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(Small advertisements under
this heading inserted st rate of
one cent a word uer Insertion.
Four insertions for price of
( NOTICE.-No advertisement ac
cepted tor this column for loss than
IS cents, one insertion.)
20(H) HUN DLRS Good Four-hand
Foddor for sale hy J. P. STUMBLING,
Richland, S. C._10-17? ? .
FOR SALE-Fresh Milk Cow. See
MHS. CLARA DuBOSE, Walhalla, S.
C., Route L_ _10-17*_
FOR SALE-Duroc .Jersey Pigs
and Fresh Milk Cows. Seo H. A.
CRAIG, on farm near High Falls, S.
C. 10-19
HENS AND DUCKS, this week,
20c. pound; Fries 2 7c. pound. Soo
hy Hotel. Walhalla, ri. C._17*_
SEE PELL iV- SIMS, Wost Union,
before you have your Auto Repair
Work done. They do the work, and
the price is right._Lilli!
Black and White Hound Hog. Re
ward if returned to W. li. SANDERS,
Walhalla. S. C. I 1-17?
IJOST-On Sunday, March 28th,
K. of P. Emblem, Finder please re
turn to .1. W. rillELOR or to Keoweo
Courier OHice. . I I
FOIt SALK-Improved Cleveland
Big Boll Cotton Seed, culled and
graded, at $1.00 per bushel. .IAS. II.
DARBY, at West Union Oil Mill. 17
FOR SALE.-Fine Poland-China
Boar (Thoroughbred and registered,
Dixie ?Ul, No. :?7.".n.-, 1.) About I",
months old. For quick sale at a bar
gain. For particulars write or see
W. M. BROOM. Walhalla, S. C.. Rt.
No. :?,. ?.vls*__
"7L(K)K!^-LOOK!-LISTEN ? Yon
can get your Dresses made and al
tered, and all kinds of Ladies' and
Misses' and Children's Clothes made
hero. See me or drop mo a card at
108 West Main street. Walhalla, S.
C. Give me a trial and be convinced.
from setting. Bring her to me and
1 will give you the remedy free. 1
am in the market for 50 per day
old roosters, friers, ducks, guineas,
turkeys, hams, peas. In fact, better
come and see me when In town. M.
G. HOLLAND, Westminster, S. C.
( 1C-17?)_
day night, April 17, 1921, from my
stable, in Walhalla, Laurel street,
one Bay Mare Mule, five or six years I
old, about *) Vj feet high. Barties |
knowing anything of this animal, or
Unding same, return to or notify C.
W. Bauknight's Stables, Walhalla.
ing fresh shipments of Fine Porto
Rica Potato Plants almost daily. 1|
handle only the best.4 Not one fail
uro has been reported from my
plants in seven years. I am going to
make this record hold good for seven
more. H. F. SASSARD, next to Post
OlTice, Walhalla, S. C. 1 l-l 7
.Mauldin Stree*, Walhalla, S. C.
Sacrament of Penance. . . .9.30 a. m.
Mass and Sermon.10.00 a. m.
Reverend Thomas J. Mackin,
P. O. Box 82, Anderson, S. C.
A Regular Communication of Blue
p5cr?'?r?,| Ridge Lodge, No. 9 2. A. F.
w"' 1)0 hRl(* Moxt ^rt"
ltfi^i r night. April JL', 1921.
at S.30 o'clock.
Visiting brothers always welcome.
W. O. WHITE, Secretary. (adv)
?J? ?J? ?*? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? . J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
- If you want to buy a second
hand buggy, worth tho money, see
W. M. Brown, Walhalla.- -adv.
- -Dr. ('.lymph, tho leading eye
sight specialist of Anderson, ri. C..
will ho in Walhalla again on next
Tuesday. April 26. Head bis adver
tisement in this issue.
. Little Miss Eileen, dan.?iiiter of
Rev. and Mrs. W. I?. Aull, who lias
been quite unwell for some time, is
improving slowly, and ls now able
to sit lip at intervals. We hope to
hear soon that this lillie lady is out
among her friends.
For Sale- Improved Cleveland
Big Boll cotton seed, culled and
graded, at $1.00 per bushel. .Ins. H.
