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Our Fish Guano Will Pay You from 3001 to 5001
On What It Costs You.
Anderson Phosphate (Sb Oil Company,
Cotton Acreage?-Another Big Crop
dendy Reduce tho Price.
( Hy Dlroctor W. \V. Long. )
Not since Ino early 90's have the
cotton farmers been so perplexed
mid demoralized as they are to-day.
Al that tinto cotton was selling for
?', to S cents a pound, lt was most
difficult to secure credit at anything
like a reasonable rate. Tho banks
in thc Slate could be counted on your
two hands. A great number of our
farmers of to-day remember I hose
conditions, and they are reasoning
with themselves about as follows:
"I have made cotton at 8 cents a
pound and made a little money. I
am going lo make this crop on the
basis of S and 10 cents a pound for
tho reason that I am not going to
purchase anything for myself or my
tenants that I can do without. I am
going to practice the most rigid
economy. Cotton ls the only crop
that I can grow that will bring in
any money for myself or my ten
ants, lt ls absolutely necessary foi
my tenants to produce a crop thal
they can readily sell for cash, other
wise they will leave me."
With these thoughts In theil
minds, nnd in their state of perplex
ity, with the little more favorable
mtWH (hat ls how br
tho pl'?SS Itt ref*;:. i<
prices th. i amy li
cet ton. ' fear timi ?
oin tanners will bc teuipiuii ai nu
last moment not to reduce their cot
ton acreage as much as they had In
tended to do some thirty or fort>
days ago. Any one traveling in th?
Piedmont will be impressed with Hu
fact that a great deal of land is be
lng prepared for cotton, and, owing
lo weather conditions, the prepara
Hon is of a most excellent charade!
that will have a decided offed on
To my mind there is only one an
swer to the arguments of some of
our farmers ?is above set forth, and
that argument should be driven
homo on every occasion -namely,
that a ten or twelve million-hale
crop will most likely sell for ."> emits
a pound this fall, and that a six-mil
lion-bale crop under these circum
stances will bring In more money
than a t weive-million-halc crop.
Wo will have on July 1, 1921, fl
surplus of nine million bales of cot
ton. This surplus will in a great
mea. tire have to he consumed by for
eign countries. We must appreciate
the conditions in Europe as being
far from normal. Th 0 armies of
Great Britain, Prance and Belgium
are invading Germany. Ponce seems
to he in tho distant future, and until
peace Is declared and the purchasing
power of the people in Europe is re
stored in a measure, cotton will ol
necessity not be in demand, and any
surplus that may exist will have a
greater induence on the market at
this tim?? than at il time when ordi
nary and normal conditions prevail
The production of a six-million-bab
crop holds OUI some hope that OUI
agricultural interests may in lh<
near future bo placed on a safe and
sound basis. A ten or twelve-million
bale crop means a continuation ol
present c millions,
There ls mors Catarrh tn this section
of th* country than all other diseases
put together, and for ;-':ars lt was sup
posed to be incurable. Doctors prescribed
local remedies, and by constant ly ratline
to cute with local treatment, pronounced
lt Incurable. Catarrh lr, r. locnl disease,
greatly Influenced by conn it ut Ional con
ditions anet therefore requires constitu
tional i. jatmcnt. Ihdl's Catarrh Medi
cine, manufactured by F. J. Cheney it
Co., Toledo, Oblo, it H constitutional
remedy, ls taken Internally and acts
thru the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of th* System. One Hundred Oollars re
ward is offered fer un y cu.'io that Hall's'
Catarrh Medicine fallu Jo cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY A CO,, Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by Druggist!*, ',',,<?.
Hall'? Family Pills fur constipation.
Not Easy to Got.
(Boston Transcript.)
Wife "What shall I get my mo
Iber for ber birthday?"
Hub--"Clot her lo go home, if yoi:
Varieties Karly and May bo Expected
to Succeed l)e>pi(e Doll Weevil.
Clemson College, March t. -Tho
length ot' staple plays an Importan)
part in determining the pr'ce ni cot
ton, and for tints reason the lo.;, stn-]
pie varieties of cotton bring a '?ter
price than do the short sm pie. ii is
natural thai this should be th' st
since iho longer the staph', o iel"
things being equal, the better tho j
grade, of cloth that can be produced.
However, the long staple varieties
have not had ihe popularity tba. Ibo
short staples have had. due in tho]
main to tho fact that the long staple
varieties which were formerly grown
gave poor yields of seed cotton.
