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Our Entire Stock of Warner "Rust-Proof Corsets,
Regardles of What The Price May Be, Including
Our Very Best Corsets, will be put, for Three Days
Only, April 8-9-11, on a
We have held a One Cent Sale before and it cer
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W<? believe that this Sale will be more so appreciated and will arouse much
more rejoicing: with our many customer-friends because of the fact that a "Corset
<. Sale" has never been held by this store, or any other store in this section.
Just make your selection of the Corset you want, pay our already reduced price
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$1 -OP
To Hi? Door And Killed-Murderer
and Motivo Aro Unknown.
Detroit, Mich., Aprii 2.-Tho iden
tity of tho person who shot and kill
ed Rev. Leo Jarecki, roctor of Our
Lady of Mt. Carmel church, at Wy
. adotte, near here, last night, and
the assailant's motivo, remained
shrouded In mystery early to-day.
Authorities had (established, how
ever, that a person familiar with the
priest's household was Implicated In
the act.
Father Jarecki was at tho rectory
with his housekeeper whon ho an
swered a ring at the door and was
shot down, hts assailant Hoeing in
an automobile. Tho authorities wore
told by tho hoii3okoopor that just
before tho priest was summoned to
tho door there had boen a knock at
tho door of hor apartment In another
part of the house.
Earlier In tho evening an unidenti
fied person called Eather Jarecki on
the telephono and made an appoint
ment with him and was given direc
tions by tho priest by which to find
the rectory. Sovoral boys told tho
authorities tlioy had obsorvod a
small automobile driven almlossly
about tho neighborhood early in the
evening, but they wore unable to de
scribe tho occupants of tho machine.
Eather Jarecki was born in Naklo,
Poland, in 1876. Ho waa ordained
in Rome in 1900, and immediately
came to Detroit and bocamo a mem
ber of tho faculty of tho Polish Sem
inary at Orchard Lake, having been
educated specially for tho ohalr ot
philosophy. Ho had just completed
a text book on tho subject for use lu
all Catholic universities of the Uni
ted States.
Ono Questioned, Another Sought.
County officers and police of Wy
andotte investigating tho murder
took one man into custody to-day
for questioning and were seeking
another, who is said to have? quar
relled with tho priest recently.
The man questioned this forenoon
approached Father J.areckl relative
to a christening shortly before Eas
ter. He is said to have created a
scone when tho priest advised him
to go to his own church.
Tho other man sought ia a negro
who represented himself as a clergy
man connected with a Baltimore
mission. According to ?tile authori
ties ho asked permission of Father
.larockl to solicit donations in tho
Wyandotte parish and was refused,
Smashing Proof?
0 (Now York Sun.)
"Mrs. Bluoblood brags about lier
ancestors, but I don't bollevo thoy
amountod to much. Thoy couldn't
oven afford to keep servants."
"How oo you know that?"
"Mrs. Bluoblood showod mo a sot
of dishes that sho said had boen In
tho family for moro titan a hundred
Tho height of tho heols on shoos
worn by modioval Vonletians indi
cated tho rank of tho wonror.
An armless blind man has loamed
to read Braillo printed characters by
using his tongue.
[ ?J. ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J. ?J? ?Ja ?J. ?J? ?Ju .J. ?J
?J? ?J. ?Jj ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? oj? ?J? ?Jl ?J? ?J?
Don't Forgot tho Datos.
Attention is again called to the
meetings this weok where Mr. Win
, ters will be on hand to discuss tho
farmer's problems regarding soil fer
tility, fertilizers and general farm
crops. Mr. Winters is an expert In
I bis Uno, and is also a speaker of rare
liability, being callod "the Billy Sun
j day of Modern Agriculture." Come
and hear him at tho nearest meeting
? and lay your problems before him
Tuesday night, April 5th, at ?
t o'clock, at Hotreat No. 1 achoo
Wodnosday, 3 p. m., April 6th, a
Wednesday night, 8 o'clock, Aprl
6th, nt South Union.
Thursday, April 7th, at ll a. m.
at alfalfa field noar Courtenay.
Thursday, April 7tb, at 2 p. m., a
Seneca, In Chamber of Com mere
Order Barbed Wiro Now.
fiend In your ordor right away I
you want any of tho wiro referred t
in last wook's Courier, at $25 pc
ton, f. o. b. Now Cumberland, Pa.
Start <Jrowing Nitrogen.
Order now a good supply of volv<
bean seed, soy boan seed and cov
poas, and sow at least ono of Ibo.?
wondorful nitrogen-producing Cl'Oi
i in all your corn and on some of yoi
cotton land. Start a savings accom
with yonr soil. Interest, 100 p<
cont. Ooo. It. Briggs,
County Agont.
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Brought from Franco for Burial
Death of Misa Dickinson.
Seneca, April 5.-Speolal: Wilke?