Darby, ni West Union Oil Mill,
adv.- li-iT.
Dr. and Mrs. .J. W. Bell are in
Columbia for a few days, tho Doctor
attending the sessions of the State
Medical Association, and Mrs. Bell
enjoying Ihc social features attend
ant on the association's session, as
well as a season of visiting among
relatives and friends.
We are glad indeed to learn of
the Improvement In Hie condition of
the health of our good rrlend, J. W.
Reeder, of West I nion. Mr. Reeder
has been very ill for some months,
but is now able lo be about the home
and yard. We hope soon to learn that
lie is able to take up bis duties again
on the mall route from West Union.
-You have had trouble with your
battery, but lt was not a Willard. One
Willard will end your battery trou
bles. Hughs Carngo, Walhalla.-adv
-The best ls the cheapest, and
that ls the Willard. Hughs Garage,
-?Mr?. W. ti. Verner attended the
session of Presbytery at Pickens last
-Ur. li. V. Sloan left yesterday
for Columbia to attend the State
Medical Association. N
-See our Queen Quality oxfords
and pumps. C. W. & J. E. Bauk
night, Walhalla.-adv.
-Dr. S. G. Bruce, of Anderson,
was among the business visitors in
Walhalla last week.
-Hov. W. H. Hamilton was absent
for several days last week attending
the meeting of Presbytery at Pick
- Beginning tills week we will gin
on Fridays only. Westminster Oil &
Fertilizer Co., Westminster, S. C.
- Mrs. Sophie Bitter is spending
a week or ten days visiting relatives
and friends In Atlanta and at points
in Alabama.
-Mrs. Shaw/ and son. Standley,
who have been visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. lld rick, re
turned last week to their home in
- .lust received a new 4ot of dry
goods, notions, shoos and roady-to
W0U1" doilies. Nice assortment hats,
millinery. See E. E. Harrison. Low
prices.- adv.
- There will he an historical ad
dress at the Lutheran church next
Sunday morning on the subject of
tho "Four Hundredth Anniversary o?
Luther's Defense ot Liberty ol' Con
science and rufetlorod Opinion." On
April 171li, 1521, he appeared he
fore the Emperor Charles the Fifth
nt the Diet of Worms to answer lc
the reigning powers for his books
written or. liberty of thought and
speech. Every one will be cordlall)
welcomed to this service.
/-This ls the year to buy an In
ternational riding cultivator. W. M
Brown. Walhalla, sells them at re
doced prices.-adv.
- Mr. and Mrs. Anson A. M er rici
and little son, of New York, and Mrs
Godshaw, of Greenville, were guest!
last week at the home of Dr. an?
Mrs. B. F. Sloan. Their many friend!
were delighted to meet them. Mr
Merrick's return to New York wa:
hastened hy reason of the fact tba
he will probably, in the very nea
future, close a business deal in con
?lection with a recent invention o
his that has attracted no little nt
tenthill in naval and shipping circles
-Othes have been tried an
found wanting. The Willard batter
never fails. Hughs Garage, Walhal
.Manager James Wilson, of Th
Star Theatre, has booked for show
lng on April 25th (Monday) the si
per-Parnmount-ArtCrnft feature fill
"An ?Oyo for an Eye," with Madai
N'azimova in tho loading roll. Sh
is a Russian actress of meat talen
and this is one of her best picture!
Eva Novak is the attraction fe
Thursday (to-morrow) night, tn "Th
Torrent. These aro only two of til
many fine pictures that are hooke
for The Star Theatre, and those wit
enjoy a good show should watch f<
their coming and then see them,
-All makes standard sewing mt
chine needle? at Moss &. Ansel's,Wa
-The Walhalla D. A. lt. Chapb
is anxious to have marked with ire
cross every Confederate grave In lu
territory. There are about sixty sc
diers buried in Walhalla itself, ai
these will be marked this year. Tl
crosses cost $ 1 .np each, and the ph
adopted for raising money *t<> pi
for them is that followed by son
other cita in ors--that is, to have tl
family of tho deceased pay for t
marker. Where the family h
moved away and the cha pier cann
get in touch with it. then the elia
ter will hoy tho marker. You a
requested to hand your dollar tl
week lo any one of the cross co;
mittee.Mrs. W. L. Verner. Mrs.
ll. Darby. .Mrs. Hettie Macaulay
Mrs. C. W. Bnuknight.
