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Mr. Wood Kif and -the boy and girl
heard someone crying. They hurried
along In tho deep passes between two
rows of small mountains. \
Mother Gossip hurried along, toa
She was hoping to find out enough
to make a good gossipy story. Her
Hps were curling, lt seemed, more
than'ever. And her eyes looked hnrd
and like sharp, bright bits of steel.
At last they came nearer and nearer
the crying. And there, near the roud.
they saw a girl. She was not very
big and was not very old, and she
was crying bitterly.
In front of her stood Mother Gos
sip's eldest daughter naine'd I-Make-Jt
A-Polnt-To-Repoat-Menn-Tlilngs. She
looked Just as menu ns could be, be
cause she was pretending sho was
friendly and she looked so Uko a hum
hug 1 And too, she looked os pleased
as she could be.
"Well, you foolish little girl," she
was saying, "you don't know who is
your friend."
"What do you mean?" asked Mr.
Wood Elf. "I never knew you could
be a friend to anyone."
"Of course Tm her friend." said
I - Make - It - A - Point - To - Repeat -
Mean-Things. "I told her that I had
"You Wretch."
beard something about her, but that
I didn't believe lt, and that I stood up
for her like la friend!"
"Oh, you wretch," shouted Mr, Wood
Elf. "If there ls one person I bato
more than any other in your abomi
nable and objectionable and horrible
family, it ls you."
"I tried to do a friendly act," an
swered Mother Gossip's eldest daugh
"Of course she did," said Mother
Gossip. "This ls very nice. And
don't sob, little girl, but come, toll
me all about it. Confide in nie."
"Yes, you want her to tell you, so
you cnn tell her story and add to lt
all around. I won't lot you do that,"
said Mr. Wood Elf. "I'll see to that.
Now, little girl, what really hap
The little girl had dried her eyes.
"1 met this young lady," she said,
*T mean, this old lady," for Mother
Gossip's eldest daughter now looked
very old. She wns quite old, for that
matter, and Mother Gossip's children
look pretty old after they've been
seen for a time.
"And," continued the little girl, af
ter swallowing hard so as not to start
crying again, "she told me something
which wasn't true about me which
someone had said. And oh, I felt
dreadful. She said she was telling
it to me for my own good. She said
she was my friend nnd that she had
stood up for me. Rut oh, I'm so un
happy to think such a thing was said
about me."
"Yes," wild Mr. Wood Elf, "of
course you were, but you're going to
cheer up now and we're nil going to
have a moonlight supper tonight away j
from this horrible fnmlly. My two |
companions are tired of them already.
They never were fond of such a fam
ily, not even of the ones they'd met
and didn't know by nnme. And as
for the Tattle-Tnle Twins-well,
they'd he enemies with my compan
ions If they knew each other forever.
"I Just have n few words to say to
Miss I - Make - It - A - Point - To - Re
pcat-Menn-Thlngs, and then we'll be
"You know," he continued, pointing
his finger straight at Mother Gossip's
daughter, "there ls no excuse for you,
not a scrap.
"You thought you were making your
self out to be very fine when you said
you had stood up for her, and ihnt
you were telling it to her for her own
"You thought lt made you seem so
noble to say you stood up for her,
didn't you? I've my doubts about you
standing up for her In the first pince,
but that isn't the Important thing.
Anyone who ls a friend will stand up
for his friend or her friend without
saying so. It ls quite unnecessary,
quite. And no person ls a friend who
repeats menu things.
"I like tho person who mnkes the
mean speeches even better than I do
the one who repeats thom."
They left then for happier adven
* A Practical Idealist.
Mother-Never put off till tomorrow
what you cnn do today.
Johnnie-That's right, ma, so Tve j
finished up the other part of that
Cherry plo.
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> .
or that of a shipmate.
Tho Keowoe School Closed Success
ful Session Last Friday.
Now Hope, April 16.-Special: Wo
are having some cold weather now,
and it seems that Easter has changed,
this year.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kelley and
Mrs. O. A. Kelley spent last Friday
in Anderson and attended the mis
sionary meeting while there.
