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(Established 1840.)
Published Evory Wednesday Morning
One Year .$1.00
Nix Months.BS
Throe Months.30
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
By Stock, Sholor, Hughs & Sholor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Fedoral ruling on
auch malters.
WEDNESDAY, A PRU J 20, 1021.
IClsewhcrc will be found a .very
interesting letter from W. S. Rear
don, in which ho asks some quite
pertinent questions that will doubt
less be answered by Mr. Shockley
as soon as he has been able to ascer
tain the facts that will warrant an
intelligent reply. The public is en
titled to know these things, and Mr.
Shockley is entitled have his un
pleasant situation explained for the
enlightenment of tho public and to
his own benefit, We confess that we
know nothing more of the situation
than we have given to Ute public as
Mr. Shockley has stated his "tr?ala
and tribulations" to us. As the well
known Japanese school boy would
put it. we, too. have hut been "ask
ing for to know." Wo have not been
able to understand, however, wh>
Mr. Shockley, our 'Supervisor now
should pay from bis road fuVds thc
large indebtedness of some one else
and then have tho vision of thc
gaping doors of tho penitentiary
unfolded before him as his certain
reward if he should exceed the ap
proprlation. The position is right, wt
admit. Rut Mr. Shockley should
have had his full appropriation foi
roads loft untouched save for tlu
nurnoso apnropriated. Maybe ?hi
visi?n "vas pre'Jcutod late and io tin
wrong m.ii., 'ii <. it seems, the. min
is spilt; ami there seems nt. rom od}
ai hand bill to send anotr.es pitchoi
to the source of supply.
As to Mr. Hearden's inquiry con
corning the county sinking fund, wt
presume that it is being preserved
intact. There has for years been ;i
custom in vogue of tho county au
thorities borrowing from the Slate
Sinking Fund Commission, in antic
ipation of tho payment of taxes, and
in order to pay cash for all expendi
tures, an amount sufficient or sup
posed to bo sulllcient to meet tho
county's annual transactions. This
year, for some reason, the loan was
negotiated in New York, and when
the funds were in hand, the debt to
the State Sinking Fund Commission
was paid, leaving tho Supervisor eui
of ninds available for road purposes.
That is the situation as we gather
lt from Mr. Shockley. How the debt
came to be ' hanging over" is quite
another matter, and we are in no
better position to inform the public
than ?ire Mr. Reardon and Mr. Cook.
Mr. Shockley is seeking to raise
funds sufficient to carry out the orig
inal road-working program planned
by the General Assembly. We hope
that ho will bo successful. We want
to see some real work done by Mr.
Shockley. We have seen a number
of his "samples" in various sections
of the county, and wo frankly say
that, judging by his samples, we are
more than anxious that the Oconee
public shall hilve as much as possi
ble of his work.
The Highway Commission will not
lake the Supervisor on its work un
less he is thrown practically out of
employment by lack of funds, wo feel
Sure. They want his services applied
where they were intended to be ap
plied, just as we and evory other
citizen want it applied. Hut if there
be no funds, and if Shockley must go
to Ibo penitentiary if he exceeds his
appropriation, what thon?
Kalling to raise thp necessary
funds for road purposes, let us con
sldcr carefully tho proposition foi
Mr. shockley to co-operate with and
work for the Highway Commission
always, of course, with tho under
standing that it is within the prov
ince of the commission to refuse tc
take up the proposition. Hut after all
tho I wo bodies the Highway Com
mission and tho Supervisor and hit
board-aro acting in tho Interest ol
the samo peoplo -tho public of Ceo
noo. If tho Suporvisor has no funds
he cannot work to a'dvantago on thc
roads of tho county, bocause neces
sary "overhead expenses" must ht
mot. Tho Highway Commission ha*
funds nt its disposal, and If thoy can
expend some of thoso funds to advan
tage to the funds In their hands and
at no loss to tho county Itself, would
it not bo to tho advantage of both
bodies to thus co-oporato? It ls at
loast a question that may well bo
carefully considorod. Hut we think
it should bo considered only in the
event that tho public falls in Its ef
forts to untie t%j hands of Super
visor Shockley.
Whatever is dono in the promises,
it is a good timo for tho general pub
lic to begin to take an active interest
In tho conduct of Its affairs. We need
to keep cursives hotter informed.
The road and finance question In
Oconee seems to bo one of many
sides and many angles. Fix-Super
visor Foster writes a vory interest
ing statement, which appears else
where In this issue. Mo opens with
tho statement that there are "titree
sides to every question-the inside,,
the outside and the right side." Ile
closes with the statement that ho has
given facts and ligures from tho
"other side." so we lind that there
aro already four sides to it.
