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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
New ?
Our Spring G<
look them o^
prices are rig]
CW. &J.E
liA'rriill PART OF LAST Wl?KJv
Netted Anti-jUquor Officers Pretty j
(?OU<l ii ct .urns for Labors.
Last Wednesday, in the Jocassee
section Deputy Sheriff Sullivan and |
Rural Policemen Littleton and Hun-1
nicutt raided a still, making one of
the best hauls they have bad for
some time. When they neared the
plant they .observed that lt was in
operation, and, desiring to be sure
of getting a line on the onesvoperat
ing the place, the officers concealed
. ; #Sm'Mr^
" sible without being detected, and for
some thirty minutes took careful
note of all that went on. During
this time they were enabled to estab
lish tho faet. that three men were
at work in the place, and they wore
also able to establish the identity
of each one'Of tho three. Tbalr fears
as to the possible escape of tho men
when the raid should be made were
well founded, for before the officers
could get into the place the men had
been able to make a clean get-away.
The three men will be arrested later
on warrants Tho officers cut up a
(?"?-gallon copper still, cap and doub-|
. 1er, everything hoing hot and in full
blast at the time of the raid. There
wa s on hand 10 bushels of corn
mash, 15 00 gallons of beer and six
gallons of liquor, all of which was
destroyed. The plant bad I? large
On Saturday morning Revenue
Officer QosneU and Deputy Sullivan
destroyed a 0.'.-gallon sheet limn still,
three fermenlers, OOO gallons beor
and four gallons of liquor In tho up
per section of the county, and in the
.afternoon of tho samo day, .ot tho
foot of Long Noso Mountain, they
jan across and destroyed a 40-gnllon
shedt iron still and three fermenters,
At this placo there was between 500
and OOO gallons of beer, but no whis
key had been made at that time. The
plant was demolished, with no in
formation obtainable as to who was
nt ibo hend of either of the two
plants named last.
' 35 Head of Goo
and Mul<
and they are worth the moir
Good Paper. These arc ali
kind you will need for the hi
have Buggies, Wagons and
Repairs, Chattanooga Plows
right prices? *** Milk Cows
* and see me.
w. n.
?ods are now
Come in and
/er. & The
. Bauknight,
/LA, ?3? C.
Supervisor .Shockley Find that His
Hands Aro Tied-No Funds.
! To the Hoad Overseers and Citizens
j of Oconoe County:
I Owing to the fact that I hay? no
! money available with which to carry
I on the road and bridge work, J here
I by notify you that you need not file
! any claims for work or material with
i the clerk of the County Bwir-d, as,
j being without funds, our hands are
! tied and we cannot pay for .sa,pie,
p*^?f?r.r th?':i$resbnt co'nditibns 'I
i will have to depend entirely upon
' the chain-gang and my road equip
ment to do whatevor 1 um able to
do for V ? balance of this year,
j i..et mu again impress upon you all
I this ono fact-that, if you do any
i work, or order any done, or pur
chase any material or supplies, with
out my written consent, you will have
; to pay for same yourself,
j I regret, very much tho financial
condition of our county, wliich forces
me to make this statement to my
friends and helpers. Hov ever, you
will please; govern yourselves accord
ing to these instructions.
J. C. Shockley,
County Supervisor.
Man Thought to bo Vautin is Held.
Tampa, i'la., April 4.-T. A. Earl,
assistant principal of tho Port Tampa
city schools, said to be T. ll. Vaughn,
wanted in South Carolina, whore
Vaughn WUK sentenced to bo electro
cuted for .criminal assault on four
girls under fourteen years of age,
was arrested to-day and is being held
pending the arrival of authorities
from Columbia. After Vaughn was
sentonced to death at Columbia ho
war adjudged Insane and sent to the
State asylum In that city, from which
institution lie made lils escape two
yearn ago.
Carolina Doctor Killed.
Columbia. Aprjll ?1.-Dr. J. C.
Nicholson, tho Leesville physician
who was shot yesterday noon by J.
C. Swygert, died ut tho Baptist Hos
pital in this city at 1 o'clock (his
- Mules
d Young Horses
ss to Sell
ey. Will sell for Cash or
[ real work stock-just the
savy spring work, ?a* Also
Harness, Oliver Plows and
and Repairs-all to go at
and Beef Cattle, Come
.LA, S, C,
Poi sons Should Tuke Caro to Placo
Pull Postage OH Ivetten*.