Miss Eugenia. Moss, of Walhalla,
spent thc week end with her sister,
Miss Sarah Moss, at the home of W.
H. Glazener.
Ralph Whltmire, ono of Uncle
Sam's boys, of Camp Jackson, was
a recent visitor in this community.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sanders, of
Westminster, visited at the home of
tho latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
L. Boggs, recently.
Miss Sallie White, who is teaching
at the Font's Grove vschool, visited
homefolks Saturday and Sunday. She
was accompanied by her friends, En
gone Brock and Miss Sue Culberson,
of that section.
Mr. and Mrs. Whit King and Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Miller visited rela
tivos in Anderson recently.
Miss Sybil Chalmers, of Liberty,
visited ber cousin, Miss Fannnnie
Kelley, recently.
Airs. li. E. Knox spent a few days
recently with relatives in Seneca.
The young people of this commu
nity enjoyed a singing nt. the home
of Miss Belle Thomas last Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Olar Kelley, of Lib
erty, visited relatives here recently.
Miss Eunice Beatty, of Walhalla,
and Misses Lottie and Gladys Wyatt
and brother, of tho Ebenezer section,
were visitors at tho home of Mr. and
Mrs. George Wyatt recently.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Walter Seaborn, of
Plokens, were spend-tbo-day guests
in the home of'Mrs. J. W. Miller lost
Misses Etta Glazener,, of Walhalla,
and Pearl White, of West Union, vis
ited tholr parents during tho past
The Keoweo school of this place
closed a most successful term yester
NM Quinine That Does Not Affect the Heid
Because of its tonic And laxative effect, I,AX A
Tl VIC BKOMO 0 0 IN i NK is belter than ordinary
Quinine and docs not cause ncrvousnes nor
rinehiK In head. Remember the full name and
look for the surnature of it. W. OHO Vit. 30c.
Cashier Sentenced to Training school
Chicago, April lil.-James Carey,
tho 19-year-old bank cashier of Ot
tawa, 111., whose theft of $06,000
last November was followed by criti
cism of Judge Landis when Ibo latter
pormlttod the youthful culprit to
rotum homo ponding sentence was
yesterday sentenced by Judge Landis
to servo ono year in tho National
Training School for Boys at Wash
ington, 'D. C.
Colds Cause drip and Influenza
LAXATIVE BR0M0 QUININE Tablets remove th?
eamae. There la only one "Bromo Oulnina." E.W.
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M. C Lipscomb Severely Cut With
Razor in Cherokee County.
.Gaffney, S. C., April 14.-M. C.
Lipscomb, one of the most promi
nent farmers in Cherokee county,
was attacked, it ls alleged, at his
home yesterday^ eight miles from
this place, by one of the tenants, a
man named 'Dave Moore, Mr. Lips
comb hoing severely slashed with a
razor. He was helping his tenant
And some tools, it is said. Mr. Lips
comb is 70 years old, while Moore is
a young man. The cuts are In the
loft side and back, but Mr. Lipscomb
will likely recover unless complica
tions take place. Moore was arrest
ed and now occupies a cell in tho
county Jail.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
Quick and delightful re
lier for biliousness, colds,
constipation, headaches,
and stomach, liver ana
blood troubles.
The genuine are sold
only in 35c packages.
Avoid imitations.
Supply Farm Labor Exceeds Demand
Washington, April 14.-Tho sup
ply of arm labor in tho United States
at this time exceeds tho. demand for
the first time in three vears, accord
ing to figures made public Tuesday
by the bureau of crop ostimatos of
the 'Department of Agriculture.
In 1018 tho relativo supply was
given as 72.9 and tho relative demand
ns 101.4, a ratio of 71.9. This year
there is a demand of 87.5, a supply
of 95.2, and a resulting ratio of
The report shows that tho supply
of farm labor is plentiful in Ala
bama, Florida, Ceorgla, Louisiana
and Virginia, although In Georgia
many negro laborers aro leaving the
State because thoy can not find om
ploymon t.