This defect of the long staple va
rieties is now being overcome hy the j
breeding methods employed by some i
of our best seedsmen. In the past;
few years varieties of 'long staple i
cotton have been produced whose '
yields of seed cotton compared favor- j
ably with some of the popular short ?
staple varieties, says Os ll. Collings.'
assistant agronomist. For instance. 1
in the IOHO cotton variety test ntl
Clemson College, in which 2 2 vari-!
ettes were tested. Delta type Web-1
ber, a 1 1-16-inch staple, stood fifth
from the top. Wannamaker's Cleve-;
.in? ii ?be ' led the list o j
i pound ; of ?oed dton,|
. Delta type produced 158-1
......v.. loiig ?tapl? varieties, tick
as the Webber 49 and Webber 82,
I M-Inebea; lionsville 12, I M
inches; Dixie-A;fl, 1 Vi inches: Kee
nan. ! V| inches, may also he count
ed upon to produce good yields dur
ing average years. The Dixic-Adlfl
is aslo a good wilt-resisiant variety.
AU of those are early long staple va
rieties and may be expected to suc
ceed under weevil conditions.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Froezone" * J ii an aching corn, in
stantly that corn stops hurting, then
shortly voa lilt it right off with
lingers. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Frocxono" for a fow cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn
or corn between tin; toes, and tho
calluses, without soreness or irrita
tion. adv.
Department Says Hat Onions,
Washington, March :'. I - "Fall
onions*' was the advice given to the
American people to-day by the De
partment of Agriculture. Unless
(hero is increased consumption of the
vegetable, the department said there
will be a great waste of tin ! crop,
of which lhere is now an estimated
carry-over of 2.500 cars. Failure lo
consume lids surplus will mean also
a largo surplus in the spring crop,
which was reported to hf from two
to four weeks earlier this year than
(ind Ibo Soul's Highest Goal.
No worlds have power either to make
or mar,
For what we make of life is what wo
- And true success comes not until the
i Seeks Cod. and linds in Him its high
est goal.
Hight Demi, Many Injured-Two Are
Arrested ii\ Cast*.
Chicago, March MU.- Manufacture
and storage of fireworks in a milliner
prohibited by city ordinances was
blamed last night by city and poliet
olllcials for an explosion in tho heart i
of tlic West side tenement district J
which occurred yesterday, "injuring j
a hundred or moro persons, killin;;
at least eight, and rendering many
temporarily homeless. Buildings for
several blocks away were damaged, j
Two men are held in Jail to-night
in connection with the disaster, anti
two others, possibly killed in the ex
plosion, were being sought to-day hy
the police.
The explosion wrecked the ware
house of Well & Co., paper dealers,
where a dozen men were working.
All are believed to have been killed.
Next door was the firm of Singer
& Schaffer, dealers in novelty mer
chandise. Chief of Police Charles
Fitzmorris and Fire Attorney Shir
ley High after completing investiga
tions to-night, declared that the
Singer & Schaffer firm had manufac
tured fireworks in and around the
warehouse Itt violation of ci ti; ordi
nances, and that combustion p*ithese
fireworks was lo blame for/ the dis
aster They declared the Aro fre
llv ' been VY-'t ned to r.i ?n
tiiiuv liufacture, and h;>. /eon
topea warned that ^y^rk.?
could 5 st?re?;.' within >i? fjdy
limits. "There is no quos! . ' Hi(?
Chief Fitzmorris, "that this manu
facture of bootleg fireworks caused
this catastrophe."
Max Singer and Edward Schaffer,
nephew und son, respectively, of the
partners, were rearrested and placed
in Jail to-night after they had been
questioned and released to-day. The
elder Singer and Schaffer were be
ing sought, but it was believed that
they probably perished in the explo
According to Mr. High and Cfiief
'Fitzmorris, the two tuen held in Jail
both admitted that tho firm manufac
tured fireworks and that it had con
ducted an illicit, trade In this pro?
duct. Dozens of salesmen teared the
Central West taking orders, they nre
quoted as saying.
Moro than a ton of explosives is
believed to bnve been consumed in
tho explosion.
Only four of the eight persons
known to be dead had been identi
fied to-night. The ot lier bodies were
so badly mangled as to be unrecog
The Statesman.
(X. Y. Christian Advocate.)
The statesman throws his shoulders
back and straightens out his tie.
And says, "My friends, ti less it rains
the weather will be dry;"
And when this thought into our
brains bas percolated through.
Wo com mon people nod our hoads
and loudly cry, "How true!"
The statesman blows his massive
nose and clears his august throat,
And says, "The ship will never sink
so long as lt's afloat."
Whereat we roll our solemn eyes,
applaud willi main and might,
And slap each other on the back, the
whilo wo say, "lie's right!"
