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Fairy Tale
?yjym GRAHAM BON^?
ton ?gm rt iran** WlonrfviNQlT ???i
"Cheerfulness," said little Merry
Chickadee, 'Ila the greatest thing ia
the world. I feel sorry for creatures
who always have something to fret
about, such as their clothes or tho
weather or the amount of money they
have in their pocketbooks for soda
waters and school books."
"Of course," said little Jolly Chick
adee, a brother of Morry Chickadee,
"it's part of our family history to be
gay and cheery. We've always been.
Now, lt's different with people.
They've had cross members of their
family and pleasant ones. With the
chickadees, right down through the
ages, right down through the history
of birds, we've always been gay and
"I don't seo why we shouldn't be,"
Jolly continued. "It ls really differ
ent with people, too. They have
things to worry about-dresses and
suits-we don't have to worry about
our feathers. The samo Feather
Brothers are our tailors and dress
makers year after year.
"Wo don't have to worry about the
price of food. Werms are just as
cheap as ever. The ground ls just as
good a market. Little Insects are
plentiful which means there are
plenty of them.
"Yes, some creatures may have
more reason to complain than we
have-we have no reason at all to
"Some folks have to think of wheth
er they can afford this or that, for
the butcher and the grocer may be
charging more this week than last,
but the cost of living doesn't bother
us. No, no, Indeed.
"Even when prices were highest
we still didn't have to worry. That
was Indeed fortunate. Wo didn't have
to buy anything or pay money for any
thing, and the same ls still true. We
don't have to give out chickadee or
bird money because there isn't such
a thing.
"We Just help ourselves to what we
see and others of our kind do the
same. Birds are given presents some
times and thut ls always nice. Birds
and children and, in fact, everyone, I
believe, are all fond of presents. Birds
"Just aa Choap."
are given crumbs and such goodies as
gifts. And some kind people give
blrdR crumbs and suet all winter long.
That ls kind, Indeed. I always sing
nn extra song of thanks around the
houses ol' such people, for even If I
don't happen to have eaten any of
the suet or breadcrumbs, I like to hear
of such a thing being done.
"And eli, bow much li does meun lo
the birds In the winter, how much It
does mean.
"As I said before, we don't have to
worry. We have the same dressmak
ers year after year. We don't have
to go to school. As long ns wo gayly
sing cblck-a-dee-dee-deo, chlck-a-dee
dee-dee, we're all right."
"Well." said Merry, "we do some
thing else beside sing, of course. We
eat over live thousand eggs a day, they
say, of the worms which would like to
destroy the trees. I've never counted
the number, myself, though I've Im
agined I've eaten a good many. That's
enough to keep us cheerful.
"I wonder If people would agree to
that, though?" bo added.
"Probubly not," said Jolly, "but n?
matter. It would be a horrible world
If everyone of us wuuted Just the
sumo thing. Just supposo, for exam
ple, thnt every boy and girl In the
world suddenly wanted to eat nothing
but oranges. Nothing but oranges.
Think of lt I Orauges for breakfast,
lunch nnd dinner, sovoral oronges at
a time. It would never do. The or
anges would all give out unless every
one suddenly became an orange grow
er and I don't suppose everyone would
want to do thai.
"It's a good thing wo're all differ
ent. Ob yes, everything is finely ar
ranged. There is all kinds of weath
er in tbe world, and we don't have to
get tired of one kind. There are all
sorts of things to eat from worms to
breadcrumbs. No wonder we're so
And as the Evergreen tree upon
which Jolly and Merry were swinging,
seemed to the happy small birds to bs
singing, too, they sang this little song
In honor of their dear friend, the
Evergreen Tree:
"Soma traaa ar? sr ?caf ul and tom? ara tall|
Some bloom In tba aprtaatlma, aorne drat*
up In tba falL
Bat tb? nleaat ona wa'va avar aaan
Ia tba Ural, faitOYul avarvraan."