On Tuesday afternoon of h
week L. O. Brown sustained Vf
painful injury while at work at 1
saw mill some four miles from W
halla. He was endeavoring to f
out a log for the mill, using a "Ci
hook" to pull the log from its po
Mon among others. Tho log got
start to rolling, and he was unal
to get out of tho way, being can*
with one foot and leg under the 1<
Ile was extricated from bis unco
fortablo position and managed
hobble homo, but did so under t
most, excru tia ting pain. A physicl
was called and gave attention sc
after his arrival here, and it v
found that, beyond the breaking
one of the very small hones of
foot, near the ankle, the injury \
confined to sprained ligaments f
tendons. Ho is now able to be i
and attending to buslnoss,
- Elegant lino pore bristle h
I brushes; also shaving, tooth and si
brushes. Norman's Drug Store, W
halla. Prices down.- adv.
--Xu Keila at 60? tte^^mir. C. W.
& J. E. lSaukntghtr''W^^^._adv.
-A vory Important wt?feting of
tho Norton Chapter, U. -Dtwn will bo
held at the Civic League.jrpst room
on next Saturday af tenpin, Aprl^
23d, at 3.30 o'clock. ? A?^members
are urged to attend, as business of
the utmost importance wjjfcconic up
for consideration. J>\
-Now assortment paints, var
nishes, enamels, oil, turpentine and
brushes; also whitewash ?nd ka so
mine brushes. Norman's OTU g Store,
Walhalla. Prices down.--adv.
-We are requested, to announce
that tho Picket Post school \yill have
a picnic at Lay's 'Mill .cJWrlady of
this week, April 22d. AU the neigh
boring schools nre cordially invited
to attend. "Come und bring your
lunch with you," says E. C, PtckMis.
? he principal, "and have a good
time." ' .
-A good ploy shoe for $2.50. Ask
to see lt. C. W. & J. E. Bau: night.
-A marriage of interest, tho an
nouncement of which will come as
a pleasant surprise to many, was .sol
emnized in Columbia on 'Monda> of
last week, when Miss Julia loin
Broom, of Columbia, and James s.
I Wilson, of Walhalla, were united in
the bonds of matrimony. Tlie cere
mony was performed by Rev. Mr.
l?oggs, of tho Presbyterian church,
?it the parsonage. Mr. W?lSO'.i h?1'
informed none of his friends here oi
the "important" nature of hi; hui
ried trip to the Capital City. He loft
here early Monday morning and ll?
marriage was performed tha'. even
ing, and on Wednesday the younr
couple were happily quartered in tl?
Wilson home In Walhalla. Mr-; Wil
son. mother of thc groom, was ii
Columbia at tho time tho marriagt
took place. Mint, her first ?ntima liol
that she possessed a daugiitor-in-lav
came to her in Columbia in tho fol
lowing telegram, wired from here b:
the young couple: "We were mar
ried in Columbia Monday. We asl
your forgiveness on the promise tba
we will never do it again. Jame
and Julia." So everybody was pleas
antly surprised, even the young cou
pie themselves, we doubt not, bavin
been the least blt surprised by thel
success In keeping everybody so con
plotely tn the dark. Mr. and Mr:
Wilson are at present making the
home with Mr. Wilson's mother, Mr
Geo. L. Wilson, on Main street. Tl
father of tho groom is engaged i
business for the present in /Florid
The young couple have the very be
wishes of numerous friends for loi
life, happiness and prosperity.
-Fresh lot LeGear's and Hes
stock and chicken powders. Normal
Drug Store, Walhalla.-adv.