.--* ..?
"I Got Real Mad when I Lott My
Setting Hen/' writes Mrs. Hannr.,
"When 1 went Into our barn ?nd found my beat
tetter elend I got rent mad. One package of Rat
Snip killed ?li big rat?. Poultry raisers should usa
Rat-Snap." Comes In cake?, no mixing. No smell
from dead rats. Threesiccs. Prices. 35c. 65c, $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed hy
Barton's Drug Store,
Whitmlro-Marott Hardware Co.
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V S <i '
? >'lj'-?*}
Practice of Side Application Will
E|d Extensively Followed
This Year.
Atlanta, Ga., April.-Reports receiv
ed, from fertilizer companies Indicate
that ^he Southern farmer fell a good
deal short of ushig as much fertilizers
st planting time this year as usual. Sev
eral reasons are assigned. Ono is that
the farmers waited for tho price of
fertilizers to fall with tho expectation
of using them in greater quantities
than tho usual amount as sido applica
tions to tho growing cropB.
It seems that the practice of side ap
plication of fertilizers is quito common
ly followed by successful Southern
farmers. in fact, tho Williamson netb
od of growing corn that is popular in
tho coastal plains region of tho South,
provides that nq fertilizer bo applied
except as side applications to tho corn
On tho question of side applications
of fertilizers, J. N. Harper, director of
tho Soil Improvement Committee and
recognized authority on agricultural
methods of the South, says, that there
are moro than tho usual advantages
thia year in favor of aldo applications.
The reason is apparently favorable to
giving good response to fertilizers.
A word of caution is, however, sound
ed by* Mr. Harper. He says that the
side applications should be made early.
Late applications to cotton will only
prolong tho growth of the plant and
favor tho boll woevil. He says that
lt will be bettor to make both the side
applications of complete fertilizers and
the nitrogen top dressing within six
weeks after planting, where the boll
vreevil is present.
For corn, he states that side applica
tions aro quito generally made too late
to get tho best results. On clay loam
or heavy soils he advises a side appli
cation and nitrogen dressing when the
corn ls from knee to waist high. For
sandy or light Boils, he says that side
applications can be made later, that 1B,
when tho corn is waist to shoulder
high, but before it begins to bunch to
Mr. Harper says that care must be
taken to use only readily available
forms of fertilizer so that the growing
plants can utilize them in promoting
rapid growth and development of fruit.
The fertilizer should contain phos
phoric acid in the form of acid pho^
phaw^'frtiiB ls the main element for
hastening maturity. The fertilizer
mould also contain nitrogen and potash
In the readily available form. Nitrogen
promotes the growth of tho stalk and
'.eaves and potash strengthens the plant
and helps fill out the fruit.
A top dressing of sulfate of ammonia
or nitrate of soda is quite commonly
mado, and, according to Mr. Harper, it
should follow closely after the second
application of fertilizer, and within the
periods of cotton and corn growth
which he mentions above.
Weevils Can Be Poisoned With
The United States Department ol
Agriculture, through its boll woevil
experts, Profs. B. R. Coad and T. P,
Cassidy, have issued a statement, a
part of which is entitled "Where lt
Will Pay You to Poison." This part
ls as follows: I
lt will pay to poison
If the weevils aro really injuring
your cropf seriously, and
If your lend ls sufficiently fertiW
to yield at least one-half bale per acre
with weevil injury eliminated, and
If your farming organization ls such
that you feel assured that the poison
applications will be made at the right
time and in the right manner, and
If you are willing to spend tho full
amount nocossary to provide an adc
auate supply of dusting machinery and
The general gains from weevil poi
Boning under average, fairly favorable
conditions seem to be from 200 to 40C
pounds of seed cotton per aero, but,
owing to variations in degree of wee
vii injury lt ls not safe to expect much
moro than tho lower figure.
Consequently, you should not pol
son if tho cost of tho calcium arse
nate, the cost of labor to apply it,
and the depreciation on the dusting
machines will total more por acre
than the current value of 100 pounds
of sood cotton. ?
