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(Established 1840.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
One Your .$1.00
Six Months.55
Three Months.80
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
By Stock, Sholor, Hughs & Shelor.
Communications ot a personal
oharacter charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards ot thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
WEDNESDAY, MARCH .**<>, 1021.
On the first pago this week will
be found a very timely call by Mayor
Drown for co-operation on tho part
of the citizens of Walhalla in mak
ing Friday of this weok, April 1st,
a real "Clean-up Day." His appeal
should ho heeded, and every assist
ance and co-oporation should be
given tho Mayor and members of
Council and the ladies of the Civic
League lu their efforts to have Wal
halla thoroughly cleaned up at tho
beginning of spring.
We need not wait till Friday mor
ning to begin tho work. Let us begin
now and have a better job of it when
"Clean-up Day" comes to its close.
A little rivalry on the part of the
citizens will go a long way toward
a perfect cleaning up of tho town.
Lot each one determine that his or
hor place shall be the cleanest in the
neighborhood. With this spirit of
friendly and neighborly rivalry we
will indeed have a clean town. And
we can keep lt clean if we will just
carry out the rivalry for cleanliness
and beauty from dno year's end to
another. Every day will be clean-up
day. andi Walhalla will be clean on
every day of the year.
I^et us resolve to cloan up next
Friday aid keep clean in the future.
A little care will do the work.
At any rate lt ls worth trying.
Let's clean up thoroughly Friday and
?soo if wo inxh keep tilings ('lean dayl
by day. Wo will b? surprised wnon j
wc find how much easier and botter
it is *o keep cloan 'han to have to
clean on J
Last week wo began the publica
tion of a series of articles of historic
interest and information, theso be
ing under the caption, "Tho Story of
our States." Article No. 1, Dela
ware, appeared last week, and this
week we present No. 2. Pennsylva
nia. Tho articles will appoar seri
ally each weok, and wo suggest that
the young folks begin at once clip
ping thes short stories and pasting
them,into a scrap book. By the time
the whole series has been published
oach one who does this will have a
litHe volume of valuable information
and historic fact that will be very
pleasing, interesting and attractive
from a literary standpoint.
Active Work in tho Interest of. tho
lulants nus Deon Begun.
Baby specialists from among tho
medical profession of Columbia and
Charleston, Greenville, Anderson,
Kock Hill, Seneca, Allondalo and
dpurtanburg havo volunteered their
services for tho great "Save tho
Baby Campaign," according to an
nouncement made by tho chairman,
. Dr. D. Lesoono Smith. The campaign
is being put on by the South Caro
lina Sunday School Association for
the two-fold purpose of emphasizing
the physical and spiritual care of tho
small children ot South Carolina.
The "Save tho Baby" campaign,
which plans to decrease tho rate of
infant mortality and enroll more lit
tle children in tho Sunday school,
is said to bo particularly timely on
account of the startling facts that
have just been disclosed by consua
1. Ono hundred and thirteen ba
bies out of every thousand In South
Carolina dio before they are a year
2. Only one white child in four tn
the State ls connected with any Sun
day school.
Among the first places in the State
to report as having begun active or
ganization for the community "Save
tho Baby" campaign are Spartan
burg, under tho leadership of Mrs.
C. K. Karie; Anderson, under tho
leadership of the County F?deration
of Clubs; Orangoburg, with Mrs.
Adam Moss as chairman: (?reon
wood, Mrs. J, C. Homphill. Jr.. as
chairman; f'otageville, Mrs. W. E.
Willis; Lake City, Miss Blanche
Smith, chairman; Manning. Mrs. Jos
Sprott; Jonesville, Mr?. C. A. Little
john; Union, M**s. J. P. Byars; West
minster, Mrs. D, .'. Mulkoy; Gaffney,
Mrs. Tortssn Wijson; Blacksburg,
Mrs. B. F. Darst, and Charleston,
Miss Annahollo Mcinnes.
Edmund Blgham Found Gull .
Florence. S. C., March 28.-Tho
Jury in tho case of Edmund Blgham,
charged with tho murder of his bro
thor, Smlloy Blgham, and several
other members of tho Blgham fam
ily, returnod a verdict of guilty at
3.25 o'clock this afternoon.
Good Hoad* Como High is tho Ob
servation of Correspondent.
Bounty Land, March 28.-Special:
Every anticipation for a beautiful
Easter was amply realized Sunday,
and all nature seemed to burst forth
In lovoly bloom of Howers and happy
songs of birds In joyful c?l?bration
of Ibo resurrection of our Lord.
Miss Lura Perrltt, of Augusta,
Ga., spent from Friday until Sunday
with ber parents, 'Mr. and Mrs. I). A.