We have been requested by Post
master Fant to call the attention of
natrons of the Walhalla post olilce to
the following, which is taken from
'Postal Laws and Regulations, and to
urge upon the public the careful
observance of this law:
Article 27-Short-Paid Matter of tho
First Class.
Tile law, embodied in Section 4 0 5,
Postal Laws and Regulations, pro
vides for tho dispatch to their des
tination of letters and other first-'
class matter upon which two con's
postage bas been prepaid, lint which
aro not fully prepaid, charged with
tile deficient postage, such deiiclency
to be collected on delivery. The pur
pose of this provision is lo permit
the prompt dispatch and delivery of
short-paid matter deposited through
inadvertence or unavoidable cause.
The law does not contemplate, nor
is it expected, that persons will in
dulge in the practice of intention
ally depositing first-class matter
which is not fully prepaid
From complaints received by the
department lt appears that this pro
vision is being abused, some persons
intentionally depositing short-paid
matter of the first class with the pur
pose of avoiding the full prepayment
of postage and having tho addressee
pay the deficiency, thereby subject
ing the nddressee to annoyance and
expense and imposing upon the pos
tal service additional labor and ex
pense. Therefore, when it comes to
the attention of a postmaster that a
patron frequently deposits short
paid first class matter, the patron
should be informed of the foregoing
and objectionable features and dis
advantages of the practice, not only
from the standpoint of the postal
v?eJ?Xici?*- Ji?.1. f 10111 ' th.abi.ittrihe son.4$k
.and addressed as well, should be
carefully explained to him. lt ls Be
lieved that such action will correct
the abuses complained of and -con
line'1 the operation of the law to the
cases which lt is obviously designed
to cover. Postmasters should bring
to the attention of the Third Assist
ai . Postmaster General, division of
classification, any cases of persons
or concerns who continue the prac
tice above referred to after the mat
ter has been brought to their atten
At Albany i (lil.-Many Are Rendered
11 oiueless-I ndiist rles Ku Wer.
Albany, Ga., March :iJ. - The
northern part of Albany was swept
by a tornado late to-day that killed
one man, injured sixty persons, half
a dozen seriously, and caused prop
erty damage estimated al several
hundred thousand dollars.
.lorry Dallas, a negro employee of
tho Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co.,
was reported missing to-night, and
lt is feared that ho was killed in the
practical wreck of the plant.
The sdngle known victim of the
.storm was a negro carpenter, John
McCoy. 45 years of age, who was
helping build a bungalow, and most
of tho injured were colored.
The lomado destroyed or partially
wrecked approximately one hundred
dwellings, but Its greatest material
damage was to a dozen or more
large industrial plants which wore
directly In Its path.
Hundreds of persons will be put
out. of work and scores wore home
less to-night, but it ls believed that
local relief measures will bo suffi
cient to care for all.
Four Redly Hurt ns Truck Plunges,
Columbia, April 4.- Four negroes
were badly injured at tho Union
station to-day when tho heavy truck
thoy woro driving plunged through
tho railing and fell about 25 foot to
tlic tracks below. Tho drivor claims
that lie was crowded against tho rail
ing and that lils truck plungod ovor
when ho was pushed Into it. The
men were badly broken and bruised
up, but there is a chance for tholr
Hex Supper nt Coonee Crook.
There will be a box supper at Oco
neo Crook school house on Friday
night, April 15th, beginning at 8
o'clock. Music will bo furnished to
entertain tho audience. All neigh
boring schools arc Invited to bring
boxos. Everybody wolcomc.
This Invitation ls extended by W.
W. West, J. C. Ivestor and Miss Alma
Alexander, teachers.
nient of Successor to lt. lt.
Dependent ou Finances.
rc que
li sh ?
* Qt
* I
orson, S. C., April 1, !9 21.
Koowee Courier: ?
e final presentment of -the
Ury, during the March term
rt ol' General Sessions for
K'ouilty, that honorable body
d that the proper authori
once take up the matter of
Ug a successor to B. R. Moas
e constable, with Governor
1 at once wrote each mein
jtho Oconee county delegation
ng them to make a recom
en, and also wrote the Gov
equcsiing that an appoinl
inade as soon as a recom
en was handed him. I have
the within reply from Gov
pper, and ask that you pub
l.your next issue. This reply
r itself.
