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(Es tab Rs lied 1841L)_
?SbSed Every Wednesday Mornlog
Ono Y ?ir . BK
Six Months."0
Throe Mont lis.,*?
Advertising Rutes Reasonable. .
Ry Stock, Sbolor, Hughs ? Sholor.
Communications ot a personal
Character charged for as advertise
ments. ,
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, oither by
Individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv. lu
conformity with Federal ruling on
euch matters.
W ID N KS I >A V, APRIL O, 1!>^1
Oconco county is directly In the
middle of a bad lix!
The one redeeming feature of the
situation is that wo have a Super
visor who gives promise of being the
best .Supervisor in tho State-if we
eau Kel .-onie money into his hands
With which lo do something for us.
We have given Mr. Shockley a
man's size Job. and as soon as be
was ready and willing to go to work
actively and In earnest, the strings
to the money bags were given a
mighty jerk, and they were closed -
but not until they had been emptied
into other channels.
Not many people understand the
situation as it is. Recently arrange
ments were made, through the Cit
izens' Hank of Seneca, we believe,
whereby the sum of $85,000 was
hollowed for tho use of the County
Supervisor. But there wore debts to
pay. and they had to be paid before
any road work could he done, and
this could only be done s*o far as the
balance left from paying debts would
permit. And there was no balance
to speak of. Here is the situation lu
approximately correct ligures, at
given offhand by Mr. Shockley in
explaining why he has notified al
overseers and others connected witt
road working operations, to quit do
ing any work:
Borrowed .$85,000.01
Discounted at 7%%,... 6,6 17.5(
Loan netted .$68,352.5(
And hero nre the items that hav(
been paid through tho 'Supervisor's
Sinking Fund Commis
sion debt.$52.nod.00
Other back Indebtedness 5.000.00
Rond work dono. i.".,ooo.00
Road machinery purchas
ed and old machinery
repaired . 10,000.00
Total expenditures ... $32.000.00
At a glance it will be seen that
Supervisor Shockley begins office "in
.'be hole" and in bad. We have
given him a great big job, tied his
bands bard and fast and told him
to "go to if." And most of us expect
him to "go to it" and bring us good
roads and build new bridgse. and do
a thousand and one things that we
want done, and that ought lo bc
done, and done now.
Few of us know the conditions as
they are. Wo freely confess thal we
knew nothing of this condition until
lt. was brought to our alienation af
ter wo had seen Mr. Shockley's no
tice to bis men to stop work because
there is no money on hand with
which to pay for road work, no mat
ter how badly it may be needed.
We had heard a lot about "Mr.
Shockley going into office with a
'clean sheet..('lean sheet." it
would seem, was rigth so far as
funds and prospective funds are con
cerned. One side of the sheet is
clean all right, but what about the
other? The debtor sid?? seems to
have had some "bad marks" on it.
and Mr. Shockley, as Supervisor, has
had to "dig up" tho money to "clean
. ne other side of tho sheet." And
in so doing he has had to "clean nu
the f ii nils" as well. There is nothing
left to meet current expenses, much
less lo do adequate building and re
pairing work on tho roads and
bridges. And so Mr. Shockley lias
had lo call a halt, to stop work, lc
do nothing because ho has nothing
to do willi. Ho has only his "clean
sheet," and he finds il small com
fort, for he is chafing under tho re
Strain! anxious to KO ahead with thc
Kood work he has begun. Ile hat
done enough work before realizing
tho full import of ?ho term "clean
sheet" to Justify the assertion thal
wo believe, with reasonable funds al
his disposal, J. C. Shockley would
work a veritnblo transformation ol
our road system and our road condl
Hons In a comparatively short timo
To-day tho Supervisor is confront
ed with tho necessity of attempting
to do road work over tho county by
moans of the county chain-gang and
a road equipment that has been put
into absolutely first class condition,
but which is practically useless in
tho hands of the fow convicts.
lt does soom that wo ought to bo
able to devise somo means of getting
something dono on our roads this
year. There aro fow who will go so
far as to assort that thoy do not need
lt. Wo beliovo that Mr. Shockley will
welcome any suggestion that will in
tho loast tond to relieve tho situa
tion. Wo know ho will, because he
is disappointed that he cannot make
an effort to do that which he assured
tho voters of the county that he
would do if given an opportunity.
Wo moy think that electing a man
to the ollleo of Supervisor is giving
him an opportunity to make good,
hut lt ls not. Wo have got to do
something more than that -and the
something more that has to be done
is to give him something to work
with -money to pay the hills with.