Mrs. Fannie Fennell and son, Wil
liam Fennell, of Anderson, spent
Sunday with relatives here.
Mrs. Mary Reid, who has been vis
iting her sister, Mrs. Mattie McDon
ald, and othor relatives In tho vicin
ity for tho past several weeks, left
yestorday for her homo In Anderson.
Frank Marett and Herbert Latti
moro, who havo boen late victims
of Influenza, are convalescent.
Miss Bollo Slrtbllng, of Gaffney,
and John Morris, of Clemson Col
logo, and his friend, Mr. Ellison, of
Easley, wore guests at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stribllng recently.
Miss Mary Julia Shanklln and bro
ther, Master Bill Shanklln, of Ander
son, visited relatives hero during the
Misses Lilla, Bertie and Julia Wil
liams spont Sunday In Newn>\
Mrs. M. D. Moadords and son Hen
ry, of Pelzor, were g\ests of Mrs. L.
R. Williams Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Holloman, of
Seneca; Hon. and Mrs. M. R. Mc
Donald, of Walhalla, and Charlie
Reid and little daughter, and Mrs.
Mary Reid, of Anderson, and Mrs.
Mattie McDonald wore Easter guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. McDonald.
Ernest Jeffries, of Clemson, was a
guost in tho community the week
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Meoks, of An
derson, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Jones, of Seneca, were late guests In
the home of Wm. Smith.
Miss Dehlia Sheriff visited her
cousin, Miss Ethel Hrock, in the
Friendship community last week.
Littlo Miss Willie Kennedy, of
Newry, spent last week with her sis
ter, Mrs. Lawrence McDonald.
De/ Haynes was.In Anderson last
Mrs. Nell Rodgers, of Anderson,
was a late guest of ber sister, Mrs.
John Williams.
Mrs. Byrd Wyley and two childron,
of Richland, spent the week-end at
the Marett home.
The children of the school here
hud a delightful Easter egg hunt on
Friday afternoon.
The recent election to vote on 4
m'llls extra tax for school purposes
resulted in a tie, and the eloction will
ho hold again on April 9th, and as
our former Superintendent of Edu
cation ?oe'"s to ii?jyo ?rotten th" >>f
fu ' badly mixed, throwing thia dis
trict! "bb h. for yours :>.asr. '???.t noyer
been short of :' nds, in debt, unless
this extra tux i- voted on we will be-j
una,bio to tun a ?chool al t ? another
year, until sufficient funds may ac
cumulate in tho treasury tc "ay off
our indebtedness and take a new
There aro rumors afloat umt ihe
camp of the highway construction
men will movo In the near future to
near Weat Union in order to bo moro
convenient to their work. Tho road
ls being top-soiled where tho grading
is finished and a vory pretty road is
tho outcome of the expenditure of
much money, hard labor, vigorous
kicking and actual highway robbery
of personal proporty in tho way of
tho deliberate taking of tho best of
soil noar the roadway.
Henry Hughs, of Walhalla, and
Tom Andorson, of Greenville, were
guests in the vicinity Sunday.
Robert Hnbbard, Jr., and little
Miss Sara Marett delighted their lit
tle friends by giving Easter ogg
How to Fight GortTcn Insects.
Clomson College, March 29.-In
controlling garden insects there are
two principal Insecticides, suggests
Prof. A. F. Conradl, chief of the en
tomology division. Ono of theeo ls
arsonate of load, which is a poison
usod for tho chowing insects, such
as potato booties and tho cabbage
worms. Tho other is nicotine sul
phate, which is recommended for
plant lice.
lt ls well to keep these two Insec
ticides on hand. Tho arsenate of
load is purchased ns a dry white
ppwder and should not be moro than
.75 of 1 por cont water soluble. It
may bo usod by dusting it in tho
morning when tho plant? aro wot
with dow at the rate of 1 to 2 pounds
por acre, or it may be sprayed by
adding ono ounce of arsenate of load
to an ordinary 2 ^ -gallon pall of
It should be remombored Hu be
fore adding arsonato of load, Puris
green, calcium arsenate or any othor
powdor to wator a little water should
first bc added and stirrod into a
paste. Those who desire to make up
larger amounts for spraying should
write for IOxtonsion Circular 17.
Nicotine sulphato is a concentrated
tobacco liquid, and the spray is made
by adding a teaspoonful of nlcotino
sulphate to an ordinary 2 V?-gallon
pail of water.
Soap suds, made from a piece of
common soap about a cubic Inch in
slzo and added to the nicotine spray
will Improve it. Soap containing coal
tar should never bo used.
Do Not Want Negro Appointees.
