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"They think it Is funny," said
Mother Fur Seul, "that I am able to
recognize or know my own children,
but I would think lt funny if I
"Of course every mother fur senl
would think ns I did about this mat
"Tim reason that creatures think lt
is funny that I know my own children,
is because we mothers slay about on
the same great beach and there ure
thousands ol' mothers and children all
"Rut I always would know my son,"
said Mother Fur Seal.
"Our children are such dear, play
ful, merry creatures. Kspeclnlly when
they're very young, and even during
the first four or five years of their
lives there ls nothing they enjoy so
much as swimming and playing, diving
and playing tag and other gaines.
"We're known as the Alaska Fur
Seal family, and we live Interesting
"We're quite fashionable and In the
winter we go to coast Unes further
south than in the summer.
"In the spring or very early In the
summer we travel sometimes as much
as two thousand miles. Gracious,
wouldn't it he un expense If we had
to pay for our Journeys the way peo
ple do?
"But then people wouldn't care for
the way wo travel, through the great
ocean, whether lt's stormy or calm,
whether there is rain or sunshine
"We go on and on, ftnd no matter
how great the fog may be we never
lose our way, but go swimming steadi
ly on and on until we reach the Islands
we're going to for our summer.
"When we reach our summer home
we begin to think about the seal
babies who have arrived after we
have been at the Island homes for
"We stny out of the water for long
periods of time, often to mnke sure no
harm will come to our babies. And
we go back and forth for our runrket
"Out of the Water.'
lng, for we must feed our children
well and give them good food so they
wll! ba strong and so they will feel
Uko playing.
"How we do enjoy squids I Squids
nre most delicious. Yes, squids are
every hit as good as ice cream nnd
such things which children like.
"Our great enemy ls the old whale
known as the Kiiier Whale. From
his family name you cnn understand
that he ls a cruel creature. That
would he quite clenr to any one.
"Our cousins, the sen-lions are very
much like we are In ways and habits
and looks.
"They too travel In the spring and
In the fall, living one place in the
summer and nnother In the winter.
"The Mr. Son-Lions are noisy crea
tures, ronrlng and talking nt the top
of their voices, always. They're very
big of course, and I suppose like to
make their voices seem equal to their
"They are all wilder and braver
than wo are, but they're a clever lot.
I do not mind admitting lt, because,
of course, they're relatives of ours.
Sometimos they are known as the
Steiler Sea-Lion family.
"But what I cannot understand ls
that people think lt ls strunge that
we cnn always tell our own young
when there are such countless and
countless children seals on the bench.
"I would like to ask such people
this question, especially I would like
to ask any question of mothers.
"Would you not bo allic to recognise
your own children even if there woro
thousands of children about?
"Wouldn't you be able to pick out
your own children in a great big
school where there were several thou
sand children about?
"Wouldn't you be able to tell your
own children If they were marching
in a hugo parade with many, many,
many other children?
"Wouldn't you be able to tell your
children on the beach when the chil
dren were Hocking to the beach In
"Of course you would! i'm quite
sure you would I And so can the
Mother Seal tell which are her own
children. For she knows ber own ns
any motlier would. Don't you see, peo
ple, that that ls quito easy to under
Grub Makes the Butterfly.
Why ls a butterfly Uko a hot roll?
Because it is the grub that makes the
Subscribo for ThVcourior. (Best)
Pulsed Away at. Homo on Toxaway
on Sunday, April 3d.
(Tugaloo Tribuno, April 5.)
Wovregret to ciironiclo tho death
of Mrs. Harriet Stewart, the devot
td wife of J. F. Stewart, of Toxa
way, and mother of Our townsman,
Anthony B. Stewart, which sad event
occurred last Sunday morning, April
3d, nt 8.30 o'clock.
Mrs. Stewart had been in failing
health for several months, but had
boon critically 111 for only about ton
I days. She was a sufferer from heart
j trouble and Bright's disease. Tho
"Stewart home ls on Tova way, ?oven
miles from Westminster, where Mr.
and Mrs. Stewart have lived all their
married life and roared a large fam
I Hy of children. Before marriage Mrs.