And this reminds us of the unsav
ory condition of things that exists
with regard to tho county highway
project to the North Carolina State
line above Russell's. If we aro not
badly mistaken the County Highway
Commission is doing a very foolish
thing In abandonng tho fourteen
mile section between Wlahalla and
Russell's that would connect our
county with tho State and National
highway project further on. Wo are
to have a groat highway from the
Anderson county line through Seneca
and on to Walhalla. Fourteen or fif
teen miles further on wo have an
other good road--the other end of
this highway to the great hill coun
try. Hut thc 1'1-mile gap betwoen?
What about that? The County High
way Commission has, we are told,
sot the matter aside temporarily, In
definitely. And thereby we have the
prospect of a good highway into the
Land of tile Sky being practically
annulled, because of a fourteen-mile
gap of bad. or at tho very best, indif
ferent road. To permit such a condi
tion to exist for long would be a
shame, and we cannot but believe
that our Commissioners will see it
in this light before it is too late.
We are told that the reason this
section has been abandoned is that
the estimates of the engineers as to
1 its cost shows the work to be out of
1 the question. Maybe so. Hut many
1 a project has been abandoned bi?
1 causo it was at first considered "too
1 costly,"' only to find that the aban
1 donment was infinitely more costly
In the long run.
May wo not by hearty co-operation
] of the Highway Commission with tho
* Supervisor bring about a compro
' misc measure whereby this road that
' should be built can be built, and at
? an early date? The Supervisor has
1 on hand his road-working ?quip
aient, but no funds with which to
make tills equipment effective. The
Highway Commission has at its com
mand funds that ought to be spent,
but which tho Commissioners aro
holding back because the work for
which it was, in part at least, in
tended, scorns too expensive.
Hore, gout lemon of tho Highway
Commission, is a way out of a bad
plight, we believe. Our County Su
pervisor is practically out of a job.
He wants lo work. Jim Shockley ls
going to do something or he is going
to explode, lt's his nature, and we
may thank our stars that it is. Let's
give bim a job that some of us may
think is too big for him. Let's get
together and the County Highway
Commission put the County Super
visor to work on this "missing link"
that would connect the low-country
with the hill country. Mr. Shockley
will do this work as well as any
oilier man in the country-and he
will not be a contractor on the Joh
who has to legitimately make his
profits. He will one of the county's
servants working for a body of the
county's servants, at a stipulated
salary. He will he entitled to draw
that salary Just as much when we
have tied his hands and made lt im
possible for him to earn his salary
as he would be while engaged in the
great work of completing the "miss
ing link'' on tho over-the-mountains
Gentlemen, lot us not be penny
wise and pound foolish. Nor yet let
us oven "wrap our talent up in a
napkin" that lt ?nay bo returned u>
. the master in full. Let's got some
; interest. Oil this money and on this
Let's do something.
We have received two contribu
tions for tho "Save a Child Fund."
and acknowledge same herewith, tho
' total fund showing as follows:
Previously acknowledged .. $.127 . 22
' Children of Bounty Land
? School. 1.00
, w. N\ Bruce. Westminster,
' lt. F. I). NO. 2. 3.00
t Total to dato .$331 . 22
; Tho noe' for continuation of con
I trlbutlons to this fund is still groat.
'. Wo will be glad to acknowledge all
. contributions fnrwardod to us.
Baboons feed exclusively on fruits
; ' and soods and small vegetables.
By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
y morning, April
>r my complete
and Buggy Har
3rice they have
rears. This stock
Lty-one Buggies
ets of Harness,
o sell at these
as my present
Tims, at.$ 85.00 Knell.
?es, at .$ 08.0O IOach.
.s, at .$105.00 Knell. I
ni.$ ?8.00
si' Tires, at.$105.00 Knell.
ibbov Tires, at . . .9100.00 Knell.
. Tires, at.$1-18.00 Knell.
Tires, at.$ ?5.00
.$20.00 per Set.
.$18.00 per Set.
U .$;tB.OO per Set.
Liberty Bonds, Bankable
d offered to the public in
cm can profit by my losses
e value of cotton prices.
V, S. c.
