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(Established 1840.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$1.00
Six Months .ps
Throo Months.'?*?
Advertising Hates Reasonable.
Ry Stock, Slielor, Huglis di sholor.
Communications ot a persona'
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
I The Story of j
j Our States \
* >^Mocc^m^' nially adopted \
\ the Constitution. This territory, *
* which covers 8,224 square miles, 0
4 originally was a part of the * \
* province of New Netherlands. / !
0 In HUM, after the English cou- J
J quest of New Netherlands, the 0 \
t duke of York sold the southern ?
J portion to Lord Berkeley and Slr 1 j
* George Carterot. The latter had \ !
0 won some distinction as gover- * \
* nor of the little island of Jersey 0 I
0 In tue English channel, and lt * j
* was in his honor that tho new 0
* province caine to bo called New J
1 Jersey. Tho eastern portion, *
* that about Newark, was settled \
J by Carteret and the territory to *
* the southwest, where Burlington ,
, and Trenton now stand, fell to *
* Berkeley. After a few years ,
0 Berkeley sold his share to a J
J party of Quakers and two dis- j
0 tlnct provinces were formed, *
J called East and West Jersey. ,
0 Tiley were reunited, however, in J
J 1702, and became a single prov- 0
9 Ince under the direct rule of the *
t English crown. 0
* New Jersey casts fourteen J
4 electoral votes for president. 0
' (?by McClure Newspaper Syndicats.)
First Reports Wove Exaggerated, Ac
cording to Department.
Washington. March ?10.-With the
passing to-day of the cold wave j
which came on the heels of Easter.
Officials of tho Department of Agri-I
culture to-night expressed tho belief
that the fruit crop surplus of the
country as a whole had not been j
materially tiffed cd, despite reports
from variius sections as to heavy
damage. First reports in such cases. '
they .said, usually are ' hysterical," j
for those suffering loss are inclined
to Judge conditions generally by the
situation In their own district.
lt was pointed out that no reports I
had been received of damage to fruit
crops in New England, New York I
State, Michigan, tho Great Lakes re
gion. Ibo Cacilie coasl or the extremo
Routh, The principal apple sections ?
affected, odlclals said, appeared to]
be 1I10.-.0 ol' the ozark Mountains and
Ibo Cumberland and Shenandoah
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worina hove nu un
healthy (dior, which Indica tea |x>or blood, and ns a
rule, (hero in moro orles* stomneh disturbance.
larly for two or three wicks will enrich tilt) Mood,
i m provo tho digestion, and net ns a general Strength
ening 'Ionic to tho whola system. Nature will thc?
il? nw ofT or dispel tho worm?, and thoChlld will bo
in perfect health. Pleasaut to take. COc per bottlo,
Anny Balloon Fvplodes.
Los Angeles, Cal., March ?10. An
Oilicer and three men from the army
balloon school at Ross Field, Arca
dia, were seriously binned to-day by
an explosion ol' an army balloon in
Coyote Pass, nour Hie Mldwick Coun
try Club, about eight miles from Dos
The explosion occur rod Just as a
balloon from which Dient. OOO. E.
Waits had Jumped reached tho earth
near a detail of men sent from Ross
Field to bring in the bag. Officers
expressed tho belief that a Cigarette
caused tho explosion.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Cold. fc. W. GROVE S signature on each box. 30c.
Edison's first patented invontion
was a patented stock indicator.
Dies on Train-Was Nearing Kn? Of
His Eighty-Fourth Your.
Now York, March 31.-John Bur
roughs, famous naturalist, died at 2
o'clock Tuesday morning on a train
on Hie New York Central Railroad
at Kingsville, Ohio. Ho was return
ing East after spending thu winter
in Pasadena, Cal., where he was re
ported to havo been slightly ill with
alludions incident to old age. Ho
was in bis 84tb year.
While it was known thal the natu
ralist had been ill, it was reported
that lie had recovered before ho
started Bast for his homo in Wost
Park, N. Y.
John Burroughs, American poet
and writer of natural history, was
horn in Roxbury, Delaware county,
New York, on April 3, 1S::7. In his
earlier years he engaged in various
pursuits -teaching. Journalism and
farming and fruit raising, and for
nine years was a olerk in the Treas
ury Department. Washington. After
publishing, in 1Sr.7. a volunto of
notes on Walt Whitman as poet and
person, ta subject to which he re
lumed in isoo willi his "Whitman
a Study.") bo began in 1871, with
Wake-Robin, a series of hooks on
hirds. Howers and rural scenes which
made him a successor of Thoreau
as a popular essayist on the plants
and animals environing human life.