Hand guns should bo figured as de
predating 100 per cent in a season and
tho larger machines about 25 per cent.
Do lt Right Or Not At All
Many valuable lessons have been
gained from the recent exponsion of
commercial weevil poisoning. It has
again been shown that tho boll wee
vil can bo poisoned with profit if con
ditions are favorablo nnd if proper
methods aro used, but it has boon em
phasized anew that unfavorable condi
tions and. Improper mothods can lead
only to failure. A survey of tho poi
soning by farmers in 1920 shows that
on unfortunately largo proportion wore
not properly informed as to tho condi
tions under which they should poison
and the methods they should pursue
As a, result there were many unnecos
?ian failure?.
In Court of Common Pleas.
'Pursuant to decrees of the afore
said Court,in the cases named betow,
I will offer for sale, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, the 2d dav of MAY, 1921,
between the legal lfturs of sale, the
tracts of land below described:
W. C. Hughs, Plaintiff,
Lnndern Johnson, Luther Miclcons,
W. B. Jenkins, .Odossa Mlckons,
Mack Jenkins, Lucius Mickens,
Elias Jenkins, Pullor Jenkins,
Mickle Simpson, Arroady Mickens
and Mandy Jenkins,
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and ho
ing in tho State and County abovo
lamed, in or near Old Pickens, con
taining one ncre, moro or loss, ho
ing tho sumo land deeded to Landern
Johnson and his wife, Josio Johnson,
by W. 13. Jenkins, as shown by rec
ord in Deed Book "3-E," page 299,
In tho oirico of tho Clerk of Court of
Oconee County, situate on tho north
ddo of tho road loading from Old
Pickens bridge to tho old Norton
Briok House, via the Kirksoy place,
now Ed. Gantt, and Joining Puller
Jenkins lot (formerly Old Pickens
Jail Lot,) and Ed. Gantt.
Ternis of Sale:-Cash on day of
sale. That in ovent of tho fail
re of the purchaser, or pur
chasers, to comply with tho
terms of their bid within live days
after tho day of sale, that the Mas
ter do re-adv.erttse and re-sell said
premises, and continue so to do until
ho shall have found a purchaser who
will comply with tho terms of salo,
at tho risk of former purchaser.
Purchaser to pay extra.for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
April 13, 1921.
John T. Lay and J. D. Harkins,
C. C. Kelley, T. M. Kelley, Lillian S.
Kolloy, Mrs. Marlon K. Tait, T. B.
Kelley, Anna I. Kelley,
The undivided Interest of the De
fendant, T. B. Kelley, of, in and to1
all that certain piece, parcel or tract]
of land situate, lying and being In
Keowee Township, County and State I
aforesaid, on Little River, said tract!
containing about 630 acres, and be
ing tho estate of 'Mrs. Anna D. Kel
ley, mother of C-. C. Kelley, and for
merly a part of the Christopher |
Jones tract of land.
I Terms of Salo:--Cash on day of I
sale. That In event of the failure ot
the purchaser, or purchasers, to com
ply with tho terms of sale forthwith,
the Master do re-sell tho said prem
ises on the same ? day, or do re-ad ver
tlse and re-sell the said premises on
tho following Salesday, or on some
convenient Salesday thereafter, at I
the same place and on the same !
terms as heretofore set out, at the I
risk of the former purchaser, or pur
chasers, and that he do continue so|
to do until he has found a purchaser,
or purchasers, who comply with the|
terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. . W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
April 13, 1921.
Edward M. Coleman, In his own I
iMght and as Administrator of the]
Personal Estate of Mrs. Ludie M.
Coleman, Deceased, 'Plaintiff,
Lester 'Gilmore, Defendant.
