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?Extension Department Moody
.Bible Institute. Chicago.
TEX?l'.-Como unto me, .at) .ye that .labor
?nd aro heavy luden, and I will Rive you
rest.-Matt 11:28.
lunn old church tn abc Isle of Wight
there st a nd s n marble monument erect
ed by Quocn Vic
toria. It ls a fe
male ligure reclin
ing her Jiead up
on nn upon book,
on the stony page
of which this text
appears. Thus ls
memorialized the
death of Princess
Elizabeth w h o,
during tho coin
monwonltb wura
in England, lan
guished a prisoner
tn 'Carisbrook castle, where one morn
ing was found her lifeless form lean
ing her bend upon her Bible, opened
at these words : "Come unto nie, and
I will give you rest" Faithful, sol
emn message, yet sweet and warm
from thal cold marble! There ls no
rest for the heurt, though lt be the
heart of a princess, save in Christ
"Como !" This word reveals the In
finite Snvlor-heurt. From God's call
to Nosh to "come into the ark" to the
hist cull of Revelation, 'SLot him that
is athirst, come," it occurs, nineteen
hundred times in Scripture, ringing
from every page with earnest entrea
ty hnd wurmest welcome, and telling
of n love that waits to pour out its
exhaustions fulness Into the heart that
will but draw near to receive. But
no less does it tell of the need o#
all mankind that must forsake itself
to lind its help in Another. "Come"
from your helpless ruin ; "come" from
your futile efforts nt self-help-; '.come"
from tho unrest that sin has made,
and 'T will give you rest."
"Come unto Me." Not to a church
are you called, nor to ? system ot re
ligion, but to a Person, one Person
alone. It ls not a system of doctrine,
however true, nor a code of ethics,
however high, that He is offering to
sinful men : it ls Himself, with all
that He has.
Ah, who ls this standing up before a
whole world full of restless hearts
and offering Himself as a remedy for
all their ills? Oh, come and see: it
ls my lovely Lord I Is He enough?
Cnn He do what He says? Ask any
fioul that has come to Him! Every
generation slnco these Words wore
spoken has had Ita millions of rejoic
ing witnesses to their truth, and lu
every language that men huve spoken
new words have bad to be found to
express the new blessedness thnt has
lilied men's hearts and lives. Yes, He
does what He promises, and everyone
can prove it for himself.
And whom is He calling to Himself?
It ls thou, O soul, rending now these
lines-thou who never yet hnst come.
It was thee He thought of when He
said, "All ye that labor and aro heavy
laden." Labor and heavy loads aro
tokens of the curs?? pronounced upon
creation because of ?In, and no living
being escapes lt. Doesn't He know?
Doesn't He know the desolation, tho
dlspeace, the restlessness In every
life? When He spoke of thc rest that
He would give was It not because He
knew that of rest there was none In
hearts where sin has reigned? Be lt
known unto you, then, that this ls
your claim upon Him-your need, your
lack of that which Ho alone can give.
Oh, the wonder of lt: your sin, and
your sin alone, gives you title to come
to Him I
But how and when are you to come?
Just ns you are and now 1 No waiting
for fitness or worthiness. If you could
put away your sin your heart would
find rest without Him. If you could
moke yourself flt for His presence
you would not need Him and His invi
tation would he an impertinence. Aa
you are and with your sins, come to
Him. Fitness ls not attained, lt ls ob
tained. He gives itt
And the one thing thnt, above all
others, your heart ls seeking now, ls
the thing that you shall find when you
come: REST 1 Rest from all the ter
rible consequences of sin-from Its
guilt and penalty from the awful re
morse that lt Inevitably brings.
One touch of thc nnll-senrred hand
and the record of your life I? wiped
out forever, so that God Himself can
find nothing against you any longer.
Ho has Himself borne the penalty, so
that He can on n righteous ground of
fer you His rest. Best, sweet rest I
Rest from this poor self nt last 1 Rest
from bitter memory I rest from the
chagrin of a vain and misspent life!
Rest I For this, Ob, Loni, I cornel
Ho GIVES lt I Only He cnn ! There
are no questions that ne has to ask.
There are no conditions to bo Imposed.
As you are, and now, come to Him,
and He does lt all I
Seeking Strength From God.
We seek His strength-power from
without, from above, but we must
ask for strength reasonably; knowing
what we want, and why. To know
this truthfully ls like the way we
prepare for massive building. We do
not lay thc stones upon the surface;
wo dig deep, and clear away the light,
drifted soil, that the deeper com
pressed earth may receive tho hard
grained concrete and tho stone.
Archbishop Benson.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Best.?