?Very truly yours,
eon \V. Harris, Solicitor.
nee tjj;
? t?i
(?vernor Cooper's lycttcr.
fO?llce of the Governor,
mia, S. C., March 28, 1 921
fen W. Harris, Solicitor,
jerson, S. C.
flicitor Harris:
Just received your letter of
Kjth relating to the appoint
ai constable to work in Oco
?rtpt sure yet whether I shall
be ?^MfetO appoint a constable for
Ocone'?fee-unty or not, ns the law en
f orqemwfft' fa nd is very moagre when
one c?jf^?ors''the amount of lawlesa
fls going on. The General
fallowed me a little over
yOut of this, in addition to
j?. salarles and expenses of
Uriel, 'I have to pay air ro
^expenses, special investl
reSvards, and ,so on. You
Pef?f?rerVthHt n^wlTl^jt
be possiblef or nie to have more than
six or seven men regularly employed.
Under the circumstances 1 am
afraid It will bo impossible for me
to have moro than one constable to
operate regularly in that section of
tho State. It will he necessary for
him io attach himself alternately to
Federal and county forces, and do
the best ho can that way.
Very truly yours.
R. A. Cooper, Governor.
Question-Says Cotton Will Move by
July 1 at Higher Prices.
Columbia, Ajvril 4.-J. W. Tolbert,
of. Groenwood, .tho man whose word
is supposed to bave no little weight
in Federal appointments in South
Carolina, has been in Columbia dur
ing the past two days, being regis
tered at the Imperial Hotel.
When asked last night as to who
would be appointed Collector of In
ternal Revenue, district attorneys
for tho Eastern and Western dis
tricts and United States Marshal. Mr.
Tolbert was reticent. When remind
ed that many people were doubtless
on the anxious bench as regards
these appointments. Mr. Tolbert
said: "1 have been on the anxious
hench myself for some thirty years,
and it is a good place to learn things.
Let (hem linger on the anxious bench
I a while longer.
"1 am in Columbia looking into
some postmastorshlps. Several ap
pointments of postmasters have al
ready hoon made in smaller towns,
and others may be made in Ibo near
future, though thero will be no re
cess appointments.
"We want to appoint men to Fed
eral offices who will enjoy tho re
spect of tho people with whom they
come in contact. The announcement
of the appointments will be made in
due time."
In discussing tho cotton situation
Mr. Tolbert said: "AU cotton In
South Carolina will he moved by tho
1st of .Inly, i don't know what price
lt will bring, but It will move nt
prices in excess of those now hoing
offered. Cotton will be exported to
foreign countries In large quanti
/ - . -
Greek Prince Killen in nattle.
London, April 4.-Prince Andreas
of (?reece, brother of King Constan
tine, lui? died from wounds received
in fighting near Brusa, according to
n Constantinople dispatch quoting a
Turkish announcement. Ho was the
third son of tho late King Ceorge
of (?reoce, and was born nt Athens
on .Ian. 20, 1882, and sorvod in tho
Greek army during the Balkan war
of 1 !? 12. He was married to Princess
Alice of Battenberg Oct. 7, 1903.
After every Inundation by tho Nile
Kgypt is covered with frogs, which
arc quickly devoured by swarms of
Women hold sacred religious offi
ces In tiio days of tho Pharaohs,
I have several
Used Automobi
for Sale at fai
terms to suit t
Probate J mig? O. G. Thompson and
Daughter, of Laurens.
Editor Keowee Courier:
'Please allow me a little space to
make mention of the visit of my
brother, O. G. Thompson, and his
daughter, Miss Jessie, of Laurens
county. Tlieso two came to see us
six years ago, and we find their vis
its are all too far apart and too
O. G. Thompson is an older bro
ther of mino, ho being 7 7 years of
ago. Ile entered the service of the
Confederacy under tho brat call for
troops (at the age of 17 years,) In
the great Civil War of 1861-05. Jie
loft home on Monday, the 15th. fol
' lftwlng^rtfo1^
Saturday, April 13th, 1861. He was
a member of Capt. R. P. Todd's com
pany, Third S. C. Infantry, and went
on to Virginia at the end of sixty
days, and became a part of tho Bon
ham Brigade, afterwards known as
Kershaw's Brigade, of the Army of
the Potomac, this army later being
known as tho Army of Northern Vir
ginia, then commanded by Gen.Beau
regard, and waa on the outposts near
Fairfax Court House at tho time of
the first "On to Richmond," July,
1861. Ile served in all the Virginia
campaigns, followed Longstreet
through the Cbic'kamauga and Knox
ville campaigns, then to Hie Wilder
ness and Spottsylvania, at which lat
ter Held he received severe and dan
gerous wounds.
