risk of the former purchaser or pur
chasers, and that he do continue so
to do until he has found a purchaser
or purchasers who shall comply with
the terms of the sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and .stamps. w. O. WHITE.
.Master for Oconeo County, S. C.
Eel). 16, 1021. 7-0
All persons Indebted to tho Es
lato of James T. Crenshaw, Dec'd..
are hereby notified to make pay
ment to tho undersigned, and all
persons having claims against said
esl ti te will present Ibo samo, duly nt
tostod. within the time proscribed by
?aw, or be barred.
Executor of tho Esta to of James T.
Crenshaw, Deceased.
Jan. 26, 1021. 4-7
Fob. 2, 1021.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Boat j

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