Stewart was Miss Harriet Perkins,
dan gb tor of the late Joslin a Perk
ins, who lived on Tugaloo river. Sho
was 7 0 years old last July, and was
a devoted and faithful member of
tho Toxaway Baptist church for a
great many years.
?Surviving ber aro ber heart-bro
ken husband, three sons and one
daughter, as follows: A. B. Stewart,
of Westminster; J. L. Stewart and
I Miss Artie Stewart, of Toxaway, and
'? Grover C. Stewart, of Gaffey, Texas.
? There are twelve grand-children liv
ing. Three children, Major, Sallie
j and Nora, died after they were
' grown. Ono brother, Josiah Perkins,
i and one sister, Mrs. Dickson, live at
Dalton, Ga.
Mrs. Stewart was a kind-hearted
and estimable woman, a good neigh
bor, and she will be sorely missed in
the home and community. To the
bereaved husband and children is
? extended the profound sympathy of
many friends here and elsewhere.
Interment was made in the Tox
away cemetery Monday afternoon at
I 3 o'clock, the funeral service being
conducted by a former pastor, Rev.
L. M. Lyda, of Walhalla. A large
number from Westminster attended
i the burial.
I Active and honorary pallbearers
were as follows: C. W. Lyles, J. T.
Smith, F. W. Cannon, I. S. Pitts, J.
! C. Barton, Jr.. M. A. Smith, Joe Bur
j roll, A. M. Alexander, J. R. Sullivan,
; T. D. Marett, C. G. Smith and K. W.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
( Quick and delightful re?
lier for biliousness, colds,
constipation, headaches,
and stomach, liver ana
blood troubles.
The genuine are sold
only in 35c packages.
Avoid imitations.
Undecided on Armaments.
Washington, April 6. - President
Harding told a delegation of tho
? Women's Peace Society to-day that,
! although he was carefully consider
ing the problem of a .'eduction of
armaments, ho had not yet fully can
! vassed tho situation and did not pro
pose to tnke any precipitate action.
Tho dolegatlon, headed by Mrs.
Charles E. Russell, of Now York,
asked tho President to call an inter
national conference on dlsnrma
1 mont.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic .restores
Energy and Vitulity by Purifying ?nd
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
! it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves ihe> appetite, you will mun
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteies? chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant oven children iiko it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
I Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
, Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Big Landlord of Laurens Arrested
Laurens. S. C., April 7.-Clove
land Knight, a big land-owner of the
western part of tho county, was ar
rostod Monday at Ware Shoals by
Rural Policemen C. L. Owens and
Sam Thompson on warrants charg
ing him with tho manufacturo of
liquor. A negro by tho name of
NeWt?n James was arrested by tho
samo officers on warrants Identical
with thoso for 11o apprehension of
The story of tho deluge ls almost
universal among all nnclont peoplos.
In ono ol' tho most thrilling sail
ing regattas ever competed in by the
sailing launches of the Atlantic Heel,
the crews from the U. .S. S. Utah
.j. -j* ?{. .{. 4. ?j? 4* *?? ?{? ??. ?j? .j, ??. ???
?J. ?J* 4? 4? 4? ?I- -I- v -I- -I- -I- -I- -I?
Urothor James H. 1 ! uglis.
Your committee, appointed at our
last regular meeting to prepare me
morial resolutions on the death of
our beloved brother, Jas. H. Hughs,
have performed that sad duty, and
beg to offer the following preamble
and resolution:
Whereas, it has pleased Almighty
God In Ills all-wise providence to
call from our midst our much es
teemed brother, James H. Hughs,
after years of affliction and suffer
ing; and
Whereas, it ls due our departed
brother and friend that Fairview
Farmers' Union give some expres
sion of their fraternal love and es
teem in the loss, of our suffering
member and brother; that In His
death we mourn not as for one cut
down in youth or even in the long
years of usefulness, but is cut down
In the meridian of lifo, before ho had
timo to finish the work that ho had
laid om before him. He was called
lo rest and to represnt us above.
