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Hold Interesting Meeting April 5th,
und IO Kn; ted OfHcer?.
Tit cliford,
- Mrs. C.
Tho Walhalla D'. A. lt. chapter
met with .Mrs. CW. Pitchford,Jr., on
the aftornoon of April 6th, Quito a
number of members responded to
roll-call with quotations about "Oar
Flag," these being furnished by the
hostess. The regent, Mrs. W. L. Ver
nor, presided in her usual easy and
di gui lied manner.
Tho chapter was delighted to wel
come its new member, Mrs. Jack
Vernor, (now of Toccot, Gu.,) as a
guest for the afternoon. Tho mem
bers were also pleased to have Mrs.
Dob Kay, of Seneca, as u visitor.
Tho yearly reports of the officers
were given, that of the regent being
of special note. It was gratifying to
know that the chapter had done ex
cellent work during the year. It was
decided thai the chapter send $5.00
to the Georgetown school, and Mrs.
L, M. drown added $5.00 to this
Tito annual election of officers re
sulted as follows:
Regent Mrs. C. W
Firs! Vice Regent -
Second Vice Regent
Recording Secreta ry
Assistant Recording Soi
Mrs. will Schroder.
Corresponding Secretary
W. Hell.
Tho I re? surer (Mrs. Sam Vernor),
the registrar.( Mrs. Francis Hughes),
and tho historian (Mrs.Harry Hughs)
were retained another year to serve
out the remainder of their two-year
terni in olllce,
After all business was disposed ol
.Mrs. Pitchford introduced liitle Eliz
abeth Hughs, who recited Kathe)
Ryan's .'The Conquered Halinor.'
Introductory remarks, as well as ;
plano accompaniment during the re
citai, were enjoyed. The executioi
of this poem by little Hetty showet
marked talent.
A victrola selection. "The Star
Spangled Banner." closed the meet
Little Misses Dorothy Drown, Eliz
abeth Hughs, Caroline Vernor anc
Edna Norma Pitchford, in aprons ant
caps of red, white and blue, math
attractive waitresses, assisting tin
hostoso in serviler rt delicious "l'A?
course daring the social hour tba
Mrs. .las. ll.
Mrs. J.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Freozono" on an aching corn, in
Stantiy that corn stops hurting, ther
shortly you lift it right off willi
lingers. Truly!
Your druggist solis a tiny bottle o
"Freezone" for a few cents, sullicion
to remove every hard corn, soft cort
or corn between tho toes, and tin
calluses, without soreness or irrita
llandlls Hob Mail ot' $700,000,
Chicago, April 7. An abandonee
mail suck, found by the police earl}
lo-day, and believed to be tho regis
tered pouch stolen by bandits fron
a mail Irlich last night, contninci
wrappers for ninney which ibo poli<i
said show I lint from $500,000 ,(
:?7-"'(>.. was obtained by Ibo rob
ber-, it was reported last nigh: Hui
the loss would not exceed $50.000.
Tho abandoned pouch coiitainci
wrappers indicating a shipmen) o
ono package of $10.ono In ono-dollai
bills, a package holding ? .Ml.nun ii
currency, another containing a hun
drod $1,000 bills, and five larg)
sacks consigned lo branches of till
Federal Resolve Rank, each sail
containing live smaller bags, wilie]
in lum held currency of largo de
Jackson Soldiers Steal Automobile
Chester. S. C., April 7.-Throe sol
dieri from Camp Jackson stole tin
automobile of H. H. K?ster Wednos
day night while ho was at pro yoi
meeting. Tho car was found in Char
lotto and tho soldiers placed undo;
arrest. They will bo brought bael
to Chester for trial. Mr. Kester I,
the Chester county engineer.
Wishes to Bettor Acquaint "Cousin
legislature" with Oconoo's Men.
Westminster, April 9.-My Dear
Cousin Legislature: It is a pleasure
to me to re?oive the good letters you
write me, and the advice you give
me is so good, and it is so thought
ful of you. and I know by the way
you write mo that you must like me
moro and more. How I do appreci
ate your love for me, and you may
rest assured that your affection for
mo will ever be remembered by me.