Camp Relining (Structures Arc Hurd
Hit by Wind. .
Columbus, Oa., March 16.-The
hall-storm wihlch caused heavy dam
age to early garden truck, trees and
window panes throughout Western
Georgia lat? to-day, was accompan
ied here by a thunderstorm and a
downpour of rain.
Many ?-ents and structures at
Camp Denning were badly damaged
and a negro house was set on lire by
lightning. The windstorm at the
camp WUK said to have attained the
velocity <ef a small tornado, but ap
parently 'the heaviest damage was at
Cusseta, Ga., 18 .miles from hero,
whore, it is said, almost every win
now pane in tho town was smashed
by hail-stonos, which were described
as about the size of guinea eggs. The
court house WUB damaged and a
number of buildings unroofod at
Cusseta, according to word received
from there to-night.
Heavy loss was reported on the
largo truck farm of C. H. Hollis, near
Cusseta, where early cabbage, ls said
to have "been destroyed and a peach
orchard stripped by hall and wind.
A negro child was stunned by
lightning in Columbus, but this'was
Ibo only injury to any person so far
reported in this seotton.
The storm at Cusseta is said io
have been preceded by a period of
excessive boat, and tho storm broke
at about 3.30 in the afternoon.
Front Georgia to Alabama.
Macon, Ga., March 1(5.-Violent
hail storms appear to have struck
tho western part of Georgia' this af
ternoon, causing damage all the way
from I3ox Springs, SO miles west of
hero, Into Alabama. Many trees and
wires are down.
A passenger (rain arriving here at
5.25 this afternoon from Montgom
ery, Ala., had two windows broken
by tho hall. It was also hailing at
Worth, Ga., south of here, at 6 p. m.
Don't sicken or salivate yourself
or paralyze your sensitive liver by
taking calomel, which is quicksilver.
Your dealer sells each bottle of pleas
ant, harmless "Dodson's Liver Tone"
under an ironclad, money-back guar
antee that it regulates the liver,
stomach and bowels better than cnl
omol. without making you sick -15
million bottle!* sold.-adv.
Postoflice Establishment Not Institu
tion for Front or Politics.
Columbia, March 15.-An an
announcemnt that will be of interest
to all postmasters of,(he Siate, and
that probably means that there will
he no reappointments of postmas
ters at this time, with thc Incoming
G. O. P. administration, was received
by postmasters in South Carolina
this week. It is from Postmaster
General Hays, and ls on tho author
ity of President Harding:
"Tho postal establishment ls not
an institution for profit or politics,"
says the statement from Mr. Hays.
"lt is an institution for service, and
it is the President's purpose that
every effort shall be made to Improve
that service.
"Every effort shall be exercised to
humanize the industry. Labor is not
a commodity. That idea was aban
doned 1921 years ago next Easter.
There are 300,000 employees. They
have the training and they have the
hand to do the job well, and they
shall have tho heart to do lt well.
Wo purpose to approach this matter
so that they shall be partners with
us in this business. It Is a great
business Institution, serving every
Individual in the country. I know
that, with 300,000 men and women
pledged to serve all tho people, and
honestly discharging that dtttv. fair
ly treated and properly appreciated,
all partners with us Itere in this
great enterprise, we can do this Job.
It's going to be done.
This ls taken, to mean that there
will be no radical changes in the
government's policy towards tho
postmastorshlps. Under the present
order of things tho poslmnstershlps
aro civil service appointments, under
executive order of tho recent admin
istration. Unless this order is re
voked, the civil sorvico postmastor
shlps will not bo subject to removal
or refilling. If this order should be
revoked lt will mean that present
postmasters will even then hold of
fice until tho end of their terms.
Why Mr. N. Windsor (R. I.) Put Up
? with Rata for Years
"Years ogo I got some rat poison, which neady
killed our fine watch dog. We put up with ruts
until a friend told me about Rat-Snap. It surely
kill? rats, though house pets won't touch lt." Rats
dry up and leave no 9mell. Prices. 3Sc, 65c. $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by
Horton's Drug Store,
Whltmiro-Morett. Hardware Co.
Tomatoes exhibit all tho recog
nized vitamin potentialities.
Marltwro l?unker Pleaded! Guilty to
Cluu-gos of Mismanagement.
Columbia, March 17.-Thomas B.
; McLaurln, Marlboro county banker
! and planter, and a son of John L.
McLaurln, was brought to the State
I penitentiary here Wednesday after
I noon under sentence of ten years,
I imposed yesterday In Bennettbvllle
! by Judge Bowman.