All that certain piece, parcel or]
tract of land situate, lying and be-|
lng in Seneca Township, of tho Coun-'
ty of Oconee, State of South Caro
lina, adjoining southern corporate
limits of the Town of Seneca, and on
the west side, of Walnut street, con
taining one-fourth of one acre, moro
or less, same being moro fully repre
sented by plat of survey thereof by'
I. H. Harrison, Surveyor, of date the
18th day of December, 1916, and no
tation thereon of date Jan. 9, 1918,
same being the lot roservod in deed
by Mrs. L. M. Coleman to Mrs. S H.
Harper, of date Jan. 15, 1918, con
veying lot of 7.55 acres, more or less,
said deed being recorded in Clerk's
Office, Oconee County, S. C., in Book
3A, page 291. Said lot adjoining
lands of Mrs. Mary L. Carey on tho
northwest, and the lot conveyed to
Mrs. S. H. Haprer on the southwest'',
and bounded on the east by Walnut|
street aforesaid, and being a portion
of the tract of land formerly known
as tho Race Track, and hoing the
same lot conveyed to Lester Gilmore
by Mrs. L. M. Coleman by deed of]
date June 15, 1920.
Terms of Salo:-Cash. That In
event of failure of the purchaser, or |
purchasers, to comply with the terms
of sale within flvo days from day cf
salo, the Master do re-advertise (.nd
re-sell said premises on the follow
ing Saleday, or some convenient1
Saleday thereafter, at tho same place)
and on tho same terms as hereto
fore sot out, at the risk of the for
mer purchaser, or purchasers, and |1
that he do continuo so to do until'
he has found a purchaser, or pur
chasers, who comply with tho torms [
of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra Tor papers'
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconeo County, S. C.
April 13, 1921.
R. T. Jaynes, Plaintiff,
C. M. McDonald and W. O. McDon
ald, Defendants.
All that cortaln plocc, parcel or
lot of land situate,lying and being
In the Town of Westminster, County
of Oconeo, Stato of South Carolina,
on the north side of tho Southern
Railroad, fronting 104 feet on North
i Main str?et, and running back along
Green or Broad street 150 feet, and
being the same lot conveyod to R. T.
Jaynes by deed datod Dee. 3, 1917, j1
by W. O. White, Master, recorded In
Book 55, page 5 2; and also all that
certain piece, parcel or lot of land
adjoining the lot aforesaid, fronting!
on tho west side of Broad street 70 |i
foot, and running back 180 foot, ad
joining lot of Mrs. Sue L. Bearden
on the northwest, lot aforesaid on
the southwest, being, the same 1 c
conveyed to lt. T. Jaynes by J. 6.
Carter by deed dated April 22, 1019,
recorded in Book 3F, pago 246, both
of said lots above being the same
convoyed to C. 'M. McDonald by* R. T.
Jaynes by deed dated Doc. 22, 1919.
All that certain piece, parcel or
lot of land situate, lying and being
in the Town of Eastminster, Couuty
of,Coonee, Statue ot South Carolina,
containing two acros, moro or less,
fronting 200 foot on road leading
from Blair's Mill to- Westminster,
and .running back S. 11% W. 487
foot on southeast side, and 185 feet
on northwest side, and 2 00 feet wide,
on back side, adjoining lands of W.
?M. Lem mons, Mrs. Lizzie Johnson
and T. D. Pooro, (seo plat of Lot No.
9, being the same lot conveyod to W.
O. McDonald by R. M. Wilson by
deed dal ed Nov. 8, 19 10, recorded
in Clerk's Olllco, Oconee County, S.
C., .on April 20, 1911, in Deed Hook
TT, page 283.)
Terms of Sole:-Cash. That in
event of failuro of tho purchaser, or
purchasers, to comply with the terms
of salo within live days from day of
sale, the Master do re-advertise and
ro-sell suhl premises on tho follow
ing Salesday, or some convenient.
Salosday thereafter, ut tho samo
placo and on tho same terms as here
tofore set out, at tho risk of tho
former purchaser, or purchasers, and
that ho do continue so to do until
he has found a purchaser, or pur
chasers, who comply with the terms
of the salo.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
April 13, 1921.
R. T. .Taynos, Plaintiff,
Robert Cobb, Defendant.