His later writings chose a moro phil
osophic mood and a greater disposi
tion toward literary or meditative
allusion than their predecessors, but
tho general theme and method re
mained the same.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and j
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
From lanni Hunk ut Columbia Until
Toward tho ljiist of April.
Columbia, March 30.-lt will in
all probability be the last of April
before loans are actually made by
the Columbia Federal Land Hank
to farmers of the Southeast, accord
ing to David H. Houston, president
of the bank, who stated to-day that
his institution is receiving a large
number of applications for loans.
Mr. Houston stated that the Fed
eral board in Washington did not
propose to sell its bonds immediate
ly, preferring to make a careful
study of the money market before
offering tho bonds for sale, lt is ex
pected that during April. Mr. Hous
ton stated, tho board will issuo bonds
to produce revenue with which to
make loans to tho farmers.
'Mr. Houston states that new land
associations are being formed in
many sections, and the applications
for loans are coining in rapidly.
Those are being considered carefully
by the bank, but as yet no loans
have boen authorized, this depend
ing entirely on the sale of bonds for
the land hanks.
The Columbia Land Rank's oper
iitlons havo been greatly augmented
??Ince tho Supreme Court's decision
that tho land bank act ls constitu
tional. It is believed that tho mak
ing of loans by the bank will greatly
benefit tho agricultural interests of
the country. Tho Columbia bank cov
ers the Southeastern States.
How Would You Like to Soe What
Irvin Nerbood (Pa.) Saw? ^
"One customer told inc that after using one large
package of Kat-Snap. he got FORTY-EIGHT dead
rat?. How many more dead he couldn't see, he
doesn't know. Remember rats breed fast and de
stroy dollars' worth of property. " JSc, 65c, $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by
Marlon's Drug Store,
Whitmirc-.Marctt Hardware Co.
Killed bj Wood Alcohol.
Chicago, .Morell 80. Will Reed
Dun roy, poot, and widely known as
a press agent, died here last night
of wood alcohol poisoning. .Men
with whom ho had been associated
lately said thal ho had not taken a
drink for years, bul yesterday he
asked a friend for ono to taire a
Dunroy was I.*, years old, and in
bis younger days was a protege of
William Jennings Bryan, who paid
his way through t li tr I'niversity of
Thieves Betrayed by Alarm Hell.
Chicago, April 2.- Two weeks ago
tito home of Mrs. Angela de Bower
was burglarized and $6,000 worth of
jewelry stolen, including a specially
made watch that cost $700, which
had a small hell which rang hourly.
Mrs. do Bower's sight failed hor
some time ago and she had the
watch made with the hell attach
ment. Detective* do Leo and Glea
son, of the lath streot station, raid
ed tho room of Morris Brooks, 19
yonrs of ago, and Dan Mayfield, 21,
in Prairie avenue, and found tho
watch when tho alarm rang. Tho
two youths wero charged with burg
-.-' ?". 'V ?"
.I* * * * * * * * * * * -l
.J. NOTES. 4
.J* ^* *?* *?* ^* ^* ^* ??? ^
Tho "Rotter llread" Contest.
Tho State-wide "Detter Bread'
contest bogan In noonoo bounty very
recontly, when .Miss Lola Snider,
State food specialist, visited the
cooking clubs at Fairfield, Bounty
Land, Richland and South Union,
giving demonstrations In making
baking powder and soda biscuits.
The contest begins as a county con
test, thou a district contest, and
finally ends as a State contest at tho
State Fair in Columbia. The Stale
contestants aro to bo those winning
in both county and district contests,
making tbreo. ono from each dis
trict. Tho first prise will bo a De
troit "vapor stove, tho second a New
Perfection oil stove, and the third
a set of knives and forks. It is to
be boped that an Oconee county girl
will win one of these valuable prizes.
To the Oconee Club (?Iris.
Winthrop College,
Rock Hill, S. C., March 31, 1921.
Dear Club Girls:
Although I am just as busy as eau
be, working from niuo in tho morn
ing until live in the aftornoon, and
sometimes at night, 1 have thought
of you all and wished that you were
hero to enjoy the hospitality of Win
throp College and seo these eleven
hundred girls busily engaged nt
their tasks, lt is to mo a wonderful
inspiration to seo so many people
going about their duties in such a
happy and methodical way. You
mdst all work hard, for, as you
know, the live girls who do the best
work in the county are to be re
warded with a ten-days' trip here In
We are having some wonderful
lectures on gardening, poultry and
dairying, and nutrition, and excellent
demonstrations and' talks on house
and yard improvement.