And the Evergreen tree bowed tts
branches In thanks to tbs chickadee?.
Pooplo with Poor Appetites, Bod
Complexions nnd ("Spring
Fever" Need a Blood
Makes Rich Red Blood-Renews Vi
tality and Increases Body's Re
sistance to Disease.
Spring ls tho time when good
blood is so vital to health. If you do
not feel the thrill of spring in your
blood, If you itako no pleasure in liv
ing, if your appetite is poor, your
complexion pallid or muddy, and
you tire easily, you can bo pretty
sure your blood is not up to tho
mark. So many feel that way in thev
spring. Especially housewives who
have so much work to do. They get
ovor-tlred and run-down - their
.blood becomes weak and thin.
Build up your health now by tak
ing that splendid spring blood tonic,
Guile's Pepto-Mangan. It will give
vital power to the red corpuscles In
your blood. They will go racing
through your blood, carrying frosh
supplies of oxygen to all the tiny
cells. It will help improve your
color and your appetite. You'll take
moro Interest in things and enjoy
Ufo moro. You will stop going
around with that tired, all-gone fool
Physicians have prescribed Glide's
Pepto-Mangan for thirty years. You
can get it at your druggist's in either
tablet or liquid form. Take which
ever you prefer. They have the same
medicinal value. "Get the genuine.
Hold ?explosive to Save Others.
Breckenridge, Texas, March 9.
Catching a 20-quart nitro-glycerine
torpedo as it was blown from Its cas
ing by an unexpected flow of gas,
Powell Wright yesterday held lt un
til 50 persons and 200 quarts of the
explosive on a wagon reached safety.
Ho then dropepd it back into tho
hole with the receding gas and es
caped. The derrick was wrecked by
the impact, and the well caught fire
when the torpedo was lifted to the
crown block by a recurrence of gas.
Just think! A pleasant, harmless
Cascaret works while you sleep, and
has your liver active, head clear,
stomach sweet and bowels moving
as regular as a clock by morning.
No griping or inconvenience. 10, 25
or 50-cent boxes. Children love this
candy cathartic, too.-adv.
Tanning Loather.
The tanning process was under
stood by the ancient Egyptians, as
sculptures of tanners at work aro
found on very old Egyptian tombs,
in China there Is a specimen of tan
ned leather 3,000 years old. But
there was no real Improvement In
the crude process till 1790, when
lime was tlrst used to loosen the
hair. The first tannery In America
was built in Virginia in 163 0.
Su oct pens Named for Mrs. Harding.
New York, March 10.-A gen
darme-blue swoetpoa-to bo exhib
ited in the eighth International
flowor show, which will open here on
next Monday, has been named "Mrs.
Warren Harding." The flower's color
ls similar to a color for which sho
showed preference when selecting
gowns here some weeks ago, and
was named "Harding Blue."
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications take
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that aro
nauseales?, ?afe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Orientals still prefer reed pens for
'armer Hus Bought No Meat, Flour
or Cora in Twenty-Eight Years.
(Anderson Mail, 10th.)
"I have grown 28 crops and have
never during that time bought a
pound of bacon, a sack of (lour or a
bushel of corn," was the emphatic
statement made by J. T. Robinson,
a successful farmer of the Brushy
Creek section, who was in the city
on business to-day.
Mr. Robinson grows fruit in great
variety and bas built up his orchard
of apples, peaches and other fruits
by proper pruning and spraying. He
Bald that four years ago, wbon he
first bogan to spray his trees, his or
chard was infested by insects and
was In a run-down condition gener
ally. His trees have shed their
rough, diseased bark and aro now
smooth and free from disease. He
gives spraying credit for a great deal
of tho development of his orchard.
This farmer insists on his tenants
nlso rasing food for their own use,
and does not allow any more than
the regular allotted number of acres
to be planted to cotton. Out of tho
200 acres in bia farm Mr. Robinson
plants GO acres to cotton, lt ls stated
by those who know him that he did
not Increase this acreage even when
4 0-cont cotton was in sight.