State of South Carolina,
Coutny of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Age in Bounty Land School
District, No. 20:
Election will be held at Bounty Land
School House on SATURDAY, the
2-.U1 day of APRIL, 19 21. between
the hours of 7 A. M. and 4 P. M., for
the purpose of voting upon the ques
, Hon of levying a Special Tax of Four
I Mills on all taxable property of said
District, to be used for school put .
poses in said District, In accordance
with Section 1742, Civil Code of
South Carolina. 11)12.
Supt. Of Kduc.at.inn.
April 6, 1921. 14-1 fi
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Ago In Picket Post School Dis
trict. No. 17:
Flection will be held at Picket Post
School House on WEDNESDAY, tho
20th day of APRIL, 192 1, for the
purpose of voting upon the question
of levying a Special Tax o' Two
Mills on all taxable property of said
District, to be used for school pur
poses in said District, In accordance
with Section 17 12, Civil Codo of
South Carolina, 1912.
Supt. of Education.
L. A. LAY,
.1. C. RANKIN,
April fi. 1921. 14-15
State of South Carolina,
Coutny of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Ago in Oconee Creok School
District, No. 50:
Election will be held at Oconee Crook
School House on WEDNESDAY, the
20th day of APRIL, 1921, botween
tho hours of 7 A. Mw and 1 P. M., for
the purpose of voting upon the ques
tion of levying a Special Tax of Four
Mills on all taxable property of said
District, to bu used Tor building pur
poses In said District, in accordance
with Section 1742, Civil Code of
South Carolina, 1912.
Supt. of Education.
April G, 1921. 14-16
A Pleasant April 1 joke.
What proved to be a vory pleasant
April joko happened at the Baptist
parsonago last Friday night, April
1st, when tho Baracca and Phlluthia
clauses of Now Hopo church assem
bled for a singing at. tho parsonago.
Aftor somo excellent singing Miss
Wannlo Morgan, toachor of tho Bar
acca class, invitnd us into the dining
room, and to our surprise ouch mom
ber of theso classes had passod
We Have Only a Few ?^
These Bargains Left.
Have sold several Machines since inserting ad. two
weeks ago* Come to see us at once if you need,.a Good
Second-Hand Machine or new one.
On Hand To-day
One New One-Ton Republic Truck, with Cord
One New Dort Automobile.
One Second-Hand Dort.
One Second-Hand 1920 Chalmers.
Ballens er Hardware aM Furniture Co.,
?eneca, S. C.
Rampley's Meal Mixtures
Compounded from the Highest Grade Plant Foods
known to Science. Double Milled, insuring an even,
uniform mixture and perfect mechanical condition. A
Superier Fertilizer for Cotton, Corn, Small Grain and
-- ALSO -
Blood Bone and Potash Mixtures,
Soluble Fish Guano, all grades,
Ammonia ted Compounds,
Acid and Potash Mixtures,
Cotton Seed Meal,
18% Sodium Nitrate,
14% Genuine German Kainit.
West Union, S. C.
Buy What You Need.
Thc Government has said, (and
we know) that buying what we
need NOW will start the wheels
to rolling again, and normal con
ditions will soon follow.
Yes, it's really your duty as an
American to
because now is the time to buy
many things we have to sell.
Now is the time for Spring
Planting - Farm Crops, Home
Now is the time for fixing up
the old home or barns-New
Window and Door Screens,
Paints, Fixtures, Roofing.
Remember you can buy most
anything you need on the farm
or in the home from us. Come
Whitmire-Marett Hardware Co.
Westminster, Walhalla,
South Carolina.
through there and left a package of
most everything oatahlo, with cook
ing utensils, dishes, towols and many
other useful gifts.
Wo feel proud of our young boys
and girls and seo a bright futuro for
thom. May tho God of Heaven rec
ompenso .those young pcoplo ls our
prayer. M. J. Stansoll, Pastor.
Wost Union, S. C.. April 4.
Tho soa bottom ls more uniform
than the surface o ftho land.
. -
About 2,000 natives of Burmah
arc dogged ovory your by officials as
legal punishment.
White Youth Shot Near McCormick.
Qreenwood, April 2.-officers and
citizens of McCormick county havo
boen searching for oorgo Harrison,
a young negro who i( wantod in con
nection with tho shooting and sori
ous wounding of Goorgo Carroll, a
whlto youth, at a saw mill near Mc
Cormick yesterday. No motive for
tho shooting has boon learned.
Tho order of tho Enstorn Star or
iginated in Now York in 1868.
Tho earliest historical mention of
Jerusalem is in tho Tell el-Amarna
tablots, which dato about 1300 B. C.
It was then subject to Egypt.

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