Therefore, be it resolved
Frist. That in the death of James
H. Hughs Fairview Farmers' Union,
Xo. 85, has lost a true brother and
faithful member, and the fraternity
at largo a zealous supporter.
Second. That as Farmers' Union
men and friends of the deceased, we
bow in humble submission to tho
will of God, who is thus aflllicting
us by visiting us with His alllictlng
providence, knowing that at all
times he doeth all things for the very
Third. That this preamble and
resolution bo spread on the record
book of our Union and a blank pnge
in the same be dedicated to the mem
lory of our departed brother.
Fourth. That the secretary be or
jderod to forward a copy of these res
olutions to Tho Keowee Courier and
I Farm and Fnctory for publication,
and that tho family of the doceased
ho tendered the heartfelt sympathy
of the Union in this sore affliction,
and a copy of these resolutions be
j forwarded to his loved ones who
nursed and cared for him during
the sickness of our deceased brother.
J. Fred Alexander,
H. D. Crenshaw,
Whit Knox, Committee.
i (Adv.)
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Rev. John Kershaw Demi.
Charleston, April 7.- Rev. John
Kershaw, D. D., aged 7 4 years, and
for twenty-live years rector of St.
Michael's Episcopal church here,
died late last night at North Au
gusta, S. C. Ho served in tho Con
federate army and practiced law at
Camden. S. C., before entering the
* ministry.
Cold? Cause Grip and Influonza
cause. There la only one "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Tho custom of selling paper for
letter purposes originated among tho
Egyptians, who prepared papyrus tn
j rolls and sold lt. by tho sheet. Tho
common size was about 5 by IO
inches, and a sheet cost about 25
cents. There was a cheap grade and
a fancy grado about S Inches wide.
Paper-making and selling was a rich
I government monopoly.
I To Cure a Cold in One Day
stops the Cough and Headache and v/orks off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c
More than 60 per cont of tho pop
ulation of Portugal cannot read and
crossed the lino, the winners of Hie
10 20 championship, and incidentally
they are tho proud possessors of tho
Department Sailing Launch Trophy.
The race was full of thrills from
start lo finish, and up lo the very last,
moment it was uncertain which sail
Many Matten Related te Future WorV
Will Oome Up for Consideration
at the Annual Convention
May 12 to 18.
Droaldent Southern Baptist Theologl
j :al Seminary, Who ls Touring South.
Following the close of the second
fear of tho Baptist 76 Million Cam
paign April 30, several thousand mos
jengers from the local oburohes are
expected to assemble at Chattanooga,
Tenn., for th? aeventy-eixth annual
iOBsion of the Southern Baptist Con
vention. The Convention met in
Chattanooga last in May, 1906, and
luring tho interim there hos been a
ttiarked growth In every department
af the Convention's activities and tn
the numbers and work of the local
churches as well. Th? total number of
Baptists reportod bo tho Convention in
1906 was 1,865,784, while last May,
fourteen years later, when the body
mot in Washington, the total member
I ship of tho local churches as reported
was 2,961,348, or a gain of 1,105,564.
The returns for this year aro not yet
available, but inasmuch as it is known
there wore practically 176,000 addi
? tlons to the local churches last year
i by baptism alone, there is every rea
! son to believe the showing for 1921
! will bo even larger.
Growth Shown In All Lines.
At the samo timo there has been a
marked increaso in tho membership
I of the churches, thore has boon a dis
I tlact advance In all departments of
j local and denominational work, lt is
j sot out. Tho total number of local
j churches has grown from 20,129 In
1906 to 25,303 in 1920; tho total num
! ber of Sunday Schools from 11,332 to
i 17.686; and tho number of Sunday
j School pupils from 857.244 to 1,836,
936, an increase of more than 100 per
j cont. The value of local church prop
I erty has mounted from 4,501,122 in
1906 to $74,273,728 in 1920, an Increase
of moro than 1600 por cont, while con
tributions to missions and bonovo
I lences in 1906 wore $1,501,390.67. as
comparod 3 $7,331,266.55 In 1920, an
advance ot practically 500 per cent.