We are glad Mr. Foster has made
his statement. It will clarify tho sit
uation to some extent. What wo
have written on the subject, and
what'Mr. Cook and Mr. Boar den have
to say come as from persons clearly
on the "outside" desiring informa
tion from the "inside." Eventually
we hope to get the whole situation
in such form as that the public in
general may bo in possession of the
'right side." That is the end at
which we are aiming, and it is evi
dently the aim of those gentlemen
who have expressed themselves thus
far. Tho county's finances and tho
road si!nation in general are real,
live questions. They may well be
considered from all sides. If there
is an Inside and an outside and an
"other side," as well as a right side,
there certainly must be a "wrong"
side also. We have always heard that
certain kinds of cloth can bo judged
accurately only by careful examina
tion of "the wrong sido" of tho cloth.
Here the real intermingling of the
warp and the woof ls displayed to
tho best advantage of one interested
in determining the facts regarding
its composition.
So we have at least five sides to
view tho situation from. Let's look
at it from all sides.
Vt.-- Should i so W ato? -ii;i,i ., und
Only First Quality Fresh Eggs.
(Clemson Bulletin.)
Spring is the season of surplus
eggs, and it is economy to store away
an ample supply now for uso when
eggs are scarce and more expensive.
If a supply has not already been put
away in water-glass th.,re is still
time to do so during the remainder
of April and in May. All that is nec
essary Is a solution of water-glass
or sodium silicate, which may be had
at drug stores, one or more stone
jars or galvanized iron vessels and
ti supply of fresh eggs.
Direct ions.
Boil and cool ten quarts of water
and mix with ono quart of liquid
water-glass. Pour this into the con
tainer after sterilizing it with boll
ing water. The container should he
about half-full of the preservativo.
The eleven quarts as prepared as
above will, properly cover, say, 18
dozen eggs in a six-gallon jar or other
vessel. The solution should cover
the top layer of eggs two inches. It
is not necessary to fill tho Jar with
eggs at once, and fresh eggs may be
added a few at a time. Cse only tho
fresh, clean, unwashed eggs, prefer
ably infertile ones. Washing removes
tho natural protective coating over
the fresh egg. Eggs with ordinary
soiling may bo used, but very dirty
ones should be discarded. Do not
use cracked oggs.
Keep the jar covered and stored
in a cool place. A cloth soaked in
water-glass and placed, while wot.
over the top of the container, will
j adhere strongly and make a good
Croat Britain is now working on
a system for rehabilitating moro
than j:?.ano blind war veterans. Tito
j men will be taught massage, poultry
j raising, mat and basket milking, boot
I repairing, Joining and music Many
?'efficient stenographers, typists and
[! tolephono operators have been trnln
. I ed.
. j --. - _ -
J Adrinnople was me ottoman eapi
( tal until tho fall of Constnntindple
jin 1 453.
I Very loud sounds travel through
, tho air moro swiftly than ordinary
Out of every loo tons of coal the
waste In the average locomotivo
is estimated to amount to O l tons.
Salad oil is obtained from fruit
stones and pits.
******** *
.J> NOTES. 4?
-V- I
* * .!. 4*-4? 4* 4* ;
Club Nows for Woek Beginning
April 11th. ,
Monday.-Tho club girls at-Son- (
ccu Mill had a lesson in biscult-niak- \
lng. Unusual interest was shown by !
thoso present. Some were in a hurry j
to go homo and. try their luck. So ' ,
oagor woro they to take a part that \
they stood in line to get an bpportu- j
nlty to help work the shortening '?
the biscuit. j j
Tuesday.-The Gardon Club at <
Pine Grove had a lesson on the vogo-!
tables that should be planted in tho ! \
spring, how the seed Should be plant-1 ?
ed, tho method of cultivation, and !,
how to transplant. ]
The Pine Grove Home Demonstra-!
tion Club met nt the school boase |
at 3 o'clock. Tho club was delight- J |
fully entertained for half an hour!
by exercises rendered by tho school (
children. After tho business session, ! (
at which time Mrs. Beatrice Black- ' |
mon was elected delegate to the State
Short Course, which ls held each . .
year at Winthrop College, the club
was invited to tho homo of Mrs. Mc
phail, which ls nearby. The.JHoine ,
Demonstration Agent gave a talk on i
"Cereal Poods" and a demonstra
tion in biscuit-making. Then fol
lowed a social half hour, at which
time delightful refreshments were ,
served hy Mrs. Blackmon and Mrs.
McPhail, assisted by Misses Zenobia
and Zonell McPhail. Twenty-four
mom hors and several visitors woro
present. .
Wednesday.-The Pair Play Sew
ing Club met at tho noon hour. Tho
girls were busily engaged in cutting
und beginning their house aprons of
unbleashed muslin, trimmed in the
colored ric-rac braid.
The Fair Play Home Demonstra
tion Club met the the homo of Mrs.