"Rat-Snap Kills 48 Rate"
Write ? Irria Ne rbood. Po oom j U nairn
Ha B?ys : "After using: one large package,
wa counted 4? dead rata." RAT-SNAP
bills 'em, dries np the carcasa, and leaves
no smell. Cats and dotrs won't touch it.
Comes In conven?an aixecakee ; no mixing
with other food. Getapackaae todar"
Taree shes : Soe for kitchen or cellar t We
for chicken house or eora crib ; $1.26 tor
bern? ?nd outbuild in rs. Your money bu*
ii BAT-SNA1* dooen t do tho work.
Sold Md Qa/caaJtasd by
Barton's Drug Store,
WMtminvMurett Hardware Co.
Assassinated While on Way Home
from tho Senate.
Madrid, Spain, March 9.-This
city was horrllled last night when it
became known that Eduardo Dato,
premier and minister of marino, had
boon assassinated while returning to
his home from a late session of tho
Spanish Senate. Immediately after
the news was received In official
quarters, arrangements wero made
to carry on tho government until a
now premier could be appointed by
King Alfonso. Tho Count de Bugal
lal, minister of Interior, will act as
tomporary premier.
All trace of the men who killed the
premier was lost in the excitement
attending the assassination. Imme
diately after the crime had been
committed, the criminals, who wore
riding In Hie side car of a motorcy
cle, sped away and disappeared.
Premier Dato left tho Sopato
chamber at S.30 o'clock and entered
his car. Tho machine vm driven
through 'alio Arenal to Puerto Del
Sol and thence through Calle De Al
cada. A motorcycle with a side car
carrying two men had followed the
premier's motor unnoticed, there b<
lng many similar machines on the
streets. When the premier's car had
reached Plaza Independencia, near
Senor Date's home, tho motorcycle
increased itt* speed and approached
the side of the premier's automobile.
At that point the streets aro quito
dark, owing to the fact that a large
park borders on the right side of the
When tho motorcycle had drawn
up even with tho automobile the two
men In tho side car and tho driver
of tho machine opened fire upon the
promier, 21 >shots being discharged.
Tho whole tragedy was enacted In a
few moments, and as the last shot
rang out tho motorcycle swung Into
a side streot and vanished. The drl
vor of the premier's car, hearing the
firing, Increased his speed, but the
premier shouted, "I am wounded;
stop tho car." Tho chauffeur found
tho promier seriously wounded about
the hoad, but ablo to ?peak. Ho said
ho was badly hurt. Tho driver leap
ed to his seat and drove to a dispen
sary on Calle Olozaga, nearby,where
first aid was administered. Senor
Dato was conscious when taken from
tho automobile, but collopsod In a
few minutes and diod while at thc
dispensary. He hftd three wounds In
tho back of tho hoad. Tho car in
which ho was riding wa? rlddlod
with bullets. At a session of tho
Senate which the premier had been
attending, the minister of labor had
introduced a bill oxtending the pro
visions of tho labor accident law to
agricultural workers.
Tho Day of Atonement was the
only fasting day enjoined hy the law
of Moses.
In ancient Egypt the belief in im
mortality waa conditioned on "thc
preservation of the body.
Increase the yield per acre, cut production
costs, improve the quality of your crop and
protect against weather, insects and dis
eases by the liberal use of
See your Royster dealer
and place your order now
F. S. Royster Guano CG.
Norfolk, Va. Richmond, Va. Lynchburg, Va.
Tarboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Washington, N. C
Columbia, S. C. Spartansburg, S. C. Atlanta, Ga.
Macon, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Montgomery, Ala.
Birmingham, Ala. Baltimore, Md. Toledo, Ohio
Rev. And Mrs. Kirkpatrick Return
to /Up-Country-Club Officers.