Well do l remember that, as a lit
tle hoy, I beard our dear mother's
benediction when he left home, and
saw lier embrace bim on lils first
return at the end of very nearly
three years, from Longstreet's camp
in East Tennessee, and again when
he came homo tho following May
from Spottsylvania fl^ld, with sev
eral wounds in both hoad and hand.
Coming homo nt tho close of the
war, he worked on tho farm for
twenty-odd years. He served as a
magistrate in Young's township fro ni
1S7!> to 1SSS, when ho was elected
to (he oillco of County Auditor, and
which office li ti held until 1894, when
he was elected to tho office of Pro
bate Judge, which office he has held
continuously lo this time, having
had opposition for re-election hut
once (1914) since 1902. It ls grati
fying to know that during all these
years he has boon a consistent mem
ber of (he church, and has contrib
uted, by example, by writing and by
spooking, to all those things which
make' for tho betterment .and up
building of our county.
Although enfeebled by age, bis
montai faculties seem unimpaired.
May he ho spared for a long timo to
help in all good works.
S. K. Thompson.
Hawaiians Want Hoer.
Honolulu, April 2.-A rosointion
petitioning Congress to sandio.i the
manufacturo and salo in Hawaii of
beer containing 4 % por cent and
wine containing 15 per cont alcohol,
was introduced to-day in tho terri
torial house. Tho resolution said tho
people of Hawaii bad no opportun
ity to express their convictions on
prohibition and that drunkenness
has increased in tho territory since
prohibition boenmo oporativo.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Bost)
les and Trucks
r prices, and
he purchaser.
a, S. C.
Unes Prestige of Niunu to Swindle
Will Consider Behind Burs.
Chicago, April 2.-Everett Hard
ing, a candy atore owner, who was
arrested to-day on charges of im
personating a Federal official, to
night was declared by tho police to
have defrauded the Pennsylvania
railroad out of nearly $2,000 and to
have imposed on leading Chicago
clubs and business men by pretend
ing to be a cousin of President Hard
ing, although actually of no relation
I to the Chief Executive. The police
j said that thoy believed 'Harding bad
obtained at least $10,000 from a
group of business men by promising ,
Harding, acceding to the police.
found Chicago's leading citizens: gul
lible. He took twenty-two of them
to the inauguration in a private car,
it is said, and then paid the Penn
sylvania railroad with a check which
was returned, according to railroad
officials, marked "no funds." While
on this trip Harding became ac
quainted with a delegation from the -
Hamilton Club, the chief Republican .
social Organization of the city. HO
posed before them as a cousin of tho
President and was promised a lifo
membership In tho club, so tho po
lice say thoy ionrned through their
investigations. In return Harding
was said to have promised Iiis friends
political appointments, telling them
that he was to ho assistant secretary
to the President. Harding wns held
under bond of $5,000 for ' hearing
before United States Commissioner
Pearl Harding, Everett's 13-yoar
old sister, acquired considerable
fame through the posing of her bro
ther. She became known as the"
"White House Raby," and it was
said thal she was lo go to Washing
ton and live with tho President. Hoi1
picture was widely sought by manu
facturers to be used in ndverfising,
by newspaper photographers and by
the movies.
According to the police. Harding
cashed in on hts name by posing ns.
President Harding's son during tho
Republican National Convention and
passed several bad checks.
Sonora Township Singing Association
M.. .
Ibo Seneca Township Singing As
sociation will convene af Corinth
Baptist church on the second (hext)
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. AU
good singers and lovers of music aro
invited io attend. Several music
loaders of prominence will bo pres
ent sind have charge of (bo sing
ing. Lot overybody attend.
Nation's Debt, is Reduced.
Washington, April 2.-Tho na
non's gross debt was roducod $71,
580,330 In March, according to tho
treasury slaloment to-day, which
showed tho total debt to be $23,
980,1 04,397. Of the . total Fodoral
obligations outstanding $2,754,841,
000 reprosonts shorl-lerm treasury
certificates of indebtedness, several
hundred millions of which, Secre
tary Mollon has said, will bo retired
during April,
An analysis of tho treasury's fiscal
affairs for tho last year rovoals lit
tle chango in tho amount of certifi
cates of indobtodness or tho floating
dobt. Tho gross dobt, howovor,
which consists largely of Liberty
bonds nnd Victory bonds, lias shown
a steady docroaso. .

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