Tho reason I have not answered your
letter before this ls because I knew
that you must be worried and work
ed almost to death cleaning up your
house and arranging your furniture
after entertaining so many guests
that attended your house party this
past winter. Why don't yon stop giv
ing these annual house parties? You
must certainly begin to realize that
there is no good ever comes from the
practice. Besides, even if I had no
other reason for wanting you to stop
the practice, you know as well ns 1
that you tire not tis young as you
used to bo. as well as myself, lt is
hard on you and how very, very
expensive it is! So won't you prom
ise mc that you will stop it? ; love
you too much to see you gi\" your
Hmo and strength for so unprofita
ble a froiic as it always turns ,;'.?t to
be; ami besides ali tho other 'lings
I and expenses, your health mt be
considered. You know 1 was .Ik
ing just the other day with our doc
tor, and he lolls mo thal your houri
is in a dangerous condition, ami hat
any very sudden excitement might
cause you to have heart failure. I'm
liol lolling you this to scare you into
stopping these frolics, bul 1 am '. li
ing you for your good, as you know
wc always tell each other whatever
we think might help tte along in any
You asked me in your last letter
about the three guests that attended
your party from this county ( Oco
nee t. They are till right men in their
way. but
Oh. yon said. I remember, that you
didn't meet or see much of them.
One of them was named W. Preston
Mason, one was named E. Preston
I Bruce, and the other was named W.
Longfellow Dalton. (1 think Long
fellow is what the "L" stands for in
Mr. Dalton's name, but don't know
for certain.
Mr Mason watt called, white down
there, The Senator from Om nee,"
'and Messrs, Dalton und Bruce wer?
j culled "llepresentatlvea from Ucu
j nee. The above nantes, or rank, as
I you may choose to call it. is what
i society in Oconee would have us call
them, and it is all right, as it en
? ables one lo distinguish one from
i the other. Sorry you didn't gel to
. ?neel and talk with them. Mr. Dal
ton lives at Seneca, and ho got lip
and .-poke out in the meeting and
asked all the other guests at your
j party to help him make the Southern
Railway Company build an under?
pass under the railro.nl in the town
of Seneca, and to my personal knowl
edge the railroad has been built and
trains ita ve been passing through
the town of Seneca for a period of at
least two years. I know whereof 1
speak, for 1 have ridden through
Seneca Oll thc trains, and to taste a
pudding is the proof of it. Mr. Dal
ton stood up for his town. Hurrah
for Dalton! His address will be Hon.
W. L. Dalton. Seneca, S. C.. City
F.. Preston Bruce was also chosen
i to be one of your guests from this
i county, but if he ever got there I
^ have never seen any account of it
. His address is (I think) Hon. IO. P
j Bruce. Westminster. S. C.. H. I\ I)
} If Mr. Bruce got there he evidently
- did not think that his town needed
anything, so he just remained silent
And so no harm did he do. Httrrali
for Mr. Bruce!
I Mr. Mason ranks higher in society
, in Oconee than tho other two gentle
men mentioned above, hence tin
name Senator Mason, of Oconee. Mr.
I Mason lives at a place, known by
the small remnant ol' the world left,
us Tokoena, S. C. His address ls,
however, Hon. \V. P. Mason. Seneca.
S. C.. K. |?\ I)., In care of Hie Wal
halla Court House Ring. After bc
( lng censored by the ring-master,
Major William J., or tho ex-ring-mas
, ter. Mon. .los. W.. a letter would
^ tinnily lind its way safely Into the
hands of the Hon. SV. P.
The record shows, my cousin, that
% Mr. Mason was doing no serious
harm either, moro than keeping tho
t people back home posted as to thc
good health of the trio.
The time for your party to adjourn
was drawing too near for the gen
, eral comfort of the ring, so those
composing the ring began to sniff thc
. wind and consulted Hie sympa th iz
3 ers of tho ring, and all decided to
- hold a stockholders' and director5.-'
r meeting of tho ring and try to fall
- upon some plan to get Mr. Mason to
r take nott? as to bow short a time lie
; had left to do anything for tho ling
j stors. A big mooting was pulled off
fit the Court House for the purpose
of fulling on some plan to reduce the
taxes, and going on record us lavoi
ing great economy. There wa? a
good attendance of the citizens from
over the county. Mr. Mason was atk
ed to be present, and he was. lie
was the orator of the day, so I an;
told. And, cousin, when Mi. Mason
returned to your party and you all
called on him for un after-dinner
speech, as is usually the case under
tho rules of society, I Just fool Uko
1 can hear him when he said: '.Mr.