-There are many in Walhalla ai
vicinity and elsewhere in the Sta
who will learn with deep regret
the death of Miss Katie Fischessi
formerly of Walhalla, who died
the Fischesser home in Charlotte,
C., on Thursday of last week. T
following brief notice appeared
one of the Charlotte papers: "Fui
ral services for Miss Katie Meta F
chesser, who died at her home
Thursday, will be conducted this
ternoon at 3 o'clock at the residen
1701 Springdale avenue. Rev. Jo
F. Crigler, pastor of St. Mark's I
theran church, will be in charge,
tennent will be in Elmwood cor
tory. The pallbearers will bo Fra
Owens, C. R. Willmann, J. C. 'Br.
Avery Rhyne, Herbert Thciling,
D. Stephens, Paul Valaer and E.
McGillivrae." The news of Miss I
chesser's death came as a shock !
source of great sorrow to friends
Walhalla, where the deceased 1
well known and universally loved
a result of her splendid chara?
and channing personality. Cjuict i
unassuming, she went about am?
friends and acquaintances doing
little things of life that count
so much, and which too many of
aro prono to overlook or lo Vf on
And her thoughtfulness was not c
{'med alone to friends and acqua
anees, but probably more frequei
were her ministrations tendered
places where the service world
lost to the view of many of her c
lost friends. Hers was a native Cli
Han character thal loved duty
duty's sake, and found In its
formalice bor chief delight. In
passing is taken from earth to
eternal reward the sp ic of one
lived tho religion she professed
whose love of Christ and His chi
was spontaneous. Miss Fische
was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Fischesser, both deceased, who 1
for many years In Walhall;;. Sh
survived by two brothers. Amb
U'Mschesser, of Charlotte, and Joi
' Fischesser. of Alabama, and SO'J
: sisters, Misses Minnie and Annii
i Charlotte, the latter a twin of
deceased. There are other sis
! married, whose names we aro
familiar with. The family have
, sincere sympathy of hosts of fri
j in Walhalla, where the deceased
held in^ the highest esteem,
j -A few cloth hats left, wort*
to close at $3.50-a real bar rah
. W. & J. E. Baukrilglit,Walhalla/
-Now is the time to paint. Got
lt as Norman's, Walhalla.-adv.
-W. C. Hughs, Esq., left yester
day for Jacksonville, 'Fla., where ho
will be for several days engaged pro:
-If you like good coffee try our
25c. grade. C. W. & J. E. Bauk
nlght, Walhalla.-adv.
-There will be services at St.
John's Episcopal church, Walhalla,
next Sunday morning, April-27th, at
ll o'clock. Children's'service at 4.90
o'clock Saturday afternoon. Every
body is cordially Invited to attend
those services.
-Elegant line box caadles, nice
assortment box paper, envelopes and
toilets. Norman's Drug Store.--adv,
-Mrs. Jesse \V. Rankin, who has
been teaching in the capacity of prin
cipal of the Norton school, and Mise
Emmie Ansel, her assistant teacher,
are at home for tho' vacaci?n season
their school having closed a most sue
cessful term on -Friday of last week
-'Seo bargain table of ladles
shoes, from 2 to 7, at $3.50; worth
up to $7.00. C. W. & J. E. Bank
night, Walhalla.-adv.
-Wo regret to learn of tho ill
ness of Lloyd Brown, son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. M. Brown. Loyd was taker
suddenly ill Monday with an attacl
of acute appendicitis and was con
sldored to be seriously ill. Ho wai
to have been taken to a hospital foi
an operation last night or this morn
ing, or as soon as his conditio!
might be found favorable for tin
trip. Wo liope to hear of his earl}
- Walhalla and Oconee friends o
lOllison M. Smith wore glad'to not?
that he came ont winner of Hrs
place In the State Oratorical Contes
held at Greenwood last week. Mr
Smith is at present a student in tin
law department of the University o
South Carolina. Mr. Smith is an Oco
neean, being a son of Mr. and Mrs
A. T. Smith, who live near Walhalla
His many friends in this section ex
tend to him congratulations on tlii
his latest of many successes in th
line of oratory.