As the Vernal Equinox is here and
old Sol is sending his warm rays,
and tho singing birds and breezes
whisper, "Spring is here," there is
nothing that should take hold of us
like a desire to got into the garden
and dig. It is splendid exercise and
a wonderful spring tonic.
Help your mothers, and If they
have not already planted beets, car
rots, cauliflower, cabbage, celery,
corn, lettuce, onions, liarsloy, peas,
raddisbes, rape and spinach, urge
them to do so at once. Continua to
plant beans evory three weetTB to
have successive crops.
If you have any carrots from last
fall's planting, convert them .into
marmalade, which is sure to please
evory one
1 quart ground or grated carrot,
1 pint sugar,
1 orange (pulp chopped flnoly and
peel ground through tho meat chop
1 pint water.
Boil until very thick, stirring con
stantly to prevent scorching. Seal
in sterilized Jars.
Will meet the clubs as usual the
second week In April.
With host wishes. Sincerely,
Ethel L. Counts.
Co. Home Demonstration Agent.
"Let tho Women do tho Work."
Buffalo, X. Y., March 31.-Dr.
Leon O. Williams, pastor of thc Uni
versalist church of the Messiah, has
found a way to till empty pews. It
is to "let the women do the work."
.livery once in a while a woman ot
the church occupies the pulpit. Other
women act as ushers and collectors.
Dr. Williams sits in thc congrega
tion and "takes it easy." So do other
men of the church.
Tho church was crowded to tho
doors tile first Sunday women con
ducted the services-and that despite
I a stormy day.
Mrs. Harry W. Cordon preached.
Tho pastor's wife acted as the leader
of tho services.
Here's a paragraph from Mrs. Cor
don's sermon:
"The consciousness of man's unity
with Cod is not an instantaneous
achievement, lt's an unfoldment-a
growth In grace. Ignorance is not a
passport into beaven, neither ls this
spiritual attainment ti gift that falls
into Ibo lap of the indolent."
Sounds like a regular minister,
doesn't it?
"Women have a message for wo
men as well as for mon which a mas
culine ministry lacks," says Rev. Mr.
Williams. "With so much of our re
ligious work in tho hands of women
it is fair that they should havo tho
samo consideration as men."
There will be other Sundays when
tho pastor will have no part in tho
services except at a listener. And
some day ho will listen tn his wlfo
in the pulpit.
For Ibo first timo In hi.-tory Now
York city has a pollco station which
ls run exclusively by and for women.
Mrs. Mary E. Hamilton, tho first pa
trol-woman on tho force in Now
York, is diroctor of the precinct,
and Mrs. Isabel Goodwin, the first
woman dotectlvc, ls offlcor in charge.
Section Died Huddtraly March satin,
Was Nearly 70 Years of Agc*.
(Tug?loo Tribuno, March 2?.)
Tlio many friends and acqnaint
ances of Robert Gibson, of th* Oak
way soctton, wero shocked to learn,
of his death, which occurred on last
Wednesday. Mr. Gibson died vory
suddenly. Ho had boon alllictod with
heart trouble for several months, but
few realized that tho ?nd was so?
near at hand.
Mr. Gibson was a good, substan
tial cltison, an humble Christian
gentleman, and had the ostoem and
confidence of all who knew him. Ho
was an honest man, just and upright
in his dealings with his follow-man.
Ile was quito well known hore? as bo
spent one year In Westminster with
his brother-in-law, J. S. lawless.
Mr. Gibson was a son of tho late
Jack Gibson, of this county, and was
some where near 70 years of ago.
His death is the third in the family
of brothers and sisters to occur in
tho last fow months. John Gibson
t died first, and Mrs. Lawless diod in
I February. i
? Mr. Gibson leaves his widow, who
! was before marriage Miss Clarissa
I Carroll, throe sons and four daugh
j tors, and many grand-children. The
; sons and daughters are Enoch, ISd
. row and Keels Gibson; Mrs. Della
j Summerlin, Mrs. Julia Martin, Mrs.
? Dora Stone and Mrs. Mittie Martin.
He loaves throe sisters, Mrs. Lena
? Campboll, of Walhalla; Mrs. W. M.