: Fourteon years ago the contributions
to all purposes In a vear were $5,941,
283.44, ns against $21,327,416.67 for
Next Meeting Important.
The approaching session of tho
Convention ?3 regordod as vitally Im
portant to tho future of tho denomina
tion's work. It ls hoped that by tho
Convention two-fifths of all subscrlp
1 tiona to the 76 MHUoij Campaign will
. & wLi"?% -. ?
lng launch would be declared tho
Each year ships of the Hoot cn tor
teams in competition for the trophies
offered by the Navy Department. The
picture above shows the crows of tho
Utah's boats receiving their cups on
board her after the regatta.
?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
?J? ?J? ?J? ?J* ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
l<"lut Shoals Graded School.
Following is tho honor roll of the
Flat Shoals Graded School for the
month of March:
First Grade-Dee Derry 92, Ellen
Whitehead 9 2.
Advanced First Grade-Louis Tow
90,. Selina Nichols 90.
Second Grade-Lola Whitehead
91, Bertha Brewer 92.
Third Grade-Locksley Crow 90,
Fred Brewer 9 2.
Fourth Grade-John Cowan di,
Gladys Haecock 94, Ethel .Moss 9 0,.
Claude Sloan 92.
Fifth Grade-Claude Brewer 94,
Alma Sloan 9 0, Ola Mae Tow 93, Hp
Tow 92.
Sixth Grade-Lula Whitehead 9 2,
Sula Whitehead 90.
Seventh Grade-Leora Head 90.
Eighth Grade-Ovalyne Cowan 90.
Ora Arve, Principal.
Mrs. P. E. Gambrell,
Miss Eva Manning,
Teachers. j
foe Quinine That Does Not Affect tho Head
Because of Its tonic and laxative effect, LAX A- I
Tl Y H. BROMO QUININK is better than ordinary I
Quinine and does not cause nervousnes- nor
rioKlnfr lu head. Remember the full name and
lock for the signature of lt. W. OROVB. 30c. j
To Agree with JU, S. Regarding Dis
position Overseas Possessions.
Washington, April 8.-Adminis
tration oillcial8, lt may be stated
with authority, confidently oxpect
tho Allied governments to accept tho
principles restated by Secretary
Hughs in his notes of last Monday
to these governments that the Uni
ted States has surrendered none of
Its rights in tho overseas posses
sions of Germany, and thai it can
not he bound by decisions affecting
those possessions made bv the I
League of Nations without Its assent.
There is reason to believe that
tho correspondence on this subject,
which was initiated last November,
will not bo closed with the recoipt
of tho replies from tho Japanese,
British, French and Italian foreign
offices. If the expectations of Amer
ican officials are realized tho details
regarding American rights will have
to ho worked out in. negotiation. In
the event, howevor, that the four
powers dc not find tholr way to an
agreement with tho American view
point, there would arise a situation,
action on which officials refused to
day to foreenst.
Subscribe for The Courier. (Best)
have boon paid in cash and that the
program for the completion of the
remalndor of the campaign task can
be formulated at this timo. Dr. J. B.
Gambrell, president of the Convention,
and Dr. E. Y. Mullins, who recently
completed a tour of Europe, whore
they carried fraternal greetings to tho
Baptists of that continent, will give
their Impressions of Baptist opportu
nity in that country, while Dr. George
W. Tmiot and Dr. J. P. Love, who rep
resented tho Foreign Mission Board
nt the London Conference last sum
mer when tho mission fields of Europe
wore considered, will toll of the new
territory of Spain, Jugo slavia, Hun
gary, Boumania and Southern Russia,
which Southern Baptists} are asked to
occupy. This territory is as largo as
the Southern States and has a popu
lation of 128,000,000.