-One of the most pleasant moe!
ings of the Rook Club was held wit
Mrs. George Seaborn Tuesday of las
week in the afternoon. Several hour
were spent in very interesting game
and then delightful refreshments c
pound cake and Ice cream, toppe
with lovely strawberries, the first c
the season, were served. The hoste*
was assisted in sorving by Mrs.Wad
Mllam and Miss Sue Maxwell. Tb
next meeting will be held with Mri
Ramey 'Hughes on Tuesday, April 21
at 4 o'clock.
-The many friends of Mr. an
Mrs. James \\. Smith, pf West Unioi
greatly sympathize willi them in ti
death of their daughter, ICdna.whic
occurred on April 8th. Little Edi:
was born March 1th, HMS. Just ?
the dun began shedding its war
rays over the earth on Friday mon
ing the spirit of this unusually brig]
little girl winged its way to the Gc
who gave it. Edna was a quiet ar
unobtrusive little girl and had seor
of friends who will greatly miss he
All that was monal of little Edi
was laid to rest on Saturday folloi
ing her death at Poplar Springs cei
otery, there being a large concour
of sorrowing relatives and frieiv
present. The floral offerings wo
many, the little mound being coven
twice over. The bereaved paren
have the sympathy of many In thc
deep sorrow.
-A most charming affair wa? t
supper given on Thursday night
last week by the ladies of the Selie
Improvement and I lome Demolish
tion Club of West Union in honor
their husbands, at the home of A
and Mrs. E. O. Hutchison. When t
guests had assembled, all were I
vited into the dining room, whe
one beheld a long table beautifu
decorated with roses, cakes a
bonn tl ful ly helped plates. Besi
ouch plate was n dainty rose bi
After the two-course supper all wc
entertained rh thc living room
old-time songs and selections on t
plano, violin and guitar, by Mr. n
Mrs. Ligo Oillison and G. Ja
Hunter. The hostesses spared
troublo in making the evening o
long to bo remembered, and tho <
?parting guests went away feel!
that this had indeed been a har
-No little interest centers in I
closing exercises of tho Long Crc
Academy, which will lake place I
latter part of this week, tho first
tho exorcises to begin Saturday a
will continue, we understand, ur
Tuesday next. Long Creek Acade
ls an Institution in which every c
zon of Ocortee feels an Interest, a
especially those citizens conned
with tho Baptist denomination. 'I
acadomy ls ono, of tho sovernl o<
catlonal Institutions of the Bapl
denomination maintained with
view to tho higher education of I
youth of our mountain sections,win
opportunities heretofore have bc
very limited. Thoro aro thia year
or ?4 young ladies and young n
who will completo tho Long Cn
Good Fencing protects your
Altor harvest you can pasture
to year you can rotate crops sc
ing is essential to modern! pr<
Electrically Welded
helps put farming on abusine
entirely under your control, '
them most profitably.
There are heights and designs of "P
for every farm purpose. Iv. is a p<
L. high quality, and every rod ?umra?
? makes it a one-piece steel fabric of
J? bili ty AScc us for your fencing, barb
f-iC W. Pii
course and receive their 'diplomas, j
Two of I hose fortunato young people
aro children of Mr. and Mrs ? George,
Matheson. We have hoon unable to
secure a list of tho names of tho en
tire graduating class.
-Miss Penola Thomas, teacher in1
the Town ville Graded School, visited I
at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. j
('.rant from last Friday until Sun-!
- B. G. Lombard, of Highlands,
was in Walhalla for a short whilo
last Monday. Ho stated that when
he left homo thc mountains in tho
Highlands section were covered with
snow and that he made the first part
of his trip down in a biting wind.
-Wo are requested to announce
that a school entertainment will bo
given by the Rural Improvement As
sociation in Fairview school audito
rium on Friday evening. April 22d.
Exercises will begin promptly at 8
o'clock p. m. A small admission fee
of ten cents will ho charged for the
adults. Thero will be no charge for
the admission of children. An inter
esting program is assured. The pub
lic is cordially Invited.
-There have been three success
ive frosts in this section again-Sun
day, Monday and Tuesday mornings
the "white coating" being plainly
visible in all directions. Some say
that the fruit has been practically
all killed, or at least badly damaged,
bul there will doubtless be some loft.