Washington, March 28.-Women
employees of tho Troastiry Depart
ment, In tho section under the regis
trar of tho troastiry, are reported to
bo signing in largo numbors, with
out reforonco to political or goo
graphic domicile, a petition to' Sec
retary Mellon protesting against the
appointment of a negro as registrar.
No appointment has been made,
and the p?tition montions no nomos,
but thoro has boon a rumor that
Henry Lincoln Johnson, the negro
national committeeman from Geor
gia, is being considered for the po
Munie Class will Present Program on
Next Sunday Morning.
Salem, March 28.-Special: The
music class of Salem is planning,
under tho direction of its toucher, to
render tho following program at the |
Salem school house on Sunday morn
ing, April 3d, at 10.45 sharp (stand
ard time) :
Opening Song-Glad Wolcomo to
All. By class.
Devotions hy Rev. R. E. Jones.
Organ s?. lo-Miss Edith Whitten.:
Song-Little Drops of Water. Miss
Alice Whitten.
Reading-"America for God. Mrs.
Lona Nix.
Vocal duet-Star of tho East. Hy
Misses Jessie Mae Ward and Chris
tine Jones.
Hymn - My Hopo is Centered
There. Miss Artie Manley.
Recitation - No Telephones in
Heaven. Mts3 Agnos Greene.
Song-Two Littlo Hands. ' Eight
small children.
Organ solo-!Mlss Bertie Manley. I
Song-In the Temple. Master El
mer Whitton.
Recitation-Tho Jericho Rose.
Mrs. Bossle Whitton.
Vocal duet-Angry Words, Oh, Lot
thom Never. Mlssos Artie and Hor
tlo Manley.
Roadlng-Praying for Shoes. Miss
Clarette Jones.
Organ solo-Master Elmer Whit
Roadlng-We are Building Two a
Day. Miss Christine Jones.
Vocal duet - Beautiful Isle of
Somewhere. Misses Leora 'Smith,
Christino Jones. Jessie Mae Ward,
Mrs. Bessie Whitton.
Organ solo-Twinkle, Twlnklo,
Little Star. Miss Agnes Greene.
Organ solo-Golden Rod. Miss
Artie Manley.
Reading-A Sailor's Prayer. Mas
tor Elmer Whitten.
Vocal solo-Face to Face.
Song-Dear Little Strangor. Miss
Edith Whitten.
Recitation - Baby's Disappoint
ment. Miss Alma Whitten,.
Organ duet. Misses Artie and Ber
tie Manley.
Song-Honor-Bright Cadets. Eight
small children.
Song-What They Seem to Say.
Miss Alice Whitton.
Reading-Dreams of the Universe.
Miss Jessie Mae Ward.
Vocal duet-Unanswered Yet. Mrs
Lena Nix and Miss Lillie Stoddard.
Recitation-Echoes of Old Hymns.
Miss Artie Manley.
Vocal solo-The Sinner and the
Song. Mrs. Bessie Whitten.
Organ solo-Pansy Waltz. Miss
Clarette Jones.
Reading-What tho Little Girl
Said. Miss Alice Whitten.
Song-Will the Angels Let Me
Play? Miss Alma Whitten.
Organ solo-Miss Bertie Man'?v
Reading ; hore will bc Ito? in
Heaven. Miss Loora Smith.M
Song-Children's Hosanna. Misses
Clarette Jones and Alma Whitten.
Vocal duet-Pass It On. Miss Lil
lie Stoddard and Mrs. Bessie Whit
Recitation-'Mother's Song. Miss
Loora Smith.
Vocal duet-Sing with Tuneful
Lay. Misses Alico and Alma Whit
Recitation-Absolum. Miss Lillie
SOUR-Little Evangels. By eight
small children.
Rending-The Teacher's Diadem.
Mrs. Bessie Whitton.
Closing song-"Good-bye." Class.
Curd of Thanks.
Editor Keowoe Courier:
Ploaso allow us spaco in your pa
per to extend our thanks to our
many friends for tholr kindness and
sympathy shown us during tho re
cent illness and at tho death of our
dear son and brothor. We especially
thank Dr. Mays for his faithfulness
and kindness to us. May God's rich
est blessings rest and romain with
each and every one of them.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bruce
and Children.
Westminster, R. F. D. adv.
The public will ploaso take notice
thal I will be in my office only on
Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays of
oach week during April and May.
Superintendent of Education.
March 30, 1921._13-17
The Stat? of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
Robert H. Wright and Nat C. Nave,
as Partnors doing business undor
Style and Firm Name of Wright
& Nave, Plaintiffs,
B. H. Wilburn, Defendant.
plaint Served.)