All tho boards of the Convention
will report the largest year's accom
plishments In tholr history, the Homo
Mission Boord being scheduled to re
port tho completion of its minion dol
lar loan fund for church building, In
addition to tho aiding of a thousand
churches during tho year with gifts
rind loans for tho erection of new
houses of worship. The Sunday School
Board will report more than $1,000,000
In ?alon for the year and with collec
tions a? well as sales bettor than at
any previous time In ito history.
l'ail- Play Mau ami Woman Legally
Married-No Negro Blood.
(Anderson Mail, April 5.)
That Ola and Carl Norris had not
married until lt was learned that the
first husband of Ola's had n. living
wifo and sevoral children, and that
that state hud failed In Its attempt
to automatically annul the marriage
of Carl and Ola Norris because of
an attempt to show there was negro
blood in tho veins of Ola Norris, was
the defense tn the case of the State
against Ola and Carl Norris, of tho
Fair Blay community, who wore
charged with adultery in tho Court
of General Sessions this morning.
Tho case began yesterday, Solici
tor Harris Introducing testimony to
show that it was "generally under
stood" that Ola Norris was not n
white woman. Sevoral witnesses
wore put-up by tho Stoto, Including
Dr. W. C. Mays, who testified that
he was a member of the board of
trustees of the Fair Play school and
that tho board had boen called upon
to exclude the Norris child. How?
evor, Dr. Mays declared that ho could
not swear that the woman had negro
blood In hor voins, and added that
ho had based his conclusions on "tho
looks of her hair and'complexion."
The d?fendants both went on the
witness stand. Ola Norris testlliod
that she well remembered her mo
ther, who, she declared, was a white
woman, and that she also remem
bered hor grandmother. She em
phatically denied that any of her
children hud over been excluded
from school, adding that they at
tended tho Boaverdam church, and
that there had never been any objec
tions to her family attending this or
any other church.
Sho admitted that she was married
previously to John Mooro, who
"stayed at home sometimes, and
sometimes he didn't." Her brother,
seeing the ill Treatment she was re
ceiving at the hands of Moore, car
ried her home, she said, and some
fourteen months later she was legal
ly married to Carl Norris.
Norris testified that ho knew ot
hts own knowledge that John Mooro
had been married before he married
Ola Norris, and he emphatically de
nied that he had ever sont his chil
dren to "a nigger school" and grit
ted his teeth at the Solicitor and
said that he never would.
The defendants were acquitted af
I ter the Jury had deliberated for a
short while..
! "Cold inTthe Head"
I is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject to frequent "colds in
the head" will find that the use of
build up the System, cleanse the Blood
and render them less liable to colds.
Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh
may lead to Chronic Catarrh.
taken internally and nets through the
1 Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the
System, thus reducing the inflamma
tion and restoring normal conditions.
All druggists. Circulars free.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Caused Daughter's Death, Suicides.
Marietta, Ohio, April ii.-Rev. J.
H. Mindling, a Methodist minister
and farmer, of Waterford, Washing
ton county, committed suicide by
drinking poison this morning a few
minutes after he had boon turned
over fe the sheriff of the county fol
lowing a coroner's inquest Into the
donth of his 19.-year-old daughter,
I Esther, which occurred last Thurs
Rev. Mindling admitted at the cor
oner's Inquest that he had performed
an illegal operation on his daugh
ter, which resulted in her death.
It was announced by the family at
tho time of the girl's death that she
had died from Injuries received when
sho fell into a bath tub.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Warning! Unless you see the name
"Bayor" on package or on tnblots you
aro not gotting genuino Aspirin, pre
scribed by physicians for twenty-ono
years and proved safe by millions.
Tnko Aspirin only ns told in the
Bnyor package for colds, hendncho,
neuralgia, rheumatism, earache,
toothache, lumbago and for pain.
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gists also sell largor packnges. Aspi
rin ls the trade mark of Bayer Manu
facture of Monoaceticacidoster of
Halley llcacld.-adv.
London has a man who has boen
working at tho same pencil-making
machine for sixty-three years.

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