I Cain, of Denison, Toxas, and Mrs. II.
, M. Cain, of Tyler, Texas,
j Mr. Gibson was a consistent mem
j ber of the Baptist church. His body
j was buired at Bethel on Thursday.
? Wo tender our sympathy to tho bo
rea ved ones.
j Name "Bayer" on Genuin?
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Bayer Tablots of
Aspirin. Then you will be following
the directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safo by millions. Take no
chancos with substitutes. If you soo
the bayer Cross on tablets, you can
take them without fear for colds,
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism,
earache, toothache, lumbago and'for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve tab
lots cost few cents. Druggists also
sell larger packages. Aspirin ls tho
i trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of
i Monoacetleacide8tor of Sallcylicacld.
j -adv.
Escaped Convict is Caught by Wife
of Virginia Farmor.
Orange, Va., March lil.-Clarence
Brown and Henry Barnes, nogro con
victs, will die in the electric chair
for the murder of a guard, W. IO.
Snow, while trying with three others
to escape, according to action of tho
j ru y trying the ense here to-day.
Brown, who confessed on the stand
to the actual murder of tho guard,
will die June 2.X and Barnes two days
The crime for which the negroes
were convicted took place March I,
The negroes, working under Snow,
suddenly made a dash for liberty,
ono seizing the guard's gun and kill
ing him.
Posses numbering nearly (Ive hun
dred men scoured tho woods for 2 0
miles around, searching for the c. n
victs. Two of them were taken by :?
farmer's wife, single handed, with
an empty shotgun.
Weil-Known Minister Stricken.
Laurens, March :? l. Dr. John O.
Willson, presiden* of Landor Col
lege, who suffered a slight stroke of
paralysis ?it the First Methodist
church here yesterday, returned to
his homo at Greenwood ihis after
noon, accompanied by Airs Willson
and Dr. John M. Lander, lt was
stated that Dr. Willson has appar
ently recovered, and to-day he show
ed very little sign of illness. Dr.
Willson was in Laurens attending
ti special ministerial meeting, and
after suffering the paralytic si roko
he was removed to tho hotef, where
he remained until this afternoon.
This Letter Traveled slowly.
Shreveport, La., March 81.-After
a lapse of four years and six m no th?,
a letter mailed at Blanchard. La., in
October, HUG, was delivered to Har
ry S. Weston at tho Shreveport post
office yesterday, The distance from
point of malling to point of delivery
is twovle milos. Tho le'ttor was writ
ton by A, F. White, Kansas Clty
Southorn agent at Blanchard, and
was addressed to Woston. lt con
tained a remittance for lodgo duos.
. Cliarlbston, Miss.-Mrs
says: "I have never had i
because ff I felt headache, c
in (he mouth, which ?ornes
take a dose or more, of Bl
straighten me out and mak
We ?aue used in ouir family
and it certain?y ls the best
lt has not oixly saved me nu
system in shape, and has
many physics do. I recomn
glad to do so." Black-Drau
medicine which you have d
When you feel badly alt O'
taste In your mouth, biliom
Thediord's Black-Draught.
Always Insist o
Notico is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge ot Probate for
Oconeo County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his ollico at Walhalla
Court House, on Monday, tho 11th!
day of APRIL, 1921, at cloven
o'clock in Hie forenoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of tho Estate of W. B. Mon
gold, Deceased, and obtain Final
Discharge as Administratrix of said
Estate. Mrs. MARY B. MONGOLD,
Administratrix of the Estate of W.
B. Mongold, Deceased.
March 16, 1921. 11-14
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Regis
tered Freeholders of Legal Voting
Ago In Madison School District,
No. 75:
Election will be held at Medburn
School House on WEDNESDAY, tho
13th day of APRIL, 19 21. for tho]
purpose of voting upon the question I
of levying a Special Tax of Four
Mills on all taxable property of said
District, to bo usod for school" pur- [
poses in said District, in accordanco
with Section 17 12, Civil Code of
South Carolina, 1912.
March 30, 1921. 13-14
State of South Carolina,
Coutny of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Regis
tered Freeholders of Legal Voting
Age in Chauga School District,
No. 23:
Election will be held at Chauga
School House on WEDNESDAY, tho|
13th day of APRIL, 1921. for thc
purpose of voting upon tho question
of levying a Special Tax of Seven
Mills on all taxable property of said
District, lo bo used for building pur
poses in said District, In accordanco
with Section 174 2, Civil Code of
South Carolina, 1912.