?McLaurin entered a plea of guilty
j as to charges In conection with the
. failure of the Mutual Savings Bank
1 of Bennettsville. Judge Bowman
j signed an order creating a board of
specialists to examine Mr. McLaurln
; and should he be found insano the
j sentence is to be nullified and the
: defendant will then be placed in an
. institution and be treated,
j McLaurin left home last fall with
out intimation as to anything be
ing wrong. Late that day a note was
! found" on tho river bank indicating
j that lie had committed suicide, and
a few days later he was located in
' Atlanta.
Better Than Traps For Rats
Writes Adnma Drug Co.* Texas
They say : * RAT-SNAP fa doing- tho work
end thu ?ai uiidortakora aro aa busy aa pop
corn on a hot u to ve. ' ' Try it on your rata.
RAT-SNAP isa "money back" guaranteed
miro killer. Cornea ready for use ; no mix
ing with other foods. Cata and dogs won't
touch it. Rata dry up and leavo no smell.
Th roo sizes: 860 for ono room; 660 for
houso or chicken yard ; $1.25 for barns aud
outbuildings, Start killing rata today.
Sold and Guaranteed by ?????
Barton's Drug Store,
Whitmii-e-Murett Hardware Co.
Magistrat? Semis Case Up to Circuit
Court-*!. A. Morgan, Defendant.
(Karin and Factory, 17th.)
Charged with having written and
circulated libelous and slanderous
reports concerning the private life of
Rev. S. O. Whitman, president of
tho Oconee Orphanage, J. A. Morgan,
?a prominent citizen of the New Hope
j section, was given a preliminary
hearing before Judge A. P. Grant
j yesterday. After careful and mature
consideration of the evidence, Judge
Grant ordered the case enrolled for
i hearing before the higher court. Mr.
j Morgan furnished bond and was ro
[leased for appearance ai walhalla.
Tim brou I in the friendship .of.
j these two gen He tp op occurred some
weeks ago. Mr. Morgan, we 'under-!
stand, is also a preacher, and was,
until a short timo ago, connected
with Mr. Whitman In the conduct of
tho orphanage affairs. The rupture
I between them, and its cause, was not
aired in court, tho evidence against
Mr. Morgan being almost wholly a
.letter he ls alleged to have written
to Bud Hubbard, who lives near Wal
halla. The letter ls said to contain
charges of immorality on the part of
Rev. Whitman, and illegal relations
between him and certain other per
sons are hinted at. Mr. Morgan's at
torney In court yesterday sought to
prove that the letter was not writ
ten by the defendant, but Judge
Grant decided that ihe signature Is
the same* as that of another letter
which Mr. Morgan admitted having
written and mailed to Mr. Hubbard.
Sensational testimony is expected
when the case is heard in court. .
The Advice of Thia Walhalla Woman
? ls of Certain Value.
Many a woman's back hos many
ach ivs and pains.
Ofttimes 'tis the kidney?' fault
That's why Doan's Kidney Pille are
BO effective. Aek your neighbor 1
Mian y Walhalla women know thia.
Rood what one has to say about lt:
Mxa. S E. Powell Walhalla, says:
"Sovorau years ugo kidney trouble
came on me and my bock ached a
I good deal. When I bent over, ?harp
pains would shoot through me and
specks appeared before my eyes.
Mornings I was as tired as when I
went to bod and I was nervous. My
kidneys didn't act properly. Finally 1
began taking Doan's Kidney Pl lbj and
they quickly cured mo of tho trouble.
I have great faith In this medicino."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy-get
Doan's Kidney Pills-:he same that
Mrs. Powell bad. Foster-M il burn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Woman Legislator Marries?
Asheville, N. C., March 17.-Miss
Exum Clement, Buncombe county's
State legislative roprosentatlve-tho
only woman who has ever sat with
tho General Assombly in this State
and William Stafford, an Asheville
newspaper man, wero married boro
last night.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
atoits tho Cough omi Headache and works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
Dependable Ford Quality
FORD DURABILITY began back in 1003 when Henry Ford started experimenting with Vanadium
Steel and heat-treated processes. Ho know tlmt a moro exact temper! og ?r steel for motor car
building must bo worked out. Vanadium, it was learned, when added to moiton stool, gives to that
steel n greater toughness and adhosiveness. And now other alloys have beon found which aro su
perior to Vanadium. With tho Ford Motor Company constant progress is tho daily companion. Tho
Ford products-Car, Truck, Tractor-grow in quality daily. Heat-treating tempers each part so
that it. will best withstand tho wear and tear to which it is subjected. For?! chemists and analysts
have created formulas and standard specifications for every individual part of tho Ford Oar-not
only for tho stool, but for everything from pneumatic tiros to top.