Dendy, field secretary of Christian
Endeavor, was at home for a couple
of days tho past week.
Mrs. E. A. Hines left Monday foi
Columbia. From there she will gc
to Camden for tho "Federation of Wo
men's Clubs, which will ho In session
to-night (Wednesday) and Thurs
day. -Mrs. Hines will represent thc
Once-a-Week Club at the Federation
Mrs. Sallie Sorrel, of Fletcher, N,
C., was a guest of Mrs. W. 'P. Reid
Tuesduy and Wednesday, going form
here to Coln rabia.
Mrs. W. M. ?Riggs, of Clemson
I College, visited her sister, Mrs. J.W,
Willis, Thursday and Friday of last
'Mr. and Mrs. John Brock, Jr.,
have rooms in tho home of Mrs. O.
F. Bacon and are having their first
I experience in housekeeping.
Miss Rebecca Todd is visiting
friends in Greenville.
Mesdames Rn moy Hughes, James
Moss and Miss Sue Maxwell, of Wal
halla, were among tho out-of-town
[shoppers here Monday.
After an illness of a few days Miss
I Asa Dickinson passed away Wednes
day, March 30th. at the home of lier
j niece, Mrs. W. S." Hunter. For sev
oral years Miss Dickinson had re
sided in Pendleton until about ton
days previous to her death, when she
carno to Seneca to make her home
with her niece. She was a most esti
mable Christian woman and was n
member of tho Presbyterian church
Tho funeral services were conducted
at tho home by her pastor, Pev. I. E
Wallace, the interment being lu
Mountain View Cemetery. The deep
est sympathy of the many friends oi
the family goes out to the bereaved
ones in their sorrow.
The body of Sergt. Charlie Mc
Gee Byrd, of a machine gun com
pany of the 118th Infantry Regi
ment, who fell mortally wounded in
the World War on the 17th of Oc
tober, li) 18, and died on the 19th,
was shipped from France several
weeks ago and reached Seneca last
Saturday night. Tho remains were
taken to bis boyhood home on Wal
halla street, whore his father, J. W.
Byrd, and only brother live, his mo
ther having passed away a few weeks
before Charlie was called to lay
down his lifo for his country. He
was among tho .first boys of Oconee
to volunteer to go to the front. The
Interment was in the family plot in
Mountain View Cemetery Sunday af
ternoon at 2.30 o'clock, in the pres
oace of an immense assembly ol
friends, who had gathered to pay the
inst' sad rites to this noble young
man-tho only one from Seneca who
made the supreme sacrifice. As the
caskot was slowly lowered in the
grave a choir softly sang "America,"
which was followed by a prayer bj
Rev. I. E. Wallace, who was Char
lie's- pastor. Among tho many flora1
tributes a boautiful design was sen!
frorri the D. A. R. chapter, togotbei
flltfr a large flag, which was on i
s thu* and planted at the head of tht
grave; < .
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
Quick and delightful re
lief for biliousness, colds,
constipation, headaches,
and stomach, liver and
blood troubles.
The genuine are sold
only in 35c packages.
Avoid imitations.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below is a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of the Weather
bureau of the U. S. Department ol
Agriculture, during tho week ending
April 3d, 1921, nt 7 p. m. (The
Instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed in the manner recommended
by the chief of the Weather Bureau) :
Character of
5 ,3
Mar. 28-Cloudy
Mar. 29-.Clear .
Mar. so-Cloudy
Mar. 3i-Cloudy
April 1-Clear..
April 2-Clear..
April 3-Clear..
. r,s
. 30
4 0
Total rainfall . .j .88!';
hight frost on April 2d.
Mill Pined for Employ?es' Overtime.
Columbia, April 4.-Commlss|m
erof Agriculture B, Harris announc
ed to-day that bis department ha*
prosecuted the Isaquona Mill at Cen
tral, Pickons county, for violation ol
tho law against working omployees
ovortime. A fino of $25 was Imposed
on the mill. 'Following the rocolpt
hy Governor Cooper of a complaint
from one of the omployeos of thc
mill, tho agricultural department
sont one of its inspectors to Central
with the result that the compnay
I WAS prosecuted. The trial was held
before a magistrate at Central.
At Syracuse, X. Y.-Ono Tried to
Prevent Suicido of Other.
Syracuse, N. Y., April 2.-J. Her
man Wharton, dean of the Collogo
of Business Administration, Syra
cuse University, was shot and killed
by Holmes Beckwith, professor of
financial and' insurance subjects, in
the college this morning. Beckwith
then turned the gun on himself and
committed suicide.
The shooting occurred in the office
of the agriculture building, the new
half-million-dollar structure donated
to the university by Mrs. Russell
Sago in memory of her father, Jos.
Slocum, and named for him. Prof.