We have observed that peculiarity
for many years, there always being
some to mature after ALL bad been
killed SEVERAL TIMES In the carly
-Clem Watkins returned on Sat
urday last from a visit to Saint Cloud
and other Florida towns. He was
most favorably impressed willi the
sections of Florida that he visited,
and may make some investments
there. While at Saint Cloud he
stayed with Guy and Archaeleus Mc
Carcy, whom he found to be meet
ing with marked success in the hotel
business. Harry Fayonsky and J. H.
Gillespie accompanied Mr. Watkins.
Mr. Gillespie returned after a short
stay, on account of illness, but Mr.
Fayonsky decided to remain for a
while. It is probable that Mr. Wat
kins will return to Florida in a short
time. (
What Did You To-day?
(Phil Armstrong, in Times-Union.)
Have you made someone happy?
Or made someone sad?
What have you done with tho
Day you had?
God gave lt to you
To do Just what you would
Did you do w' at was wicked,
Or do what was good?
Did you hand out a smile
Or Just give 'em a frown?
Did you lift someone up
Or help someone get down?
Did you lighten some load
Or some progress impede
Did you look for a rose,
Or Just gather a weed?
What did you do with
Your beautiful day?
Hod gave it to you,
And you threw lt away:
So start out to-morrow- -
You'll find lt worth while
To drlvo off .some sorrow
And help folks to smile.
Tho sale of toys in 1 020 brought
In $80,000,000 to United States toy
Tho Hee-HIvo Geyser In Yellow
stone Park Is becoming moro activo
ev.ery season. ,
The Netherlands has no native
! stone and Jia? to import its entire
live ?tock and growing crops.
5 field? as desired. From year
ientifically. In fact, good fenc
>fitable farming.
Farm Fencing
tbs basis. It puts fields
enabling you to fara?
ittsburgh Perfect" fenolng .
srfected fence of uniform
n teed. The electrical .weld *
?rcat strength and dura*
1 wire, staples, etc
S. C.
Save Your Eyes
Of Anderson, S. C.,
The Old Reliable
Eyesight Specialist
* -will be at
Norman's Drug Store,
Walhalla, S. C.,
i Tuesday, April 26th,
One Day Only. ?
Anderson Bros/ Drug Store,
Westminster, S. C"
Wednesday, Aprit 27th,
One Day Only.
tt?fc f?f^ t?t^
Now is the time to look
?after the School Children's
Eyes and get them tn good
I condition for their studies dur
I ing thc summer months.
fg^fc tmf^
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
The regular Spring Teachers' Ex
amination will ho held at the High
School Building in Walhalla Satur
day, 'May 7 th. 1921, between tho
hours of nine and six.
The. usual nine subjects will be
included, as follows: Fnglish gram
mar and composition, geography,
physiology and hygiene, United
States history, civics and current
events, arithmetic, algebra, agricul
ture and Ibo theory and practico of
teaching. Spelling, punctuation and
neatness and similar points will bo
judged from the Quality and charac
ter of tho examination papers.
All teachers who hold certificates
which expiro .Tune 3.0th will please
take this examination, as wo will not
have another until October.
New rules governing the renewing
of First and Second Orado Certifi
cates will bo published soon.
Very respectfully,
Superintendent of Education.
April 13, 1021. ? f>-1 S
Hov. Williams' Little Son Drowned.
Columbia, April IS.-Tho funeral
of 12-year-old Robert W. Williams,
son of Rev. C. Croft Wilhams, sec
rotary of tho State Board of Public
Welfare, who was drowned Saturday
afternoon in a pond near Columbia,
was held Sunday. Tho announcement
of Ibo death of the lad ls sad news to
tho many friends of Secretary Wil
liams throughout the State. The
young Williams boy was on a Boy
Scout "biko" and accidentally foll
into the pond shortly after ealing a
heavy meal? It is believed that ho
suffered from cramps af lor falling In
tho water.
Of tho 10,412 men listed In tho
reservo branches of tho medical de
partment of tho United States army
5,e>30 physicians are enrolled as med
ical reservo officers, 3,742 In tho den
tal reservo corps, 310 in tho veter
inary reservo corps, and approxi
mately 700 In tho medical adminis
trative reserve corps.

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