FORD DURABILITY Isn't a nutttter of accident-it is a matter of painstaking thoroughness lu
laboratory and factory. Tho FOHD ls a car of precision-of standardized values. Order your FORD
CAR now. No matter how fast they may bo made, tho demand multiplies faster. Order to-day,
tor wo can make fairly prompt deliveries-Runabout, Touring Cor, Coupe, Sedan, Truck and Ford
son Tractor.
The following listed claims were
audited and approved against Oco
nee County by the Supervisor and bis
Board, at their meeting held on tho
4th day of March, 1921:
J. C. Shockley (Jan. and
Feb) .$ 266. CG
J S. Cly mph . 5.00
J. L. Kell . 5.00
J. B. S. Dendy. 50 . 00
W. J. Schroder . 25.00
R, H. Alexander . 5 5.55
L. C. Speares . 183.34
D. A. Smith . 168.50
Geo. R. Briggs . 333.33
W.?R. Cobb. 58 . 33
W.iM. Alexander . 225.00
T. $j Milch ell. 100.00
W.,L. Littleton. 100.00
VI T.[Jiugus. 20. 00
J. ".. Todd. 60 . 00
J. e. King. 80. U0
W. v(. Talley ... 8.33
L. C. Graham . IS . 75
W. M. Dillard. 25.00
Total for Salaries_$ 17 32.7 9
L. C. Speares .% 1.60
H. D. Crenshaw . 3.5 8
J. B. S. Dendy, Clerk,
(postage) . 5.00
Walhalla Electric Plant. 41.30
M. R. McDonald, Agent.. 165.00
W. M. Alexander . 28.14
V. F. Martin, J. P. 19.70
R. H. Alexander, Treas.. 35.39
D. A. Smith . 2.50
W. J. Schroder . 4.20
W. M. Dillard . 10.85
Dr. W. B. Bartlett. 13.10
Total for Contingent..! 330.66
Chain Gang.
J. Wade Dickson .$ 100.35
W. C. Kelley . 100. 00
Mason Simpson . 75.00
Sam Kelley . 66.00
Joe Ii. Shockley . 85.00
Earle Thrasher . 34.65
C. K. Brown . 85.00
Tom Willis . 60.00
Joe Evans . 45.00
Garnet Price . 45.00
J. T. Dean . 21.00
Matt Cobb .; . 65. 00
Lester Adams . 65.00
Westminster OH and Fer
tiliser Co. 1.40
Auto Supply'Co. 33.90
J. H. Alley . 156.99
E. G. Poore . 122.01
S. H. Collins . 47.25
Auto Supply Co. 86.08
Seneca Motor Co. 144.24
Kolloy Bros. 2.95
M. S. Carroll . 28.86
J. E. Singleton & Co_ 8.80
Strother & Phlnney _ 33.00
Seneca Grocery Co. 82.50
C. G. Jaynos . 136.05
Piedmont Motor Co. 22.50
E. R. Cobb . 2.10
Piedmont Motor Salos Co. 73.8 5
C. W. & J. E. Bauknight. 1674.29
W. D. Dodd . 138.30
Total Chain Gang_$ 3541.1 3
h. M. Olymph .% 7.00
A. T. Smith . 6.00
Joe M. Kelley . 67.46
W. T. Crow. 9.4 0
J. D. Harkins . 101.03
J. P.. Alley . 18.53
Wm. J. Strlbllng .. ."_ 18.00
Robt. Cobb . 50.33
Oscar Sheriff . 91.36
Bank of West Union, as
signee . 20.00
Wm. T. Burton . Cl. 15
Gulf Benning Co. 202.1?)
Mit Nicholson . 28.50
H. W. Bradberry . 7.34
Elbert Collins . 75.00
Jesse Lay . 25.20
Wm. J. Stribling . 14.80
J. L. Kell . 36.15
M. P. Day . 179.95
A. T. Smith . 43.00
H. H. Whitehead . m 41.06
J. W. Cox . 37.62
Miss Helen Knox . 21.00
C. W. Pitchford . 17.45
J, Duff MCMahan . 46.58
Whitmirc-Marett Hdw Cc 18.36
C. L. Vernor . 61.60
L. D. Hunt. 272.54
Hutchison Bros. 6.45
Frank Nicholson . 100.00
J, C. Shockley (amcunls
bunds, otc. 85.08
S. .T. l?boli . lO.i.O
Carl Powell _*...