Beckwith had been unpopular with
tho students, it was said, and peti
tions had been circulated among the
student body asking for his removal.
In a statement issued soon after
tho shooting Chancellor Day declar
ed that it was the belief that Dean
Wharton died trying to prevont tho
professor from committing suicido.
This was indicated in a note left
for Dean Wharton by Prof. Beck
with, said the chancellor, in which
he intimated that ho was going to
kill himself, and referred to alleged
unjust treatment of himself, based
on the fact that he had been dis
missed, the dismissal to take effect
at tho ond of tho year. Dean Whar
ton's chair, a stout ono, was broken.
He evidently lea ed from it when
Beckwith tried to kill himself, and
the gun was turned on him, and the
denn was shot through the bead.
Beckwith was shot in tho chest. He
nlsd stabbed himself to make death
Dr. Holmes Beckwith was a first
lieutenant, field artillery, in the
World War. Ho joined tho Syracuse
University faculty last September.
Boan Wharton was a graduate of
Syracuse University and had boen an
instructor there for tho last few
years, his first service having been
with tho engineering school, in which
bc was hoad of tho English depart
Notes from Whitewater.
Whitewater, April 2.-Special:
Rev. Frank B umgarn er filled his ap
pointment at Whitewater last Sun
day. His many frit.ids wore glad to
welcome him back. ,
Carl and Clyde Nicholson mada a
business trip to Central last week.
Bunyan Broedlove has returned
homo from Florida, roporting having
had a fino trip.
Leeman Reid, of Oakland, N. C.,
mado a business trip in this section
Mrs. F. E. Corbin is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. E. W. Corbin.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stephens
visited Mrs. Stephens' parents re
Miss Janie Nicholson loft to-day
for Sapphire, N. C., to spend tho
next few months. Wo wish for her
: a pleasant visit.
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Your Attention
Is dorcctcd und you aro invited to
Inspect, tho most attractive lino of
Tor tho coming spring season. If you
want to do justice to yourself and
your purse as well, have your clothes
tailored io mensure. No matter what
your choleo, wo have a stylo to suit
you and a fabric that willi please.
Well groomed mon aro at a pre
mium. They aro envied, honored and
favored. Give us a few minutes, of
your time now. Come in- and' look
over our lino. It is most complete.
Glover (Sb Holland,
108 West Main Stroot,.
WAliHAMiA, 8;. C..
"barged that Ho Sold Insurance t -
City odie inls While Mayor..
Columbia, April 2...-R. J. Person,
>f Columbia, to-day swore out war
ants for Mayor W. C. Kinlock and
Councilman Fred Marshall,, and Fred
C. Wy8o, former manager of the Co
rnubia Waterworks, and city engi
?oor. Charges against Mayor Bla
ock are that he sold group insur
ance to city officials while a member
if the city council, and the charges
igalnst Mr, Marshall are that he sold
foodstuffs and other supplies while
liso a member of the council. Such
)rocedure is contrary to regulations
>f the city government.
Tho charges against Mr. Wyse are
hat he disposed of Junk, belonging
o tho city. Tho money for this waa
ator collected from Mr. Wyse by the
iouncll, it ls said.
In Egypt and Syria lentils, parched
n a frying pan, are 30ld as a nour
shing food, especially to those going
ut long journeys.
50 Persons presenting
tliis coupon we will give lr?
a generous sample of
IDr. L*Gear'?
Poultry Proscription |
or I
Dr. LeGear's
Stock Povderi |
litey are thc personal prescrip
tions of Dr. I,. I). I.eGenr, for 29
years America's foremost Veterin
arian and Uxpert poultry Breeder
Come at once before eample?
are gone w 20 1
Walhalla, S. C.
(14-16) West Union, S. C.
The Demand for Fertilizers
Is Coming.
NEVER I ' JUT IT! Tito American farmer ls nobody's fool. To>
cut lils fertf v means to reduce hia crop. To rcduco his crop
means to los "ii his income. Ho knows that better than any one
olso. Ho will withhold Ids orders till tho last moment, like any
other business man lu a falling market, but when tho time comos
ho will buy as near lils normal amount of fertilizer as hts cash and
his credit, will permit.
Extract from an editorial in tho Bulletin of the United
States Potasli Producers' Association.
o President. Vico President. Casl?or. <
jj BA'NE OF Wisf UOTON, . i
il WEST UNION, S. C. ?
. -CAPITAL $120,000.00- <
jj The Stringent Financial Condition j
j * of the country is caused largely by the with- <
j ? holding of moneys from the banks. <
\\ in the bank of your choice and give the ;
\ \ banks something to do business with, and go \
\ \ to work and quit talking "hard times/' and \
\ \ you will feel better and nave more. ;
\\ We will appreciate your business. ;
J \ We pay interest on deposits by agreement*
\\ - _ DIRECTORS: 5 !

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