Allen Marett. Mrs. Meares was
chosen as the representative of the
club at the State Short Course A
talk on "Cereal Foods" was followed
by a demonstration In biscuit-mak
Thursday. - Tho South Union
Home Demonstration Club met with
thirteen members present, in spite
of inclement weather. After the bis
cuit-making and tasting, the club
discussod the butter contest. The
first butter demonstration will be
hold on April 28th. at the home of
Mrs. J, W. Allen. All of the ladles)
lu the community why arc lu Un ..ion '
are;Invited lo in: present. I*
I Tho South I nion Coob o Ohr> '
mot ul the school house . i noe i
hour. Fach girl was asked to bring
a sample of her biscuits, and the
time was spent in discussing the
good and bad points, and how im
provements could be made.
Friday.-The ladies at Karie's
Grove met at the homo of Mrs. Lu
ther Richey and organized a Home
Demonstration Club with the follow
ing officers: Mrs. Steve Smith, pres
ident; Mrs. Wilton Earle, vice pres
ident; Mrs. Richey, secretary. The
biscuit demonstration was followed
by a discussion of the butter contest,
which will begin on April 29th. The
club will hold the next meeting with
Mrs. Earle, and all who are interested
are invited.
General.-If any other communi
ties are Interested In the butter con
test, please see or write to the Home
Demonstration Agent at once. The
purpose of this contest is to stand
ardizo the packs of butter, and by
mooting thc requirements to get a
better price for good butter.
Ethel L. Counts.
Co. Home Demonstration Agent.
Of Soldiers of the Thirtieth division
Havo Reached Homes.
On last Frida: venty-seven more
bodies of South Carolina soldiers
who lost their Uves in Klimpe were
received in Columbia and started on
their way to their last resting placoB
In various sections of the State. In
the Hst of bodies reaching Columbia
last Friday we note the names of
several from the upper part, of the
State, as follows:
Sergt. Davis Etheridge, I 18th Inf.,
Corpl. M. C, Christopher, 118th
Infantry, Greenville.
Private Frank Godfrey, 12fith Inf.,
Corpl. Smith J. Harvey, 118th In
fantry, Pacolot.
Private Edgar I. Coggins, 118th
Infantry, Spartanburg.
Sergt. John Adams, 118th Inf t.,
Ware Shoals.
Private Charlie Graham, 118th In
fantry, Seneca.
The others whose names appeared
In the Hst were from other sections
of this State,
Tho ocean contains 32 4,000,000
cubic miles of water.
Foathor fans on long handles were
rogardod as symbols of royalt> hy
tho ancients.
- I
Wind Storm Doos Somo^Dninago-A
..Youngsters" Fishing Party.
Bounty Land, April 18.-Special:
Mrs. Mattie Brown, who has been
spending a week or two with rela
tives in West Union, returned to Mrs. '
ft. N. Rankin's ,Monday.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Noah Cole are rejoic
ing over tho arrival of a little daugh
ter In their home, tho little lady hav- j
lng arrived tho first of last week. !
Mrs. S. M. Hunslngor and Miss
lanie Hunsinger, of Coheross, were
late guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul1
Mrs. Julia D. Shanklin and Mrs. J.
D. McMahan attended a most delight
ful meeting of the Fairview Aid So
ciety at tho home of Mr. and Mrs.
[.""rod Alexander last week. .
Miss Julia Davis is in St. Peters
burg. Fla., on a fishing excursion,
tiaving Joined her brother, Grover
NV. Davis, and Henry Porchor, en
gineers on tho Southern Raliway.
Du this delightful trip Mrs. Porchor
is ulso one of tho party.
Miss Sallie Davis visited In Creen
vi 11 o last woek.
Miss Cary Doyle is at homo on a
vacation, having closed last Friday
a term of school at Woodlawn, near
Oreen wood.
J. D. McMahan attended Presby
tery at Dickens last week. Mr. Mc
Mahan represented tho Richland
J. P. Stribiing went to Clemson
last Tuesday to attend the homo mis
sion conference.
S. A. Davis ls in Franklin, N. C..
for a few days as a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. S. M. Shanklin.
W. D. Wright and family visited
relatives at Sandy Springs tho first
of last week.
We are glad to report an improve
ment in Mrs. 13. 13. Vernor's condi
tion. This will be encouraging news
to her many friends, who have been
quite solicitous in regard to the im
paired state of her health.
Mrs. Sallie H. Coe will loave this
week for Bennettsvllle, whore she
will visit her daughter, Mrs. G. M.
At the last meeting Friday even
ing of tho Bounty Land Literary So
ciety, officers for the next quarter
were elected, as follows: Leo Davis,
president; Miss Emily Corbin, vice
president; Miss Mattie Sue Marett,
secretary and treasvirer. The society
will meet every two weeks hereafter,
tn order that tho members may have
mor? time to prepare the program.