P. A. Moore. 17 . 50
W. C. King . 99.25
L. C. McCarley . 181.00
Total for Bonds .$ 2115.59
W. If. Alexander .$ 39.50
C. It. Lanning . . . 30.90
J. L. Kell . 14.45
Whit Knox . .. 47.07
S. H. Collins . 40.20
Arthur Brown . 11.19
W. R. Hunt. 3.00
L. A. Lay . j. 25 . 50
J. B. Burgess . 60.00
lt. A. Rutledge . 87.04
Brown Lumber Co. 38.40
A. L. Spencer . 176.13
Miss A. C. Jones . 158.40
Joe Quarles . 32.50
B. C. Wood .. . 33.75
S. J. Elkin . 26.42
Jesse Addis . 37.48
Westminster Loan and
Trust Co., assignee... 163 . SS
J. S. Sullivan . 92.16
J. E. Campbell. 155.46
R. H. Alexander, Treas.. 11.85
Seneca Lumber Co. 14.30
C. W. Pitchford . 127.20
A. A. Hubbard . 994.29
J. L. Sheldon . 24.00
Total for Bridges _$ 2444.87
Public Buildings.
Sullivan Hdw. Co.$ 1.49
C. W. Pitchford . 14.38
Jas. C. Seaborn . 52.00
Standard Oil Co. 17.40
Adams Hdw. Co. 1 . 20
C. W. & J. E. Bauknlght. 1 .00
J. H. Hayes. 12 . 80
Ooo. R. darren . 7.50
Total Public Buildings.! 107.77
Books, Stationery, Printing.
Walker, Evans & Cogs
well Co.$ 223.71
Foote & Davies Co. 243.05
Fioldor & Allen Co. 7.00
Tugaloo Tribune . 13.25
Total B" S. and 487.01
R. H. Alexander .$ 3.00
W. M. Alexandor.i. 3.00
D. A. Smith . 3.00
W. J. Schroder. 3.00
L. D. Abbott, Mgr. 8.17
Total for Telephones..! 20.17
Poor Farm and Poor.
W. R. Cobb .$ 297.67
S. L. Henson. 25.00
C. W. & j. E. Bnuknight.
Total Poor Farm & Poor.? 387.72
* Conrt Expenses.
J. A. Stevenson .$ 2.10
Dor rowed .Money.
Banl^ of Walhalla .$ 4023.33
Westminster Loan and
Trust Co. 4023.33
The Citizens* Bank .... 4023.33
The Enterprise Bank .... 4023.33
Seneca Bank . 4023.33
Westminster "Bank. 4023.33
Sinking Fund Commis
sion . 52233.34
Total Borrowed Money. $76373 . $2
Dieting Prisoners.
W. M. Alexander .$ 80.96
Grand Total .$87024.08
J. B. S. DENDY, Supervisor,
adv) Clerk.
The Marine Corps,
_ ._t . [ _,, , .,, , u , 1 V--r
Whoo tho English Admiral Blake
fought Van Tromp, in 1653, ho took
along some soldiers to act as rifle
men. These behaved so well that a
regular marine corps was organized
in' 1664. This was the first regular
corps of marinos. Tho United States
marines wore established by Con
gress on June 25, 1776. Major Sam
uel Nichols was the first command
ing officer.
First Step in Treatment Is a Brisk
Purgative With Oalotabs, the
Purified and Refined .Calomel
Tablets that are Nausea
less, Safe and Sure.
Doctors havo found by experience
that no medicino for colds and influ
enza can bo depended upon for full ef
fectiveness until tho livor is mado thor
oughly active That is why 'tho flrst
step in tho treatment is tho new, nausea
less calomol tablets collod Calotabs,
which aro freo from tho sickening and
weakening offects of tho old stylo calo
mel. Doctors also point out tho fact
that an activo livor may go a long way
towards proventing influenza and is ono
of tho most importnnt factors in on
nbling tho patient to successfully with
stand an attack and ward off pneu
Ono Calotab on tho tonguo nt bed
timo with a swallow of water-that's
all. No salts, no nausea nor tho slight
est interforouco with your eating, ploas
uro or work. Noxt morning your cold
has vanished, your liver is activo, your
system is purified, and you' aro fooling
fine, with a hearty appotito for break
fast. Druggists soil Calotabs only in
original sealed packages, price thirty
five cents. Your money will bo cheer
fully refunded if you do not find thom
To Encourage Wheat liaising.
Croen ville, March 17.-To encour
age farmors of Greenville county and
this section to raise moro Wheat, of
ficials of ono of Greenville's strong
est banks to-day announced that it
will distribute seed wheat free and
that prizes will bo offered by tho
bank as an inducement to farmors
to make record crops. Clemson Col
logo is to co-operate with tho bank
in this undertaking.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Best)'

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