Master of Ceremonies, before j pro
ceed to talk 1 wii! ask you to have
. my friends, Mr. Cruce and Mr. Dal
j ton invited in to hear what 1 have
to say. Thanks! Hav? seats, gentle
! men.
I "My friends. I have Just returned |
from a visit to Ocono.? county, which (
ls an up-State county, where 'bel
.purest waters and everything Mow.
and are free. While there I was in
vited to attend a glorious mealing nf
the Court Houso ring, and enjoyed
it to the fullest. I was asked while
tit this mooting lo do all la my
power to reduce taxes, and lo help
! them got on the record as favoring
j economy, which 1 agreed lo do. !
j know it makes my friends llu't came
I from Oconee with mo homesick lo
' hear me tell about my trip hosie.
! and all. Dui my time and spnee ?tro
I Just about gone, so 1 will get hrsy
and offer a '?ill to redttCO lax;:'
and to carry om the great Ocon
, economy scheme. I will ask
(lint :hi' tax levy be raised from
?mills to ! :: mills. Xoxt I ask b>
way of economy- -thal the Sherli -
salary be raised from $1,500 to
ian. and i tal he be allowed a deputy
'at a salary of /.'">n Tuen the clork
lo the Supervisor must bc raised
I from $?100 io $-150 per year, and tho
I Superintendent of Education's musi
! bo raised from $1.100 to $1,S00. I
think this should satisfy the ring as
to tax reduction, all right.
"And now, gentlemen and col
leagues, it becomes my solemn duty
to turn my attention to tho great
question of practical economy. 1
will ask you, one and all, to look ot.',
for yourselves as to safety, as I n.n
now ready to wield this powerful
sword of economy, and in making
the terrible, slaughtering stroke that
I am about to make som-i of the
pieces of the wreck may fall on same
of you. Look out!-Here itvon.es!
"I offer-in the way of .onomy-.
a resolution in favor of cutt! lg the
swindle in Oconee county from
M.aoo to $60 I per year, ot in <1L".
. 'bo resolution is carried! ityml ino'
ano? lier '-'!.'. ol' thal i<.. Water,
i , , ,
please-ah- h-h :
"Now, Mr. Dalton, Mr. li ru ce, 1
thank you both for assisting me so
faithfully In my heroic efforts to
lake care of my people back home
the Court. House ring. I thank you
all. my colleagues.
-,.\ow go, Mr. Dalton and Mr.
Bruce, and look over the town-and
be careful: Don't try to gel on the
street cars while they are in motion,
and after you get on the chauffeur
will tell you bow to got off.
"I thank you. gentlemen. More
water please!"
Your cousin.
Dillie Kennell.
Negro is Granted Reprieve.
Columbia, April 7. -Governor lt.
A. Cooper has granted a six weeks'
reprieve to Harvey Whitley, colored,
who was to have boen electrocuted
at the State penitentiary next Fri
day on thc charge of complicity in
the murder of Barle Wadford, of
Lone Star, in Orangeburg county, in
1 January. The reprieve is granted in
order that the Governor mny inves
tigate the truth of tho statement
made by Diehard Feetio Fogle, who
was electrocuted ten days ago for
the murder of Mr. Wadford, to Ibo ?
' effect that Whitley is not guilty.
Al the trial of the two negroes a
1 few weeks ago Whaler was conVClted
largely on thc statement of Fogle
thal he, too. was guilty. This Fogle
denied after he sat in Hie electric
chair, on his last day on earth. Tho
reprieve of Whaley was granted itt
the request of tho Solicitor and Ibo
Judge who heard the ease.
Spain Has Much Colton,
Washington. April v Spain 'is
apparently sh ul off as a market for
American colton for Hie lime hoing,
according io Commercial Attache)
Charles H. Cunningham, ni Madrid,
who informed Hie Department of
Commerce to-d,iy thai Spain was
; overstocked with cotton and cotton
i textile. I'nder normal conditions,
, he declared, Spain would ai this sea
son of tho year bc able lo consume
about 200,000 more bab s of Aniori
. cnn cotton, but there is now a Sttr
, plus which will probably Inst about
i six months.