To Gio Defendant Abovo Named:
You aro hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the Complaint In
this action, of which a copy is here
with served upon you, and to serve
a copy of your Answer to the said
Complaint on the subscriber, at
his office, on the Public Square, at
Walhalla Court House, South Caro
lina, within twonty days aftor the
sorvice hereof, exclusivo of tho day
of such sorvice; and If you fail to
answer the Complaint wUthin the
timo aforesaid, the Plaintiffs In this
action will apply to tho Court for the
relief demanded In tho Complaint.
Dated this 11th day of February,
1921. E. L. HERN-DON,
Plaintiffs' Attorney.
V.-.rM- -, 11>2 1. 10-1 2
MakeEvery Held Hog-Tight
Good Fencing protects your live stock and growing crops.
Atter harvest you can pasture fields as desired. From year
to year you can rotate crops scientifically. In fact? good fenc
ing is essential to modern, profitable fanning.
Pittsburgh Perfect"
Electrically Welded Farm Fencing
help* put farming on a business basis. It puts fields
entirely under your control, enabling you to farm
them most profitably.
There are heights and designs of "Pittsburgh Perfect" fencing
for every farm purpose. It ia a perfected fence of xmlform
Ugh quality, and every rod guaranteed. The electrical .weld
makes it a one-piece steel fabric of great strength and dura
taUtyASee us for your fencing, barbed wire, staples, etc
?C. W. Pitchford,
Walhalla, S. C.
If You Don't
Use Fertilizer
you will lose more than anybody else will.
You will harm yourself more than you will
any one else, and you will benefit the man
wno does use.
It will certainly pay you to use our Fish
Guano. It is made to make cotton and corn.
Anderson Phosphate and
Oil Company,
W. F. FARMER, Secretary. U -14
Thinking of Buying a
Truck or Auto?
Wc are in position to make prompt delivery on
Republic Trucks, J to 3 tons.
Chalmers Automobiles. . ?J* Dort Automobiles,
Wc have thc following in stock that wc offer at
, special prices:
New One (J) Ton Republic Truck with Cord
Tires. One New 5-Passcnger Dort Touring Car,
One 1919 Model Dort Touring Car. One 1920
Model (Used) 5-Passenger Chalmers Touring Car.
One 1920 Model 5-Passenger (Used) Ford Tour
ing Car. (This is thc New Model Ford, with
Wc can interest you in a car If you arc thinking
of buying.
Ballenger Hardware ai Furniture Co.,
Seneca? S. C.
Rampley's Meal Mixtures
Compounded from thc Highest Grade Plant Foods
known to Science. Double Milled, insuring an even,
uniform mixture and perfect mechanical condition. A
Superier Fertilizer for Cotton, Corn, Small Grain and
Vegetables. .
- ALSO ---
Blood Bone and Potash Mixtures,
Soluble Fish Guano, ail grades,
Ammonia ted Compounds,
Acid and Potash Mixtures,
Cotton Seed Meal, . . r
18% Sodium Nitrate,
14% Genuine German Kainit.
West Union, S. C. <
Buy What You Need.
J Thc Government has said, (and
wc know) that buying what wc
need NOW will start the wheels
to rolling again, and normal con
ditions will soon follow.
Yes, it's really your duty as an
American to
because now is the time to buy
many things we have to sell.
Now is" thc time for Spring
Planting - Farm Crops, Home
Now is thc time for fixing up
thc old home or barns-New
Window and Door Screens,
Paints, Fixtures, Roofing.
Remember you can buy most
anything you need on the farm
or in thc home from us. Come
Whitmire-Marett Hardware Co.
Westminster, Walhalla,
South Carolina.
All persona Indebted to tho Estate
of CYRUS COLES (alias St. Elmore
C. Coles,) Doconsod, aro hereby no
tified to mako payment to tho under
signed, and all persons having claims
against ,said Estate will present tho
same, duly attosted, within the timo
prescribed by law, or bo barred.
Exocutfix of the Estato of Cyrus
Colos (alta? St. Elmore C. Coles, De
ceased. '
March 30, 1921. 13-16
Frosh water spongos aro found tn
tho regions near Chicago.
NOTICE ls hereby given that un
der tho authority vestod In mo by
tho Intornal Revenue Laws o? tho
United States, one Essox Roadator
Automobllo, Motor No. 45546,which
was captured In Oconee County on
tho 5th day of March, 1921, whllo
being used transporting alcoholic
liquors, will be declarod forfeited to
tho United States thirty days after
tho first publication of this notice.
Any and all persons haring any claim
in or to said automobllo must file
thom with tho undersigned on or be
fore tho date abovo named.
Deputy Collector.
March 16, 1921. 11-13

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