'JSft ? ._
Seneca, March 8.-Special: Mrs.
0. pl Bacon has returned from an
extended vitelt to relatives in Atlanta
and Marietta.
The D. A. R. chapter will meet
next Wednesday, the 16,th, with Mrs.
W, P. Nimmons. The study of the
year is very interesting and instruc
tive, the subject being devoted to
"Tho Study of Laws Governing Vot
ers, and Other Parliamentary
Usages," which ls explained or illus
trated by the member in charge of
study. The papers bear on the Rev
o'utionary War in tho Piedmont sec
tion of South Carolina.
The many friends of Mrs. J. H.
Burgess sympathize with her in a
sickness of tho two weeks past, and
irusi she may soon bo entirely re
stored to lier usual good health.
The series of five sermons on
"Kvangellzation," which are being
delivered every Sunday evening in
tho Presbyterian church by the pas
tor, Rov. I. E. Wallace, are attract
iag large congregations and great
interest is being manifested. Rev.
Wallace ls presenting these evangel
istic messages in tho power of tho
Spirit and in such a simple manner
that a child can fully understand.
Tho kite-flying season is on, and
tho small boys are busy hunting balls
of twlno and building kites. They
have started oarly, so the season will
bo long, for already one has only to
look around and tho tell-tale skele
tons Of kites suspended from trees
Plenty More Lil<0 This In Walhalla.
Scores of Walhalla paoplo can toll
you about i>oans Kidney Pills. Many
a happy citizen nvakos a public state
ment of bis oxperleace. Here ls a
case of it. What botter proof of merit
con be had than such ondorsomontT
B. Colkors, W. Main Ot, Walhalla,
gave the following statement March
16, 1911: "My kldnoya were out of
order and my book pained awfully. 1
bod other ay m pto ms of kidney com
plaint, too. I was advised to take
Doan'a Kidney Pille and I did. They
.eon completely oured mo."
On April 10, 1918, Mir.Oolkors said:
"1 think Just as highly of Doan's Kid
ney P11U now as when I endorsed
them before. I am glad to recom
mend them at any time for thoy sure
ly ?Jd me a great deal of good. 1
confirm ray former endorsement."
Prloe 60c, at all dealers Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy-get
Doaa's Kidney Pills-tho same that
Mr. ?elkera had. Peeter-M libara Oe.,
Ufrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
and telephone wires may ho seen
the blighted Joys of the youngsters
for a time. But they are soon on
hand again with reinforcements and'
jubilant over the wonderful heights
the NEW kites can reach!
There was an unusually large at
tendance at the Once-a-Weok Club
Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. L.W.
Vernor as hostess. This being the
time for tho annual election of of
ficers, there was no literary pro
gram and the business was dis
patched as brielly as possible in or
der to completo the election of offi
cers for the ensuing year. The re
sult of the election was: Mrs. B. A.
Lowry, president: Mrs. J. H. Bur
gess, 1st vico president; Mrs. J. H.
Adams, second vice president; ?Miss
Mamie Burgess, secretary; Mrs. W.
I .J. Lunney, treasurer; Mrs. Eustice
' Hopkins, Mrs. L. W. Verner, Mrs. J.
P. Coates, executive committee; Mrs.
S. K. Dendy, Mrs. E. A. Hines, Mrs.
E. C. Doyle, program committee;
Mrs. J. L. Marett, Mrs. J. W. Willis,
Mrs. G. W. Ballenger, reference com
mittee; Mrs. O. P. Bacon, recipro
city. A rising vote of thanks was
given tho retiring officers and com
mittees for their faithful and excel
lent services which were rendered
tho club during the past club year.
After adjournment a delicious menu,
consisting of salad with accessories,
was served by the hostess, In which
she was assisted by her daughters,
Misses Clara and Sara Verner, and
Annie Wade Brown.