A hob-nailing machine for army
[ shoos is now being tested by tho
quartermaster department of thc ar
-? . ?~
I While (ho savage red man lived
. In a wigwam ho paid no rent, Why.
1 then, was he savage- Chicago Daily
Dead Arrived in Columbia Recently.
Sent Homo for Hurlai. .
Columbia. April 5.-Twelve of
South Carolina's gallant sons who
died with their faces toward Ger
many in tho late World War wero
part of the precious cargo of over
seas dead, borne into the Columbia
station Saturday at noon on South
er, i train Xo. 31 from New York,
moven other ling-draped collins,with
their soldier dead consigned to bor
dering States, were included in the
shipment to be escorted from this
city to their final resting places,
(.allant Soldiers All.
A large percentage of the veteran
dead arriving in Columbia on the
last lap of their sad return trip to
the land for which they died were
members of the famous fighting 1st
Division and South Carolina's own,
the 3 0th Division.
Private William B, Sanders. Ma
chine Gun Co.. ISth Infantry, of
Converse; Private Lawrence P. Pet
ty. Co. G. ltith Infantry, and Private
John W. Lnnkford, Co. B, 26th In
fantry. Union, were members of the
1st Division, the regular army unit
that saw hard and constant service
throughout (he American participa
tion in tho war and los) thousands
nf men in the irresistible charges.
Practically all tho other South Caro
lina dead arriving in Columbia Sat
urday wen1 members of the gallant
unit that broke the Hindenburg lino,
:10th Division.
The Koli ol' Honor.
The <outh Carolina dead whose
bodies were returned to their near
est relatives with un escort from
Camp .hickson were:
Sergt. Jasper K. Johnson. Co. C.
105th Signal Hat ta lion, Anderson.
Private William B. Sanders, Ma
chine Gun Co., I Stl\ Infantry. Con
Private Walter O. Lea " \ Co. C.,
1 1 st li Infantry, Kort Mill.
Private George T. Hart. Co. H.
1 1 Sib Infantry, Greer.
Corpl. Walter Johnson. Co. M.
1 1 8til Infantry, Kershaw.
Private Lawrence P. Petty, Co. Ci,
1 G th Infantry. Pacolet.
Corpl. John H. Livingston, Co. G,
118th Infantry, Prosperity.
Private Elbert E. Lee, Co.G, 1 1 S t h
Infantry, Saluda.
Sergt. Charles M. Byrd, Machine
Gun Co.. 118th Infantry, Seneca.
1 Privo.o Grady Harris, Co. P. 117th
I Infantry, Spa rt an bur*
Private John \\ Langford, Co. ll,
J 26th infant ry, Union?
Private Harmon C. Garvin-, Co. G.
! 1 1 Stli Infantry. White Pond.
How a Rat Nearly Destroyed
Mrs. L. Bowen's (R. I.) House
'For months wc wouldn't go into thc cellar, fear
ing a big rat. Ono ni>;ht it set ?ur whole kitchen ort
I fire by chewing matches. The nest day. we got thc
tildy thine with Kat-Snail-just one cake." Rats dry
j up and leave DO Smell. Three sizes: J5c. 65c, $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by
Dalton's Drug Store,
Whitinhe-Mnrott Hardware Co.
lils Last, Joke.
"Would you care to make a few
remarks before we sining the trap?"
asked the sympathetic sheriff.
"No." replied the condemned man.
"I may have my faults, otherwise 1
would not be here, but trapdoor elo
quence always did offend my idea of
the fitness of things. Besides, a num
ber of newspaper men. are present.
They would certainly take down any
thing I said, and if they got it down
wrong after Hie "r ceremony, I
wouldn't he in ;. position to claim
that I was misquoted."
New York has -1,000 miles of
streets -enough to span the ocean.
The Willard was first,
The Willard is better built,
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most.
THEREFORE, You want and must have
The Willard Battery
in Your Car.
Wc have a complete line on hand. The name Willard
is a guarantee of perfection in the battery world. Our personal
guarantee goes with every battery.
Hughs Garage,
Main Street, l-l Walhalla, S. C
"Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
? *S* ?& @ ? ? 1? i?* ? ? @ @ ?p ? fe? i?i @ ? ? ? *?* ??> & i?