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situato, lying and being
in Tugaloo Township, of tho County
of Oocnoo, State of South Carolina,
on both sides of the road loading
from Blackwell's 'School IIouso to
Unity Church, on branches of Toxa
way Creek, adjoining lands on tho
north of Ocono'o Tim bor Company,
on the east by U. S. Government, on
south by Byrd Taylor, on wost by
Robert Cobb and J. W. Sheriff, con
taining 50 acres, moro or less, hoing
the same tract conveyed to Robert
Cobb by .lohn W. Smith by deed dated
Dec. 2, 1919.
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and being
in Tugaloo Township, of the County
of Oconee, State of South Carolina,
adjoining the trnct above described
on the east, on the south by lauds of
J. W. Sheriff, on the west by J. W.
Hare, on tho north by Oconee Tim
ber Company, containing 115 acres,
more or loss, same being tho tract
of land conveyed to Robert Cobb by
John W. Smith by deed dated March
15, 1919, and recorded in Clerk's Of
fice, Oconee County, S. C., on April
7, 1919, in Book 3F, page 199.
Terms of Sale:-'Cash. That In
event ?f failure of the purchaser, or
purchasers, to comply with the terms,
of salo within five days from day of
Bale, the 'Master do re-advertlse and
re-sell sold premises on the follow
ing Salesday, or some convenient
iSalesday thereafter, at the same
place and on the same terms as here
tofore Bet out, at the risk of the for
mer purchaser, or purchasers, and
that he do continue so to do until
he has found a purchaser, or pur
chasers, who comply with the terms
of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
.Master for Oconee County, S. C.
April 13, 1921.
Edward M. Coleman, in his own
right and ns Administrator of the
Personal Estate of Mrs. Ludio M.
Coleman, Deceased, and Mrs. El
lon B. Jordan, Plaintiffs,
Frank E. Alexander, Defendant.
All that certain piece, parcel or lot
of land situate, lying and beiug In
the Town of Seneca, County, of Oco
nee, State of South Carolina, on the
wost side of Depot street and fronv
Ing thereon 28 feet, and running
back 52*4 foot, being in form a par
allelogram, and being a portion of
Lot No. in tho plan ot the Town
of Seneca, and being the same lot
described in deed by .Mrs. L. M, Cole
man and Mrs. E. B. Jordan to Frank
E. Alexander, dated Sept. 25, 1919.
All those two certain pieces, par
cels or lots of land situate, lying and
being in tho Town of Seneca, County
of Oconee, State of South Carolina,
and being all of the remainder of
said original Lot No. 33 as shown
by tho Map of the Town of Seneca,
and fronting on tho public square
52 Vt feet, and running back In tho
aggregate 200 feet, savo and except
the portion thereof contained In the
lot above described, which fronts 20
feet on Depot street and runs back
52 Vi feet. The three lots aforesaid
now constitute ono entire property,
and on which rs located tho two-story
brick building and other buildings
appurtenant thereto, and '.(now ns
the Colemnn-Jordan store house lot
In the Town of Seneca aforesaid Tho
combined property fronting 52 Vi
feet on tho public reservation and
running back along Depot street 200
feet, and being all of said Lot No. 33
in tho original plan of said Town of
Seneca, and being tho same convoyed
to Frank E. Alexander by Mrs. lt.
M. Coloman and Mrs. E. B. Jordnn
by deed bearing date the 25th day
of'September, 1919, and recorded in
Clerk's Ofllce, Oconee County, S. C.
Terms of Malo:-Cash. That In
Qvent of failure of tho purchaser to
comply with the terms of salo with
in flvo days from day of sale, tho
Master do* re-advertlso and re-soll
laid premises on the following Salo
lay or some convenient Saloday
thereafter,1' at the same place and on
die same terms as herotoforo set ottt,
it the risk of the former purchaser,
ind that he do continuo so to do
in til ho has found a purchaser who
?omplios with the terms of sale.
'Purchaser to pay extra for papers
ind stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, 8. C.
April 13, 1921. 15-17

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