Tho statesman waxes stern and warm
-bis drone becomes a roar;
Ile yells, "I say to you. my friends,
that two and two makes four!"
And thereupon our doubts dissolve,
our fears aro put to rout.
And we agree that here's a man who
knows what he's about!
Georgia Negro Population Increased.
Washington. March 29,-Geor
gia's negro population in i ;t20 was
1,206,365, an Increase of L'.r. por cont
over 1010, Tho while population was
1,680,1 14, an increa.se of 18 per
cent, and Hie Indian, Chinese and
Japanese ftnd other colored races
numbered 353.
Aro ('?lions-American Sailor Tolls
of Many S tra ngo Sights.
Constantinople, March 2S.-There
are many.curious tilings in this an
cient city ol* the Turk' which are un
known to most people, lt has re
mained for a sailor aboard tho Uni
ted States warship Scorpion to clas
sify some ol' these oddities for the
readers Of Kar Seas, a paper pub
lished by American blue-jackets in
Near Kastern waters.
".lust imagine," he writes, "tying
up trafile on" the main thoroughfare
of a big city during the busiest of
the busy hours of the day hy driving
a Hock of sheep slowly down the
street. Hut they do it over here."
Some other alleged strange things
done by the Constantinopolitans lie
cites as follows:
A street car passenger often bar
gains with the conductor about, the
price be will pay for a ride.
If a youth tnkes a girl to the mov
ies once or twice her parents expect
him to marry her.
Turkish saleswomen, even in the
smallest shops, are required to un
derstand or speak seven or eight lan
Native men are accustomed to
"rent" a pipe to smoke while they
sip their afternoon tea.
\ policeman. If be finds a pick
pocket ai work, may beat him almost
insensible and then let his prisoner
Some Cou Lantiuoplo stores have
signs in as many as eight languages
over their doors.
A tourist may engage a boatman
to row liim for two miles for two or
thr JO cents.
As American paper money in Tur
key is worth 1 r> lo 20 per cent more
than Turkish gold, it is possible for
one to buy a $20 gold piece for sev
enteen paper dollars.
Christmas is celebrated four times
a year-once for each of tho differ
ent religious calendars.
A man walking along the street
often may be seen followed, five or
ten paces in the rear, by a few of his
A bootblack will give you a good
shine for a cigarette.
There is no limit to automobile
speeding in any part of Constanti
nople, but It's a case of "all you can
A Turkish barber is courteous, but
when be shaves you he never washes
off the lather, bul covers your face
with powder.
A suit of pajamas, or i's equiva
lent, is enough "evening dress" at a
grand ball.
(irove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
.strengthening, invigorating effect, soo bow
it brings color to tho cheeks and bow
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, invigor
ating Effect. (?Oe.
Asleep :i Years; Wakes; Sleeps Again
Kort Smith, Ark., March 30.-Jas.
S. ICslinger, SH years of age. who bas
been asleep for nearly three years,
awoke at 8.30 this morning in the
county hospital here, yawned, and
then went, back to sloop, according
to the nurse attending him. Ho did
not speak, sho said.
Salinger entered the hospital in
1914, a sufferer from pellagra, phy
sicians say. In August, 1919, bo foll
Into the sleep which was broken for
tho first time to-day. Ho ba? been
fed through a tube and bas not lost
In weight.
nw Quinina That Dost Not Affect the Heit)
necnuae ot its tonic ntid laxative ?'feet, I.AXA
TIVK IlKOMOQUININlt is better than ordinary
Oui ii in o Ami docs not cause nervonsnes nor
ringing In head. Remember the tull name and
look ior thc signature ol IC. w. GKOVi?. 30c.
The Willard was first,
The Willard is better built,
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most?.
THEREFORE, You want and must have
The Willard Battery
in Your Car.
Wc have a complete line on hand. Thc name Willard
i is a guarantee of perfection in the battery world. Our personal
! guarantee goes with every battery.
Hughs Garage,
?Main Street, :-' Walhalla, S. C
"Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
Here's Your Chance
Progressive Farmer,
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courier,?
$1.00 year.
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Order yours now.
For 12 Months
If You Don't
Use Fertilizer
you will lose more than anybody else will.
. You will harm yourself more than you will
any one else, and you will benefit the man
wno docs use.
It will certainly pay you to usc our Fish
Guano. It is made to make cotton and corn.
Anderson Phosphate and
Oil Company,
W. F. FARMER, Secretary. 11-14
Tho volocity of earthquakes lias
been known to he as high as DOO fee?,
a second.
Olives wero cultivated tn early
times not for thc fruit, hut only for
tho oil.

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