Here's vp"r Chance
Progressive Farmer,
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courier,
$1 00 year,
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Order yours now,
For L2 Months
{{eduction in Wilges-Believe Action
Will 11 Hp in Reviving Business,
Chicago, April 7.-The lirst agree
ment by a Chicago labor union to ac
cept a r?duction proposed in wages
wii.s announced yesterday. The Ma
chinery, Safe Movers and Riggers
Union voled unanimously at a meet
ing of ."ui members to accept a eat
ol' \2\<? per cent proposed hy lIn
Con l rael ors' Association.
"We are not materially affected by
the present unemployment," Michael
Artery, secretary-treasurer of the or
ganization, told the members, as 93
per cent of our members aro work
ing at the old scale. Of the total
membership of tho building trades
council between 70 and 80 per cent
aro out of work. It does them no
good to ask $1.25 an hour; there
are no jobs for them. At a reduced
wage they might ho working and be
making a good living.
"If we agree, all of us, to accept
a reduction, T know of $150,000.000
worth of work that will be started
at once. Unions cannot fight on a ?
starving stomach. The steel com- |
panics and many others have an- ?
no-need cuts in prices. What, shall j
wo no?"
"Accept Die cut," rhouted the
delegates. .
Habitual Constipation Cured
ht 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially- .
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
j Constipation. It relieves promptly but
j should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
i to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Toke. 60c
per bottle.
Special Ked for President.
(Irand Rapids, .Mich., April 7.
I President Harding will sleep in a
j bed (ive feel, wide and eight feel t
1 long, six inches wider and one foot, ,
eight Inches longer than a standard ;
size bod. The bed, rushed through
, by a furniture company hero on a
: special order, lias been sent to Wash- :
logion, where it will be se? up In tho
j President's bed room in the White;
I House. Special designers were em-j
. ployed In making the bed.
.Married Lifo a La Mode.
Husband (angrily)-"What! no
i supper ready? This is the limit! I'm
going to a restaurant."
Wife--"Wait just five minutes."
Husband-"Will it be ready by
j Wife-' No, but llien I will be rea
dy to go with you!"
l'IU;i'AUlNo VOli Uli?TAT MJ3ET
Of Sunday School Workers nt Hock
Hill .limo 8th, IMh, lOtll.
Spnrtanburg, April :..- Hock Hill,
which is to entertain the next South
Carolina State Sunday School Con
vention, has broken all records in
State Convention financing by rais
ing a larger amount and paying it
earlier than any other city that has
ever entertained the convention.
This statement was issued recent
ly from the state headquarters of
tho Sunday School Association in
Spartanhurg by Loon C. Palmer, tho
general superintendent of the or
ganization. "Rock Hill is determined
to make this tho best and biggest
Sunday school convention ever held
in Hie State," said .Mr. Palmer, "and
with this in view the Pock Hill cham
ber of commerce has already raised,
among the business firms of the city,
the sum of one thousand dollars to
be expended solely in advertising
and promoting this meeting.
"This is I believe, the largest sum
ever raised by a convention eily in
tills State, and speaks volumes for
the local interest ia Hie convention.
Not only have they raised this sum;
they have paid in cash, and this af
an earlier dato than tiny tither city
luis ever paid Us advertising fund.
Pock Hill stands in a class b> itself
among the fit ios that have enter
tained the State Sunday School Con
"All who attend this convention
may well ferd assured of a hearty
welcome from the Hock Hill citi
zens and a delightful three days of
fellowship together during the con
vention, which will he hold in Win
throp College .lune Sib. '.Hb, loth."
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, nnd asa
rule, there ls more or I ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or throe weeks will enrich tte: blood.
Improve thc digestion, nnd net ns n ttencrn I St rcurfth
enlnrt Tonie to the wholo system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel thc worms.nndthcCldld willbo
io perfect health. Pleasant to take. Coe per bottle.
Plasterers deduce Their Wages,
Jackson ville. Kin., April 6.-Local
plasterers and cement finishers to
dny announcod a voluntary reduc
tion in their wage scale from $1 to
s7 1 i. cents an hour. The now scale
will become effective May 2. Tho
men announced Unit (boy wanted to
aid In increasing building opera
Four pounds of fresh leaves will
make one pound of dried tea.

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