March 30, 1921. 13-1 4
All persons indebted to tho Estate
of CYRUS COLES (alias St. Elmore
C. Coles,) Deceased, are hereby no
tified to make payment to the under
signed, and all persons having claims
against said Estate will present the
samo, duly attested, within tho time
prescribed by law, or be barred.
Executrix of the Estate of Cyrus
Coles (alias St. lOlinore C. Coles, De
March HO, I 92 I. 13-16
Tile public will please take notico
thal i will bo in my ollico only on
Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays of
each week during April and May.
Superintendent of Education.
March 30, 1921. 13-17
Got Skin Diseas
A great part Of tho maddening
and mortifying skin troubles thnt
plaguo humanity are due solely to
disorders of tho blood. Relief from
theso cnn bo bad only by removing
from your blood stream
tho impurities that causo
tho itching.
For this you must tako
an internal blood remedy.
Outsido applications have
no effect on the cause of
tho torture. Their relief
is shortlived. You must
>. R. V. Hfeths.of this pt?ce,
o use very much medicine?
lizziness,, or colds, bait taste
> from torpid liver, l<: would
ack-Draught, and it would,
e me feel as good a& new..
for years
?vcr medicine K ever saw;.
Dtteyv it has helped' keep my
never weakened me as' so
lend it to my friends and am
ight is the oldl reliable liver,
oubtless heard much abouti
ver, stomachj not right,, bad
>, or have a headache*, try
At all Druggists.
n the Genuine I
?J? ?J? ?Ja ejs .J* ?j? ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J.?
t^t ?J? ?J? ?J? ?j? .j? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J??
4* DH. W. H. CRAIG, 4*
.J? Dental Surgeon,
.?. Ofllce Ovor C. W. Pitchford*? +
.J? Store.
??. ?j. ?j. ?j* *I* '1* *1* *!* ?I* *I" *I* *r*
.J. J. R. EARLE, 4*
?J? Attornoy-nt-Law,
4* WALHALLA, S. C. 4*
?f> State & Fedoral Court Practico.
4? FARM I/DA NS. 4'
.j. ?j? .j. .j. .t. .;. .T. ,?. .j. .j. .j. .j.
.J? Attorney-at-Law 4*
4? WALHALLA, S. C. 4t
4? PHONE NO. Ol. 4"
.J. ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? s|? ?J? ?J? .][? *|?
4? J. P. Carey, J. W. Sholor, 4*
4' Plckens, S. C. W. 0. Hughs, 4?
4? CAREY, SH Kl,OR & HUGHS, " 4*
4? Attorneys and Counsellors, ?g*
?J. State & Federal Court Practice. 4*
.J. .J. .J. ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J- *|* ?J? ?J? ?J
Surveyor und Civil Engineer,
Farm Ix>an Act Decided Constitu
tional. Got n Govern
ment I roan.
BAN M. C$001?,
High Class
Guttering a Speciw?iy,
Walhalla, S. C.
State of South Carolina,
Coutny of Oconoo.
To tho Qualified Electors and Regis
tered Freeholders of Legal Voting
Ago in Cloveland School District,
No. 12:
Election will he held at Clevoland
School House on WEDNESDAY, the
13th day of APRIL, 1021, between
tho hours of 7 A. M. and 1 P. M., for
the purpose of votin? upon tho ques
tion of levying a Special Tax of Six
Mills on all taxable property of said
District, to he used for building pur
poses in said District, In accordance
with Section 1712. Civil Codo of
South Carolina, 19 12.
J. C. MOO lt E.
March 30, 1921. 13-14
All persons Indebted to tho Estato
of Joseph L. Dickson. Deceased, nro
hereby notified lo make payment
to tho undersigned, and all porsons
having claims against said Estato
will present the saaio, duly attostod,
within thoHlmo prescribed by law,
or bo barred.
Executors of the Hst ato of Joseph L.
Dickson, Docer.sod.
March 9, 1921, " 10-14*
urify Your Blood
get right after tho blood itsolf.
S.S.S., the famous old herb rem
edy, luis helped enrich the blood of
thousands, and relieved their itch
ing skin torture, during tho last
ppmgna fifty years.
I r t ? ' r> .] Get S.S.S. from your
druggist today, and after
starting with it write us
a history of your case,
addressing Chief Medical
Advisor, 837 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta, Geor

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