Seneca bs boing fairly represented
nt the Layman's Convention and
Parallel Woman's Meeting In Green
ville this week. These meotlngs are
bringing together hundreds of men
and women of tho Presbyterian
church from N^rth and South Caro
lina, Georgia and Eastern Florida.
Dr. Loo Carpenter, of Greenville
spent Sunday in Seneca, boing thc
guest of Mrs. W. S. Hunter and fam
Invitations have been Issued bj
Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Hines to a large
number of their friends for Friday
tho 11th, from 5.30 to 9 o'clock p
m. Tho occasion is In celebration o
tho 30th anniversary of tho practio
of medicino by Dr. Hines. Tho affal
Hs looked forward to with bright an
ticlpatlon by their many friends.
Rev. and Mrs. -M. R. Klrkpatrlcl
aro receiving a cordial wolcomo oi
their roturn visit to Seneca. Mt
Kirkpatrick was pastor of the Pres
byterlan church hore for severa
years, and during that time ho am
Mrs. Kirkpatrick endeared them
selves to our people. For abou
eight years he has been pastor o
the churches on Wadmalaw an<
, John's Island. Owing to a doclln
in health he was forced to resign a
li?t Shoals Graded School.
Following is the honor rolji ot the
Flat Shoahi Graded School for the
month of February:
First Qrade-Doe Berry 92, Grady
Spurlock 91, Jesse Nichols 90.
Advanced First-Louis Tow 9 0.
Second Grade-Bertha Brewer 94,
Lola Whitehoad 9 2, Phillp Sloan 90,
J. B. Rodgers 94.
Miss Eva Manning, Teacher.
Third Grade-Frod Brewer 90,
Arthur Nichols 9 2, Callie Moss 91,
Rufus Head 9 0.
Fourth Grade-Elmo3 Barrett 9 0,
Thelma Bell 90.5, Gladys Haecock
90, Ethel Moss 90, John Cowan 90.
Mrs. P. Ii. Gumbrell, Teacher.
Fifth Grade-Alma Sloan 3 4.7,
Claud Brewer 95.4, Claronco Crow
92.1, Ila Tow 91.8.
Sixth Grade-Lloyd Bell 90.7,
Be?, tba Sloan 91.7, Lula Whitehead
98 5, Buia Whitehead 90.5, William
Hann 90.5.
Seventh Grade-Loora Head 93.
Eighth Grade-Jesse Sloan 90.
Miar Ora Arve Principal..
Isnqueena School.
Following is tho honor roll of tho
Isaquoena school for tho month
ending Fob. 2Cth:
First Grade--Martha Haynea.
Second "Grade-Oleta Calles, Nan
cy Craig, Christine Clark, Eddie
Third Grade - Pauline Clark,
Grace Craig.
Fourth Grade-Lois MeGulre, Cla
ra Thompson, Alberta Blackston,
Charles Craig.
Fifth 'Grade - Leonard Bowers,
Elbert Bowers.
Sixth Grade-Lottie Bowors, Ethel
Bowers, Lizzie Callas.
Sovonth Grade-Wado Thompson.
Sue Annie Todd,
Nina Abbott, Teachers.
How Would You Uko bo See What
Irvin Narbood (Pa.) Saw? -
"One customer told rn? that after using one large
package ol Ka (-Sn ap. he ?ot FORTY-EIGHT dead
tats. How many more dead he couldn't iee. ho
doesn't know. Remember rat? breed fast and de?
st roy dollars' worth of property. " 35c, 65c. It .25.
Sold sod guaranteed by
Barton's Drug Store,
Whitmire-Marett Hardware Co.
pastor there and tako a long and
much-needed rest. They will spend
some time with their daughters,
Mrs. B. A. Lowery, of this placo, and
Mrs. W. H. Hamilton, of Walhalla.
Their numerous friends hopo that
their stay will be beneficial and that
Rev. Kirkpatrick will soon be on tho
road to good hoalth again.

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