M Haynes, of Robertson Shoals,
ivas n late g noa i of his daughter,
Mrs. Will Smith. .
Mr. and Mrs. Jesso Williams, of
Newry, are guests of tho former's
parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wil
liams. Jesse's friends will regret to
learn of his indisposition and that
his physician fears that an operation
will be essential to recovery.
Nix 'McCalister, of Courtenay, was
a late guest at M. E. Maren's home. ?
We ?are glad to report a favorable
change in Mrs. Mattie McDonald's
condition, she being able now to sit
up some through the day.
The Rock Springs Missionary So
ciety met with Mrs. Julia D. Shank
lin Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Nine members were present, Includ
ing three Junior members. Tho jun
iors will moot at an early dato and
organize a Junior Society, with Miss
Cornella Foster as tfesir leader.
iS. N. Hughs, Sr., leaves to-day for
Greenville to attend the session of
United States Court.
The wind storm.of Saturday after
noon resulted in considerable dam
age in this community, blowing
down several cotton houses and other
outbuildings. The chimneys of the
old Steele home, for years known as
"Greenway," were blown down. This
is the second time that the chimneys
of this old Southern home have been
blown down, the tlrst damago being
about thirty years apo. Several of
the trees at this place were blown
down or stripped of their limbs.
Capt. S. K. Dendy, of Walhalla,
together with Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Ballonger, Mr? and Mrs. S. N. Hughs
and probably others, of Richland,
went fishing In Coneross crook last
week, Mr. Dendy having desired for
aontfi time to "drop his fishing line
once more in tho old fishing holes of
his boyhood days." Tho party en
joyed the sport and caught quito a
number of fishes, which doubtless
lookod a great deal smallor than thoy
would havo looked through tho oyes
of younger fishers. /?
Wo are sorry to learn of Mrs. J.
D. McMahan's Indisposition, and we
hopo for her spoody recovery.
Laughing Gas.
The anaesthetic properties of
laughing gas, or nitrous oxido, wore
first noticed during experiments con
ducted by Slr 'Humphrey Davy In
1800. Dr. Horace Wells, an Ameri
can dentist, was* tho first to uso jt
to produce insensibility while ex
tracting tooth. His introduction of
this boon to mankind carno in 1844.
Subscribo for The Courier. (Best)
We Have Only a Few of
These Bargains Left.
\ -- ?
Have sold several Machines since inserting ad. two
weeks ago. Come to see us at once if you need a Good
Second-Hand Machine or new one.
On Hand To-day
One New One-Ton Republic Truck, with Cord
One New Dort Automobile.
One Second-Hand Dort.
One Second-Hand 1920 Chalmers.
Meier Hardware anil Furniture Co.,
.Seneca, S. C.
Rampley's Meal Mixtures
Compounded from thc Highest Grade Plant Foods
known to Science. Double Milled, insuring an even,
uniform mixture and perfect mechanical condition, A
Superier Fertilizer for Cotton, Corn, Small Grain and
-=- ALSO --
Blood Bone and Potash Mixtures,
Soluble Fish Guano, all grades,
A mmonuted Compounds,
Acid and Potash Mixtures,
Cotton Seed Meal
IS /o Sodium Nitrate, - -
14% Genuine German Kainit.
West Union, S. C.
Ice Cream Freezers,
Screen Doors and Windows.
Screen Wire Cloth,
New Perfection Oil Stoves.
See us for anything you need in Hardware.
Good stock of Sporting Goods, Fishing Outfits, Base
Ball and Tennis Goods,
Whitmire-Marett Hardware Co,
Westminster, Walhalla,
South Carolina.
Volunteers for lOxporlmont.
Chicago, 111., April 14.-Two mon
and ono woman havo volunteered to
ho inoculated with ?carlet fever
germs in an experiment to isolate
the gorm hoing conducted hy Dr.
j Hoktoon and Dr. Ooorgo 1<\ Dick, of
1 tho 'McCormick Instituto of Infoo
j tious Diseases. Tho doctors, in mak
ing tho announcement, asked for
nlno moro voluntoors to completo tho
' work 'begun by tho instituto to find
a serum to isolate tho gorm.
Scarlet fever froquotnly loaves se
rious after-offects. Any volunteer
will receive $1,000, and those not
contracting tho disease when inocu
lated will bo paid $70, it was an
Monument to W. M. Torry. '
Salem Camp, W. O. W., will un
voll a monument to W. M. Perry at
Whltmlro church on tho first Sun
day ovonlng In May, tho ceremonies
to begin at 2 o'clock. All W. O. W.
members aro invttod to nttond and
take part in the ceremonies.
?J. F. Fondloy, Clerk.
Subscribe for Tho Courier. (Boat.;

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